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No One Man [Signups]

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"How could anyone adapt to such a radical change in the way the world works, with the idea of power shifted to who was born the strongest, not who could manipulate the rules enough to sit at the top. Every idea of power crumbled, everything so on edge. Presidents were put in the grave because nobody could stop all the freaks being born into the world. The last thing people needed was a push towards the extreme, this was fucking setting fire to the world and letting everybody try to figure it out, one power after the other. It was a shitshow to watch, that’s what made it so much more fun."


Welcome To The New World

You've been born into the shitshow, a world where the powers that existed in writings of fantasy are now apart of the human genome. Some explain it as the next step in evolution, some say that God got bored, but why doesn't matter now, all that's left is trying to figure how you're gonna make it through the chaos. Please remember to smile and enjoy, and remember, your last words shouldn't be shitty.

Signup Sheet:



General Backstory:
Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) :
Preferred Last Words:


Name: Meko
Nickname: Happy Feet
Height: 5'2
Weight: 203 lbs
Build: Stocky
Appearance: white (farmers tan), brown eyes and hair, combover, no facial hair

Power: can freeze whatever he grabs

General Backstory: Also known as Bagel Bro, Meko is a mob boss who doesn't command the respect he deserves, his short stature has made him the butt of most jokes in the underworld, but is not someone you'd like as a rival. Cold-hearted and blooded, Meko thrives under any form of stress and has been able to survive in a grimy game a long time, I guess you could say he's danced with death before, I apologize.

Allegiance: Mob
Preferred Last Words: You Bastard I'll Kill You!

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Name: Xavier King
Nickname: "RED"
Height: 6'6
Weight: 230
Build: Muscular 
Appearance: White, Blonde Fade, No Facial Hair. Wears advanced armor and a mask (Pictured Below)

Image result for Cool armor suit

Power: Is an advanced fighter in all categories, advanced agility, speed, strength, sight, and smarts. Skilled with sword combat (Uses a katana)

General Backstory: The Atlanta Police Department was in shambles for the past several years, so working with the U.S government, they created their own answer. Taking an innocent boxer from Boston named Xavier King and bringing him in for studies claiming they could cure his cancer, they injected him with "Serum X", a super serum that increased all of his abilities. After years of training in both a dojo and a gym, Project Red would be released to the streets. That is until Xavier King would realize the corruption that lies within, and would fight evil on his own, secretly. He had his best friend make him the suit he uses, and goes for the kill using his Katana. He is silent in his work, and only kills if he has to.  
Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Police (Fake) , Vigilante 
Preferred Last Words: "These are my last words, and I am certain that my sacrifice will not be in vain, I am certain that, at the very least, it will be a moral lesson that will punish felony, cowardice and treason"

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Name: Unknown
Nickname: Big Ben
Height: 7'1
Weight: 350lbs
Build: Muscly (like a bodybuilder)
Appearance: Black, Blue eyes, Black hair, Flat and short, Full Beard, always wearing Black Shades. 

Power: Can turn into any material he touches.

General Backstory: No one really knows where Ben came from he keeps his backstory a secret all they know is if you ask him about it there's good chances you'll be seeing the stars very soon after. Ben's been apart of the cartel for years as a bodyguard for the top dogs. He can beat any man to a bloody pulp as long as the cartel commands it. Ben's racked up quite the fortune over the years but many guess Ben doesn't do the jobs for the money however and instead he just does it for fun.
Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Bodyguard for the Cartel
Preferred Last Words: Finish me then you fuck!

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Name: Michael James
Nickname: Mikey
Height: 6'2
Weight: 195 lbs
Build: Lean, weak in the upper body, strong in the lower body
Appearance: Long blonde hair, generally tries to blend in. When he taps a button located in his left thigh (like Iron Man's chest thing) a blue/white attire envelops him, including a mask to hide his identity

Power: Extreme agility, very proficient with his legs. Persuasive talker and his attire after he presses the button camouflages 

General Backstory: Michael James was everything a normal child used to be: average size, average intelligence, just about average all around. He grew up in a very successful family, including a millionaire father with some of the greatest powers in the land and a mother who was a stunning actress. Days after he turned 10 years old, his parents both tragically passed away in a huge car accident. For the next year, he was  dealing with depression, and his solution to it was drugs. But one day, after smoking a blunt, he felt different. He went to bed, not knowing what happened to him. When he woke up, he saw his legs which seemed to have oddly swollen in size. And when he went to get his weed, the dealers gave it to him for free when he asked. This is when he developed his powers. And now, he is just trying to get around, using his powers however he can to survive.
Allegiance: None (unless someone chooses to help him)
Preferred Last Words: "Did I mention, there's a huge bug on your forehead?" (last attempt to use persuasion)

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Name:  Alexis Rhodes
Nickname: "Sexy Lexi"
Height: 5'8
Weight: 115 lbs
Build: Model (Supermodel)

Appearance: Blonde, Blue Eyes, Big Tits, Fat ass, often wearing either fancy clothes or a tracksuit when she has to kick some ass.

Power: Super seductive can sleep with who ever she wants to.

General Backstory: Alexis was often called to school hoe growing up sleeping with many of the kids to move up the ladder. She carried this along during her later life both at work and on the streets. Alexis soon came to become one of the most wanted women in the world both in bed and in the law. Alexis would often finish off her victims in bed before they could finish her. She would develop a kink for both women and men along the road as she would take advantage of both to rise to the top. Alexis although pretty on the outside is a stone cold killer on the inside.

Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Mafia
Preferred Last Words: " I fucked your wife"

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Name - Austin 

nickname - Holy Knight 


Height - 5’4 ( wears a blessed armor that can change his height ) 

weight - 200 lbs 

build - athletic  

appearance - Blackish hair, sky blue eyes, full grown beard 

power - master of any weapon how does prefer his claymore sword that is mysteriously able to cut through nearly anything however is surprisingly ineffective against anything considered a holy artifact or draws power from a holy artifact although if damaged the sword can be magically repaired by either being dipped in holy water or a prayer from one with true faith, also has a suit of armor ( posted picture above ) that appeares around him in a instant with a bright light that blinds all around him for a few seconds that also allows him to make up for his rather small height and change his height to any height he desires however as someone who prefers a fair fight he normally uses this to make up for a size disadvantage and put himself at an even height of his foe. 

general backstory - Austin grew up not having much however the few things he did have he cherished greatly the most important being a bible he found years ago that no matter who tried to steal it from him he always somehow got it back until one day he learned why this was as this bible had been blessed by god, now Austin has always been faithful to the Christian church however this only strengthened his faith further eventually granting him access to holy blade and set of armor known only as the blade of God and the armor of God respectively and ever since then he has gone by the nickname the Holy Knight and fought against criminals in an attempt to bring hope to the hopeless. 

allegiance  - vigilante 

preferred last words - “ Even though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death  I fear no evil “ 

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Name: Sailor Meko

Nickname: The Moon Guardian

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 180 lbs

Build: Athletic, small and defined

Appearance: See picture

Power: Can kill evildoers by throwing her tiara at them, can disguise herself into anything.

General backstory: A young schoolgirl on the surface, Meko has been a crime fighting vigilante for years to fight the influx of genetically superior people cropping up in the world. 

Alignment: Vigilante

Preferred last words: *Scream in terror*


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Name: Dr. Laszlo Sage
The Alienist
Height: 5'11
Weight: 165Ibs

Average, Slim Physique. Mostly physically capable to an extent, but by no means a proficient fighter

Medium average build, Well groomed dark brown hair, brown eyes and a well kept full beard. Usually dresses professionally in tailored three piece suits with a pocket watch, adorning trench coat jackets and bowler hats when outdoors. His right arm atrophied, crippled and lame, facilitating him to be left handed by necessity.

Phasing - Can move his body through solid matter. He also holds the the power of Aura Reading, able to see one's true emotions, visualised as wisps of dancing colours what spike into various shapes to show the subjects mental state.

General Backstory:
From an often troubled and broken family, Laszlo's childhood was surrounded with feelings of tension and contempt for those closest to him, finding solace in his own echoing isolation. Originally thought to have been plagued with Psychological Hallucinations, his Aura Reading abilities eventually proved to be what he clung to for success in later life. Throughout his adolescence, after a crippling accident that permanently injured his right arm, Laszlo found that understanding those that society has deemed deranged and different to be more beneficial than bottling the hatred.

While not a fighter, Laszlo was always able to evade more hostile subjects, though nobody is quite certain how. Seen as a more unorthodox consultant of the Police on Genome Cases, Doctor Sage seeks to understand his fellow 'gifted' individuals, and help them, not presume to cure them. For his quirky, but logical practices as a Detective and as an expert of Genome Psychology, he has been dubbed, the Alienist.

Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Police

Preferred Last Words: "Men, good or bad, do not follow what they don't respect".

Image result for Laszlo Kreizler

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Name: Brock Morris
Nickname: Chance
Height: 6'0
Weight: 160
Build: Slim

 Image result for Leonardo DiCAPRIO

Power: The ability to see the possible outcomes of an event before it happens 

General Backstory: From a young age Brock always knew he was different, that there was something about him that no other human possessed. He tried telling his family and friends but they all dismissed it as delusion or even a fairytale put into his head. Brock never sustained any injuries and always found himself at the right place at the right time. Brock wanted to use this to help the people of the world and would go out and try to seek justice for those who deserve it 
Allegiance: Vigilante
Preferred Last Words: I guess my luck just ran out 

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Name: Kentrell Banks
Nickname: "Don Dada", Don of All Dons
Height: 6'6
Weight: 230
Build: Built


Power: Very smart and calcuated, able to tell when people are lying.

General Backstory: Kentrell was born into the mob and quickly climbed up the ladder as his parents were killed in front of him. Showing a ruthless killer side, Kentrell murdered the men who killed his parents before going to the mob leader with their heads, and becoming the right hand man, a heir to the mob leader. When the mob leader was killed, Kentrell declared all out war on the men who killed him and destroyed them easily, ascending to the top of the mob after the man who taught him everything as the "Don Dada". Banks carries a barbed wire wrapped bat with him, as he used that weapon which he calls the "Executioner", to murder the man who were responsible for Ricardo's murder (former Don Dada). Banks has a soft alliance with the Cartel and uses the Police when he wants to go after the Cartel. He looks to eliminate all vigilantes from the world, and will use every resource necessary to do so.

Allegiance: Mafia

Preferred Last Words: "Take your shot, but don't miss. If you do, I'm coming for your head."


"Be careful who you call your friends. I would rather have four quarters than 100 pennies."


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Name:  H.R Pufnstuf
Nickname: The Dragon; The Friendly Dragon; The Human Singe
Height: 7ft1
Weight: 470 lb
Build: Vader (Human Form)

Gender: Male

Appearance:  ( Dragon and Normal)
Image result for dragon pngImage result for vader wrestler

Punstuf is a mutant with the ability to transform into multiple stages of a dragon. His tail can only appear suddenly, or just the wings, or just the head but the one to fear is the full form of The Dragon. Same say it was a cursed placed upon him as a child but he blank on the true answers of his origins. He also has full kinesthetic control over his movements. Capable of imitation and execution of actions he can perform at Olympian levels of physical fitness.  

General Backstory:  
It was an early Sunday morning, the dew was set across the land as the chill had set in. Pufnstuf couldn't remember much about the night before hand but he knew he must've made a mistake. Finally finding the strength to open his eyes he looks around him to a burning field, Soot across his faces as he clothes are tattered and singed.

H.R Pufnstuf also known as The Dragon had lived with this side of him his whole life but is usually able to keep it in check. In a world where powers are common but still a commodity, if his level of ability were to become known he would be forced to by higher and richer powers to use those in ways..he wouldn't want to think about it. Today wasn't his lucky day though as he was discovered by his senior medical chief Dr. Minerva Reynolds who was sitting  comfortably on the grassy hill, looking down and observing the man she had witness turn into a beast and back. The panicked Pufnstuf wasn't sure what to do as his anxiety got the better of him the curious Minerva soon approached him with an offer. To cover up the evidence of this last night, to keep his identity safe but in return he would move from his current hospital to her...private hospital. The Obsidian Bureau.

Pufnstuf was working steadily as a therapist for the hospital over looking patients and staff separately.  Through the world of heroes and villainy he lives in from time to time he would spend his time listening to the woes of villains and getting them on the right path. 
It is his belief that there are some villains in the world that suffer from various psychological breaks and with the right treatments are ordinary boring citizens.  Seeing the writing all the wall about his secret being uncovered once again and having to move his life once again he decided to accept the offter put forward to him and work underground. Now he spends his time work out of an off-grid hospital for the super villains of the country who seek them out for aid. But underneath he hopes to use this opportunity in helping villains with all that goes with reentering society by forming bonds and friendships.

But during his time of need, he will again become The Dragon to help those in need. Either a villain from being caught into a system he knows will not help them or save a hero from an impending demise from a villain out of control. The Dragon lives on.


Unintentional Villain

Preferred Last Words: 
"I can't believe Betty White outlived me" 

Personality Type:  
Loyal, Emphatic, Social Mentor, Manipulative when needed as means to an end





Vigilante/School Student

The JapaneseAmerican actress has a lead role in the Hulu superhero teen show Marvels Runaways as Nico Minoru a teenager...

Chlorokinesis and Telekinesis 

Preferred Last Words: 
"I can't believe Betty White outlived me" 

Kayda is the adopted daughter of H.R Pufnstuf. Whey they first met she was unable to tell Pufnstuf her real name and so he started to call her Kayda which means little dragon. Since their meeting he has found her memories of her life before coming to the Obsidian Bureau are absent but she knows her motivation to run as fear. She was born as the daughter of a mystical overlord, one of the most feared creatures to ever live, and the conqueror of many worlds unknown to us on Earth. Once the Earth started to experience these changes as powers became just another possible birth trait, unknown entities such as that would sneak into our society under our noses..who knows maybe they were there to begin with and the idea of human has become so foreign to us at this point.
During her young upbringing she learned many ways in sorcery. Her power is vast, both due to her affinity with magic and her natural talent. It’s strong enough that from what Pufnstuf could piece together so far, her birth father had been scared of her full potential.

Kayda and Pufnstuf had met together when she snuck into the Bureau as a mercenary for hire, in the search of her next meal in the cafeteria. Clearly too young, Pufnstuf watched as she swayed amongst the crowd of heavy weaponry and blood to reach the dessert bar. Offering her some aid the young Kayda would live inside the Bureau as his assistant to allow her shelter and food. Their bond grew , as they overcame struggles in each others life and after a year Pufnstuf offered to adopt her officially.

During this time Pufnstuf had taught Kayda to not use her magic carelessly as to not attack attention or to bring harm to anyone accidentally near by. But he did offer to help her better control her magic the best he could recognising that she was eager to learn more with or without him. 

Her powers are limited by her concentration, as she requires the utmost focus to cast her stronger spells, due to the fact she’s still learning. She carries a wand gifted to her by a countering wizard she has met inside the Obsidian Bureau. It was meant to aid her in mastering the movements in her hand and better direction her concentration. However her magic powers are fully innate to her mind, and she isn’t strictly reliant on any aid.
She can also be fatigued as a result of said concentration, especially after her heavier spells due to her young age but as she progresses and gets older will gain control of that concentration. One of her favourites uses of her magic has been her new connection to nature and the wildlife. Using a spell she is able to speed up the process of growth within their garden and outside. Her and Pufnstuf have used it as a form of therapy as she helped him regrow part of a forest he accidentally destroyed one night. 
Kayda always felt the need to be a hero herself, due to her lineage and wishing to help Pufnstuf when she can but he is hesitant to show the lengths he goes. She is able to help heal the wounds of Pufnstuf after a fight given the unnatural state of his skin/scales before turning back human.
 Proffered Last Words: 
"Son of a bitch" 
(This would be the first time she has swore while other times she has attempted to would be censored or stopped by the person near her or by an event happening)

Personality Type: 
Naturally curious, Reserved from others, Excitable, Happy-Go-Lucky



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Name:Gunner Nigel

Nickname: "Your God 





See the source image

Power: Smart, can read other's minds. His stealth is unmatched, its like he is not moving at all.

General Backstory: A man of a rough upbringing, was not loved by his parents, one night he decided to run away. When he got 3 blocks away, a bus would be strolling along, striking him, at a speed of 90 MPH. The bus would just go through him, no explanation. Besides those certain powers would be ensued the next day.

Allegiance: Vigilante

Preferred last words: "Sometimes things you love, just dont love you back."


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Name: Siu Mei Lin
Nickname: Ying (Chinese translation for "Firefly")
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 125lbs
Build: Toned

Allegiance: Police

Power: "Candela blood," the ability to summon magnesium explosives which disorientate and temporarily blind enemies.

General Backstory: Siu Mei Lin is an advanced combat and psychological profile. She has extensive training with the Special Defence Unit situated in Hong Kong, where she specialised in hostage situations. "Ying" as she is primarily known as has advanced skills in close quarters combat, as well as shrewd negotiation qualities. She has knowledge of advanced weapon manufacturing, utilising expanding and flamed bullets within her arsenal, the former expanding when coming into contact with human flesh, the latter burning. She is widely known for her use of "Candela" flash explosives which temporarily blind and deafen foes.

Last word: "Hmph."

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Name: Sam Reynolds
Nickname: The Ebony Knight
Height: 6’3
Weight: 195 lbs or 88 kgs
Build: Muscular Slim
Appearance: Long-ish Blonde Hair,  Pale skin, he wears a cloak type thing when fighting

Power: He has two daggers, both with ebony blades that he has a genetic link to, allowing him to control them with his mind, and is also skilled in multiple forms of martial arts, can do flippy shit, is pretty intelligent and tortures people sometimes

General Backstory: Sam grew up lower upper class, and his dad was loving, but always busy, and his mom had died during his birth. There was one room in his house where he could never go, and he never knew why. When his father came down with cancer, he told his son that he could go into the room. He went in, and found two ebony blades in a box. His father left a recorded message saying that Sam needed to do what he failed to, and save people. Sam is now trying his hardest to do that, by any means necessary. He kills pretty regularly, but not without good reason. Is not a huge fan of the cops, is neutral towards the mafia, hates the Cartel, hates criminals. Wouldn’t be against working as an assassin for someone.
Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc): Anti-Hero, Vigilante, (Possibly Mafia)
Preferred Last Words:”Son of a Bi-“ or “Make sure to aim for the head.”

Edited by owendalton

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Name: Julian Cadrazo
Nickname: "Coldest killer on the planet"
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210
Build: Built

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mafia member jacket

Power: Extremely manipulative, can easily make people believe in him. Can envision people's doubts and make them go away. Will do whatever it takes to survive, as tough and inhumane as it may be. 

General Backstory: Julian grew up in a struggling crime family. His family had for years been supressed by more powerful families. This all ended when Julian got involved in the business. Fueled by the anger of a childhood spend in fear, Julian took manners into his own hands.  With his attitude and willlingness to do whatever is neccessary, the Cadrazo family began to become a force in the underground world with Julian as it's leader. Over the years, he has gathered many connections, both in the underworld as in the goverment. 
Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Mafia
Preferred Last Words:

“Some people are so far behind in a race that they actually believe they’re leading.”

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Name: Adebiyi Oni
Nickname: Silent Killa
Height: 6"7
Weight: 170lbs
Build: Skinny with some muscle.

Image result for joey badass


Forgettable - Has the ability to make everybody forget that he exists, this aura lasts until one's mind has finally remembered that he is there, but that can take anywhere from numerous minutes to full-on days.

General Backstory: Adebiyi grew up without his real parents, his parents died in a house fire caused by a group of racist Texans, Adebiyi was migrant from Nigeria who lived in a small hut in Austin, Texas. After his parents died, Adebiyi had to grow up in a new household, an abusive household filled with 12 other children who all had a life threatening event happen to them, Adebiyi was abused due to his problems with ADHD, Adebiyi was often tortured and treated badly. Adebiyi had to fight with his mind to not do anything that will annoy his adopted parents, and after many sleepless nights and forcing his mind to suffer, he finally stopped his ADHD from interfering with him and what he does. But in the pursuit of a clear mind, he stopped showing his personality, he was very outspoken until now, Adebiyi was often forgotten about and forgotten to be fed by his parents.

After moving out of the abusive household, Adebiyi joined his other family in Nigeria and chose to join the military and proceeded to operate in numerous battles. After 5 years of military work, he retired from the army to do something else in life, but until now, he still hasn't chosen what to do...

Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Vigiliante

Preferred Last Words: "I see, you haven't forgotten..."

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Name:Benjamin Francis 
Build:Tall and a bit stocky 

Power:can make anything disappear into anything he wants 

General Backstory:born into a rich family,bought whatever he wanted and whenever he wanted.one day he fell into a pit of nothingness and since then had powers.
Allegiance: Anti-Hero
Preferred Last Words: "boy you better disappear before I make you." 

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Name: Daniel Francesco 
Nickname: The Surgeon 
Height: 5ft 11 
Weight: 185lbs 
Build: Lean muscular 
Appearance: Black Hair, Beard, Blue Eyes, Caucasian, wears white a lot 

Power: Can subconsciously influence people into doing what he wants but only if they answer a question asked by him 

General Backstory: A young man from a rough upbringing who grew up on the streets, he quickly left school after his powers manifested at age 9. He would slowly begin to go insane and would eventually utilise his abilities to gain a high position in the criminal underworld. He would also develop a hatred for humanity and lack of value for human life choosing to both psychologically manipulate people both with the use of his powers and without them before murdering people and performing gruesome surgeries on their corpses in order to use them to psychologically manipulate more of his victims 
Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Criminal
Preferred Last Words: "You mean nothing and You are worth Nothing" 

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Name: Alex Costa
Nickname: "The Portuguese Archangel"
Height: 6"5
Weight: 235 lbs
Build: Toned

Resultado de imagem para edge wwe

Power: Can Manipulate Metallc structures

General Backstory: An Immigrant into the United States, Alex was a very sucessful cop until the world went to hell. Suddenly he found himself with strange powers.
Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Police
Preferred Last Words: "I am gonna beat you to a pulp, punkass bitch!"

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Name: Captain Ketchup 2099
Nickname: The almighty one
Height: 6 3
Build: muscular
Appearance: Spiderman 2099

Power: shoots ketchup from blasters

General Backstory: inspired by Captain Ketchup the first, he killed an entire gang by filling their insides with ketchup and bursting their stomaches
Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Antihero
Preferred Last Words: Shit I died

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