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What are your 3 favorite sports?

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I'm going to assume professional wrestling doesn't count otherwise i'd add it to the list. I don't want Olympic wrestling by any means.

1: Basketball:  First off to watch. I'm not going to sit here and say i'm an avoid watcher of the NBA, NBL ect. I watch the highlights and catch the odd game i can just because it's something i never grew up with. But watching it you can appreciate the incredible athleticism, insane depth of strategy, so many ways individuals can dominate, fast-paced, constantly innovating and evolving, great combination of team and individual play, and on and on.

But the major reason it is at the top is because i loved to be involved in the game. The sport allows tons of game variations with anywhere from 1 to 10 players, super accessible and easy to get into (probably beaten only by soccer in that regard), you can emulate the big moves and moments from the pros, all shapes and sizes can find ways to have fun, great work out. It really is one of the most accessible sports. 

2: Rugby League: It's generally the game of the working and middle class in the northern states (QLD and NSW) of Australia. The NRL season is physically one of the toughest comps in the world and i love the physicality and skill of the game.

3: MMA. I like viewing the strengths and weaknesses of the fighters then watching what happens when they actually fight. It's been interesting watching the sport evolve over the years. Even the ground work, although sometimes boring, I know how much it can take from your stamina. No fight is ever really the same either and to see some of the fights that go the distance. Also of course i'm human and watching people train for months, hone their skills in an effort to knock out another guy is entertaining. 

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1. Basketball: It's been in my life since I was born, my Dad and Grandfather played Basketball all throughout their lives and it carried on with me, always sitting down and watching the games whenever we had the chance. My Dad is more into the NBL because he has a close affiliation to it but I find the NBA much better to where I literally cannot watch an NBL game because of the major skill difference

2. AFL (Australian Football): Another thing that has been in my life for a long long time is AFL. My Dad's side of the family grew up in Victoria where AFL is the biggest sport and just like Basketball it carried forward with me 

3. Rugby League: Also grew up with Rugby League, don't follow it as much as Basketball and AFL but I still sit down and watch my team play every week 

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1. (European) Football: Grew up with it. Both of my parents are very passionate football fans who both watch all games and it carried on to me. Love playing it as well, always a blast. 

2. Basketball: This is one that completely happened because of myself. I think I saw an ad for the NBA, and as I usually do, I looked up if there was a game for it. Then, I found Chris Smoove who made fall in love with basketball. 

3. Cycling/Formula 1: I dont watch either of these as much as I do with the first 2, but I still enjoy it. Especially the Tour De France I find fun to sit down and watch the mountain stages. I have watched F1 since I was 8, but now that we have a Dutch person in the field, it has gotten a lot of media coverage which kinda annoys me.

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1. Hockey, I enjoy the fights and the body checks plus it’s fun to see people fall and stuff and the goalies move fast with all that equipment on.

2. Wrestling(real) I do wrestling and I think it’s fun, also to me it’s a real sport that you got to try too. Plus I take it very serious because I’m trying to be conference champ and win it all inside high school.

3. College Football, I think it’s fun to see people getting blown out and also it’s really fun to watch the playoff games because you don’t know what’s gonna happen and something big could happen, also it’s depending on rankings which is fair.

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