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Top 5 Athletes (All Sports)

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Top 5 Athletes - All Sports

Everyone loves to talk about the greatest of all times for every sport, but over every sport, who are your top 5 athletes?

1. Tom Brady - Brady's been playing at a good level for 20 years, and an elite level for 17. He's 42 in a sport where people retire in their early 30s, he's undoubtedly the GOAT of all sports.

2. LeBron James - Controversial but I love longevity and LeBron James has been producing in his 30s like we've never seen before. You can argue Jordan but personally I like LeBron more.

3. Michael Jordan - Jordan is a distant 3rd from my first two just because I believe there's an argument to be made that Kobe is better than Jordan, but he's still the GOAT to many.

4. Leo Messi - Messi is the best soccer player I've seen and most of you will agree. I'm not very well educated in soccer but I believe he's in the GOAT talk? Anyways, he's very exciting to watch just because of how skilled he is.

5. Floyd Mayweather - 50-0, never knocked down says it all.

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By the way I am only naming people from sports I follow or whose name I hear a lot about

1 - Pelé (The Greatest Footballler to ever play the game)

2 - Muhammad Ali (Ali's name is always brought up when naming the greatest Boxer of all time)

3 - Michael Schumacher/Ayrton Senna (The two greatest Formula 1 Drivers of all time! A bit cheaty to put both but I can't really decide between either)

4 - Babe Ruth (Baseball legend. Usually touted as the best ever)

5 - Eddy Merckx (The greatest Cyclist of all time. 5 Tour de Frances and 5 Giro de Italias plus a Vuelta and one of only 3 men to have won all five Monuments. Ain't there a biggest rider than him)

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Flynn’s Top 5:

1. Tom Brady: A forty-two year old man who dominates his sport to this day. No one has been able to stay on top longer, and continues to have found as much success as Tom Brady. At the rate he’s going he won’t be slowing down anytime soon either. 

2. Floyd Mayweather: 50-0 Is the most impressive record in Boxing history. By that account alone Mayweather is by far the GOAT of his sport. Not just that but he’s done so by almost never being knocked down, or seemingly struggled in his fights. 

3: Michael Jordan: The GOAT of basketball and in many’s opinions the GOAT of all sports. Two separate three peats. He was dominant offensively and defensively. Not only this but he was a pop culture phenomenon, and to this day his sneakers remain some of the most popular shoes to wear. 

4/5: Michael Phelps/Pele: Tremendous athletes, dominant in each of their sports. Nothing comes close to what these two have each accomplished. 

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1. Michael Jordan- Jordan made a culture in basketball and is the GOAT of all sports in my eyes. 6 rings, never lost in the finals. If It wasn't for Jordan we wouldn't have players such as Kobe, LeBron and others. I could go on and on about how many scoring titles he won and the amazing defense he played against every teams best player but that would take forever. 

2. Floyd Mayweather: 50-0 that's all I really have to say. The man has never lost a boxing fight and has fought in 50 of them that's crazy.

3. Tom Brady: The Reason I put him lower than Jordan and Mayweather is maybe because I don't want Football on the regular but Brady has 6 championship rings just like Jordan with one team and he won in his 40s and is still going at a old age. 

4. Pele: This guy dominated his sport and there's legit nobody that comes close to him as the GOAT of football. I don't really think you could make a case for messi being better than him.

5. Mark Messier: Hockey Legend.

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Tom Brady- ironically the least athletic guy that will be on this list but he has 6 Superbowl Rings for a quarterback which is crazy and rare. 

Michael Jordan- Greatest Basketball Player of all time

Floyd Mayweather- Probably the greatest boxer of all time. Literally unbeaten at 50-0

Lionel Messi: I think hes the greatest soccer player of all time passing Pele. He has dominated the sport for the last decade and is still dominating to this day

Usain Bolt- literally Dominated The Sport of Track. The fastest Man in the World with so many Gold Medals. I could of either went with him or Phelps. I decided to go with Bolt. But Phelps is definitely 6 to me

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(This isn't in order btw)

Tom Brady: While I'm not the biggest football fan I do know Tom Bradys the GOAT and to still be dominating in his 40s is mad. 

Micheal Jordan: The GOAT of Basketball Jordon went to the finals 6 times and won it 6 times even hitting one of the most clutch shots ever vs the Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals 

Floyd Mayweather: I mean the man is 50-0 he's the GOAT of Boxing without a doubt. 

Lionel Messi- The GOAT of Football/Soccer don't try and say otherwise. This man isn't even human he got 91 goals in the year 2012 and even today he's still dominating and racking up the goals and assists. 

Usain Bolt: I mean the man won the Gold Medal in his 3 events 3 Olympics in a row thats incredible and he had to be on my list. 

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1. Michael Jordan - The greatest basketball player of all time, and while that's an opinion it's almost universally been accepted as fact. There have been some amazing athletes in the NBA throughout the years (Wilt, Lebron, Kareem), but Jordan is usually the one who will come up as the best. His influence on the game and the world as a whole is unmatched by nearly anyone other athlete.

2. Tom Brady - Brady's a necessity to have on a list like this. His run as Quarterback for the Patriots is the best in football history and he's still going despite hitting 40's a couple years ago. He's carried his team single handedly (almost) to 6 Superbowl wins which is insane for any football player, let alone a guy at his age.

3. Michael Phelps - As a swimmer, I'm a little biased, but Phelps deserves to be on this list. He's the Olympian with the most gold medals, most medals total, and no other Olympian comes anywhere close to these numbers. He's a legend of the sport, the best of all time, and like Brady, he was swimming into his 30's which is insane for any Olympic athlete, let alone a swimmer.

4. Usain Bolt - Easy money, Bolt holds the world record in the 100m sprint, and that is enough to get him on the list alone. He is bumped up by his accomplishments in the Olympics, but the fact he holds a world record for an event which is debatabely the most popular one in sport history is insane. Also, I think it's a proven fact he runs like .1 MPH less than the fastest speed a human could possibly run, and that's crazy to think about. He's literally a superhuman.

5. Pele - Really hard to choose between him and Messi, but Pele takes the cake as he was unmatched when he played. Messi had to compete against Ronaldo in his career, and while surpassing him (in my opinion) is crazy by itself, I think Pele still is better overall. Every football/soccer fan knows about Pele and his influence. And if you put Pele and Messi head to head on the pitch, I think Pele would be the one to score more goals.

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1- Michael Jordan, this man is the GOAT of basketball and single handily took the NBA by Storm his rookie season like no one ever has before and imo has since and only got better and better every season afterwards and if his father hadn’t been murdered causing him to leave and join the MLB for a bit I say he could have reached double digits in NBA championships won, MVP awards won, and Finals MVP awards won.

2- Usain Bolt, This guy is a just a complete legend plain and simple no debating it and has all the accolades to back it up and is the fastest man ever if memory serves me correctly.

3- Barry Sanders, in my honest opinion this man is the best Running back in NFL history and has plenty of records to back it up and while he never got a championship ring I don’t think that should really effect his legacy after all this is the same guy that once knowingly turned down getting the record for most rushing yards in a rookie season I believe it was when he was only 10 yards away an amount he would have easily gotten with only 1 maybe 2 more rush attempts.

4- Kurt Angle, now I know this may seem like an odd choice but let me explain why the guy won an Olympic gold medal with a broken neck I repeat an Olympic gold medal with a broken neck that is something only the all time greats can do and is a legend in every sense of the word.

5- Babe Ruth, while admittedly i’m not a fan of baseball I do know of and have a ton of respect for this man and he is undeniably the best Baseball player ever and deserves to be on this list in my opinion.

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Image result for tom brady

I think this one is a no brainer, and based on others list people agree. Tom Brady is probably the greatest sports athlete of all time, hes been an elite quarterback for over a decade and has won multiple Super Bowls. He is surrounded by a good team and a A+ coaching staff, and while he may not be able to run fast, he defiantly can win games. Brady Is Money. 

Bo Jackson

Some say he can bench 400 lbs

A 4.12 40 yard dash and can lift 400 lbs

He was an All Star player in just 3 years in Baseball, and was an Elite player in the NFL. He was an amazing competitor on "American Gladiator" he was an animal. Bo Jackson was the real deal, an amazing athelete.

Michel Phelps 

Serena Williams

Michel Jordan

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I don't know if my list was necessarily the most accomplished or longest stretch of greatness, don't really care, I thought about five of the most dominant athletes who essentially ruined their sports with how they broke the conventions of what the best was supposed to be. These five lapped the field more than any other which is why I consider them the greatest athletes off all time.

1. Barry Bonds

2. Mike Tyson

3. Michael Phelps

4. Usain Bolt

5. Wayne Gretzky

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1. Bo Jackson - Injuries halted his career but Bo was an all star level talent in two professional sports. Winning a Heisman in Football and then putting up 100+ homers in Baseball is worth this spot alone. We're talking athletes all time, and Bo Jackson is that guy. 

2. Muhammad Ali - Greatest Heavyweight Champion in Boxing of all time. There's a reason he's so infamous, he's considered the best boxer in the best era of boxing.

3. Michael Jordan - Jordan obviously is the GOAT basketball player. But there's also the fact he was proffessional baseball for a while. This man had heart and drive which was unrivalled in sports at the time.

4. Pele - Greatest Soccer Player of all time, and that's saying a lot for the worlds most popular sport. The fact that he won 3 world cups, and scored 1,000+ goals in his career is unbelievable. It's crazy we can consider him the Soccer GOAT still to today. 

5. Babe Ruth - This man just made everything look easy. There me a bit of Yankee fan bias here, but I trust when I tell you this man was insane. He may haven't looked the part but he is still one of the greatest pitchers and hitters in baseball history. His record for homers stood for 50 years to prove it. 

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I would like to start this of by saying that I disagree with all the love for Pelé. Saying that Pelé is the goat is basically the football comparison of saying that either Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russel are the goats of their sport, which I think most of you will agree with is not a strong argument anymore. 

Not in order, as I don't really think you can compare athletes from different sports with one another. 

Lionel Messi: In my opinion without a doubt the most gifted player to ever play the game of football. His accomplishmnets add to this, and really you can't convince me that anyone is better than this guy. He was also the best player in what for me was the greatest football team of all time (Barcelona during the Guardiola days). 

Tom Brady: Just like Ropati, I am not the biggest NFL fan. I have tried to get into it on several occasions, but I struggle with it as it is a lot more to learn than for example the NBA, which I do really enjoy to watch and follow. However, this guy has won 6 superbowls and is still elite even after passing the age of 40, in such a physical sport that must have been unheard of. Especially the last part really seals it for me, staying competitive and dominant constantly in such a physical sport is absolutely incredible. 

Michael Jordan: The NBA goat. Enough said. No, this guy has meant so much for the game of basketball, as well as dominated it. I think he brought a lot of eyes to the NBA, as before the Bird/Magic days, the NBA really wasn't that popular. He then went on to make it a gigant of a sport. You could argue that if he doesn't retire due to his dad passing away that he wins 8 straight titles, just imagine that. 

My final 2 picks are Usain Bolt and Muhammed Ali,  2 guys who dominated their sports and also brought it a lot of eyes along the way. When I think about athletic events liek the olympics, my first thought is about the 100 meter sprint, all due to Bolt. Ali is my first thought when I hear boxing, and I have also read a great book about him recently so that might mean that I am a bit biased here.

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