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BPZ- The Aftermath

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BPZ: The Aftermath - Intro


So Icon and I were talking and found out we are both fans of the Walking Dead. Then Icon asked if I was ever gonna do a diary like that. I thought about and decided why not start a diary since I have had a bunch of ideas for Pizza Place I can’t use cause it doesn't make sense at all with the Pizza Place story and all. So Icon and me are gonna be working on this together so it should be pretty good. Also episodes should come out a faster rate with two of us working on it instead of one. With that being said there is a couple of things I would like to go over.


Characters are going to die in this diary, so don’t get triggered if you die there is also a chance you could come back in some flashbacks scenes later on if you die. So basically don't bitch and moan if you end up dying.

If you are not in right away that is probably a good thing because that means we probably have some nice plans for you and don’t want you to die right away.

Also for most of the characters we will be using Walking Dead character gifs this does not mean that we will be following the Walking Dead story, we might steal some ideas from it here and there but for the most part we are going to try and make it as original as possible.

Last but not least feedback is always appreciated for both the episodes I write and the ones Icon writes. We will be reading everyone's feedback and who knows if you say something smart we might even use it at some point. 

All in all we hope this is going to be a successful diary somewhat like BPZ Pizza ( which is still going just writing the rest of the season then posting it don’t worry). So let us know what you think of this and this Season One Trailer will be coming soon.



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Season 1 Episode 2


We kick off the episode as we see a man sitting on his couch watching football with a young girl who seems to be in her teenage years. Everything seems normal it’s just an ordinary Sunday well maybe it did seem a bit different that the Bills were up on the Patriots or maybe it was the knock at the door that would change the definition of normal forever. We would see the young girl pop up to go answer it but Bailey stopped her as he had a bad feeling.

Man: I’ve got this one Danielle, just wait here and watch the game and let me know if anything happens. It’s probably just the pizza man.

Danielle: Ok dad, just hurry back you don’t want to miss this.

We see the man slowly approach the door. As we hear the young girl scream at the TV. He runs back into the room to see that the game has been turned off as Breaking News has disrupted it. We see a government message play as we see video footage of what seem to resemble zombies we see that it is in New York City as buildings our burning and absolute chaos is ensuing. We then hear the knocks on the door become quicker as the man looks at his daughter then back to the door. He turns the TV off before heading toward the door once again.

Man: Sweetie just stay over there ok, I’m gonna handle this. It is probably just a prank by some hackers on the internet is all. Everything is going to be alright.

We hear the knocking grow louder and faster as he comes closer. Finally reaching the door he looks through the peephole and sure enough it is the pizza man he has blood on his shirt though. He seems extremely nervous as the man watches him for a moment. As he sees one of those things, he sees the dead walking toward the young man at his door. He slowly creeks the door open as he looks at the young man and his desperate expression before he lets him in and closes the door before locking it and blocking it with a table.


Young man: Sir I fought one off I don’t think I could have lasted much longer though. He nipped me a bit but only just broke the skin. I think I will be okay though. What’s your name, sir? Just so I can know who saved me? Also don’t try anything cause I will kick your ass!

We see the man walk into the living room and pull out a baseball bat arming himself as he looks out the window. The young man then sits on the window sill before nodding at Danielle and talking to the man who is now pacing around the room.


Man: Watch yourself kid.Can’t be threatening grown men like that especially since your balls haven't dropped yet. But anyways, it’s Bailey and this is my daughter Danielle. What about yourself?

We see the boy look at Bailey and Danielle and smile. The smile is short lived though as the boy groans in pain as he grabs on his arm more specifically the bite mark.

Young man: It’s Arrow. Sorry about being like this, I just feel a bit sick all of the sudden. Like I’m getting all hot and stuff. Do you mind if I just rest here for a while?

Arrow then passes out as Bailey looks at him and then at Danielle as he looks a bit worried but then he thinks for a second then talks to Danielle.


Bailey: Danielle go pack a suitcase we are gonna have to leave soon, we are gonna head up to your Uncle Flynn’s soon. We are not gonna be safe here much longer. 

Danielle then goes upstairs to pack a suitcase as Bailey paces around downstairs collecting knives and other items and placing them in a duffel bag. He checks in on Arrow who is still unconscious on the window sill. Bailey then heads upstairs to collect some more things. He stops by Danielle’s room though as soon as he heads up.

Bailey: Hey keep this door closed for now okay. Don’t open it until I come back ok. I’ll let you know if it’s me okay, then we are going to head to Uncle Flynn’s.

Danille looks at Bailey and continues packing some stuff in a backpack as she stops for a second to talk to her father.

Danielle: Okay dad, you’ve got it. Don’t keep me waiting to long though.

Bailey then shuts the door as he heads off to his own bedroom to go gather more things. He picks up a few knives and a glock with some ammunition he kept safe in his top drawer in case of an intruder. Bailey then looks up as he grabs a picture off the wall. Bailey stares it at for a moment. It’s a picture of him and Danielle at one of her basketball games. Danielle was the team captain but it’s a shame that, that dream of being a star seems pretty much gone now. Bailey then puts the photo in the duffel bag and zips it up.


Bailey: Okay thats all set, time to go get Danielle and get the hell out of here.

Bailey then walks up to his door but he hears something on the outside it's like sometime of snarl or groan the thing is slowly moving around as it seems to have just made its way up the stairs. It seems to be moving down the hall, down toward Danielle’s room. Bailey begins to get nervous as he looks around his room. He quickly grabs the baseball bat he found downstairs and gets ready for a fight. Bailey takes a deep breath before yelling.

Bailey: Danielle keep that door closed no matter what you hear sweetie. Dad has to deal with something really quick ok. Just stay in your room.

Bailey then busts out of his room and looks down the hall as he sees what was making the noise. It’s Arrow but not exactly, he is not alive. He’s dead but still walking and he is walking toward Bailey. Arrow looks exactly like one of those things on the TV from earlier. It is now clear to Bailey, the dead are no longer dead, they are dangerous, and it is time for Bailey to protect his little girl from the danger within his own home.

Bailey: Sorry son, shouldn't have made those threats.


Bailey then hits Arrow over the head with the baseball bat dropping it to its knees. The once alive Arrow is now face down on the ground crawling toward Bailey. Bailey realizes that though as he swings again, and again, and again, and again. As he releases all of his anger on the now fully dead Arrow. When he is done bashing in Arrow’s head we see nothing left of Arrows head as Bailey’s shirt is covered in blood.

Danielle: Dad are you ok? Is it gone?

Bailey looks at the what’s left of Arrow on the ground then at Danielle’s door. He then wipes some of the blood off of his face. He then begins to answer Danielle.

Bailey: Yeah sweetie you can come out now, I handled it. The danger is gone now.

Danielle then walks out of her room and looks at her dad covered in blood and then down to the dead body of Arrow. She looks a bit shocked at first but surprisingly she handles it pretty well. She then walks back into her room for a second and comes back out with her backpack on. She looks at Bailey and begins to talk.


Danielle: Okay dad I’m ready to go to Uncle Flynn’s house. Hopefully we don’t have to deal with any of those on the way. But if we do I bet we can deal with it.

Danielle manages a short smile along with her father Bailey. Bailey then grabs his duffel bag and holds the baseball bat in another as the two walk down stairs. We see Bailey look through the peephole again as everything seems pretty empty not a soul in sight. He looks back at his daughter Danielle to see that she is clearly afraid despite trying to hide it.

Bailey: Don’t worry honey I am always going to be here to protect you. None of those things will never harm you in any way as long as I am with you.

Bailey then kisses his daughter on the forehead as he slowly opens the door as the two step out into the outside world with everything now completely different. No more safe walks, car rides or barbecues, now the dead control what happens. Bailey looks around to see that the coast is clear as the two rush to Bailey’s pickup truck, Bailey drops the duffel bag in the back as they both hop in and Bailey starts the truck up as he has his head on a swivel.

Danielle: Dad? They’re back and there  are more of them now.

Danielle has her eyes closed on the incoming horde. Bailey sees this as he steps on the gas and the two take off quickly as they head in the opposite direction luckily as Uncle Flynn’s house is in the other direction as it is a bit deeper into the woods.

Bailey: Don’t worry we are clear of them now, we will be safe at Uncle Flynn's. Life is gonna be just fine a bit different but fine.

Danielle is still looking out the window as she seems to be a bit shook at what is going on as it is sinking in now. She is not looking at anything in particular either as she is just looking out the window with a blank stare almost like she is imagining something. Bailey notices this as he does not really know what to say as he then looks back to the road. Suddenly though Danielle speaks.


Danielle: Dad, do you think mom is alive out there? I mean I know she left us and all but she’s still my mom. I don’t want her to die.

This comment shocks Bailey as he hadn't thought about it. Was his Ex wife still alive or did she suffer the same fate as Billions of others. Bailey chokes up a bit as he clearly still misses her but he now may never see her again. He then looks at his daughter who is now looking out the window again as Bailey goes to answer.

Bailey: She’s strong, I bet you she is still out there. Who knows maybe one day we will see her again. It’s okay kid don’t think about it too much, think about what you’re gonna say to Uncle Flynn when we get there okay.

We then see Danielle look at her father as she is clearly upset. She has tears running down her face. Bailey looks at her and looks a bit upset himself. He wipes her tears away though as she smiles for a second but then go to look out the window. Bailey then smiles as he pulls into a long driveway as it is very clear that we have arrived at Uncle Flynn’s house.



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Season 1 Episode 4


We kick off the episode as we see Bailey and Danielle still in the pickup truck as they are driving up a gravel driveway leading them deep into the woods. Neither of them looked scared though as they know we they are headed. Danielle still seems to be a bit in shock though as she keeps replaying the image of Arrow’s headless corpse in her childhood home. Bailey seems to be a bit unfazed now as he knows that this is a different world now and that is only the start of a lot of bloodshed to come in the future.


Bailey: You excited to see you Uncle Flynn again hun?

Danielle looks at Bailey with a bit of a mixed reaction we can tell that she is trying really hard to be happy but something just is not letting her deep down. She looks at Bailey though and manages a smile. Bailey smiles back as we see him slow the car down a little as we see them pull up to a house that seems pretty secluded from the rest of society. We see a man walk up to the car with a gun strapped over his back. We see Bailey and Danielle smile as it’s Flynn!


Bailey and Danielle get out the truck as Danielle runs to Flynn and hugs him as he smiles. Bailey and Flynn look at each other and there is a common understanding between the two that they have both had to deal with some not so fun shit recently.

Flynn: Well it looks like you missed me honeybee. Sameer is in there and he says he misses you a whole lot. Plus I got some cookies in there that I know need eating.

We see Danielle smile as she runs into the house as Bailey and Flynn walk up to each other and hug. The two seem to realize what is going on now and look a bit concerned but we can tell that both these men will be able to handle. At least for a bit of time they should be fine. But then again is anyone ever really fine in a world like this?

Flynn: You have to deal with one of those cocksuckers yet? I had one come up through the woods earlier when I was splitting wood. Cut that son of a bitch right down the middle. Ain’t gonna hurt me or my boy that’s for damn sure.

Bailey smiles as he looks over to his right and sees the bloody axe sitting there right next to a pile of wood that Flynn had been splitting. Bailey then looks around as if he is looking for something. He soon comes to realize something is missing.


Bailey: Flynn, where is Debra? Is she inside.

We see Flynn look down as he is a bit upset. Bailey then realizes what happens and shakes his head as this whole thing has really begun to fuck up his life. First the trauma now family friends dying. Things just keep getting worse and worse.

Flynn: She was out back and I heard the screaming. I ran out but it was to late the son of a bitch had her and was chomping away. I was shocked I didn't really know how to react till I let it come out. All of that anger I had built up over the years I unleashed on that worthless piece of shit. I would say go take a look for yourself but there is nothing left of him.

Bailey looks shocked for a moment but then recalls what happened with Arrow at his home. As shocking as it would seem to do that to something both men have had to do it. Flynn then motions for Bailey to come  inside with him as they walk inside. The two are seen suddenly changing their attitudes as they want to look strong for their children.

Flynn: Sameer where are you son? Have you been keeping watch like I told you?

We see Flynn look around as him and Bailey then walk upstairs. We then see Sameer and Danielle sitting together on the windowsill as they are playing a game of war with a set of cards they found. Flynn and Bailey look at the two and smile as they sit down with them.


Sameer: I’ve been watching dad. Ain’t seen any of those things yet. 

Flynn then pats Sameer on the back as Sameer smiles feeling proud of himself. Bailey looks at Danielle who is still a bit out of it. Bailey rubs Danielle on the back as he comforts her. Bailey looks a bit worried as his daughter seems a bit broken.

Bailey: How’s the card game going Danielle? You winning?

Danielle looks at Bailey and nods as that hint of happiness she had before is gone now. Danielle then places another card down as it is a king as Sameer places down a queen. Danille takes the card and places it at the bottom of her pile as we see Flynn look at this a bit upset. He looks out the window almost looking for something, wanting something to be there. But there is nothing, nothing at all. Bailey looks at Flynn as it is very clear that everyone is a bit shaken, everyone expect for Sameer who sits there happily munching on a cookie.


Sameer: Dad, when is mom getting back from the store? It has been almost two hours. I know she can handle those things but I am getting a bit worried.

Bailey listens to this as he is a bit taken aback. Flynn looks at him with a bit of a depressing look as it is clear Flynn did not tell Sameer what really happened to his mother. Flynn though collects himself quickly and answers Sameer’s question.

Flynn: I am sure she will be back soon, she just probably ran into some traffic or something. I bet it’s probably pretty packed in the city right now.

Sameer looks at his dad and smiles as he looks out the window. Sameer though does look a bit worried as he is starting to understand the situation a bit better. Danielle has picked up on it though as she begins to tear up as she thinks about her own mother. Bailey and Flynn then walk out of the room leaving the kids alone as they go talk downstairs.

Bailey: Why haven't you told him the truth? The boy needs to know his mother is dead.

Flynn opens the fridge and grabs two beers as he hands one to Bailey and the two start to drink. Flynn opens his beer and takes a sip as does Bailey. Flynn then begins to answer.


Flynn: There is already enough fear going through him right now. If he found out his mom is dead he would break. Crack and I don’t know if I could save him. I already lost my wife I can’t lose my boy too. I just want him to be happy man.

Bailey nods his head understanding where Flynn is coming from although he may disagree with it. Bailey then takes a sip of his beer as he begins to talk about his own situation with Danielle.

Bailey: As much as I want to blame you for not telling him. I did the same with Danielle. I told her that her mom is still out there. Now as much as I want to believe she is still out there. There is no way she made it out of the city. I can’t imagine over a hundred did. I gave her false hope.

Bailey looks out the window in the kitchen as he is just looking around now drinking his beer along with Flynn as the two are still trying to get a grasp on this whole situation and how the hell they are going to handle it now.

Flynn: I think any kind of hope right now is good. False or not we need something to make up for this shitty situation we are in right now. I mean with everything we are losing a little bit of hope never hurt anybody.

Bailey nods his head as the two can agree on that. We then hear Sameer begin to yell for Flynn as the two rush downstairs to see what is going on, hoping that the two kids are okay.

Flynn: What’s up buddy? You see one of those mother fuckers out there? It’s okay me and Bailey will handle it. Everything is going to be okay.

Flynn and Bailey rush into the room as they see what the kids see. There was a group of them walking toward the house heading straight for them. Danielle is in shock as she looks out the window. Bailey pulls her away as he looks out and sees what Danielle saw. It was her teacher from school now dead though and dangerous. 


Bailey: Okay you two stay here we are gonna handle this don’t let anybody in this room okay. We will be back in a little bit.

Flynn then nods as him and Bailey leave the room as they lock the door behind them. Bailey and Flynn then rush out the backdoor as Bailey grabs the baseball bat on his way out and Flynn grabbed a crowbar he has lying around.

Flynn: Okay brother let’s do this just like old times with those punks down the street.

Bailey and Flynn then nod at each other and smile as they rush toward the group of walkers and begin to take them out. We see Flynn strike down a majority of the group with the crowbar almost immediately as Bailey looks shocked.


Bailey not to be outdone strikes down the last walker beating it into the ground until there was almost nothing left of it’s head. Flynn eventually pulls him away as the group of walkers is now gone and the two men were successful. Bailey then looks down at what he did only to realize the one he killed was Danielle’s former teacher. Bailey then looks up to the window to see Danielle looking back at him as she has begun to cry.

Bailey: Dammit I only made things worse. I try to protect her and I only hurt her. These damn things have to go. I am gonna kill every last one of them!

We then see Bailey start to swing on the walker once again now focusing on the body. This is a different side of Bailey as he is furious. Flynn eventually pulls Bailey away trying to cool him down. Bailey falls to his knees as he looks down at the bloody bat not shedding a tear but instead smiling. Flynn looks at him confused as Bailey looks up at him smiling as the episode ends.


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Season 1, Episode 5

We begin with a flashback of Toxik. Before this aftermath would begin just about 6 weeks prior to this. He would be with Sheridan in his home which seemed to be the usual as the two had let’s just say a complex relationship.

Toxik: Sheridan, you are my world. You make me feel whole. Why can’t you see that? I try so hard to make you happy, I bought you a goddamn phone and you don’t even call me. 


Sheridan: Toxik, I don’t call you because I wanted to see you in person. You are my world too, but if anyone saw me with you, I would be the laughing stock of this town. You understand that right? 



Toxik and Sheridan stare at each other, their eyes become gloomy. As they look at each other, it seems as if there is no one else in the world. They could be the only people alive and to be honest I think they would be fine with that. Their love for each other is undeniable. They lean towards each other before Bart storms in. He begins to laugh his off, not even knowing what to say. 


Bart: Ok, what the hell did I just walk into. Scratch that, I don’t even want to know. Don’t need anymore nightmares. Just get ready you two, we have some things we need to get done before the sun sets. 


We see Sheri and Toxik look at each other before the scene fades to black before we return to the present day. Where we find Sheridan smoking her stress away. Sheridan was not a smoker in her normal life but then again this is not a normal world is it anymore. She is in a small home, nobody to be seen for miles. Just Sheridan and her cigarette, so the question has to be asked what is she so stressed about? 




Sheridan: These monsters have really gotten to my head. I can’t sleep, nightmares every night, this really needs to end. Every time I close my eyes, I see the death I caused. Toxik is dead because of me, why? Why did he cloud my judgement? I don’t know what it is about him, he just is so unique. He makes me want to be better, but it seems his death has just made me worse. God damn, love is so hard. I need coffee, maybe some wine, yeah wine should do. 


Sheridan breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably. She knows her former lover, is dead because of her. The trigger was fired from her own hand, there is no one to blame besides herself. She clutches her wine glass, before dropping it in panic. We hear glass shatter on the floor and a scream from Sheri as the camera cuts away.


The screen fades from black and slowly comes back to a new scene, when a light is focused, we see a man riding the streets with his motorcycle. A new addition to our show, what is he for? He stops short, grabbing his sunglasses, pulling them off, begging to speak. 


Arius: Damn, this town is disgusting. But damn how hot I look right now. I’m here to make this town something cool. I am the addition that they need, what the hell is that awful smell. Jesus Christ. 


The smell begins to get stronger by each second. 3-4 Zombies begin to approach Arius, rather slowly. When they approach, Arius is skeptical, not really knowing what to think of this. Arius though is not fazed for long as we see a grin on his face before laughing a bit.



Arius then doesn’t take too much time before taking action into his own hands. He jumps off his bike, grabbing his machete out of the biking pocket. And swinging at each zombie, one by one. All laid out, the smell gets even worse. Arius can’t bear it any longer. As he rides away, an unknown location, wherever the wind takes him it seems. 



“Two Steps Till Insanity”. This is the phrase that opens up this bizarre scene. Ropati is sitting down, appearing to talk to himself, nothing but straight up insane. He is all alone sitting in a room just staring at a wall no windows, no mirror, just four walls and a door. All of this just separating him even further from the outside world.


Ropati: I am insane, trust me I know that. If you can’t tell I’m drunk right now, and if I am a total dick right now. Oh well, I have seen these zombies, these monsters. God how disgusting they are, almost as disgusting as Sheridan. Imagine screwing toxik, hahaha. What a goddamn loser. 


The screen fades to black as we hear Ropati’s laughter slowly come to an end before we return to the bar where it all began. Where the world changed forever and everything changed. Only one man can be seen, plotting something that he won’t be able to come back from. And that man is none other than Bart a man we have seen a lot of lately, a man clearly changed by this whole thing. The question is, has he changed for better or for worse?



All you can see is Necce on the ground. Begging for forgiveness. Begging his best friend to have mercy upon him. Begging his best friend to think about this and remember the good ole days. Although Bart just stands above him holding a gun saying, “ Do You Have Any Idea Who You’re Talking to?” We then zoom in on the gun as we see Bart slowly go to pull the trigger. But before he can pull the trigger, we see a hand slowly take the gun away from the clutches of Bart.


Then suddenly right before the program ends, the sound of shots fired are heard. Not knowing what has happened. We end with a feeling of suspense and confusion as the camera cuts to black and the episode ends.



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Season 1 Episode 6


We kick off another episode of Aftermath as we see Bailey and Flynn walking back inside after fighting off a group a walkers. Danielle seems to be a bit shook still as she just saw her former teacher’s head bashed in by her own father. Danielle’s day seems to just be getting worse and worse as she keeps seeing the people, dead people killed. Are they dead though or our they just sick? Danielle seems to be thinking a lot at the moment and there is no doubt she has had to at least thought about that a little bit since this started earlier today.


We then jump forward a bit of time as it is now dark out it is clearly still the same day but it is now dark out as we see Bailey and Flynn boarding up the last window. Danielle and Sameer are still upstairs it seems as everything seems to be quiet as no one really wants to talk. Fair enough though since they day that they have had so far is probably the worst one they have had in a long time. Eventually we see them finish up boarding down the window as everything seems to be closed off and for the first time today they have a sense of safety. 


Bailey: Well looks like that was the last one, man what a day. What an absolute shit day. Can’t imagine it is going to get much better though.

Bailey and Flynn continue to talk a bit essentially catching up before they head upstairs. They both head into the room that Danielle and Sameer are in as they sit down. Sameer and Danielle are reading some old nature magazines as they smile as Bailey and Flynn walk in. We tell that Sameer and Danielle are in two very different places at the moment. Danielle seems to be in a dark place as she really understands how bad their situation is maybe a bit too much. Then on the other hand Sameer is a bit blind to this whole situation as Flynn has not told him about his mother’s death and what is going on. Sameer sits there with a smile on his face as he just thinks this is somewhat of a fun time. The 4 sit in silence for a while before Flynn begins to talk.


Flynn: So I think it would be best if you two got some sleep we have all had a long day and are probably in for a long one tomorrow too. Some shut eye will do us all some good.

We then see Bailey nod his head as Flynn and Sameer then leave the room as Bailey and Danielle remain in the room as Bailey sits down next to her as Bailey is not getting a bit emotional at the state his daughter is in. We see Danielle look up at Bailey with tears in her eyes as all those emotions inside start to come out. Bailey hugs her as Danielle begins  to cry and weep. Bailey just holds her as he can somewhat feel her pain. In the matter of a day, she has seen 2 people been brutally murdered after never having anything like that happen throughout her life. She would also begin to believe that her mother is gone, taken by the monsters just like millions of others.


Danielle: Why is this happening, dad? It’s like my life is a nightmare now and I just can’t wake up.

Danielle grabs unto Bailey even harder as we see a tear roll down Bailey’s cheek. He clearly cares about his daughter a lot and this just shows us another reason why. Eventually Danielle pulls away as she collects herself, as she sits back looking at Bailey who is still just sitting there speechless thinking of something to say.


Bailey: Danielle you are all I have left and there is no way that is going to change. I am not gonna let anyone hurt you. We are going to get through this, you are going to get through this.

Bailey then looks out the window as he sees something. It’s a light and it is moving toward the house wait no there is two lights and they are approaching the house. Bailey looks it Danielle as he then rushes out of the room toward where Flynn is sleeping.


Bailey: Flynn get your gun we have some people outside and I think they are trying to get in. Gonna have to shoot some mother fuckers tonight.

Flynn hops out of bed as he grabs the shotgun he had next to him in bed. Sameer walks into the room as he looks shocked and scared. He then runs off as Flynn and Bailey ran after him heading down the stairs. 


Flynn: Sameer stop running it is going to be ok!

We then see Sameer turn around and hug his dad. Flynn then motions for him to head upstairs as Sameer heads up and sits with Danielle as Bailey and Flynn sit down stairs waiting for these people to try something if anything.


Flynn: You know what I ain’t just gonna sit here, I am gonna finish this right now.

We then see Bailey and Flynn burst out of the front door as we see Flynn begin to yell. Bailey and Flynn both point their guns toward a pickup truck as we soon see a young couple come out from behind it with their hands up.


Flynn: Who the hell are you people?

Brenden: My name is Brenden and this is my girl Keeley…


The episode then comes to an abrupt end as Flynn and Bailey are holding the couple at gunpoint as we wait to see what happens next.


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Season 1: Episode 7 " A Look Into The Past

We open up this episode with a package, recapping last week's events. A few moments later, we would focus in on Arius, who is at a disclosed location. It is now pouring with rain, Arius tilting his head, loving the nature he is engulfed in at the moment.


The air is calm, one thing is constant and that is Arius' calmness. In the past week or two, he has been very emotionally angry, taking his own way of living life. As he is feeling the freshness of the rain, a man comes up to him, ushering the words, "Sir, What Are You Doing"? Arius wouldnt take too kindly to this comment as he would, chop the man down to size with a punch, knocking him out. Hopping back on his motorc, riding out into the sunset as the segment would end.


The camera shifts to Sheridan kissing an unknown boy before a heavy knock is coming from the door. Sheridan looks confused, but also worried at the same time. Reluctantly opens the door, as there is noone on the door step.

Sheridan- What the hell, I am just trying to make out with this stranger and I get interrupted by a prank. This is so mean, well I guess back to kissing. 

Stranger #1- Wait a second, I am not a stranger. Im your boyfriend, remember me? I really think Toxik is getting in your head, you need to calm down babe. You didnt mean to kill him, you need to forget about it and focus on us, ok?

Sheridan is pleased, and walks over to her boyfriend, looking to have one more makeout session before they call it a night. Before Necce rushes in the room, seeing what is about to occur. He rushes over to Sheridan throwing her against the wall, screaming whore. Before beating the crap out of the so called stranger, before he takes Sheridan back home.

See the source image

The night is dim, the air calm, but Bart is furious. He watches on from the gate, as Necce is taking his wife home. They have been keeping this secret from him for weeks. Even after being held at gunpoint, he wont listen. It is time for distant measures.

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A Flashback- "Where It All Began"

Two years ago, Toxik would be held in Jail, for 1st degree murder. Every week, a women named Sheridan would visit for one reason, a moment of silence. To hold her silence, prior to going to jail, Toxik was having special nights with young heridan while she was married, and didnt want it to get out. Toxik would be payed 2,500 dollars every work to hush. But one meeting took a turn. 

Toxik- Sheridan, I know you dont want to talk about it. But we have to, I know you still want to have me. Even if you dont admit it, get me out of here and we can finally have a life together, one where we can be happy once and for all.

Sheridan- God your so hot, I could just ugh! But you know its complicated, I have a family and I cant just leave them for you. You mean a lot to me, but I just cant do this anymore. You cant be in my life anymore, im sorry.


Present Day- As we return back to the present day, Ropati is cruising along the highway, cursing his way through the traffic. Before he talks crap to the wrong person, a man riding on a motorcycle named Arius. He begins to get out of his car, screaming at Arius before he gets chopped with a machete by Arius. Ropati is found dead right there.

As that happens, 6 zombies come out, slowly making their way to Arius. Arius is not phased, as he pulls out his pistol, taking each and everyone out. Getting back on his motorcycle, laughing at the chaos he has caused here tonight. 


We end the show off with Bart having his hands bloody, not knowing why. But guilt is shown on his face. what could of happened here tonight? Bart now falls down to the ground crying, screaming "Whyyyy". Bart has to be guilty of something. 



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