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Sanity is your Prison

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A cackling laughter echoes around the arena then the lights go dark then a black and white image appears on the screen. Hollow is seen sitting in a boiler room just laughing to himself.

Hollow, "Hans Clayton Where are you!? We don't know where you are.  But guess it doesn't really matter does it since we know where you are going.  Week of Fourth we know where you will be heading Hans Clayton.  You will be delving into a place only a few have been to.  But none have understood.  You maybe bulletproof but our weapon isn't as simple as a bullet you need to watch out for.  It is something far more destructive, the plain world of madness you will delve into which will try and finally set you free for you Hans are nothing more then a prisoner trapped by your own mind.

See Hollow is free, he isn't bound by the mind of the simple concepts that you are bound to.  Sanity is your prison, if you ever let yourself truly go you would find a whole new world is open to you to do whatever you want without being bound by anything or anyone!  If you want a title shot, then you go and get that title shot.  You want to fight someone then you do that. If you want to hurt someone, and let go of the pathetic ideals of wins and loses that plague BPZ,  then you will be go so much farther. But first you must be freed Hans.  You must see what it is like first hand to step into a world created by Hollow.  Stepping into a match where only thoughts of Anarchy and chaos will lead you to true survival.  Hollow will set you free and do something more for you then Bulletproof could ever do for you and free you!"

Hollow starts tapping the microphone on the pipes in the boiler room until he start speaking again.

Hollow, "Don't get the wrong idea, you might believe you faced us before when you won those shiny tag titles from Blade and Slim but you didn't face Hollow.  You faced to ego driven personalities that drove themselves to their own defeat that day.  When you face Hollow you will be starting to learn what we are.  You will learn your own limitations in your own prison you set for yourself.  All of this will be in thanks for the part we will play in opening your eyes to only truth in BPZ.  Good and Evil, it doesn't matter, the only true path anyone can walk with full freedom is that paved by chaos.  The road to madness.

Now we aren't going to expect a thank you from you after we open your eyes.  We never have expected it from anyone so why start now?  But we will do this service because it is  just want Hollow can do.  But we will say one thing, now for when we free you."

Hollow laughs a bit then yells,


Ending the statement in cackling laughter Hollow goes back to sitting in the dark portions of the boiler room as the screen fades to black ending this segment.



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