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My wwe 2k14 universe mode

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This will be where my universe mode will be in I will tell you the rosters of raw and Smackdown. 21 males in a show and women are shared across both shows 


Raw will have

WWE Championship

European championship 

WWE Tag team championship (shared)

WWE women's championship (shared) 

Smackdown will have

World Heavy Weight Championship

Cruiserweight championship

WWE Tag team championship (shared) 

WWE Women's championship (shared)



Mark henry
Alberto del rio
The great khali
Damien sandow
Sin cara
Brodus clay
The Miz
Jinder mahel
Santino marella
Dolph ziggler
The rock
Cm punk
Brock lesnar
Daniel Bryan
Jack swagger
Chris jericho
Cody rhodes

Darren Young
Drew mcintye
Dean ambrose
Heath slater
Wade barrett
Seth rollins
Triple H
Justin gabriel
Rey mysterio
Kofi kingston
Big show
Randy Orton
Roman reigns
Titus o'neil
John cena
R truth
Zach rider
David otunga

Women's are shared but still will be drafted



Sasha banks






Aj lee

Updates on whose champion coming soon! 

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Raw matchcard

Chris jericho vs Daniel bryan in a submission match for number 1 contender ship for wwe title

The shield vs 3mb for tag team championship

6 women battle Royal for #1 contender vs aj at smackdown aka all the women

Christian vs dolph for European championship




Match 1: Chris jericho by walls of jericho

Match 2: roman reigns (the shield) pinned drew mcintyre (3mb)

Match 3: sasha banks eliminated 2 people to win the number 1 contender ship match

Match 4: dolph ziggler hit the zig zag then post match got hit with a bat by del rio 

Match 5: Cody rhodes hit the cross rhodes but not before throwing cm punk off the cell onto the announcers table and suplexes galore in the sell roof

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WWE Smackdown match card

Match 1 undertaker vs triple h

Match 2 kaitlyn vs natayla

Match 3 Rey mysterio vs Kofi kingston for the cruiserweight championship 

Match 4 aj lee vs sasha banks in a submission match 

Match 5 John cena vs Wade barrett in a steal cage


Match 1: triple h beat the undertaker with the pedigree but also copied undertakers tombstone 4/5

Match 2: kaitlyn beat natayla 

Match 3: Kofi beat Rey mysterio by hitting the sos but it was quick he is your cruiserweight champion 2/5

Match 4:sasha made aj lee submit to the bank statement she locked the bank statement in before but got a rope break and your women's champion is sasha banks 4/5

Match 5: Wade won after hitting the wasteland to climb out of the cage to win


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Match 1: the shield vs the prime time players for tag titles 

Match 2: sasha banks vs bayley

Match 3: Cody rhodes vs Chris jericho

Match 4: cm punk vs Christian 

Match 5: dolph ziggler vs Jack swagger in a number 1 contenders match


Match 1 highlight and result

After roman got the hot tag, seth got a buckle bomb on Darren Young then hit the seth walker for the win.

Winner: The Shield

Match 2 highlight and result

Sasha got bankrupt then but in bank statement but bayley got out of it bayley went for a clothesline but sasha reversed into a school boy and won the match 

Winner: sasha banks

Match 3 result and highlight

Cody got a enzuigiri reversal and got the cross rhodes to get the pin 

Winner: Cody rhodes 

Match 4 result and highlight

Cm punk got a gts then continued his assault until Christian got the kill switch twice but kicked out both times cm punk also went for the anaconda vise but he didn't tap. Cm punk reversed a superplex and got the anaconda vise again and Christian tapped. 

Post match cm punk wanted to shake Christians hand didn't work out

Winner: cm punk 

I'm simulating this final match

Match 5 result:

Dolph ziggler 

See you for Smackdown tomorrow I think


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A little update on things 

Smackdown will happen today maybe

Judgement day and king of the ring will be 2 new pay per views judgement day is April and King of the ring is in June plus 12 others

April: judgement day and extreme rules

May: over the limit

June: King of the ring and no way out

July: money in the bank 


September: night of champions

October: hell in a cell

November: survivor series

December: TLC 

January: Royal rumble

February: elimination chamber


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This will be one of the greatest smackdowns ever we will have 5 matches and judgement day later today!! 

Match 1: cesaro vs Justin gabriel in a submission match with special guest referee big show 

Match:2 zack ryder vs Darren Young 

Match 3: Randy Orton vs seth rollins

Match 4: John cena vs Rey mysterio

Match 5: undertaker vs Wade barrett

Match 1 result and highlights

Cesaro got the European uppercut then the superplex then but the submission to win

Winner: cesaro 

Match 2:

Zach ryder reversed the gut buster and hit the rough ryder but Darren kicked out at 2

Winner: darren young 

Match 3:

Orton hit the spike ddt then the RKO but rollins kicked out at 2 and a half but then a few minutes later hit another RKO to win to match

Winner: Randy orton

Match 4:

Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle and hit the attitude adjustment to win the match 

Post match: Daniel bryan came in the ring to lift cenas hand

Winner: John cena

Match 5

The undertaker reversed a clothesline then hit the tombstone to win


Undertaker post match shown a sign of respect to Wade barrett

Judgement day match card:

Preshow: undertaker vs drew mcintyre

Triple h and Justin gabriel vs David otunga and heath slater

Main show:

Sasha banks vs aj lee for women's championship 

Kofi kingston vs zach ryder for cruiserweight championship 

Lucha dragons vs prime time players

A triple threat shield match (roman, Dean and seth go at each other) 

Main event Wade barrett vs Randy Orton for World heavy weight championship 

Preshow will be Thursday main show will be in Friday 

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Rated R.K.O vs 3.M.B

This will be rated R.K.O's first match since 2007 will they win?

3.M.B have been pretty dominant in these first two weeks will they get the victory?

3.M.B is less experienced than Rated R.K.O but they have better tag team ability

Match highlight:

When edge got tagged into his first match since Wrestlemania 27

Winner: Rated R.K.O

Sasha Banks VS A.J Lee in a submission match for the Women's championship

A.J Lee has been here longer but will she be able not to tap to the bank statement?

Will Sasha Retain her title?

Match Highlight:

When Sasha Locked in the bank statement then A.J reversed but went straight back into the bank statement

Winner: Still your women's champion SASHA BANKS!

Kofi Kingston vs Zach Ryder For the Cruiserweight Championship

Kofi is currently your champion will he retain in this submission match?

Zach Ryder has been pretty good coming into this PPV will he win?

Match highlight:

Kofi Hit the Trouble in paradise in midair then locked in a submission

Winner: Kofi Kingston!!!!

Now its the lucha dragons vs prime time players

The lucha dragons might be the greatest tag team ever but they might lose to the prime time players

The prime time players have been on a winning streak will it end tonight?

Match highlight:

Titus Got the clash of the titans and won the match

Winner: the prime time players

Now is the Shield TRIPLE THREAT to see whos the leader in an elimination match

Match highlight: Dean ambrose Got dirty deeds and got in a submission to beat seth and then hit dirty deeds to roman and made them both submit

Winner: The Leader of the shield DEAN AMBROSE!!

They are all pretty even so to see any one of these men win will be amazing

Now the main event Wade Barrett vs randy orton in an I QUIT MATCH!!!

Randy is the legend kill will he be the person to give wade THE BAD NEWS

Wade is the world heavy weight champion and has almost beat the undertaker

Match highlight: With an rko blood went all over the ring then they took it outside the ring where wade got a big punch to make him quit

Winner: Wade barrett

See you tomorrow for raw!!


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Raw's Matchcard tonight:

Natayla vs Lita

Stone cold vs jinder mahal

Santino Marella vs christian

The European Championship Open challenge

Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk w/ Cody rhodes in his corner

Match 1:

Natayla will be facing lita for the first time will she win?

Lita is a legend and a hall of famer with her classic moveset who will win?

Natayla vs lita highlights:

When lita got the twist of fate to win the match

winner: Lita!!

Match 2:

This match will be very uneven so i dont think jinder is gonna win

But Jinder does have a great ability to kick out of alot


In a shocking turn of a event jinder mahel got the kalas after reversing the stunner and gt 3 count

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Now its christan vs Santino Marella


Santino kicked out of the killswitch but got the killswitch again and didnt kick out

Winner: Christan


Dolph: If anybody wants my title come get it!

-Bret Hart music hits-

Dolph ziggler vs Bret Hart!!!!!!!!!!!


The famouser then zig zag made bret not kick out

Winner: Dolph ziggler

Now its the main event BROCK LESNARRRRRR VS CM PUNK!!!

Since Brock Lesnar's return he has been on a streak of wins

But CM Punk is one of the greatest of all time and former world champion


Punk Survived 2 F5's because of Cody Rhodes interfering but didn't kick out of the 3rd

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Post match: Brock Lesnar assaulted CM Punk


See you Tomorrow for smackdown

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Smackdowns Matchcard tonight:

Edge vs Goldberg

Bayley vs Lita

Seth Sanchez w/ mr mcmahon vs Kofi Kingston

Eddie Gurrero (gm) vs shawn micheals for a title match at over the limit

Prime time players vs santino marella and zach ryder

Match 1 highlight and result

Edge had his first match back just last week but will he defeat Goldberg?

Goldberg hasnt been in the WWE since Wrestlemania 22 will he be able to defeat the RATED R SUPPPPPPPPERRRRRRR STARR??

highlight: Goldberg got hit with the edgeucution then the spear but kicked out at 1. But after another spear Goldberg was put down for the 3 count

Winner: Edge

Lita Vs Bayley

Will the legend defeat the newcomer

Lita hit the twist of fate twice and a ddt for the victory 0.5/5

Mr McMahon: My client Seth Sanchez has decided he wants this match as a no disqualification match AND for the cruiserweight championship

Kofi: Excuse me what?

Mr McMahon: My word goes.

Kofi Kingston(C) VS Seth Sanchez

Kofi Hit the S.O.S but seth kicked out at 2

But Kofi reversed a one winged angel and hit trouble in paradise for the win

Post Match:


Kofi Hit the Air boom then the S.O.S for the win again.


Eddie Guerrero: We are not restarting this if you do Seth Sanchez is fired

Shawn Micheals vs Eddie Guerrero

Shawn Hit the sharpshooter got rope break but after a sweet chin music he got the pin and a match at over the limit vs Wade Barrett

I simulated match 5 and Santino and zach ryder will be vs the shield for the tag titles

See you for raw 

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I will be doing week by week but pay per views will be different posts

Before we start tonights episode of RAW we would like to tell you a new signing to raw named Big.E

Match 1: Bret Hart VS Cody Rhodes

Match 2: Kaitlyn vs layla for a shot at the womens championship at extreme rules

Match 3: Hulk Hogan vs Christian

Match 4: Dolph Zigglers Open Challenge

Match 5: Sheamus vs CM Punk

Match 1 highlight and result:

Bret Hart made his return to the ring last week but got defeated by Dolph Ziggler

Cody Rhodes is the WWE Champion if Bret wins tonight he might get a shot at that title

Bret hit a Piledriver twice and then the sharpshooter for the win

Winner: Bret Hart

Match 2 highlight and result: 

Kaitlyn hit the spear but Layla kicked out at 2

Winner: Kaitlyn by roll up

Match 3 highlight and result: (When hulk got pinned it was saying for me to kickout I was playing as Christian)

Christian hit the killswitch and hulk was knocked out

Winner: Christian

Match 4: Highlight and result:

Dolph: My open challenge is back who wants it?

-Big e music hits with AJ Lee with him-

Big E hit the Big Ending twice but Dolph kicked out

Winner: Your NEW European Champion Big E!!!!

Match 5: highlight and result:

Sheamus hit the Brouge Kick but he kicked out at 2

Winner: Sheamus 

Welcome to SMACKDOWN

Match 1: Shawn Micheals VS Ryback

Match 2: Lita vs Sasha Banks

Match 3: Kofi Kingston VS Dean Ambrose

Match 4: Justin Gabriel VS Eddie Guerrero

Match 5: Cesaro VS John Cena in a submission match!

Match 1 Highlight and result:

Ryback hit Shell Shocked twice for the win

Winner: Ryback

Match 2 Highlight and Result:

Sasha made Lita tap to the Bank Statement

Winner: Sasha Banks

Match 3 Highlight and result:

Kofi hit the S.O.S to win

Winner: Kofi Kingston!

Match 4 highlight and result:

If Justin wins it will be a triple threat for the world heavyweight title

Justin knocked out Eddie then pinned him for the win

Winner: Justin Gabriel

postmatch: Lucha Dragons and justin gabriel join forces

Match 5: Highlight and result

Ryback is in the front row

after 3 upper cuts cena tapped to a lebell lock

Winner: Cesaro

Post match: Askana came and took cesaro

Match Card For Extreme Rules:

Match 1: Stone cold vs Brock Lesnar

Match 2: A Six man battle royal for number 1 contender for world title (Kane,Jack Swagger,CM Punk,Sheamus,Jinder Mahel,Alberto Del Rio)

Match 3: The Shield(C) VS Lucha Dragons w/ Justin Gabriel for tag team titles

Match 4: Big E(C) VS Seth Sanchez for the European Championship (Extreme Rules)

Match 5: Sasha Banks(C) VS Kaitlyn For the Womens Championship

Match 6: Batista vs Chris Jericho

Match 7: Cody Rhodes(C) VS Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Title in an extreme rules match

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