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Cody Cage

Cody Cage: The Return

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"I respect you, I think you're a great person, but I don't understand. Why did you give up on the dream you so desired? The dream you looked for years, why throw it all away?"

Cody asks Ezekiel with a frown on his face. Cody always wanted to be like Ezekiel and now he feels as if he doesn't have somebody to look up to. Ezekiel looks up at Cody, tears in his eyes as he ties his headband.

"I didn't know what I wanted, I wanted to be a star, I wanted to make my family proud, they always gave me those looks that confused me. I didn't know if they loved me for what I did, or if they loved for what I could be. One night at the hospital, a casual one, I was about to go to sleep, but then my mother came to visit. She handed me a bouquet of flowers and sat beside me on the bed, I didn't know what she wanted, she talked to me for a long time, this was my first proper conversation with her. She said to me something that changed me, she said that she loved me because I was being me, because I did what I wanted, not because I was going to be an NFL star or an entrepreneur, but because I had a set goal in life. When my uncle died, he told me to give it all and not look back at anything. My mother told me how I was just like my uncle and now I understand why, it's because I was taking this seriously."

Cody looks at Ezekiel in a sad manner, they both pick up their gym equipment and head upstairs to the room with the weights, Cody starts following Ezekiel's gym plan and after a long and excruciating workout, Cody goes to the bathroom to clean his face. As this is happening, Ezekiel takes a look in the mirror and thinks about what he could've been.

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"What about you? Why did you stop wanting to be a wrestler?"

Cody takes a look at Ezekiel before he responds to the question, his eyes start glazing and his hand starts shaking, reminding him of the bad memories that he faced during his way to success.

"I prefer not to talk about it."

Ezekiel just takes a glance at Cody and goes back to packing up the equipment.

A week later.

Ezekiel and Cody meet up at the local McDonalds, both of them don't want to order anything with too much fat since they're both starting a new diet. Ezekiel needs to answer his phone and so he goes outside, Cody doesn't care about the call, he was just hungry, he basically starved himself for the week which went against what Ezekiel ordered him to do.

As Cody waits patiently for his food to deliver, he takes a look outside at Ezekiel, in what he thought was an innocent phone call, he notices a car approaching the parking lot, he takes a look at who may be in the car, but nothing crosses his mind. This was a normal occurrence until Ezekiel got in the car which proceeded to drive away as quickly as it could.

"What the-"

Cody manages to mutter before chasing for the car, but as he knew, he wouldn't be able to catch up with his human legs. Cody then takes his phone and calls up a friend of his.

"Joey, I need you to pick me up at the local McDonalds, real quick, please."

Cody is breathing heavily but he can deliver the message to Joey, shortly after listening to what Joey had to say Cody hung up the phone and put his head down in stress. He knew what this could've meant and he needed to help Ezekiel before it was too late. This matter was more serious than wrestling or football. It was about life and death and Cody knew how important this was.

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