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I Can't Odd

Booking King of The Rings That Never Happened

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King Of The Ring 2004


Participant Profiles:




Randy Orton


Randy Orton from the start was always going to be a star as he was marked as the future of the company. By this point Randy Orton had been established as a big player in WWE as a part of Evolution, the Legend Killer gimmick, and his 210 day Intercontinental Championship reign that ended earlier in July. Randy Orton could elevate himself even further by winning the prestigious King Of The Ring in the footsteps of his mentor Triple H. 


Chris Jericho

Image result for chris jericho 2004

Chris Jericho was having a face run during this time and had started feuding with Christian early in the year, though Christian was injured at this time. Jericho was at a bit of a low point during the summer so this tournament could be his chance to propel himself back to the top of the company.


Ric Flair


Ric Flair, bonafide legend, 16 time world champion, Ric Flair has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone. Amazingly still competing regularly at the age of 55, could Flair overcome the stars of today and add a brand new accolade to his massive list. 




The infamous character known as Eugene would debut in the WWE in April this year as Eric Bischoff’s mentally disabled nephew who was bizarrely good at wrestling. William Regal would be entrusted to take care of him and actually formed a real friendship. On the other hand Triple H would befriend Eugene to manipulate him into helping win matches but the two would begin feuding after Eugene mistakenly cost Triple H a world title match at Vengeance. Now Eugene has the chance of a lifetime to etch his name in history as the King Of The Ring, but it seems like all the odds are against this rookie. 




Another member of Evolution, Batista was marked as the future alongside Randy Orton. Batista is the enforcer of Evolution, as he has a monstrous physique and is one of the best powerhouses today. Batista has been a tag team champion with Ric Flair but has yet to accomplish anything major alone. This could be Batista’s chance to prove himself. 




Up to this point, Maven was merely a jobber. Any potential he seemed to have had when he first made it to WWE was never fulfilled but now here in King Of The Ring he can turn it all around. King Of The Ring is an instant ticket to the top so he could go from nothing to megastar by winning this. 




Edge during the summer of 2004 managed to end Randy Orton’s Intercontinental Championship Reign at Vengeance and become a five time Intercontinental Champion. Edge was already a well established star but Edge wants to go even further beyond. Edge has already won the King of The Ring before but looks to join Bret Hart as two time winners. 


William Regal


William Regal would return from injury after a year the same night that Eugene debut, where he would then be forced to look after Eugene. The two would develop a friendship which led to him being involved in Eugene’s feud against Triple H and Evolution as he tried to help his friend. Now he’s tasked with the King Of The Ring tournament and has to worry about himself.





Rey Mysterio


Rey would become the Cruiserweight Champion mid June for a third time in WWE before dropping it at the end of July to a newly heel Spike Dudley. Rey was one of if not the best Cruiserweight in WWE at the time and with men like Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit becoming World Champions this year, perhaps we can continue to see a change in WWE with the biggest little man becoming King Of The Ring.


Rene Dupree


Rene Dupree debuted a year before as part of the tag team La Resistance, a pair of egotistical Frenchmen. La Resistance were World Tag Team Champions in their debut year, making Rene Dupree the youngest champion of any kind in WWE at 19 (until Nicholas broke that record). In 2004, Rene Dupree feuded with John Cena over the United States Championship but would fail to capture it. At only 20 years old, Rene Dupree could have a promising career ahead of him and he may just become the youngest King Of The Ring winner.


Charlie Haas


Charlie Haas and Rico had formed an odd couple tag team earlier in the year when Haas was drafted to Smackdown. The two had a run as Tag Team Champions but would drop them at the beginning of the summer. Haas had a brief feud with corrupt GM Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns but didn’t have any significant stories going till after the summer. Perhaps now is Haas’ time to finally break out as a singles competitor.


Mark Jindrak


Mark Jindrak was drafted to Smackdown and had Teddy Long as his manager but the pairing would split amicably in the beginning of July when Long became GM. Jindrak spent most of his time beating jobbers on Velocity without much time on Smackdown itself. Jindrak is a promising talent that the company clearly liked and we could see him take the next step in the King Of The Ring. 


Rob Van Dam


Another man who was drafted from Raw to Smackdown that year was Rob Van Dam. During this time Rob Van Dam was unsuccessfully chasing after the United States Championship. Rob was the finalist that faced Brock in 2002, could he win it all this time?


Luther Reigns


Luther Reigns made his official debut this year as Kurt Angle’s assistant and the two would remain allies into the next year. Luther would get involved in Angle’s feud against Haas and had his in ring debut with a victory against Haas at The Great American Bash. With the backing of Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns may just become King Of The Ring.


Booker T


The 5x, 5x, 5x WCW World Champion would spend his summer gunning after the United States Championship as well and unlike the other two, he would actually succeed at the end of July when he won the vacant title in an 8 man elimination match (thanks to Kurt’s corrupt GMing). That of course led to the famous best of 5 series against Cena for the US Title set up by new GM Teddy Long. Booker T called himself the biggest star on Smackdown when he was first traded over, could he actually be the biggest star in the whole comapny?


John Cena 


John Cena was back to being a face and was the current United States Champion after defeating Big Show at Wrestlemania. John Cena would spend his summer successfully defending his title in feuds against Rene Dupree, Rob Van Dam, and Booker T. Of course he and Booker T would continue their feud in a best of 5 series for the title later on. John Cena is on the course for stardom now and King Of The Ring could be his to win.




First Round:


Randy Orton def. Rey Mysterio

This would probably be a typical underdog type match for Rey, give him some cool spots and nearfalls, but ultimately Orton would knock off the Cruiserweight Champion.


Chris Jericho def. Rene Dupree

Chris Jericho is obviously a big star and while Rene is a promising young talent at this point, I don't see any need to hotshot him past Jericho. Plus Jericho is much more experienced and can get a good match out of his next opponent who is also a rookie (albeit not as new).


Ric Flair def. Charlie Haas

The dirtiest player in the game, the greatest of all time, the Nature Boy Ric Flair; there's no way he loses to Haas. Haas unfortunately never really had a great singles career and would be in a different tag team later on in his time in WWE before he was let go. He really was the weak link of Team Angle.


Eugene def. Mark Jindrak

Eugene was a surprisingly over character during his time and I think Eugene upsetting Jindrak would be fun. Jindrak was just squashing jobbers on Velocity while Eugene was in a high profile angle/feud on Raw, so of course he's gonna get that screen time now. 


Batista def. Rob Van Dam

Batista and RVD would be a good match between a the unique highflying style of Rob and the great powerhouse moveset of Batista. Batista would come away with a big win over Rob as all three Evolution members win their matches. 


Luther Reigns def. Maven


Maven unfortunately became a jobber and Luther was actually in a nice spot with Angle and him working together, even if Luther was mostly just a lackey. Luther would absolutely flatten Maven here. 


Edge def. Booker T

The IC Champion would beat out the challenger for the US title. It'd be a good match and you don't usually want to job out the champ in non title match ups. 


John Cena def. William Regal

John Cena was finally really turning into what he would become today and was the unstoppable US Champion whereas Regal was merely a side component in a Eugene feud. 


Quarter Finals:

Randy Orton def. Chris Jericho

I think these two would put on a good match but Chris Jericho was at a low while Randy Orton was a huge part of WWE these days in Evolution, so you gotta give the upcoming star the win.


Eugene def. Ric Flair

This may sound crazy. Eugene beating perhaps the greatest of all time? Yes, that's exactly what I would book. Eugene was getting crazy over with his feud against Triple H and Evolution so you gotta have him knock off someone from Evolution and Ric Flair is the perfect member since he can actually afford the loss. It would be a big shock as you see Eugene having this deep run in King Of The Ring and gives the fans an underdog to root for.


Batista def. Luther Reigns

This would be a big hoss battle but Batista was obviously on a much different level than Luther so Batista goes through.


John Cena def. Edge

The US Champion vs the IC Champion (at least if this takes place before he's stripped). Both were having a pretty good time this year but John takes the edge (lol) for being treated as a really dominant man at this point compared to Edge. Besides, I really don't think Edge would need to be a two time KOTR winner at all and we know Money In The Bank would truly make Edge a main event star.


Semi Finals:

Randy Orton def. Eugene

Eugene's miracle run would end here with Randy Orton. I would want maybe a prematch attack on Eugene by Evolution so Eugene walks in unprepared and builds that feud more. Then after Randy wins, maybe an extra RKO or 2 to really drive the message home on the beloved Eugene.


John Cena def. Batista

Around this time Batista still hadn't done anything major on his own but getting to the semifinals of KOTR would help showcase his abilities one on one as he would be treated like a machine. John would get quite a bit out of putting the monster known as Batista away but they'd have a very close match. Plus it'd be really dumb to put both Evolution members against each other I think.




Randy Orton def. John Cena

Your 2004 King Of The Ring, Randy Orton! Randy finally broke out as a singles competitor this year so it just makes sense that he would win KOTR at some point leading into his title match with Chris Benoit. I was actually thinking that WWE could use the same stipulation they did to push Brock where the winner gets a title match rather than Randy winning a battle royal. Plus this shows Randy doing something his mentor did as well, sort of following in his steps until HHH gets scared of being passed up. Also, this would be the first time that Randy Orton and John Cena would face off on a WWE stage which would start their historic rivalry as two mirrors of each other in the company. Cena wouldn't go on to be a main eventer just yet so I don't think it makes sense he would win KOTR here while still midcarding. I'd probably let Randy win this clean just to foreshadow Randy as ready to break off.

Image result for randy orton 2004

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Amazing job with this Odd, as a randy orton mark, I love the booking here. I really do think Orton is one of the best WWE made stars along with Cena and I think establishing this later feud now would be smart. Eugune getting to the semi-finals is hilarious and I could of seen WWE actually doing it, some KOTR I hope to see you book in the future is a NXT KOTR from around 2016-2018, this is a truly under rated topic, keep it up Odd!

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King Of The Ring 2005


Participant Profiles:



Big Show


Big Show came to Raw in the 2005 Draft. Big Show’s arrival to Raw saw him beating many men below his status and would feud with Gene Snitsky at the end of the summer. Big Show has been a major main event star, having even main evented the biggest show of them all Wrestlemania, in addition to being a four time world champion. Big Show is looking to get back to that level again by using the King Of The Ring as a launchpad back to the top.




Carlito also came to Raw in the draft and won the Intercontinental Championship from Shelton Benjamin in his debut match on the brand. He’d remain the champion for the entirety of the summer as Shelton Benjamin unsuccessfully tried to win it back. Carlito hasn’t even been WWE TV for a full year yet has already been the United States and Intercontinental Champion. It seems that the company has placed a lot of stock in Carlito and he could become the coolest King Of The Ring ever.


Shelton Benjamin


After losing his 244 day Intercontinental Championship reign came to an end at the hands of Carlito, Benjamin would fail to regain it in a series of matches during the summer. Shelton has done well for himself outside of Team Angle and he could be well on his way to the main event.


Chris Masters


2005 was “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters’ WWE debut. Masters was only 22 but it was clear he had huge potential. Masters would go undefeated for a long time in both matches and in his Masterlock Challenges, where he would usually put up money to see if anyone could break out of his signature submission, but no one could. Masters would still be undefeated by this point and we could see him utilize that Masterlock to become the King Of The Ring. 


Gene Snitsky


Gene Snitsky returned from injury at the end of May and was used as a part of several rivalries such as Edge vs Kane and Jericho vs Cena. Despite the screen time and such, Gene was not winning his matches much and was set firmly at the bottom. Having mixed it up with some of the top WWE guys, could Gene become one of them himself?




Everyone’s favorite special needs wrestler Eugene would make his return from injury at the end of July by winning Kurt Angle’s Gold Medal, which set off a major rivalry between the two for Summerslam. Can Eugene make a big splash on his return?


Kerwin White


After being traded to Raw, Chavo Guerrero Jr would decide he no longer wanted to be Latino and changed his name to Kerwin White. Chavo was now a white man, and despite never having been a main eventer before, perhaps his newfound white privilege can earn him the title of King Of The Ring.


Rene Dupree


This great young talent was traded to Raw at the beginning of July and would spend most of his time racking up wins on Sunday Night Heat. By now a former two time tag team champion, his move to Raw could be what sets him on a course for singles success as he is poised to breakout at any time. 



Muhammad Hassan


Muhammad Hassan made his debut at the end of 2004 and quickly became one of the hottest heels in the entire company. Hassan and his partner Daivari would end up on Smackdown in late June and immediately entered a feud with The Undertaker. Only half a year in, the controversial Hassan could become King Of The RIng




Christian became massively over in 2005 and had perhaps the most heat of anyone in the company at the time. Christian was deep into his Captain Charisma shtick and clearly had the power of the peeps behind him. Christian moved to Smackdown in the draft and entered a feud with Booker T but it seems WWE wasn’t willing to keep his momentum up. WWE could do well to capitalize on the clear love for Christian and finally give him a main event push.


Chris Benoit


Chris Benoit would come over to Smackdown in the draft and first would be part of the ECW vs WWE storyline that led into ECW One Night Stand before branching into a feud with JBL’s partner Orlando Jordan over the United States Championship. Benoit once won the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of WrestleMania, could the King Of The Ring be as big as his Royal Rumble win for him?


Hardcore Holly


Harcore Holly by this point was a longtime veteran who managed to somehow have a longer career in WWE than many would have expected. Hardcore Holly never had any sort of big time major success but he still stuck around for ages which is respectable in itself. Perhaps after all this time, Holly could finally get a proper main event run.


Rey Mysterio


Rey Mysterio was a key player in WWE as one of the Smackdown Six and was in an infamous feud with Eddie Guerrero during this time. No longer relegated to merely being a Cruiserweight Champion, Rey is here to take on any challenge and hopefully fight his way to the title of King Of The Ring. 


Eddie Guerrero

Image result for eddie guerrero 2005

Eddie Guerrero had turned heel against his friend Rey Mysterio and launched into a dark persona during this time. Eddie would stop at nothing to win the King Of The Ring or at the very least, stop Rey Mysterio.


Orlando Jordan


As member of the JBL Cabinet, Orlando Jordan has enjoyed success as the United States Champion. Under the tutelage of JBL, Orlando could become one of the next big stars in the WWE.  King Of The Ring can be his chance to break out.


Booker T


Booker T is undoubtedly one of the greats but unfortunately for him he has been stuck in Smackdown’s midcard for a long time. Another longtime veteran of the business, he has the most experience of any of these competitors of what it means to be the top besides perhaps Big Show. While that means he has been a major main event player in the past, could it be that his time is up and he can no longer keep up with this new generation. King Of The Ring may be Booker T’s proving ground.




First Round:

Muhammad Hassan def. Eugene

These two had their segment at WrestleMania earlier this year but now there would be no Hulk Hogan to save Eugene. Eugene would get demolished coming back from injury because what better way to get heat than to beat up someone with special needs?


Chris Benoit def. Kerwin White

Kerwin White was a joke of a character and would be treated as such here as Chris Benoit makes him tap relatively easily. What a weird time this was for Chavo. 


Shelton Benjamin def. Hardcore Holly

Shelton at this point could have been pushed into the main event at any time if WWE really wanted to. It's weird to think that Hardcore Holly was still working for WWE at this time and would continue to do so for a few years after this as well.


Carlito def. Orlando Jordan

United States Champion vs Intercontinental Champion. It's clear to me that Carlito had much more stock in him than Orlando Jordan did, so the guy who was obviously considered more of a star is going to move forward.


Christian def. Big Show

Christian had huge momentum at the time and it wouldn't be stifled by Big Show of all people.


Rey Mysterio def. Rene Dupree

Unfortunately for the young Rene Dupree, this would not be his time. Rey could get something decent out of him though so I think it's a good choice as far as first round matchups go.


Eddie Guerrero def. Gene Snitsky

Gene the jobber would once again job, this time to Eddie. It would be the same case as the previous match where I think it could be made decent enough for a first round match by Eddie.


Chris Masters def. Booker T

Chris Masters at this point had not been pinned or submitted and so the young rookie goes over the established name thanks to the unbreakable Master Lock.



Quarter Finals:

Muhammad Hassan def. Chris Benoit

Another beloved face for Muhammad Hassan to go through with Daivari playing a factor in costing Benoit the match.

Shelton Benjamin def. Carlito

Shelton would pick up a nontitle win over his current rival to help earn himself another shot and further the feud.

Christian def. Rey Mysterio

I wouldn't be doing Rey vs Eddie in the tournament itself, it would be a bit much. 

Chris Masters def. Eddie Guerrero

Chris overcomes another star and continues his streak. 



Semi Finals:

Muhammad Hassan def. Shelton Benjamin

Muhammad Hassan would beat yet another face as he moves on to the finals. Shelton would end up having a losing streak anyways and by racking up wins against all these fan favorites, Hassan is kept extremely hateable.

Christian def. Chris Masters

I wouldn't have Chris Masters be pinned or submitted here either, since in real life WWE valued him enough that it never happened until his PPV match against Shawn Michaels. Probably a disqualification of sorts so that he didn't really lose. Putting someone who hasn't been pinned or submitted in a tournament is kinda putting yourself in a corner but I definitely think he would have participated, though it would be too early for him to win, yet they wouldn't have him outright lose.




Muhammad Hassan def. Christian

As much as I think WWE should have capitalized on Christian's momentum and made him a main eventer at this time, we all know they didn't do that, which would contribute to him leaving the company and becoming a main eventer in TNA. I think Muhammad Hassan was a major rising star and WWE would slap King Of The Ring on him for added heat. Christian would play a face role in this as he was still loved by the fans despite alignment and Hassan's gimmick was getting him tons of hate in a post 9/11 world. Unfortunate timing would kill his career with real life terrorist attacks making Hassan extremely controversial. They could have used this character in a much different way and even could have had him be a face that could change perceptions of Arabs as his character constantly talked about, but it was wasted. It's sad to think of what could have been.

Image result for muhammad hassan

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King Of The Ring 2007


Participant Profiles:



Brian Kendrick

Image result for brian kendrick 2007

Brian Kendrick and his tag team partner Paul London were drafted to Raw in the 2007 draft together. Former WWE Tag Team champions, the two would continue to work as potential tag title contenders and even won the World Tag Team Championships later on in the year during their feud with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. The young duo are both very talented stars that have the abilities to be singles stars if they want. 



Image result for carlito wwe

Carlito is a talented young star who has had a good amount of success in the three years he has been in WWE. A former United States and Intercontinental Champion, Carlito still has yet to win a world championship despite previous attempts. Earlier in the year Carlito had a feud with Ric Flair over Carlito's perceived lack of motivation that led to the pair teaming up before Carlito turned on Flair, but ultimately lost their blowoff match in May. During the course of the summer he would also feud with The Sandman which he came out on top of. Was Ric Flair right about Carlito or will he pull out all the stops to fulfill his potential and become King of the RIng?


Charlie Haas

Image result for charlie haas wwe

Charlie Haas has never done well as a singles competitor. Luckily for him the World's Greatest Tag Team reformed at the end of 2006 and now the two of them regularly team. Charlie may be a decent tag piece but you can't help but feel he just isn't on the same level as his partner. Maybe he can prove everyone wrong in King of the Ring and prove that his being resigned was well deserved.


Cody Rhodes

Image result for cody rhodes 2007

Cody Rhodes would make his WWE debut at the beginning of July against Randy Orton in a short feud. This introduction was the start of Rhodes becoming a fulltime Raw superstar. At a mere 22 years old, Cody has a lot of potential and some big shoes to fill as the son of Dusty Rhodes. 



Image result for daivari 2007

Once the manager to Muhammad Hassan, Daivari has managed to outlast him in the company and after being drafted to Raw, no longer has The Great Khali on his side. Daivari is another one of WWE's young stars at 23 and now being forced to be on his own, we could see him develop into something more.


Jeff Hardy

Image result for jeff hardy 2007

Jeff Hardy is a longtime fan favorite both as part of one of the best ever tag teams with his brother and as a singles competitor.With his brother trying for singles success on Smackdown, Jeff could perhaps finally break out into the main event scene as the fans have been clamoring for.


King Booker

Image result for king booker"

The 2006 King of the Ring winner found immense success after winning the prestigious tournament and has now been drafted over to Raw, declaring himself the only king of WWE, in the process mocking Triple H and Jerry Lawler. He has returned to the tournament this year to defend his throne and to remain King Booker.


Lance Cade

Image result for lance cade"

Lance Cade is one half of the World Tag Team Champions with Trevor Murdoch. He's a cowboy and besides that there really isn't much to him. One of the many 20 something year olds that WWE was hoarding during this era, don't expect much from him as he is a tag team specialist.


Mr. Kennedy

Image result for mr kennedy wwe"

Mr. Kennedy was the third ever Money In The Bank winner and seemed set for superstardom this year. Unfortunately Edge took his Money In The Bank contract and injured him. Luckily for Mr. Kennedy the injury wasn't severe as originally believed and he went to Raw during the draft. Without a briefcase, the King of the Ring may be Mr. Kennedy's ticket back to the top.


Paul London

Image result for paul london wwe"

Since the beginning of his career Paul London has been tapped to be a future star in the business. Many people say he has the special it factor required and look forward to seeing that potential fulfilled. Could London leave his tag team partner behind in the dust during the course of the King of the Ring?


Santino Marella

Image result for santino marella 2007"

Santino Marella was merely a fan from Italy until he was picked out of the crowd by Vince McMahon to face Umaga for the Intercontinental Championship in a No Holds Barred match. Santino scored the upset with an assist from Bobby Lashley, becoming the champ in his first WWE match. Umaga would eventually win the title back from Santino but Santino remained on the Raw roster and became a popular part of the show quickly. Santino could upset the entire bracket by becoming the King of the Ring.


The Sandman

Image result for the sandman wwe"

The Sandman moved over to Raw in the draft where he feuded with Carlito first but ultimately lost. Now the hardcore legend has set his eyes on the King of the Ring and nobody is safe.


Shelton Benjamin

Image result for shelton benjamin raw 2007"

Shelton Benjamin was always the much more talented half of the World's Greatest Tag Team, with three Intercontinental Championship reigns under his belt. Fans have waited for a long time to see Benjamin become a main event player and becoming the King could be all he needs to fulfill that dream.


Trevor Murdoch

Image result for trevor murdoch tag team champion

The uglier half of the World Tag Team Champions, Trevor Murdoch is a big, angry, redneck in contrast to the cool cowboy his partner is. We have yet to see if these two can be any more than a tag team so these are proving grounds for them.



Image result for umaga intercontinental champion

Umaga is one of the biggest and baddest men to ever step foot in the WWE. Umaga debuted on the Raw after Wrestlemania 22 and would start a streak that saw him run through names such as Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, John Cena, Kane, and just about everyone else on the Raw roster until Cena finally pinned him at New Years Revolution 2007. Umaga was also famously Vince McMahon's representative in the Battle of the Billionaires at Wrestlemania 23. Now in his second reign as Intercontinental Champion, Umaga could potentially steamroll his way through the entire bracket to become King of the Ring.


William Regal

Image result for william regal 2007

William Regal found himself drafted to Raw and would become interim General Manager at the start of July. Regal is one of the best of the best technical wrestlers with more knowledge on the sport than perhaps anyone else in the tournament, which may lead to his victory and coronation.



Chavo Guerrero

Image result for chavo guerrero 2007

Chavo Guerrero Jr. has seemed to have been stuck in the shadow of his father and uncle for a long time but the King of the Ring would allow to cement his own legacy and be his own man. Chavo won the Cruiserweight Championship at No Way Out and continues to hold it now. 


Chris Masters

Image result for chris masters 2007

Chris Masters was drafted to Smackdown and unfortunately for Masters he has been on a decline this year with his Masterlock being broken, failing to gain the Intercontinental Championship from Santino, and not being around much on Smackdown. Masters was once a very promising talent and the King of the Ring could see the resurgence of Chris Masters.


Chuck Palumbo

Image result for chuck palumbo 2007

Chuck Palumbo returned to Smackdown in early July, bringing his motorbike with him as he was now a badass biker. Palumbo is generally the guy that is just barely above the bottom but now he has the opportunity to be become King. Imagine Palumbo riding to the ring with a crown...



Image result for wwe eugene 2007"

Captain Chromosome is here on Smackdown after moving over in the draft. Eugene remains a fan favorite and honestly, how could you not love him? You never know what to expect from Eugene so you much just see this man as King of the Ring when all is said and done.



Image result for finlay

Finlay is a bruiser from Belfast and is a true tough man. At nearly 50 years old he's still delivering beatdowns in the ring and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Currently he has formed an alliance with the strange Hornswoggle, protecting the small man from any dangers. Now though Finlay has to worry about himself and how he'll manage to get through this multi match affair, but giving how long he's managed to last up until now, he may just manage to make it to the end.



Image result for funaki 2007

Funaki has been in the company for 9 years and during that time he has been a Hardcore and Cruiserweight Champion once each. Funaki has managed to remain on the roster for a reason and that reason could be that he is the next King of the Ring.


Hardcore Holly

Image result for hardcore holly

Bob Holly earned the name Hardcore by becoming a six time Hardcore Champion. He's tough as nails and is looking to beat some respect into the roster as he enters the King of the Ring. After 13 years he may just finally explode into superstardom.


Jamie Noble

Image result for jamie noble 2007'

Jamie Noble is a member of the Cruiserweight division on Smackdown and is in a bit of a slump, not having won a single match since the beginning of the year. Jamie Noble was once a Cruiserweight champion long ago but has not had that kind of success in a long time. Jamie Noble has a chance to turn things around and break his losing streak here.


Jimmy Wang Yang

Image result for jimmy wang yang 2007

The asian cowboy Jimmy Wang Yang is a fantastic high flyer and staple of the Cruiserweight division but he has never had any sort of championship success. He'll be looking to earn his way to the promised lands in this tournament.



Image result for kane wwe 2007

The Devil's favorite demon Kane has been a force to be reckoned with in the WWE for the past decade and is surely one of the favorites because of this. Lately Kane has been involved in championship pursuits that have seen him cheated out of wins but now he has a chance to add a new accolade to his list and he won't be screwed over this time.


Kenny Dykstra

Image result for kenny dykstra 2007

Kenny Dykstra is the only member of the Spirit Squad left and he's lost his cheer. Kenny was drafted to Smackdown, splitting the team of himself and Johnny Nitro. Now on a new brand he has a chance to reinvent himself and possibly take his career to the next level.


Mark Henry

Image result for mark henry

Mark Henry returned from injury after nearly a year by attacking The Undertaker after a cage match with Batista, which famously led to Edge cashing in afterwards. Henry had a brief feud with Kane that he won before going on a streak of beating jobbers as he awaited the return of The Undertaker. If Mark Henry can take The Undertaker out he can take anyone out. He's a monster and he's gonna put the hurt on anyone in between him and the throne.


Matt Hardy

Image result for matt hardy 2007

Matt Hardy began feuding with the United States Champion MVP after winning a non title match against him in early July. Matt Hardy unfortunately has been viewed as the weaker half for a long time but now may be his time to surpass his brother. This could be a race to see who reaches the top first between the two.



Image result for mvp wwe

MVP feuded with Chris Benoit over the United States title through Wrestlemania 23 to Judgement Day, where he finally overcame Benoit to win the title taking two falls straight doing so. MVP claims to the best at anything and everything and becoming King would at the very least solidify that idea as fact when it comes to wrestling in that ring.


Ric Flair

Image result for ric flair 2007

Ric Flair could quite possibly be the single greatest professional wrestler of all time. Record 16 time world champion, Royal Rumble winner, United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion, there is no gold this man has failed to hold. Even at 58 years old he's still stylin and profilin. It would be an incredible thing to add King of the Ring to his insane list of accomplishments, especially proving that he's still the greatest wrestler alive at nearly 60. That would be a heavy task though as since Flair moved to the Smackdown brand in the draft his age has showed and it may soon be time for Flair to hang the boots up. 


Shannon Moore

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"The Reject" Shannon Moore came to Smackdown at the beginning of the year to be part of the Cruiserweight division. He's a strange guy and I think most would reject the idea of him becoming King of the Ring.



Balls Mahoney

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An ECW original, Balls Mahoney continues to compete on the WWE's ECW brand. Mahoney is a staple of the brand and brings a little bit of legitimacy to it. Mahoney will be looking to represent the ECW name well here in the King of the Ring.


Big Daddy V

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Big Daddy V, once known to the world as Mabel, was the youngest King of the Ring winner ever at 24 years old in 1995. He was also widely regarded as the worst King of the Ring seen ever unfortunately, but this could be his chance to redeem himself as King Viscera here. Big Daddy V came to ECW as Matt Striker's hired muscle but now is in this for himself.


CM Punk

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CM Punk debuted on ECW in mid 2006 and remained undefeated in singles matches until the beginning of 2007. Even still CM Punk rarely loses and is one of the ECW brand's top stars. It's only a matter of time before this man becomes the ECW Champion and King of the Ring could expediate that process.


Elijah Burke

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Elijah Burke is another one of the top stars of ECW. Burke was the leader of the New Breed that feuded with the ECW Originals before the New Breed ultimately fell apart. Burke continued to do well on his own and given his abilities could some day be a big star. King of the Ring has made plenty of stars before so this could be his time.


James Curtis

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James Curtis was a man who spent most of his time down in OVW as a tag team specialist, but would occasionally work as a jobber for ECW. This is one of those times.


Kevin Thorn

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Kevin Thorn is a vampire that was the muscle of the New Breed during their run. Thorn had a winning streak from May to July as he was gaining momentum on his own. Kevin Thorn could prove himself to have been worth more than just the enforcer role and win King of the Ring. A vampire king sounds pretty cool.


Marcus Von Cor

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You may recognize this man as Monty Brown, former NFL Linebacker and TNA star. Marcus debuted on ECW in January and not long after formed the New Breed. Marcus has the charisma, the intensity, and the mainstream appeal that can make him a true star in the business if given the chance. King of the Ring could very well be the turning point.


Matt Striker

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Matt Striker makes up the last of the New Breed stable. After the end of the stable Matt Striker would eventually hire Big Daddy V as his muscle and would act as a manager to him. Matt is an intelligent man and his scheming could earn himself the title of King of the Ring.


Mike Knox

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Mike Knox is a behemoth at 6'6" and nearly 300 pounds. Part of the ECW roster since the beginning of it's run, Knox has been sent down to Deep South Wrestling for a few months but will be representing his home brand here in the King of the Ring.



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Another one of the current ECW roster members that was part of the original ECW, Nunzio is the last of the Full Blooded Italians here and he is looking to reinvent himself alone. He hasn't had the best of luck this year but the name Nunzio may just be found in the history books as the 2007 King of the Ring.


Rene Dupree


Rene Dupree was another man who once seemed to have a lot of potential but never got to fulfill it. Dupree was suspended and sent to rehab in March and would be sent from ECW down to FCW in June but now he has a second chance on ECW thanks to the King of the Ring. Rene Dupree is the youngest tag team champion ever and at only 24 years old he still has plenty of time to reach success.


Stevie Richards

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Stevie Richards is yet another ECW Original in the King of the Ring. Richards has not had a televised win since December of last year so he is a longshot but he hopes not to squander this massive opportunity.


Sylvain Grenier

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Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree had reunited as a tag team on ECW but Rene was almost immediately suspended due to violating the wellness policy, leaving Sylvain alone and directionless. Now with the King of the Ring he is looking to finally find some success on his own.


The Boogeyman

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The Boogeyman moved from Smackdown to the extreme brand during the draft and began feuding with Matt Striker and Big Daddy V upon arrival. The Boogeyman is the creepiest man in the WWE and he may just win due to the fact that his opponent's don't want to face him. Never seen without his trusty worms, you can expect them to find their way into his victim's mouthes as he is not easily beaten.


The Miz

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The Miz found himself drafted to ECW where he now looks to make a name for himself. Still a relative WWE rookie who has yet to earn his peers respect, ECW is the perfect brand for Miz to wash off that stench of reality tv and prove he belongs. 


Tommy Dreamer

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Tommy Dreamer is one of ECW's greatest and was part of the ECW Originals that feuded with the New Breed. Tommy Dreamer is a hardcore legend and he looks to show that the orignals can still go. Nobody cares more for the ECW brand as much him and he can certainly be expected to his best to make it look as good as he believes it is.




This is the biggest King of the Ring tournament in history with 48 competitors total, 16 from each brand. Due to the abnormal number of participants in the tournament it was decided that one brand would get first round byes, with the other two brands being pitted against each other in the first round. All 48 men would compete in the biggest battle royal in WWE history to determine which brand would get the bye. Ultimately it would be CM Punk who secure the win for his brand, meaning ECW would have the first round byes, leaving Smackdown and Raw to do battle.


First Round:

Brian Kendrick def. Jamie Noble

Brian Kendrick and Jamie Noble would be the first match of the tournament and I think the two could put on a fun match together to kick things off. Kendrick would go over as honestly Jamie Noble was simply a jobber in the Cruiserweight division while Kendrick was finding success teaming and was still viewed as a potential star.


Cody Rhodes def. Chris Masters

By this point Chris Masters was no longer the man who went unpinned for 7 months and tapped guys like Ric Flair out. On Smackdown he did a few Masterlock challenges, but it wasn't the same since it had lost it's mystique after being broken. Masters actually went on to fail the wellness policy twice as well as suffering an injury between the failures, ultimately being released in November. Cody Rhodes is a hot new prospect that's just arrived and he's the son of a legend. Now is the time to try to make him look good and toss him this win over an established lower card guy.


Jeff Hardy def. Kenny Dykstra

An obvious choice as beloved star Jeff Hardy beats some jobber who somehow stayed on the roster.


MVP def. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin was on a bit of a down period here and while he would have a bit of a resurgence as the Gold Standard on ECW later in the year, right now it has to be the United States Champion's time. MVP and Shelton could put on a really good match together though which makes the match worth it.


Ric Flair def. King Booker

Two of the best going at it would produce a good match but the highlight of it would be Jerry Lawler costing King Booker the match. Booker was feuding with Lawler and Triple H as well upon his return over the title of king, so protect Booker while building the feud. Now he can call the winner a false king since he didn't fairly defend his throne.


Finlay def. Trevor Murdoch

Finlay and Trevor could probably put on a decent brawl but really I'm not going to have one half of a mediocre tag team, be they tag team champions or not, move past the great Finlay. Finlay would look nice and tough though as he overcomes the big, younger guy.


Mark Henry def. Santino Marella

Mark Henry was getting treated as a legitimate threat during this time as he built up a winning streak before The Undertaker would return to continue feuding with him. Even though Santino was a former Intercontinental Champion he was still new to the company and had yet to fully develop his cult following. Henry would crush Marella in convincing fashion here.


Paul London def. Jimmy Wang Yang

The same case as the first match, Jimmy was mostly a Cruiserweight jobber unfortunately while London was a man touted by many to have a great future ahead of him in the business and was doing well for himself already with Kendrick.


Matt Hardy def. The Sandman

Matt Hardy was featured pretty heavily at the time during his feud and eventual partnership with MVP. Sandman was of course a hardcore legend but his winning would do nothing for him while it would hurt Matt's momentum.


Kane def. Charlie Haas

Charlie Haas was never very good on his own and was really only suited as being a good tag team hand. The legend Kane is not losing to him and is more than likely gonna squash him.


Carlito def. Chuck Palumbo

Carlito would defeat the weird biker jobber Palumbo quickly here.


Chavo Guerrero def. Lance Cade

The current Cruiserweight Champion Chavo is simply much more talented than Lance. I doubt this would be a very good one so keep it short,


Mr. Kennedy def. Funaki

I find it interesting how so many relatively useless people manage to remain on the WWE roster for so long. I suppose they just have so much money they don't really care. Being funny probably helps. Mr. Kennedy easily beats Funaki. 


Hardcore Holly def. Daivari

Hardcore Holly would light Daivari up with his stiff style and advance easily. Daivari can bump for Bobby.


Umaga def. Eugene

The easiest way to get heat is to beat up a mentally handicapped person. Umaga would easily thrash him about and have the match won but continue to beat him up longer than needed. 


William Regal def. Shannon Moore

This one has the potential to be decent, especially with Regal leading it. Moore is pretty wack if you ask me though so I wouldn't do any sort of favors in terms of making him look good at all. Regal should probably make him tap fast.



Second Round:

CM Punk def. Brian Kendrick

We are here at the second round which means that the ECW competitors will now actually compete. CM Punk was one of his brand's top stars so he advances but they could definitely have a good match. 


Cody Rhodes def. Sylvain Grenier

Cody honestly just got lucky with the way the bracket is as he gets matched up with a jobber, meaning an easy win and a spot in the round of 16.


Jeff Hardy def. Balls Mahoney

If we are being honest, most of ECW's guys were not very good wrestlers and I think Balls falls into that grouping. Keep it short and it should be fine.


MVP def. Kevin Thorn

Keeping the United States Champion strong and not killing his momentum by having him lose to a really bad vampire gimmick.


The Miz def. Ric Flair

Ric Flair is no longer what he once was so it's understandable that he loses to an up and comer. The Miz gets to beat the greatest, albeit far from his prime, and that gives him plenty of heat and material to work with in promos. 


Finlay def. James Curtis

James shouldn't even be here but ECW was barren so they had to call in the jobbers to fill the ranks. Finlay smacks him up and sends him back to developmental. He ain't ready for the big time.


Mark Henry def. Stevie Richards

Another quick win for Mark Henry as he continues his path of destruction. 


Big Daddy V def. Paul London

We know he isn't very good but his push was definitely stronger than London's, so Big Daddy V throws him around a bit and pins him.


Elijah Burke def. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy could afford to lose to the future star that had a bye anyways. This match would turn out well and I think it would help Burke a lot in beating an established guy from another brand here. 


Kane def. Rene Dupree

Another squash for Kane. Rene had gone down to FCW at the end of June and he requested his release a month later so it's clear what his standings were here.


Carlito def. Marcus Von Cor

While Marcus could have been a big star I don't think WWE ever saw that whereas they were definitely high on Carlito.


The Boogeyman def. Chavo Guerrero

I think Chavo has good comedic ability and would be able to play off of The Boogeyman's antics well enough for things to be entertaining. The Boogeyman was pretty protected and no one can blame you for losing to him when you see the things he does. 


Mr. Kennedy def. Tommy Dreamer

Mr. Kennedy picks up a win over a much more legitimate opponent than his previous one. Beating a hardcore legend like Dreamer, especially one that can go better than most of the rest, would be really good for Kennedy I think.


Hardcore Holly def. Mike Knox

Knox dropped off of ECW TV for about half a year to work in Deep South Wrestling so he's just a fill the numbers guy here that gets fed to Hardcore Holly.


Umaga def. Nunzio

Nunzio has great reactions and such as well as being a good bumper so he could make this a fun squash to watch.


William Regal def. Matt Striker

This time it would be Striker being the one taught as Regal would show off his superior wrestling knowledge to make Matt tap.



Round of 16:

CM Punk def. Cody Rhodes

The rookie did well to make it this far but was unlucky to find himself facing CM Punk here. Hopefully CM Punk can make Cody shine during the match but either way making it past two guys, albeit low tier, is a good look for Cody.


Jeff Hardy def. MVP

Jeff Hardy manages to knock off a champion from another brand here which is great for him and I think the quality of opponent means nothing is taken away from MVP. Maybe it could even play into MVP's feud with Matt somehow.


The Miz def. Finlay

The Miz would get another win over an older, liked member of the roster which I think plays into his character well and again can be used for promo material and easy heat. 


Mark Henry def. Big Daddy V

I think this match would undoubtedly suck but it has to happen. Henry continues his streak as he manages to overcome a fellow monster which is even more impressive than his other wins. 


Elijah Burke def. Kane

Elijah Burke looks even better than before now by beating Kane here. This is another case where I don't think Kane has as much to lose as Burke does to gain from this and Burke is starting to look like a star as he gets deeper in the tournament.


The Boogeyman def. Carlito

Carlito is another guy that has good comedic sense and may do well opposite Boogeyman. Either way The Boogeyman stays strong over Carlito. 


Mr. Kennedy def. Hardcore Holly

Mr. Kennedy looks good in beating another longtime veteran that also has a reputation for being a tough guy. 


Umaga def. William Regal

Umaga is a monster and even Regal's wits would not be enough here. Regal would transition from interim GM to proper GM soon after as well as the fact that he would win the King of the Ring in 2008 gives me the reason not to have him go any farther here.




CM Punk def. Jeff Hardy

CM Punk was one of the top guys on his brand whereas Jeff was simply a well loved midcarder. While of course King of the Ring has been the push needed to get people into the main event, Jeff can reach it without having the accolade. I also think Punk is simply a better talent in ring and could produce better matches as well.


Mark Henry def. The Miz

Once confronted with an opponent that isn't 50 years old Miz realizes he is in over his head too late. Mark Henry inadvertently gives the fans something to cheer about as things come back around on him but all that matters is Henry's continued path of destruction. 


Elijah Burke def. The Boogeyman

Elijah Burke faces yet another otherworldly entity and comes out on top. Burke's entire journey through the King of the Ring helps establish him as a potential top guy, which I definitely think he was, but unfortunately never got that chance to be what he could have been. Flashes were seen in ECW but never acted upon.


Mr. Kennedy def. Umaga

Mr. Kennedy beats the toughest opponent of his tournament journey here in what you can say is an upset as Umaga was one of the most protected guys during his run. It's also worth noting that since Umaga is the Intercontinental Champion, this win would probably earn him a shot. In reality at Summerslam Umaga defended against Carlito and Mr. Kennedy so it would be pretty likely. 




CM Punk def. Mark Henry

Mark Henry has a streak to keep in tact here so Punk would have to win by DQ or countout, but a win is a win. Henry was definitely rolled around as a potential King of the Ring winner but his streak was mostly comprised of jobbers so I didn't feel as compelled to. Henry is kept strong for his streak to be broken by Taker upon his return so it all works out. CM Punk is technically the only face in the semifinals so there is also that factor.


Mr. Kennedy def. Elijah Burke

Elijah Burke's run through this tournament was well deserved to me as he is a super charismatic man who could really get crowds going and both WWE and TNA really missed the boat on him big time. Mr. Kennedy would put a stop to this run though as he goes on to face CM Punk for the title of King.




Mr. Kennedy def. CM Punk

This was probably a pretty telegraphed win but there's a reason why it's so obvious and it's because he was the top choice. Mr. Kennedy was set for a big push with the Money In The Bank win and we could have seen him take the World Heavyweight Championship off of The Undertaker had he not been injured. Originally it was believed he would be out for maybe eight months until they realized the injuries was not as severe as they first thought but by than Edge had taken his role. If a King of the Ring was held they would surely use it to relaunch Mr. Kennedy to where they originally planned on having him be. Either way his wound up killing the push by being involved in a steroid scandal not long after, but if things had been different, Kennedy would have been a world champion in the WWE and the son of Mr. McMahon.

Mr. Kennedy: WWE's Biggest Star Who Never Reached Full Potential ...

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I absolutely agree with your choice of Mr. Kennedy winning the 2007 King of the Ring. Considering he won MITB, and was positioned for a big push as Vince's illegitimate son, I could have definitely have seen Kennedy win King of the Ring this year too. Having a 48 man tournament is super interesting, ECW side is quite lacking compared to Raw and Smackdown, just shows how WWE valued ECW lol. I think Hardy could have been a finalist than CM Punk, as he was also groomed for a big singles push, but either guy works in this situation. Overall, Great stuff odd.

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King Of The Ring 2009


Participant Profiles:



John Cena


Coming into King of the Ring, John Cena had 2 World Heavyweight Championship reigns but after the second ended in late April, Cena would stay out of the world title picture for feuds with Big Show and The Miz. Now with the WWE Championship on RAW, Cena looks to fight his way back into contendership.


Big Show


Big Show leading up to King of the Ring has been in a feud with John Cena for the past 3 months but would not manage to defeat him until their final bout on RAW. Coming out of that feud, Big Show wants to get back to the world title hunt.


Kofi Kingston


Kofi Kingston would win the United States Championship from MVP on June 1st, which would be the start of a great 4 months reign. Kofi Kingston is said to be a potential main eventer and now that he is gaining traction he might reach that level soon.


Matt Hardy


Matt Hardy would be traded to RAW in the draft and following the conclusion of his feud with Jeff, would enter a feud over the United States Championship with MVP. After failing to win the championship, Matt would form a team with William Regal and work under Vickie Guerrero. With Jeff capturing yet another World Championship over on Smackdown, Matt has hopes that he can break out into the same singles success. 




MVP was the first overall draft pick of the 2009 WWE draft as the United States Champion. While he may no longer be the United States Champion he may have grown past it as MVP looks to prove he deserves his position as first overall draft pick.


William Regal


Last year’s King of the Ring winner is here again to defend the throne. While he hasn’t had the greatest success in the first half of 2009, he can turn things around if he manages to become only the second person to win King of the Ring twice and back to back. 




Carlito and brother Primo became a tag team in September of last year and have had a good amount of success since, even winning a Tag Team Championship Unification match against Miz and Morrison at WrestleMania XXV earlier in the year. The team found themselves drafted to RAW and would drop the Tag Titles to Edge and Jericho a couple months later. Carlito not long ago had a fantastic singles career and now King of the Ring may remotivate him to go after that lost glory.


The Miz


The Miz would find himself separated from his tag team partner John Morrison in the draft, prompting Miz to turn on Morrison before heading to RAW. Once on RAW, Miz started up a feud with Cena that set up a match for The Bash. Now in the King of the Ring tournament, Miz looks to prove himself the Shawn Michaels of his team.


 Cody Rhodes 


Cody Rhodes has gotten a lot of shine in recent times thanks to being a part of Legacy and now King of the Ring is a big chance for him to show his stuff. Cody is still only a couple years into his WWE career but things are looking good for him right now.


Ted DiBiase


Ted DiBiase Jr. has only been in WWE for about a year, debuting in a match where he won the World Tag Team Championships when Cody Rhodes turn on Hardcore Holly to partner with Ted. Since then Randy Orton has taken them under his wing to form Legacy which has given Ted a lot of exposure on RAW. At the rate Ted is going he may just surpass his father even.


Chavo Guerrero


Chavo Guerrero Jr. would be drafted to RAW and found himself getting involved in a feud between Santino Marella and Vickie Guerrero that he would be on the losing end of. Chavo Guerrero would continue to feud with Santino and eventually Hornswoggle too over the coming months, showing how much of a rut he is in. Hopefully he can dig his career out of this hole via the King of the Ring. 


Santino Marella


Santino is a man with many remarkable moments over the past couple years, winning the Intercontinental Championship in his debut, being eliminated from the Rumble in 1 second this year, becoming Miss Wrestlemania at XXV, among others. What a moment it would be if Santino could overcome 47 other men to become the King of the Ring.


The Brian Kendrick


Brian Kendrick was drafted to RAW and jumped into the Tag Team Title scene with various partners, failing each time. He has fallen aways down since being the interim WWE Champion but maybe he can become the real WWE Champion through King of the Ring.




Primo is one half of the Tag Team Champions with his brother Carlito, just drafted to RAW with him. Primo is still a WWE rookie and hasn’t gotten a big showing singles wise yet so this can be his chance to prove he has the chops to last on his own. 




Festus was split from his partner Jesse in the draft when he was taken over to RAW. Festus gets the chance to find himself as a singles competitor here.




Hornswoggle has found himself separated from his protector Fit Finlay as he moves to RAW and will be battling in the King of the Ring tournament. Hornswoggle might be the biggest upset winner in history if he can pull it out. 



Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho was drafted to Smackdown and had a classic feud with Rey Mysterio over Rey’s mask and the Intercontinental Championship, during which he would win his record ninth IC title before ultimately dropping it back to Rey at The Bash. That same night Chris Jericho won the Tag Team Championships alongside Edge, however Edge was injured within a week and Jericho is now left needing a replacement. While he doesn’t have a partner though he will be entering King of the Ring to fight alone. 


Rey Mysterio


Rey Mysterio would win the Intercontinental Championship from JBL at WrestleMania XXV for the first time in his career, becoming a grand slam champion in the process. From there Rey would have his feud with Chris Jericho that he came out of on top as a 2x IC Champ. Rey is a fighting champion that has overcome incredible odds before and now he’s looking to conquer the King of the Ring.




Umaga and CM Punk had a feud that ultimately ended in a Samoan Strap match at Extreme Rules that Punk won, and Umaga is now looking to bounce back from that. Umaga was released for drug violations but before that, he’s uh, gonna be in King of the Ring.


Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler was moved to Smackdown in the Supplemental Draft where he picked up a nontitle victory over MVP in his debut. Dolph would go on to have a feud with The Great Khali after getting himself DQ’d in a match for using a steel chair. The feud would end in a No DQ match at The Bash where Kane would attack The Great Khali and give Ziggler the win. Ziggler is a younger talent with lots of potential and winning King of the Ring could establish him for years to come. 




Kane was drafted to Smackdown and had a short feud against CM Punk that saw Kane win at Backlash before taking a break. Kane returned after 2 months by attacking The Great Khali at The Bash, kicking off a feud that would last over the summer. Kane is looking to run all over the Smackdown brand and the King of the Ring tournament.


Mike Knox


Mike Knox went to Smackdown in the Supplemental Draft with a victorious debut against R-Truth. He never won another televised match for the rest of his time in WWE apparently.


John Morrison


When The Miz was drafted to RAW he attacked John Morrison and the two were officially split. Morrison found a home on Smackdown in the Supplemental Draft where he quickly became a popular baby face. Morrison is gaining lots of momentum in the ring and with the fans, making him a man to watch in this tournament. 


Charlie Haas


Smackdown picked Charlie Haas up in the Supplemental Draft, debuting as a heel in May. Haas would have a short reunion with Shelton Benjamin before Benjamin was traded to ECW, leaving Haas alone yet again. Haas has had loss after loss but maybe he can turn things around now. 




Cryme Tyme both moved to Smackdown in the Supplemental Draft where they continued to compete as a team. Cryme Tyme are an ever popular tag team but now both members will be in singles action here. 


Shad Gaspard


Cryme Tyme both moved to Smackdown in the Supplemental Draft where they continued to compete as a team. Cryme Tyme are an ever popular tag team but now both members will be in singles action here.




R-Truth works as a jobber on the Smackdown brand but if he wants to rise above that position this is his chance. 


The Great Khali


The former World Heavyweight Champion is looking to regain that dominance that he once held over Smackdown but he isn’t the only monster on the brand with Kane currently in his way. The Punjabi Playboy might just be one of the favorites to win. 




Jesse remained on Smackdown when his tag team partner Festus was drafted to RAW. Shoot son of Terry Gordy, he has some shoes to fill that he doesn’t seem to be filling at all. He’s a Smackdown jobber on his own. 


Ricky Ortiz


Ricky Ortiz played Football through College and the years after in several leagues including the NFL as a member of the practice squad. In the mid 2000’s he switched over to professional wrestling and has now been drafted to Smackdown in the Supplemental Draft. 


Jimmy Wang Yang


Jimmy Wang Yang is an Asian Cowboy, very crazy. 


Kung Fu Naki


Kung Fu Naki seems slightly racist...I feel like most the Asian talent in WWE history maybe haven’t gotten the best treatment in the world. I’m sure Funaki had fun though. 





Christian returned to the WWE in early 2009 to the ECW brand and he would spend the coming months chasing after the ECW Championship held by Jack Swagger, eventually winning it three months later at Backlash. The two continued to feud and Tommy Dreamer would win the title in a triple threat with the two at Extreme Rules. Failing to regain the title in a one on one rematch on RAW, Christian now hopes to fight his way back to the top of his brand.


Jack Swagger


Jack Swagger has had rapid success here in the WWE. Debuting on the ECW brand last September, he built up an undefeated streak and won the ECW Championship in January, going on to hold the title for 104 days before Christian dethroned him. Now after multiple failed attempts to regain the title he is back at square one and just as Christian is, wants to go through the bracket to become ECW Champion again. 


Fit Finlay


Fit Finlay has set his eyes on the ECW Championship after returning from an eye injury and without the distraction of Hornswoggle he has a good chance at getting his hands on it. He’s a tough, old bastard that has the resilience to make it through this tournament.


Mark Henry


Last year this time, Mark Henry won the ECW Championship but a lot has happened since then. Despite not being particularly successful in recent times, Mark Henry is the kind of man you don’t want to bet against as the World’s Strongest Man could easily win it all. 


Vladimir Kozlov


Vladimir Kozlov debuted the Smackdown after last year’s WrestleMania and would remain unpinned and undefeated in singles matches for the next ten months, first being pinned by The Undertaker in an Elimination Chamber. He was a dominant force on Smackdown during this time but has now moved onto ECW, giving him a new set of opponents to dominate. Kozlov could be considered a dark horse for this given how strong he has been seen to be in the past year. 


Ezekiel Jackson


The Supplemental Draft has brought over the powerhouse Ezekiel Jackson where he will hopefully develop his own identity. Ezekiel is still a bit of a mystery as to what potential he has in the squared circle so this could be a good chance to measure it. 


Zack Ryder


Zack Ryder has made his return to the ECW Brand and been separated from Curt Hawkins in the process thanks to being snagged in the Supplemental Draft. We’ve seen quite the shift from him as he’s come back with a brand new look and attitude. This could be the start of greater things for him.


David Hart Smith


Coming over to ECW in the Supplemental Draft, David Hart Smith has formed The Hart Dynasty alongside Tyson Smith and Natalya. Son of the British Bulldog, he has big shoes to fill here in the WWE.


The Hurricane


Another Supplemental Draft acquisition, there has been a lot of mystery regarding Gregory Helms and The Hurricane. He has continued to deny being The Hurricane however many have their suspicions. The Hurricane has built up a reputation on ECW as he’s been saving the day quite a bit, now taking a slot in the King of the Ring, while Gregory will be busy doing his job as an interviewer. 


Tyson Kidd


Tyson Kidd made his debut to ECW in February, being managed by his girlfriend Natalya. Now with the arrival of David Hart Smith, the three of them have formed The Hart Dynasty. Tyson has trained extensively in the Hart Dungeon and it is apparent in the way he wrestles. 


Shelton Benjamin


Shelton Benjamin had a 240 day United States Championship reign until he lost it to MVP earlier this year. Shelton would be traded to ECW just in time to take one of its slots for the King of the Ring. Many say Shelton is an inevitable main eventer and with his return to ECW and a path to that main event here, The Gold Standard can make it his time. 


DJ Gabriel


DJ Gabriel was managed by Alicia Fox until the Supplemental Draft took her to Smackdown, leaving Gabriel alone here on ECW. While he is being moved down to FCW, he is getting one final shot here on the main roster.


Paul Burchill


The days of Paul Burchill swinging his way to the ring seem like a million years ago. The duo of Paul and Katie have been on ECW for the past half a year but have yet to have made a true impact. If Paul wants to get out of the shadow of his pirate days then he has to put up an impressive performance here. 


Tony Atlas


Tony Atlas would make appearances on ECW last year as he aligned with the ECW Champion Mark Henry in a managerial role. He has also made some rare in ring appearances on ECW, and this will be one of those as Tony will be competing in the King of the Ring tournament. The Hall of Famer is long past his prime but he may just shock everyone and show why he earned that place in the Hall of Fame.


Evan Bourne


The high flying fan favorite Evan Bourne will look to dazzle everyone as he hopes to use the platform being provided here to further climb the ladder.




The Japanese wrestler is a new arrival to the WWE and will be making his debut here in the tournament. King of the Ring historically has been used to introduce new wrestlers to the WWE and showcase their talents, which is exactly what is hoped to happen here for Yoshitatsu.




48 men, 16 from each brand, compete for the crown in the 2009 King of the Ring. The winner of the tournament will get a World Championship match at Summerslam. A battle royal was held where John Cena won to secure a first round bye for the entire RAW brand, leaving the B shows to fight in the first round. Being honest, with all the trades and championship swapping, it was hard to define who would be in the tournament so I figured this would be a late June thing and stretched a bit of stuff to work. I’d also define this as being in later June to fit with the constraints and not breaking existing canon since these are supposed to be fantasy bookings that could feasibly fit within the real life WWE.


First Round:

Christian def. Kung Fu Naki

The first match of the tournament would be a squash as Christian makes quick work of his opponent. No point in giving a joke like Funaki any offense against Christian.


Chris Jericho def. The Hurricane

Chris Jericho and The Hurricane would have a slightly more competitive match but not by much. Hurricane was another joke character but was capable of having good matches so make it a quick 5 minute, fun match before Hurricane taps out to the Walls of Jericho.


Tyson Kidd def. Charlie Haas

Tyson Kidd is an absolutely fantastic wrestler and Charlie was never good on his own. Make it a quick one, maybe a bit on the technical side. Charlie was a jobber so of course one third of The Hart Dynasty advances.


David Hart Smith def. JTG

The other member of The Hart Dynasty in this tournament also advances. Cryme Tyme is a dedicated tag team, I wouldn’t want them doing much alone. 


Mark Henry def. Jesse

Mark Henry easily beats Jesse. It’s kind of sad to see generational wrestlers fail but a last name isn’t always a guarantee. 


Dolph Ziggler def. Tony Atlas

A very obvious result considering Dolph was just getting a bit of a push and was seen as a rising talent while Tony wasn’t an active competitor in the slightest. He’s really in this as sort of a novelty, maybe looks good in the beginning before Dolph gets serious and puts him away. Tony was a heel but I’d have him work this in a face role.


Kane def. Paul Burchill

Kane was on a hell of a role as that dominant monster on Smackdown so of course he’s gonna steamroll Paul considering he was a jobber on the C brand. Paul would be gone from WWE within a year which sucks for him but he didn’t really have much of a chance.


The Great Khali def. Vladimir Kozlov

I was really leaning into a Kozlov victory at first given how strongly he had been booked previously and was a star on the rise in the past year as that monster heel but a loss to Khali isn’t the worst thing in the world at this point, especially since previously he had only lost to top talent like Taker and Michaels. Khali just has more going on in terms of story and such so it makes sense that he would at least make it past the first round. Don’t even have it as a clean loss, have it as a DQ, showcase the monster heel in Kozlov. 


Jack Swagger def. Jimmy Wang Yang

An easy victory for the former ECW Champion. I hadn’t ever realized how quickly Jack Swagger was pushed. While the ECW Championship is obviously the least prestigious top championship, it basically served as a world title whether it is officially one or not. He had a great spot on ECW during this time. 


Rey Mysterio def. Yoshitatsu

Yoshitatsu debuted on an episode of ECW around this time so I figured why not just have the debut be in the tournament instead. It would be a cool way to debut even in loss, plus he and Rey could have a good match I think. The new arrival loses to the Intercontinental Champion in a match that gets some eyes on him.


John Morrison def. Shelton Benjamin

I think this would probably be the best match of the entire first round. Both men are great and just looking at the names themselves it looks like either guy could win however John Morrison was quickly becoming one of the hottest faces on Smackdown while Shelton was unfortunately on his way to being underutilized over on ECW. 


Zack Ryder def. Shad Gaspard

As I said I don’t really like using dedicated tag teams in singles ways besides jobbing out. Zack was becoming the Broski he would become famous for and he gets a win here.


Fit Finlay def. Ricky Ortiz

Have Fit absolutely whip Ricky and get the win in a dominant way. He might be old but he was still a good asset here, much more so than this jobber Ricky.


Evan Bourne def. Umaga

Originally I had Umaga winning this and going on a good run just because I really like Umaga but even though this is a fantasy booking I am still trying to keep it grounded in reality. Umaga was released around this time after refusing to go to rehab so why in the hell would I actually have him win? This can be his last match in the company, cool, but he just doesn’t deserve much out of this. Evan Bourne is a good talent that would get a decent push over on RAW later in the Summer so might as well have him look good here with a win over Umaga.


Mike Knox def. DJ Gabriel

While Mike Knox was going to go on a horrendous losing streak for the rest of his time in the company, he is still more valuable than DJ Gabriel. Mike can get his last televised win in the King of the Ring tournament at least.


Ezekiel Jackson def. R-Truth

R-Truth of course is used as a comedy jobber so let him have a couple athletic spots or whatever but Ezekiel really shouldn’t be shown having too much trouble in winning this. This would be Jackson’s first match as a member of the ECW roster so he should make a good impression.



Second Round:

John Cena def. Christian

This was the toughest match result to decide on out of them all. I mean either guy is a fair pick to win here given the pushes they would receive, with John chasing after the WWE Championship against Legacy and Christian going on to regain the ECW Championship to have the longest reign. I went with Cena because even with Christian losing here he can easily slip into the ECW Championship picture again but I could easily justify a Cena loss if they want Christian to look legit so I guess that makes no sense. What makes sense to me though is Cena is gonna be hitting that peak Super Cena so why not have him win here.


Chris Jericho def. Hornswoggle

Chris Jericho is a funny guy, I’m sure he and Hornswoggle can also have a fun squash match. Old rivals Cena and Jericho are set to face in the third round.


Ted DeBiase def. Tyson Kidd

Ted DiBiase Jr on the A show working in Legacy was obviously a much bigger push than anything Tyson was doing on ECW before or anything he would do on Smackdown after. Still it could be a good showcase between two people who are still relatively unproven, moreso for Tyson.


The Miz def. David Hart Smith

Both members of The Hart Dynasty go out in the second round. The Miz is about to go on his first big singles run this year so an obvious choice.


Mark Henry def. Matt Hardy

These two have had matches over the ECW Championship, with Hardy having been the one to dethrone Henry and managed to fight him off to retain. This time though Henry comes out on top to advance a round in the tournament. Matt Hardy needed to leave to have surgery so this would be his final match before taking time off to do that and recover.


Dolph Ziggler def. The Brian Kendrick

Dolph Ziggler had it pretty good at the time as a midcarder and would spend a good portion of the coming months unsuccessfully challenging for the Intercontinental Championship. Kendrick had several tag team attempts with different partners before being released at the end of July, so Dolph beats a guy on his way out. I think this has the potential to be a fun match as both are pretty good workers.


Kane def. Santino Marella

Kane beats Santino in like 30 seconds with a chokeslam. Keep Kane looking like a monster in this tournament. Since he was having a pretty good run you don’t want the tournament to spoil it. 


The Great Khali def. MVP

The Great Khali knocks off the former United States Champion. MVP could get some offense in but it wouldn’t be the longest match in the world purely to protect Khali since he just isn’t very good. Just a typical sort of giant match.


Jack Swagger def. Big Show

This is a big win for Jack as he manages to overcome a future hall of famer in The Big Show. Big Show would go on to be one half of Jerishow while Jack was still pursuing the ECW Championship. This is really a case of who needs it more, and the younger Swagger definitely gains more from a win at this stage.


Rey Mysterio def. Festus

Big man versus little man stuff here. Festus was going to disappear for a bit before being repackaged as Luke Gallows with the SES so the Intercontinental Champ sends him off.


Cody Rhodes def. John Morrison

Cody Rhodes manages to cheat a rising star out of the King of the Ring, gets some heat off of it. John could be argued to make it past here considering his coming Intercontinental Championship push and such but it just isn’t in the cards here.


Zack Ryder def. Carlito

Carlito was kind of bumming around in the WWE by this point which is a shame but if you don’t put in the effort then you will have a much shorter ceiling. Zack Ryder gets a win over a credible name here which is very good for him.


Kofi Kingston def. Fit Finlay

Kofi Kingston was in the midst of a pretty good midcard push here as the United States Champion so he’s gonna keep that momentum up with a win over the veteran. 


Evan Bourne def. Primo

Evan Bourne continues to get that showcase run with an easy win over Primo. Just use the match to get his moves in and keep getting over.


Chavo Guerrero def. Mike Knox

I have a soft spot for Chavo so I am happy to have him be the one to kick off Mike’s incredible losing streak. 


William Regal def. Ezekiel Jackson

Last year’s King of the Ring winner wins his first match of the tournament. This match could be where the seeds were planted for Ezekiel to join Regal in the Ruthless Roundtable later on. I didn’t think it would make sense for the future leader to lose to a subordinate and Regal is simply going to have better matches so it works out. 



Round of 16:

John Cena def. Chris Jericho

One half of the Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho will be focusing on the tag division for the next few months so it makes sense that a guy gunning for the WWE Championship makes it further. This is another big match for John here and it would be pretty good. 


Ted DeBiase def. The Miz

The coming push of The Miz could warrant another win for him but I think that with Cena being the next opponent for whoever wins here, it’s better to have Ted pick up the win. We are just coming off of Miz and Cena feuding that led to a 5 minute match so I don’t think it needs to be run back. Plus, you get the added story of Legacy standing in Cena’s way again. 


Dolph Ziggler def. Mark Henry

At first I was going to give Mark Henry the win but I realized Dolph was in a higher position at this point. Mark would move to RAW, turn face, and team with MVP without managing to win Tag. Dolph was becoming a staple of the midcard so a good run here is beneficial to cementing him as a credible challenger for a singles title. I also didn’t even realize it has the added story of Ziggler beating Mark’s manager/partner in the first round as well. 


Kane and The Great Khali go to a Double DQ

So these two are currently in a feud and they wind up colliding in the tournament but instead of having a definitive finish they are both disqualified to continue building the feud. Since both of them are DQ’d, neither advances, giving Ziggler a bye in the quarter finals.


Rey Mysterio def. Jack Swagger

The biggest little man in WWE (stupid nickname) takes down another bigger man. Rey is in the middle of a solid title reigns and Swagger can afford the loss after already picking up a nice couple wins. Besides, IC and ECW are pretty equal, right? 


Cody Rhodes def. Zack Ryder

Cody Rhodes picks up a clean win this time over a fairly unestablished Zack Ryder. 


Kofi Kingston def. Evan Bourne

This seems like it would be a pretty fun match to watch between two athletic baby faces and future tag team partners. The US champ wins but Evan gets to put up a fight and they have a show of respect afterwards. 


William Regal def. Chavo Guerrero

Guerrero would be feuding with Santino and Hornswoggle this year in what was deemed the worst feud of the year by WON so it was generous having him win a match at all really. Have Regal make an example out of Chavo with a quick, ruthless win.




John Cena def. Ted DiBiase

Anyone that feuds with Orton is also feuding with Legacy as Ted desperately tries to halt Cena’s progress here in this but John Cena overcomes the odds as always to get one step closer to a championship match. Have Ted trying various shenanigans only to be foiled each time, it could be a good match between the younger guy and established franchise player.


Dolph Ziggler gets a bye to the semi finals


Cody Rhodes def. Rey Mysterio

Cody Rhodes faces off against the Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio and the younger star would get to advance here. Have Rey lose by roll up after landing on Cody’s knees when he goes for the splash after a 619 as some protection. 


Kofi Kingston def. William Regal

Last year’s King of the Ring winner William Regal would fall to the United States Champion Kofi Kingston. We all know how Kofi was on fire in 2009 and Regal had the damage done to his career that prevented his push so no reason to let him beat one of RAW’s best faces.




John Cena def. Dolph Ziggler

This would be a great showcase match for Dolph Ziggler as he is going to be a midcard title challenger soon so by making it here he has gotten some credibility and these two can put on a good back and forth match. Ziggler honestly just kind of lucked out with just so happening to be the guy here because a number of others could have made it to the semis over him, but the seeding provided him kind of lucking his way here. 


Cody Rhodes def. Kofi Kingston

Cody Rhodes manages to defeat another midcard champion in back to back rounds, making him look fantastic coming into a battle with the face of the company. It could be argued that Kofi was deserving to go on given his push over the year but he didn’t quite go on to reach that main event level and the dynamic of heel vs face or Cena vs Legacy just makes a better finals, especially considering a World Championship match is on the line in this tournament. 




John Cena def. Cody Rhodes

I am not sure how this tournament is going to be received given the result but to me it was the perfect result. I made the bracket before deciding who would win and I realized that no one deserved to win besides John Cena which is why I added on the World Championship match at Summerslam as the grand prize rather than leaving it as an unofficial, sort of implied thing. John Cena was reaching that peak Super Cena time period and John would be facing Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Summerslam and beyond, so push wise it works out perfectly. Plus I had the added story of Legacy trying to prevent John Cena from winning as Randy wouldn’t want to face Cena again / Legacy winning means they’ll job for Randy. Originally when I made the bracket Cody and Ted’s spots were swapped but as I booked the tournament I noticed Ted was gonna be getting some big wins despite never holding titles outside of Tag with Legacy, so it made no sense to me. Obviously Cody was the more successful of the two so I had Cody be the one to make it to the finals after beating some great names instead of Ted. Two other names I thought of as potential winners were Christian and Kofi but Christian didn’t need to go through a tournament to be fighting for a title again while Kofi wasn’t going to become a main eventer yet. John Cena wins his WWE Championship match against all odds here.


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King Of The Ring 2011

(I decided not to do the superstar profiles anymore since they are what takes up the majority of the time for these posts and I really don't think anyone reads them. I talk about the same stuff in the profiles as I do in match explanations usually anyways, plus I think people will be more familiar with these times from here on anyway.)


So for this tournament it is going to be a little different. At first I was thinking maybe making it for the WWE Championship since Punk left or something like that but I didn’t want it to be brand exclusive or have guys from another brand competing for it, plus that’s another guaranteed Cena win that wouldn’t be fun to book this time. They also in real life had the tournament Rey won and I didn’t want to conflict with that so I figured I would have the tournament take place after Summerslam. Well, in 2010 they had King of the Ring in November anyways so it makes sense to do it again at least this year. Have the finals be at Survivor Series since they didn’t do a KOTR PPV anyways. This would be after the brand split ended and there won’t be an actual title shot on the line in this one either. I prefer bigger brackets but I am going with the 16 man tournament like they did in 2010. Some forewarning, this is probably the weakest tournament in the history of the King of the Ring since I had to sidestep injuries, suspensions, existing feuds, and roster demotions which led to a field of jobbers. When I realized what I was left with I was pretty disappointed but I did my best to work with what I had. King of the Ring is about establishing yourself anyways, right?

First Round:

Primo vs Jerry Lawler


Jerry Lawler was a commentator of course but he also had rare in ring appearances such as his riveting rivalry with Michael Role earlier this year, so why not have ‘The King’ himself step into the tournament considering the weakness of it anyways. Primo was a tag team specialist previously with Carlito and now with Epico so he’s not getting any singles success anytime soon. Plus it’s more fun to me if Lawler at least gets one win.


David Otunga vs Daniel Bryan

md5yz9of9OY5MeuvQNVP_MoPa99IcGtY6IhqS5LRWWE News: David Otunga on why he doesn't wrestle for WWE anymore

David Otunga at this point was moving away from being an active competitor, mostly serving as an onscreen legal consultant with the occasional match. On the other hand Daniel Bryan was mister Money in the Bank during the course of the feud with Big Show, Mark Henry, and himself not long before he would end up cashing in his contract to become World Heavyweight Champion. Both of them are former Nexus members as well which they could play on. Daniel Bryan is the obvious choice here.


Santino Marella vs Jinder Mahal

NsLRDo3aAdduGqN30Hze0FJKeoo2bwbgzZBZ_4P9JR On How WWE Has Handled Jinder Mahal, Nikki Bella and John Cena ...

Jinder Mahal debuted in April of this year and as of late has been feuding with guys like Ted DiBiase and now Santino Marella after being flash pinned. Santino would be getting another lucky victory here to continue their feud. 


Tyson Kidd vs Trent Barreta

ckWqdCC3TVr-KwDGJy6F0UWA8kdFq2FtXX0qagFDToday In Wrestling History Via WWE Network (02/01/2019): Trent ...

Something to note here is the weird position WWE was in with FCW, NXT, and Superstars, where some guys were kinda floating around them as well as the two main shows. Nobody was confined to one show or anything obviously so it’s kinda weird cuz a guy might spend a lot of time on NXT but just pops up elsewhere whenever it’s convenient. Well it’s convenient now so both Tyson and Trent are in this. Tyson largely wrestled on NXT while Trent was enhancement talent on Superstars or NXT. The two even had a feud earlier in the year where Tyson beat Trent 5 times before finally losing the blow off. Tyson is gonna get yet another win over him as he’s just so much better at this point. 


Ted DiBiase Jr. vs Epico


Ted DiBiase Jr. was a nice little lower midcard face with the DiBiase Posse shtick going on here while Epico is a new tag team partner to Primo, which means he’s getting jobbed out to Ted.


Alex Riley vs Ezekiel Jackson

YHd51sdIGpSOkb6TgnMjIhKC4X_N0fPsBQvBDjCAFormer WWE superstar Alex Riley has fired bizarre shots at John ...

Ezekiel Jackson is a big guy and will be a decent heel to face Ted in the quarter finals. He’s a former ECW Champion and Intercontinental Champion so he has some credibility I suppose. Alex Riley is back from a very minor injury and while he was beating some guys on Superstars, his singles run was pretty unsuccessful so he loses here. 


Justin Gabriel vs Michael McGillicutty

CXIGnpbf5WbEodgAfmkVwDDECOQlFdn06dEC_Vv3New Wrestling Players: Michael McGillicutty WWE Profile And Pics

Another match up between Nexus members in the first round here. Justin Garbiel was a consistent winner on Superstars but a low card jobber for the two main shows. Michael McGillicuty most wrestled on Superstars and NXT without the wins that Justin was gaining. Justin is also just a better worker at this time so Justin takes a spot in the quarter finals. 


Drew McIntyre vs Zack Ryder

hstE1UQB-yn8NdZJaTFpI1c5ExG81XQlaP4zveKBDrew McIntyre: 2011 Photos | WWE

2011 was Zack Ryder’s best overall year with the creation of his Youtube show that led to him getting way more tv time, eventually getting really hot with the fans and at this time unsuccessfully challenging for the US title at the time. Drew McIntyre mostly worked dark matches and Superstars, rarely actually given time on the main shows. Given their current positions now it’s a little funny to look at this match up but Zack Ryder was used far more in better ways so Zack would certainly have gone over. 



Jerry Lawler vs Daniel Bryan

WWE Jerry Lawler Sitting On RopeVZHKuF90HdkNuBj3oPsKLp2XbspN4ry-AEwWSqbp

I think that maybe this would have been an appealing match if Lawler was in his prime though I still think it would be a decent match. I don’t feel bad about Lawler going over Primo since it seems like a pretty WWE thing but Daniel is leagues above Primo in terms of position in the company so this match is a bit different. 


Santino Marella vs Tyson Kidd

Thank You, Santino Marella (2007-2014) | WWE Network Playlistsl3vtBEHdEqCfHTqkFt3N0pSdHDpEvmxXrNG-Sg_4

I would have Jinder Mahal screw Santino out of this match since they had a preshow match at Survivor Series, so that could set their match up. Now we get Bryan vs Kidd which is certain to be a good match. 


Ted DiBiase Jr. vs Ezekiel Jackson

Ted Dibiase Jr. WWE Studio Shots (2008, 2010, 2011) - YouTubesH8GjBQIoFs8KCsBBf4NN4bz9B1kqchYIXeVkW7F

Ezekiel Jackson just a few months ago Intercontinental Champion for a short spell while Ted was only ever an unsuccessful challenger just recently. A big part of this is also just wanting a heel to go on against either Gabriel or Ryder since I generally don’t like doing too many face vs face match ups. 


Justin Gabriel vs Zack Ryder

Justin Gabriel Quits WWE Before Royal RumbleL32dw1-Hqv7fS-7mhGUspaOGoTovBsyq0rhVahFl

While Gabriel was winning often on Superstars, Zack was a consistent featured guy on the main shows in a high profile position, so he’ll move on to the next round. 



Daniel Bryan vs Tyson Kidd

TL-P_kKwfH9dkFjjZHY5ynuANXhRccMkBb4thhdgTyson Kidd | WWE

Daniel Bryan and Tyson Kidd are easily capable of putting on a good match and had done so before by this point, so maybe give them a good bit of time considering this is the semi finals after all, all let them do some nice technical stuff. Tyson is mainly an NXT worker while Daniel is holding MITB, currently feuding with the guy he’ll be taking the title off of in December, so Daniel Bryan is in the finals of the King of the Ring. 


Ezekiel Jackson vs Zack Ryder

Ezekiel Jackson entrance video - YouTube0QJrMaGe9SqL0-5mkWdA84im9H3W8MylKxJZxtGg

Ezekiel Jackson’s entire purpose in making it this far is to be the roadblock to the fan favorite Zack Ryder. Ezekiel is a big, dominating guy so you can just have that classic match where the bad guy is tossing Zack around, comeback and shutdown, then the comeback and win. Zack is quickly becoming one of, if not the, hottest faces of that time so he’s gotta be in the finals.



Daniel Bryan vs Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder was so hot with the fans by this point that at Survivor Series 2011, the fans chanted ‘WE WANT RYDER’ over The Rock. It is absolutely insane how much Zack Ryder managed to get himself over and has multiple times. Ryder wasn’t even on the card for Survivor Series despite that but by having the finals here you rectify that as two true rising stars go at it. As far as actually needing to win here, Daniel Bryan is already holding that Money in the Bank briefcase and is gonna be a World Champion in a few weeks so why not capitalize on the incredible momentum Zack has built and make him the King of the Ring. I can just imagine the pop he would have gotten winning here and he gets to have a big moment. Zack would go on to win the United States Championship the same night DB won WHC and one of my favorite segments ever is the one on the RAW after TLC where CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Zack Ryder stood in the ring as champions. Obviously I’m a big fan of Zack Ryder so of course I wasn’t gonna pass up on the chance to book him taking it all. It’s a damn shame what would eventually happen to him and how many times he clearly demonstrated the fans still loved him and yet nothing was ever done about it. Screw that, Zack Ryder is the 2011 King of the Ring winner. Woo, woo, woo, you know it, bro.


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King Of The Ring 2013

2013 was an exciting year with the beginning of the Yes Movement, The Shield dominating, CM Punk’s last full year in action, and more. A King of the Ring tournament would have been perfect in this time with the sheer amount of talent that was in the company, so many people could potentially benefit from it. Now in the Summer of 2013, 16 men enter the returned King of the Ring tournament looking to cement themselves as a top tier talent like many have done before them. 


First Round:

Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results: Jack Swagger Is Wise Choice ...WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Why Daniel Bryan Is the Right Choice to Win ...

Two former World Heavyweight Champions would face off in the opening round of the tournament. The match would have a nice dynamic with Swagger using his power and size to try to out wrestle him but Daniel manages to use speed and technique to get the tap out on Swagger. 

Christian vs Antonio Cesaro

Christian explains why he can't make WWE in-ring comeback like Edge17 WWE Superstars Who Mysteriously Lost A Name – Page 11

Christian would actually go on to challenge Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam after winning a non title match but I would want Antonio Cesaro to eliminate him in the first round as a credibility boost and to set up a face vs heel match where DB has to face the other Real American. Christian will be just fine and doesn’t need the win at all. 

Dolph Ziggler vs Big E Langston

WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Could Dolph Ziggler Possibly Win ...Zack Ryder vs. Big E Langston: Raw, April 22, 2013 | WWE

Dolph Ziggler has recently become a face after losing his World Heavyweight Championship back to Alberto Del Rio and has ended relations with Big E and AJ Lee. The two of them were feuding at this time, having several matches leading to a mixed tag match at Summerslam. Let the two of them face off in the first round as part of that series of matches and Dolph advances after Big E gets DQ’d for one reason or another, maybe even gives Dolph some sort of minor kayfabe injury to plague him in the next match. 

Fandango vs Curtis Axel

WWE WrestleMania 2013: Fandango and Event's Biggest Breakout Stars ...WWE Releases Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel returned to the main roster after being repackaged and was now a Paul Heyman guy. Curtis got a strong push with wins over names such as HHH, John Cena, and Chris Jericho before going on to capture the Intercontinental Championship at Payback, all within his first month. Fandango was also a man receiving a good push at the time, debuting with a win over Jericho at WrestleMania 29 and was actually originally booked to win the IC title at Payback until a legitimate concussion took him out. Have the guy set for that original title run face the guy who won it instead and the champion definitively defeats him.

Dean Ambrose vs Rob Van Dam

Dean Ambrose def. U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston | WWEWWE News: Rob Van Dam reveals why he didn't return to WWE in 2015

Rob Van Dam made his return to the WWE in the Money in the Bank ladder match and now would enter the King of the Ring tournament as well. Dean Ambrose was the current United States Champion and I debated on putting the entire Shield in but I didn’t think it fit the vision I had for it. Dean Ambrose would actually defend the United States Championship against RVD on the Summerslam preshow so I figure why not add more build to the ongoing feud if I was planning on having RVD in the tournament anyways. 

Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes

Wade Barrett Returned to WWE, What Will WWE Call the Cena-Orton ...Projecting When Cody Rhodes Will Return to WWE Programming ...

In the Money in the Bank ladder match, Damien Sandow turned on Cody Rhodes to win the WHC briefcase for himself, ending the Rhodes Scholars. The two of them would feud with a match at Summerslam with Cody coming out on top. Wade Barrett was on a losing streak that would continue until the end of July so this is yet another loss in that streak for Wade while Cody gets a bit of build. 

Mark Henry vs The Miz

Mark Henry interrupts John Cena to announce his "retirement ...WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Booking a Dark-Horse Winner, Part 1 ...

Mark Henry had just done his retirement fake out and lost to John Cena at Money In The Bank, after which he had turned face and wanted to earn himself another WWE Championship match which never happened since he entered into a feud with The Shield since they beat the hell outta him. Now Henry is here trying to earn that redemption while Miz is simply trying to get back on track after failing to regain the Intercontinental Championship in his pursuits over the past couple months. Henry was in a higher profile position and at least deserves to win in round 1.

Ryback vs CM Punk

WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Why Ryback Must Win the Rumble Match ...Reconstructing a Timeline of CM Punk's Exit from WWE | Bleacher ...

At Money in the Bank, Brock Lesnar screwed CM Punk out of winning the MITB ladder match. Now immediately after that happens he has to face another Paul Heyman guy in the first round of King of the Ring. It would be a close fight but towards the end I would have either Heyman or Lesnar himself cost CM Punk with some sort of distraction or unseen interference that gets Ryback the win to add more heat to the feud. 



Daniel Bryan vs Antonio Cesaro

Daniel Bryan Is the Smart Choice to Challenge for the Title at the ...WWE Live Event, July 28th 2013: Antonio Cesaro works as a face

This would be the first time that Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro ever faced off in their careers and it would undoubtedly be a certified banger of a match. Give both men time and they can have what would probably be the best match of the whole tournament. Daniel Bryan manages to get past the second Real American to advance to the semi finals in a hard fought battle. 

Dolph Ziggler vs Curtis Axel

Two Simple Ways To Save Dolph Ziggler - StillRealToUs.comWWE Payback 2013: Curtis Axel will Win the Intercontinental ...

The Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel takes the win here over Dolph Ziggler. Maybe it could be due to a kayfabe injury inflicted by Big E or a result of direct interference, either way it would ultimately be on Big E. Curtis continues his heavy push as he takes on Daniel Bryan in the semi finals while Ziggler goes back to focusing on Langston and AJ.

Rob Van Dam vs Cody Rhodes

Why Rob Van Dam Can't Wrestle For WWE AnymoreWWE: Watch out for the Rhode-block

Honestly this match could go either way however I would just rather knock Cody out of it now to get his focus back on Sandow, who maybe could have something to do with the loss but I think there’s already been plenty of screw overs and such so no need for that here. RVD will always be one of my favorites so I can’t help but give him a good run early in his return to WWE.

Mark Henry vs Ryback

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry – Strap Match: photos | WWERyback Officially Done With WWE

Battle of the big men here, Ryback defeats a former World Champion on his way to the semi finals. I always love to book at least one big man battle in these and this one successfully fulfills that role here. 



Daniel Bryan vs Curtis Axel

Daniel Bryan Talks About 2013 Being His Breakout Year ...WWE Payback 2013: Who Is the Perfect Opponent for Curtis Axel ...

Daniel Bryan faces yet another tough opponent as he takes on Paul Heyman’s client and Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel. Daniel Bryan looks good as he manages to beat a well protected guy and Axel would probably walk away from this looking better as well if they put on a competitive match.

Rob Van Dam vs Ryback

Update on Rob Van Dam's WWE contractRyback – How successful will he be as a heel?

Rob Van Dam against a big guy is good stuff, I was kinda thinking of the 2002 finals with Lesnar vs RVD when setting this up. Rob just gets dominated for like ten minutes or so by Ryback, defeated in completely decisive fashion. Ryback looks like a fearsome monster heading into the finals of the King of the Ring tournament. 



Daniel Bryan vs Ryback

John Cena chose his Summerslam challenger the RAW after Money in the Bank which was Daniel Bryan, starting off the incredible DB vs Authority storyline as Daniel Bryan was continually doubted and forced to prove himself in the time leading up to his title match so Daniel Bryan wins the King of the Ring to prove himself. WWE bringing the tournament back with the purpose of putting Bryan over before his Summerslam match would be fantastic. There’s no one better than Daniel Bryan to win as he was simply the hottest guy in the company. Ryback is a fantastic opponent for Daniel Bryan in the finals as it’s just a classic underdog battle for Daniel. Daniel Bryan’s opponents in this were actually chosen because of a gauntlet match they had on RAW where Daniel had to prove himself in facing Swagger, Cesaro, and Ryback in one night, I just added Axel in as the sub boss. After defeating all four of these men and becoming King of the Ring, Daniel Bryan would look like an elite competitor ahead of facing the greatest of all time for the WWE Championship.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton: photos | WWE

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King Of The Ring 2014

This King of the Ring tournament returning in 2014 would be interesting given all the talent around as well as recent developments with The Shield splitting or Daniel Bryan being out with injury making it the perfect time for guys to reach for the brass ring. Originally I was going to do a 32 man tournament but I felt that overcomplicated the booking I was going for. The Authority storyline was going strong now so Seth gets a relatively easy outting in the first round while his former stablemates Roman and Dean are forced to face each other right off the bat, with either the US or IC Champion awaiting them in the second round. 


First Round:

Seth Rollins VS R-Truth

Seth Rollins 2014 Request - Got A Request? - Smacktalks.OrgWWE Superstar Welcomes Baby Girl (Photo), Macho Man Featured on 30 ...

With The Authority being in charge, Seth Rollins is given a relatively easy opponent to start things off, basically a free win for Rollins against R-Truth.

Adam Rose vs Sin Cara

Report: WWE Unhappy with Adam Rose? | Bleacher Report | Latest ...Briefly Looking At Sin Cara | World In Sport

Adam Rose had just debuted after Mania and like usual was getting a newcomer push, feuding with and beating guys like Damien Sandow and Jack Swagger. Sin Cara was a total jobber so he does the job to the new guy.

Dolph Ziggler vs Bo Dallas

On The Line with Dolph Ziggler - Journey of a FrontmanBo Dallas injured | WWE

Bo Dallas was called up and went on that winning streak which ultimately was ended by R-Truth which is pretty anticlimatic. Bo Dallas could take place in the King of the Ring and I thought about having him go farther but other guys in the tournament including Ziggler were in the midst of bigger pushes. I think it means a little more to lose here than in a random television match. Dolph is on his way to winning the Intercontinental Championship and is a popular babyface so he should go to the Quarter Finals. 

Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro

Video: Rob Van Dam returns to WWE on Raw - Cageside SeatsCesaro and the Most Disappointing WWE Superstars of 2014 ...

This year really should have been a big one for Cesaro after winning the inaugural Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Unfortunately we know that despite being incredibly over, they never went in with him, though they did reluctantly give him some chances at times.. Rob Van Dam is in here to put over the lower talent in the first round. 

Rusev vs Chris Jericho

WWE Payback 2014 Results: Matches That Deserve Encore at Money in ...WWE SummerSlam 2014: 3 possible endings for Bray Wyatt-Chris ...

Chris Jericho is another good veteran talent to participate and I think this is a good first round match. Rusev was the undefeated monster and the two could work well together. Chris Jericho was in a feud with Bray Wyatt so maybe a distraction or something can cost Jericho to play into the feud. 

Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger: Winner and Reaction from 2014 WWE TLC ...Alberto Del Rio releases “Joint Statement” with WWE, Big debut in 2015

Two former rivals face off against one another in the first round of the King of the Ring. Unfortunately for Jack Swagger the split from Cesaro meant he would do a lot of jobbing to guys like Adam Rose and such so despite being a former world champion he wasn’t at his most credible at the time. Jack Swagger had turned face in a typical patriot feud versus Rusev so Alberto Del Rio wins here because I don’t want the rivals against each other in the tournament. 

The Miz vs Sheamus 

The Miz Wins WWE Intercontinental Championship On Smackdown Live ...Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose: United States Championship Match photos ...

The US Champion Sheamus is pit against the IC Champion The Miz in the first round so that a member of The Shield will be forced to face a champion in the next round. To avoid a face versus face match next round I’d have The Miz get past Sheamus with his cheating ways.

Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns

5 Best WWE Wrestlers Of 2014: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins And John ...WWE star Roman Reigns assembles the greatest football team in ...

The biggest match of the first round is undoubtedly the forced clash between Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. The winner of this match was a tough choice but Roman was instantly getting a strong push after The Shield ended, getting a couple WWE Championship matches and then going into a feud with Randy Orton while Dean Ambrose would be on the losing side of an extensive feud with Seth Rollins over the coming months. This would be a hot final match of the first round. 



Seth Rollins vs Adam Rose

The Future Is Now: Q&A With Seth RollinsAdam Rose explains Bunny and the Rose Buds - OWW

Another seemingly easy match for Seth Rollins as his quarter final opponent was set up to always be one of the lower tier guys. 

Dolph Ziggler vs Cesaro

WWE SummerSlam 2014 Results and Review - Dolph Ziggler Wins the ...Antonio Cesaro Returns Home, WWE Producing Show For 2014 Special ...

Originally I had thought I would take Cesaro farther than this because of his abilities to have great matches but really his current booking doesn’t justify that, plus Ziggler himself is pretty good. Dolph is getting on a good way before his upcoming championship win.

Rusev vs Alberto Del Rio

Rusev Released from WWE Contract: 'Thank You All, Rusev Out ...Alberto Del Rio backed by top WWE superstars? Lawyers give him the ...

Rusev gets another victory over a face here to continue his undefeated streak, this time getting a nice, clean tap out.

The Miz vs Roman Reigns

WWE Superstar injured at a Live event, PPV title shot at stake?Roman Reigns vs. Batista: photos | WWE

Roman Reigns manages to knock off a particularly tricky opponent in the IC Champion The Miz. Miz and Reigns have had some good matches so I think this would be no different as it’s a classic dynamic with the slimy heel and tough face.



Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

Seth Rollins On Possibly Cashing In At SummerSlam, His Lumberjack ...Dolph Ziggler is not really getting a push - Cageside Seats

This would be Seth’s first real challenge so far in the tournament as he faces a credible competitor. Dolph Ziggler is a great face opponent for Seth and is sort of like foreshadowing for later in the year with Dolph opposing the Authority. 

Rusev vs Roman Reigns

Money in the Bank 2014: Big E vs Rusev | Wwe money, Money in the ...WWE TLC 2014 - Roman Reigns Returns

Rusev was still unpinned and unsubmitted to this point and would stay so until WrestleMania 31, meaning this would be a disqualification win for Roman Reigns, which is the only way Rusev ever lost until that loss to Cena. This can be a nice powerhouse fight until that DQ and with Roman Reigns winning here in the semi finals, that sets up a finals fight between two former Shield brothers.



Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

The finals of the 2014 King of the Ring tournament would be between what would be two of this generation’s biggest stars, former stablemates Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It was always going to be one of The Shield members and I just wasn’t sure which one it would be. Ultimately I decided that Roman Reigns was the perfect choice for the winner of the tournament because the King of the Ring has been used to create stars and Roman Reigns is about to get that face of the company push and it starts by becoming the King of the Ring. This gives him an accolade that makes him credible before he gets back on that world championship chase next year reminiscent of Austin’s big win. The odds would be against Roman as he faces off against HHH’s new golden boy and he of course overcomes them. Seth was holding the MITB contract and wouldn’t need the victory, plus we know he would ultimately get revenge of sorts with that cash in at WrestleMania. After having everything stacked against him by The Authority, Roman Reigns becoming King of the Ring is a prelude to his massive push.

Roman Reigns vs. Kane – WWE App Vote Match: photos | WWE

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2014 in WWE is a really interesting time, as you showed nicely in this booking. I probably would have had Ambrose last a little longer in the tournament, perhaps taking Dolph's spot. Either way, I think it's inevitable that a KOTR in 2014 is won by Roman Reigns, and honestly, it probably would have helped his rise to the main event scene. 

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