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Isaiah Carter

BPZ Oddworld

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MAIN EVENT: Eli Smith vs Sameer 

FACTION WARFARE PART ONE: Flynn (The Mob) vs Slim (The Kingdom)

TAG TEAM WARFARE: The Mob (Bob Sparks, ICON) vs The Kingdom (Alex Costa, Mikey Dikey)


SHOWCASE MATCH: James Ropati vs Bart Hoogveld

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MeeThe Roster Part Five:


Possibly the GOAT of BPZ, The Bailey has gone hollywood. It's no telling when he will show up once again and when he does, we know things will go down. Wherever he goes, media follows as he is always evoking a huge reaction from the crowd. Whether it is cheering or booing, he uses a powerful moveset and mind games to get behind his opponents and if he ever returns to BPZ, it will be trouble for many people.

Image result for Colorful divider png

Image result for Hollywood gif"

The video clip opens with an outlook behind the Hollywood sign, looking out over the fast moving streets of LA, as we can see a person leaning on the Hollywood sign, its The Bailey, sporting his colorful jacket and black sunglasses as he turns towards the camera as it comes over to him, speaking loudly enough to hear him, as he begins to speak.

The Bailey: "This fool Alyxander Cuddlezworth does not amuse The Bailey one bit, the happy go lucky festival of bullshit or whatever the hell it is does not please The Bailey one bit and The Bailey is not a hard man to please. I look at this roster, I look at the jobbers lined up in front of me, Eli Smith. Sameer. Julius Jones. All garbage humans that don't deserve the socks I am wearing. The Bailey is elite, The Bailey is an MVP caliber talent and you expect me to wrestle for this? You expect me to put my talent, my life on the line for a guy in a yellow mask playing fantasy? I would never, NEVER, EEEEVVVEERRR step foot into a BPZ ring again if it wasn't for the check, the money, they pay handsomely and its my favorite thing about the company, so BPZ UNIVERSE YOU'RE LUCKY BECAUSE...THE BAILEY IS COMING HOME...SOON!

The Bailey begins to walk away, as we are only a few days away from BPZ Festival Of War and we have yet another roster member in our sights and its The Bailey.

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This concept is really cool BiC! I like the different factions and the creative aspect of this.


MAIN EVENT: Eli Smith vs Sameer 

FACTION WARFARE PART ONE: Flynn (The Mob) vs Slim (The Kingdom)

TAG TEAM WARFARE: The Mob (Bob Sparks, ICON) vs The Kingdom (Alex Costa, Mikey Dikey)


SHOWCASE MATCH: James Ropati vs Bart Hoogveld

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BPZ Oddworld Presents...


The Festival Of War


The popcorn is popping, the lights are bright, and the fans and piling in. It is time for the extravaganza of the year as the wrestlers are ready to go to war. The sound of kids screaming of joy can be heard as the Carnival rides 

Sheepy: "My my my I haven't seen this many people excited since the great chicken burger war of 09! Ladies and gentleman my name is Sheepy, your resident commentator and billionaire. I will be calling the action tonight alongside my broadcast partner, the one, the only, Brad!!"

Brad: "That is right Sheepy I am more excited for this then I was for my 4th retirement speech, its going to be one hell of a wrestling event I will tell you that much because we are kicking things off with one on one action as two young stars trying to get an edge on the competition will be competing one on one in the first match in this new era of BPZ!"

Image result for Travis Banks" _ Image result for Kenny Omegea"

James Ropati vs Bart Hoogveld

The first match in this new era is ready to begin, as both men make their respective entrances. As James Ropati is given cheers from the audience, who respect his journey to BPZ. While Hoogveld is met with nothing but boos, which reign down on him from the crowd. As he steps into the ring and stands across from Ropati, ready to go to war. 

The match kicks off with, kicks. As hard as both men could, trying to wear eachother down as they kick each other in the ribs, legs, and chest. It would only end when Bart would block a kick, hitting a german suplex on Ropati as James Ropati attempts to fight back. Getting on his feet fast and nailing Bart with a knee, this would be the theme throughout the matchup. Back and fourth, both of these men at the top of their game as they trade moves and reversals. Bart Hoogveld even springboarding from the inside of the ring to the outside onto Ropati, the match continues on the outside. As the new rule, a count of 20 for a countout, comes into play and the two men get back into the ring at the count of 12. James Ropati would get the close nearfall of the matchup when Bart would nearly tap out due to a cross armbreaker. But would be able to fight out of it and stomp out Ropati. 

The match would continue on from their, as it reaches the 10 minute point and it shows as both men are tired and hurt. Using eachother as support to stand up, before Bart would attempt to put him away with the arm trapped DDT. But James Ropati would fight out of it, hitting him with the "Kiwk Kick"!!! But Hoogveld would be able to kick out at 2.9, and now Ropati is desperate. Climbing up to the top rope and looking down at Bart, attempting a shooting star press?!

Bart would move, sending James Ropati into the mat as the "Legacy Killer" turns Ropati around and locks in the Cardiac Arrest. A chicken wing cross face, causing him to tap out as the first match of the night comes to a close after a 15 minute war. After the match, Bart would refuse a handshake and would leave the ring. Leaving his impression, as trash is thrown at him. 


Brad: "Hoogveld is going to have something coming to him, I can feel it"

Sheepy: "Shut up Brad, this kid has personality, he has charisma, he is the future of this company, mark my words. Either way, the show must go on and its time for a good ol' fashioned death match"


Image result for Papa Emertus 3" _ Image result for Jimmy havoc"

Arius vs FDS - Deathmatch

The second match of the night, and it's getting extreme. As its the man who no one knows much about, Arius, taking on the man everyone knows can get extreme, FDS. The match would begin before the two even can make their entrances, as the camera crew finds the two brawling on the fairgrounds before the bell can even ring. Throwing each other into various fair rides. As FDS uses an extension cord and wraps it around Arius neck, choking him out as Arius is forced to use a nearby glass bottle over the head of FDS.

FDS would bleed first, as Arius uses the same glass bottle, one of the ones used for one of the games. To cut open FDS stomach, before slamming him onto the ground. This is not even a match, as the brawl continues and FDS fights back as the two begin to fight on the pyro stage. A wooden stage set up with various fireworks, as FDS blows up a firework into the face of Arius! Before grabbing him and throwing him into the electrical equipment! 

Arius is able to get up somehow, as he follows FDS towards the BPZ Tent. Only to catch him before hand as he throws a traffic cone at the back of his head. Stomping away at FDS as he drags him into the wrestling arena and into the ring as the match begins officially. 

Arius is bleeding all up and down his back, hits clothes ripped from the electrical equipment, as he reaches under the ring and grabs a roll of barb wire. As the crowd gets excited and he wraps the barb wire around his own arm! Entering the ring and locking in the "Final Testimony" with the barb wire wrapped around his arm which now is around the neck of FDS. FDS has no choice but to pass out, as this bloody war only lasted about 4 minutes officially but the war beforehand could leave scars for life. As the ring is cleared of all blood, and kids may have nightmares.


Brad: "What a start to the show that was, I can not believe what those men just put themselves through and remember. We still have 3 more matches, as its Faction Warfare coming up next as its two teams, going head to head"

Sheepy: "Its The Mob, Bob Sparks and ICON taking on Slims Warriors, The Kingdom. Alex Costa and Mikey Dikey. Lets get it on!!!"


Image result for Enzo And Cass" __ Image result for Guerillas Of Destiny NJPW"

The Mob vs The Kingdom

In classic tag team action, it would be Bob Sparks and ICON coming to the ring together. Cutting a promo on The Kingdom and explaining why they are the best in the company. The crowd is drawn to them right away, as the charisma from the two is beyond anything else. But the mood is soiled by Alex Costa and Mikey Dikey, who come to the ring ready for war. Wearing The Kingdom shirts as they get into their corner, not here to play games. 

Bob Sparks enters first, as the 7-footer takes down Mikey Dikey early on. As its going to take two men to take him and down and thats exactly what The Kingdom does, taking Sparks out of the matchup with a double tag team finisher on the outside. ICON can only watch on as he is thrown into the steel steps, as this match turns into a 2 on 1 handicap match.

Despite ICONs disadvantage, he would fight back, even hitting his Phenix Splash finisher to a 2 count. Eventually, Bob Sparks would be able to come back into the match. Taking out Alex Costa and putting him through a nearby table. As they take control once again. 

It would not be enough, as Bob Sparks would be taken out once again by the teams finisher. A modified version of the "Hart Attack",  before hitting the same move on ICON twice to finish the match. Giving Mikey and Alex Costa the win over The Mob, as The Kingdom has won this one over The Mob, can their leader do the same?


Image result for Daniel Bryan" __ Image result for Roman Riegns"

Joshua Flynn vs Slim

In the co-main event, we get to see two faction leaders go to war. As The Kingdom was just able to defeat The Mob, and now. Its Flynn vs Slim, leader vs leader, and the hatred couldn't be higher. Joshua Flynn is given a mixed reaction, while Slim is given nothing but boos. But he doesn't let them effect them, as he steps into the ring and the brawl begins.

Slim would get the upper hand early on, tossing Flynn outside of the ring over the top rope and diving out onto him. But Flynn is quick, and is able to hit a brainbuster onto the apron! A quick start to this matchup as Joshua Flynn now stomps away at the head of Slim, throwing him into the ring and locking in one of his many submission moves. But Slim would be to powerful, as his experience allows him to break out of the submission and hit a sick powerbomb on Flynn. The match continues for some time, as the two trade moves and insults towards each other before Slim would nail Flynn would a super samoan drop. Nearly putting away the match before going for his signature move, the spear. 

Flynn would jump over the spear, stomping on the back of Slims head in the process and then setting up for the running knee. But when going for it, Slim would catch him with the spinning forearm. Knocking him out and then going for the nail in the coffin, the "Essential Eliminator", which Flynn would fight out of and both men would knock each other out as the match reaches 15 minutes, both men get to their feet and Slim is able to hit a spear. Which Flynn kicks out of, before locking in the "FlynnLock"! Slim looks like he is about to tap out!

That is before a hooded man appears in the ring behind Flynn, Joshua stands up and looks at the hooded man, as we can not tell who it is as the referee tells the man to leave the ring. But this distraction is enough for Slim to hit another spear, this time putting away Flynn as the hooded man leaves the ring. Walking up the steps and turning around, making eye contact with Slim as he reveals himself and a Kingdom T-Shit, as Kenji!!!


Brad: "Wait! Is the superstar Kenji joining The Kingdom? The Kingdom may be a huge threat if this is true, and ladies and gentleman what a show this has been, and we still have the -

Slim: "What you just witnessed, what you just saw before your little eyes, was history. History, history that changes this company for ever. What you just saw, was the Slim Effect. Welcome to the f*cking kingdom"


Image result for Lio Rush" _ Image result for Seth Rollins"

Eli Smith vs Sameer

The moment many people bought their tickets for, the main event. Two best friends seeing who is going to be the best, two best friends attempting to set their name in the stone here at the Festival Of War. Both men make their entrances, and both men are met with cheers as these two shake hands as the announcer calls the matchup. 

Its dead even throughout, as the two wrestle each other to the mat multiple times, and lock in various submissions while stomping on each others limbs. Trying anything to get an advantage as the two know each other well and reverse nearly every move, the first true advantage would come for Sameer when he would dodge one of Eli Smiths attacks and hit the sling blade. Quickly climbing to the top rope top hit a frog splash for only a two count as the match continues on. The two continue to hit big moves on each other, including Eli Smith hitting his signature "Clockwork" move to no avail. As Sameer and Smiths battle goes to the outside of the ring. 

On the outside, Sameer would prove to be the better man. As he uses his environment to his advantage, hanging Eli Smith up on the barricade on his back and stomping onto his chest. Sameer brings Eli Smith back into the ring, and goes for "The Stomp" only to be caught out in an impressive powerbomb as Eli Smith goes to the top rope. Looking for the "Midnight Hour" diving move, but Sameer gets his knees up! And finally hits the curbstomp. Attempting to put this match to rest. 

But Smith kicks out, once again, and Sameer shows frustration. Stomping out the chest of Smith before turning and lining up for another Stomp, but as he does, his knee tweaks and Eli Smith is able to take quick advantage. Throwing him into the corner before hitting the "8th Sin", and pinning Sameer in the center of the ring. As the main event comes to a close and Eli Smith hugs his best friend, as the two shake hands and celebrate with the crowd as this new era has dawned over BPZ. 

Brad and Sheepy close the show as the lights shut off, thank you for reading!!!


Prediction Results

@Gunner Flynn - 4/5

@Toxik431 - 5/5

@I Can't Odd - 4/5

@Smith - 4/5

@Hans - 3/5

@Arius - 4/5

@Julius - 3/5

@Mikey - 4/5

@Gwynfro - 3/5

@Ropati4 - 3/5

@Meko750 (Raven) 4/5

@Sheridan - 4/5

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Image result for gentleman jervis"

Alyxander Cuddlezworth: "My what a lovely day it is...OH! I didn't see you there my friend, I was just strolling through thinking about how amazing that PPV event was last night! Those men, roughing each other up all in the name of victory was pleasant to my old eyes and, well. You saw it for yourself, it was one heck of an event that filled me up with joy!! Now, some of the men were nasty, and others. Had a very kind heart, but I do not judge! In fact, I support everyone to be who they truly are! With that said, I have some amazing news!"

"At the next BPZ event, which I have not thought up of a brilliant enough name as of yet, we will name our first ever champion! The best of the best, the prize that makes everyone smile! At the next big event, I will be introducing the newest, most prestigious prize in pro wrestling..The BPZ Universal Championship!!!"



"What a beautiful championship! One man will hold this championship, and he will be crowned at the next huge event which I will be announcing later! For now, good wishes!!!!"

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The only women on the BPZ roster, Sheridan gives the roster life. That is if you're able to speak to her, as she is surrounded by her hired goons, paparazzi, and more as she is a high caliber celebrity. She can often be seen premiering in various adults films, late night talk shows, and certain hotlines we won't release to the public. She has the fight of a warrior, and shows it every time she is in the ring. As Sheridan may be one of the best in BPZ.


Image result for mandy rose gif"

The screen opens up with images of Sheridan looking out over Munich, Germany. Wearing nothing but a bikini as she stops and beings to speak, the city behind her coming alive. 

"What a beautiful, beautiful city. You're lucky I let you up here, this is my private roof top plaza I bought for 5 million dollars 2 years ago. I love to come up here, look over the city at the sunset, and think about how good I am in the ring. While you're thinking of ways that you can seduce me, I am improving my game, and thriving to become the BPZ Universal Championship. I don't know if you could tell, but I love gold. I love every bit of gold, gold and Sheridan go together. Without each other they are useless, and thats why I am going to win the BPZ Universal Championship. No questions asked."

Sheridan walks inside of the building, leaving the camera to look out over the sunset. As the meet the roster comes to an end.

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