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Gunner Flynn

BPZ Writeups

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Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to BPZ Summerslam. We start off the show, with a bitter feud. One about three men, filled with greedy, cockiness, and rage. The Flock was a fantastic stable, but one only filled with greed by one man, Jason Ryan. He used his allies to take him right to the top. Tonight Buddy Ace and Marker have had enough of it.



Showdown blasts throughout the arena. A stone cold look emerges on the face of Buddy. Buddy is so sick of being overlooked, not being taken seriously. Jason used him, now Ace has to make sure that never happens again.



Speaking of the devil, Jason Ryan. The man with the plan, well what is his plan tonight? Has he done the right thing all along? Tonight we find out, if using The Flock to his own hierarchy was the right move after all. Or if it was his downfall. 


And finally, is Marker. The closest to Jason Ryan, these two were just like brothers. But yet they are now bitter enemies. 

The bell rings, all three men ready to go to war. Who will strike first? Jason goes for a lariat, but Marker throws him to the outside. Marker and Buddy both focus in on eachother, a crazy look appears on Marker's face. As he grabs Buddy, taking him down with a lariat. Then transitioning with some nose and ear bending.


Oh my god, this is very hard to watch. The agony shown on Ace's face. Marker then stomps on the skull of Ace. Then going outside to grab a chair, surrounded by barbed wire. He picks up Buddy Ace, going for a piledriver onto the chair!


Oh my freaking god! Animals, is all i can think of to describe these men in this war. Jason Ryan, now enters the ring, joining this chaos. Marker, gets in the face of Jason, but is met with a superkick right to the jaw. 


Jason goes for the pinfall..1...2... but Odd breaks it up. Rage is shown on the face of Mr. Ryan. He gets up and hits another superkick, on this poor man. Jason heads to the outside, this time around. Grabbing multiple chairs, throwing them all in the ring. He heads back into the deathzone, scooping up Odd and hits a brainbuster on the pile of steel chairs.


Holy S***, the crowd chants. This is pure insanity, that surely is the only way to describe this. The hatred between all three of these men is crazy. A few moments now pass, Ace has been taken out of this match, for most likely a while. Marker now gets back into the action, as he goes for a clothesline on Jason. But he ducks under, and hits a lariat of his own. After another few moments, Marker helps Buddy up to his feet as they both seem to be working together.


This is very short lived though, as after the "Too Sweet" taunt is engaged. Marker would turn around and be met with a little surprise of a low blow by Buddy. He goes for the pinfall..1...2... but a kick out by Marker at 2. Jason gets back into the hunt, with a huge powerbomb to Buddy. Marker is right there though, with a forearm smash, to Jason.


Marker is not done there, though. He stares, at the dead carcus that is Ace. He backs up to the other side of the ring, ropes in tact. And goes for the "Nail In The Coffin".


A pinfall is pursued..1....2... but a kickout by Buddy. How?!!!! Ace has the resiliency now to get up to his feet, and staredown marker. Does he have a deathwish? Marker slaps him, but Buddy wont give up. He still stares him down, Marker backs up and goes for a v-trigger but Ace hits a big clothesline, taking Marker inside out. Jason has now rolled outside the ring, Odd following him outside, with a standing shooting star press from the apron.


What a damn match this has been! Buddy Ace, really showing his worth here tonight. So is Marker and Jason Ryan. But the real question is, who wants it more? Ace makes his way back into the ring, where Marker is laying back first, emptiness filled in his body. Buddy goes to pick him up, but was played into it, as Marker grabs Buddy's fingers and snaps them. 


God damn Marker! A cruel man we must say, but this just shows how bitter these man are to eachother. Jason now gets back in the ring, striking marker with a huge forearm. Sending him down to the canvas. A bag, sitting towards the corner of the ring. Jason sights this, and goes to it, opening it. Revealing, thousands of thumbtacks.


He pours them, scattering all over the ring. He picks up Marker, but the tables have turned as he strikes Jason and picks him up for a powerbomb, on the thumbtacks. Jason begins to shake heavily from the pain. Jesus Christ! All three of these men, have no soul, no heart, no mercy. Marker continues the attack., transitioning into a triangle choke.


Jason is stuck, no ropebreak allowed. This has to be it, the war has to be over! After a few moment have passed, Buddy joins back inside the ring, now instead of breaking up the pin, joins the submission encounter, with a boston crab. Double the pain, Jason screaming in agony. What can he do? Jason goes for Marker's eyes, tearing at them. Marker has no choice but to break it. Odd breaks the boston crab aswell. After this, Marker and Ace both stare eachother down before, a slap fest ensues. Marker and Buddy not giving up, slap after slap, punch after punch. Jason watches on, a grin showed on his face. He gets back up to his feet, watching Marker and Buddy kill one another. Before he strikes with a low blow on Marker. Buddy sees this, and goes for a dropkick on Jason, but he ducks under and goes for a rollup..1...2... but a kick out by Marker. 

Jason is not finished yet, he picks up Marker and goes for a Pedigree, but Marker ducks under, and goes for another dropkick, but Jason reverses this time and into the pedigree.


Will this be it? Buddy is out of the equation at the moment. Jason rolls to the cover, 1..2....3.... And that is it! What a brutal battle, but Jason was the better man in this battle. 


Jason's hand is raised in victory. And that was only our opening match, where do we go from here?


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Interesting idea ICON and the first episode was good. The only thing I would add is that it would help if you put a title at the start of the post, naming what match you are writing. Other than that, keep up the good work and here's a couple of suggestions:

  • Big Ballers (Brenden & Sameer) vs Pride (Smith & Slim)
  • Bart vs Echo Wilson vs Julius

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See the source image

Isaiah Carter vs Gunner Flynn

See the source imageSee the source image

Tonight is the night, three months ago at St. Valentines Day Massacre, Isaiah Carter was defending his World Championship against Arius. Carter was soaring up to the top rope, to look for a "Feast Your Eyes". But the lights would vanguish, starting it all.

Image result for Killshot finisher gifSee the source image

When the lights would return back on, all you would see is the face of Gunner Flynn and a trash can lit on fire. Representing a burnt career of sorts, Carter looks stunned. Not knowing what to think of this. Gunner then snaps his fingers, as the titantron turns off and Arius strikes Isaiah Carter with "The Sentence". Arius now goes for the cover..1....2.....3.... And that is it, Isaiah Carter has been screwed here tonight, as we crown a new BPZ World Champion.

See the source image

We now return to present day, as we get set for this match at Backlash. Isaiah Carter wants his revenge, Gunner Flynn wants to beat the man who used to be on the top. Who has it in them to win this one? Lets find out right now. 

The bell rings and we are off, we begin with a lockup. The hatred is shown with Isaiah Carter's emotions. You cant just cost a Champion his gold without repercussions, and that is shown here tonight. The strength advantage seems to go to Carter, as he pushes his opposition into the corner. As he pushes back, Gunner strikes Carter with a forearm, stunning him momentarily.  Bic then goes back and goes for a moonsault but is caught in mid-air with a superkick.


What a counter by Gunner! He goes for the cover..1....2.... but a kick out by Carter at the last second. Isaiah Carter wont let that discourage him, as he continues the attack. Stomping on the skull numerous times. Gunner's forehead is slightly busted open, as Isaiah has opened up a wound from a previous encounter. As Isaiah trys to pick up Gunner, he strikes him right in the jaw. Carter flys back to the ropes, pushing back and striking Gunner with a superkick.


A superkick is engaged, taking Gunner right down to the canvas. What is next, from this amazing match thus far? Isaiah Carter has not forgotten that very night, just three months ago. And it seems Gunner Flynn is going to pay for it here tonight. As we continue this war,Isaiah Carter goes to pick up Gunner, but he ducks under and hits a pop up Powerbomb.


Damn and we continue, these men wont even go for pins. As they want to torture their opposition as much as possible. Gunner backs up into the corner rather stealthy. Calling for a superkcik of his own this time around. As Isaiah finally makes it to his feet, Gunner would miss the superkick. As Carter would push him into the corner. Striking him with a running lariat. Gunner would fall right down to the canvas from pure exhaustion. 

Moments later, Gunner Flynn would make it back to his feet. Having some more air in his lungs, striking Carter with a superkick. He hit it that time, as he would go for a pinfall..1....2... but no Gunner would pick Isaiah's head up. As he is not finished with him just yet. He stomps on the skull of Isaiah repeatedly, until Carter begins to scream in pain. Gunner than transitions into a springboard moonsault.


After the moonsault is executed, he looks to go up to the top rope and take it to the air. What is he looking for here? It seems to be a moonstomp, which connects. Isaiah is wounded at the moment, but so is Gunner Flynn. Both men have been to war already, in the early stages of this one. Both men stumble to their feet, as  the scars shown are maybe too much to handle at times. 

As they reach their feet, they land strikes on one another, taking turns until Gunner would land on one knee. Isaiah knowing this was his chance to put him away. He goes for a shining wizard, but it was too late as Gunner ducks under and hits a dragon suplex. He begins to get fired up, before Isaiah kips up and hits a "Heart Of Opportunity".

Image result for springboard cutter gif

And it connects, Isaiah now goes for the cover...1....2..... but a kick out by Gunner, what is gonna put away this man? Gunner begins to reach his feet once again, going for his own springboard cutter, but Isaiah catches him for a "No Regret". 

Image result for WWE Murphys Law gifSee the source image

Isaiah now goes for the cover..1....2....3.... And that is it a big win for Isaiah Carter here tonight. And his revenge is complete. 

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