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Hollow's theme plays then out in the crowd Hollow emerges walking his way down to the barricade to the ring quickly hopping the barricade then gets in the ring

Hollow, "Four rounds have come and four individuals have survived the evolution of madness.   First was Smith, asking Blade to bring his hardcore side to the fight.  Then was Slim who brought Blade to that dark place again in a no disqualification match, that led to Hollow's most resent reemergence.  Then we battled drove it into the ground with out battle with Sameer.  What emerge was a madman who no longer cares for the basic normal worries here in BPZ.  No longer caring about wins or loses, just wanting to hurt his opponents.  Then the latest opponent, showing the truth, everyone is trapped in their own prisons.  Hollow said he would free Han's of the prison that his sanity holds him..  Now we head into the final week to the Survival Games Event itself!  What will the next metamorphosis  of madness be?  We will all find out when we take on Named Redacted..."

Hollow stops for a second a bit confused then looks around a bit confused

Hollow, "Why did we say Name Redacted?  We very well know who our opponent for the Survival Games Power Trip Event is very well.  He has made it known he wants noting more to do ith this tournament.  He asked that nobody in this tournament target him any more.  Here is the thing about that...


Hear that and make it very clear.  Hollow does whatever Hollow wants and targets whoever he wants to fight. So who is next for the metamorphosis of madness?


Hollow doesn't laugh he puts his umbrella down and seemly gets serious

Hollow, "You want out of the tournament.  Why?  Because it didn't go your way? Because you lost a little match, and lost all of your will to continue in this tournament of Survival?  You done playing the little games the so called 'bookers' put you in? Well...


You made this personal weeks ago when Hollow was dealing with Sameer.  When Hollow was setting out to bring out his own brand of chaos and anarchy.  You attacked Hollow, and marked yourself an enemy of madness.  Our match in this tournament doesn't matter on the scale of wins or losses, what does matter is Hollow has found his first victim for the first Power Trip since returning to the realms of madness and Hollow will end you."

Hollow walks up and grabs the closest cameraman by the throat and throws him into the ring then takes the camera and holds it up towards himself

Hollow, "Bashka, you had matches with Brenden, Slim, Blade , Smith so many of the big names but now you face someone different.  If you see Hollow the same as Blade you are going to clearly be outmatched.   You aren't facing someone who cares about winning a simple match.  Someone who is free from the prison that sanity brings.  Nobody will stop the judgement that Hollow's anarchy will bring forth in our match.   

Bashka you will be free from your own prison, but in the end, you will be nothing more then a broken mess.   Because only Hollow can survive his own brand of madness, how own chaos, and you Bashka you are just

A victim..."

Hollow drops the camera and from that slanted camera angle Hollow grabs the camera man then nails his Death Drop Finisher putting an exclamation point on his message to his next and final opponent in the Survival Games Tournament at the Power Trip Event.

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After Hollow attacks the camera man, the theme of Bullet Proof plays, signalling the arrival of one of the five members or in an unfortunate case for Hollow, potentially all of them. However, only Bashka walks out to the gratefulness of Hollow. Bashka quickly storms down to the ring, picking up the microphone and getting in the face of Hollow.

It’s a damn good thing you attacked that camera man because it’s going to be the only guy you take down throughout Survival Games. You see, I couldn’t give less of a shit about this tournament but I’ll be damned if I lose to you, the biggest jobber that BPZ has ever seen. You walk around here acting as if anybody at all gives a shit about what you do or what you say but you just switch from Hollow to Blade whenever you feel anything is going wrong and quite frankly the reason you change so much is because nothing goes right for you. The last time you did something right was when you were riding the coat tails of George and Slim. The only reason you were even part of that group to begin with is because Slim wanted to team with George, he saw something in George while you were just there for the journey. Unfortunately, your stubbornness and thinking you were on another level to everyone else after another fluke moment meant that you thought you were above Slim to the point where you tried to overthrow his stable. As soon as that happened, everybody left because nobody wanted to be lead by you. 

 Look at Slim now, he’s thriving with Necce by his side while you still brag 4 years on about how your biggest moment in your career was drawing with the NXT Champion in your debut. Look around this arena, do you see anyone here? No, because when they hear your music they realise it’s time to go for a piss, you’re that god damn boring. You can’t keep talking about this evolution of madness when every time you actually compete your ass gets thrown all over the ring. You’ve been doing this same madman shtick for years before you inevitably go back to being Blade because you fail at everything you try. You’re right about one thing though, you’re different to Brenden, Slim, Smith, and all those other guys I’ve faced. You wanna know why?

Bashka walks over to Hollow and puts the microphone up to his ear, whispering this next statement

I let those guys walk out without a broken fucking neck.

Bashka kicks Hollow in the gut before Mikey and Hans run into the ring, all three men pushing Hollow into the corner and beating the living daylights out of him.


Bashka, obviously pisses by what Hollow had to say, has called for help to truly deliver punishment to his upcoming opponent. Bashka eventually tells his partners to back off and Hollow falls onto the mat, Bashka then kicking him out of the ring.

I didn’t have that much of a problem with you, but you just don’t shut up and my ears couldn’t handle the punishment so my brain decided that it wanted you to shut up, so I shut you up. Don’t think that you’re something special because you have a cool looking mask, you flew too close to the sun and you got burnt. So tonight, Hollow has learned a very important lesson; don’t poke Bullet Proof, we’ll bite your head off.

Bashka, Mikey and Hans stand tall as the segment comes to a close, the crowd much more excited than they were in the beginning of this portion of the show.

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