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Name: Jason Ryan

Nicknames: The Megastar, the Embodiment of Entertainment, The Last Outlaw

Figurehead: Mr. Anderson

Signatures: JRE Splash ( 5-Star Frog Splash), 6th Shot ( Stunner)

Finishers: Pink Eye ( Superkick to the eye) 

Backstory: Jason loved wrestling growing up and would go out on the trampoline in his backyard as a kid to emulate matches. He debuted in the indy's at 16 and has been wrestling in all kinds of matches.

Age: 25

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Name:  Miles Taylor

Nicknames: "Cyborg", "The Flash"

Figurehead: Cedric Alexander

Signatures: Shooting Star Press, Phenomenal Forearm - "Kings Landing"

Finishers: Boston Crab Submission, Lumbar Check

Backstory: Miles Taylor grew up in downtown NYC and instantly grew a liking to atheltics, a former Track star, Miles Taylor was an Olympic athlete and won a gold medal for the USA in the 100m race. Now is pursuing his dream of becoming a pro wrestler, and has developed an amazing skill set. Being trained by the likes of Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, and more. Mike Taylor is a prodigy like no other

Age: 22

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Name:  Marker Andrews 


Nicknames: King Of Flight 


Figurehead: Ricochet 


Signatures: Bicycle Knee Strike and Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker 


Finishers: Ripcord Knee Strike 


Backstory: Marker was born in Boston, Massachusetts, he was younger he wanted to become either a basketball player or a wrestler, he was incredibly good at the age of 15 as he was hitting dunks when he was just 5'10 due to his amazing jumping ability, however he quit due to his coach having a vendetta against Marker for some unknown reason, he moved on to wrestling and became one of the best talents due to his high flying abilities. He now signed to CRW, where he ready to make an impact. 


Age: 22

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Nicknames: The Resonator, The Dragon

Figurehead: Shingo Takagi

Dragon's Hoard (Stalling Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver)
Gaudi Bakudan (Gory Bomb)
KJR- KENJI Revolution (Inverted Headlock Lariat Backbreaker (GTR))
Pumping Bomber (Running Lariat)

Bermuda Triangle (Triangle Armbar Choke)
Horizon Supex Hold (Bridging Package German Suplex)
Last Resonance (Wrist-Clutch Fisherman's Driver (Last of the Dragon))

Backstory: Seen as huge potential in Japan early on in his career, but became lost in the shuffle of tag matches and stables, and has looked overseas to flourish as the star he should have been in Japan.

Age: 22

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Name: Epic

Nicknames: The Elite One

Figurehead: Epico Colon

Signatures: Backstabber, Cloverleaf, Frog Splash, Three Amigo's, Avalanche Moonsault Slam

Finishers: Last Chancery, 21 plex

Backstory: Epico is part of the legendary Colon family and wants to prove he can make it with more than just his family name.

Age: 18

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Name: Mikey

Nicknames: "The Pocketknife"

Figurehead: Jay White

Signatures: Shooting Star Press and Adrenaline (Rebound Lariat)

Finishers: Ground Zero (Burning Hammer) and Discus Big Boot

Uber Finisher (if allowed): Annihilation (Lungblower Powerbomb)

Backstory: Mikey grew up in a wrestling family. His father was a decently successful independent scene wrestler, and he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Mikey has been training to become a wrestler since the young age of 13. He made his debut at the young age of 17, traveling the globe to refine his skills even more. He has been a pro for 10 years now, and he has captured many titles around the world. Now with WWE dead and the rise of CRW, Mikey finally has his chance to breakthrough to mainstream audiences and change the wrestling world.

Age: 27

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Name: Aidanator

Nicknames: Old Man Aidan

Figurehead: A really old man

Signatures: The Cane Smack

Finishers: The Arm Pinch

Backstory: Once a well-respected wrestler, Aidan is long past his glory days, now at the ripe old age of 73. However, that won't stop him from getting in the ring, so everybody hopes that he doesn't hurt himself too bad.

Age: 73

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Name: "Cool" Steve Handles

Nicknames: "So So Cool"

Figurehead: Orange Cassidy

Signatures: Cool Legdrop

Finishers: Cool Flow DDT (Evenflow DDT)

Backstory: An American Wrestler who knows he was "Cool" ever since he was a kid and will now show everybody in the world of wrestling that in fact is "Cool"

Age: 24


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Name:  H.R Pufnstuf 

Nicknames: "The Neighbourly Dragon"

Figurehead: Vader

Signatures: The Magic Path (Pounce), From the Sky (Vaderbomb), Knife Edged Chop; used frequently

Finishers: Tower of Fire (Jackknife powerbomb), Call to the Dragon (Standing Tazzmission)


Man or Beast? This man prefers the term Mythical. A 7 foot tall friendly "dragon". People question if he is just a man in a costume but could a man have such a long tail? Pufnstuf has gained a cult following in the Philadelphia and New York areas respectively after one of his matches went viral against a man recently signed by a big company. This exposure has helped him gain more bookings as a wrestler while slowly letting go of his some of his part time jobs.

Pufnstuf has always drawn in motivations on the simpler things. What he wants..he will eventually get because it isn't just for him. The turtle will win the race against the hare. This outlook on life and his need to put food on the table has landed him in quite a handful of unique career situations such as a stint in MMA, leaning on his college athletics experience, hosting a short tenured children's television program and a mascot for several sports teams. 

He is loyal to his friends and family and has no problem going above and beyond for anyone who comes in contact with him that leaves a positive impression.  He exerts a continually cheerful demeanour, giving life advice to those who ask for it and tries to be supportive of the locker room. Some say he is honest and kind to a fault, but underneath this positive person people speak of manipulation and a hunt for personal gain.

Pufnstuf has lived enough to know that in any business, you have to dirty your hands at some point to reach the next level of success but fights to stay true to himself. He has no problems helping someone in trouble or sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. 

Despite his perplexing appearance and kind demeanour he is an ultra-aggressive and terrifyingly strong in-ring competitor. With hopeful enthusiasm and dreams packed alongside expectations of providing for his household, he aims to learn everything he can on his way of making this a career and becoming a company man.

Age: 31

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Name: Alex Costa

Nicknames: "The Portuguese Archangel", "The Bastard", "Hero Killer"

Figurehead: Edge

Signatures: Spear, One Winged Angel, Bastard Lock (Rings of Saturn)

Finishers: Destino, Path of Salvation (Styles Clash)

Backstory: A fan of wrestling since a young age Alex has traveled across the entire world winning titles everywhere he went. Now arriving in CRW his goal continues to be the same. To prove he is the best Wrestler in the World.

Age: 26

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Name:  Brad

Nicknames: Jobber, Loser, Lunatic

Figurehead: Dean Ambrose

Signatures: Superplex into Falcon Arrow, Dragon Sleeper

Finishers: Burning Hammer, One Wing Angel

Backstory: Fan of wrestling since he was five years old and wanted to be a wrestler at ten. Started training at sixteen and went pro at eighteen.

Age: 24

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Our first signing to CRW is Arrow Thunderman. He is just an 18 year old who has a passion for wrestling. But more of a child inside, likes to frolick around the years in times of boredom. But how will he do inside the wrestling ring? 



“The Magnificent” Mason Moore. A man of beauty, he likes to think of himself, as the best looking man on the face of the planet. But will that add up to his wrestling skills? He is a former gymnast, that now has a passion for wrestling. Welcome to CRW Mason Moore.



Next up is “The MegaStar” Jason Ryan. Jason loved wrestling growing up, and he would go outside to his old trampoline, and try to act out his favorite wrestlers. He debuted in the Indy’s when he was 16, proving his worth, and now it’s time for Jason Ryan to step up to the big leagues and show us what he is made of. 



Next up is, “ The Animal” James Morris. Former UFC fighter, turned Top Movie Star, now turned Wreslter. So it seems James really can’t stick to one aspect of life. But we are going to give him a shot, let’s just hope he doesn’t leave us, like he has done with UFC and Hollywood. 



Now it’s time to introduce, “ The Flash” Miles Taylor. A man who grew up in Downtown New York City. A former track star in his own right, he is a gold medal athlete, that he achieved in the Olympics. And recently had developed an amazing skill in Wrestling at the young age of 22. 



Welcome to the roster, Marker Andrews! A man we call “King Of Flight”. A native of Boston, a career path for him at a younge age was either a Basketball  Player or a Wrestler. One of the best at 15 years of age, but due to a vendetta the coach had against him, he quit. Now is his chance to shine. 



“The Dragon” KENJI, makes his way to CRW. A up and comer in Japan in his earlier years. But as a lot of performers, became lost in the shuffle and never got anything special done. Now he is looking to do the opposite and become a key player here in CRW. 



Next up is Epic. He is part of a royal family. But wants to prove his success is not just based off his name. But more of his own skill.



“ The Pocket Knife” Mikey grew up in a wrestling family. A successful father, has helped him raise awareness for his skills. He has been training to be a wrestler, since the early age of only 13. He ha snow made his debut at 17, traveling the globe was something Mikey became accustomed to. 10 years later, it is his change to breakthrough to mainstream audiences. 



“The GOAT” Bailey. The 32 year old came from Hollywood, and now is trying to focus on wrestling to become the best he can be.



“Cool” Steve Handles. An American Wrestler, who knows he was cool, ever since he was a kid, and now he just wants to show the world how cool he is, and how to make professional wrestling cool too.


Next up is  “The Beast” Slim. A former Japan wrestler, but has made his way to the USA. And looks to prove his worth here in CRW. Can he do it?



And now, it’s “ The Neighbourly Dragon” HR Pufsnuf. A man of crazy thoughts, but little talk. A mythical creature perhaps. He looks to show how mythical he truly can be. What can he do in this new promotion? 



“The House Killer” Alex Costa. A fan of wrestling since a going age, now trying to make a name for himself. Alex has traveled across the world, to become the best. Is he, can he prove it?


“Jobber” Brad, has been a fan of wrestling, since he was five years old. He started training at sixteen and now at the age of 24 has been signed to CRW and wants to prove how good he truly is. 

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Name: Daniel Vice 

Nicknames: The King Of Sin, The Psychotic Hunter

Figurehead: Jimmy Havoc 

Signatures:  Lust For Power (Sidewalk Slam onto top Turnbuckle), Pride of the Foolish/Daniel Vice Driver (Death Valley Driver)

Finishers: Greed of The King (Jim Breaks Arm Bar), Wrath of The Hunter/Death Drop Driver (Double Underhook Piledriver) 

Backstory: Professional Wrestler who made his name in Australia on the independents slowly building himself up throughout the independents in Japan and The United Kingdom, with a solid background in Brazillian Jiujitsu as well as very large amount of training under japanese legends during his time on the independents. His two nicknames represent his two persona's. The King of Sin is a vindictive manipulative heel with a shoot style promo as well as a very smart more focused in ring style where as the Psychotic Hunter is a malicious, suicidal, Strong style tweener who will beat the living hell out of anybody who crosses him. 

Age: 26 

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Name: Nathan Sawyer
Nickname: "Lights Out" "The American Nightmare" 
Figurehead: Chris Benoit
Signatures: End of Heartache(kairopractor), Welcome to your Nightmare(Kudo Driver) 
Finishers: Nail in the coffin(Nail in the coffin), Lights Out(Steiner Screwdriver)
Age: 22
Backstory: Nathan has been in the business all his life, Trained by the very best in the world. He's a student of the game. he Knows what is great for business and what is great for the fans. While some say he could be better on the mic, No one denies his technical wrestling ability or his charisma. Considered one of the very best wrestlers in the entire world with his whole career ahead of him, the WWE were looking to sign him before they went under. Now the people wonder where Nathan Sawyer will go now that WWE has fallen>

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