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WWE RAW vs SmackDown: The Network Novel

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The Network Novel


With RAW signed to the USA Network and SmackDown signed to the Fox, WWE enters a new dynamic where not only are the brands battling, but so are the networks that the shows are broadcasted on. With this, ratings have become more important as each brand will be looking to top the other in order to please their network. To give this new approach a fresh start, a draft will take place on both RAW and SmackDown, with two separate pools for each show.

USA Network
Monday Night, 7 PM Central

Friday Night, 7 PM Central

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor wwe logo


WWE Draft Pools announced 

We are in for a major change of scenary for the WWE superstars. With Smackdown moving to FOX, with the intention to become the flagship show of the WWE, tensions are higher than ever. This is why both RAW and Smackdown want to make sure that the best of the best are on their rosters, and not on that of their opposition. This has led to the return of the infamous WWE Draft, last seen in 2016 when the Brand Split was re-enforced. However, this time, ratings are of greater importance than ever before, and this is why there will not be a single draft taking place this year. On both brands, the future of the biggest superstars in the WWE will be decided. 

The draft will kick off on Monday Night RAW, where we will see WWE Champion Lesnar, Universal Champion Rollins, Reigns, The New Day,  Raw Women's Champion Lynch, Banks, Mysterio, Almas,Black, Owens, Ali, Usos, along with other superstars and potential NXT call ups get drafted.

Then, the Friday after on Friday Night Smackdown we will see the future of Bryan, Flair, Wyatt, Orton, The O.C., Harper and Rowan, Bayley, McIntrye, Ricochet, Nakamura, and potential NXT Call Ups decided.

A new era for WWE is starting this Monday. Tune in on 7 pm est on USA to see the start of the future in the WWE landscape, and see the remaining superstars have their lifes changed forever at  7 pm est on Fox! 




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RAW Top 5 Picks:

Becky Lynch - Becky Lynch seems like the obvious choice for RAW, she's the current champion and one of the most recognisable names on the brand.

Seth Rollins - Seth Rollins as the Universal Championship holder seems like a good pick too. He has unfinished business with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and being on the same brand as Becky Lynch for future storylines seems like a good idea.

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt - If SmackDown is the "sports" side of things, RAW should embrace the entertainment half of the business and go with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. As I mentioned beforehand he has unfinished business with Seth Rollins, and a future Universal Championship reign seems inevitable.

Kevin Owens - Kevin Owens, in my opinion, has done everything plausible on SmackDown. While a feud with Shinsuke Nakamura is tempting I think he'd be better suited on RAW.

The O.C. - The O.C. along with United States Championship holder AJ Styles is a strong pick. It's a three-for-one deal and they'll be the top stable on Monday Nights.

SmackDown Top 5 Picks:

Brock Lesnar - Brock Lesnar on SmackDown makes sense. He can be the figurehead of the brand and is the biggest name in WWE right now, furthermore the WWE Championship should be a priority for either brand but I can see SmackDown getting it along with Brock Lesnar. (Plus I know Smith is a big fan.)

Roman Reigns - Roman Reigns has a lot of star quality and mainstream appeal and I think that'd be suited on SmackDown. He can be the main face of the brand as I assume Brock Lesnar will be sticking to a part-time schedule.

Charlotte Flair - Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch being on separate brands for a while should be something both brands can agree on. Charlotte can run the SmackDown Women's division (maybe feuding with Sasha Banks who I'd say is picked sixth or seventh) and up her name value on Friday Nights.

Daniel Bryan - Daniel Bryan, along with Lesnar and Reigns, create a main event which I think is better than RAW's personally. He's one of the best technical wrestlers of all time and his style opposing the powerhouses in Reigns and Lesnar is too good to pass up.

Ronda Rousey - Went with a huge outside, and probably wrong pick, in Ronda Rousey. If I was sensible I'd probably pick Shinsuke Nakamura or Bayley in this spot but I am not and I am hopeful neither brand forgot about her existence. Ronda probably should be on RAW with Becky Lynch now that I think twice about it. But, her being on the more "sports-centered" brand as a former UFC Championship holder makes complete sense.

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Monday Night RAW | October 14th, 2019 | Pepsi Center | Denver, CO



Monday Night RAW: The 2019 WWE Draft 

The start of a new era in the WWE is upon as we kick off the 2019 edition of the Draft. The faith of all superstars will be decided this week, and for tonight, we have plenty to look forward to. First off, we will see United States Champion AJ Styles representing RAW while battling former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston who will represent the Blue Brand. The winner of this match will allow his brand to make the first overall selection in the draft. Tonight we will see superstars like Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch get drafted.  The number pick 1 is certain to give his brand a big favour, and you would have to think that the management of either RAW or Smackdown will have big rewards if their superstars were to win, while we can only wonder what will happen to those unable to secure their brand draft advantages. 


AJ Styles (RAW) vs Kofi Kingston (Smackdown)

Winner's Brand gets the Number 1 Pick.

Styles and Kingston have gotten to know each other pretty will this year. AJ took part in both the gauntlet as the elimination chamber matches, the first steps that Kofi had to take in his long road towards the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania. However, a lot of things have changed since then. Kingston has established himself as a main event level talent in the WWE, while AJ has faced a lot of criticism for his antics since teaming up with Gallows and Anderson to form the O.C. While this match of course has a huge importance for the draft, it also a clash between parts of the two most dominant trios in the WWE, and even the whole wrestling world. 

Both men would be careful to start the match, realising the huge stakes that were involved in this match meant that both men wanted to prevent making mistakes as much as they possibly could. As the match went on, it became evidently clear that the O.C. would do whatever it took to win, and that pride or fairness would not disturb this mindset. While they didn’t have a numbers advantage, they still managed to use their experience in the wrestling business to create advantages for themselves. Gallows and Anderson would do their best to the distract the referee, allowing AJ to hit as many strikes in the corner as he wanted, despite the complaints by both Big E and Woods. Kofi looked to have the match won, when he hit a saga of big moves before setting Styles up for Trouble in Paradise. However, his attempt was avoided by AJ, who quickly laid out Kofi with a pele kick. Both men were down following an intensive sequence of moves. This is where the other members of the team got involved, as Anderson sparked a brawl on the outside. The referee tried to stop the brawl, but with his eyes away from the ring, AJ was able to hit a low blow on Kofi. This would give him the chance to perform the Styles Clash, as the referee returned to the ring, and get the pin fall victory. 

This meant that the RAW Brand would get the first pack, as the draft could finally get under way. 

Stephanie McMahon: With the first overall selection in the 2019 WWE draft, Monday Night RAW selects…. Roman Reigns! 

The Big Dog returns to the Red Brand, and shows that even leukemia can’t stop him from delivering on the highest level, adding yet another impressive accolade to his resumé. 
Shane McMahon: With Smackdown’s very first pick, we will in one pick, acquire both the biggest star in the entire WWE, as well as the biggest championship in the history of sports entertainment. Friday Night Smackdown selects… The WWE Champion,  Brock Lesnar! 


The Beast is returning to the Blue Brand, the Brand that he hasn’t been apart of since 2004. The entire Smackdown roster is in for a culture shock, now that Brock Lesnar is around. 
Stephanie McMahon: With our 2nd pick, we will take back the best World Champion in the world. Monday Night Raw selects…. The Universal Champion… Seth Rollins! 

Shane McMahon: With Smackdown’s 2nd pick, we will take the Boss, Sasha Banks!


Stephanie McMahon: With our 3rd pick, and I hate to say this but it is whatever USA wants, Monday Night RAW has decided to draft “The Man” Becky Lynch. 


Shane McMahon: With Smackdown’s 3rd pick, we will reward hard work and show that loyalty is in fact a thing over here. Friday Night Smackdown selects… The New Day! 



Seth Rollins reacts to being drafted 

The Universal Champion was interviewed backstage, where he reacted to being drafted No2 by the brand that he has been a part of ever since the Brand Split returned. While he seemed pleased to remain on RAW, he did point out that he was surprised to not hear his name called first. He noted that it may be a result of some of the comments that he made about the RAW management in the past. He would end by saying that “Monday Night Rollins” would continue to show the best wrestling in the world, no matter who would try to get in his way. 

After a commercial break, we would return to Monday Night RAW where more draft picks were about to be announced. 

Stephanie McMahon: RAW takes… Aleister Black


Shane McMahon: Smackdown have an eye towards the future, and therefore, our next selection is Tomasso Ciampa


Stephanie McMahon: Raw also has looked at the future, and after advice from my husband, as decided to take Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish.
Gerelateerde afbeelding

Shane McMahon: Smackdown selects Alexa Bliss


Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects Kevin Owens 


Shane McMahon: Smackdown takes the IC Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura 



Ricochet vs Murphy vs Alexander vs Gulak

Cruiserweight Number One Contender Match 

Next up on RAW, we would see a fatal 4 way to determine who would face Lio Rush on Smackdown for the Cruiserweight Championship. The participants were Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak and Buddy Murphy. Along with the future title shot, the match also gave them a chance to prove their worth and impress, possibly resulting in a higher draft selection. The match was exactly what you would expect from 4 cruiserweights of this caliber, a spectacular match which saw humans flying around the ring. As much as Gulak tried to slow down the pace, the other 3 were just too good to be contained. The history of Alexander and Murphy was visible, as the two seemed to focus on the other throughout the entire match. In the end however, this would turn out to cost them, as they brawled on the outside and lost sight of what was going on inside the ring. In the ring, Ricochet and Gulak went back and forward for a while, both coming close to victory at times. But in the end, the quickness and agility of Ricochet managed to knock down Gulak with the 630 splash to get the victory. After the match, Rush stood on the ramp and talked about his opponent this Friday like he only can. Ricochet walked up to him, with his intention very clear, but Rush disappeared into the backstage area before there altercation could become physical. 
After this amazing match, the draft would continue. 

Stephanie McMahon: With RAW’s next pick we will look to strengthen our Tag Team Division. We select Harper and Rowan

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor harper and rowan

Shane McMahon: With our next pick, Friday Night Smackdown has decided to draft Andrade

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor andrade smackdown

Stephanie McMahon: RAW’s next pick will have an eye towards the future. This is one of the biggest talents in the sports entertainment industry, and we at RAW are glad to have him with us. We pick Ali 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mustafa ali raw

Shane McMahon: Our next pick is not just a great performer, he is also a true legend of the industry. A revolutionary figure, we have decided to draft Rey Mysterio
Gerelateerde afbeelding

Stephanie McMahon: Our next pick is the Usos. One of, if not the best and most accomplished tag teams in the entire company 
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Usos drafted to RAW

Shane McMahon: We at Smackdown are not stopped by any chance of sportsmanship. We will draft the RAW Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ziggler and roode



The Revival vs The Usos 

Next up, the Revival and Usos would clash in a non-title match. These two teams used to be bitter rivals, but were separated in the last Superstar ShakeUp. The Usos were already drafted while the Revival, who hold the Smackdown Championship, are in Friday’s draft pool and are looking to impress. Straight away it was clear that these teams knew each other very well, countering several of their opponents’ moves. This forced both teams to try new things but neither team seemed hindered by this, as they showed how versatile they are. There were near falls that left the crowd amazed, both teams proved their status on top of the tag team world with their excellent resilience. In the end however, it would be the Usos who ended up winning this amazing tag team match. They managed to get Scott Dawson in position for their Double Superfly Splash, and when Jey Uso it his move, he made sure to take out Dash Wilder before tagging his brother, who also hit his Superfly Splash, before pinning Scott Dawson for the victory. An amazing showing from these two teams, and one that fans must hope won’t be their last match against one another. 

Next up, more draft picks are inbound. 

Stephanie McMahon: Next up, Monday Night RAW selects… Mandy Rose. 
Shane McMahon: Smackdown has always been a known destiny for high-flyers, and we will keep that name as we will draft the Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush. 
Stephanie McMahon: Next up for us, Sami Zayn.

Shane McMahon: With our next pick, we will draft Cesaro.

Stephanie McMahon: The Miz is returning to RAW, and make it even more awesome than before.

Shane McMahon: Next up, we will select King Of The Ring finalist Chad Gable. 


We cut backstage where we see Braun Strowman complaining to a referee. He hasn’t been drafted yet, despite being of the biggest names in the company. He can’t believe it. The referee is trying to cheer him up, but it has little effect on “The Monster Among Men”. We then cut to another room, where we see the currently undrafted superstars in tonight’s pool eagerly waiting to find out when and by whom their name will be called tonight. Their lives could fairly well undergo dramatic changes based on what happens tonight and Friday. Relationships and friendships are on thin ice, with nobody knowing who will be on the same brand as them. Some worried looks, while others seem more opportunistic about their chances as they prepare to hear the next few picks being announced 
Stephanie McMahon: With our next fews pick, RAW will make it’s women’s division even stronger, we select Asuka. 
Shane McMahon: We select the Viking Raiders

Stephanie McMahon: Ruby Riott will be joining Monday Night RAW.

Shane McMahon: Rusev is apart of Team Blue. 

Stephanie McMahon: Nikki Cross will be joining Team RAW on Monday Nights on the USA Network.

Shane McMahon: Peyton Royce will be joining the Blue Brand on Friday Nights on FOX. 



Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks

Smackdown Women’s Championship 

A strange event occurred on RAW, as we saw the Smackdown Women’s Championship defended in the main event for the first time in the history of the Red Brand. However, it won’t be the first time that these two women faced off. They have been bitter rivals for years upon years now, with the intensity rising up as time went by. They have faced off in Hell In A Cell, and tonight, they sure as hell don’t want to lose at the start of this new era. Especially Charlotte, who will be drafted later this week on Smackdown, will look to make a good impression tonight in order to raise her stock on the draft board. The match showed that these two know each other as good as one, as neither was able to get offense in on. It was what can be described as a counter fest. One change with before is that it appeared that Sasha had changed her style, trying to get as close to the limit of what’s allowed as possible. She would use the ropes for leverage on both pinfalls as submissions. It was an even match, both women got their moments, but neither was able to break away from the other, leaving us with a close and exciting match till the very end. When we got to the final stages of the match, tiredness started to play a role as both women began to struggle to keep a strong hold on their signature submission moves. This meant that they had to readjust their game plan and think outside of the box. However someone wanted to think for them. Bayley rushed towards the ring, hoping to help out her good friend Sasha win this important match up. However, Charlotte managed to duck just in time, meaning that Bayley clotheslined Sasha inside out. Bayley would quickly be pushed out of the ring, as Charlotte tried to take advantage of this big mistake. However, Sasha managed to kick out to the shock of the crowd. Afterwards, she would have a rush of energy and bump Charlotte into the referee, taking out both of them. This was all the time that Sasha needed to grab her “Like Boss” brass knuckles. She quickly hit Charlotte, as the referee got back to his feet and made the count to crown a new Women’s Champion. Charlotte was fuming as Sasha walked away, celebrating her title victory. 

This brought us to the final stages of the draft, as there were only 4 picks left for both brands to make. Some people were going to miss out, and we were about to find out who those people were going to be. 
Stephanie McMahon: With our next pick, we will get the biggest talent in the women’s division. We select Lacey Evans. 
Shane McMahon: We are the one selecting the actual TALENT here. We are taking Liv Morgan. 
Stephanie McMahon: With our next pick, we take a WWE veteran. Someone with all the experience in the world. We pick Shelton Benjamin.
Shane McMahon: With our next pick, we are selecting a former WWE World Champion. Jinder Mahal is coming to Friday Nights. 
Stephanie McMahon: With our next pick, we will select someone who has both experience in the ring as well as in the office, we take Drake Maverick. 

Shane McMahon: With our 2nd to last pick, we will take the one and only Tony Nese.
Stephanie McMahon: With RAW’s final selection, the brand has decided to choose Braun Strowman. 

Shane McMahon: With our final pick, we would like to think about the kids. We take Heath Slater. 


Braun Strowman is seen backstage, looking anything but happy after being drafted in the last round of the WWE draft. Anyone who tries to calm him down gets told shut up without a word being sad as Braun goes on a wreck of havoc in the backstage area. This promises something for next week. 

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Friday Night SmackDown | October 18th, 2019 | Bankers Life Fieldhouse | Indianapolis, IN


Image result for becky lynch vs charlotte flair
#1 Draft Pick
Becky Lynch vs Charlotte
Following the first draft that occurred on Monday Night RAW, the drafting of the second half of the roster begins tonight and in order to decide who gets the number one pick, Becky Lynch, representing RAW, and Charlotte, representing SmackDown, faced off in a singles match.
With these two being career-long rivals and even friends at some points, this contest would be very competitive and come down to the wire as arguably the two top female superstars in the company would battle on behalf of their brands. Ultimately, Charlotte would come out on top and win the first-round pick for SmackDown.


Image result for wwe draft
The First Six Picks Are Made For The Draft
After Charlotte defeats the RAW Women's Champion and fellow member of the four horsewomen, Becky Lynch, earning the first pick for SmackDown, the first three picks for each brand are made.
Shane McMahon: With the first-round pick, SmackDown selects a former general manager of the blue brand and a five-time world champion, Daniel Bryan.
Image result for daniel bryan
Stephanie McMahon: With the second pick in the draft, RAW selects a ten-time women's champion, 'The Queen' Charlotte Flair.
Image result for charlotte flair
Shane McMahon: SmackDown gains a top-tier singles superstar as well as a top-tier tag team by selecting The O.C.
Image result for the o.c. wwe
Stephanie McMahon: RAW takes the risk and selects the unpredictable, chaotic, and dangerous, Bray Wyatt.
Bray Wyatt
Shane McMahon: SmackDown takes the final four horsewomen as Bayley joins her best friend on the blue brand.
Related image
Stephanie McMahon: With an eye towards the future, RAW picks Adam Cole from NXT with his allies Fish & O'Reilly already being picked on Monday Night.Image result for adam cole wwe


Image result for daniel bryan backstage
Daniel Bryan Reacts To Being Picked First Overall
After the first six selections are made for tonight's draft, we go backstage and join the overall number one pick, Daniel Bryan.
Daniel Bryan: Over the past few months, I was lied to by Rowan, a man that I defended and believed, a man that I considered as a close friend. Afterward, I knew I had to get revenge and I did so alongside Roman Reigns but the damage that Rowan did still hurts. Nevertheless, within these sorrowful times, by selecting me as the number one pick, SmackDown has provided me a light, a light I can reach towards. Heading into this new chapter of SmackDown, I am the number one pick and I'm going to prove why, I'm going to prove why I am the greatest wrestler in the world.
With a powerful statement for Bryan put out into the WWE Universe, it should be interesting to see what's to come for Daniel Bryan as he continues his journey on the blue brand.


Image result for lio rush vs ricochet
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Lio Rush (c) vs Ricochet
In Lio Rush's first defence since defeating Drew Gulak on last week's NXT, he would defend the title on SmackDown against Ricochet, who earned the opportunity on RAW by defeating three former WWE Cruiserweight Champions, Alexander, Murphy, and Gulak, in a fatal four-way.
After relentless, fast-paced, high-flying action from two of the quickest, most agile, most athletic superstars in wrestling today, Lio Rush would continue his triumphant return to WWE with an impressive win over Ricochet, thus retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and bringing the belt to Friday nights.


Image result for wwe draft
Both Brands Use Their NXT Women Picks
After Lio Rush retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and secures the belt for the blue brand, the next six picks are made and perhaps as a surprise to some, both brands use their only NXT women picks. However, who they pick are perhaps far less surprising as they pick up two of the most dominant women in wrestling today.
Shane McMahon: With our fourth pick tonight, we take 'The Scottish Psychopath' Drew McIntyre.
Image result for drew mcintyre wwe
Stephanie McMahon: With our fourth pick, RAW selects the thirteen-time world champion, 'The Apex Predator' Randy Orton.
Image result for randy orton wwe
Shane McMahon: Looking to the future of women's wrestling and the surging Australian independent scene, SmackDown selects Rhea Ripley.
Image result for rhea ripley wwe
Stephanie McMahon: With the tenth overall pick tonight, RAW selects Samoa Joe.
Image result for samoa joe wwe
Shane McMahon: Bringing the life of the party to the blue brand, SmackDown selects The Street Profits.
Related image
Stephanie McMahon: .With RAW also having an eye on the future of women's wrestling, RAW selects arguably the most dominant woman to step foot in an NXT ring, 'The Queen Of Spades' Shayna Baszler.
Image result for shayna baszler wwe


Related image
United States Championship
AJ Styles Open Challenge
After being select third overall tonight by SmackDown, The O.C. walk out to the ring smugly, with AJ Styles wearing the United States Championship around his waist.
AJ Styles: I'm glad, we're glad that SmackDown recognizes the value that The O.C. brings. Given that we should have gone first overall, I won't hold that against SmackDown but RAW, we literally ran that place and they can't respect that? It truly is disgraceful but either way, the blue brand made the right choice and in order to celebrate, as the honorable champion that I am, I'd like to issue a United States Championship open challenge to anyone on the roster, RAW or SmackDown, because in case you all forgot, SmackDown is the house that AJ Styles built! And now, it's the house that The O.C. runs.
With an open challenge laid out, The O.C. waits to see who will challenge Styles for the championship and after a few moments pass, he is answered by none other than Adam Cole! After being selected by RAW on Monday night, Adam Cole is now here on SmackDown to challenge AJ Styles for the United States Championship!
After a stellar match, in which Adam Cole would show exactly what all the hype is about, the match would be coming to a very close ending when all of a sudden, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly would jump the barricade and start to attack Anderson and Gallows. With this distracting AJ, Cole would catch the champion off-guard with a superkick before finishing him off with a shining wizard, picking up the pinfall, and being crowned the new United States Champion, as Undisputed Era celebrates in the ring together.


Image result for wwe draft
RAW Gains Two Potential Future Main Event Superstars
After an impactful debut by Adam Cole that saw the reuniting of Undisputed Era as they look to take over Monday Night RAW, with Adam Cole already capturing the United States Championship, the draft continues.
Shane McMahon: Starting off the third series of picks, SmackDown selects 'The Staten Island Princess', 'The Moonwalking Trash-Talking Chick', 'The Crown Princess of SmackDown', Carmella.
Image result for carmella wwe
Stephanie McMahon: With the fourteenth overall pick, RAW selects the man that has lit the WWE Universe on fire with his outstanding performances in NXT, Johnny Gargano.
Image result for johnny gargano wwe
Shane McMahon: Next, SmackDown selects 'The Future of Flight', 'The One and Only' Ricochet.
Image result for ricochet wwe
Stephanie McMahon: Following that, RAW selects a cruiserweight of their own who has shown he can compete with the likes of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, 'WWE's Best Kept Secret' Buddy Murphy.
Image result for buddy murphy wwe
Shane McMahon: SmackDown adds another monstrous heavyweight to their roster by selecting 'The Destroyer' Bobby Lashley.
Image result for bobby lashley wwe
Stephanie McMahon: Bringing experience to our women's division, RAW selects 'The Queen of Harts' Natalya.
Image result for natalya wwe


Image result for tommaso ciampa
Tommaso Ciampa Is Coming To SmackDown
With Ciampa being selected on Monday night by SmackDown, the self-proclaimed 'Greatest Sports-Entertainer of All Time' is set to make an impact on the blue brand as he moves up to the main roster from NXT. After a video package showcasing the emphatic run that he had in NXT, it is advertised that 'The Black Heart' Tommaso Ciampa will be making his debut next week on Friday Night SmackDown.


Image result for wwe draft
Three Great Tag Teams Are Picked In A Row
After Ciampa, who was called up to the main roster as SmackDown's fourth pick on Monday night, being advertised for next week's episode of SmackDown, the draft once again ensues.
Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects 'The Pirate Princess' Kairi Sane, splitting up The Kabuki Warriors and allowing Kairi to fill her potential as a singles competitor.
Image result for kairi sane wwe
Stephanie McMahon: Next, RAW selects the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, 'The Top Guys', The Revival.
Image result for the revival wwe
Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects a tag team of their own, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, Moustache Mountain from NXT.
Image result for moustache mountain wwe
Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects yet another tag team, one of the most dominant teams in recent history, Authors Of Pain.
Image result for aop wwe
Shane McMahon: Next, SmackDown selects a fierce women's superstar with a background in mixed martial arts, Sonya Deville.
Image result for sonya deville wwe
Stephanie McMahon: RAW looks to give this man the platform he deserves but hasn't been given yet, Ethan Carter III.
Image result for ec3 wwe


Image result for kairi sane
Bayley vs Kairi Sane
In the next match of the night, we get the second women's match of tonight's episode of SmackDown as Bayley and Kairi Sane compete one on one after both women being selected by the blue brand here tonight.
With Bayley showing this new aggression over the past few weeks that we've never seen from her before, she brutalizes Kairi throughout this match but 'The Pirate Princess' keeps fighting and eventually, gets the upset, defeating Bayley, causing Bayley to grow even more frustrated after losing her title to Charlotte and now losing to Sane.


Image result for wwe draft
The King Has Found His Kingdom
After an impressive win by Kairi Sane, the penultimate series of picks take place.
Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects 'Queen City's Favorite Son' Cedric Alexander.
Image result for cedric alexander wwe
Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects the meat-loving, weight-lifting team of Heavy Machinery.
Image result for heavy machinery wwe
Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects the winner of the 2019 King Of The Ring tournament, King Corbin.
Related image
Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects 'The Merchant of Mayhem' Eric Young.
Image result for eric young wwe
Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects 'The Drifter' Elias.
Image result for elias wwe
Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects 'The One Man Nation' Apollo Crews.
Image result for apollo crews wwe


Image result for the revival and ziggler and roode
The Tag Team Champions Agree To Swap Belts
After the fifth series of picks are made, the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Revival, who were just selected by RAW, make their way to the ring with the blue belts and a microphone each.
Scott Dawson: Well, well, well. SmackDown, it seems like we're in a bit of a predicament.
Dash Wilder: See, despite being the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Shane, Fox and the rest of the SmackDown team decided to pick The Street Profits before us. Seriously though, The Street Profits?
Scott Dawson: Rhea Ripley? Who even is that?
Dash Wilder: Ricochet? Kairi Sane? They haven't even been on the main roster for a year and yet, they got picked before us.
Scott Dawson: But you know what, it's SmackDown's loss, not ours. If they are stupid enough to pick those bums before their own tag team champions, then they're really about to get destroyed by RAW.
With The Revival's thoughts on where they were picked in the draft shared, the RAW Tag Team Champions who were drafted to SmackDown on Monday night make their way out with their red belts and microphones of their own.
Dolph Ziggler: Dawson, Wilder, we understand your frustrations. We, the best team in the whole world, weren't even picked by the brand that we are champions of either.
Bobby Roode: But we have a solution. Look, we both know that we're the best tag teams on our respective brands but right now, we have the championships of the opposite brand and I'm pretty sure that that's going to result in us both being stripped. However, if we just swap our belts right here, who's going to stop us?
After Dawson and Wilder discuss the proposal from Ziggler and Roode, the two teams hesitantly hand each other their titles. Once the teams have swapped belts without any tomfoolery, they smile at each other before clinking the four belts together. Nonetheless, the celebration is cut short as Shane McMahon comes out.
Shane McMahon: Really guys? What do you think this is? Dawson, Wilder, you're no longer my business but Ziggler and Roode, don't think it's going to be that simple. Granted, you were the RAW Tag Team Champions so I'll let you keep those belts but next week, you'll be defending them against one of these two teams.
After Shane's interruption, The Revival leave whilst Ziggler & Roode remain at ringside in order to see who the two teams that will be competing for a title match next week are.


Related image
SmackDown Tag Team #1 Contender
The New Day vs The Street Profits
After being selected earlier tonight by the blue brand, The Street Profits make their way to the ring as they prepare to take on The New Day, a team that has been a pillar in tag team wrestling for years now and their worth was proven as SmackDown took them with their third pick on Monday night.
In a match where the winner goes on to face Ziggler & Roode in a championship match next week, both of these teams would put everything on the line for the opportunity to lead SmackDown in this new chapter. In the end, in their first match on the main roster, The Street Profits would get the upset and defeat The New Day, earning their shot at the SmackDown Tag Team Championships next week.


Image result for wwe draft
Heath Slater Has Kids And Now A Job As Well
After a huge upset by The Street Profits in their debut match, the final six picks of the whole draft would be made.
Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects three of the best luchadores in wrestling today, Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik, Lucha House Party.
Image result for lucha house party wwe
Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects the ever-so entertaining R-Truth.
Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects 'The Premier Athlete' Tony Nese.
Image result for tony nese wwe
Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, The B-Team.
Image result for b-team wwe
Shane McMahon: He's got kids and now he's got a job, SmackDown selects Heath Slater.
Image result for heath slater wwe
Stephanie McMahon: With the final pick, RAW selects the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Gulak.
Image result for drew gulak wwe


Image result for rey mysterio vs andrade cien almas
Rey Mysterio vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas
After the final selections of the draft are made, this week's episode of SmackDown comes to a close with the main event match between Rey Mysterio and Andrade 'Cien' Almas, two men that in the past pushed each other to the limits before being separated by brands. Now, they are both back on SmackDown and will go head to head once more to bring the night to a close.
As expected, these two put on a mouth-watering performance and were neck and neck all the way through, each man looking to make an impact heading into this new chapter of SmackDown. After all, it would come to a nail-biting finish but Almas would get the victory after crushing Rey's head with a running double knee smash in the corner followed by a hammerlock DDT.
SmackDown would then come to a close with 'El Ídolo' standing tall and Zelina Vega by his side.


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Glorious episodes here you two, its easy to tell this is going to be a great diary based on the rosters alone. Daniel Bryan being the first pick for Smackdown Live was interesting, I feel like Smackdown is Bryans home and seeing him return there is the right way to do things and gives Smackdown an edge. But RAW has some great stars in the form of Reigns, Bray, Charlotte, Gargano and Cole, all of these picks I feel puts RAW slightly above Smackdown in terms of roster. Smackdown does have some gems though and has stars for the longterm such as Andrade, Cedric Alexander, The O.C, and more. Smackdown defiantly has made a case, and its going to come down to who can book better, but in my opinion, RAW has edged it out. 

Going to be interesting to see what each brand does, and with Andrade main eventing Smackdown 😍 I trust that these rosters are in good hands.

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Monday Night RAW Roster



WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns

Bray Wyatt

WWE United States Champion Adam Cole

Aleister Black

Randy Orton

Kevin Owens

Samoa Joe


Johnny Gargano

Buddy Murphy

Sami Zayn



Eric Young

Apollo Crews

Shelton Benjamin


Braun Strowman

Drew Gulak

Drake Maverick



WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch 

Charlotte Flair

Shayna Baszler



Nikki Cross

Mandy Rose

Ruby Riott

Lacey Evans

Tag Teams: 

RAW Tag Team Champions The Revival

Fish & O'Reilly

Harper & Rowan


Heavy Machinery

Authors Of Pain



Mauro Renallo

Vic Joseph

Jonathan Coachman


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WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura
WWE SmackDown Women's Champion: Sasha Banks
WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Bobby Roode & Dolph Ziggler
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Lio Rush

Brock Lesnar | Daniel Bryan | Tommaso Ciampa
Drew McIntyre | Shinsuke Nakamura | Andrade 'Cien' Almas
Ricochet | Rey Mysterio | Bobby Lashley
Lio Rush | Cesaro | Chad Gable
Cedric Alexander | Rusev | King Corbin
Elias | Jinder Mahal | Tony Nese 
Akira Tozawa | Humberto Carrillo | Heath Slater

Sasha Banks | Bayley | Alexa Bliss
Rhea Ripley | Carmella | Kairi Sane
Sonya Deville | Peyton Royce | Liv Morgan

The O.C. | The New Day | The Street Profits
The Street Profits | Ziggler & Roode
Moustache Mountain | The Viking Raiders | Lucha House Party

Corey Graves | Nigel McGuinness | Michael Cole

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Monday Night RAW | October 28th, 2019 | Enterprise Center | St. Louis, Mi



Charlotte picks Team RAW 
The women would kick off Monday Night RAW this week, as Stephanie McMahon opened the show saying that every female of RAW was ready to go to war with Smackdown at Survivor Series. Becky would take the microphone and began to unleash on Sasha Banks, saying that she saw nothing in Sasha that reminded her of the women that she trained so hard together with to kickstart the Women’s Revolution. Instead, she saw a lazy and cheating loser, whose only quality left was to complain about everything. She said that she  knew it at the Royal Rumble and was only proved right in the months that followed. She couldn’t wait to once again that she was in completely different league as Sasha, and that no matter how long Sasha wanted to lay on the ground in the locker room after this, nothing was gonna change the fact that she simply wasn’t as good as her. Then it was time for the team captain of Monday Night RAW to announce who would be accompanying her in the 5 vs 5 women’s match at Survivor Series. The first person she named was Natalya, praising her as the most experienced women on the roster, someone who everyone in the WWE should strive to be like. Next up, she named Cross and Riott, as while they hadn’t been on the roster for long, Charlotte they would manage to hold their own in the match. However, she was still unsure about the final member of team. She said that while Asuka was the obvious choice based on accolades, she didn’t know if Asuka had the right mentality to help team RAW win. However, she was able to give her a chance to proof herself, by competing with Lacey Evans. The winner would become the final member of Team RAW. Charlotte announced that that match was next, and that she would be joining commentary to get a good look at the action. 



Asuka vs Lacey Evans

Winner becomes a part of team RAW

As soon as the bell rang Asuka ran to Lacey Evans, beating her up to start the match. This would be the theme of the match, as Asuka’s seemed to be even more intense than when we saw her competing against Charlotte last week. On commentary, Charlotte would take some jabs at Asuka, wondering where this was last week when she faced off against her. Asuka was laser focused on beating up Lacey Evans, who clearly wasn’t at Asuka’s level yet. It at times even seemed like Asuka wasn’t even concentrated on getting the victory, but instead, on sending a message to Charlotte. The match saw Asuka hand out painful strikes, slams, as Lacey went through hell in the entire match. Ultimately Asuka decided to end Evans’ misery by putting her in the Asuka-Lock. After getting the victory, Asuka didn’t celebrate for as little as a second. Before the referee could even try to raise her hands, she would be walking to the commentary booth to staredown Charlotte. RAW certainly has 2 very good talents in Asuka and Charlotte, but one could wonder if there on-going frustrations with one another could end up costing Team RAW at Survivor Series. 



Lio Rush announcens tournament

Lio Rush showed up on RAW with his Cruiserweight Championship. A strange sight, has Rush had been drafted to Smackdown just 2 weeks ago. He instantly cut to the chase and said that he wasn’t someone who liked to sit down and wanted to be compete as much as he could. Therefore, he was saddened to see that there hadn’t yet been anything announced for his championship at Survivor Series, and that he was here on RAW to change that. He announced a tournament, featuring the 4 best cruiserweight on RAW, as well as the 4 best cruiserweights on Smackdown. He himself would also participate in the tournament, competing on Smackdown with his championship on the line in every match that he took part in. In the finals of the tournament, the winner of the RAW side would take on the winner of Smackdown’s and face off with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line. He then would go on to list the participants. On Smackdown, we would see Lio Rush himself, along with Chad Gable, Humberto Carillo and Kofi Kingston compete for the right to represent the blue brand and the Cruiserweight Championship at Survivor Series. From RAW, Buddy Murphy, Drew Gulak, Ali and Sami Zayn would be the ones fighting to represent RAW and challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship. The 4 man from the RAW side would come out to the ring, and instantly began to talk about the elephant in the room, Sami Zayn. Murphy would be quick to say that Sami had never competed as a Cruiserweight, and even was announced during his matches as being more than 205 pounds. However, Sami Zayn that he had taken inspiration from UFC and that he had cut his weight to be able to take part in this tournament. He said that he would love to prove it, but that he couldn’t, as this required him to not be wearing his clothes. This wasn’t allowed on WWE tv anymore and Sami said that he didn’t want to get the company in trouble. The other cruiserweight look at him and it was clear that none of them believed a word of what Sami Zayn said. 


Buddy Murphy vs Ali 
Winner advances in the Cruiserweight Tournament

Murphy and Ali had little time to think about this, as their match in this tournament was up next. Contrary to what we usually see in his cruiserweight matches, the match started off rather slow. Both man realised that one mistake could be fatal and could lead to them being eliminated from the tournament. This led to them being more careful in the early parts of the match. Instead of the usual flying that occurs in matches like this, we saw technical wrestling, as both men tried to limit their mistakes and wear down their opponents in the process. They were evenly matched when it came to this aspect of wrestling, with neither man really picking up the advantage. This was until Murphy decided to roll out of the ring when Ali threw him into the ropes. This led to Ali coming back to his inner self, as he dived to the outside to take out Murphy. From there on out, the match became the fast-paced, high flying match that you would have expected out of these two. The finish of the match came when after having build momentum by hitting a big series of moves, Ali climbed to the top rope, looking to hit the 054 Splash to seal the deal. However, before he was able to connect with the move that almost surely would have given him the victory, Murphy rolled out of the ring. Murphy then went on to pick Ali up and deliver the Murphy’s law, before going into the cover and getting the 3 count. Murphy advances, and in 2 weeks will take on whoever manages to win the match between Zayn and Gulak.  


Team RAW has a team building activity 

A different segment than what we were used to would air next on RAW. What we saw the 5 five members of Team RAW enter what seemed to be an escape room. They were forced to do this by the management of RAW, after having seen what went down at the end of last week’s show, wanted to ease the tension between Rollins, Reigns and the Undisputed Era. However, despite all showing up, their attitude and body language showed that none of them wanted to be here. Constant taunts would go on between the two camps in Team RAW, as Adam cole told Rollins and Reigns that they weren’t gonna have Johnny Gargano to bail them out this time. At first, the two sides of Team RAW refused to work together, trying to do everything by themselves. However, as time went by, they realised that they needed to work together in order for them to get out of this room. When working together, it quickly became clear that the different mindsets worked wonders, with them getting out of the room almost instantly after having led their issues aside for a second. As they walked out of the room, everyone began to look at one another. A weird atmosphere that made you feel awkward even by looking at it went by, until Adam Cole said they were just waiting for Rollins and Reigns to finally figure it out. This led to a small argument between him and Reigns, but still, it felt a lot different than tension that had been created last week. Could this mean that Team RAW can actually co-exist? 


The Revival vs The Usos 

Raw Tag Team Championships 

In the main event of Monday Night RAW, the Usos and The Revival faced off with the RAW Tag Team Championships on the line. This was a result of the match that happened 2 weeks prior, on the draft episode of RAW. In that match, the Usos pinned RAW Tag Team Champions the Revival, leading to them receiving a title shot tonight. The Tag Team Champions were not all that was at stake in this match up. This match also was going to decide who represents RAW in the Tag Team Champions match-up at Survivor Series, something that every Tag Team on Monday Night RAW wanted to do. The match, just like the one 2 weeks ago, was exactly what you would expect from two teams as talented as the Usos and The Revival. The match saw an array of tag team moves, with both teams choosing to use their experience in tag team wrestling as much as they could. From the start of the match, it seems like despite being the champions, the Revival were the ones who had something to prove. Having lost on their first match on their new brand must have frustrated them a lot. This became clear by their aggressiveness throughout the match, not allowing the Usos to get another victory over them. The match was flowing in constant motion as both sides wanted to show that they were better than the other team, and saw no point in slowing the match down. Despite this, the ending of the match would be one that could be considered controversial. During a battle between Jimmy Uso and Scott Dawson, Uso would throw Dawson into the referee by accident, leading to the referee being knocked out. This led to all 4 participants in the match to get into the ring and brawl. The brawl between Dash Wilder and Jey Uso would sprawl to the outside. Here, Dash Wilder would use the state of the referee and grab a Kendo stick, beating down Jey Uso with the weapon. Meanwhile in the ring, Jimmy Uso had gotten the better of Scott Dawson and was climbing the ropes, looking to his signature splash. However, before he could do this, Wilder would knock him down with the kendo stick. The Revival realised this was there opportunity to seal the deal. They quickly lifted up Jimmy Uso and nailed the Shatter Machine. After this, Dash Wilder would quickly slide outside to the ring. A second later the referee would wake up and count the pinfall, as the Revival retained their title. The Revival walked up the ramp, taunting the Usos who were upset after having been screwed out of the title. We see the Revival raising the belts up high to close this episode of RAW. 

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I liked this episode a lot, Bart. Starting the show off with Charlotte, who is the best women's wrestler in the world, is always a good hook to get people interested. I liked the comedy segment with Sami Zayn and Buddy Murphy also getting a win. My only complaints would be some of the segments, the opening and the ending one especially, could be doing with being split into two paragraphs as I personally find it a little hard to read. My other complaint? Y'ALL DON'T UPDATE THIS ENOUGH. I'm interested to see how you guys continue to build to Survivor Series as it's quite early in the build and there are tensions rising already. Keep up the good work!

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Friday Night SmackDown | November 1st, 2019 | Keybank Center | Buffalo, NY


Image result for paul heyman and brock lesnar smackdown
Brock Lesnar Isn't A Team Player 
To kick off this week's show, Shane McMahon once again comes to the ring but this time, he doesn't make an announcement and instead introduces the only member of Team SmackDown to be announced so far, Brock Lesnar, who joins Shane in the ring, alongside his advocate, Paul Heyman.
Paul Heyman: Firstly, on behalf of myself and Brock, we would like to thank you for the honor of being apart of Team SmackDown without even having to compete in a qualifying match, it really shows how much you and FOX value the top-tier talent that Brock is. However, there's one problem: at Survivor Series, Brock won't be competing as apart of your little team.
As Heyman says this, Shane looks at him confused until suddenly, Lesnar lifts Shane onto his shoulders and hits an F-5! Then, Lesnar hits German suplex after German suplex on the commissioner of SmackDown before ending the beating with one last F-5. After the brutal assault, Heyman simply continues to talk.
Paul Heyman: Shane, perhaps you should have enquired about Brock's availability first, perhaps you should've asked permission from the beast first, because yes you may be the son of Vince, you may be the commissioner of SmackDown, FOX may pay Lesnar's contract but just remember, no one owns, directs or orders the reigning, defending, undisputed, WWE Champion of the world, 'The Beast Incarnate', Brock Lesnar!
See, Brock doesn't really like playing as apart of a team. No, Brock enjoys decimating his opponents and conquering them by himself because when you are as dominant as Brock is, you don't need allies and you don't need partners. All you need is a victim to tear limb from limb, a referee to call the victory and a man in a suit to hand over a cheque that you would all kill for.
Therefore, at Survivor Series, Brock will not be competing as apart of Team SmackDown in the traditional five-on-five match. Instead, Brock will once again exhibit his dominance, further his legacy and prove himself as the greatest singles wrestler to step foot in a squared circle so, members of the RAW roster, I'm sure one of you idiots are stupid enough to take up this challenge. At Survivor Series, Brock will represent SmackDown but in a one-on-one match against a RAW superstar. Who it is, doesn't matter, because, at the end of the day, they will fall and weep at the feet of 'The Beast Incarnate' Brock Lesnar!
As Lesnar smiles at the praise from his advocate, Heyman drops the microphone with the challenge set to RAW. At Survivor Series, it will be Brock Lesnar vs whichever RAW superstar steps up to the challenge.


Image result for drew mcintyre
Team SmackDown Qualifying Match
Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio
After a shocking start to the show, Drew McIntyre and Rey Mysterio compete in a match to decide which of one of them will be apart of Team SmackDown at Survivor Series.
Throughout the match, it would be an uphill struggle for the much smaller Rey Mysterio but the legendary luchador would show how valuable his experience as a thirty-year veteran is as he would manage to chop away at the big man and make his stake for being the victor. Nevertheless, ultimately, after a devastating Claymore Kick, McIntyre picks up the pinfall and secures his spot on the blue brand's team for the traditional Survivor Series match.


Related image
Alexa Bliss Makes Exhibition Matches
After the first match of the night, Alexa Bliss, who earned the right to be the captain of Team SmackDown at Survivor Series, comes out to the ring, dressed up and with a microphone.
Alexa Bliss: Tonight, as the captain of Team SmackDown, I've been granted the authority to put together whatever matches I want in order to help myself decide who the rest of my team will consist of. As the great leader that I am, I've already evaluated my options and accordingly decided what matches I will be gifting to you all.
Later tonight, we will see Bayley go one on one with 'The Princess of Staten Island', Carmella, but right now, Kairi Sane, Liv Morgan, Peyton Royce, and Sonya Deville will compete in a fatal four-way! Ladies, this is your opportunity to prove why you should represent the blue brand in the war against RAW at Survivor Series.
With two women's matches announced for tonight and her first actions as the leader of Team SmackDown made, Bliss leaves the ring and joins the commentary team as the fatal four-way that she announced is set to take place now.


Image result for kairi sane
Kairi Sane v Liv Morgan v Peyton Royce v Sonya Deville
After being announced by Bliss, a fatal four-way between four of SmackDown's women is set as Kairi Sane, Liv Morgan, Peyton Royce, and Sonya Deville make their entrances. Tonight, with Alexa Bliss sat watching at ringside as apart of the commentary team, these women each have a chance to show the captain of Team SmackDown why they should be apart of the blue brand's team at Survivor Series.
After a match filled with highlight-reel moments with each woman getting a chance to shine, in the end, it is 'The Pirate Princess' Kairi Sane who manages to get the victory after hitting the Insane Elbow on Liv Morgan. After the match, Alexa Bliss joins Kairi Sane in the ring and lifts her arm up, seemingly giving Kairi the captain's approval.


Image result for humberto carrillo titantronThe Prestigious Heritage Of Humberto Carrillo
Before tonight's Cruiserweight Championship Tournament match, one of the competitors who will be in next week's match for the tournament, Humberto Carrillo, is showcased in a video package.
After the abilities of Carrillo are exhibited, we are taken into detail on the history of the Garza family and how the prestige behind the name was forged. Now, as apart of the family's third generation, Carrillo looks to broaden the family's glory to international levels, venturing outside of Mexico and onto the biggest platform in sports entertainment, WWE. 


Image result for lio rush survivor series 2019
Cruiserweight Championship Tournament
Lio Rush (c) vs Kofi Kingston
In the second match of the night, after announcing the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament this Monday on RAW, Lio Rush returns to his homeland, the blue brand, as he competes in the tournament in a huge match-up between himself and former WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston. As promised on Monday night, in this tournament match, Lio Rush is also defending his WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
In arguably the most thrilling cruiserweight action since the birth of the new division, Lio Rush and Kofi Kingston absolutely blow the roof off the arena as they push each other to their limits in a stand-out match. Nonetheless, ultimately, Lio Rush comes out on top and successfully defends his championship, moving onto the brand-finals of the tournament.


Image result for shinsuke nakamura ic championShinsuke Nakamura Meets The Blackheart
Following the first match of SmackDown's side of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura comes to the ring with his belt and a microphone.
Shinsuke Nakamura: This belt, the WWE Intercontinental Championship, this proves I should be on Team SmackDown but Shane wants me to compete for my spot. Now, before Team RAW, it will be Tommaso Ciampa that meets... KINSHASA!
Suddenly, the theme of 'The Sicilian Psychopath' blasts through the speakers and after the words "no one will survive" is screamed throughout the arena, 'The Blackheart', Tommaso Ciampa, walks out onto the stage before heading to the ring where he confronts his opponent for next week.
Tommaso Ciampa: Shinsuke Nakamura. What a man you used to be. A legend, the hardest hitting bad-ass in the game... Is what you used to be. Now, all I see is a soft pushover but next week, we face for the right to compete on behalf of Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. Furthermore, as you mentioned, you are the current Intercontinental Champion and honestly, that title has caught my attention way more than any five-on-five match ever will, so I reckon if you want to prove you still are 'The King of Strong Style', you put that title on the line in our match. How about it, Naka?
Without talking, Nakamura gives his response with a sadistic smile and also by raising his championship high in the air as he and Ciampa stare each other down.


Image result for bayley wwe
Bayley vs Carmella
Next, as announced by the captain of Team SmackDown, Alexa Bliss, earlier tonight, Bayley and Carmella face-off in a singles match as Bliss watches from backstage, assessing her options for her Survivor Series team.
As one may expect from two former champions, Bayley and Carmella have a very competitive match-up with them both showing why they once held the SmackDown Women's Championship. Ultimately though, it is Bayley who is able to come out victorious, showing her worth to Team SmackDown.


Image result for bobby lashley titantronThe Destroyer Comes To The Blue Brand Next Week
Before we finish off the night with our main event match, the second video package of the night plays, beginning with an outlook through Bobby Lashley's origins, starting from his Amateur wrestling background to then his debut all the way back in 2005 and then on to his early stages in WWE.
After this, the dominance of 'The Destroyer' is showcased through a series of his greatest victories, including his capturing of the WWE United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and ECW World Championship. Finally, we see Lashley's momentous return to WWE just last year as we are reminded of how impactful of a force that Lashley can be.


Image result for andrade vs daniel bryan
Team SmackDown Qualifying Match
Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Daniel Bryan
As SmackDown comes to it's ending, we finish off with another qualifying match to decide another member of Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. In this one, 'El ídolo', Andrade 'Cien' Almas, takes on five-time former world champion, Daniel Bryan.
Throughout this main event match-up, Andrade would be able to keep pace with arguably the greatest wrestler of this era, Daniel Bryan, and prove why he is the future of the land of opportunity. However, Daniel Bryan proves exactly why he is considered as an all-time great by picking up the pinfall after hitting his signature knee strike.
After the match, Daniel looks to hold up Andrade's arm as a sign of respect but Andrade snaps his arm away and shouts an insult in Spanish at Bryan. As soon as this event occurs, Andrade's manager, Zelina Vega, gets into the ring and starts ranting at Daniel and when he tries to defuse the situation, she slaps him. Then, Andrade and Zelina leave with Bryan stood in the ring regretting ever trying to show respect to Almas.


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