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Monday Night RAW Discussion: September 16th 2019

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These mods really slacking anyways. 

Pretty great episode of RAW. It was all centered around the Fiend. 

Gable vs Corbin was fantastic. Sad Gable didn't win but Corbin as a heel was probably the right choice here to do the King Corbin gimmick.  It's a fresh start for Corbin. Hopefully his stupid attire goes away. Gable got alot of momentum from this tournament. Hopefully they push him after this and do something good with him. I think he should win the US or IC title eventually from this.

The 24/7 stuff with Kane was great and funny. But how about the Fiend attacking the Demon Kane that was freaking awesome. The image of him standing right behind Kane was iconic. What a rub for the Fiend.

Great to see Rusev back but idk looks like he got put in another crappy relationship storyline. And is he heel or face? 

Sash Banks vs Becky lynch inside HiaC will be awesome.  I'm so glad they are continuing this feud

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The best part of Raw that night. Seeing Kane on Raw was fantastic, him winning the 24/7 Championship to bringing out the mask and laying out Roode, Ziggler, and OC, thinking that's it is the end of the show, but no no no. Light goes out, creepy sound comes, Fiend comes behind and gives us that great image before locking the Mandible Claw on Kane taking him down. Then stalking Rollins in the corner before the show ends. Terrific stuff. 


King Corbin. Before I would of not wanted this to happen before. But honestly, I have been very impressed with Corbin during the King Of The Ring Tournament. While yes Gable was the superstar with the most momentum and fan power in this match and someone who everyone wanted to win, he was always a good wrestler. Corbin showed that he's getting better and better as the tournament went on and these two had a great match up to end the tournament. 

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Ryan Satin of The Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that both Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn were not at WWE RAW last night. Triple H was also not in attendance as he was getting prepared for NXT’s big Wednesday night in Orlando.

No reason as to why either McMahon or Dunn weren’t at RAW, but according to PWS, Paul Heyman ran the show while Michael Mansury, WWE’s VP of Global Television, filled in the Dunn role.

Vince was last reported to miss RAW back in August when the XFL announced the team names and revealed the team logos for the 2020 season.

No word as to if McMahon and Dunn will also miss SmackDown as well.



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The opening promo segment with Seth and Bray Wyatt was great, I'm really looking forward to Fiend vs Seth but I'm incredibly surprised it's happening this soon. I figured if Bray is gonna win Universal it won't be for a very long time and surely he won't lose which I definitely wouldn't expect to happen either so not sure what future plans are but I'm looking forward to it.


I didn't like Braun attacking and coming out victorious over the four tag team champions. Why does Braun always get used to bury the tag division? I get he lost the tag titles but it just seemed dumb that he comes out on top of four champions who are supposed to be the champions of team work but oh well. 


So first Cedric gets squashed in 4 minutes on the preshow and then he eats the pin in the 3 on 3 tag match before getting beaten down by The OC. Maybe the rumors of Vince wanted Cedric buried are true which would honestly surprise me a lot. WWE has seemed to love Cedric in his time there and he seems to have a star quality and it seemed like recently he was getting pushed decently so I'm not sure what's going on. I think he'll be fine because Paul Heyman is running the show and he seems to want to make him a main eventer someday which is the smart thing to do but it seems random that Cedric would suddenly be disliked. I think they are gonna have a rematch over US and they are just trying to add heat to it in an ineffective way though.


The finals for the King of The Ring was a great match. I have to admit that Baron Corbin really stepped up his game lately and Chad Gable has had a hell of a run here. I do kind of wish that Chad Gable had won because the whole point of King Of The Ring is to make new stars and I think Baron Corbin already has had some of the most heat of anyone on the roster for a long time now and is already a star to me so he doesn't gain much out of the win, especially compared to Chad Gable. That said I think Gable has gotten over a nice bit through King Of The Ring and I hope he doesn't just disappear off of television after a month. If they want to push him properly now is the time and maybe he could have a singles title run and stuff, whatever, he has a lot of potential and time to make him a star.


The gender reveal party stuff and then Mike being destroyed by Ricochet and Rusev was just so bizarre. I feel really bad for him and I still have no clue where this storyline is supposed to be going. I mean the payoff would surely be Mike "manning up" or something but like when will that happen and how exactly? It's actually incredibly depressing to see these segments but I'm sure they just like getting television time. Never thought I would hear someone be called a beta cuck on WWE before but here we are.


Not happy with Cesaro jobbing out AGAIN. I guess his role has been solidified as midcard guy used to give other guys "momentum" and whatnot. I have lost pretty much all hope of Cesaro ever getting a real push in this company and I just don't get it. I guess the fact is that not everyone gets to be a main eventer and in order to make the guys they actually want to get pushed look good they need a job guy who can actually work rather than use a person like Mojo Rawley and such.


I liked the Authors Of Pain promo. It was actually pretty good since they were just firing off in their own language with subs rather than having to speak English. I still miss Ellering managing them but oh well I suppose. I can't wait to have them back and hopefully they get the run they deserved. 


Roode vs Rollins was actually going pretty good and it was nice to see the WWE being consistent and giving Roode a shot after pinning Seth. I thought the finish was a tad dumb, why not have Seth actually finish pinning Roode and then get jumped to regain the heat instead of having him basically having won the match then winning by DQ. Seemed a bit extra but that's WWE for you. It was awesome seeing Kane come down to the ring and lay everyone out before being attacked by The Fiend. I know it may not be the best match in the world and we have technically seen Kane vs Bray Wyatt before but I do want to see Fiend vs Demon Kane at least once as a passing of the torch or something I suppose. It looks like they are going all in on The Fiend so it would be cool to see.

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Fairly solid episode of RAW

Opening segment was very fun to watch, I'm extremely excited for this match to happen, Wyatt has obviously been fantastic with his promos and Rollins has really stepped up and his title reign is starting to get much better since he won it at SummerSlam. But I really do hope that Wyatt wins the title at HIAC, it would be dumb to have Rollins win.

Obviously the highlight of the night for me would have to be the KOTR finals between Gable and Corbin, this was definitely Corbin's best match in WWE to date, and it just proves how much this guy has improved, even since like July. This match was absolutely fantastic and both guys looked like pure stars. In my opinion the right guy won, I don't think Chad is ready for the crown yet, and the KOTR is kind of designed to be won by a dickish heel, so Chad wouldn't really fit that formula.

The ending segment was really well done, other than the fact that Kane made a random return for some reason. But at least it made the Fiend look like an absolute monster, wiping out Kane just as he's done with the OC. Really well done even if the return was a tad bit strange.

The worst part of the show (apart from Evans Vs Brooke) was definitely the gender reveal party. This made absolutely no sense at all, I don't see why Kanellis is being made to look like an absolute tool, but I must say that I was really happy about the return of Rusev, even if he does look strange with his slimmer physique and moustache.

Overall this was a decent show, only thing really worth watching is the KOTR Finals, because that was really great, but apart from the gender reveal party, there wasn't anything really that bad on this show, if WWE keeps up like this then who knows what we can see next?


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I wasn't really a big fan of Corbin winning King Of The Ring but I will be giving it a chance. When The Fiend is on RAW or just in general that's the best part of the show. Crazy how some people thought it was a jobber thing at the start when he started the gimmick. Him attacking Kane is another legend added to the list and I think alot of them are really into The Fiend if they are agreeing to being attacked and his 24/7 Championship win was pretty funny. THATS GOTTA BE KANE! I knew Banks vs Lynch would be in hell in a cell should be good honestly I was pretty impressed on there match before it got out of hand. Overall a decent show.

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Quite a good episode of RAW in my opinion. I thought the Firefly Fun House segment with Rollins was a great way to start the show. As usual, Wyatt did a great job playing the good bad guy, and I actually thought Rollins selling it in the ring was also quite good, especially for his character.

I have no idea why Strowman is still associating himself with the Tag Team Champs, I doubt he and Rollins would have another go at the titles after their Universal title match, but alas, it happened.

The 3vs3 was interesting, and judging by the recent talk of Cedric getting buried by Vince, his outcome on RAW was not surprising at all. It was very disappointing, but these things just happen and we can't do much about it. The brawl after was expected, it happens in pretty much every OC segment. I actually enjoyed it more than usual, I thought everyone had a pretty decent chance to shine, and Cedric taking the Styles Clash off the second rope looked sick and was a great way to end it off.

The KOTR finals was enjoyable in my opinion, I thought it was a really good match. Both guys looked great, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the match quality of Corbin's matches as of late, and I'm all for it if he can continue it. I'm actually glad he won, I don't know what Gable would have done as king and I frankly don't want to know. I think Corbin is a great heel and the gimmick will suit him well. Maybe it'll lead to a Universal title match? I'm really not sure what's going to happen if the Fiend wins.

The whole Kanellis/Ricochet thing was pretty dumb, now that the 24/7 title is nowhere in sight of the Kanellis storyline, it seems out of place and isn't really fun to watch anymore. But Rusev's return afterward...yes. My boy, rocking the STACHE. Rusev seems to be in great shape and I think it'll pay off well for him. His head looks a little small without the full beard, but I'm willing to let it slide.

The 24/7 stuff was enjoyable, it was fun to see Kane (Glenn, whatever) back in the mix for an angle like that where wrestling is not involved. Truth continues to make me laugh with his idiocy and I'm glad he won the title back before the show ended. He's doing really well with it, and I think he'll continue to do so.

Speaking of Kane, the main event jumble thing. It was a shame to see a 5vs1 assault on Rollins, it feels a little out of place having the two teams gang up on him, but it did the job for Kane's return. He cleaned house, basic stuff, and stood tall. But of course, the Fiend struck. As always, it was a great attack that still has the same excitement as the first. Good stuff to the end the show.

The rest of RAW was pretty average, but it's good to see AOP returning and of course Mysterio and Cesaro didn't disappoint. Everything else was alright, and overall it made for a both good and enjoyable episode.

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This comeback story for Mysterio has the potential to be awesome if Mysterio continues to contest great matches such as this one. I realise he's kind of injury-prone, but he can still go out there and kill it with the best of them even in the twilight of his career. Cesaro is one of the better big guys at working with Rey because he’s so quick and can work any style in the ring. Cesaro could make  mop look good in that ring i imagine. The crowd was dead for most of it even though there were some cool spots. I think the problem with the match is there was no storyline or anything going into it to make people care that much. Some fans want more than just “here’s a good match” as a reason to have a match, so when that happens, you might get a crowd like this that didn’t seem to care about these guys. Having Lesnar flatten him wasn't a good road bump i still stand by this.

I surprisingly had high hopes for the match between Corbin & Gable because of the chemistry they had in that tag team matchup from NXT Takever Respect almost four years ago now. I was specifically looking for them to recreate that incredible End of Days spot and they did thank god. But even with those hopes i feel they gave us much more all  the same. It says a lot that the crowd was quiet early on but eventually got invested. They so badly wanted Gable to win, as did i, but it wasn't meant to be. Now we've seen the early signs of Corbin as King Corbin. If they want to remove the stigma of the King of the Ring tournament they can't be booked like crap like the last few King of the Ring winners. There is a way to make Corbin look good and still have Gable build off this momentum.

The ending was awesome. It fit Kane's "demon" personality that he could seem calm and collected knowing what was coming but also it highlights the perfect way to use veterans such as himself on RAW when you can. He still looked good even after it all i feel even with The Fiend attacked. Also i really enjoy that the commentary team don't acknowledge Mayor Jacobs as Kane and vice versa. Makes me wonder what Corporate Kane would've been like if they had gone that route. Probably just like Abyss in IMPACT actually..  

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