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Metropolopolopolis is a normal city much like any other. People try to live their lives on a normal, day-by-day basis in harmony. The government works hard to keep the people safe and provide a place worth living in. One catch, though. The city runs rampant with supervillains, focused only on destroying this city for their own personal gain. Some care about stealing money, some wish to corrupt the city from the inside out in hopes of gaining political power, and some are even hell-bent on destroying the entire world. However, all hope is not lost, as for every evil individual who looks to tear this city apart for personal gain, a hero is born, ready to fight for all that is good and just in this world. Though the balance is always shaky, Metropolopolopolis remains intact thanks to these heroes constantly willing to fight the good fight. The only question remaining is...What side of this story are you on?





Alignment (hero, villain, undecided):

Other information:

Note: If needed, I may switch a characters alignment if I have too many heroes or villains, but I'll try to keep it the same as much as I can.

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Name: The Mikester

Gender: Male

Superpower: Extremely persuasive talking (can kind of turn into mind control) and athleticism (backflips, parkour, etc.)

Backstory: The Mikester (real name Michael Seymour) was born into a wealthy family. As a baby, he still had his persuasive talking power but it was completely undiscovered. After years and years of it being used unintentionally, his parents decided he was a freak and abandoned him at the young age of 7. Ever since, he's been living on the streets, staying out of danger using his way of speech and getting essentials to surviving through bribery/persuasion.

Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Undecided

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Name: Sameer Gordon aka The Archer 

Gender: Male

Superpowers: no superpowers, has weapons/tools to assist him in combat, uses a bow and arrow kinda like the green arrow vibes I’d say. 

Sameer was born into the richest family in his city and was a playboy billionaire. He was on his private jet to Hong Kong and the plane would suddenly crash into the middle of nowhere. Sameer was presumed dead in his city and all across the world. He was the only survivor from the crash, his uncle who was on the plane with him would die, and after it he would meet people and learn how to fight and comeback to his city and use his new combat abilities to end crime in his city in memory to his uncle who loved the city and tried to end crime.


has a sister named Samantha. Former girlfriend Mia is a Detective trying to stop “The Archer” thinks he’s a Vigilante

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Name:  Keith Johnson a.k.a Atlas

Gender: Male

Superpower: Invisibility and Electrokinesis

Backstory: 17 year old Keith Johnson was A normal kid attending Sr. High when during A trip to A museum A chemical weapon was used and everyone got out except for him and he was placed in A coma for A 16 months thus giving him his powers. Once he finally awakens he realizes that his mother (the only family he had) died of A heart attack and he was left to pay for the hospital bill and for his mother to have A proper funeral. Without A high school diploma meaning no job, He quickly found this completely unfair and decided the easiest way to get the money was to steal it. Though he never learn when enough is enough.

Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Villian

Other information:

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Name: The Bolt (Alex Costa)

Gender: Male

Superpower: Can control Electricity and the Electromagnetic sphere

Backstory: Son of Portuguese immigrants, Costa was hit by a Lightning Bolt when he was 8 years old which somehow granted him powers over electricity and the electromagnetic sphere. Has decided to use his powers for good after his dad was murdered by a assailant while he was in college

Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Hero

Other information:

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Name: Captain Ketchup

Gender: Male

Superpower: wears a suit of armour (like war machines but red) instead of shooting bullets out of the shoulder cannon he shoots ketchup

Backstory: Captain Ketchup was kidnapped at a young age by the mustard gang, he was forced to test mustard flavours on their helecarrier until he broke out and destroyed their energy core (made out of mustard) in the explosion he landed in water and hid from the mustard gang until he met mayor ketchup who made epic a suit of armour, Epic flew around and killed all of the mustard gang

Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Hero

Other information: weak to Mustard but if his ketchup gets onto enemies skin it pops them out of existence

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Name: The Aidanator(Aidan Johnson)

Gender: Male

Superpower: Multiverse travel

Backstory: Originally believed to not have any powers, he discovered his abilities at the age of 6, when he accidentally travelled to another universe. The one he ended up in was very different from his own, and it included another version of himself dressed up as a fish and wrestling in a company known as BPZ. Another separate universe also included a version of him, but this time as a 17-year old High Schooler who constantly visits a wrestling forum in his free time. There are others, but those two are the ones that interest him the most, and are the ones that he visits more frequently than any different universes. After a while of traveling through the multiverse like this, he gets used to it, and nowadays he does it for fun.

Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Undecided


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Name:  H.R Pufnstuf

Gender: Male

Superpower:  Punstuf is a mutant with the ability to transform into multiple stages of a dragon. His tail can only appear suddenly, or just the wings, or just the head but the one to fear is the full form of The Dragon. Same say it was a cursed placed upon him as a child but he blank on the true answers of his origins. He also has full kinesthetic control over his movements. Capable of imitation and execution of actions he can perform at Olympian levels of physical fitness.  


It was an early Sunday morning, the dew was set across the land as the chill had set in. Pufnstuf couldn't remember much about the night before hand but he knew he must've made a mistake. Finally finding the strength to open his eyes he looks around him to a burning field, Soot across his faces as he clothes are tattered and singed.

H.R Pufnstuf also known as The Dragon had lived with this side of him his whole life but is usually able to keep it in check. Today wasn't his lucky day though as he was discovered by his senior medical chief Dr. Minerva Reynolds who was sitting  comfortably on the grassy hill, looking down and observing the man she had witness turn into a beast and back. The panicked Pufnstuf wasn't sure what to do as his anxiety got the better of him the curious Minerva soon approached him with an offer. To cover up the evidence of this last night, to keep his identity safe but in return he would move from his current hospital to her...private hospital. The Obsidian Bureau.

Pufnstuf was working steadily as a therapist for the hospital over looking patients and staff separately.  Through the world of heroes and villainy he lives in from time to time he would spend his time listening to the woes of villains and getting them on the right path. 
It is his belief that there are some villains in the world that suffer from various psychological breaks and with the right treatments are ordinary boring citizens.  Seeing the writing all the wall about his secret being uncovered once again and having to move his life once again he decided to accept the offter put forward to him and work underground. Now he spends his time work out of an off-grid hospital for the super villains of the country who seek them out for aid. But underneath he hopes to use this opportunity in helping villains with all that goes with reentering society by forming bonds and friendships.

But during his time of need, he will again become The Dragon to help those in need. Either a villain from being caught into a system he knows will not help them or save a hero from an impending demise from a villain out of control. The Dragon lives on.


Unintentional Villain

Other information:

Suit Style ( Dragon)
Image result for dragon pngImage result for vader wrestler

Personality Type:  
Loyal, Emphatic, Social Mentor, Manipulative when needed as means to an end


The JapaneseAmerican actress has a lead role in the Hulu superhero teen show Marvels Runaways as Nico Minoru a teenager...

Super Name:


Super Power (Try to be original):
Energy Bolts (right now they are sparks since she is early into learning), Chlorokinesis, Telekinesis (can only move about a metre at the moment, maybe less depending on the item) , Magical Shield, Transmutation (limited), Rituals

Backstory (The more info the better):

Kayda is the adopted daughter of H.R Pufnstuf. Whey they first met she was unable to tell Pufnstuf her real name and so he started to call her Kayda which means little dragon. Since their meeting he has found her memories of her life before coming to the Obsidian Bureau are absent but she knows her motivation to run as fear. She was born as the daughter of a mystical overlord, one of the most feared creatures to ever live, and the conqueror of many worlds unknown to us on Earth.
During her young upbringing she learned many ways in sorcery. Her power is vast, both due to her affinity with magic and her natural talent. It’s strong enough that from what Pufnstuf could piece together so far, her birth father had been scared of her full potential.

Kayda and Pufnstuf had met together when she snuck into the Bureau as a mercenary for hire, in the search of her next meal in the cafeteria. Clearly too young, Pufnstuf watched as she swayed amongst the crowd of heavy weaponry and blood to reach the dessert bar. Offering her some aid the young Kayda would live inside the Bureau as his assistant to allow her shelter and food. Their bond grew , as they overcame struggles in each others life and after a year Pufnstuf offered to adopt her officially.

During this time Pufnstuf had taught Kayda to not use her magic carelessly as to not attack attention or to bring harm to anyone accidentally near by. But he did offer to help her better control her magic the best he could recognising that she was eager to learn more with or without him. 

Her powers are limited by her concentration, as she requires the utmost focus to cast her stronger spells, due to the fact she’s still learning. She carries a wand gifted to her by a countering wizard she has met inside the Obsidian Bureau. It was meant to aid her in mastering the movements in her hand and better direction her concentration. However her magic powers are fully innate to her mind, and she isn’t strictly reliant on any aid.
She can also be fatigued as a result of said concentration, especially after her heavier spells due to her young age but as she progresses and gets older will gain control of that concentration. One of her favourites uses of her magic has been her new connection to nature and the wildlife. Using a spell she is able to speed up the process of growth within their garden and outside. Her and Pufnstuf have used it as a form of therapy as she helped him regrow part of a forest he accidentally destroyed one night. 
Kayda always felt the need to be a hero herself, due to her lineage and wishing to help Pufnstuf when she can but he is hesitant to show the lengths he goes. She is able to help heal the wounds of Pufnstuf after a fight given the unnatural state of his skin/scales before turning back human.

Personality Type: 
Naturally curious, Reserved from others, Excitable, Happy-Go-Lucky




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Name: Alexio

Gender: Male

Superpower: As a demi-God, the son of Jupiter, Alex has similar powers to that of his older brother, Hercules.

Backstory: A normal teenager's world would be flipped when Alex Price would be greeted by Mercury, the messenger of the Roman Gods, who would tell Alex that he is in fact the son of Jupiter, birthed by a human woman which explains why Alex never met his father. Then, Mercury would tell Alex that he was given the name Alexander by Jupiter his self as his fate is to become the protector of mankind. After coming to terms with the obscure reality that faces him, Alex starts donning the name Alexio as he embraces his life as a demi-God and role as the guardian of Earth.

Alignment: Hero

Other information: He is very caring.

Note: Alexio has to overcome not only the usual struggles of a teenager but also those of a demi-god and build himself into a fearless and brave hero.

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Name: Logan Bishop AKA Blindspot

Gender: Male

Superpower: He can control the Darhk, which is the very essence of evil and all things bad in the universe, and in it’s purest form in can level multiple cities at once. He can train it into an object or fire it, or even turn parts or the entirety of his body, and since there is dark energy in shadows, he can jump into shadows and come out anywhere in the world out of a shadow, he calls the space in between the world(s) (you guessed it) Blindspots. In these blindspots, he’s also able To see the good and bad in people.

Backstory: Logan was a fairly average guy for the first 20 years of his life. He was working on a biochemical degree and studying Dark Matter when he came across the existence of what he labeled the Darhk, a mysterious substance. He managed to contain a small portion of it and started to experiment on it. First he grabbed two rats off of the streets and trapped them in a containment center before releasing a minimal amount of Darhk into it. The rats begin to fight before one crushed the others skull, and then proceeded to claw it’s own eyes out. Astonished by what he saw, he began to experiment more. He brought in his girlfriend to show her, but whenever he went to grab the box, it slipped out of his hand and hit the floor, opening. He shouted at her to get away from it, and it seemed to suck more Darhk out of the room, before entering Logan. He collapsed, and his girlfriend ran to him, shaking him. She asks him if he’s okay, and he begins to stir, and tries to push her off of him, but when he goes to, his hand goes through her chest, which has turned into Darhk. She collapses, dead, as his hand passed through her heart. He looks at his hands, and begins to realize what has happened. The Darhk has fused with his cells. He holds his hand out, and The Darhk shoots out of his hands and into a wall, causing it to shatter. Guards come in saying they thought they heard a scream. Logan realizes he’s cornered and that there’s only one thing he can do, and slaughters them. He gets control of his body and reverts it back to normal, and leaves immediately. He is having issues coming to terms with what he did, but he feels the Darhk saying things to him, speaking to him. He’s only retained about half of his sanity after this, and his morality is compromised.

Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): undecided I guess, kills. Can play either.

Other Information: He can have anyone as a love interest and if you want he can have a brother or sister or something. He’s 23-7

Edited by owendalton

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Name - Mirage 

gender - male 

super power - super speed and intelligence with speeds so fast they appear as teleportation and is able to know what someone is thinking by watching their body language to near perfection with this talent only being fooled by those so insane not even they know what they’re thinking also is able to copy any form close range combat just by seeing it once.

Backstory - Mirage grew up in Alabama living a humble life where he was always very protective and willing to die in order to protect his loved ones even getting engaged with his high school sweetheart who was killed by the leader of a gang the day before their wedding leading Mirage to fall into a state of grief and anger as he then decided to get revenge on the gang that killed his lover as he traveled to Japan to train where he discovered his gift for learning close range combat breaking several mixed martial arts records for time mastering them however this was not enough for him as he then sought training from a hidden village of ninjas who trained him further to be a ruthless killing machine in exchange for executing a rival ninja village which he would go on to do however the tricky part would be that in order to get to the rival village he would have to travel through Hiroshima which he hesitantly did however instead of this leading to a type of cancer it only enhanced his ability as someone who already had been fast on his feet it now made his speed too fast to even see as he would use the rest of his journey to the rival village mastering this new speed before arriving at his destination and slaughtering the entire village before bringing the news to the village that trained him and finally went home to finally seek revenge which he quickly did as upon finding the gang that killed his lover he killed them all in a 2 and a half minutes as well as tortured the leader however once the news of this came out he knew he must leave his childhood home for the safety of his loved ones so he did and has now arrived in this new city trying to start over however has no problem taking the law into his own hands yet again.

alingment - mostly anti-hero if possible however does try to stay morally correct but will also clash with other heroes if he feels what they’re doing is wrong and is able to snap and go evil while still viewing himself as the hero if need be. 

other info - tends to work alone but will team up others if a threat warrants it, obtains any and all information available about anyone he views as a threat including all super powered people no matter the alignment, and is prepared to kill at all times, always has at least 5 Kunai knives on him within an arms reach, typically has a katana with him, also carries shutikens and most other ninja weapons on him, will always try to help “ the little man “ aka helping those less fortunate, and especially hates gangs and goes out his way to kill them.

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Episode 4

This episode begins with Michael, Samantha, Sameer and Bob's unconscious henchman entering Sameer's hideout. Samantha immediately places Michael on their couch to let him rest, while Sameer moves into his basement with the henchman. As Sameer is dealing with the henchman, Samantha lays Mikey on the living room couch, the teen barely conscious after the strenuous day he's endured.

Samantha: What the hell were you thinking? You could've died!

Michael: I know.

Samantha: You completely ignored our orders!

Michael: I know.

Samantha: Do you have any idea how dangerous and stupid that was?

Michael: I know.

Samantha: You know, saying "I know" over and over is really annoying, right?

Michael: I know.

Samantha then releases her pent up frustration in a slap across Michael's face. She immediately regrets this and turns away in shame as Michael holds his cheek.

Samantha: I'm sorry...

Michael: I know.

Rather than drawing another slap, this gets a slight grin out of the young girl.

Samantha: Did I hurt you?

Michael: You kidding? Trust me, my sister used to slap the piss out of me. That was nothing.

The two teens then share a quick chuckle together, but it's interrupted by Sameer bounding through the basement door. He immediately walks up to Michael and begins screaming, clearly enraged at Michael's disobedience.

Sameer: Listen, kid. That was reckless and idiotic. Why the HELL did you follow us?! You almost died out there!

Michael: It's a damn good thing I did, too! If I hadn't charged in when I did, your sister would have a bullet in her head right now!

Sameer: We had it under control, kid.

Michael: Yeah, likely story...

Sameer then grabs the collar of Michael's shirt and hoists him into the air.

Sameer: Don't talk back to me, kid...I saved your life and you repay me by insulting me?

Michael: I payed you back by saving your ass! You two were totally out of your depth there!

Sameer: We had...

Michael: No you didn't! You had no idea what you were getting into! You don't know how careful Bob is and how much influence he has. He has eyes everywhere, and the second he caught wind that his assassination attempt on me failed, he was gonna send one of his best men after me. You went right back to the scene of the crime and you would've been dead if I wasn't there!

Sameer's face flushes again with rage, but it immediately shifts to calm consideration. He releases Michael and places him back down before leaving the room to decompress. Michael straightens his shirt and sits back down, with Samantha choosing to strike up a conversation in the meantime.

Samantha: Hey, uh...I never did thank you for saving me back there.

Michael: I mean, y'all saved my sorry ass...It's the least I could do. Wish your brother saw it that way, though...

Samantha: It's nothing personal...He just hates relying on anyone. He doesn't even like to involve me unless the situation's really that dire...

Michael: So y'all really did need me then, huh?

Samantha: Look...It's not that we didn't need your help. It's that you almost got yourself killed for two strangers you've never even met before. Why would you do such a crazy thing?

Michael: I mean...You saved my life. And it's not like I have anyone left who cares about me...Nobody would miss me, but I can tell Sameer would be crushed without you...It's just how brothers are.

Samantha doesn't really know how to respond, totally taken aback by how calmly Michael is willing to just lay down his life. Thankfully for her, she wouldn't need to continue the conversation as Sameer would return a few seconds after Michael says this. Sameer looks at Michael, his face much calmer than before, and begins to speak again.

Sameer: Alright, kid...You saved my sister's life. I'll be honest, I have no idea what I was gonna do there...You saved her. And you saved me. And I'm glad you did. Far as I'm concerned, this means I owe you again...

As Sameer says this, Michael slowly lifts himself off the couch and walks up to the archer.

Michael: You owe me, huh? How much you think?

Sameer: Anything, kid. Nothing's worth more than my sister's life.

Michael: Anything?

As Michael says this, he extends his right hand to Sameer, seemingly looking for a handshake.

Michael: Let me stay here and help you kill Bob.

Sameer immediately slaps away Michael's hand in rage, and he begins to go off on another angry tangent.

Sameer: NO! You're NOT staying here with us! This is my fight, kid, not yours!

Michael: Nobody wants that son of a bitch more dead than me, Sameer.

Sameer: I do! And I'm not gonna let you get yourself killed on some half-baked revenge scheme!

Michael: Well, here's a newsflash for you, Archer. I'm gonna go after him. I'm never gonna stop doing everything in my power to break that bastard's neck. I don't care how long it takes, and I don't care if it gets me killed. With or without you, I'm going to kill him.

Michael then outstretches his hand one more time. 

Michael: If we work together...Our chances of taking him down are that much better. You're more tactical, but I have information on Bob that you don't. If we work together...We can get him. Our odds are at least more favorable if we do. And don't forget, you said "anything." This is my anything.

Sameer looks down at Michael's hand, considering it for a few seconds. He then shoots his right hand out to meet with Michael's.


As they shake hands, Sameer pulls in Michael close and stares him dead in the eye.

Sameer: Alright, kid...You can help us. But if you get yourself killed, I swear I will haunt you for the rest of eternity in your afterlife. I'm not about to have your blood on my hands.

Michael: It won't be, Sameer.

Sameer: I'm serious. Don't do anything stupid, no suicidal plans to get some revenge...If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it smart. We're gonna do it together, and we're gonna keep each other safe. Is that clear?

Michael: Crystal.

Sameer: Alright...Now you two need to go to bed. I'm gonna make sure our friend downstairs isn't gonna be an issue...If you're gonna stay here, though, we need to know a bit more about you.

Michael: Like what?

Sameer: Well, a name would be a good start.

Michael: Oh, right. It's Michael. Michael Seymour.

Sameer: Alright, Seymour...Go get some rest. 

As Sameer says this, he then exits and heads back to the basement with Bob's henchman. Michael and Samantha turn to each other, and both their faces radiate joy at Sameer letting Michael stick around. After a few seconds of smiling, Samantha then stands up and begins to make her way to her room.

Samantha: I guess I should be heading to bed...Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day.

Michael: Yeah...I don't think my body's gonna let me stay awake much longer anyway.

Samantha: Good night, Mikey.

Michael: Mikey?

Samantha: Oh, I'm sorry...Michael just seems so formal, I thought...

Michael: No, no, it's fine...I like it. It's just been a while since I've heard someone call me that...

Samantha: Alright...Good night, Mikey.

Michael: Good night, Samantha.

Samantha the exits and enters her room, opting to sleep for the night. Michael then lays down on the couch and lets the wave of excitement rush through his body. After a few minutes, Michael's body finally begins to drift off, and he finally goes to sleep, putting an end to this crazy night.

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