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Mecko's TEW Mod: Paradigm Shift

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Hi there,I was thinking about how I've played this game in the past and I thought why not try to make a TEW current day mod where it actually feels like you have some choice in the direction that you can take your companies in.

No more of those saves where you are forced to book Becky Lynch as your Women's Champion because of her stupidly high popularity that is so far away from everyone else in your company that you can't really build anyone towards her. I want to try and eliminate the linearity of the saves you can play instead allowing you to have an element of choice in this ever growing wrestling world. Adding a somewhat even playing field and more accurate depictions of the wrestlers are what I believe will make the experience more enjoyable because you will feel like you can actually run with the people you want to run with instead of the ones that you are almost forced to use because of popularity or in ring ability. A particular gripe of mine is the inaccuracy of certain things which isn't a fault of the mod creators but I have noticed especially when it comes to the Women's divisions,there are a rare few that have decent psychology which can be a pain when booking matches.

The mod currently will be starting in October 2019 but if people enjoy the mod,there may be more updates to the save potentially in monthly increments or quarterly I'm not completely sure yet. I would appreciate suggestions on companies that you would like me to include as well as particular wrestlers. Currently I have Dragon Gate,WWE(including NXT and NXTUK), AEW, New Japan and Impact in my bubble of companies that I'd like to include.

I hope people are on board with this idea and would love to see your opinions.

I very much appreciate it.


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November 2019 progress update

As you all know I began working on this mod about a month ago as of today, and I have to say there has been progress with the companies that are currently in the game which are listed below. If there is anyone on the forums who think I should be adding more companies to this list feel free to reply to this post. 


Speaking of progression, I can confirm that myself and few others who have been kind enough to chip in their opinions have completed the Women's Division for both Raw and Smackdown with their own individual pictures. Stats have been adjusted accordingly but the main point to get from this is that I want everyone to be usable so even wrestlers lower down the pecking order such as Dana Brooke are able to grow and potentially get to the peak some day. Championship pictures have been included also so that means if you crown a certain wrestler as a champion,there will be an image in the backlog to show they are the Champ.Raw_BG2.jpg


As for right now,we are currently running through the Men's Roster of WWE then after that we shall be moving to NXT to do the same. Personalities have been considered as well so that means that people such as Renee Young or CM Punk would have their own special background. Because CM Punk has not been confirmed to actually wrestle yet,he will only be available as a personality at this point in time.


Many thanks to @FDS , @Sheridan, @Hans and @Alex Costa to giving me insight on things that I am not so knowledgeable of. Without them,this mod would be much further back than it actually is.

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Love that you kept it up Mecko and I would love a mod like this, would help me  as when i play i always want to try and take a smaller known wrestler whos look and style i like and try and build them up but find it almost impossible. I would say if its not to much add Lucha Underground in as well. 

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