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BPZ shaking up divisions?

There have been recent rumors that following the events of Bad Blood BPZ management has been deciding to move multiple people from the NXT division to the US division some names include, Mirage, Jason Ryan, and Arrow Thunderman however this isn’t all as it has been rumored that Icon is also set to change divisions in the following month as well could be on his way to the IC division however if these rumors are true it will leave the NXT division a bit dry of it’s more established names and the division could be on a dry period unless management either signs new talent or pushes some of the lesser known stars in the NXT division now all that is left is to wait and see if the rumors turn out to be true and as always we here at Going In BPZ will bring you all the news and rumors of the wrestling world.

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BPZ gearing for multiple new pushes?

Following the events of BPZ Bad Blood 2019 that aired live from Melbourne Australia we saw several new champions emerge from the event some expected however some weren’t all that expected as we saw one result that at first wasn’t all that expected however over time more fans started to speculate on this result which did indeed end up happening as Icon finally won the Premium championship and could be set for a lengthy reign and push as well as possibly being paved within the company’s Intercontinental division within the near future.

Another man that won championship glory and was a bit of a wild card going into the match was the brand new NXT champion who did eventually come out on top in a rather surprising fashion however since his victory there have been reports that he did better than expected and could be rewarded with a lengthy title reign as well.

That however is all the time we have here today but we shall bring you all the new information and news coverage of the wrestling world, until then ladies and gentlemen.

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Going In BPZ predicts Halloween  Havoc 

NXT championship Amai ( c ) vs “ The Tiger “ Mecko vs Epic vs Steph Carwin { Vs Raven if included }  - This is actually very interesting as until recently it was very much up in the air as to who would walk away with the win with half the fan base saying the current champ retains and the other half saying Mecko would get a big push from the gate however that has all changed with rumors of Raven joining the match and if true it has to be beloved that he’ll break the record for most NXT championship reigns.

United State championship Mikey ( c ) vs Mirage vs Alex Costa vs Aidanator vs Buddy Ace  - Have to say Mikey walks out still the champion he has been on fire as of late and it seems management has really gotten behind him with quickly being deemed too good for the NXT division after his NXT championship win then went on to win the US title shortly afterwards ending the reign of Hans Clayton who is one of the best young stars on the roster.

Premium championship Gunner Flynn ( c ) vs No Way Arrow vs Hollow vs Kieron Black  - Have to go with the newly dubbed Gunner Flynn the current Premium champion purely because he has really been great as of late and I don’t see why he would drop the title here especially not with his upcoming match against the current Undisputed champion Jeremiah Flynn as it was recently revealed they’re brothers.

Julius vs Gillman - This match has to be one of the easiest matches to predict on the card with Julius walking away the winner as let’s be honest he’s currently one the biggest names on the active roster and it would be a bad choice using him to put over Gillman as Julius has more to lose from this than Gillman has to gain.

Jason Ryan vs Echo Wilson - now this match is fairly close and up in the air as to who can win it since both man could do a lot with this win but also a loss here can hurt both men a lot so this match ultimately boils down to who management trusts more and while you can make an argument for both men in that regard I think Jason Ryan walks out the winner of this match.

BPZ World Heavyweight Championship B.I.C vs Joshua Scott  - Now this is a very interesting match and has a very good build to it and while a win here could catapult Joshua Scott into super stardom and could possibly run very far with this win I think B.I.C wins here and becomes a two time World champion in an effort to establish him as one of the top names in the entire company which in his own way already is but a win here only help him solidify that and helps whoever takes the title from him more so than beating Joshua Scott would.

Intercontinental Championship Eli Smith ( c ) vs Hans Clayton vs Arius vs FDS vs Prince vs Sameer - Now this is a main event match all men in this match are truly great at wrestling and all could do very well with the championship win here however I think this match boils down to race between three men those being the champion Eli Smith who’s been white hot since his return, Arius who’s been on fire his entire BPZ career and is always seen as a very safe bet, and Hans Clayton who’s one of the best young stars in the entire company, now with that being said I personally feel like any of three previously mentioned men have great odds of winning and all of them can do great work with a title win however I feel like it’s still too soon to have Eli Smith drop the title especially after his first loss since his return being as recent as it was that a loss here while wouldn’t completely stop his momentum it would slow it down very significantly and would hurt his image more than anyone else’s in the match however either Arius or Hans Clayton are great replacements to become the new Intercontinental champion and both have oh so much to gain from this win however I do believe they both will become intercontinental champions but just not from this match but who knows one of them could win the title in one month’s time. 

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Young BPZ Star appearing on TV Show? 

As of 8:37 AM this morning it was reported that young up and comer BPZ wrestler Mirage auditioned for and got a role in the upcoming season of the hit show Power Rangers which is rumored to be a continuation of the Lost Galaxy season it is currently unclear at this time which role he got however he had this to say about it. 

“ It’s truly an honor to have even auditioned for this role much less getting it especially for myself personally as I grew up as a massive fan of the show and many of my fondest memories of my childhood involve the Power Rangers franchise and I am very much looking forward to getting started with this project and I can promise all of the Power Rangers fans out there that I will give it my all for every episode I am in and that for me this is nothing short of a dream come true. “ 

It is currently also unclear how this will impact his BPZ schedule however it is believed that this has already been discussed and that a majority of filming he will be needed for will be during the day time however fans of BPZ and Mirage don’t need to worry about him being absent quite yet as production is rumored to only start sometime in January of 2020 however we here at Going In BPZ promise to bring you all any and all updates to this story.

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BPZ Star contract up

It was reported this morning that Mirage’s contract with BPZ was up following the Halloween Havoc event and according to the report Mirage has not resigned with BPZ and has instead resigned with his old company SSW and will now be appearing there once again Mirage had this to say. 

“ It’s been a blast competing at BPZ and while I love all of the fans there and made plenty of new friends there I just had the desire to return to my home away from home and that’s SSW however this doesn’t mean I won’t ever return to BPZ as I’m always willing to do business with them again in the future and they know my departure is simply business and I wish them all the best of luck for them. “ 

Now For those that are unaware this is major news for SSW as Mirage formerly known as Bulldozer is a former SSW World Heavyweight champion and is a fairy big name in their home region of New England the question remains however if he will see another run as World Champ there as despite never winning a match at BPZ it has seen a rise to his overall popularity.


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New signing for BPZ 

this morning it was revealed that current SSW wrestler Mirage has just signed another deal with BPZ however the mos interesting thing about this is that the contract offer is Pay Per Appearance just like the SSW one meaning he is eligible to show up and compete in both companies however Mirage has stated that he feels this new deal with BPZ is temporary but he plans to “ take care of unfinished business “  more on this new story as we get more information on it.

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SSW Superstar revealed as owner of the NFL 

At the recent Miami Dolphins game the owner of the actual owner of the NFL was revealed to be non other than SSW wrestler Mirage who has actually owned the professional sport league for 3 years now came out onto the field after the game and unveiled this closely guarded secret saying “ I truly love the game of American Football and I wish I could have told you all this sooner but I was busy climbing through the ranks of SSW at the time and I had I chose to focus on that and hired a team of people to run the NFL for me but I look forward to getting more involved in the near future with this year’s Super Bowl tickets being half off effective immediately “ 

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