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CRW, CRW, CRW!!! Welcome to CRW, we are a revolution, a new beginning and the future of professional wrestling.


The owner of CRW, meets us inside the ring. A grin appears on his face. "This is our time, I have dreamt of a revolution just like this since I was a little boy, and now it has become a reality". Now my final question to all of you is, are you ready? He points to the CRW sign, as pyro ignites.

Miles Taylor vs Epic


First up is a man, that has worked hard to get to where he is today. Years of training, years of proving people wrong and now with the support of his friends and family, he has signed a contract to CRW, as he opens up the premiere episode of CRW.


Next up, is a man of "Royalty". Who wants to step away from his family, and make his own mark in the wrestling world. But he is not on his own, he has brought his wife of 6 years alongside him throughout this journey.

The bell rings, both men having an intense staredown. A few moments pass, before they follow up into a lockup. The strength advantage seems to go to Epic, as he pushes Miles into the corner. Backing up, going for a forearm, but Miles gets out of the way, just in time. Epic now goes towards the ropes, going towards Miles, but he hits a dropkick, kipping up shortly after.


A huge crowd reaction, for this youngster. Miles is really showing that he is a key player here in CRW. Epic rolls to the outside, trying to get a quick breather. But Miles is not too eager in letting that happen, as he heads for a suicide dive, but Epic eyes Miles, and hits a forearm, stopping Miles right in his tracks. He throws him back into the ring, heading towards to the ropes once more, sliding under Miles.


He then transistions into a "Royalty Hold", the agony appears on Miles' face. Locked in, towards the middle of the ring. Nowhere to go, Miles then rolls over, striking Epic with multiple kicks to the skull. Having no other choice but to let go. Miles kips up, and hits a Lumbar Check.


A big win, for this young man here tonight. What is next for Miles Taylor? Now we head backstage for an interview with our very own, Mikey.

Dont Underestimate Me


Mikey: I am here, not to make vital threats. But rather to lay down a challenge, to a man of sick methods, someone that I cant believe was signed here in CRW. Daniel Vice, I challenge you, in 4 weeks at CRW Redemption. I want you too look me in the eyes, and tell me how sick you are, this isnt personal, this is to get me to where I want to be at.

Slim vs Steve Handles


Welcome back to ringside, where we are ready for our 2nd match of the night. Out comes slim, beyond the crowd. Boos begin to fill the arena, Slim walks past all the fans, a disgusting appeal is what Slim's face can be described as.


Next up is, Steve Handles. The coolest guy in town, is the only way you can describe this guy. Cockiness is surely his specialty. But does he have the in-ring skills, to get it done here tonight?

The match begins, Steve has his hands in his pockets, staring down Slim. Slim pushes Steve down, but he kips up with his hands still in tact inside his pockets. He gives Slim the middle finger, and the worth of a spit.


The disrespect shown by Steve. He finally takes his hands out of his pockets, running to the ropes, and back going for a shining wizard, but Slim ducks under and goes from rope to rope and connects with a huge spear.


Slim goes for the pinfall...1....2.....3.... And that is it, a rather quick match, but that just proves what Slim already knows, he is one of the best.

An Answer!?


We head backstage, where we are met, with a raged Daniel Vice. Earlier tonight, Mikey challenged him to a match at Redemption. Will he accept?

Vice: Oh Mikey, you must be new to this whole wrestling world. I am Daniel Freaking Vice, I dont give a damn who you are. You want to challenge me? You got it, but fair warning, once I am finished with you, your finished kid.

Mason Moore vs KENJI (World Championship Match)


Ladies and Gentleman, it is Main Event time. It is time to crown a World Champion. Will it be Mason Moore or KENJI. First up is Mason Moore, a man of beauty but undeniable skill.


Next up is a man, of not many words, but dangerous actions. Can he become our first World Champion, or will Mason be too much for KENJI to handle?

The bell rings, a lockup is ensued, the strength advantage seems to go to KENJI, as he pushes Mason to the corner. He runs to the other side of the ring and back, but Mason gets out of the way in time. A stunned look appears on KENJI's face, as he goes for a lariat. But Mason is too fast, and hits a shin breaker. He picks up Mason and hits him with a furious punch.


Mason backs up into the ropes, flying back with a huge lariat. Both men now down. A few moments later getting up, looking to pick themselves up. Before Mason runs and hits a tilt O-Whirl DDT.


He goes for the pinfall..1...2... but a kickout by Kenji. KENJI rolls to the corner, where Mason meets him. But KENJI hits him with a dropkick. He heads up to the top rope, but the lights go out. After a few moments, they come back on. Julius is a bloody mess, KENJI on top of Mason for the count..1...2.....3.....


We have a World Champion, but who has done this? Who has screwed Mason out of a World Championship? Static begins to fill the titantron before an image is shown to end off the show.



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Welcome back to CRW. A place of oppurunity, heart and desire. And tonight we once again showcase some of the best talent in the world. 


Prince Labo vs Miles Taylor 


We start the show off, with a great match here tonight. Prince Labo looks to debut in great fashion, as he takes on one of CRW's best, Miles Taylor. It was a great match, but nothing special. I have to say both men showed that they could handle their own. It seemed, Prince Labo was a force not to reckon with. As Labo would be able to secure the victory with a "Prince Ending". 


Too Cool For School


Rick Tomhard: Hello, hello, is this camera on? Oh there we go, you can see just how cool I am now. Last week, I was able to prove my coolness dominance, by proving how cool I am. Slim was able to win, but was he cool at doing so? Absolutely not so I challenge Slim at CRW: Redemption. Now let me stir away from Slim for a moment. Back in the day, I was in a hell hole, something you all like to refer as School. I was the popular kid, bullied all the nerds. Because I could do so, and teachers would ask, Rick why do you do that? Why are you so cool? And I would answer simply, because I am just "Too Cool For School". 


Slim vs Nathan Sawyer


Next match, is a very interesting one for sure. We havent seen Nathan Sawyer at all yet, So this is a good time to introduce him, and see what he has got. Now for Slim, we have truly seen that he is the future of CRW. From his stature, to his in ring ability. This match was actually really good, but Slim did his homework on Nathan. And was just way better here tonight. Every chance Nathan got to secure a lead in the match, Slim had an answer to it. For the solid 15 minutes this match had, we got to see what both men were made of, and that is never a bad thing. But at the end of the day, there needed to be a winner. And that man was Slim, who ended Nathan off with a huge spear.

After the match, Slim would celebrate his win before a man would enter the ring with a mask on. Not knowing his identity before he would hit a "GOAT BOTTOM". Taking off his mask and realizing  it is The Bailey. The newest signee to CRW.



Daniel Vice vs Marker Andrews


Damn, what an awesome match we had here. Between two awesome performers, in Daniel Vice and Marker Andrews. Daniel Vice, last week got a demand from Mikey. For a match at redemption, he accepeted and thats where Vice's head is at I feel. Marker wants this win, a man of heart. Once we get to the home stretch, Daniel Vice seems to get ready to end Marker Andrews. But from ringside, Mikey takes Vice outside the ring. Throwing him into the steel steps. Resulting in a disqualification, Daniel Vice still wins this matchup, but at what cost?


Wheres My Cane?!


Aidanator: Woah, Woah, dont show all my wrinkles. And where is my damn cane? Do you want me to fall and not get back up? Anyways, I am here, because I am one of the best in this ring. And I seem not to be on the card for two weeks in a row. And it s just a disgrace to senior right. Im 73 years old damnit, treat me as such. I better be on the card, next week or I am going to call social services or whatever it is called to sue your asses. Aidantor out! 


H.R. PufnStuf vs. Alex Costa


What a freaking match, these two blew the roof of this joint. This is the first ime we are seeing both of these men, and holy hell they showed us how great they truly are. The match went for a solid 10 minutes, back and forth action. When it came down to the last final stretch, H.R. was the better man, as he would end Alex with a arm breaker, Alex having no other choice but to tap out. An impressive win for this man, what is next for H.R. PufnStuf? 


A Message To A Lunatic


KENJI: I am the World Champion, why? Because I am just the best, but who wanted to try to take that moment from me. None other, than a lunatic, a ego adjusted Brad. I really only have one thing to say to that, see you at CRW: Redemption.


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A New General Manager


In the spark of Kushida leaving CRW due to a contract dispute. CRW had to find a new General Manager in the span of 24 hours. In the spark of the moment, MJF was found to take the role. Was this a well thought out decision, or will it backfire? Welcome to CRW!

The Bailey vs Marker Andrews


Last week, we saw the revealation of The Bailey in CRW. The hatred between Bailey and Slim continues to boil over. Officialy in 2 weeks, reported by CRW.com, The Bailey will go one on one with Slim, live at CRW: Redemption. 

Now getting to this match, damn Bailey wanted to send a message to Slim for sure. This was a one sided affair, that lasted about 10 minutes. When it got to the 8 minute mark, Bailey would pick up Marker, slapping the taste out of his mouth. Trasitioning  into a Bailey Bottom. Getting the 3 count and an easy victory. A clear message sent to Slim.

Creeping Around


We return from commercial break. As a vignette opens up with the #1 Contender for the CRW World Championship, who will challenge KENJI. Brad begins looking over the horizon, pulling his hair out for fun. Before closing the segment, he says one phrase, "This Is My Kingdom". The screen then fades to black.

H.R. PufSnuf vs Miles Taylor


Another fantastic match here, as H.R. PufSnuf, contto prove his domincanc ehere in CRW. Miles Taylor has shown, he has got what it takes to be at the top as well. A lengthy match, with a solid 15 minutes, H.R. PufSnuf would put away Miles Taylor with a Package Piledriver. Securing the victory, and his dominance.

Beauty is Within


After another commerical break, we surface to a beach. Where Mason Moore is sitting, looking around at his surroundings. Mason is one that loves his beauty, but doesnt use it to his advantage, he said to the cameraman. As the screen fades to black.

KENJI vs Aidanator


We now get set for our Main Event of the evening. As the grumpy old grandpa, who farts a lot gets ready to go one on one with our World Champion. The match was intense, well for Aidanator, as he couldnt catch his breath for most of it. Kenji would end the old veteran after 5 minutes, with a huge lariat. 

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Name: Yelich

Nicknames: None

Figurehead: Christian

Signatures: Whirlybird (Sliced Bread #2)
Frog Splash

Finishers: "Concussion Syndrome" (Piledriver)
Canadian Destroyer

Backstory: Yelich has been pushed down his entire professional wrestling career by his multiple personality disorder. Yelich has 26 separate personalities, and the only similarity between all 26 is they want to wrestle... except for Lyle (but we don't talk about Lyle). Recently however Yelich's therapist has helped him focus more on life and this has stopped lots of personality changes and Yelich has had the same stable personality for almost half a year now and he is more determined than ever to gain success in the wrestling industry... though sooner or later, will his personalities change, or can he stay stable? Only time will tell.

Age: 29

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Name: Sweet Brother Bob

Nicknames: The Sweet One

Figurehead: The Godfather

Signatures: Bracket Buster (Spine Buster)

Finishers: Bob Bomb ( Batista Bomb)

Backstory: Bob won the lottery at a young age as he uses most of this money of chicks. He considers himself a pimp coming down to the ring with multiple women and calling the fans his Sweet Brothers. Bob is a pretty big man as he uses his power and sneaky ways to get wins over his opponents.

Age: 32

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Name: Sailor Meko

Nickname: Moon Guardian

Figurehead: Sailor Moon

Signature: Sailor Meko Kick (Brogue Kick)

Finisher: Moon Tiara Action (Headbutt)

Backstory: A Sailor Moon crossplayer, he is entirely in character at all times. He occasionally runs from his opponents and cries randomly in the middle of a match. He carries a plush cat named “Luna” that he’s convinced is real, and he talks to her constantly.

Age: 25

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Name: Dominic Bishop

Nicknames: The Torturer

Figurehead: Sammy Guevara

Signatures: Die A Little (Step-Up Superman Punch) What A Twist (Stundog Millionaire)

Finishers: Web of Suffering (Lifted Cloverleaf) Murder-Go-Round (Spinning Tombstone Piledriver)

Backstory: Dominic grew up in a prestigious wrestling family, but unlike his father and grandfather, he had a taste for the torturous type, attacking limbs and making people scream. He enjoys it.

Age: 22

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