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Alex Costa

WCW Lives! A TEW 2016 Thread Diary

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Resultado de imagem para WCW lives mod banner

As voted for in a previous thread I will be doing a TEW 2016 diary on the WCW Lives mod to answer and explore the single question- What if Eric Bischoff had suceeded in buying WCW off before Vince did and thus saving the company? We shall be exploring this alternate scenario and see how far can we take WCW.

Short-Term Goal:

  • Make sure the company survives and thrives
  • Continue to promote and develop an Alternative style to the WWE/F

Long-Term Goals:

  • Overtake the WWF as the #1 company in the world
  • Establish Wrestling over Sports Entertainment as the major brand of wrestling
  • Have credible divisions everywhere
  • Have Fun and make sure you all enjoy it.

So buckle in and join me for this ride.

Starting Situation



Blue indicates Face

Red indicates Heel

Main Event

WCW World and US Champion Booker T

Buff Bagwell (Magnficent Seven)

Diamond Dallas Page (The Insiders)

Dustin Rhodes

Jeff Jarrett (Magnificent Seven)


Kevin Nash (The Insiders)

Lex Luger (Magnificent Seven)

Ric Flair (Magnificent Seven, also on-screen President of WCW)

Scott Steiner (Magnificent Seven)


Upper Midcard

Bam Bam Bigelow

WCW World Tag Team Champion Chuck Palumbo

Hugh Morrus

Konnan (Filthy Animalz)

Mike Awesome (Team Canada)

Rey Misterio Jr (Filthy Animalz)

Rick Steiner (Magnificent Seven)

Road Warrior Animal (Magnificent Seven)

WCW World Tag Team Champion Sean O'Haire

Shane Douglas


Alex Wright

Big Vito (The Mamelukes)

Billy Kidman (Filthy Animalz)

Chavo Guerrero Jr

Disco Inferno

Ernest Miller

Fit Finlay

Johnny the Bull (The Mamelukes)

Kaz Hayashi (Jung Dragons)

Lance Storm (Team Canada)

Mark Jindrak (Natural Born Thrillaz)

Mike Sanders (Natural Born Thrillaz)

Norman Smiley

WCW World Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms

Shawn Stasiak

Yang (Jung Dragons)

Lower Midcard

Alan Funk

Elix Skipper

Evan Karagias

Jamie Knoble (Jung Dragons)

Jason Jettt a.k.a EZ Money

Kid Romeo

M.I Smooth a.k.a Ice Train

Shannon Moore


Air Paris (Air Raid)

AJ Styles (Air Raid)


Lash LeRoux


Enhancement Talent

Chris Harris

James Storm

Johnny Swinger

Women's Division


Occasional Wrestler

Jim Duggan


Midajah (Scott Steiner - Magnificent Seven)

Miss Jones (Ernest Miller)

Stacy Keibler (Shawn Stasiak)

Torrie Wilson (Billy Kidman and Shane Douglas)


Mike Tenay

Scott Hudson

Tony Schiavone

Colour Commentators

Bobby Heenan

Stevie Ray


Billy Silverman

Charles Robinson

Mickey Jay

Nick Patrick

Authority Figure

Eric Bischoff

Road Agents

Arn Anderson

Dusty Rhodes

Johnny Ace

Terry Taylor

The Sarge

Backstage Interviwers

Gene Okerlund

Jeremy Borash

Out of Action

Brian Adams - Stomach Infection - 4 months

Bryan Clark - Concussion - 3 months 2 weeks

Sid Vicious - Broken Leg (Lower) - 3 years (He will be released that much is certain)

Hell Raiser - In Rehab - 42 days

Vampiro - Concussion - 3 months

Edited by Alex Costa

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@Hans Thanks man, it really is an interesting Alternate Scenario.

@Mikey Yeah I hope I can keep it. Especially when the WWF starts bidding for my people.

First Day and look on the roster

We start with 10 Mil with the Bank which is pretty good for a Cult sized company. Bischoff takes over the company as it now looks to rebuild himself. One of the first things I do is fire Sid Vicious who starts with a 3 year injury:


A big shame as Sid would have been useful to have. His in-ring skills aren't the best but he starts with 75 pop and he has 89 SQ and 92 Menace so he would have been a big asset if he was healthy. Unfortunatly I am not willing to pay him for 2 years for him to sit around doing nothing which has lead to me firing him. Maybe I can bring him back in 3 years if the save lasts that long but then again he will be 43 by then, so I doubt it.

I have also got some extra broadcast deals for WCW Nitro (I would have brought back Thunder but I am gonna wait until a couple of months pass in game to keep some realism going)


With that out of the way let's have a look at our starting roster sans Sid:

Main Eventer

Booker T


Our starting Double Champion and #4 Franchise Player, Booker T. A personal favorite of mine and a guy we will be looking to build the company around. I do feel his in ring stats are a bit undervalued in this mod as Booker is a pretty good Brawler in my opinion. However where Booker really shines is his Charisma and Promo Work. He will be our #1 Face to begin with. A quick note is that he starts the game with a Damaged Shoulder which will keep him out of action for the first 28 days. That would mean he would miss out first PPV Big Bang however I am pushing Big Bang to be at the end of the month so we will actually have four Nitros to build up towards it. As for the Double title situation I am gonna leave up to you guys to decide actually as a bit of interaction. Should I keep it on Booker or have him vacate the US Title?

Short Term Goal:

Keep hold of his World Title

Long Term Goal:

Become the Face of WCW

Buff Bagwell


Talk about a guy who had tons of potential in real life but never quite got there. Buff Bagwell is WCW Through and Through, so he is one of the guys who will be a top feature for us in the year one on the Heel side. His mic skills are a bit low being 56 for what I like in my Main guys and even his Psych is only 67. Still I feel confortable that he can be our #3 heel at first behind Jarrett and Scott Steiner. For now he and Luger are a Tag Team although I think spliting them up and have them feud could be a good ideia , plus I think even Buff himself would wanna get a singles push after having had 4 Tag Team Title Reigns.

Short Term Goal:

Break off from Lex Luger

Long Term Goal:

Claim a Singles Title

Diamond Dallas Page


One of my favorites in WCW, unfortunatly even though he is one of our biggest stars he starts the game as our #3 Franchise Player, he is five years into time decline meaning his time up the card is coming to an end soon. A great shame however with those mic skills plus still pretty great performance stats DDP will be very useful in helping the new crop getting over. He also starts the game with a very good 79 pop plus the bonus of being friend of my user character. DDP will probably not get another World Title run unless something really major happens but I hope he can use his skills and pop to help the new generation up by putting on some cracking programs with the rest. A big problem though is that he dislikes Scott Steiner, probably to do with something related to Kimberly (She also doesn't like Scott) so I hope they won't cause problems to each other.

Short Term Goal:

Get some of the new guys over especially Kanyon.

Long Term Goals:

Don't really have one. He has already won pretty much everything for WCW.

Dustin Rhodes


The son of a son of a gun! Ain't there no weird gimmicks here. He is The Natural in WCW so not gonna mess around and give him silly gimmicks. I would like to make Dustin our #2 Face and potentially even give him a World Title Run at some point. His stats are all like in the 60's for the most part and with him only having 68 Star Quality I am not sure how high I could get his pop (He starts at 58) but well he is a pretty good chellange. Right now he and his dad are feuding with Ric and JJ which seems a good excuse to have Ric probably put over Dustin (Ric is 8 years into time decline so yikes). Also Dustin has a storied past with Drinking and Drugs so I need to watch out for that. But I feel obligated as WCW to give the Natural the push  he deserves, I just hope Dustin doesn't crack.

Short Term Goal:

Honor his father's legacy and help him against Flair and JJ

Long Term Goal:

Be the World Champion

Jeff Jarrett


Ain't he great? Eh never been the biggest Jarrett fan but I think he is for sure our #2 heel. His stats and pop justify it. Just don't expect him to have like 10 Title reigns like he did in TNA and WCW. He will probably be Champion yes but probably after Steiner has had his run. Also he is a safe bet to put a title on since he dislikes Vince so no danger of him ever jumping ship.

Short Term Goal:

Win back the World Title

Long Term Goal:

Establish himself as the greatest of all time



Who betta than KANYON? Honestly not that many guys actually. His stats are pretty decent and plus he can play both Face and Heel quite well. I think he will be one of my main guys for sure. Probably gonna have him go Face eventually as he can probably fight it out with Dustin over that #2 face spot long term.

Short Term:

Wants to rid WCW of the Silly Gimmicks like Ernest Miller and M.I Smooth

Long Term:

None right now.

Kevin Nash


A.K.A pain in the ass! Nash starts with the dreaded Creative Control, plus Wage Matching and a 10% bonus on all events and a Never Lower than Main Eventer. Nash has the pop and Entertainment Skills but my god he will be a major pain to deal with I bet. Very Negative Influence plus he will refuse, to more than likely, lose to most people on the roster. I will need to come up with excuses for him to not be in the title hunt. This is one area where I don't know what will happen but I just know Nash will eventually do something to piss me off big time. By the way I guess I shall explain the goals below are based on goals the character would have. It's something I've started to set for my saves after watching the youtuber Book it Better do it.

Short Term:

Keep up on top at all times.

Long Term:

Be in the Hall of Immortals

Lex Luger


Man Luger really sucks in this mod! Only good stats are his Charisma, Star Quality and Menace. The rest are just bad! Plus being 42 means his time as a ME is coming to an end soon. He will likely be jobbed down the card as despite not being in the worst time decline he might be in it too. Plus I have never been a big Luger fan personally. Positive Influence though. Heh at least that's a good thing Lex.

Short Term:

Win the Tag Titles with Buff again

Long Term:

Beat up Buff because only he can be on the spotlight

Ric Flair


WOOOOOO! The Greatest of All Time as far as I am concerned but in this start 8 years into time decline! Still he is pretty good for a guy in his 50's. Currently he is the On-Screen President of WCW a role which he will be keeping for now. Sadly I am not sure if #17 will be on the cards for Flair but he will probably put on some great matches with the guys I wanna build.

Also I really really hope he picks up some of my prospects as proteges because that would be awesome!

Short Term Goal:

Get the World Title back on the Magnificent Seven

Long Term Goal:

Find the next Ric Flair a.k.a the guy that will suceed him

Scott Steiner


For me this is the guy that should be a major focus of WCW in the next 2-3 years. Big Poppa Pump hass got everything going for him although only 58 Microphone? That sounds a bit low. Still Steiner is the man and don't be suprised if he becomes WCW World Champion again very soon.

Short Term Goal

Win back the WCW World Championship

Long Term Goal




The Franchise! The Icon! Many names to describe Sting, heck I don't need to tell you how good Sting is. Just my luck he is 3 or 4 years into time decline in my game but still I love Sting. He will always be a prominent feature in WCW under me that's for sure.

Short Term Goal:

Get rid of the Magnificent Seven

Long Term Goal:

Protect WCW from major Threats, Internal or External.

So that was a look into my Main Eventers. I will be booking Nitro next so here is the Matches I can announce leave some predictions:

WCW Nitro's debut on Fx

Announced Matches are:

Scott Steiner vs Bam Bam Bigelow

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships

Rey Mysterio Jr and Billy Kidman (c) vs Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper (Rematch)

For the Newly Reinstated WCW World Television Championship!

Fit Finlay vs Norman Smiley

#1 Contendership for the WCW World Cruiserweight Championship

Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Alex Wright vs Kaz Hayashi vs Shannon Moore


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Looks very fun so far and I really like how you put the short term and long term goals for each guy and I do have a suggestion even tho both are a good bit into time decline and that is of course the last ever match in WCW history irl Sting vs Flair as I think even tho they are declining they can still put on a great match for you and really help you get a good show.

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@Hans Yeah it does which is why I had to can him in the end. And yeah absolutely will be a killer match hopefully.

@Toxik431 Oh yeah Sting vs Flair will likely happen once again at some point. Right now though Flair is envolved with the Rhodes, while Sting hasn't got a feud yet but he will be envolved with Booker and Steiner.


Venue: Grady Cole Center, Charlotte, North Carolina

Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Pre-Show Bouts: Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak defeated Air Raid (Air Paris and AJ Styles) in 4:46 by pinfall (51) - Both Air Paris and Stasiak need new gimmicks. And AJ Styles out performed Jindrak who is a Midcarder!

Jamie Knoble defeated David Flair in 4:41 by pinfall (47)

Shane Douglas won the 10-Men Pre Show Battle Royal including Big Vito, Cash, Disco Inferno, Ernest Miller, Evan Karagias, Mike Sanders, Yang, Johnny the Bull and Hugh Morrus (60)

Main Show:


A very strong seguement to open the show as Eric Bischoff the new President of WCW comes out to open Nitro and welcome us to the New Era. He then proceeds to of course talk back on Vince of course before then introducing the Man in charge of running Nitro, the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Flair thanks Bischoff for the opportunity to continue running Nitro before Bischoff leaves.


How does Flair go from doing well off-script to literally struggle on the next?! Either way this Angle mainly served to announce the Main Event for our first PPV The Big Bang! It will be Booker T vs Scott Steiner for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in a rematch from the last Nitro on TNT. He then also announces that do to Booker now holding two titles plus with his condition not being at 100% he was now effective immediatly stripped of the United States Championship, which in the end got cheers from the crowd only because we are in Charlotte and nothing Flair does here can go wrong.

He probably also tripped on his words considering it says he struggled going off-script.


A very solid Cruiserweight Match to open up Nitro as Chavo Guerrero Jr, Alex Wright, Kaz Hayashi and Shannon Moore fight it out to determine the #1 contender to Sugar Shane Helms' WCW World Cruiserweight Championship. Pretty good to see them score in the 60's and I was pleased with the all of the 4 guys. Chavo in particular did well justfying why he is on feud with the champ of course. Wright and Hayashi though are in some poor momentum right now so over the next couple of weeks I will probably need to try and get there momentum a bit up.


Now this was not that impressive however it's probably mostly because these guys aren't yet that over. (only around 40 pop). Keeping them off Angles is probably the right way to do it but well I think we need to start them off somewhere and I hate having them just wrestle matches without a story behind it.


And then Flair again does well off-script! Jeezus Ric you go from end to the other like a bouncing machine. Either way we get the Magnificent Seven in here sans Luger and Buff who in hindsight probably should have been there instead of Animal and Rick (Who didn't need to appear but would have been there either way, had TEW not have a limit of 8 workers per Angle). Jarrett is viibly annoyed because he expected Ric to just award him the US Title. Flair says not to worry because he knows Jeff's got this! Scott then talks about how Bam Bam is "insert Scott Steiner rant" and he will make Bam Bam his ****. And well Midajah is just there to look hot while she massages Scott. Still good Angle.


And our first new champion of the Save is Crowned! I brought back the WCW World Television Title mainly because A: I like that title and well it will be treated like it is literally a title defended every single week. And b: It gives me a reason to book the midcarders and below that ain't Cruiserweights, plus it suits WCW better than a Hardcore Title. I was actually suprised at this rating considering Finlay is in decline and Smiley ain't popular at all. Still pretty good and I gave Finlay the win here as I want him to have a good run before his decline gets worse.


Speaking of the Cruiserweights, yes I have kept the Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles active. I figure they were a very unique concept and we shall play along with that for a bit. Here we have Konnan of course hyping up the champs who will be facing Skipper and Romeo, the team they beat to win the titles. Not a bad seguement but I guess it didn't score that high because Skipper and Romeo are Lower Midcarders.

Also thank god Kidman and his girlfriend Torrie have good chemistry. Booking the Animals has the added bonus of us getting to see Torrie Wilson whose Star Quality and Sex Appeal is high.

On another note I would love to hear you guys feedback on a possible way to make Rey wear the mask again. I am open to suggestions.


The match itself was pretty solid. Rey and Kidman carried Skipper and Romeo well here. I had Skipper lose because well he is much older than Romeo who could still improve potentially. Don't expect Skipper to really progress that much more being in his mid 30's I think.


Here we have a quick seguement where the Announce team hypes up the US Title Tournament with 7 out of the 8 participants being mentioned. I am keeping the last name a secret since well he might be a new signing I have made to the company. You will have to wait to find out.


A solid semi-main here, looking back the TV Title could have been the Semi-Main but I didn't expect to outperform this match. Also O'Haire performed a bit under my expectations. He is still a bit green but he is an Upper Midcarder so he really needs to pick it up if he wants to continue to do well. Storm is really someone who deserves to be higher but his charisma will eventually hold him down I fear. However I think he is a guy who could probably get over just by wrestling matches. He does really well here although I did protect Sean's higher push a bit here by having Storm's partner Mike Awesome interfere and nail him with an Awesome Bomb to help Lance win the match.


I was afraid this could tank if I had Bam Bam just talk by himself so I added Mean Gene there to conduct the interview. In the end Mean Gene was the one who did poorly of all things. But yeah Bam Bam as much as I love is here to serve one purpose...


...to lose to Scott Steiner. A couple of notes to take it from this. Bam Bam is clearly not fit for a ME push of any kind. He got tired after 15 minutes plus he has a Pain Killer Addiction and his performance was poor. Steiner on the other hand, my god is he awesome! An 87 performance Rating is just pretty good! Also lack of selling did hit and Steiner was a bit tired though not as bad as Bam Bam which is good to see.


And yeah once again I forgot about Buff and Lex. Really my only mistakes this week because clearly both Animal and Rick are not doing well here. Also yeah Sting shows up here. He will also be envolved in the Title Feud since well he is on a mission to fight off the Magnificent Seven. He does get his hands on one of them, Animal nailing him with a corpion Death Drop and getting a couple of Bat Shots in there before pointing the bat at Steiner.


Pretty good for our first Nitro even though I forgot to include Buff and Lex. I didn't expect to get a B off the bat so I was pleasently suprised. Bischoff and Flair getting that hot opener probably helped a lot and the ME was solid. Pretty good show to start us off.

Some Post Shows news well we got Two New Working Agreements set up!


AAA is the first one! This will allow us to showcase some of the finest Luchadores coming out of Mexico. Notable names on there roster right now include Cibernetico, Hector Garza, El Canek, Latin Lover, Abismo Negro and Dos Caras.

However you might be more familiar with this name below:


Yes he is already in the game but being a freelancer means he won't be staying with AAA long term. Still we have the chance to loan him.

However more importantly than the AAA agreement is this!


Yes we got a deal set up with New Japan! This is pretty exciting to me of course, plus it's a very logical partnership as historically WCW and NJPW have worked together a lot of the time. I just had to do it.


Pretty okish I think. Also Scott Steiner wasn't that impressed with Air Paris. However he didn't say a word about the other member of Air Raid. Hum I wonder why?

Also Johnny the Bull came to me already complaining because I gave Shane Douglas the win in the Battle Royal? Does that idiot really think I would put him over Shane? A guy that with the right push could be World Champion? Get over it Stamboli because well your stats aren't that impressive yet.


Finally to end off our current post, here's the AI's first Raw is War of the save:


We have a long way to go. I gotta say though I am shocked Angle and Benoit didn't get a 100 there! Although we can already see some odd decisions there by the AI. Jacqueline beating Lita? That's an odd one. I did like the fact Steven Richards beat Billy Gunn, that was cool to see.

That's all for now. Next time I will go over my Upper Midcarders on my roster.


Edited by Alex Costa

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Time for me to give my general thoughts on the Upper Midcard of WCW and to do the inter-week news before the next Nitro:

Upper Midcarders

Bam Bam Bigelow


I am actually a fan of Bam Bam, but even I admit that by 2001 he is starting to fall down the pecking order. Even the Main Event of our first Nitro showcased this as Bam Bam gets gassed after 15 minutes. So while I won't be able to push him to Main Event he is gonna be a good hand to have on the Upper Midcard as that gatekeeper that guys on the way to the ME scene can beat.

Short Term Goal:

Prove he is one of the toughest guys on the roster

Long Term Goal:

Win a Singles title in WCW

Chuck Palumbo


Talk about being green as all hell! Even being two years into the business Palumbo hasn't developed that well. His performance stats are pretty bad altough at least he is consistent at that. Good SQ and Menace as well as Sex Appeal. If his ring stats could get better, he could be a good ME Heel. And yes I probably want to turn him heel because he is better at it than being a Face. Right now though I don't think he and O'Haire are ready to be my Tag Team Champions so I will probably have them drop those titles at the Big Bang to Mike Awesome and Lance Storm. Palumbo really needs a lot of seasoning to improve. Will he make it remains to be seen?

Short Term Goal:

Keep the Tag Team Titles

Long Term Goal:

Become a top guy in WCW

Hugh Morrus


Can I just say how much I hate Bill DeMott in real life for being a douchebag? With that out of the way, I do admit he is a solid hand to have in the midcard as his performance skills are good and he is a very all rounder wrestler in the ring. He will never be a top guy considering his Entertainment skills are meh but he is a good hand and that's fine by me.

Short Term Goal:

Entertain the fans (He is a Fan Favorite so)

Long Term Goal:

Haven't really got one for him so I will take suggestions from you guys



From a douchebag I hate to a douchebag I actually like. Konnan is a fantastic worker. A very good Brawler and pretty entertaining on the mic. He is gonna be one of those guys I actually wanna push especially since he Hates Vince so there is no chance in hell he will ever sign with the WWF, plus he also hates the owner of CMLL and I aligned with the other two companies that might sign him. Expect big things out of K-Dawg during this save. Right now though he is envolved with his buddies Rey and Kidman.

Short Term Goal

Help the Filthy Animals out

Long Term Goal

Become the first Mexican born World Champion

Mike Awesome


Mike Awesome is literally Awesome like his name says. Pretty good worker for a Big dude and someone who WCW did mishandle badly in real life. I got some big plans for Awesome as much like Konnan I would like to see him rise up to the ME Scene. The Tag Team Titles are probably a good way to do it so it's very likely that him and Lance will pick them up.

Short Term Goals:

Win the WCW World Tag Team Titles

Long Term Goals:

Be the best Big Man in the business

Rey Mysterio Jr


Meko's most hated wrestler of all time, but one of my favorites. A great Cruiserweight probably one of the best ever. What more can I say about Rey? Maybe that the Cruierweight Tag Titles feel beneath him and Kidman? Probably but I understand why WCW put them on them. They are the best team to elevate that division. Simply put Rey is great. I just need to find a way that makes sense to give him the mask back.

Short Term Goal

Hold onto the Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles

Long Term Goal

Be known as the best Cruiserweight of all time

Rick Steiner


I actually like Rick Steiner probably as much as I like Scott. However with him now being 40 the likelihood of him being higher than a Upper Midcarder is reduced and I feel that's fine. Rick much like Bam Bam is a guy that is very serviceable as a Gatekepper. Plus there is always the chance of giving him and Scott another Tag Title run together which is always fun.

Short Term Goal

Help his brother win back the World Title

Long Term Goal

None right now

Road Warrior Animal


Not gonna lie but I am one of those guys who can't see the appeal of pushing one of the Road Warriors as a Singles guy. So as the enforcer of the Magnificent Seven he is fine in that role however I don't see much future for him outside of that. Expect Animal to actually lose a lot and maybe be one of those guys who might be cut by the end of his deal. Which by the way is a 3 year deal so yeah Animal will be mostly putting people over.

Maybe I can find another partner for him or bring Hawk back at some point (He is currently out injured with a Kidney Infection and will only be back in 5 months). Again like I said I don't see much use of him as a Singles guy.

Short Term Goal


Long Term Goal

Deal with threats to the Magnificent Seven

Sean O'Haire


Much like his partner O'Haire is a newcomer to the business at this point, being in his rookie year in fact. Like Chuck I feel his push has been too much too soon. He is slightly better than Chuck though and I feel with his SQ of 79 and 81 Menace he has more of an upside to him. Like Chuck I feel a heel turn needs to happen at some point to Sean so the potential is there. We will see how he does.

Short Term Goal

Keep the Tag Titles

Long Term Goal

Reach the top of WCW

Shane Douglas


Douglas is one of those guys I usually don't see people mention how good he is. Probably because of his out of the ring lenghty issues with a lot of top talent. Interestingly in this mod he doesn't have a negative relationship with Ric Flair which is somewhat suprising. That said I might do something between the two of them since I want Douglas to be a top guy for me.

Short Term Goal

Deal with Kidman

Long Term Goal

Prove he is the new Franchise of WCW by retiring both Ric Flair and Sting!

So these were my Upper Midcarders. Overall some that I really wanna push much like Konnan, Mike Awesome and Shane Douglas, as well as Rey Mysterio. Others I really don't care about like Hugh Morrus and Animal. And then there is Bam Bam and Rick Steiner who are well kinda past there prime.

Then you have Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo who I feel are way overpushed right now.

Before we get to the next Nitro let's look at some of the stuff happening during the week next time



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One suggestion for Rey to wear the mask again is to have him enter a storyline with Eddie where if he wins he can wear the mask again since 1- it helps give you a good excuse to put the mask back on Rey which WCW never should have made him lose in the first place.

and 2- It’ll give you a great match for a show plus Rey and Eddie should have some form of positive chemistry.

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10 hours ago, Toxik431 said:

One suggestion for Rey to wear the mask again is to have him enter a storyline with Eddie where if he wins he can wear the mask again since 1- it helps give you a good excuse to put the mask back on Rey which WCW never should have made him lose in the first place.

and 2- It’ll give you a great match for a show plus Rey and Eddie should have some form of positive chemistry.

That would be great except Eddie is in the WWF right now.

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Resultado de imagem para Breaking News


Breaking News from last night as WCW President Eric Bischoff has officially announced the signings of over 20 dozen wrestlers to join Developmental Territory NWA: Wildside. However he then announced that some returns will be happening to the WCW Roster as he personally welcomed back former Cruiserweight Champions Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera into the company. However the biggest shock came when Bischoff personally welcomed his newest signing to join him on the stage. Fans were shocked when a familiar song begun to play as Walk by Pantera and Rob Van Dam walked onto the stage shaking hands with Bischoff.

Van Dam who many thought was heading to the World Wrestling Federation, has ended up signing a 4 year Written Deal to be apart of the WCW Roster. The Ex-ECW Television Champion is expected to be part of a bigger movement by Bischoff to begin transitioning the company in a new era. Rumors abound about other names to potentially join the company in the future.

Read More:

Paul Heyman said to "be furious" at Vince for not signing RVD!

D-Von Dudley picks up a major Spinal Injury! Out for a Year and possible career finish? What does this mean for Bubba Ray Dudley?

Liger to join AJPW and WCW on PPA?

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