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ICPW Fight For Your life


ICPW JR Heavyweight Championship: Hiromu Takahashi (c) VS Akira Tozawa VS Paul Robinson


To kick off Fight For Your Life, we saw The JR Heavyweight Championship on the line as Hiromu Takahashi defended against Akira Tozawa and Paul Robinson in a brutal match. Tozawa jump started the match attacking Robinson taking it to him allowing for Hiromu to catch the two men off Guard with a massive suicide senton to the outside. The three men would then continue to Brutalise each other with every single move they could think of, Robinson at one point looked to have the match in hand after a brutal looking Fisherman’s Driver on Hiromu only for Tozawa to break it up with a Senton Bomb. Tozawa would then look to have the match in hand after driving Robinson through a table with another Senton Bomb, but before he could go for the pinfall Hiromu would grab him and drive him with a Death Valley bomb into the corner. Hiromu would then grab the incapacitated Robinson and drop him with a Timebomb for the victory at 16:45 Tozawa barely being unable to break it up. Tozawa though would not stand for this grabbing Takahashi from behind and smashing him with a stalling German Suplex. Tozawa would then hold the title in the face of Hiromu before leaving stealing the championship belt. 

ICPW Tag Team Championships: CCK (c) VS Death Riders (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) 


The next match saw the ICPW Tag Team Championships on the line with CCK defending their newly won Championships against Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams representing the Death Riders. The match started immediately with CCK attacking Haskins and Williams from behind but the Death Riders would fight back evening out the match. Haskins would impress in this match managing to fight off CCK’s assault after Williams was briefly taken out of the match. Williams would then comeback like a house on fire once he got back in, at one point making Brookes tap out but the ref didn’t see it with Gresham distracting the Ref. The match would come to a conclusion after Brookes would low blow Williams while Gresham would distract the ref which would set up the Ink Bomb, Gresham pinning Williams at 15:39 after Brookes took out Haskins. After the match, CCK not satisfied with just winning attempted to yet again take out Haskins and Williams with chairs, Gallows and Anderson not allowing for their Death Riders Stablemates to get taken out would come out and stop Gresham and Brookes, Gresham and Brookes though still taunting Gallows and Anderson with the tag team championships. 

Openweight Championship: Eddie Kingston (c) VS SANADA


The final battle of the Los Ingobernables De Japon, Killers War with the Openweight Championship on the line with SANADA challenging Eddie Kingston. Before the match however Aussie Open would attack SANADA, EVIL and Shingo would come to chase Aussie Open but the damage had already been done to SANADA. This lead to the referee questioning SANADA’s ability to continue but SANADA managed to pull himself into the ring with Kingston beating the hell out of SANADA to begin the match even appearing to almost end it early setting up for the backfist to the future but SANADA managed to avoid it and he nailed Kingston with a springboard dropkick. This would change the momentum of the match as SANADA would slowly comeback beginning to get several near falls on Kingston but Kingston responding in kind getting several near victories on SANADA. At this point the LIJ and Killers members at ringside were both nervous unsure of who was going to win this match. SANADA eventually managed to lock in the Skull End on Kingston for what felt like an eternity with Kingston barely making it to the ropes, SANADA would use this to pull Kingston to underneath the top rope allowing for SANADA to hit the Moonsault on Kingston for the victory at 22:05 to win the Openweight Championship. After the match, The Killers looked like they were about to continue the fight with LIJ but SANADA and Kingston stopped their respective stablemates pushing them into the corner, SANADA would then offer a hand to Kingston who would accept as the two leaders would shake hands effectively ending the war between the two groups. 

Best of 3 Number One Contenders Series Match 3, No Disqualifications: Jon Moxley VS Shinsuke Nakamura


The next match of the evening saw the best of 3 series between Moxley and Nakamura come to a brutal end. The two men immediately laid into each other with strikes with what had evolved from a respectful yet effective rivalry to brutal untamable violence. The two men refused to give up with both guys using the No Disqualifications stipulation to its fullest extent, Ambrose piling chairs into the ring, Nakamura using kendo sticks and chairs to make his strikes even more effective. Nakamura appeared to have the match won after hitting a very hard Bomaye on Moxley but Moxley managed to barely kick out. Moxley would then build back his retaliation hitting a massive Death Rider on Nakamura which seemed to spell the end of the match but Nakamura managed to barely kick out. Moxley would become desperate attempting to hit a top Rope Death Rider onto a pile of Chairs but Nakamura would counter it into a top rope Exploder suplex onto the chairs. Nakamura would then hit a second rope Bomaye to the back of the head of Moxley before following it up with a Bomaye to the face of Moxley finally pulling off the victory at 23:45. Nakamura, would leave the ring after a massive victory over Moxley, Moxley as he was recovering though would be snuck up from behind by Shelton X Benjamin hitting paydirt on Moxley. Benjamin would then beat the hell out of Moxley before locking in an ankle lock on Moxley forcing him to tap out in pain, Benjamin would then leave taunting Moxley stomping on the death riders jacket. 

ICPW Heavyweight Championship: Minoru Suzuki (c) VS Hirooki Goto


In the main event of the evening, Minoru Suzuki defended the ICPW Heavyweight Championship against Hirooki Goto. The two men would have a brutal and effective contest with the two men using everything they possibly could to beat the hell out of each other. Suzuki throwing Goto around into the guard rail, Goto using as many strikes as he could. The two men exchanged control of the match continuously with Goto hitting an Ushigoroshi, Suzuki hitting a PK, the two men just exchanging submission holds as well neither man allowing for the other to take full control of the match. Suzuki though would finally take control by hitting a massive dropkick. So while Goto would get offense in and almost hit a GTR, Suzuki would control the match locking in a Sleeper hold and following it up with the Gotch Style Piledriver for the victory at 21:30. Suzuki though after the match wasn’t done beating the hell out of Goto, locking in a heel hook trying to break Goto’s leg but Suddenly the Golden Star Kota Ibushi’s music would hit making the save for Goto. Ibushi would then stare down with Suzuki appearing to signal for a rematch of their match at Kingdom Come soon, Suzuki though seemed disinterested in Ibushi’s challenge however and would get on the mic ignoring the challenge of Ibushi simply declaring “SUZUKI-GUN ICHIBAN”. 

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All Star Wrestling | Episode 21 | Paramount Theater 


Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman would start the show off gloating about the victory over Braun Strowman. Ricochet would come out hyping up the fact that he has earned a shot at the WHC in just 2 Months at Night of Legends. When then Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton came out wanting a shot at the Belt this month. At First Heyman says no but Brock is all in. He will gladly take on both men in a Triple threat.  Ricochet vs Randy Orton is made for the Main Event. 


Magnus defeated PJ Black in a singles match giving momentum to the United Veterans over Flying Express.


Kevin Steen called out anyone in the back to fight him. Pete Dunne answered the call and after a few punches Steen would back out and save the fight for another day 


A Physical match between Ryback and  Michael Elign would end in a double DQ when both Teams got involved. An all out brawl happened between BriscoeBack and Heavy Machinery 


The LON were promoing on there assault on Jason Jordan when Jay Lethal and Apollo Crews confronted them and challenged them for a 2 on 3 Handicap Match next week. LON Accepted. 


Randy Orton defends Ricochet when Bully Ray distracted Ricochet for Orton to hit the RKO. After the match Bully Ray beatdown Ricochet and Powerbombed him through the announcers table.



All Star Wrestling  | Episode 22 | Paramount Theater 


Bully Ray opens up the show explaining why he attacked Ricochet. that he was trying to knock some sense into Ricochet.  To show him that he has no chance of beating Brock Lesnar and should forfeit the match. Rey Mysterio comes out and says Ricochet wont have to worry about Brock Lesnar because he will he champion. Rey than challenges Bully Ray to a match to teach him some respect.  Bully accepts.


The LON defeated Lethal and Crews when War Machine attacked Lethal and Crews helping Rusev get the pinfall over Crews. War Machine has come after Lethal and Crews apparently. 


A Hype Video is played showing just who the United Veterans are.


Pete Dunne defeated Silas Young only to be attacked after the match by Kevin Steen.


Heavy Machinery bring the fight to BriscoeBack in the locker rooms an all out brawl has to be separated by security 


Rey Mysterio vs Bully Ray ends in DQ when Orton RKOS Rey Mysterio out of nowhere.  He than Rips the Mask off Rey and raises it up for everyone to see to close the show.



All Star Wrestling | Episode 23 | Paramount Theater 


Bully Ray opens up the show with another promo on Ricochet but this time Ricochet shows up. Ricochet with a more intense look in his eyes challenges Bully Ray to a hardcore match. Ricochet wants to show how physical and ruthless he can actually be. Him and Bully start to brawl before Heyman comes out and announces Ricochet and Rey Mysterio vs Bully Ray and Randy Orton for tonight's Main Event. 


Braun Strowman Defeated Matt Hardy. After the match was over Jeff Hardy would come to the aid of his brother and challenge Strowman himself for the next PPV. PitStop. Braun would accept. 


Jason Jordan returns and he does the unthinkable and challenges The League Of Nations to a 1 on 3 Handicap Match at PitStop. LON obviously accepts and laughs at Jason Jordan 


Rich Swann Defeated Zack Gibson in a singles match. After the match United Veterans beatdown Flying Express


War Machine explains there actions from last week that simply they want a Tag Team match with Jay Lethal and Crews at PitStop. Lethal and Crews agree to step up to the challenge and face Hanson and Rowe.


Rey Mysterio and Ricochet defeated Randy Orton and Bully Ray after Mysterio got a sneaky Roll up on Randy Orton to win the match. But After the match Brock Lesnar would show up and Attack Rey Mysterio hitting him with an F5 as Orton watched on as Ricochet and Ray were brawling through the Crowd.



All Star Wrestling | Episode 24 | Paramount Theater 


Bull Ray and Ricochet open up the show hyping up there match for Pitstoo when Bull Ray than attacks Ricochet with his Chain. He beats Ricochet with a Chair sending a message 


Heavy Machinery and Untied Veterans defeated Flying Express and BriscoeBack when Michael Elgin pinned TJP. 


The Hardy Boyz are able to get the double team on Braun Strowman resulting in Jeff Hardy Swanton Bombing Braun Strowman through the announcers table.


Jay Lethal defeated Josh Briggs by DQ when War Machine attacked Lethal. Crews came out and made the save sending War Machine away. 


Pete Dunne defeated Wade Barrett after Jason Jordans music hit Distracting Barrett. After the match tho Kevin Steen tried to attack Pete Dunne again but this time Dunne was ready and sent Steen retreating 


In the Contract signing for the World Championship it ended with Randy Orton hitting a surprise RKO out of nowhere on Lesnar only for Rey Mysterio to hit the 619 on Orton to stand tall to end the show.



All Star Wrestling | PitStop | Paramount Theater 


Kevin Steen defeated Pete Dunne after he low blowed him when the ref wasn't looking and hit a packed piledriver 


Briscoeback Defeated Heavy Machinery when Jay Briscoe pinned Tucker Knight.


Braun Strowman defeated Jeff Hardy with a Powerslam


War Machine Defeated Jay Lethal and Apollo Crews when Hanson pinned Crews.

After the match Jay Lethal attacked and turned on Apollo Crews. Hitting Lethal Injection on him


Flying Express Defeated United Veterans to retain the ASW Trios Championships. PJ Black pinned James Drake


Ricochet Defeated Bully Ray in a Hardcore Match.  He hit a 630 Senton through a table to beat him.


League of Nations defeated Jason Jordan in a handicap match when Rusev made Jason Jordan pass out 

After the match LON tried to continue the attack but Eddie Edwards and Colt Caban 2 guys LON has taken out of action returned and with Jason Jordan sent LON away.


Brock Lesnar Defeated Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio in a Triple Threat Match to retain the ASW World Heavyweight Championship. Brock pinned Rey Mysterio with an F5.

Brock closes the show still World Champion 

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Samoa Joe Celebrates As The Inaugural TETSUJIN Openweight Champion
After winning the TETSUJIN Openweight Championship at TETSUJIN Elite, Samoa Joe kicks off the episode of KAIZEN following the PPV by coming to the ring with his new championship and articulating the dominant rampage he went on to claim this gold. Then, he sets an open challenge for anyone to answer and at first, Keith Lee comes out but he is suddenly attacked by Alberto El Patron who continues to beat down Lee until he's unable to compete. After this clears up, Konnan comes out and introduces us to the new great luchador he has promised to bring to KAIZEN... Humberto Carrillo!


TETSUJIN Openweight Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs Humberto Carrillo

In his first defense of the title, Joe manages to put Humberto to sleep despite an impressive debut performance from the Mexican superstar.
Winner: Samoa Joe


Matt Sydal Speaks On His Future
After making his way to the ring, Matt Sydal addresses his future in KAIZEN over the microphone but is interrupted by Paul Ellering and not far behind is 'The God of Destruction' Zeus, as the two get set to go one-on-one.


Matt Sydal vs Zeus
After both men failed in the fatal four-way at TETSUJIN Elite, Sydal and Zeus now look to regain momentum and unfortunately for the high-flyer, Zeus' deadly strikes and inhuman strength is too much.
Winner: Zeus


The New Junior Heavyweight Champion Is Stepped To By A Newcomer
Backstage, Lio Rush addresses TETSUJIN Elite where he captured the KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship. Nevertheless, he is interrupted by Alex Zayne, a new signing to KAIZEN who is known for his unbelievable and innovative high-flying maneuvers, who challenges the champion. In response, Lio Rush accepts the challenge and announces that they'll face next week for the title.


KAIZEN World #1 Contender Qualifying Match
Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Low Ki vs Matt Riddle vs Tom Lawlor

In the main event, the second qualifying fatal four-way match to decide who faces the winner of the fatal four-way from TETSUJIN Elite takes place. As Almas, Low Ki, Riddle, and Lawlor battle for the chance to become number-one contender, it is The Original Bro that is able to get the victory.
Winner: Matt Riddle




Adrian King Continues His Triumphant Reign
The KAIZEN World Champion, Adrian King, comes to the ring and addresses his magnificent run with the company's top prize and how he has proved himself as the best wrestler in the world today. Then, he is confronted by the KAIZEN Trios Champions, Los Ingobernables. After a back and forth between Adrian King and Zelina Vega, it is agreed that King and Almas with face next week in a champion versus champion match.


The Hart Foundation vs The Mighty Don't Kneel
In tag team action, Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr of The Hart Foundation take on Nick Miller and Shane Thorne of TMDK. However, the competition comes to an abrupt ending as the ring is raided by The Colons who lay a beating into both teams as they put the trios division on notice.
Winner: No Contest


Jushin Liger Announces KAIZEN's Love For Violence PPV
Backstage, the owner of KAIZEN, Jushin Liger, announces that tonight's number-one contender match for the KAIZEN World Championship will lead to a title match at KAIZEN's newest PPV, the Valentine's special, Love For Violence.


KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Lio Rush (c) vs Alex Zayne

In singles action with the KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship on the line, the champion, Lio Rush, is taken by surprise by the uniquely outstanding high-flying ability of Alex Zayne. Nevertheless, the champion is able to retain as he proves to be a better overall competitor.
Winner: Lio Rush (c)


Alberto El Patron Explains His Actions
Backstage, Alberto El Patron explains why he attacked Keith Lee last week. He mentions how he's fed up with these new guys passing him and that he refused to let Keith Lee take another opportunity that should be Alberto's. He then states that he will make an example out of Lee.


KAIZEN World #1 Contender Match
Matt Riddle vs Tama Tonga

In the main event, Matt Riddle and Tama Tonga clash to decide who will be the one to face Adrian King for the world title at the Love For Violence PPV. Despite outside interference from Tonga Loa, Riddle is able to get the victory and earn his shot at the title.
Winner: Matt Riddle




Samoa Joe Wants More Challengers
After defending his championship two weeks back, the TETSUJIN Openweight Champion, Samoa Joe, comes down to the ring and asks for even more challengers to step up, stating that he wants to prove himself as the most dominant force in wrestling today. The men that answer his proposition are Cesaro and Low Ki.


TETSUJIN Openweight #1 Contender Match
Cesaro vs Low Ki

To determine Samoa Joe's next challenger, Cesaro takes on Firing Squad's Low Ki. In a hard-hitting and technically impressive match, it is the outside interference from Low Ki's fellow Firing Squad members that allows him to get the victory, with Tama Tonga being the key factor in Cesaro's loss.
Winner: Low Ki


The Colons Put The Trios Division On Notice
In the ring, Carlito, Epico, and Primo stand united as The Colons with a microphone each. They explain why they interrupted the match between The Hart Foundation and TMDK, saying that they did it simply to get eyes on them. Then, they call out the KAIZEN Trios Champions, Los Ingobernables, but are instead answered by one of the teams that they attacked last week, TMDK.


The Colons vs The Mighty Don't Kneel
In a six-man tag match, a much more aggressive side of The Colons is exhibited as they take on The Mighty Don't Kneel. Ultimately, the aggression and tenacity of The Colons allow them to prevail, knocking off one of the division's best teams.
Winner: The Colons


Matt Riddle Is Excited For His Championship Match
Backstage, Matt Riddle speaks on his win last week to become the number-one contender to Adrain King's KAIZEN World Championship. He also speaks on how they'll be doing a face-to-face next week and how he's excited for the title match at Love For Violence but is then interrupted by Bobby Roode, who challenge King at TETSUJIN Elite. Roode tells Riddle that he's not ready and will fail miserably against King so Riddle suggests that he shows Roode just how ready he is in a match next week.


KAIZEN World Champion vs KAIZEN Trios Champion
Adrian King vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas

In the main event, the KAIZEN World Champion, Adrian King, takes on one-third of the KAIZEN Trios Champions, Andrade 'Cien' Almas, after their confrontation last week. In the end, King gets the victory but he is pushed further than we've seen before here in KAIZEN as Andrade shows that he could be a potential future world champ in his own right.
Winner: Adrian King




KAIZEN World Championship Match Participants Face-Off
In the beginning of the go-home show to Love For Violence, Jushin Thunder Liger hosts a face-to-face between the KAIZEN World Champion, Adrian King, and the man that will challenge him on the PPV, Matt Riddle. As they get in each other's faces, it's King who throws the first punch but it's Riddle who comes out on top of this brawl, perhaps a preview for what's to come this weekend.


Alberto El Patron vs Matt Sydal
In the first match of the night, Alberto El Patron and Matt Sydal go one on one. The match is competitive between the two veterans but after a revenge attack by Keith Lee on Alberto, Sydal is able to easily pick up the victory. After the match, El Patron is evidently furious whilst Keith Lee just laughs as he has gotten his revenge. Infuriated, El Patron grabs a microphone and challenges Lee to a match at Love For Violence.
Winner: Matt Sydal


Lio Rush Has Two Formidable Competitors On His Tail
In the ring, the KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Champion, Lio Rush, gloats about his victories and abilities until he is interrupted by at first, Chad Gable, and then also Humberto Carrillo alongside Konnan. With two budding challengers in the ring with him, Rush suggests that the two should face right now to decide who gets the title shot.


KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight #1 Contender Match
Chad Gable vs Humberto Carrillo

In an extremely competitive match between Gable and Carrillo, two very different wrestlers, the result is so close that the match ends up as a draw, with the two men completely gassing each other out and being counted out at ringside.
Winner: Draw


Los Ingobernables Respond To The Colons
In the trios division, The Colons have been running wild over the past couple weeks, even calling out the champions. Now, the KAIZEN Trios Champions, Los Ingobernables respond as Zelina states that they fear no one and that they are more than happy to face The Colons at Love For Violence.


Bobby Roode vs Matt Riddle
With Roode having doubts in Riddle's readiness for the world title scene, Matt Riddle approaches this match with something to prove. Ultimately, he does that as he is able to knock off a richly accomplished veteran in Bobby Roode.
Winner: Bobby Roode




KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Lio Rush (c) vs Chad Gable vs Humberto Carrillo

Winner: Lio Rush


Cesaro vs Tama Tonga.
Winner: Cesaro


KAIZEN Trios Championship Match
Los Ingobernables (c) vs The Colons

Winner: Los Ingobernables (c)


Alberto El Patron vs Keith Lee
Winner: Keith Lee


TETSUJIN Openweight Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs Low Ki

Winner: Samoa Joe (c)


KAIZEN World Championship Match
Adrian King (c) vs Matt Riddle

Winner: Adrian King (c)


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Chapter 9: The Castle Holds


Tag Team Match
Seiki Yoshioka vs. Minoru Tanaka vs. The Back Breakers (Hajime Ohara and Hitoshi Kumano)

Image result for Seiki YoshiokaImage result for Minoru TanakaImage result for NOAH The BackBreakers

In the fallout of Invasion Assault, the scorned Junior Heavyweight Champion and his tenuous alliance with the veteran, Minoru Tanaka continues as they take on the The Back Breakers of Sugiura-gun. The match begins with Kumano and Tanaka, the upstart and the veteran. Kumano surprisingly has Tanaka's number, with Minoru only gaining the upper hand when the feeling-out process moves to the mat, where he takes the advantage in the grappling. Ohara comes in and gets into a straight slugfest with Tanaka. The tag team offence and unified front of The Back Breakers leads them to take the lionshare of the match, even against Yoshioka, the Junior Heavyweight Champion. Part way through the match however, we see the interference of Yokai, this time with a third member. They distract the referee and cause Tanaka to get caught in a small package pin from Kumano.

The Back Breakers def. Minoru Tanaka and Seiki Yoshioka in 12:37 via pinfall with a Kumagatame to Minoru Tanaka

The Back Breakers stare down with the members of Yokai at ringside as they head to the back, with Yokai laying the beatdown to Yoshioka and Tanaka further, and unveiling HAYATA, their third member who stands either side of their leader, Tetsuya Endo, with YO-HEY. Tetsuya Endo takes to the mcirophone and decries how Yoshioka is not a worthy champion, and must be expelled from the Junior Heavyweight throne.

Image result for HAYATA NoahImage result for Tetsuya EndoImage result for YO-HEY


Emerald Glory

Image result for Kaito Kiyomiya interview

In a pre-recorded segment from the Shogun Dojo under green spotlights, Kaito Kiyomiya is seen running drills with Go Shiozaki. Those that a rookie would be drilling for hours on end to become a top-notch performer. Kiyomiya highlights that he is only just starting his wrestling journey, but knows deep down that he is meant for great things. Kiyomiya sets his sight on the Blessing of Jade Championship, a building block to returning to the Triple Crown Title picture. He also reflects that his trial by fire with Stalwart is not over. And until he truly proves himself, it might never be over.


Tag Team Match
The Bombers (Joe Doering and Dylan James) vs. Hooligans (Maybach Taniguchi and Yuji Hino)

Image result for Joe DoeringImage result for Dylan James AJPWRelated imageImage result for Yuji Hino

Hoping to bounce back after his slugfest with the Triple Crown Champion, Joe Doering and Dylan James of The Bombers take on the hoss team of Hooligans, Taniguchi and Hino. James comes into his own and is now able to really take it to fellow big men in the ring. His specialty seems to be the hoss fight brawls with very hard-hitting strikes. He is able to land a big powerslam on Taniguchi, but has to tag in Doering to deal with Hino, who tends to be more unpredictible and agressive with his offence. Doering lands the Sky High Bomb on Hino followed by a running senton. The match concludes with a colossal 4-man fight, where Hino gets incapacitated with a Chokeslam from Dylan James, leaving Joe Doering to pick up the pin with a Revolution Bomb to Maybach Taniguchi.

The Bombers def. Hooligans in 11:05 via pinfall with a Revolution Bomb to Maybach Taniguchi


A Barbaric Attack

Image result for Alexander Hammerstone beatdown

We suddenly cut backstage, where Masato Yoshino is getting brutally attacked by Alexander Hammerstone! Still bitter over the flash pinfall from the very first chapter of Shogun! Yoshino tries to fight back as the brawl spills out to the ringside area, but Hammerstone dumps him through the announce table! Leaving the Speedstar laying, Hammerstone has made his bitter desire for revenge known.


Main Event
Tag Team Match
Legion (Rampage Brown and Tomoyuki Oka) vs. Go Shiozaki and Jake Lee

Image result for Rampage BrownImage result for Tomoyuki OkaImage result for Go ShiozakiImage result for Jake Lee AJPW render

In a big time match potentially with Tag Team title contention in the balance, former No.1 Contenders Go Shiozaki and Jake Lee take on the new Sugiura-gun pairing of Rampage Brown and Tomoyuki Oka, collectively known as Legion. Shiozaki and Oka get into a heated scuffle, where Shiozaki's more brutal side is brought out, trying to submit the younger wrestler with a boston crab, the signature move of rookies in Japan. Though not a rookie anymore, Oka is still fresh off of his excursion after training, so this is seen as quite the dismissive insult towards Oka. The Dominator responds with a strong ground game and his able to block and counter the Boston Crab attempt. However, Sugiura-gun are soon on the receiving end of Shiozaki's lariats and Jake Lee's kicks. To gain their momentum back, Rampage takes out Shiozaki on the outside, throwing him through the barricade. After a gruelling brawl around the ringside area, Rampage and Lee take it back into the ring, and after some minor shenanigans after pulling out the referee once Lee connects with the Giant Killing, where Legion take full advantage as start to lead the match. It culminates with a chop block and a Nightmare Pendulum to Jake Lee, with Oka stopping Shiozaki from saving his tag partner.

Legion (Rampage Brown and Tomoyuki Oka) def. Jake Lee and Go Shiozaki in 17:30 via pinfall with a Thunder Valley to Jake Lee

After the match,  Legion call out the Shogun Tag Team Champions, the Violent Giants, who make an appearance and stare down the challengers from the entrance ramp.


A Declaration of Dominance.....but?

Image result for BEN-K

As Hammerstone and Oka celebrates after staring down the Tag Team Champions, they are joined in celebration by none other than their leader, the Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, Takashi Sugiura. Sugiura takes to the microphone, proclaiming his triumphant defence of the Shogun's throne at Invason Assault against the undisiplined Joe Doering. He says that nobody on the Shogun roster has the strength....or courage to confront him for the title at the next Shogun PPV, Dual of Destiny. He lays the Triple Crown Title on the mat for someone to answer the challenge.

The lights go out, and the titantron slowly revealed four jade green circles. The crowd cheer loudly as the Blessing of Jade Champion, the Oriental Weapon, Ben-K emerges from the curtain and walks to the ramp. Much to Sugiura's surprise and suppressed frustration, Ben-K steps right up to the Heavyweight Champion, laying his Jade Championship across it and staring right into the eyes of the Killing Machine. The show ends with Ben-K officially using his right to relinquish the Jade Championship for a title match against Sugiura at Dual of Destiny!






Chapter 10: Lamb to the Slaughter


Camaraderie in Battle, and it's Cost

Image result for Josh Alexander IMpact backstage

In a backstage segment, The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander talks about the opportunity he has tonight, to face the Triple Crown Champion in a non-title match tonight in the main event. Alexander makes reference to the champion's challenger, Ben-K, and the respect he has for the former Blessing of Jade Champion, that meeting him in the ring said more than any conversation could. Josh Alexander wishes to face the best that Shogun has to offer. Tonight, The Walking Weapon meets the Killing Machine in tonight's main event.


Singles Match for the First Jade Coin
Joel Redman vs. Daisuke Sekimoto

Image result for Joel RedmanImage result for Daisuke Sekimoto

In a showcase match featuring the former Oliver Grey, now dubbed as Joel Redman, against the Muscle Monster, Daisuke Sekimoto. With the Blessing of Jade Championship now vacated by Ben-K, this match is for the First Jade Coin, a big opportunity for both competitors. The match begins with Sekimoto displaying his short but very stocky build, giving him a significant strength advantage. However, Redman is very athletic, opting for the style of an olympic grappler, taking to Sekimoto's legs to take away his vertical base. While Sekimoto is able to throw Redman around the ring with ease, he is gradually getting worked down by a series of dragon screw leg whips and strikes to the legs. As the match picks up, Redman is able to quash the Muscle Monster's fiery run with a picture perfect dropkick! Going to captialise, Redman hits a diving knee drop but only gets a two count. He tries to apply a leglock, but Sekimoto powers out and deadlifts Redman up into a torture rack. He clutches the wrist and hits a massive Wrist-Clutch reverse death valley driver, what he calls the Fire Hammer. He pins Redman in a hard fought bout. Sekimoto may have won, but Redman certainly had a strong debut here in Shogun.

Daisuke Sekimoto def. Joel Redman in 9:55 via pinfall with a Fire Hammer to earn a Jade Coin


Allies in Isolation

Image result for Masa Kitamiya Kenoh

In a pre-taped vignette, "The Ronin" Kenoh talks about his travels across the world, and the knowledge from the land, and the people that he encountered. He talks about legend that tells of some of those gifted individuals in the art of pro wrestling hold the past very dear to them, enough that they even inhabit the very essence of the titans that came before. He introduces Masa Kitamiya to the Shogun fans, and that together, these two outcasts will carve their mark into the Shogun legend. Kenoh challenges right to the top, by calling out Joe Doering for a match against Masa Kitamiya next week.


Tag Team Match
Yokai (HAYATA and YO-HEY) vs. Black Menso~re and Shun Skywalker

Image result for HAYATAImage result for YO-HEYRelated imageImage result for Shun Skywalker

In a Junior Heavyweight Tag Team bout, the newly formed tandem of Yokai, consisting of HAYATA and YO-HEY take on the masked duo of Black Menso~re and the young prospect Shun Skywalker. The match is a ludicrously fast-paced affiar, with Skywalker taking the lionshare of the match, equalling HAYATA and YO-HEY's more risky offence. HAYATA seems to be the more measured of the two, while YO-HEY takes a "act now, think later" mentality to his wrestling. Their unrepdictible pairing make for stiff competition against the masked team, with YO-HEY taking Black Menso-re down with a running cannonball senton to the corner. He tags in HAYATA, and they hit a double shot of springboard moonsaults, with HAYATA going for the pin, but Menso~re kicks out. Skywalker miraculously gets to tag in after a long period of Yokai dominating, almost scoring the win with a clutch o'connor roll. However, Menso~re tags himself in when Skywalker is thrown into the corner, this would spell doom for their team. The well-oiled pairing of HAYATA and YO-HEY prove to be too much for their opponents as they connect with a Wheelbarrow Facebuster/Cutter combination, something they call "Ectoplasm".

Yokai (HAYATA and YO-HEY) def. Black Menso~re and Shun Skywalker in 11:46 via pinfall with an Ectoplasm (Wheelbarrow Facebuster/Cutter)


Main Event
Non-Title Match
Takashi Sugiura vs. Josh Alexander (with Ben-K)

Image result for Takashi Sugiura GHC ChampionImage result for Josh Alexander

The Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, Takashi Sugiura takes on the Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander. They lock up and both men are equally match in terms of strength, and Alexander doesn't put up with Sugiura looking down at him. Wanting to prove that he is worthy of being in the ring with the champion, Alexander unloads a flurry of elbows and forearms, shaking the champion momentarily, but a suplex attempt gets blocked, with Sugiura kneeing Alexander in the mid-section. Sugiura starts to dominate with a plethora of huge suplexes; vertical, backdrop, exploder. The champion is having his way with the Walking Weapon, laying in some brutal stiff forearms in the corner to a dazed Alexander. Sugiura wants to show Ben-K what he's going to do to him at Dual of Destiny. Sugiura hits a big catch suplex after Josh Alexander starts to fire up, quelling the comeback, much to the fans' chagrin. However, despite a continued beatdown, Alexander doesn't falter. He stands, and starts to fight back with chops and strikes, landing a big running uppercut into the corner, followed by a Northern Lights Suplex for a close two count over the champion! Alexander tries to pick up Sugiura for a Tombstone Piledriver, but gets countered into one from the champion. With the end in sight, Sugiura attempts to lock in the Ankle Lock, but Josh Alexander reaches the ropes, the crowd cheering him on. After another series of strikes and exchanges, Alexander locks in a front sleeper hold, then reaches for Sugiura's wrist, going to hit a ripcord discus forearm to knock out the champion. However, as Alexander turns his back for the briefest moment, Sugiura grabs him and hoists up the Walking Weapon into the Yosen Olympic Slam. 1.....2.....3

Takashi Sugiura def. Josh Alexander in 15:22 via pinfall with a Yosen Olympic Slam






Chapter 11: Dust


Tandem Wars

Related image

The Shogun Tag Team Champions, Shuji Ishikawa and Suwama affirm their status as the strongest tag team in Shogun. They are resolute in their pride as Tag Team Champions, and will accept the challenge of Legion. But despite their power, they are simply not strong enough to bring the Violent Giants down.


Singles Match
Joe Doering (with David Finlay and Dylan James) vs. Masa Kitamiya (with Kenoh)

Image result for Joe DoeringImage result for Masa Kitamiya

In an anticipated debut onto the Shogun scene, Masa Kitamiya, accompanied by Kenoh, takes on a former No.1 Contender, Joe Doering. They waste no time by busting out the big chops and slams. For everything that Doering dishes out, Kitamiya absorbs, and returns in kind. Throughout the match, their intensity and passion for the match only seems to increase. Kitamiya manages to land a shoulder block, only to receive one from Doering. Everything that one throws out, the other is equally matched in all regards. Even when brawling outside, they have each other's moves so well scouted that it takes a few false throws before someone is brute-forced into the metal barricade. As the time is starting to dwindle, it's surprising  that nobody in either man's corner are attempting to interfere, too invested in the match to tamper with it. Trading attempts of Revolution Bombs and Saito Suplexes, Kitamiya gets caught with a lariat, followed by an elbow drop. But what? Kitamiya is right back up! He tackles Doering into the ropes, and hits Doering's own Sky High Bomb when he rebounds! After another attempt at hitting the Saito Suplex, both men seperate, levelling each other with vicious lariats, both men are down. The timer counts down to zero. This leaves Kenoh, Finlay and James wanting to see it all over again.

Joe Doering vs. Masa Kitamiya ended in a 20 Minute Time Limit Draw

After the match, Kenoh gets right int the faces of Dylan James and Finlay, causing a huge brawl to erupt, and Masa Kitamiya bulldozes his way through everyone, leaving only Doering standing. Kenoh, James and Finlay re-group with their respective allies, this is far from over.

6-Man Tag Team Match
Sugiura-gun (Tomoyuki Oka, Rampage Brown and Alexander Hammerstone) vs. Strong Oni (Yuji Okabayashi and Daisuke Sekimoto) and Masato Yoshino

Image result for Tomoyuki OkaImage result for Rampage BrownRelated image
Image result for Yuji OkabayashiImage result for Daisuke SekimotoImage result for Masato Yoshino

In a tag team bout, the Speedstar, Masato Yoshino has found an alliance from one-half of Strong Oni, Yuji Okabayashi. This stocky, hard-hitting wrestler proves to be an equaliser against the No.1 Contenders to the Shogun Tag Team Championships. Okabayashi's chops really send Oka and Hammerstone through a loop, followed by his simple, but very effective offence of running corner splashes and slams. Yoshino is also able to get in some much anticipated offence onto Alexander Hammerstone, taking away the much larger wrestlers vertical base with a series of kicks, able to dodge with his superior speed. However, this little sprint of momentum for Yoshino's team is short lived, as Hammerstone soon derails him with a massive shoulder tackle, followed by a running face wash in the corner. Oka and Yuji get into a big brawl throughout the match, and while Oka is strong, his relative inexperience gives Okabayashi the advantage. The match ends when Yoshino is able to roll up Hammerstone, but the gaijin wrestler blocks in and drops Yoshino with a release powerbomb! Oka quickly takes out the Angry Golem while Alexander Hammerstone takes out the Speedstar with a vicious Nightmare Pendulum, getting retribution from Shogun Chapter 1, and furthering Suigura-gun's campaign to the Tag Team Championships.

Sugiura-gun (Alexander Hammerstone and Tomoyuki Oka) def. Masato Yoshino and Yuji Okabayashi in 8:59 via pinfall with a Nightmare Pendulum to Masato Yoshino

After the match, Yuji Okabayashi and Alexander Hammerstone get right into each other's faces, having to be held back by security.


Hidden Fire

Image result for Ben-K

Before the main event, the No.1 Contender to the Triple Crown Heavyweight Title, Ben-K, comes out to address the crowd. Surprisingly so, as Ben-K has always maintained a very stoic and non-verbal demeanour and attitude about himself. But this time, he picks up a microphone, and delivers an incredibly passionate and spirited rally of the crowd against Sugiura-gun. He calls out the champion to face him head on at Dual of Destiny, where they will have a Dual of their own. Warrior against Warrior. Honour against Honour.

Main Event
Tag Team Match for the Second and Third Jade Coins
Go Shiozaki and Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Jake Lee and Ryoji Sai

Image result for Go ShiozakiImage result for Kaito Kiyomiya renderImage result for Jake Lee ajpw renderImage result for Ryoji Sai

In tonight's main event, the home team of Shogun to head to head with not one, but two Jade Coins up for grabs. Instead of Jake Lee and Shiozaki teaming together, the veteran is teaming with Kaito Kiyomiya, them having worked out some new tag team offence while training. Jake Lee meanwhile, has brought in a veteran of his own, Ryoji Sai. Lee and Sai start of strong, taking the beating to Kiyomiya, who is able to match Lee's offence this time. With Lee falling short in the tournament to crown the first Triple Crown Champion, this match holds a deeper weight as it is an opportunity to get even with Kiyomiya. With this in mind, Jake Lee isn't the normally honourable wrestler than before, his kicks and knees have some extra fire to them, and his demeanour is one of a hungry prospect who has that next step right before them, and they won't stop until they get there. Kiyomiya splutters at the barrage of heavy knees, only just able to tag in Shiozaki, who is able to equalise somewhat. Lee and Sai are countered by a double shoulder check from Shiozaki, who hits two hesitation dropkicks to Lee and Sai. Starting to run wild, Shiozaki and Kiyomiya hit a Lariat/German Suplex combination to Ryoji Sai for a near fall. The match concludes with Kiyomiya's attempts at the King's Road Suplex being quashed by Jake Lee, the two of them tagging out and taking their fight to the outside. Meanwhile, Shiozaki is able to hit the Go Flasher on Ryoji Sai for the victory.

Go Shiozaki and Kaito Kiyomiya def. Ryoji Sai and Jake Lee in 16:01 via pinfall with a Go Flasher to Ryoji Sai to each earn a Jade Coin





Chapter 12: Honour in Battle


6-Man Tag Team Match
Seiki Yoshioka, Hikaru Sato and Kotaro Suzuki vs. Yokai (Tetsuya Endo, HAYATA and YO-HEY)

Image result for Seiki YoshiokaImage result for Hikaru SatoImage result for Kotaro Suzuki
Image result for Tetsuya EndoImage result for HAYATAImage result for YO-HEY

With The Shogun Junior Heavyweight Champion, Seiki Yoshioka, is tagging with two members of Stalwart, Hikaru Sato and Kotaro Suzuki, against the trio of Yokai. Immediately, Seiki Yoshioka runs and takes out Tetsuya Endo, his entire focus on the leader of Yokai, while the seasoned veterans are left to contend with HAYATA and YO-HEY. On the receiving end of Yokai's high-flying offence, Stalwart take some time to rally and even the odds. Sato lays in some strong mid kicks and strikes, making use of his martial arts background. HAYATA is able to swing Sato around for a DDT, then right into a split-legged moonsault for a two count, tagging in YO-HEY who hits a standing frog splash. While this is happening, Endo boots Yoshioka in the face at ringside, trying to choke him with a cable from the commentary desk! The match finally comes to a close with surprisingly, the team of Stalwart are able to isolate HAYATA from his tag partner, and hit a buzzaw kick followed by Suzuki's Gory Neckbreaker, what he calls Blue Destiny to HAYATA, getting the quick pinfall victory just before YO-HEY can break it up.

Kotaro Suzuki, Hikaru Sato and Seiki Yoshioka def. Yokai (HAYATA, YO-HEY and Tetsuya Endo) in 12:42 via pinfall with a Blue Destiny to HAYATA

After the match, Tetsuya Endo and YO-HEY attack the members of Stalwart as well as Yoshioka, even hitting Hikaru Sato over the head with the Junior Heavyweight Championship!! It seems that Yokai want another piece of Stalwart in the future, will they get it at Dual of Destiny?


Putting out Fires

Image result for Go Shiozaki interview

In a backstage segment, contender to the Blessing of Jade Championship, Go Shiozaki, makes comment of his opponents in the match, in particular that his ally, Kaito Kiyomiya too. He mentions that Kiyomiya is a blossoming talent, and will soon be the face of Shogun. He has the aura of something nostalgic, but brought into the modern era. But, none the less, Go Shiozaki wants the Jade Championship, and Kiyomiya, James nor Sekimoto will be able to stop him from achieving that. He may be the leader of the Home Team, but that by no means says that he is going out without a fight. Shiozaki also makes a somewhat melancholic comment to Jake Lee, who is getting more and more disillusioned with the Home Team, but Shiozaki is convinced that he can help the young wrestler quell his frustrations, and see his long-term potential.


Singles Match for the Fourth Jade Coin
Yuji Okabayashi vs. Dylan James

Image result for Yuji OkabayashiImage result for Dylan James AJPW

In a singles match to decide the final contender for the Jade Championship, the Angry Golem, Yuji Okabayashi takes on Dylan James of The Bombers. Dylan James has been gradually gaining some decent momentum for himself over the last month or so, picking up multiple pinfall victories with his stablemates. The match is a hoss fight slugfest, the taller and more chiselled Dylan James against the shorter and bulkier Okabayashi. They confidently trade shoulder checks with each other and block attempts at grappling, electing to both keep the match on the feet, trading forearms and deafening chops. Even in the opening minutes, Okabayashi's chest is red with welts from Jame's knife edge chops. Okabayashi isn't one to yield to any opponent, and he whips James into the corner, clattering his opponent with body splashes and a big vertical suplex that shakes the ring. The Golem then makes the crowd come alive even more with a Torture Rack on Dylan James!! Will he tap? Okabayashi struggles to keep the massive Dylan James up there, soon having to drop him to the mat. Okabayashi then scales to the top rope to hit his Golem Splash finisher, but what's this? Alexander Hammerstone jumps up onto the ring apron and throws Okabayashi from the top rope while Tomoyuki Oka is distracting the ref! A dazed Dylan James doesn't see the interference and groggily hits the Chokeslam for the win.

Dylan James def. Yuji Okabayashi in 11:45 via pinfall with a Chokeslam

Image result for Alexander Hammerstone

After the match, Hammerstone lays his finger on the unconscious Okabayashi, before hitting the Nightmare Pendulum on him for good measure. Hammerstone then takes to the micrphone and says that he will flatten Okabayashi at Dual of Destiny for trying to defend Yoshino, and it will be a Falls Count Anywhere Match!


Machinations of The Ronin

Image result for Kenoh promo

In a sit-down interview with The Ronin and his new ally, Masa Kitamiya, Kenoh lays out his intentions here in Shogun. He sees the mighty titans of Shogun, like Takashi Sugiura....the Violent Giants....and Go Shiozaki's little band of rejects....Kaito Kiyomiya....the shame of losing to Ben-K.....and Kenoh wants to spit in their faces. They are handed everything, and had always had others around them, flying through life without a care. The Masterless Samurai went years without anyone, but now, it has found cameraderie with Masa Kitamiya, a savage beast of a wrestler who was also alone. With isolation as their common ground, Kenoh wishes for both of their strength to never be ignored again. He slanders Joe Doering and his lack of true discipline to this craft of pro wrestling, and that The Bombers will never be able to ignore him after Dual of Destiny.


Main Event
6-Man Tag Team Match

Suigura-gun (Takashi Suigura, Rampage Brown and Tomoyuki Oka) vs. Ben-K and Violent Giants (Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa)

Image result for Takashi Sugiura GHC ChampionImage result for Rampage BrownImage result for Tomoyuki Oka
Related imageImage result for Violent Giants

In the final match before Dual of Destiny, the Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion and his Legion heavies take on the former Blessing of Jade Champion Ben-K and the Shogun Tag Team Champions, The Violent Giants. Interestingly, Shuji Ishikawa wants to fight Sugiura first. The two seasoned veterans lock up, with the much larger Ishikawa gaining some brief early advantage before Sugiura escapes a shoulder lift and grabs a waistlock, quickly electing to ground the massive tag team champion with his superior grappling and wrestling. Sugiura is playing less of a smash mouth game tonight, he might be aged, but is still an accomplished technician. Sugiura's mat grappling culminates with a big back suplex, which on such a large opponent is very impressive. Throughout the match, Sugiura relies on Rampage and Oka to be more aggressive and reckless with their attacks, Legion nearly connecting with the devastating Thunder Valley, but the No.1 Contender is able to fight out of it. Oka delivers a hot run of tackles, clubs and spears to the Tag Team Champions. Rampage and Oka are able to land the Thunder Valley to Ishikawa, but unfortunately for them, he isn't the legal man. Likewise later in the match, the Violent Giants hit their Last Mountain finisher to the Triple Crown Champion! But being the savvy veteran, he rolls out the ring. The match comes to a close when Ishikawa dropkicks Rampage Brown out of the ring, and Suwama throws Sugiura out with Ben-K's help, leaving the Oriental Weapon to hit his Gutwrench Powerbomb to Tomoyuki Oka for the victory.

Ben-K, Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa def. Sugiura-gun (Tomoyuki Oka, Alexander Hammerstone and Takashi Sugiura) in 18:32 via pinfall with a Ben-K Bomb to Tomoyuki Oka





Related image

SHGN Dual of Destiny


Tag Team Match
Stalwart (Kotaro Suzuki and Hikaru Sato) vs. Yokai (YO-HEY and HAYATA)

Image result for Kotaro SuzukiImage result for Hikaru Sato wrestler
Image result for YO-HEYImage result for HAYATA

In a high-octane opening match to Shogun's biggest show to date, the tandem of Yokai take on the Junior Heavyweights of Stalwart in a tag team bout. The winner of this match will most likely have some leverage in moving closer to a Tag Team Championship Match. YO-HEY and Suzuki start off, where the risky, but high impact offence of YO-HEY is well scouted by Kotaro Suzuki, who through well timed dodges and wrestling holds, is able to effectively ground the high-fliers. What he didn't factor in for however, is Yokai's willingness to really bend the rules to their will. YO-HEY and HAYATA in particular, make use of the extended time between tags where they can be in the ring, raking the eyes while obscuring it from the referee, and choking their opponents on the ropes. Hikaru Sato's strikes and Suzuki's wrestling are impressive, but with these underhanded tactics, Yokai are able to really take the majority of the match. Stalwart make their comeback with a huge buzzaw kick from Sato, which echoes throughout the Differ Ariake with a crack, only gets the closest of near falls. HAYATA almost gets caught in Blue Destiny again, but this time scouts it and counters into a curcifix pin, but only gets a two. Tagging back to Sato, the Stalwart team get double submissions on Yokai, who barely make it to the ropes. In the closing stretch of the match, YO-HEY low-blows Suzuki as he's on the apron, taking away the tag from Sato, and by then it was too late. Yokai are able to connect with Ectoplasm for the win.

Yokai (HAYATA and YO-HEY) def. Stalwart (Hikaru Sato and Kotaro Suzuki) in 12:12 via pinfall with an Ectoplasm (Wheelbarrow Facebuster/Cutter) to Hikaru Sato


Tag Team Match
The Bombers (Joe Doering and David Finlay) vs. Kenoh and Masa Kitamiya

Image result for Joe DoeringRelated image
Image result for KenohImage result for Masa Kitamiya

Starting out with Doering and Kitamiya, they're as equally matched as they were a couple of weeks ago, able to read each other's moves with uncanny accuracy. Kitamiya is short, but a very active and captivating wrestler, his war cries and smashmouth grappling style, coupled with his distinguished submission game thanks to his shorter height makes for a unique opponent, not unlike the Triple Crown Champion. With Kenoh's guidance and experience, Kitamiya has become a dangerous foe, as proven with David Finlay's strategies seem to be finding little purchase as he's thrown around the ring with a biel toss. Doering comes back in to equalise against Kitamiya, but The Bombers seem to not be on the same page tonight, as all of their tag team offence doesn't land, and they're not in sync as one would expect. Doering admonishes Finlay for it as he gets caught in a Manjigatame, an Octopus Hold from Masa Kitamiya. Kenoh comes in and stands right up to Finlay and Doering, his dropkicks, german suplexes and shoot kicks with the force of gunfire send the Bombers team for a loop. Both teams exchange signature offence of Sky High Bombs, roundhouse kicks and European uppercuts. After some more arguing on the side of the Bombers, seemingly frustrated with his lack of success under the Bombers banner, Doering refuses for Finlay to tag out, leaving him to the wolves. In disbelief, Finlay then gets dunked with a huge Saito Suplex from Kitamiya after his attempt to hit a springboard bulldog gets completely blocked by Kitamiya's low centre of gravity and superior strength, getting pinned for his efforts.

Masa Kitamiya and Kenoh def. The Bombers (David Finlay and Joe Doering) in 10:51 via pinfall with a Saito Suplex to David Finlay


Falls Count Anywhere Match
Yuji Okabayashi vs. Alexander Hammerstone

Image result for Yuji OkabayashiRelated image

As Okabayashi is making his entrance, he's attacked by Hammerstone on the entrance ramp!! Both men brawl around the fans and push them aside, Okabayashi throwing Hammerstone across a sea of fold-out chairs. The Golem takes Hammerstone over to the concrete wall, and starts smashing his head into it viciously, much to the crowd's delight. The fans gasp as they disappear up the stairs to the upper tiers of seating! Hammerstone takes advantage and suplexes Okabayashi along the concessions stand, and over to the railing, scraping the Golem's face along the metal. They brawl and plunder their way around the fans, Hammerstone using a fan's handbag to beat Okabayashi. The Angry Golem then throws his opponent to the ground, and obliges and eager fan by bodyslamming him onto Alexander Hammerstone! The referee following them is in utter disbelief at all of this, counting the near fall. Hammerstone is able to slip out of a Torture Rack attempt on the stairs, narrowly avoiding the edge of the tier and kicks the Golem in the gut. They brawl back down to the floor where they once again displace several fans with their fight. Hammerstone takes advantage and uses this time hit the Nightmare Pendulum over a collection of the fold-out chairs. Surrounded by the fans, their belongings, and the seats they paid for, Alexander Hammerstone gets the victory.

Alexander Hammerstone def. Yuji Okabayashi in 13:55 via pinfall with a Nightmare Pendulum onto chairs in the crowd!


Vacant Blessing of Jade Championship Match
Dylan James vs. Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Go Shiozaki vs. Daisuke Sekimoto

Image result for Dylan James ajpwImage result for Kaito Kiyomiya renderImage result for Go ShiozakiImage result for Daisuke Sekimoto


The match starts with Sekimoto and James forming a strange alliance against the established allies of Kiyomiya and Shiozaki. Sekimoto targets the young pride of Shogun, Kiyomiya with a huge throw, lifting him up with ease, such is the power of the Muscle Monster. Shiozaki and James meanwhile take their brawl to the ringside area, where Shiozaki receives a cringe-inducing bodyslam on the ground. James then goes back into the ring and assists Sekimoto with the dismantling of Kiyomiya. Taking chops from two of the strongest members of the roster at the same time is rough for Kyiomiya, who rolls out of the ring after being hit with a double suplex from his opponents. James and Sekimoto then turn their sights to each other, the chops echoing throughout the Differ Ariake. Sekimoto's attempts at power wrestling are met with more power from James, who really shines in the match, recovering from Sekimoto countering the Chokeslam by hitting a spinning side slam on the Muscle Monster. Shiozaki eventually joins the fray and lariats the living hell out of both of them. He hits a shining wizard on a downed Sekimoto, and the Go Flasher on Dylan James! 1....2....no! Kiyomiya breaks it up! Before Shiozaki and Kiyomiya can come to blows, James throws Shiozaki out of the ring again, this time over the ropes, only to be caught by Sekimoto, who powerbombs him on the edge of the apron!! Kiyomiya is now effectively fighting two massive heavyweights for the Jade Championship. James and Sekimoto throw around Kiyomiya, but soon try to defeat each other. Sekimoto almost has the match won after countering James' chokeslam into a Torture Rack. However, Kiyomiya sees his opportunity and breaks the submission, applying a Chickenwing Facelock to the standing Sekimoto!! James is down from the Torture Rack, and Sekimoto has no choice but to tap!! Kaito Kiyomiya wins!!

Kaito Kiyomiya def. Dylan James, Go Shiozaki and Daisuke Sekimoto in 16:08 via submission with a Chickenwing Facelock to Daisuke Sekimoto to become the new Blessing of Jade Champion!


Shogun World Tag Team Championship Match
Violent Giants (Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa) (c) vs. Legion (Rampage Brown and Tomoyuki Oka)

Related imageImage result for Rampage BrownImage result for Tomoyuki Oka

Legion begin the match with a strong start, taking Suwama into their corner and quickly cutting the ring in half, keeping control with quick tags and tandem offence. Rampage shoulder barges Suwama into the turnbuckles, while Oka grabs an arm and takes the Giant to the mat. Legion's attacks focus on Suwama's left arm, in the event that he does apply the sleeper hold that won them the tag titles, he would be too weakened to maintain the dangerous submission hold. Suwama eventually finds an opportunity to fight back, eblowing Rampage in the face and hip tossing Oka to the mat. Tagging in Ishikawa, who dropkicks Tomoyuki Oka, followed by a bodyslam ,and a diving foot stomp from the middle rope for a two count. Ishikawa's attempts to suplex Rampage however, are met with only counters and a chop block, taking away Ishikawa's vertical base, only for a big spear attempt to be countered into a massive powerslam, again, only for a two count. The Violent Giants start taking apart the Legion, lariating Oka off the apron and hitting a double team hip toss, followed by a sliding lariat. After Oka recovers, they even up the field, able land a classic doomsday device after a sleeper hold from Suwama fails for the closest near fall! This is the closest that the tag champs have come to losing their titles. The match ends after Rampage gets shoves into the ropes and clotheslined over the top, connecting with the Last Mountain for the title retention.

Violent Giants (Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa) (c) def. Legion (Tomoyuki Oka and Rampage Brown) in 14:30 via pinfall with a Last Mountain (Double Crucifix Powerbomb) to Tomoyuki Oka to make their 2nd defence of the Shogun Tag Team Championships


Semi-Main Event
Shogun Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Seiki Yoshioka (c) vs. Tetsuya Endo

Image result for Seiki Yoshioka championImage result for Tetsuya Endo

Yoshioka gets attacked by a huge dive from Endo as he jumps with a pescado to the ringside area to start the match. Endo quickly dominates the match, viciously whipping Yoshioka around the ringside area, clattering against the barricades. Endo eventually takes the match into the ring at his own pace, no movement being for the crowd or for his opponent. His athleticism is on full display as he hits a standing moonsault after outmatching Yoshioka on the ground game. Where Yoshioka does get his monentum however, is by being better at dirty tactics than Endo. Unlike his allies, HAYATA and YO-HEY, Endo seems to play it by the book while in the ring. Sure, he'll attack you outsidethe ring and use his enviroment around him, but it clear that it's not his natural disposition. Endo gets brought down with a rake to the eyes, returning the favour with a spin kick to the gut of the champion. As Endo goes to run to the ropes to build up speed, Yoshioka grabs his tights, and pulls him in to a big high-angle german suplex. Yoshioka takes back control with a big run of moves; basement dropkick, back elbow, springboard DDT for a near fall. He tries to hit the Crash Driver, but Endo has it well scouted, countering into a near fall. The match picks up even more and both men trade high-flying counter for high-flying counter. Another Crash Driver attempt is made, but it too gets countered. This time, Endo drops Yoshioka with a piledriver, before climbing to the top rope and landing the Twisting Sky Press, and picking up the win! We have a new champion!

Tetsuya Endo def. Seiki Yoshioka (c) in 17:15 via pinfall with a Twisting Sky Press (Corkscrew 450 Splash) to become the new Shogun Junior Heavyweight Champion!

After the match, HAYATA and YO-HEY come out to celebrate with Tetsuya Endo, as they stand at the top of the Junior Heavyweight Division.


Main Event
Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship Match
Takashi Sugiura (c) vs. Ben-K

Related imageImage result for Ben-K

Suigura and Ben-K circle each other as the bell rings, both staring vigilantly into each other's eyes, the calm before the storm. They lock up where Sugiura takes the advantage, both men countering the other's chain wrestling attempts. Ben-K can take the advantage in the striking department, remaining his stoic self....for now. He hits a back elbow and a flurry of forearms before taking the champion to the corner. He lays in some more strikes before Sugiura switches positions, unloading his forearms as well. So much so that Ben-K falls to a seated position, but his expression is as unreadable as ever. Sugiura hits Ben-K with brutal and dissmissive boots and punches, but Ben-K suddenly gets to his feet, rocking the champion with a big uppercut. He bounces back with a lariat to ground the champion, applying a grounded Full nelson sleeper that he calls Sodegarami. The crowd get behind Ben-K, but the champion is able to counter and fight out, getting a two count after a pin attempt on the challenger. Taking back control, Sugiura headbutts Ben-K, which sends both men stumbling for a moment. Both men suddenly hit the ropes and run at each other....Sugiura ducks the lariat attempt, and catches Ben-K on the rebound with a huge capture suplex. The Killing Machine is now on the road to victory, connecting with his vast array of suplexes onto the Oriental Weapon.

Throughout this onsalught, Ben-K's fire and passion starts to come out more and more, soon screaming in Sugiura's face before hitting a headbutt of his own, followed by sitout swinging slam for a two count. Both men are spent and down as the crowd erupts, champion and challenger using each other to stand....but suddenly, Sugiura catches Ben-K in a guillotine choke, like a constrictor snake snagging it's prey. Ben-K falls back to his hands and knee. It seems that he might fade, but the challenge powers back up and slams Sugiura down to the mat, his last resort to break the hold. Ben-K is firing on all cylinders as he tries to hit the Ben-K Bomb, but Sugiura counters into a massive DDT as he is getting hoisted up in the gutwrench hold. Sugiura then applies an ankle lock. After an agonising few seconds, Ben-K gets to the ropes. Ben-K then blocks a spear from Sugiura and hits the Ben-K Bomb! But he's too drained from the match to make the pin! He crawls over, but Sugiura is now too close to the ropes, and is able to break the pin attempt. After picking him up again for the gutwrench, Sugiura counters and lifts up Ben-K onto his shoulders after knocking him loopy with a huge elbow strike. Sugiura climbs to the middle rope with Ben-K on his shoulders, and hits an Avalanche Yosen Olympic Slam. He tiredly makes the pin, and just about defeats Ben-K to retain his title. Sugiura knew, it took the stronger Yosen Slam to put him away.

Takashi Sugiura (c) def. Ben-K in 25:18 via pinfall with an Avalanche Yosen Olympic Slam to make his 2nd defence of the Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship


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Episode 16

JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Fallout

Gaijin No More

Image result for john morrison in ring

The show begins with none other than the JCW National Champion, Johnny Gaijin. He strolls down to the ring, wind blowing behind him, sunglasses on and championship wrapped around his waist. He hops into the ring and demands a mic from the ring crew. He goes on to say that he's proven himself to all of Japan, and that he refuses to be labeled with such a shameful name. He announces that he will be taking back his name, the name of John Morrison, and there's no one who can stop him. He unstraps his championship and poses in the ring. At the same time, a pyro goes off and the American flag falls down from the rafters, but it is branded with the name of none other than John Morrison.

Match 1: Ryusuke Taguichi vs Rocky Romero

Image result for rocky romero

In the first matchup of the night, Ryusuke Taguichi took on Roppongi 3K's Rocky Romero. Romero was accompanied by SHO and YOH for the duration of the match, and the extra help proved to be essential in the final moments of the match. Taguichi was looking for Dodon The End, but the duo would take his legs out from underneath him, allowing Romero to capitalize and lock in the Diablo Armbar. Taguichi held out for a bit, but after some taunting from SHO and YOH, the tapout was inevitable.

Rocky Romero defeated Ryusuke Taguichi in 12:45 with a Diablo Armbar

Path to Success

Image result for jay white

The camera pans backstage to Jay White and Punishment Martinez, the duo sitting together in the locker room. They both look up at the camera, but surprisingly it is Martinez who speaks. He talks about his frustrations, not only for him, but for his partner as well. He claims that as the elite talent that they are, they should both be in the title picture. White pats Martinez on the back and rises to his feet, taking over the speech. He says that Martinez is right, and that they really do deserve more. He says it's no secret that AT is against their virtues and their tactics, but that he won't have a choice when they prove how good they really are. With that, the two walk off camera, their future having a bit of light.

Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Konosuke Takeshita

Image result for hiroshi tanahashi

In a match that many would consider a dream, two aces on separate sides of Japan squared off against each other in the main event of JCW Punishment. The match was a hard hitting one, displaying a side of Tanahashi that is rarely unveiled. Takeshita had the clear advantage in the strike category, and he utilized his advantage well, keeping Tanahashi on defense for the majority of the match. But after a missed big boot, the ever resilient Ace took advantage with a big dragon suplex. He quickly followed with a backbreaker and then a slingblade, leaving Takeshita in perfect position to end the match. And so he did, delivering the High Fly Flow, a move that has won him so many matches in the past, this one being no different.

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Konosuke Takeshita in 18:31 with the High Fly Flow

Reversal of Fortune

Image result for tetsuya naito vs hiroshi tanahashi

As Tanahashi is celebrating his hard fought victory, the crowd begins to cheer, louder than before. Tanahashi turns toward the entrance way, and none other than Tetsuya Naito is making his way down to the ring, taking his sweet time. He is dressed in his classic attire, suited out with a black hat and the championship around his waist. As he struts down to the ring, he claps for Tanahashi, complimenting him on his impressive victory. He enters the ring and the two stand off face to face. Tanahashi's gaze lowers down to the Naito's championship, and in response, Naito raises the belt in the air. The two men stare down at each other, a new threat spawning for Naito's beloved championship.


Episode 17

JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Back to the Top


Image result for daniel bryan

This episode of JCW Punishment begins with none other than Daniel Bryan. He is already in the ring when the show goes on air, pacing around in anger. Once he sees the show is on, he begins a tirade, expressing all of his concerns. He knows that he is the greatest in this company, the world even, and that he needs some respect. He says that everyone else knows that he is the best, but they refuse to admit it because they are stuck up, selfish human beings. But once they are enlightened with the fact that he is the greatest, the world will be a better place for all. He therefore lays down an open challenge to anyone in the locker room, and he'll be waiting in tonight's main event.

Match 1: Cody Hall vs YAMATO

Image result for yamato wrestler

In the first match of the night, the monster that is Cody Hall took on the veteran YAMATO. The match was a very interesting one, with Hall trying to keep YAMATO on the mat and out of the air. Despite his age, the veteran was able to best Hall on multiple occasions, landing some big aerial maneuvers. But for whatever he threw at Hall, the opposition had a response. Eventually, Hall slowed down after the long battle, allowing YAMATO to nail a brainbuster on the big man and finish him off with the Frankensteiner of the Almighty.

YAMATO defeated Cody Hall in 13:32 with the Frankensteiner of the Almighty

Carrying a Division

Image result for koji iwamoto

Next up, we have a backstage interview with the JCW Breakout Champion, Koji Iwamoto. He is asked several questions, many revolving around his title and the division he is surrounded by. He says many different things, pointing out a few notable names and a bit more. But his main point stands: he is the centerpiece of the Breakout Division, and the reason is not a just one. He firmly believes that this title is beneath him, but as a respectable man, he'd rather hold the title for the rest of the his career and make it worth as much as the JCW World Championship than lose it to some weak opposition.

Main Event: Daniel Bryan vs Punishment Martinez

Image result for daniel bryan

In tonight's main event, Punishment Martinez stepped up to the challenge of Daniel Bryan. Both Martinez and Jay White have recently had similar issues to Bryan, where they feel they aren't getting the opportunities that they deserved. In addition, with White joining Martinez at ringside, Milano Collection AT joined the commentary team for the duration of the match, scouting out the three men. The two put on a great match, both trying their hardest to impress the crowd around ringside. Despite the high stakes, both men stayed professional, hardly making an error. In the end, Martinez looked for the Curb Stomp, but Bryan dodged the attack, knocking Martinez down to his knees with some kicks to the chest. Soon enough, Bryan sprinted into the corner and back out, demolishing the kneeling Martinez with the coveted Running Knee.

Daniel Bryan defeated Punishment Martinez in 19:54 with a Running Knee


Episode 18

JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Continuity


Image result for dark order wrestling

The show begins with the JCW Tag Team Champions, the Dark Order. They come down to the ring, surrounded by a multitude of creepers, truly giving them an eerie presence. The enter the ring, championships around their waists, and Grayson begins to talk. He reminisces about their journey to the tag titles, and frankly just how easy it was. But he knows well that there are plenty of teams still out there. And while their journey was easy, it's not hardly over. They crave more, and that's exactly what they're going to get. As a matter of fact, they're going to make sure of it.

Match 1: Roppongi 3K vs MCMG and KUSHIDA

Image result for roppongi 3k

To kick off the show, the Dark Order get to see what they want: competition. In a six man tag team match, the stable of Roppongi 3K took on the Motor City Machine Guns who were accompanied by Alex Shelley's former tag team partner, KUSHIDA. Both units worked surprisingly well together despite not having much experience as trios. There was action all over the place, bodies flying everywhere, huge spots being hit, and much, much more. In the end, Romero's ring intelligence allowed him to get a rope break off a Made in Detroit, and he was able to quickly roll up Chris Sabin, picking up the victory for Roppongi 3K.

Roppongi 3K defeated MCMG and KUSHIDA in 14:41

Challenge Accepted

Image result for roppongi 3k

After the conclusion of a thrilling match, the winning trio was greeted by none other than the tag team champions. The five men stood off for a moment, a great size difference apparent. Despite this, Grayson lays out a challenge: a match between them and SHO and YOH at JCW Demolition. The duo accepted, much to the pleasure of Rocky Romero, a brilliant match being set to happen in a few weeks time.

Match 2: Jay White vs Jack Evans

Image result for jay white

This week, it was Jay White who got an opportunity, one to prove how dominant he really is. He took on Jack Evans, one half of Los Gueros del Cielo. With his partner Angelico at ringside to neutralize the threat of Punishment Martinez, there were no excuses to be made. Evans sped up the match greatly, hitting some truly incredible moves, and his momentum was only halted by an interfering Martinez. Angelico took out the threat with a huge crossbody off the steel steps, but the damage had been done. White capitalized on the distraction, debuting a new move, the Kiwi Crusher. The maneuver is enough to gain him the pinfall victory.

Jay White defeated Jack Evans in 8:20 with a Kiwi Crusher

Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs John Morrison

Image result for john morrison

In what many might consider a dream match, Hiroshi Tanahashi took on the JCW National Champion, John Morrison. The two matched up brilliantly, putting on the show the fans wouldn't forget any time soon. The two both had a lot of experience in the wrestling business, and they put that to work in the match, maintaining a steady pace throughout the entire matchup. After nearly 20 minutes, the match seemed to be at a stalemate, both men trading huge shots, but neither falling. But to the shock of many, Tetsuya Naito made his down to the ring, seemingly just wanting to watch. But after Morrison pinned Tanahashi against the ropes and the referee broke him away, Naito hit a sneaky punch to Tanahashi, causing him to reel forward right into a superkick from Morrison. The national champion then scaled the ropes, blew a kiss to the crowd, and hit a beautiful Starship Pain for the shock victory.

John Morrison defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi in 20:12 with a Starship Pain off the distraction from Tetsuya Naito


Image result for hiroshi tanahashi

After the conclusion of the match, Morrison makes a quick exit while Naito enters the ring, circling the fallen Tanahashi. The Ace slowly gets to his feet and he gets right in Naito's face, clearly irate about what just occurred. Naito simply takes a step back and poses, causing Tanahashi to lash out with a big forearm followed by the High Fly Flow. Tanahashi grabs a microphone and says that he hasn't dedicated the majority of his life to this beautiful art to be disrespected by someone like Naito. He says that he'll see him at Demolition, where he can show him why he's truly the Ace. Naito looks on with a smile as Tanahashi heads to the back, clearly achieving what he wanted to.


Episode 19

JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Impending Doom

Creating the Trend

Image result for koji iwamoto

To kick off the show, we have the JCW Breakout Champion, Koji Iwamoto once again. The champion comes out and admits that he wasn't supposed to be here tonight, and that he's been given the night off. But like the true champion he is, he shows up every night, trying to prove what he's already proved to himself. And tonight, he wants to break the trend of open challenges for the Breakout Championship. He wants to choose who he fights, someone who can actually compete with him in the ring. And therefore, he calls out none other than Ren Narita, a man who's failed to capture the title before. Accompanied by Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Narita comes out and accepts the challenge, looking for some redemption.

Match 1: Rocky Romero vs Daichi Hashimoto vs Tomahawk TT

Image result for rocky romero

Earlier tonight, Milano Collection AT announced that their would be a triple threat match. The winner of the match gets to face John Morrison at JCW Demolition for the National Championship. The three contestants were revealed with their entrances, and the three put on a hell of a show. Hashimoto and Tomahawk fought an uphill battle, having to deal with SHO and YOH on the outside along with Romero, who utilized the no DQ rule to his full advantage. He used a steel chair, kendo stick, and even had SHO and YOH plant Hashimoto through a table with the 3K. After that move, Romero would quickly follow with a Nomisugi Knee, pinning Hashimoto while his stablemates held Tomahawk at bay,

Rocky Romero defeated Daichi Hashimoto and Tomahawk TT in 15:29 with a Nomisugi Knee

Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tetsuya Naito vs The Dark Order

Image result for big wrestling brawl

In the main event of the night, the Dark Order teamed up to face two stars who were set to face each other at JCW Demolition, Tetsuya Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi. The duo put their differences aside and set their sights on survival and victory. Both members of the Order looked thrilled, perhaps too happy, to have elite competition, and this killer instinct helped them out tremendously throughout the match. But eventually, Naito and Tanahashi were able to fight their way back into the match, and the creepers interfered from the outside, causing a DQ finish.

Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tetsuya Naito defeated The Dark Order in 13:46 via DQ


Image result for wrestlers standing tall

The attack quickly got out of hand, turning into an all out massacre. The two main event stars were outnumbered 3 to 1, and their prospects were looking dim. But surprisingly enough, the music of Roppongi 3K hit, and the trio rushed down to the ring. They quickly made an impact, taking out a various number of creepers and leaving only Uno and Grayson in the ring. The champions quickly backed out, walking backward off the ramp, seething at the save. And that left Roppongi 3K, Tetsuya Naito, and Hiroshi Tanahashi standing tall. But suddenly, the trio attacks the two megastars, beating them down relentlessly. SHO and YOH hit the 3K on Tanahashi while Romero hits a Nomisugi Knee on Naito, leaving both men sprawled on the floor. Roppongi 3K is here to stay, and at anyone's expense.

Episode 20

JCW Demolition: Brilliance

Match 1 (JCW Breakout Championship): Koji Iwamoto (c) vs Ren Narita

Image result for koji iwamoto

To kick off the show, we had two Breakouts facing each other for the championship of their division. The champion, Iwamoto, clearly had nothing to prove to himself, and he gave Narita a fighting chance. Narita on the other hand, clearly had a lot to get off his chest, and he let it all out on the champion. With Kanemaru by his side, Narita nearly pulled off the upset multiple times, but in the end it would be Iwamoto who would finish the challenger off with a Deadlift German Suplex, safely retaining his championship.

Koji Iwamoto defeated Ren Narita in 8:07 with a Deadlift German Suplex

Match 2 (JCW National Championship): John Morrison (c) vs Rocky Romero

Image result for john morrison champion

In one of the more interesting matches of the night, Roppongi 3K's Rocky Romero took on the JCW National Champion, John Morrison. The two were very evenly matched, both being quite technically sound but also having an athletic side about them. Move after move was countered, making a few truly spectacular sequences. Soon enough, SHO and YOH got involved, distracting Morrison in an effort to help their stablemate. Their attempts were successful, but after SHO got a little too close to the action, the referee threw both of the men out of the match. Now exposed, Romero still held Morrison down, using his in ring knowledge to know where to strike. But after a surprise enzuigiri from Morrison that was followed by a surprisingly fast Starship Pain, the match was all over.

John Morrison defeated Rocky Romero in 18:35 with a Starship Pain

Match 3: Jay White and Punishment Martinez vs TenCozy

Image result for punishment martinez

In a surprise matchup, Jay White and Punishment Martinez teamed up for the first time to take on the veterans Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima. The match was extremely one sided, showing that White and Martinez could work extremely well together. Not even 5 minutes into the match, a curbstomp by Martinez was enough to finish off the old Hiroyoshi Tenzan.

Jay White and Punishment Martinez defeated TenCozy in 4:23


Image result for kazuchika okada backstage

Next up, much to the pleasure of those watching, Kazuchika Okada appears on the screen. He apologizes for not being able to wrestle tonight, but he assures the fans that he is here and well. He commends the wrestlers for putting on a great show without him, and that he's happy to be a small part of it by appearing like this. But all of the sudden, he's blasted from behind by a hooded figure! Okada crumples to the ground while the person sprints away from the scene, leaving Okada knocked out on the concrete floor. Who would do such a thing?

Match 4 (JCW Tag Team Championships): The Dark Order (c) vs SHO and YOH

Image result for dark order wrestling

In this matchup, the recently dominant JCW Tag Team Champions, the Dark Order, took on the challenging SHO and YOH. The Order established the challenge, making them the favorites going into the match. But while watching, it wasn't so apparent. SHO and YOH exploited the two bigger men well, keeping them in their corner for the most part, targeting their limbs. This proved especially effective on Uno, who could hardly stand upright after a few minutes of leg shots. But nevertheless, Grayson fought on, showing true passion for inflicting pain. It was essentially a two on one fight for the majority of the match, but after around ten minutes, Grayson knocked YOH off the apron with a ruthless knee and hit the legal SHO with a michinoku driver. Uno, having a long time to recover, was able to tag in and the duo hit the Tandem Piledriver, subduing the threat of Roppongi 3K without the assistance of their creepers.

The Dark Order defeated Roppongi 3K in 15:57 with a Tandem Piledriver

Main Event (JCW World Championship): Tetsuya Naito (c) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Image result for hiroshi tanahashi

In tonight's main event, with the biggest title in the company on the line, the veteran Hiroshi Tanahashi took on the ever-so-cocky champion Tetsuya Naito. While this was just another title match for Naito, this was much more for Tanahashi. This was a battle for his own pride and the pride of wrestling itself. The match was arguably the best seen in JCW so far. While Tanahashi was putting it all on the line from the get go, Naito was calm and relaxed. As the match progressed, a state of desperation began to develop for Naito as he realized just how good Tanahashi could be with such a prize on the line. Soon, the two were in an all out war, holding absolutely nothing back. Big spots included a Destino whichi drove the back of Tanahashi's neck into the metal barricade and a tremendous High Fly Flow from the top turnbuckle through the announcing table on the outside. And despite throwing caution to the win and sacrificing his body, Tanahashi was in a position to win, having Naito set up for one last High Fly Flow. He attempted the maneuver but crashed as Naito moved out of the way. Naito then locked in the Texas Cloverleaf, Tanahashi's own submission. Through sheer will power and cheers alone, Tanahashi was able to reach out and grasp the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Dragging himself to his feet, he reversed a knee from Naito and rolled him up, only getting a 2 count. He quickly followed with an atomic drop and a dropkick, knocking Naito down once more. This time he scaled to the top and leaped off, connecting with the High Fly Flow. The crowd counted 3 alongside the referee, and Hiroshi Tanahashi pulled off what many thought was impossible. An emotional celebration would take place after, a true crowning for the Ace.

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Tetsuya Naito in 31:40 with a High Fly Flow

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Image result for ACW Logo


Australian Championship Wrestling| Episode 21 "Gone Rogue" | Enmore Theatre

Image result for LWO

We kick off this weeks episode of "Tuesday Night Dynamite" with the most dominant faction in all of ACW at the moment the new and improved Latino World Order. Fenix still proudly holding his ACW World Championship, struts down to the ring with a bandaged Mil Muertes, Laredo Kid and Flamita. Fenix kicks things off talking about how at New Year's Revolution the LWO nearly managed a Clean Sweep and are continuously improving. He took cheap shots at Bobby Lashley's injury before stating that the LWO are here to stay

After Fenix's speech, out come The New Day. The New Day speak about how they were the ones to ensure that a Clean Sweep was averted and put out the statement that on any given night they would be able to put down the LWO with ease. This caused Fenix to go ballistic goading any member of the New Day to accept a match in the ME against one of the LWO members. Xavier Woods stepped forward and Fenix revealed that his chosen opponent will be decided later in the night

Image result for marshall and ross von erich

The Von Erich's vs Lucha House Party 

After it was announced last month that the Von Erich's had signed with ACW it was finally time to show what they were made of in the ring. The Von Erich's took on Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado of the Lucha House Party in their debut match and looked phenomenal, channeling the technical prowess of their family relatives while putting away the high-flying duo

The Von Erich's had no time to celebrate as OvE stormed the ring post-match and laid out a vicious attack on the newcomers. After being called out by the Von Erich's last month OvE made a statement here tonight brutalising, Marshall and Ross Von Erich 

Image result for Buddy Murphy interview

After seeing the destruction caused in the ring we head backstage where Mike Hunt is interviewing Australia's own Buddy Murphy. Murphy was asked about how it felt defeating Corbin on home soil last week and what he looks forward to next. Murphy dismissed Corbin as nothing but a pretender but next Murphy is eyeing some gold whether it be Fenix or Darby Allin, he wants some gold around his waist and soon 

Image result for Darby Allin

Darby Allin vs Fabian Aichner

Already in the ring is Fabian Aichner getting ready for a massive opportunity against the ACW Premium Champion Darby Allin who put down Shawn Spears at NYR. Aichner looked phenomenal in this match, his mixture of speed and strength was too much for Allin to handle and without Sting in his corner, Allin seemed lost. He was however to pull a rabbit out the hat and pick up the victory over Fabian Aichner with the Coffin Drop picking up his 8th win here in ACW moving him 8-1

After the match Allin was celebrating in the ring when footage began to play on the titantron showing his manager and mentor Sting laid out backstage. The Camera then shifted its view showing none other than the vile Sami Callihan. Callihan holding a bat in his hands continued the beatdown on Sting before grabbing the camera and speaking. He stated that he and his brothers were sick of being disrespected and now they are going to take everything from everyone. Callihan stated he was coming for the Premium title. OvE have gone Rogue 

Related image

Mil Muertes vs Xavier Woods

It now came time to the Main Event where we already know Xavier Woods would be representing the New Day, his opponent however was still undecided. As the LWO made their way to the ring it looked like Laredo Kid was going to be the one to accept the challenge however Mil Muertes stepped in at the last second sending fear down the spine of Woods. Woods would try and take advantage of the wear and tear that Muertes had endured over the last couple of days but was not strong enough as Muertes put him away. After the match the LWO would ambush New Day in a 4 on 3 attack but Sami Zayn would make his way down to the ring wielding a chair to even the odds. He chased off LWO just like he did a couple of weeks ago, helping the New Day to their feet to end the show



Australian Championship Wrestling| Episode 22 "The Chosen One" | Enmore Theatre

Image result for hornswoggle backstage interview

We open the show with The Great Khali and Hornswoggle playing a game of Chess in their office when they suddenly realise the camera's are rolling. They announce that the heinous attacks last week by OvE and LWO were not tolerated and need to take a stand. Hornswoggle announced that at the next ACW PPV Annihilation there will be a 6-man tag between The New Day and three members of the LWO to finally settle all these differences

In saying this Swoggle also stated that Fenix will have to defend his ACW World Championship under company protocol and an opponent would be chosen for him. This is when Roderick Strong would make his into the office. Hornswoggle and Khali looked confused as Strong cut a passionate speech about how he needs this opportunity. Swoggle brought up that Strong had lost his previous match and shouldn't deserve an opportunity but Swoggle is willing to change his mind he just needs Roddy to help him change it 

Image result for Jaxson Ryker

Jaxson Ryker vs Martin Kirby 

"The Universal Soldier" kicks off the night's in-ring proceedings taking on Martin Kirby. Ryker has looked great since abandoning the Forgotten Sons including a dominant display against Drake Maverick. This was no different as Ryker crushed Kirby with ease before picking up the victory. Ryker continues to pick up momentum and it spells danger to everyone on the roster 

Related image

We are then shown a recap of last weeks attacks by Sami Callihan and OvE on Sting after Darby Allin's match against Fabian Aichner. We then cut to Allin who is seated in a dark room. He begins to speak about his relationship with Sting and how that man has carved him into the champ he is today. He states that he wants to endure unimaginable pain on Sami Callihan and therefore accepts his challenge for Annihilation under one condition, No holds Barred!

Image result for Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy vs Crimson

Up next Buddy Murphy takes to the ring to take on Crimson. Crimson has struggled thus far in ACW and may need a change of scenery soon to enhance his career and it continue tonight, having no answer to Buddy Murphy and his mixture of speed and quickness. Murphy put on another dominant display and continues his case to earn a title shot. All of that celebration came to a sudden stop as Lars Sullivan made his way down to the ring. The two men stared each other down before Murphy retreated out of the ring. It looks like the Freak doesn't approve of Buddy Murphy and his quest for Gold 

Image result for firefly funhouse

After the Lars and Buddy staredown we are interrupted by the critically acclaimed award winning Firefly Funhouse with host Bray Wyatt. The Fiend added The Undertaker to his list of victims at NYR and made sure to make not of that in this edition of the funhouse. Wyatt then stated that right now he's playing the waiting game, watching to see who the Fiend wants to play with next. The episode ended with Wyatt telling the ACW universe to let him in

Image result for Roderick Strong

Roderick Strong vs Baron Corbin 

Roderick Strong's quest to become the chosen one had to go through the "Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin in the night's Main Event. Corbin gave Strong a run for his money but Strong was able to pull through and looked somewhat impressive in this Main Event matchup. The crowd were right behind Roddy as he hit the End of Heartache to pick up the victory. He got on the mic post-match and called out Swoggle asking him if that was enough. Swoggle came out to the ring and rejected Strong's idea and stated that he wasn't impressed just yet



Australian Championship Wrestling| Episode 23  "Man Down" | Enmore Theatre

Image result for Dave and Jake Crist

Crist Brothers vs Private Party

We got straight into the action for this weeks show as The Crist Brothers, Dave and Jake would take on Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy known collectively as Private Party. The Crist Brothers were accompanied by Madman Fulton for this match and he made a real difference, halting Private Party's every movement and providing a real advantage to the Crist's. Eventually Fulton would be ejected but the damage was already done as Jake and Dave picked up an impressive victory over Private Party

After the match, The Von Erich's would rush the ring and take the fight to The Crist brothers, gaining the upper-hand. Fulton would return to the ring and try and get involved but Marshall and Ross would retreat gaining a receipt for the attack they received two weeks ago 

Image result for Moose interview tna

We then head backstage where Moose the victor of the inaugural Showcase match being interviewed by Michelle Hunt the wife of Mike. Moose would start by speaking about how he hasn't been able to find his footing just yet only picking up 2 wins in ACW thus far. Before he could say anymore, Jaxson Ryker would walk into shot and stare down with the former Football Player before walking away. Moose looked pissed off as Ryker walked away and shouted at Ryker to come fight. Ryker would just turn his shoulder and laugh as he continued walking

Related image

Roderick Strong vs Shawn Spears

It was now time for Strong to take on his second obstacle to becoming the chosen one, taking on "The Chairman" Shawn Spears accompanied by Tully Blanchard. Blanchard would provide a distraction nearly allowing Spears to pick up the victory but Strong had too much to lose to let this slip away and pick up another victory with the End of Heartache

After the match Fenix would make his way out to the stage and applaud Strong on his victory however he wasn't impressed yet. Fenix stated that if Strong can get through a gauntlet match next week he will give him a title shot but in order to do so Strong would need to take out 3/4 of the LWO

Image result for Vampiro lucha underground

As has become the usual over the last couple of months we would see a training montage of Pentagon Jr but this time it would end with a word from his master Vampiro. Vampiro spoke about how Pentagon has embraced the Darkness and is almost ready to make his return and when he does all will perish

Image result for Hornswoggle

We then once again head into the office of Khali and Hornswoggle who are seated there eating popcorn while watching the Pentagon video package, spooked by what they are seeing when Buddy Murphy walks in. Murphy immediately wastes little time and asks for a match with Sullivan at Annihilation. Swoggle approves it and even adds a stipulation, the winner receives a Number One Contenders match against either Darby Allin and Sami Callihan at a future date. Murphy looked pleased with the result as he exits the room 

Image result for Ambulance wwe

The New Day vs LWO (Laredo Kid and Flamita)

Our Main Event of the evening was a rematch of the Tag-Team Championship match at NYR this time without the titles on the line. The match was moving along smoothly with The New Day looking good when Fenix and Mil Muertes would appear on the titantron. They would be stalking Kofi Kingston backstage and finally pounce brutally assaulting him with Muertes launching him all over the catering area. Fenix would then pick up Kofi and hit a Piledriver on the exposed concrete which immediately brought EMT's to the scene

Woods and E would abandon the match and rush to the back, getting there just too late as Muertes and Fenix had vanished. An ambulance arrived and Kofi was put in the back. It looks like The New Day are a man down heading into this match at Annihilation



Australian Championship Wrestling| Episode 24 "Run The Gauntlet" | Enmore Theatre

Related image

Lars Sullivan vs Dr Wagner Jr

On a night where all eye's are on Roderick Strong and his attempt to run the gauntlet we kick things off with Lars Sullivan taking on veteran Dr Wagner Jr. Sullivan wasted no time asserting his dominance defeating Wagner pretty easily with the Freak Accident and giving him some good momentum heading into the PPV against Buddy Murphy 

Image result for Sami Zayn

Backstage, Woods and Big E are still a bit shaken up by the attack on Kofi Kingston last week, when Sami Zayn walked into the room. He told the champs that he's sorry for what happened to Kingston but wants to help get revenge. He speaks about how he has experience against Muertes and knows what makes him tick. He asks to be the third man in the 6-man tag at the PPV to which the New Day accept. It's official Sami Zayn, Big E and Xavier Woods vs Laredo Kid, Flamita and Mil Muertes 

Image result for Moose roh

Moose vs Eddie Dennis

Moose would take to the ring coming out of the break taking on the Welsh Giant Eddie Dennis. Moose would look solid in the ring and pick up the victory with a spear. He would get on the mic post-match and challenge Ryker to a match at Annihilation. He says he'll see him at the PPV no matter what 

Image result for Roderick Strong

Gauntlet Match: Roderick Strong vs Laredo Kid, Flamita and Mil Muertes

We now reach the moment everyone has been waiting for, will Roderick become the chosen one as he fights the Gauntlet here tonight. He walks down to the ring looking focused and energised every single person in the crowd behind him as he gets ready for his biggest match thus far in ACW

He kicks off the gauntlet against young gun Laredo Kid, and Laredo's strategy was to wear out Strong as much as could, but Strong known for his incredible cardio and stamina was able to stick with Laredo throughout the match and catch him with the End of Heartache to pick up the victory

Up next was Flamita and he wasted no time getting things going against Strong and this time he had more success than he stable mate, controlling the early portion of this match. Flamita went to the top rope, looking to imitate his leader Fenix with a Phoenix Splash but Strong moved out of the way and landed the Sick Kick for the victory making him 2-0 in the Gauntlet. Fenix looked a little worried but his frown turned into a smile as he realised who was out next, the Dark King Mil Muertes

Strong looked like a defeated man as Muertes stormed down to the ring, but never the less Strong took the fight to the Monster however it wasn't looking like it would have any success. Muertes was enjoying the beatdown on Strong hitting power move after Power move and even breaking up his own pin to continue the destruction. Just as Muertes was going to put him away with the flatliner, Sami Zayn and the New Day rushed to the ring and caused a distraction allowing Strong to hit a low blow to Muertes and roll him up for the victory

Fenix was gobsmacked eyes wide open as Roderick Strong picked up the victory. Hornswoggle would make his way out to the ring and announce that it would be Roderick Strong vs Fenix at Annihilation for the ACW World Heavyweight Championship. The show would end with Strong on the shoulders of The New Day and Sami as Fenix and the LWO watched on licking their wounds


Rendered Image

Australian Championship Wrestling| Episode 25 "Annihilation" | Enmore Theatre

Image result for big e and xavier woods

6-Man Tag: Xavier Woods, Big E and Sami Zayn vs LWO 

We open the PPV with what could possibly be the most personal match on the card as The New Day with Sami Zayn take on 3/4 of the LWO, Mil Muertes, Laredo Kid and Flamita. From the get go, Team New Day fought with a vengeance really targeting their opponents with vicious assaults. The LWO would even it up as the match went on and as it looked like Mil Muertes was going to put away Woods with the Flatliner, the lights in the arena would cut to black

When they turned back on, Bobby Lashley would appear standing behind Muertes and would go to town on him with a sledgehammer causing the DQ finish. Woods, E and Zayn would join in on the assault as it turned into an all-out brawl. The officials would race out from the back to break it all up, with Lashley, Zayn and The New Day standing tall. "Walking Armageddon is back 

Image result for Darby Allin

ACW Premium Championship No Holds Barred: Darby Allin (C) vs Sami Callihan 

We go from what threatened to be an all out brawl to a legitimate all out brawl for the ACW Premium Championship. This all started when Sami Callihan brutally assaulted Darby Allin's mentor Sting in an attempt to get the champs attention. Allin would pay homage to his mentor wearing Sting's classic black and white face paint as he walked to the ring

The match was as violent as you would expect between these two as he literally brutalised each other. Callihan being more comfortable in this hardcore environment would overwhelm Allin as it looked like the match would be slipping through his fingers. However in a huge surprise, the Icon Sting would make his return and takeout Sami Callihan allowing Allin to hit the Coffin Drop for the 1..2..3. Allin and Sting would celebrate as he defends his championship for the second time 

Image result for Jaxson Ryker

Jaxson Ryker vs Moose 

It was now time for the battle between the two colossus' as "The Universal Soldier" Jaxson Ryker takes on Moose. Ryker and Moose are both extremely powerful athletes and when they collide destruction follows. This was Ryker's biggest challenge to date and he was able to pull through picking up yet another impressive victory and moving him to 3-0 in singles competition. After this win Ryker will be raising some eyebrows 

Image result for dave and jake crist

The Crist Brothers vs The Von Erich's 

We head to another personal rivalry this time between The Crist Brothers and The new team of the Von Erich's. The Von Erich's looked good in their first real showcase but Dave and Jake Crist were just too strong picking up the victory over their foes 

Image result for Lars Sullivan

Premium Title NOC: Lars Sullivan vs Buddy Murphy 

With Darby Allin retaining the Premium Championship earlier in the night, his next opponent would be decided when Lars Sullivan and Buddy Murphy faced off, two of the top rising stars in the industry. Lars obviously had the distinct size advantage but Murphy knew how to expose the big man making for a very fascinating contest. Murphy however would go for too much too soon as Lars caught him unawares and picked up the victory with the Freak Accident 

Image result for Rey Fenix

ACW World Heavyweight Championship: Fenix (C) vs Roderick Strong

It was now time for our Main Event as "The Chosen One" Roderick Strong took one The Champ Fenix in the biggest match of his career. The crowd were electric for Strong as he challenged for the title and he started things off like a house on fire. Roddy looked phenomenal to begin but it seemed like the weeks of continuous matches had an effect on his stamina as Fenix managed to take back control and sit in the drivers seat

Roddy would make one last comeback but Fenix would put him away to retain the title his third defence. After the match Fenix celebrated in the ring by himself when the lights cut out and Vampiro walked onto the stage. Vampiro announced the ascension of Pentagon Jr who appeared behind his brother and took him out with the Fear Factor. Pentagon Jr is back and he's darker than he's ever been 

Image result for Vampiro and Penta


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All Star Wrestling | Episode 26 | Paramount Theater 


Paul Heyman opens the show announcing that at Night of Legends every trio in ASW will get a chance at the ASW Trios Championship in a Trios Turmoil Match. He also announces that at NOL will be the debut of a New Championship. The ASW Tri State Championship. And it will be won in a 5 Way Falls Count Anywhere Match! Braun Strowman with his win over Jeff Hardy willl automatically be in the match. But the 4 other sppts will have to earned in qualifying matches. Those qualfying matches willl Start tonight.  


Matt Hardy defeated Silas Young to qualify for the Tri State Championship Match


ASW welcomes Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF as he is now an ASW wrestler. He talks about how he is the future and rising star of ASW. Pete Dunne and Than Kevin Steen come Out and introduce themselves to MJF. A match is made between the 3 for next week to earn an opportunity at the Tri State Championship.  


Jay Lethal comes out to the ring and explains why he attacked Apollo Crews. And then has a match with Aero Star in which he wins pretty easily. 


Ricochet has a pre recorded sit down interview on his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar. He also talks about there 1st match at Emergence. A video is shown of the beatdown Brock Lesnar gave Ricochet and then it also shows Ricochet winning Winter Warfare.  But then out of nowhere Brock Lesnar attacks Ricochet and hits him right in the skull with the Camera. 


Adam Cole makes his surprising Debut to ASW to take on Rey Mysterio in a Tri State Championship Qualifying Match. In where Adam Cole wins via distraction by Randy Orton on Rey Mysterio.  Adam Cole wins in his debut and qualifies for the Tri State Championship match

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Image result for overdrive logo png
ECW Overdrive on TNT
Taped from CFE Arena, in Orlando

Episode 20: "3-Way Dance"

Image result for tommaso ciampa microphone

Tommaso Ciampa kicks off the show, but is interrupted by contenders:

The Blackheart, Tommaso Ciampa would open Overdrive following his Best in the World Tournament victory. He would sport his new diamond ring, walking down to the ring with it before grabbing a microphone. He would thank Cody for gifting him the new ring, before demanding while it is fitting that he now has the title of Best in the World, he doesn't have THE best title in the world, and announces intentions to challenge Roman Reigns for the ECW Global Championship.

Cody would interrupt, saying Ciampa doesn't deserve shit, and that he isn't even close to the best in the world. Cody would say that Ciampa isn't the right guy to beat Roman Reigns, and that he's proven that, at Anarchy Rulz. But Cody promises that if he gets the chance to beat Roman Reigns, he sure as hell will. Enter Johnny Gargano, who informs Cody and Ciampa that he came the closest to beating Reigns but ultimately fell victim to a third spear. Ric Flair would appear on the titantron, booking a Triple Threat #1 Contender's Match for the main event.

Image result for montez ford and angelo dawkins

The Street Profits knock off Rhyno & Tajiri:

With both men striking out on singles success in ECW, Rhyno and Tajiri had a pre-match promo, discussing their intentions to enter the tag team division. In a match with the seemingly unstoppable ECW World Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits, they would come up short following a Pop-Up Spinebuster/Frog Splash combo. After the match, The Revival would come out, saying their leader may be gone, but they're not, and they want their titles back. They challenge the Street Profits to a 2 out of 3 falls match next week, where if The Revival lose, they will follow Finn Balor out of ECW.

Image result for dominik dijakovic

Dominik Dijakovic is coming:

A promo package hyping up the debut of Dominik Dijakovic would come onto the screen, highlighting the frame of 6'7", 250lb powerhouse before showing the wreckage he causes in the ring. It would flash that Dijakovic will debut at ECW's exclusive event in 4 weeks time, Retaliation.

Image result for the velveteen dream

The Velveteen Dream makes a dashing debut, announces title ambitions:

The next match would be the debut of The Velveteen Dream, who recently signed with ECW following the foreclosure of TKO Wrestling. His opponent would be Shannon Moore, who would not get any offense in, as the unique style of Dream would be put on display, before he finished Shannon Moore off with a Purple Rainmaker Elbow from the top rope. After the match, Dream would grab the microphone, saying he has seen the dominance of King Cuerno, but it all stops at Retaliation, when Dream becomes the United States Champion, making his intentions for the United States Championship known.

Image result for johnny gargano

Johnny Wrestling is going to Retaliation:

Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, and Cody would all battle for the right to face Roman Reigns for his Global Championship, in front of the champion as he sat ringside for the match. The three men would show how much it means to all of them, leaving it all in the ring. In the end, following a Cross Rhodes to Tommaso Ciampa, Cody would taunt The Blackheart, allowing Gargano to sneak in, rolling up The American Nightmare tight enough to secure the three count, and secure his spot against Reigns.

As Reigns held up the championship, Gargano stared him down in the ring. These two men clashed to crown the inaugural champion, and now, after 6 months, it's finally time for the rematch between Roman Reigns and Johnny Gargano.

Image result for overdrive logo png
ECW Overdrive on TNT
Taped from CFE Arena, in Orlando

Episode 21: "Retribution"

Image result for tommaso ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa is informed of his BITW Ring abilities:

The show would begin with Tommaso Ciampa and Ric Flair sitting in his office, an awkward setting as Ciampa assaulted Flair many months ago but Flair would inform Ciampa of what the ring that he possesses, will do. He informs Ciampa that the ring is good for a Global Championship Match anytime, any place. Ciampa smirks at this, clearly very happy with it, but Ric Flair informs him that he must defend it at Retaliation... Against Cody, a rematch of the final.

Image result for roman reigns promo

Roman Reigns says Gargano doesn't have what it takes:

Roman Reigns would trot down to the ring, fresh off of an Elite Warfare win over Finn Balor, forcing him to leave the company. Reigns would stand in the center of the ring, saying that Johnny Gargano does not have what it takes to be champion. That Gargano is a man who can't carry the weight of being champion, he's just not built to do it. Gargano would interrupt, saying Reigns has been a golden boy for as long as he can remember, and he's beat almost everyone, including Johnny Wrestling, but he informs Reigns that it's hard to beat someone twice, before dropping the microphone and leaving as Reigns stared him down.

Image result for king cuerno

King Cuerno def. Kassius Ohno

The United States Champion would be tasked with Kassius Ohno, formerly known as Chris Hero in an enticing matchup. In the end, Cuerno would nail Thrill of the Hunt on Ohno to pick up the win, posing with his United States Championship to pose with it, before suddenly, the music of The Velveteen Dream would hit. Dream would walk down, making a mockery of Cuerno's victory celebration as Cuerno stuck behind, watching Dream's match from ringside.

Image result for the velveteen dream

The Velveteen Dream defeats EC3

The Velveteen Dream would be tasked with 'The Best Ever', EC3. Unfortunately for EC3, he was outclassed from the bell, falling victim to a Purple Rainmaker Elbow, for Dream to pick up the win. As his hand was raised, he created a staredown with The Hunter, King Cuerno. Cuerno would taunt Dream, shooting an arrow at him, as he raised the United States Championship.

Image result for street profits

Street Profits retain their ECW World Tag Team Championships in two out of three falls:

In their two-out-of-three falls rematch with The Revival from Elite Warfare, The Street Profits would prove their rank as the Undisputed Kings of the ECW Tag Team Division, defeating The Revival despite a Shatter Machine to Montez Ford earning Revival the first fall.

After the match, as the Profits held up their belts, the music of Enzo Amore and Big Cass hit, to a loud ovation from the crowd as the team made their way to the ring, staring down with the Profits, who held up their belts as the show ended with a staredown.

Image result for overdrive logo png
ECW Overdrive on TNT
Taped from CFE Arena, in Orlando

Episode 22: "Realest in the Room"


Enzo & Cass open up the show:

The men who shockingly made their debut, Enzo & Cass would open up the show, being given microphones to start it off. Enzo & Cass would talk about how their debut on ECW shook the wrestling industry to it's core, and how they are the only team in ECW who can step to the Street Profits because when they're in the room, they're the realist in the room and the Street Profits are just second place, leaving the microphone and walking to the back, having thrown down a challenge to the Street Profits presuambly for Retaliation.

Image result for the velveteen dream

Dream vs Hunter:

The Velveteen Dream

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Chapter 13: Thief in the Night


Forceful Parting of Ways

Image result for AJPW Joe Doering

Shogun starts off with a hastily filmed backstage altercation where a deeply frustrated David Finlay is assaulted and beaten down by Joe Doering and Dylan James. For his lack of impact while joining the Bombers, it seems as though Doering and James have severed ties to Finlay, seeing him as a liability rather than a boon. Doering powerbombs Finlay through a table backstage, only being held back by members of security.


Singles Match
Rampage Brown vs. Maybach Taniguchi

Image result for Rampage BrownImage result for Maybach Taniguchi


The match begins with Rampage Brown surging forward into Taniguchi, laying in an overhelming barrage of hard hitting strikes, sending his opponent backing into the corner. The crowd watch on in disbelief as Rampage shoulder tackles his opponent aggressively into the corner, before running to the opposite corner, then connecting with a massive running forearm smash that seems to knock Taniguchi loopy, causing him to stumble forward. Rampage wastes no time and hoists Taniguchi up for a Sit-out Powerbomb for the victory! What a domination!

Rampage Brown def. Maybach Taniguchi in 2:33 via pinfall with a Sit-Out Powerbomb


Advancing up the Ladder

Image result for YO-HEY

In a backstage segment, the Yokai team of HAYATA and YO-HEY, who were victorious at Dual of Destiny stake their claim to the Shogun Tag Team Titles, not phased by the large size difference. They are then confronted by Kenoh and Masa Kitamiya, who also picked up a Tag Team victory at the PPV. They get into each others faces, and agree to put up their claim to the Tag Titles against each other next week. However, they are loudly interrupted by Jake Lee, who demands that he be put into the Tag Team No.1 Contendership Match too, wanting one last shot at the gold. When Jake Lee speaks, he doesn't reference Go Shiozaki at all, only claiming that he will win the tag titles.


Singles Match
Yoshitatsu vs. Josh Alexander

Image result for Yoshitatsu AJPWImage result for Josh Alexander

Looking to regain some momentum after his showcase match against Takashi Sugiura, Josh Alexander takes on Yoshitatsu. The two grapplers lock up and immediately Alexander takes the early advantage, powering Tatsu to the mat. However, the more seasoned wrestler in Tatsu is able to overcome the strength deficit. The match is a ground-based affair for the earl going, but once they start graduating to their big hitters, The Walking Weapon is able to counter a running lariat by hoisting Tatsu up onto his shoulders, nailing his opponent with a Spinning Tombstone Piledriver! Alexander goes for the pin and gets it!

Josh Alexander def. Yoshitatsu in 10:39 via pinfall with a Spinning Tombstone Piledriver


Main Event
Singles Match
Alexander Hammerstone vs. Daisuke Sekimoto

Related imageImage result for Daisuke Sekimoto

In a mammoth-sized main event, the stocky Muscle Monster Daisuke Sekimoto looks for revenge as he takes on the hulking 6'4 frame of Alexander Hammerstone. Hammerstone defeated Sekimoto's tag team partner at Dual of Destiny, and Sekimoto wants to end his savage run. This hoss fight starts off with a big contest of shoulder blocks, both titans wanting to best the other in the brute force department. Sekimoto is able to break the power deadlock with a right cross over the face of Hammerstone, who is on the receiving end of the superior strikes in this match. Sekimoto, despite being the shorter powerhouse is impressively able to lift up Hammerstone for suplexes and slams. Both men are firing on all cylinders and refuse to concede any ground to the others, Hammerstone able to equalise with a massive running pump kick for a tense nearfall. Hammerstone lays in the knees and clotheslines into Sekimoto, who tries to fight back, momentarily hoisting up Hammerstone into the Argentine Backbreaker, but Hammerstone slips out, time for him to display his strength. To the surprise of the crowd, Hammerstone gets Sekimoto up for the Nightmare Pendulum, sending the crowd favourite crashing down to the mat with authority as he drops Sekimoto from the vertical suplex into the sit-out slam. Hammerstone takes the victory after a hard fought hoss fight. Another impressive win for Hammerstone.

Alexander Hammerstone def. Daisuke Sekimoto in 12:55 via pinfall with a Nightmare Pendulum

As he walks back up the ramp, Hammerstone makes the gesture of a championship around his waist. It appears that the Meat Castle of Shogun is looking for some gold, but whose gold is he after?



Image result for Takashi Sugiura microphone

In an in-ring segment after the main event match, the Triple Crown Champion, Takashi Sugiura, makes his way to the ring by himself. He takes to the microphone and reaffirms his throne atop the Shogun Realm. He highlights his victories over the rookie with potential, Kaito Kiyomiya, the Bomber, Joe Doering, and the Oriental Weapon, Ben-K. Sugiura is looking for the rightful warrior to dethrone him, but looks at the Shogun roster....and doesn't see them. If his equal does not make themselves known, then the Old King will be champion forever......However, the lights go dark for a moment......

Related imageImage result for Joey Janela

As the lights come back, Takashi Sugiura suddenly gets assaulted by two new faces in Shogun, it's the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles! And Bad Boy Joey Janela!! They lay out the champion from behind, culminating with Styles connecting with the Styles Clash!! The show ends with the new invaders standing tall over the fallen champion, AJ Styles taking the Triple Crown Championship with him back through the crowd! Stealing the belt!






Chapter 14: Rising Storm


Surprise Matches and Entrants

Image result for Great Bash Heel

Before the Triple Threat Tag Match to determine the tag team title contenders, Jun Akiyama comes out to address tonight's show. He first announces that Kaito Kiyomiya will hold and open challenge match for the Blessing of Jade Championship in tonight's main event. Furthermore, Akiyama has an exciting revelation for the Tag Team Contendership match! He says that another team will be added into the mix! Immigrant Song begins to play as Great Bash Heel emerge on the ramp! It's Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma!!! They're now in the match!


Four Corners Tag Team No.1 Contendership Match
Kenoh and Masa Kitamiya vs. Yokai (YO-HEY and HAYATA) vs. Jake Lee and Go Shiozaki vs. Great Bash Heel (Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma)

Image result for Kenoh and Masa KitamiyaImage result for HAYATA and YO-HEY
Image result for Jake Lee AJPW 2019Image result for Go ShiozakiImage result for Great Bash Heel

The Tag Team Champions, Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa are on commentary for this match. In what devolves into a massive brawl of signature moves and chaotic tags, the team of Yokai actually end up dominating the match, despite being the significantly smaller team in the contest. Throughout the match, Shiozaki and Lee are out of sync, their timing is out, and Jake Lee is noticably frustrated at their lack of momentum, shouting at Shiozaki. Meanwhile, GBH have taken the crowd's favour, and after a few failed attempts, Honma is able to connect with the Kokeshi. Kitamiya meanwhile is legal in the ring for most of the match, while Kenoh runs interference for their pin attempts. At the ending run of the match, Yokai are very impressively use the ropes to assist them hitting the Ectoplasm on Jake Lee after another miscommunication with Shiozaki! Two Junior heavyweights landing their finisher onto such a large heavyweight. But what's this, Togi Makabe comes flying in with the King Kong Knee drop to YO-HEY!! Chaos has taken over as Makabe and the Yokai team get thrown out of the ring by Kenoh and Kitamiya, who are able to pick up the scraps by pinning Jake Lee.

Kenoh and Masa Kitamiya def. Jake Lee and Go Shiozaki, Yokai and Great Bash Heel in 15:33 via pinfall after stealing the pin to Jake Lee

The victors make their way back up the ramp after trash talking the champs on commentary, celebrating their status as the new No.1 Contenders. Meanwhile, Yokai and GBH start to get into some heated words, Honma and HAYATA holding back their tag partners as they are trying to jump at each other.

However, when all the other teams are gone, Go Shiozaki helps Jake Lee up to his feet, lamenting yet another loss. As they embrace, Jake Lee takes the opportunity and suddenly headbutts Shiozaki!! He lays in some stiff and vicious forearms, even bustiing Shiozaki open!! The crowd are stunned in shock as Jake Lee floors a delerious Shiozaki with the Giant Killing knee lift. He ends the betrayal by spitting at Shiozaki as he leaves the ring, dismissing the crowd completely.


Plots of the Phenomenal One

Image result for AJ Styles IWGP Champion

In a pre-taped vignette, AJ Styles brandishes Sugiura's Triple Crown Championship, with a smug grin on his face. Styles says that he won't be around for long, and lets his plans be known to take the championship away from Shogun to elsewhere in the wrestling world, leaving Shogun to shrivel and die. He and Janela have the same objective, collect all the gold they can, and leave. He smirks and kisses the Triple Crown title, challenging Suigura for the main event of Shogun's next PPV event, SHGN Maelstrom.


Non-Title Match
Tetsuya Endo vs. Masato Yoshino

Related imageImage result for Masato Yoshino

In an exhibition match from the Junior Heavyweight division, The Jr. Champion, Endo, takes on The Fasted Wrestler in the world, Masato Yoshino. In a quick sprint of a match displaying their high flying expertise, Tetsuya Endo combines it with villanous tactics of an eye poke to capitalise and slam Yoshino down, scaling the turnbuckles to hit the Corkscrew 450 Splash for the victory.

Tetsuya Endo def. Masato Yoshino in 9:12 via pinfall with a Twisting Sky Press

After the match, Joey Janela hops the barricade and tries to steal the Shogun Junior Heavyweight Championship!! Endo cuts him off and both men begin to brawl, ending with both men being forcibly held apart by the rookies at ringside and security!



Related image

Begrudgingly, Jake Lee answers questions about why he attacked his tag team partner tonight. He is sick and tired of Shiozaki holding him back, always thinking that they can improve, when Shiozaki was the reason they lost the match, lost all their matches, not Jake. He voices his displeasure with everyone that Shiozaki takes under his wing, that his advice and guidance will lead you nowhere, and they only by forging your own path can you truly succeed.


As Kaito Kiyomiya waits in the ring for his unknown challenger tonight, the crowd is excited for it to be revealed as The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander! He walks out to the ramp, but what's this?!?! Josh Alexander gets brutally attacked by Alexander Hammerstone! His gesture last week must've been in reference to the Jade Championship. Hammerstone slams Alexander on the ramp, causing him to be taken to the back by the ringside crew. In the sea of boos, Hammerstone looks towards the ring, pointing at Kaito Kiyomiya, he wants the title shot! Maybe it's his bravery, maybe it's his rookie foolishness, Kiyomiya welcomes the challenge!

Main Event
Open Challenge for the Blessing of Jade Championship
Kaito Kiyomiya (c) vs. Alexander Hammerstone

Image result for Kaito Kiyomiya championRelated image

This impromptu match ends up being a classic plucky babyface versus the hulking, dominant heel. Hammerstone takes the lionshare of the match, throwing the champion around with huge biel tosses and overhead suplexes. Kiyomiya however is superior on the technical front, able to halt the steam train of impactful offence from Hammerstone by making the match run at his own pace, taking several near falls and submission attempts on the larger opponent. However, Hammerstone's sheer mass and strength make hitting the King's Road Tiger Suplex a fool's errand. Hammerstone barges Kiyomiya into the corner, followed by a thudding clothesline, and he tries to lift up Kiyomiya for the Nightmare Pendulum, one of the most devastating moves in all of Shogun! But, Kiyomiya is able to roll up at the apex of the lift, deftly transitioning into a roll-up, but only getting a two. Kiyomiya is miraculously able to lift Hammerstone onto his shoulders for the Overthrow slam, but Hammerstone escapes, rebounding off the ropes and clattering the champion with a running pump kick. Hammerstone seems to have the match won.....when suddenly, Josh Alexander comes powering out from the ramp, pushing away the medical team and sliding into the ring, smashing Hammerstone with a brutal elbow to the face, forcing the referee to call for the disqualification.

Alexander Hammerstone def. Kaito Kiyomiya (c) in 13:51 via disqualification

Josh Alexander somehow connects with his Double Underhook Powerbomb, the Pearl River Plunge to Hammerstone! The show ends with Josh Alexander standing tall over both Kiyomiya and Hammerstone, a knowing look from the Walking Weapon at the Jade Championship belt.






Chapter 15: Righting the Scales


Joey Janela vs. Minoru Tanaka

Image result for Joey JanelaImage result for Minoru Tanaka

In a showcase match ahead of his Junior Heavyweight Championship match at Maelstrom, Bad Boy Joey Janela takes on the veteran Minoru Tanaka. The match is a quick, but spirited affair, where Janela's ego and hubris are often punished by Tanaka's veteran savvy. Countering a dive to the outside, Tanaka is able to get a near fall after a 450 splash. However, in the tail end of the show, Janela tries to use the ropes for leverage, an attempted low blow and purposely distracting the referee to captialise on every small manipulation of the rules, kicking Tanaka in the gut before putting him away with a Package Piledriver.

Joey Janela def. Minoru Tanaka in 7:43 via pinfall with a Package Piledriver

Janela cockily celebrates his victory around the ring, only to get blindsided by Tetsuya Endo, who slithers into the ring and nails Janela with the championship belt himself! Tetsuya Endo stands over the body of Janela before taking to the mic, announcing that Janela is the worst kind of challenger, and that while he is no saint, he will not let Janela take the Junior Heavyweight Title out of Shogun borders.


The Real Equaliser

Image result for David Finlay

Backstage, David Finlay is interviewed about the attacks from The Bombers. He doesn't look back fondly at his brief time with Doering and James, saying that they are fickle to have kicked him out so soon. In response to what he's goingto do about the numbers disadvantage, he smirks and says that he's found a tag partner to face The Bombers at Maelstrom. He calls out The Bombers to see who it is next week.


Singles Match
Masa Kitamiya (w/Kenoh) vs. Suwama (w/Shuji Ishikawa)

Image result for Masa KitamiyaImage result for Suwama

In a massive hoss match, one half of the Tag Team Champions takes on Masa Kitamiya. They exchange huge clubbering strikes, Suwama answering with his signature double chops, and his powerbomb attempts being quashed by Kitamiya's low centre of gravity. Kenoh continually gets up onto the apron to try and distract either the referee or Suwama himself. After a number of infractions, Suwama's tag partner at ringside, Shuji Ishikawa decides that enough is enough and lays out Kenoh with a Fire Thunder Driver on the outside!! However, in the commotion, Kitamiya lifts up the massive frame of Suwama for the destructive Saito Suplex, dropping Suwama right on his neck! Kitamiya is able to pick up the big victory!

Masa Kitamiya def. Suwama in 12:01 via pinfall with a Saito Suplex



Image result for Go Shiozaki

Go Shiozaki paticipated in a sit-down interview where he is regretful that he failed Jake Lee. He saw, and deep down, still sees a lot of potential for the young wrestler. But, he cannot look past the brutal beatdown that he was on the receiving end of, and challenges Jake Lee to a match at Maelstrom. One on One. No more excuses for either of them.


Bare Waist

Related image

Hammerstone is seen back at his lavish and no doubt very expensive apartment, where he is in his exceedingly large home gym. He lays into Alexander for costing him the match that he was completely within his right to take, completely ignoring the fact that Alexander was the one that answered the challenge. He states his continued intention to be the Jade Champion, no matter if Kiyomiya or Alexander want it or not.


Main Event
Singles Match
AJ Styles vs. Ben-K

Image result for AJ StylesRelated image

In a much anticipated main event, AJ Styles makes his entrance with the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship around his waist, of course he is not officially the champion, but he holds the physical belt, stolen from Takashi Sugiura. He is set to take on the previous challenger for the Title, The Oriental Weapon, Ben-K. The match begins with AJ Styles taking the advantage through chain wrestling, working for holds against the less experienced Ben-K. Throughout the match, Styles utilises a plethora of wrestling disiplines to maintain the advantage; high-flying, striking, grappling, submission wrestling, showing just how world travelled and diverse he is when it comes to the squared circle. Ben-K however, his near unrivalled spirit and heart, fighting through AJ's strikes through sheer adrenaline, striking and suplexing the pretender champion around the ring with ease. As the match picks up, AJ comes dangerously close to being hit with the Ben-K Bomb! However, Styles is able to escape and knock Ben-K loopy with a spinning back fist. He takes full advantage and connects with the Styles Clash! Ben-K has no hope to kick out after such a powerful move, Styles picking up the decisive victory, defeating the former Blessing of Jade Champion.

AJ Styles def. Ben-K in 16:22 via pinfall with a Styles Clash

After the match, Takashi Sugiura, the official Triple Crown Champion appears on the titantron. He says that Styles has proven that he is more than a thief, but that he will pay his penance at the Maelstrom PPV. Additionally, he will now face one of Sugiura-gun's finest in Rampage Brown next week.






Chapter 16: Gatekeeper


6-Man Tag Team Match
Go Shiozaki, Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma vs. Jake Lee, HAYATA and YO-HEY

Image result for Go ShiozakiImage result for Great Bash Heel
Image result for Jake Lee AJPWImage result for HAYATA and YO-HEY

The match begins hot where Shiozaki and Lee immediately charge at each other and spill out of the ring, quickly brawling around the ringside area and using all the items and improvised weapons that they can, particularly whipping each other brutally into the barricades. This leaves Yokai and GBH in the ring. HAYATA and YO-HEY have the Kokeshi diving headbutt well scouted, causing Honma to take damage to himself. Meanwhile, Makabe takes charge when he's legal in the match, hitting the 10 corner punches, the Northern Lights Suplex and a big lariat for a near fall. The match finishes when Lee incapacitates Shiozaki way away from the ring, tagging in and smashing Honma with the Giant Killing knee lift while both members of Yokai hold Makabe back, making him watch Honma get knocked out.

Jake Lee, HAYATA and YO-HEY def. Tomoaki Honma, Togi Makabe and Go Shiozaki in 10:50 via pinfall with a Giant Killing to Tomoaki Honma


Jade's Light

Image result for Kaito Kiyomiya champion backstage

The Blessing of Jade Champion, Kaito Kiyomiya is backstage and he addresses the grievances of Alexander Hammerstone. He says that Hammerstone would be owed a title match, if he didn't attack Josh Alexander as he actually answered the challenge. He decries that because of that, he would normally refuse to face Hammerstone. But, he wishes to be a fighting champion, and face the best that Shogun has. So, he has requested to face both Alexander Hammerstone and Josh Alexander in a Triple Threat Match at Maelstrom!


Singles Match
Kenoh (w/Masa Kitamiya) vs. Shuji Ishikawa (w/Suwama)

Image result for KenohImage result for Shuji Ishikawa

In a continuation on the singles match from last week, this time, Kenoh takes on the other half of the tag team champions, Shuji Ishikawa. Unlike the Suwama and Kitamiya match, Shuji Ishikawa dominates most of this match, using his significant size advantage to stuff the grappling attempts from The Ronin. After getting levelled with a massive dropkick from the large champion, Kenoh then elects to target Ishikawa's legs, firing off with some insane leg kicks, and they soon start to take their toll on the Violent Giant. Kitamiya and Suwama reignite their animosity on the outside, soon spilling into the ring and inadvertently taking out the ref! Kenoh and Kitamiya take the opportunity to double team Ishikawa, stopping the Fire Thunder Driver and dropkick attempts with their numbers advantage, Kitamiya hitting the Saito Suplex, and Kenoh caps it off with a double stomp for the tainted pin.

Kenoh def. Shuji Ishikawa in 13:29 via pinfall with a Diving Double Footstomp


Finlay's Reveal

The Bombers, Joe Doering and Dylan James make their way to the ring, calling out David Finlay to face them. Doering calls Finlay's claims of finding a tag partner a bluff, and that no matter what or who they are if it's true, they will lose to the dominance of The Bombers. David Finlay comes out to the ramp with a microphone, ready to introduce his new tag team partner......

Related image

It's "The Flamboyant" Juice Robinson! What a massive tipping of the scales in favour of David Finlay. They charge forward and brawl with The Bombers in the ring, with Finlay and Robinson clotheslining Doering and James over the ropes, standing tall in the middle of the ring, ready to face The Bombers at SHGN Maelstrom!


The Bad Boy

Related image

Janela is backstage in a dark room, in glee that he has the chance to permanently take the Junior Heavyweight Championship away from Shogun. He says that he is the real crazy spirit here, so he says that he wants to intensify the match. He wants his title match to be a Deathmatch!


Main Event
Singles Match
AJ Styles vs. Rampage Brown

Image result for AJ StylesImage result for Rampage Brown

In the final match before Maelstrom, the pretender champion AJ Styles takes on the dangerous Rampage Brown. The match is a brutal display of Rampage's power, countering the technical prowess of Styles with brute force. AJ is able to lock in the calf killer, but Rampage just smashes Styles' head against the mat, forcing him to break the hold. Rampage spears Styles after he dodges a springboard 450 splash, only getting a 2 count. After a big exchange of grappling, AJ is able to counter a second spear attempt into an Ushigoroshi for a 3 count of his own. He fits a slingshot forearm to the outside, and they brawl around the ring. Noticing the count getting close, AJ quickly grabs Rampage and hits a Phenomenal Forearm over the barricade, just able to scramble back into the ring for the countout victory.

AJ Styles def. Rampage Brown in 17:07 via countout

Rampage is livid, and is about to charge at Styles before a hand appears on his shoulder, it's Takashi Sugiura. Both men corner Styles in the ring, while the Phenomenal holds the championship. Sugiura says nothing, and gestures for Styles to return the title. In a brief scuffle, Styles tries to escape, elbowing Rampage off the apron and tries to land the Styles Clash on Sugiura, but he back body drops the challenger out, causing Styles to roll out of the ring, just able to take the championship with him. Will be make it official and leave Japan with the Triple Crown Championship after Maelstrom?!





Related image

SHGN Maelstrom


Tag Team Match
Yokai (HAYATA and YO-HEY) vs. Great Bash Heel (Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma)

Image result for HAYATA and YO-HEYImage result for Great Bash Heel

Yokai start the match with a pair of planchas to the outside as GBH are making their entrance, taking the early advantage. They specifically target Tomoaki Honma throughout the entire match, seeing him as the weak link. The scouting they had from the 6-Man tag team match on Shogun has paid off for them. They go above and beyond to prevent Honma from tagging in Togi Makabe, the far more dangerous member of Great Bash Heel. Yokai connect with a pair of springboard moonsaults to Honma. They grapple and strike the veteran, and avoid the attempts at the Kokeshi, much to the crowd's, and Makabe's chagrin. Luckily for GBH, Honma takes a chance at the right time and suplexes HAYATA to switch momentum in the match. He finally connects with the Kokeshi headbutt, and makes the tag to Makabe. The Unchained Gorilla goes wild with his hot tag, clattering Yokai around. He connects with the 10 punches, and the Northern Lights to HAYATA for a two count. YO-HEY mamanges to tag in, and Yokai take the ambitious chance to hit the Ectoplasm after raking the eyes of Makabe, but he's too big, easily quashing the attempt to lift him up. Makabe and Honma hit a double team Kokeshi to YO-HEY. Honma throws HAYATA out of the ring while Makabe climbs the turnbuckle, landing the King Kong Knee Drop to YO-HEY for the victory.

Great Bash Heel (Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma) def. Yokai (HAYATA and YO-HEY) in 9:32 via pinfall with a King Kong Knee Drop to YO-HEY


Shogun World Tag Team Championship Match
Violent Giants (Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa) (c) vs. Kenoh and Masa Kitamiya

Image result for Violent GiantsImage result for Kenoh and Masa Kitamiya

The match begins with Suwama and Masa Kitamiya, who immediately start to trade shoulder checks, both men voracious to prove to the other, and the Shogun fans that they are stronger than the other. Kitamiya make be shorter by a fair margin, but his sheer bulk and stockiness even the odds against the legends that are the Violent Giants. Kitamiya knocks down Suwama with big thrust kicks, and even lifts him up for a samoan drop. Throughout the match, Shuji Ishikawa has Kenoh's leg kicks well scouted this time, leaning into his size advantage to bulldoze the Ronin. Suwama always calls to face Kitamiya instead of Kenoh ove the match. As  the match reaches it's closing stretches, the challengers hit the Saito Suplex/Footstomp combination, but Suwama is just barely able to break up the pin. After a tense exchange, Kenoh gets knocked off the apron while Suwama is finally able to knock Kitamiya down before locking in the Sleeper Hold for the submission victory.

Violent Giants (Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa) (c) def. Kenoh and Masa Kitamiya in 14:01 via submission with a Sleeper Hold to Masa Kitamiya to retain and make their 3rd defence of the Shogun World Tag Team Championships


Shogun Junior Heavyweight Championship Deathmatch
Tetsuya Endo (c) vs. Joey Janela

Image result for Tetsuya Endo championImage result for Joey Janela

Janela comes down to the ring with a trash can full of weapons, pulling out a kendo stick. Endo runs to the ring and brandishes his championship, smashing Janela in the face with it. The champion is not here to play games. The match is not your traditional junior heavyweight athletic showcase, this is a bloody and brutal destruction . Endo takes a steel chair and clatters Janela across the back, raking the challengers face across the barricade, but Janela hits him with a low blow, DDTing the champion onto the steel chair! Janela's attack continues by trying to choke out Endo with a cable from the commentary desk. Janela searches under the ring and pulls out a large wooden board that is covered in thumb tacks, a devious contraption of pain. He sets it up flat in the ring before rolling his opponent back in. Endo is able to land a series of clotheslines into the corner before Janela counters and tries to hit a death valley driver onto the board of thumb tacks, but the champion fights out of it. Endo knocks Janela down to the mat, and starts to wail on him with a kendo stick, the loud cracks resonating throughout the Differ Ariake. Endo's viciousness comes through as he takes Janela's trash can and performs the Twisting Sky Press with the trash can, but Janela rolls out of the way!! Seeing his opportunity to kill the Shogun Jr. Division outright, The Bad Boy positions Endo for the devastating Package Piledriver again, trying to move it to the board of thumb tacks, but Endo is just barely able to prevent the move from happening, rolling out of the ring. Janela tries to follow, but Endo pulls out a light tube from under the ring and smashes it on Janela's face, bloodying him up in a bad way!! Endo hits a springboard dropkick and quickly lifts up Janela for a big powerbomb onto the thumb tack board and finally is able to get the three count.

Tetsuya Endo (c) def. Joey Janela in 12:59 via pinfall with a powerbomb through a board of thumb tacks to retain and make his 1st defence of the Shogun Junior Heavyweight Championship


Tag Team Match
The Bombers (Joe Doering and Dylan James) vs. FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay)

Image result for joe Doering and Dylan JamesImage result for Juice Robinson and David Finlay

The fast sprint of a match starts with a big brawl in the middle of the ring before the bell rings, soon breaking into some form of order and the insistence of the ref, with Dylan James and David Finlay out first. Immediately from the start, Finlay and Juice have much more natural chemistry than when Finlay was in the bombers. They hit stereo left hand punches to the Bombers, but get cut off before the final punch as James chops Finlay with authority. As the match progresses, David Finlay becomes trapped in the ring as Doering and James cut the ring in half, preventing his attempts to make the hot tag to Juice Robinson. The crowd are hungry for Juice to enter the match, as they almost make the tag once again. Doering hits the elbow drop and the Sky High Bomb on Finlay for the close near fall. Doering tries to hit the Revolution Bomb, but Finlay counters with a big tornado DDT to the big hoss. Crawling across the ring, both men make the tags, the audience cheering loudly for Juice to be legal in the match! The Flamboyant one is a house of fire, taking out Dylan James with his running clothesline, the spinebuster and the Juice Box for a 2 count. Avoiding the Chokeslam attempt, Finlay runs in to stop Doering from entering the match, hitting the Acid Drop while Finlay lands the Left Hand of God to James with a loud crack! With Doering down, Finlay hits the Stunner, followed by Juice hitting the Pulp Friction for the decisive victory over The Bombers. This could be the start of big things for FinJuice.

FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) def. The Bombers (Dylan James and Joe Doering) in 11:00 via pinfall with a Pulp Friction to Dylan James


Singles Match
Go Shiozaki vs. Jake Lee

Image result for Go ShiozakiImage result for Jake Lee AJPW

This bitter grudge match begins with Jake Lee attacking Shiozaki during his entrance, hitting a body slam on the ramp which causes the crowd to cringe at the sound. Shiozaki is thrown around the ringside area, and over onto the announcer's table! Lee is ruthless in his assault as he lands big forearms to a grounded Shiozaki. Lee is eventually pulled off of his opponent by the referee and forced to get into the ring. In the ring, the match becomes a more traditional wrestling affair, but laced with resentment for the other, their kicks and strikes having some extra mustard on them. Shiozaki does finally take some advantage as he pulls Lee down for a crossface submission, but thanks to Lee's long legs, he reaches the ropes. The match culminated when Lee forgoes his own Knee Lift finisher, and tries to hit Shiozaki with his own Finisher, the Go Flasher! But Shiozaki escapes with a knee to the head. Seething at the gesture of disrespect, Shiozaki floors Jake Lee with maybe the biggest lariat ever seen. Shiozaki fires up and is able to lift up Lee for the Go Flasher!! 1...2...3!

Go Shiozaki def. Jake Lee in 14:22 via pinfall with a Go Flasher


Semi-Main Event
Blessing of Jade Championship Triple Threat Match
Kaito Kiyomiya (c) vs. Alexander Hammerstone vs. Josh Alexander

Image result for Kaito Kiyomiya champion backstageRelated imageImage result for Josh Alexander

The match begins with a tense staredown between all three men, but then, Kiyomiya and Josh Alexander both turn to face Hammerstone, charging forward to rain down forearms on the towering villain. They bundle Hammerstone our of the ring before they circle the ring, locking up themselves. In a more traditional wrestling contest, Alexander takes the advantage, even showing some unseen grit and fire in his strikes and movements, perhaps the bright lights of a championship match seem to bring out an even more brutal side to the Walking Weapon. Kiyomiya eventually gets rammed into the corner by a returning Hammerstone, who biel tosses Alexander across the ring. He lays the beatdown onto his two opponents by stomping mudholes. He whips Kiyomiya so hard into the opposite corner that the champion crumples to the ground in pain. Hammerstone and Alexander get into a big hard hitting exchange where The Walking Weapon is almost able to hit his Tombstone on the massive "Meat Castle" of Shogun, but Hammerstone gets out of it and tries to hit one of his own, but he transitions and tries to hit the Nightmare Pendulum! As he lifts up Alexander, Kiyomiya comes in and barges into Hammerstone, saving Alexander from the finisher. Hammerstone then boots Alexander with a massive pump kick and outpowers Kiyomiya. However, Hammerstone gets outsped by Kiyomiya who tries to lock in the Chickenwing Facelock on Hammerstone!! Will he Tap?!? Resisting the pain, Hammerstone muscles his way out of the hold, all while Josh Alexander runs in to lariat Hammerstone. Joint by a big dropkick from Kiyomiya, they send Hammerstone over the top rope. In the final quick flurry of grappling, Kiyomiya is finally able to hit the King's Road Tiger Suplex to Alexander to retain his title depsite the numbers. Alexander looks visibly dejected that trying to get rid of Hammerstone ultimately cost him the victory. Meanwhile, Hammerstone angrily storms to the back, enraged that he isn't walking out as champion.

Kaito Kiyomiya (c) def. Josh Alexander and Alexander Hammerstone in 16:10 via pinfall with a King's Road Suplex to Josh Alexander to retain and make his 2nd defence of the Blessing of Jade Championship


Main Event
Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship Match

Takashi Sugiura (c) vs. AJ Styles

Image result for Takashi SugiuraRelated image

AJ Styles walks down to the ring with the stolen championship, smugly watching on as Sugiura stoically makes his entrance. The match begins with a heated lock up, Sugiura playing no games tonight as he powers AJ to the mat, working for headlocks and armbars, while AJ tries to counter for pin attempts. Sugiura has the power advantage, and uses it as he throws Styles around with gutwrench and exploder suplexes. Styles does gain some upper hand using his high-flying skills, with a springboard moonsault and the pele kick. Styles hits an enziguri and the jumping knee drop before stomping away at Sugiura's leg. The champion grits it out and pulls Styles to the mat, locking in a Guillotine Choke to try and submit the man that wishes to destroy Shogun. Styles us able to rolls around and break the hold by getting The Killing Machine's shoulders to the mat for a 2 count. The match heats up as AJ lands a big flying forearm in the corner, followed by an Ushigoroshi. Sugiura however, is able to counter the attempts at the Styles Clash and start pummelling the challenger with stiff elbow strikes and a big overhead suplex. Near fall after near fall, both men are goin the distance. Styles counters a running shoulder tackle eith a kick, and connects with the Phenomenal Forearm! 1....2..no! Sugiura kicks out! The fans are at fever pitch as AJ goes for the Styles Clash once again, but Sugiura transitions it into an Ankle Lock! Just barely reaching the ropes, AJ is hoisted up for the Yosen Slam, deftly slipping away and picking Sugiura up for the Torture Rack spin-out powerbomb! But that's not all, Styles then moves to the apron and hits the Springboard 450 Splash! 1...2....No!! What?!? Sugiura kicked out again. Styles is in utter disbelief that he hasn't put the champion away. They trade depleted forearms as Sugiura begins to turn the tide of the match, rebounding with a huge spear and a deadlift gutwrench suplex to the challenger, followed by countering another Styles Clash attempt with a massive Alabama Slam. Suigura scowls and is finally able to put away Styles with the Yosen Olympic Slam after a marathon war against an incredibly tough opponent.

Takashi Sugiura (c) def. AJ Styles in 36:26 via pinfall with a Yosen Olympic Slam to retain and make his 3rd defence of the Shogun Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship

Sugiura finally hoists his championship again, successfully defending the gates against a thief who tried to destroy the very kingdom that he calls his own.

Image result for Takashi Sugiura


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ICPW Kings Of the Ring Episode 21 


Nakamura issues a challenge but not to the heavyweight Champion


Shinsuke Nakamura would open kings of the ring fresh off his victory over Jon Moxley in an impressive match capturing a guaranteed shot at the ICPW Heavyweight Championship. Nakamura would state though that he has a long way to go before he is able to consider himself ready for the ICPW Heavyweight Championship which he had realised from his wars with Moxley. Nakamura would go on to say that he must atone for his past mistakes calling out the man who defeated him at Til Death Do Us Part in Taichi. Taichi would come out and immediately hit Nakamura in the face with the microphone stand, Taichi would then accept Nakamura’s challenge for a match at Final Countdown. 

CHAOS (Hirooki Goto & Shigehiro Irie) VS Los Ingobernables De Japon (SANADA & EVIL) 



The First match on Kings Of The Ring saw CHAOS take on Los Ingobernables De Japon. Goto would look to bounce back from his loss to Suzuki at fight for your life in the main event. SANADA fresh off capturing the Openweight Championship clearly had something to prove was on fire for most of the match however it was a miscommunication between Irie and Goto that allowed for SANADA to take advantage by locking in Skull End on Irie and following it up with a moonsault for the victory. After the match, Irie and Goto would argue about the loss on the way to the back while SANADA would grab a microphone after EVIL would leave and he would issue an open challenge for anyone to face him at Final Countdown, Lance Archer would then come out of nowhere and take out SANADA, Archer would then pose with the Openweight Championship seemingly declaring his intentions. 

Jonathan Gresham VS Karl Anderson 


The next match saw one half of the ICPW Tag Team Champions in Jonathan Gresham take on Karl Anderson. Anderson would defeat Gresham in an impressive match with a gun stun. After the match, Gallows and Anderson would issue a challenge to CCK for a match at Final Countdown which CCK would accept.

Jon Moxley & Kota Ibushi VS Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Shelton X Benjamin) 



In the main event of the evening Kota Ibushi teamed up with the leader of the Death Riders in Jon Moxley to take on ICPW Heavyweight Champion and the leader of Suzuki-Gun Minoru Suzuki and his turncoat brother Shelton X Benjamin. In a brutal match that saw Suzuki-Gun abuse the rules in every way possible, Benjamin would end the match with a Paydirt to Moxley after a Low blow while the referee was distracted. After the match, Suzuki-Gun would beat Moxley and Ibushi with Haskins and Williams trying to aid their leader only to get cut off by other members of Suzuki-Gun who would continue to beat them down. Suzuki-Gun would close the show posing over the beaten down members of the Death Riders and Kota Ibushi. 

ICPW Kings Of the Ring Episode 22 


Shelton X Benjamin and Moxley have a confrontation setting up a match for tonight


Moxley and Benjamin would start the show off confronting each other with Benjamin stating that he would beat Moxley at Final Countdown. This would turn into Moxley saying that Benjamin isn’t worth a PPV match but he’ll kick his ass here tonight which Benjamin would accept.

Shingo Takagi VS Lance Archer


Lance Archer would take on Shingo Takagi in the first match of Kings Of The Ring. The two men would have a hard hitting match with them exchanging move after move. Archer would come out the victory after hitting a massive blackout on Shingo then following it with the EBD claw. After the match, Archer would continue to beat down Shingo only for SANADA to come out and attempt to make the save but Archer would beat the hell out of him as well before yet again posing with the Openweight Championship over the broken bodies of the two LIJ members. 

CHAOS (Shinsuke Nakamura, Hirooki Goto & Shigehiro Irie) VS Suzuki-Gun (Taichi, El Desperado & DOUKI) 



The next match saw CHAOS take on Suzuki-Gun in a preview battle for Taichi VS Nakamura at Final Countdown. A similar issue would take place with Goto and Irie continuing to argue with each other causing for Irie to get distracted allowing for Taichi to hit him with the black mephisto for the victory. After the match, Irie and Goto would end up brawl with Nakamura managing to separate the two men sending them to the back going opposite ways.

Jon Moxley VS Shelton Benjamin 


In the main event of the evening, Jon Moxley took on Shelton Benjamin. The two men fought each other with Moxley appearing to have the match won until suddenly El Desperado would come out and distract the referee as DOUKI would slide a chair to Benjamin allowing him to hit Moxley with the Chair before hitting a pay dirt for the victory. Benjamin would taunt Moxley and celebrate to close Kings Of The Ring. 

ICPW Kings Of the Ring Episode 23 


Los Ingobernables De Japon (SANADA & Hiromu Takahashi) VS Suzuki-Gun (Akira Tozawa & Lance Archer) 



To Open up Kings Of The Ring LIJ would take on Suzuki-Gun in a champion VS Challengers match. The two teams would fight with everything they have but at the end of it Lance Archer was too much for SANADA hitting a Blackout and then pinning SANADA with the EBD Claw. After the match however, Suzuki-Gun would continue their assault on the champions beating the living hell out of both members of LIJ. 

CHAOS Talk backstage


Backstage, CHAOS had a discussion with Toru Yano of all people mediating the issues between Hirooki Goto and Shigehiro Irie. The CHAOS Members have decided that at Final Countdown the two men will face off with the loser being ejected from CHAOS, the two men would accept with Goto and Yano leaving. Irie would wait behind but would then leave only to be passed by LIJ’s EVIL and BUSHI, Irie would have a brief staredown with the two men before walking off. 

CHAOS (Shinsuke Nakamura & Robbie Eagles) VS Suzuki-Gun (Taichi & DOUKI) 



The next match saw a tag team collision between CHAOS and Suzuki-Gun in a preview tag of Taichi VS Nakamura at final countdown. The match would come to a conclusion with Taichi hitting the black mephisto on Robbie Eagles for the victory. After the match Nakamura and Taichi would brawl beating the hell out of each other fighting to the backstage area. 

Non-Title: Jon Moxley VS Minoru Suzuki


In the main event of the evening, we had a non-title bout between Minoru Suzuki and Jon Moxley. The two men had a physically intense match and it looked like either man could win but at one point when the referee was knocked down by the two men battle Shelton X Benjamin would interfere hitting a paydirt on Moxley allowing for Suzuki to capitalize and win the match. Moxley and Benjamin would then fight to the back, Suzuki would then stand in the ring and raise his championship only for Ibushi to come out and stare down with him. 

ICPW Kings Of the Ring Episode 24 


Luke Gallows VS Chris Brookes


In the go Home Kings Of The Ring it kicked off with Chris Brookes VS Luke Gallows. Gallows tossed around Brookes who would attempt to bend and break the rules in order to win the match but the power of Gallows would prove to be too much for Brookes which would cause Gresham to distract the ref allowing for Brookes to low blow Gallows and Roll him up. After the match, CCK would retreat but Gallows and Anderson would let them know that the tag title match at Final Countdown would be no disqualifications. 

(Non-Title) Hiromu Takahashi VS DOUKI


The next match saw a non title bout between Hiromu Takahashi and DOUKI, the two men had a very impressive match with the two of them going back and forth DOUKI succeeded in damaging Hiromu ahead of his battle with Tozawa. In the end with a time bomb Hiromu defeated DOUKI. After the match, Hiromu cut a promo on Tozawa trash talking him stating that he would make him see why he is the ICPW JR Heavyweight Champion and that he would never Lose MR Belt to the likes of Tozawa. 

Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki, Taichi & Shelton X Benjamin) VS Kota Ibushi, Jon Moxley & Shinsuke Nakamura



In the main event of the go home Kings Of The Ring, Suzuki-Gun’s top heavyweights would take on the Leader of the Death Riders, CHAOS and ICPW’s Main group in an impressive six man tag team match however it would end in bad form with Suzuki Gun getting themselves disqualified by using weapons. This would lead a brawl between Suzuki-Gun and all their opponents for Final Countdown to close Kings Of the Ring.

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ICPW Final Countdown 


ICPW Tag Team Championships, No Disqualifications: CCK (c) VS Gallows & Anderson 


To kick off Final Countdown, CCK would defend their tag team championships against Gallows and Anderson in an impressive tag team contest. The two teams would hit each other with everything they possibly could and it took a Sick fucking tag move to Gallows after taking out Anderson with an ink bomb for CCK to pick up the victory and retain the tag team championships. After the match, El Desperado and DOUKI would appear seemingly being about to challenge for the ICPW Tag Team Championships but suddenly Brookes would be turned around into a Sattori Surprise from the debuting Yoshinobu Kanemaru then a 3 on 2 beat down on CCK Would ensue with Suzuki-Gun taunting the champions. 

Openweight Championship: SANADA (c) VS Lance Archer 


The next match saw the Openweight Championship defended as SANADA took on Lance Archer. SANADA would attempt to slow down the murderhawk monster in this match with technical maneuvers but The American Psycho would continue to charge and throw SANADA around the ring. In the end SANADA would barely escape with the championship managing to counter a black out into a victory roll to retain the championship. Archer would not take kindly to this however beating down the leader of LIJ and then hitting him with a blackout through a table before making his leave. 

ICPW JR Heavyweight Championship: Hiromu Takahashi (c) VS Akira Tozawa


In the JR Heavyweight Championship clash of the evening, Hiromu Takahashi would defend against Akira Tozawa. The two men would pull out everything they possibly could using every single maneuver they had in their arsenal but in the end it was a pair of Deadlift German Suplexes from Tozawa that would put away the ticking time bomb and would allow for Tozawa to capture the JR Heavyweight Championship marking the first time the JR Heavyweight Championship has changed hands in ICPW. 

Loser Leaves CHAOS: Hirooki Goto VS Shigehiro Irie


The next match saw a hard hitting contest between two men who had high tensions within the same stable over the last few weeks as Goto took on Irie. The two men would batter a bruise each other hitting each other with hard strikes and taking each other down and neither man willing to let the other win until finally Goto with an Ushigoroshi followed up by a GTR sealed the Victory and would expel Irie from CHAOS. After the match, Irie would appear to show respect to his opponent only for Irie to push him into Los Ingobernables De Japon’s EVIL with EVIL hitting Goto with an EVERYTHING IS EVIL, Irie would then seemingly join LIJ with the signature fist bump between himself, EVIL and BUSHI. 

No Disqualifications: Jon Moxley VS Shelton X Benjamin


In a brutal match, Jon Moxley took on Shelton X Benjamin in a no disqualification match. The two men would brutalise each other with everything they possibly could not allowing each other to get the advantage throughout the match. In the end it was a brutal Death Rider onto thumb tacks from Moxley would be what it took to pick up the victory over Benjamin. After the match as Moxley was making his leave he would be confronted by Eddie Kingston. The two men would have a brief staredown before Moxley would head to the back and Kingston would soon follow. 

Shinsuke Nakamura VS Taichi


The semi-main event of the evening saw the king of Strong style take on the holy emperor in an impressive match with the two men beating the hell out of each other. They would exchange big move after big move with neither man wanting to give an inch. It would take two consecutive bomayes from Nakamura to take down Taichi and only then would he barely walk away the victor. 

ICPW Heavyweight Championship: Minoru Suzuki (c) VS Kota Ibushi


In the Main Event of the evening, Kota Ibushi would take on Minoru Suzuki for the ICPW Heavyweight Championship in a rematch from Kingdom Come. The two would have a physically intense war with neither man giving a single thing to the other. At one point the war became so physical that Ibushi and Suzuki would knock down the referee, this would lead to interference being run by none other than Zack Sabre JR who would hit Ibushi with a PK allowing for Suzuki to set up for the Gotch Style Piledriver and retain the ICPW Heavyweight championship. After the match, Suzuki-Gun including their new comrades would celebrate their victory and would raise the Heavyweight and JR Heavyweight titles as Final Countdown would go off the air.


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Episode 21

JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Secret Revealed

And New

Image result for hiroshi tanahashi"

To kick off the show, we have the brand new JCW World Champion, The Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi. He comes out to a ruckus crowd, all chanting phrases of congratulations to the veteran. Tanahashi thanks everyone for the wishes, and dives into his speech. He says that at Demolition, he proved every doubter wrong. Every person in the locker room who thinks that he is washed up and too old to compete at a high level, they are incorrect, and now he has the evidence to prove it. He then thanks the fans for their support throughout the match and promises them a strong lengthy title reign. He then speaks to the General Manager, Milano Collection AT. He states to throw everyone at him, for he is The Ace and no one can match him.

Match 1: John Morrison vs Punishment Martinez

Image result for punishment martinez"

In the first matchup of the night, the retaining JCW National Champion took on the victorious Punishment Martinez at Demolition. With both men having momentum coming into the match, this was a very even contest until the final moments. With Morrison on top after a series of high flying maneuvers, the injured Martinez was able to regroup on the outside with his tag team partner, Jay White. The two discussed a strategy for a moment, and Morrison was able to land a suicide dive. White reacted quickly and pushed Martinez out of the way, taking the entire blow by himself. Morrison landed hard on both legs, and Martinez quickly got him back in the ring, delivering a swinging neckbreaker and finishing the match with his beloved Curbstomp.

Punishment Martinez defeated John Morrison in 14:12 with a Curbstomp


Image result for roppongi 3k"

After the spectacular match, the camera cuts backstage to Roppongi 3K. For seemingly the first time since they've arrived in JCW, they are not partying around the city, but rather sitting in the locker room. Romero speaks and addresses the pair of losses the trio suffered at Demolition, citing how they performed spectacularly, but just were missing one small part to complete their game. He says that the mindset has changed, and he, SHO, and YOH will work nonstop to achieve the one thing that will make them unstoppable.

Open Challenge Once More

Image result for alexander wolfe and axel dieter jr"

Next up, the Dark Order comes out, sporting their tag team gold. They are pursued by a horde of creepers, no less than 10 of them. The two roll into the ring and Grayson addresses the crowd. He says that last night was good, certainly a good start to their championship reign, but he and Uno desire and require more. SHO and YOH were a challenge, but they need more challenges, bigger pray to feast on. He therefore invites any team backstage to come out and try their luck against the beasts of the division. Unfamiliar music plays, and none other than Alexander Wolfe and Axel Dieter Jr. appear, the tag team that is called Britain's Finest. The duo come out to the ring while speaking, saying they are the hottest exports from Britain, and they couldn't resist accepting this challenge. They enter the ring, and Grayson accepts the challenge, but the match will happen at JCW Rebellion. The duo leave the ring and head to the back. Meanwhile, the creepers surround the ring, looking to welcome the new tag team. The duo stand back to back, and they fight off all the creepers entering the ring, showing off their skill and making a huge statement to the champions.

Main Event: Kazuchika Okada vs Alex Shelley

Image result for kazuchika okada"

In tonight's main event, Kazuchika Okada took on Alex Shelley. Okada was mysteriously attacked at Demolition, and he is still looking for answers. But now, he has to focus on a hungry Alex Shelley and his partner Chris Sabin at ringside. The two put on a brilliant display, with Shelley truly showing that he is one of the best wrestlers in the company. The match started to pick up in pace and intensity about 15 minutes in, with both men looking for their finishing moves but ending up being countered. Eventually, a misfire from Sabin that hit Shelley allowed Okada to hit an easy Rainmaker, putting one half of the Machine Guns down.

Kazuchika Okada defeated Alex Shelley in 18:41 with a Rainmaker


Image result for daniel bryan"

As Okada was celebrating a hard fought victory in the main event, he grabbed a microphone from ringside. He speaks, saying that he's been looking for answers since Demolition and he wants them now. He holds his arms out, openly challenging whoever it was that attacked him to try it again. And surprisingly, the same masked man appears at the entrance way, the two men making eye contact from far away. He sprints down the ramp and dives inside, and the battle is on. Okada tried his best, but with the fatigue setting in from his match, he wasn't able to get the upperhand on the seemingly technical masked man. The man goes in the corner, arms hanging around the ropes, and this a set up that looks all too familiar. Okada gets to his feet and the man sprints at him, leaping in the air to connect with a Running Knee. The mask is ripped off, and it is revealed to be none other then Daniel Bryan.


Episode 22

JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Heights

New Level

Image result for koji iwamoto"

Tonight's episode of JCW Punishment kicks off with the JCW Breakout champion, Koji Iwamoto. Iwamoto addresses the crowd, talking about how at Demolition he made a fool out of Ren Narita. He made him look so foolish that his mentor, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, couldn't stand to look him in the eyes and therefore left the company. He says that he will continue what he started and choose his next opponent, but right then the music of Konosuke Takeshita plays. He comes out to the ring, and says that despite being one of the best wrestlers in Japan, he's decided to come down to these "lower ranks" and put Iwamoto in his place. Iwamoto begins to retort, but Takeshita claims that AT already scheduled the match for Rebellion, so there's no use in fighting.

Match 1: Daisuke Sasaki vs YAMATO

Image result for daisuke sasaki"

In the first match of the night, two men who have yet to catch steam in JCW faced off, Daisuke Sasaki and YAMATO. The two wrestled for a decent length of time, both carrying a veteran presence that made the match feel old school and well structured. In the end, YAMATO would miss with a crucial big boot, allowing Sasaki to get into a position behind him and nail the Now or Never, picking up some momentum tonight.

Daisuke Sasaki defeatd YAMATO in 9:56 with a Now or Never

An Opportunity Well Deserved

Image result for punishment martinez"

As the competitors clear the ring, Punishment Martinez' music plays. He makes his entrance, pursued by his partner Jay White. The duo enter the ring and Martinez speaks, saying he has something important to say. He states that he picked up a victory over the JCW National Champion last week, and that he deserves a shot at the title at Rebellion. As if it were planned, Morrison's music plays right after he says these words. Morrison says that last week, he won because of cheap tactics alone. He says that he'll be happy to give him a title shot at Rebellion, but he has to prove he can get it done without White at ringside, tonight, in the next match.

Main Event (Winner faces Morrison at Rebellion): Punishment Martinez vs KUSHIDA

Image result for punishment martinez"

In tonight's main event, Punishment Martinez took on John Morrison's man to beat, KUSHIDA. Morrison revealed to have offered both a title opportunity if they win the match clean, and the match was just that. White retreated to the back after the promo, and now these two athletes are left to do what they do best. The match was a highly contested one, both men really striving for a huge title opportunity. But when it was all said and done, KUSHIDA's Hoverboard Lock was reversed by Martinez and quickly turned into a Curbstomp, leading to the 3 count and securing Martinez' title match at Rebellion.

Punishment Martinez defeated KUSHIDA in 18:34 with a Curbstomp

Roots of Hatred

Image result for daniel bryan backstage"

After the main event concludes, the camera pans backstage to a disheveled looking Daniel Bryan. His hair is frizzy and splayed everywhere, and his clothes are slightly ripped and tattered. He looks up at the camera and addresses those watching, saying that this is what he has become. Months of opposition, discrimination, and for what? Just because he is the best? Just because the Japanese men can't accept that a foreigner is better than them? Well he's had enough. He therefore challenges the "best", Kazuchika Okada. He states that by taking down the biggest dog in the yard, then there will be no one left to doubt him. And if he can't beat him, well...he may as well take his talents to a place they can be appreciated.



Episode 23

JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Challenge Accepted


Image result for hiroshi tanahashi"

To kick off the show, Hiroshi Tanahashi comes out to a ruckus crowd, waiting for what the JCW World Champion has to say. Tanahashi comes out to the ring and thanks the fans for their amazing support as always. He then says that he's been feeling a bit excited, a bit too excited, even anxious. Not knowing who is going to face him at Rebellion is hurting him at his core, and he needs something to prepare and get his mind off what's going to occur. So he challenges anyone in the back, for a chance to face off against the World Champion.

Match 1: Naruki Doi vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Image result for hiroshi tanahashi"

In the first match of the show, Naruki Doi appeared to accept The Ace's challenge, much to his surprise. The two were both veterans of the business, and it clearly showed in the match, every move being extremely calculated. Doi proved to be a big threat to Tanahashi, someone who could nearly match him for his every move, showing that he is a very underrated member of the JCW roster. As a matter of fact, Doi was able to hit the Bakatare Sliding Kick, nearly putting Tanahashi away for a huge victory. But as always, Tanahashi fought back into the match, using a slingblade followed by a High Fly Flow to put away his surprisingly competitive opposition.

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Naruki Doi in 14:10 with a High Fly Flow

A True Matchup

Image result for dark order wrestling"

In a backstage interview following the first match of the show, the Dark Order are shown, followed by their creepers. Grayson is the one who speaks as always, and he says that he is truly impressed by Britain's Finest. He says he's seen their work, and even admired it. He and Uno crave their match coming up at Rebellion, and he can't wait to finally have some true competition. Perhaps for once, it'll be a fair fight for the opposition. That is, if the new duo on the block can answer one question. Are you ready for the darkness?

Main Event: John Morrison vs Tomahawk TT

Image result for john morrison"

In tonight's main event, the JCW National Champion John Morrison took on the young Tomahawk TT. Both men looked to prove something, with TT trying to reestablish himself as threat and possibly get himself entered into the National title match at Rebellion, while Morrison was looking to send a message to Punishment Martinez, the man sitting at the commentary table with Jay White. The two had a pretty decent encounter, with both men clearly having a lot to prove to themselves and the world. In the end, TT would try to hit a Night Ride, but Morrison countered the move and rolled his opponent for the quick victory. After the match, Martinez and White rushed the ring, but Morrison was able to fend them off with his championship, driving them up the ramp. With them out of the ring, Morrison posed with his championship, and an American flag unraveled from the rafters, with his name written across it.

John Morrison defeated Tomahawk TT in 19:29 with a rollup

Face to Face

Image result for kazuchika okada"Image result for daniel bryan"

After the ring is cleared, the show begins to come to a close, but it is interrupted by a man yelling stop. The man is Daniel Bryan, and the cameras light up to full volume again. He marches down to the ring, rolls inside, and immediately demands that Kazuchika Okada come out to face him right here, right now. A few seconds pass, and Bryan grows more agitated with every passing one, but eventually, the Rainmaker's famous music sounds. Bryan gets a wild look in his eyes as Okada appears, staring him down from the stage. He makes his way down to the ring and rolls inside, standing across from the man who attacked him weeks ago for the first time.

Bryan raises his microphone and says that Okada is the epitome of what's wrong with this company. He struts around like he owns the place, but in reality, he's done nothing significant in his tenure here. Bryan says he's going to put it simply for Okada and proceeds to say that he is not as good as him. Bryan says he wants a match against him at Rebellion, winner takes the title of best in JCW, while the other is exiled. Okada considers these words for a moment, and with the crowd's support behind him, he answers in Bryan's native tongue, saying he accepts. The crowd cheers and a smirk emerges on Bryan's face, but Okada says there's only one condition. Because Okada thinks he has more to lose if he leaves the company, he wants to put his own little stipulation on the match. And if Bryan is so good, this one shouldn't be a problem at all. Okada proposes a 30 minute iron man match, normal one on one rules, with the winner keeping their spot on the roster. Bryan stares down Okada like he's a madman, but despite this, he reaches his hand out right away. Okada accepts the shake graciously and the two stare each other down to close the show, not faltering from their handshake.



Episode 24

JCW Thursday Night Punishment: One Last Ride

A Matchup for the Ages

Image result for dark order wrestling"

To kick off the show, we have the Dark Order, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. They march down to the ring, pursued by their followers, the creepers. They enter and Grayson begins to speak, addressing their title defense next week. He says that Dieter and Wolfe seem like fine opponents, and that it will give Uno and himself great pleasure in destroying them. Hardly a minute into his speech, the music of their challengers play, and the two men step out from the back. They stand on the stage for a moment, but soon enough they sprint down to the ring. They dive inside, laying waste to everyone in sight. Soon enough, it is the two challengers standing over the two champions, and the two unload their finisher, the Queen's Order, a german suplex from Dieter into a backbreaker from Wolfe.


Image result for punishment martinez"

The camera transitions backstage, showing Punishment Martinez with Jay White, standing by for an interview. Martinez is asked what he thinks of his opponent at Rebellion. Martinez responds, saying that he thinks Morrison is simply below him. He hates how he stands for his country, and that he is a much better candidate to do so. Once Martinez finishes his piece, White steps in and says that the man standing right next to him is the biggest threat in JCW, and Morrison was simply the unlucky one to have him at his doorstep. The two finish up with a look at the camera and walk off screen.

Match 1: Konosuke Takeshita vs Cody Hall

Image result for konosuke takeshita"

In the first match of the show, Konosuke Takeshita, the number one contender for the Breakout Championship, took on Cody Hall, another man in the Breakout division. The two had a pretty decent matchup, with Takeshita working Hall with his smaller body while Hall stunted the small man's speed with his size. Hall proved to be underutilized member of the roster, but Takeshita was still able to get the best of him, nailing him with a vicious Bridging German Suplex for the victory, sending a message to his opponent, Koji Iwamoto.

Konosuke Takeshita defeated Cody Hall in 9:21 with a Bridging German Suplex

Whatever May Happen

Image result for hiroshi tanahashi backstage"

In a backstage segment, we have the JCW World Champion, Hiroshi Tanahashi. He speaks to the camera, saying that the month leading up to his first defense has been a rollercoaster. Endless training, appearances, you name it, and Tanahashi's done it. But he says it's all been worth it, and at Rebellion, he will be able to take on whoever challenges him and defeat them with ease, solidifying himself.

Main Event: CIMA vs Kazuchika Okada

Image result for kazuchika okada"

In the main event of the night, Kazuchika Okada took on one of JCW's newest imports, CIMA. The two men put on a fantastic match, focusing on CIMA's experience over the young Okada. Both men put it all on the line, the match begin extremely important for building momentum. Near the end of the match, Daniel Bryan came out and walked to ringside, looking on at the match. CIMA was able to take control in this moment, but after a few minutes, Bryan made a costly mistake in attacking CIMA instead of Okada, allowing the Rainmaker to finish the match with a Rainmaker.

Kazuchika Okada defeated CIMA in 17:54 with a Rainmaker

Contract Signing

Image result for daniel bryan contract signing"

After the match concluded, Daniel Bryan rolls into the ring, looking at the exhausted Okada. Around the two men, preparations are made, with the ring crew setting up a table and three chairs in the middle of the ring. Okada and Bryan take a seat on opposite sides of the table, glaring at each other. The music of Milano Collection AT then plays, the General Manager. Rarely seen on TV, the boss comes down to the ring, rolls inside, and takes his place in the chair off to the side.

Bryan goes first, but right after he signs, he picks up the microphone off to the side. He says that no matter what the contract says, no matter what foolery is going on, that he will prevail because he is that damn good. He exclaims that he will take all the pleasure in the world of booting the virus that Okada is from his company. Okada nods a few times, taking in his words. Rather than signing, Okada takes a microphone of his own. He states that Bryan is exactly what he says. He is the virus that plagues the company, the one that brings others down because he falsely believes he is so good. So therefore, it will be Okada who will take the pleasure of kicking Bryan out of the company. Okada sets the microphone down and signs the contract, and in that moment all hell breaks loose. Bryan attacks first, slamming Okada's head into the table. A few blows later, and Okada is splayed out on the table. Bryan quickly ascends to the top rope, and without any hesitation, leaps off, driving Okada through the table with a Diving Headbutt.

Episode 25

JCW Rebellion: One Will Stay, One Will Go

Short Message

Image result for milano collection at

To kick off the show, we have a backstage segment with the JCW General Manager, Milano Collection AT. AT says that tonight is a historic night, and for the first time ever, a JCW event will not be headlined by the world title match. He says that Kazuchika Okada vs Daniel Bryan will take the honor of ending the show, and that he thinks there is no better option than that to be the leader of his show.

Match 1 (JCW National Championship): John Morrison (c) vs Punishment Martinez

Image result for punishment martinez"

In the first match of the night, Punishment Martinez took on the successful JCW National Champion, John Morrison. The two had a lot of animosity leading up to the match, and the contest showed what had boiled up perfectly. Each strike had a little extra on them, and both men clearly wanted the win. With White backstage, Martinez was left all alone to deal with the champion, but he did so well. Eventually, Morrison hit the Starship Pain, but Martinez miraculously kicked out! Morrison then would fall susceptible to a huge spear from Martinez, followed by a Curbstomp for the 3 count, making him the new champion.

Punishment Martinez defeated John Morrison in 16:20 with a Curbstomp

Match 2 (JCW Breakout Championship): Koji Iwamoto (c) vs Konosuke Takeshita

Image result for koji iwamoto"

Right after Punishment Martinez won the JCW National Championship, we had the second match for the JCW Breakout Championship. Konosuke Takeshita took on Koji Iwamoto, claiming that he is much more talented and has what it takes to win the title. He proved to be a bit arrogant in his words, and Iwamoto was able to match, even surpass, the challenger. Both men took on a high flying match nature, making it as exciting as possible. In the end, Iwamoto nailed Takeshita with his german suplex, almost making it identical to Takeshita's, securing a three count and the title defense.

Koji Iwamoto defeated Konosuke Takeshita in 12:54 with a Deadlift Bridging German Suplex

Match 3 (JCW Tag Team Championships): Dark Order (c) vs Britain's Finest

Image result for dark order wrestling"

With the matches still rolling, next up was the Tag Team Championship match. The new team, Britain's Finest, took on the Dark Order, the self proclaimed most dominant team in JCW. The two teams varied in styles tremendously, with the Order going for a brute force with a violent mindset approach, while Britain's Finest went with a technical, slowed down approach. Both techniques worked equally, with momentum being evenly distributed throughout the whole match. The match ended when the challengers hit the Queen's Order on Uno, a tremendous feat, but Grayson broke up the pinfall. Uno made the tag, and Wolfe was injured enough for the duo to hit the Tandem Piledriver for the victory.

The Dark Order defeated Britain's Finest in 16:07 with a Tandem Piledriver

All or Nothing

Image result for daniel bryan backstage"

After the tag team match wraps up, we have Daniel Bryan who is backstage, making preparations. He says that he knows that Kazuchika Okada has been preparing for the whole night, but because he is so great, he doesn't need the extended preparation faze. He also states that tonight will be his crowning as the king of JCW, the man that truly stands apart from the rest because he is so god damn good. He tells Okada to bring his A game, because he will certainly need it against a talent like himself.

Match 4 (JCW World Championship): Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs ???

Image result for kenta"

In one of the most highly anticipated matches of the night, Hiroshi Tanahashi took on a mystery opponent. He waited in the ring for minutes on end, but eventually his challenge was answered by a man who made a shock appearance. Much to the surprise and pleasure of the fans, the mystery opponent was KENTA, JCW's newest signing. He cockily made his way down to the ring, and once inside, spat on the face of Tanahashi, ready for his matchup against the Ace.

Match 4 (JCW World Championship): Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs KENTA

Image result for hiroshi tanahashi"

The two men, despite having no previous encounters, were able to create a match that was both entertaining but had a great story, revolving around Tanahashi trying to maintain his spot as the Ace despite clearly being much older than his opponent. A beautiful match was held, and the duo pulled off some truly spectacular spots that few other men on the planet could even dream of doing. In the end, despite having his doubters and being drilled with a lethal GTS from KENTA and surviving, Tanahashi pulled through with a massive High Fly Flow, retaining his championship and top spot in the company.

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated KENTA in 20:34 with a High Fly Flow

Main Event (30 Minute Iron Man Match, Loser Leaves JCW): Daniel Bryan vs Kazuchika Okada


In debatably the match with the most at stake in JCW history, Daniel Bryan and Kazuchika Okada took each other in the true test of attrition, an Iron Man match. A match driven by determining who is the best. Both men needed this victory, or else their spot in the wrestling world of JCW is gone. The match started off with a bang, with Bryan hitting Okada with a Running Knee in the first 5 seconds, securing himself a shock 1-0 lead. The match progressed slowly for the next few minutes, with both men not getting anywhere. Both competitors clearly were evenly matched, making it difficult for either person to gain momentum. Eventually, Okada was able to drill Bryan with a Spinning Tombstone before connecting with a Rainmaker, collecting his first fall 7 minutes into the match. At this point, the intensity and speed of the match drastically changed. Both men started to kick bigger moves, such as a suicide dive from Bryan and a dropkick over the barricade from Okada. 15 minutes later, Bryan put Okada through the announcers table with a brainbuster, putting him in perfect position to get another fall. He rolled Okada back in the ring and locked in the Lebell Lock, causing Okada to pass out in the hold, getting yet another fall, putting him up 2-1. And with Okada unconscious, he seemed to have the match won if he could avoid the Rainmaker. After a few more minutes, Okada finally got some momentum with a huge chop across Bryan's chest. He spent the remainder of the match play cat and mouse with Bryan, trying desperately to keep his spot in JCW. With 30 seconds left in the match, Okada caught up to Bryan and laid him out with a Rainmaker, having to drag to his body over for the pinfall. And with the final count of the 3 sounding at the same time as the buzzer rang, the match was all tied up at 2-2, or so it seemed. Bryan complained to the official, and he went to ringside, talking to the announcers. After looking back at the tape a few times, the referee determined the fall counted, and therefore the match was sent into over time, with the next man to pick up a pinfall or submission taking the victory. This mini matchup lasted a solid 5 minutes, with both men trying to hit their finishers while reversing the opponents. Eventually, a failed moonsault from Bryan allowed Okada to nail a Spinning Tombstone, putting him in a poor position. Okada scooped Bryan up, and with one final move, finished the match with a Rainmaker, exiling Bryan from JCW.

Kazuchika Okada defeated Daniel Bryan 35:12 with 3 falls to Bryan's 2, securing the last one with a Rainmaker

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