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This Sunday it will be Halloween Havoc and one of the many exciting matches in a United States Championship match where several men will be challenging for Mikey's title. We now have an exclusive clip here of Buddy Ace addressing that match.


"Aidan told me that underestimating my opponents could be my downfall in this coming match but I think I have everyone estimated...perfectly. When I say Mikey is the only person I care about in this match, it doesn't mean I'm ignoring everyone else because I am fully aware of my opponents. Mikey is the champion which automatically makes him the most important person in this match. He's on a hot streak right now, even with his loss to Yelich, much more so than anyone else in the match. More wrestlers being added makes it easier, sure, but I don't want easier. I don't want to pin another person besides the champion, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to if the opportunity presents itself. I just want to get the chance to redeem myself, to get Mikey back for Bad Blood. If I could pin him of all the competitors in the match it would just be the cherry on top."


"Now I guess it's time for closing remarks, so I may as well talk about the two men I haven't gotten the chance to mention. First off, Mirage...me and him are sorta in the same boat, huh? Long, long losing streaks...mine is longer, unfortunately. As a matter of fact, it will have been three hundred and sixty six days since my last win at Halloween Havoc. Mirage doesn't have much going for him but he does have a lot of fighting spirit. Despite all the trouble he's gone through he keeps going, completely undeterred. It's an admirable trait but I don't think he's get his first win at Halloween Havoc. While I can admit that he has definitely improved over time, what would it say about me to let him get a win before me? I just hope he doesn't get in my way or he won't be so pretty anymore."


"Alex Costa, former NXT Champion, though we know what he did with that belt. I liked him from the start so it was disappointing to see him treat the championship like that when he could have led it through a new era instead. Ever since then I feel like Alex just hasn't been the same. I mean I think we can all agree that it really seemed like Alex was set for stardom and seemed like a potential big star, but where is he now? Don't get me wrong, he's put on some good matches and is generally fun to watch, but he completely derailed himself. Alex is far from where he could and should have been by now. Another way that I can relate with the opposition, I suppose. Alex has done great things before but we'll see if he can replicate past greatness in that ring on Sunday."


"Now this Aidan fella, doesn't he just seem really damn stupid? He says I lack motivation but I'm not the one spending my time playing baseball in my free time.  I put in tons of work and just because he doesn't notice it doesn't mean it ain't there. I've changed a lot in recent time but he hasn't been here long enough to know that. I'm constantly working to achieve my goals whenever I'm not at Carnage, though even still I'm there a lot more than he says. Aidan really needs to get it through his thick skull that coming out every week to spout garbage about being perfect doesn't win championships, the dozens upon dozens of hours put into the gym and training every week do, so maybe he ought to just shut up. I mean I did answer the only time I was actually called out so I don't know what he's on about anyways. I can't wait for you to go back to whatever fish tank you came out of after losing Sunday."


"I think I've said enough. I'll let my actions speak for themselves."

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