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WMMA | Interactive | Ascent to the Throne

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Name: Benjamin Francis

Nickname:Kevin Lee

Gender: Male

Nationality: Jamaican 


Hometown: Kingston 

Persona (Select One): Aggressive, Annoying, Boastful, Egotistical, Quiet, Respectful, Troll: Egotistical 

Picture (Wrestling pictures are appreciated as I can transition them from TEW 2016):Kevin Lee

Fighting Style (Select One): Boxing, Brazilian-Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Ground and Pound, Judo, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu,
Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Sambo, Submission Wrestling, Taekwondo, Wrestling:Kick Boxing


Weight Class (Male Only, Select One): Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight,
Bantamweight, Flyweight: Lightweight

Weight Class (Female Only, Select One): Featherweight, Bantamweight, Flyweight, Strawweight

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Good to see that Daria has been given chance to develop herself on the outside of the big companies. Let's hope that she does better in Bellator this time! On a serious note,I look forward to seeing the progress of all these people, I know it takes a lot of time to simulate it @Sheridan but we appreciate the time you put in so thank you.

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𝑊𝑀𝑀𝐴 𝑌𝑒𝑎𝑟 𝑇𝘩𝑟𝑒𝑒 𝑅𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑒𝑤.
Part Two of Three.

In the first half of the unranked list, we saw redemption from Daria Berenato, we witnessed John Caisernas have an erratic first year in MMA and we saw Kirk Kelly and Kenji Togami continue their impressive undefeated streaks in the most unusual format. What will the second half of the unranked list bring us? Also I'd like to stress again sign up options for this diary are closed and have been for a while, I'm quite far ahead in comparison to what is seen on the forums and WMMA takes so long to simulate as it is. Nothing personal!

Kobe Owens - 3-0 (3-0)


Kobe Owens had a great initial year, winning a championship in his first fight for AFC and going 3-0. Although weeks after winning the AFC Heavyweight Championship the fighting promotion closed and left Kobe to fight on the independent scene. He ends the first year having built some positive heat and improving in some skills, if AFC had stayed open the chances are Kobe Owens would not be on the unranked list. Here is hoping the Australian is picked up heading into 2023.

Maryse Mizanin - 1-1 (3-2)


Maryse Mizanin had an uneventful 2022, having two professional fights and finishing the year with one more win notched to her belt. She defeated Simona Deni through knock out. With positive heat and coming off of a win, Maryse Mizanin already has a fight scheduled for 2023 and the year is looking to be pretty bright for her. She still has plenty of time to establish herself within the Strawweight division.

Masha Semyonov - 1-1 (1-1)


I believe Masha Semyonov is the first person we've seen where we have been able to tell how another fighters year has gone based off her screenshot. In her first professional fight she was paired with Christina Aguiar to fight for the ONE Strawweight Championship, losing via unanimous decision. She then defeated Polyana Viana in her second fight, through submission. I'm unsure if any of you keep up with MMA news but Polyana Viana once beat up a thief in her native Brazil who tried robbing her. It's a pretty cool story. Regardless Masha had a decent first year, also aligning with the Eagles MMA team, home of the Lightweight GOAT Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Mathias Ishtar - 1-0 (5-0)


Mathias Ishtar continues his tradition of seemingly copying everything Kenji Togami does in terms of how often he fights, what type of promotion he fights for and how highly ranked he is in the Middleweight division. He ends 2022 having fought once, winning with a BROGUE KICK (he didn't) in the first round. Mathias finishes 2022 with another championship defence and an unbeaten record, also being ranked as the fourth best middleweight in the world.

Michael Seymour - 3-1 (4-4)


While Michael Seymour's official record is not the best, this was probably the best year he could have hoped for. He lost a third fight in a row for ONE Championship which lead to him being released. Since then, he faced and defeated three local fighters, putting his record to 4-4 and also putting him at neutral heat. Furthermore his skills improved a lot due to having a lot of fights throughout the year and winning three of them. This was a meaningful year for Michael Seymour, and perhaps the beginning of a turn around for 'Golden' Michael Seymour.

Miroslav Banjeckovic - 1-1 (5-1)


Miroslav Banjeckovic is one of two fighters who had their streaks crushed you'll witness on this list. But I wouldn't necessarily class this as a bad year for the European fighter. After once more defending the SC Heavyweight Championship he made his way to ONE, facing Juan Adams for the ONE Heavyweight Championship in the main event. He lost but still ends the year with close to maximum heat and ranked as the seventh best heavyweight on the planet. Furthermore, he finally found his way to a big promotion.

Oliver Jones - 2-1 (5-2)


Another fighter fighting the big fight for ONE Promotions is Oliver Jones, who had a good but not impressive year with the promotion. He gained two victories through knock outs in the second and third round respectively. But, he lost in the first round to Jonas Bilharinho for the ONE Featherweight Championship. Oliver finds himself ranked as the fifteenth best ranked Featherweight on the planet, but rounds out the year with negative heat.

Sailor Moon - 1-1 (3-3)

A strange thing about Sailor Moon is her stats are great. She has great or strong skills on most sets and yet still appears to be struggling in the minor leagues, compared to other female fighters who have found success in UFC and Bellator. She fought twice in 2022, losing to Elizabeth Phillips in what I believe is her first Championship opportunity, before besting Juliet Grandpre in the first round. Sailor Moon has a tendency to have /Fantastic/ fights also. She is ranked as the nineteenth best Women's Bantamweight on the planet and has a main event lined up for 2023. Here is hoping she finally secures that Invicta Bantamweight Championship.

Samantha Carter - 1-1 (8-1)


Two undefeated talents meeting, vying for the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship. It was always going to end in defeat for one. Samantha Carter's 7-0 streak, including a win over Amanda Nunes, comes undone at the HANS (Like hands, but Hans because Emma McDavid is- You get it) of Emma McDavid. Samantha went down in the second round and didn't compete again until besting Yana Kuniskaya via unanimous decision. In spite of her loss she is still primed as one of the best Women's Bantamweight's in the world and is perhaps the most expensive fighter to book in terms of name value. Samantha Carter will meet Rin Akane, another woman who has found herself in the division's high rankings, in 2023.

Xena Kelsey - 1-2 (2-3)

Xena Kelsey rounds out the unranked fighters with a below average year while competing for ONE in the Flyweight division. She picked up an impressive head kick knock out but since then fell twice, to Ji Yeon Kim and Chao-Xing Ang through submission and knock out respectively. I feel like Xena Kelsey will find herself in a similar situation come the end of 2023 where she'll have been released from the promotion and picked up some momentum on the local independent scene. Overall a sub-par year from the women's Flyweight.

So that brings an end to the unranked list. Meaning that diary favourites such as Harold Bigalow and Rin Akane found themselves into the ranked tiers of the list. It also means newcombers to the sport, see CJ Sellers and Caitlyn Jackson for examples, had great professional years. And of course, Emma McDavid crowned himself the new Queen of the UFC Women's Bantamweight division which, trust me, is a firework show as the diary will go on. The top ten list will be out over the next 24 hours, I hope to see you then.

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Been loving this diary Sheridan, this must have taken a chunk of time to write and simulate and I appreciate the afford you put into this WMMA diary. Glad to see both of my characters in the rankings list and yes it sucks that Emma didn't stay UFC Bantamweight champion for long, being 8-1 is not to shabby and hopefully Bigalow gets a breakout year next year in Bellator. Keep up the great work!

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𝐖𝐌𝐌𝐀 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐅𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐞𝐰.
Part One of Two.

We're back with WMMA and we're switching up the posting style once more. It wouldn't be WMMA if I wasn't inconsistent with the posting style and how often I post. I like to think that is half of the fun of this diary. We'll go over the twenty unranked fighters all in one go, only pointing out their yearly performance and overall records as we go, commenting if anything significant happens too, such as a change of promotion, championship win or major injury.

'The Ass Kicker' Alex Costa | 0-1 | 3-1


Alex Costa lost the Rizin Light Heavyweight Championship to Jiri Prochazka, medical suspension from the fight allowing him to just fight the one fight during the year. He still maintains good heat in spite of the knock out.

Austin 'Spirit' Mirage | 2-1 | 2-4


Austin Mirage going to unanimous decision with a local fighter isn't a great sign. But, his skillset has improved notably and having another fight scheduled for 2024 is a good sign that next year might potentially be his for the taking.

'The Dagger' Carlos Guivente | 1-0 | 5-0-1


Carlos Guivente fought once in 2023, retaining the M-1 Featherweight Championship as well as maintaining a respectable ranking among the Featherweight greats of the world.

'The Welsh Dragon' Dafydd Smith | 1-0 | 4-1


Dafydd Smith had a solid but not great year. Having a fight scheduled early into the next year as well as being ranked in the top fifteen Lightweights on the planet is a step in the right direction for potential greatness.

Daria Berenato | 1-1 | 5-4


Daria Berenato managed to win a fight in Bellator, a needed improvement from her first run with the promotion. Her skillset still looks a little drab, though she managed to have two Fantastic rated fights back-to-back which is very rare.

Echo 'The Supernova' Wilson | 1-1 | 3-1


Echo Wilson managed to win a championship in his debut with KOTC, I found it interesting they put him in a championship fight as he lost his final bout in CES MMA. Winning due to a cut won't do much for his heat, but being a champion and getting a win makes for a good 2023 for Echo.

Gunner 'The Icon' Daniels | 1-0 | 2-2


Gunner Daniels had a steady year, having one fight and winning via submission. Hopefully KSW don't make him contend for the Welterweight Championship for the third time, his two losses have come against the same opponent while fighting for the same championship.

H.R. 'The Friendly Dragon' Pufnstuf


H.R. Pufnstuf continues to trade wins and defeats, fighting on the lower rungs of the Heavyweight division for the UFC. As predicted he was smoked by Sergey Pavlovich but recovered well knocking his opponent out in less than a minute the fight afterwards.

'The Oni' Kenji Togami | 0-1 | 5-1


I think a lack of consistency cost Kenji Togami his undefeated streak. Fighting once a year won't cut it as a champion, and as his skillset and momentum stalled, he lost the DEEP Middleweight Championship and slipped far down the overall Middleweight rankings.

Kingston 'Black Panther' Jofara | 2-2 | 3-3-1


Kingston had a poor year, but recovered well after being released from PFL. I love how poor his fight ratings are. In spite of a horrific start to the year he only has minor negative heat and should be able to build himself well in 2024, granted he continues fighting Local Fighters.

Kirk 'Kirkimus' Kelly | 1-0 | 7-0


Kirk Kelly finally got his Rizin debut under his belt, winning via split decision against one of the worst fighters in the Heavyweight division. It wasn't an ideal showing for Kirk, in spite of that he has a Rizin Heavyweight Championship bout early into 2024 and he only marginally drops from the top of the Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight rankings to fourth on the list.

Kobe 'K.O.' Owens | 3-0 | 6-0


Kobe Owens was a fighter I contemplated putting into the ranked list. In the end I decided he narrowly misses out. A unanimous decision win over Tyrell Fortune would have perhaps done it for the Heavyweight. It's great to see him find his footing in Bellator. Perhaps we'll get Owens vs. Bigalow (Who did make the Ranked list, again.) in 2024, due to their similar rankings in the promotion.

Maryse 'French Beauty' Mizanin | 2-1 | 5-3


Maryse Mizanin had a good year. She managed to gain two wins while suffering one loss, gaining her some heat in the process. She faces a rough beginning in 2024 as she squares off against Paige VanZant, who grows to be a monstrous fighter in WMMA due to her potential and marketability.

'Mayhem' Masha Semyonov | 0-2 | 1-3


On paper this looks bad, in Masha's defence she's squaring off against world ranked opposition in her second year as a professional. Hopefully ONE give her some time to breath and set her up against easier opposition in 2024, Emily Ducote, her next fight, seems like a step towards gaining some actual heat.

Mathias 'Demon' Ishtar | 0-0 | 5-0


Mathias Ishtar didn't fight in 2023, and I couldn't figure out why. He had no injuries and didn't take a hiatus from the sport. I am beginning to feel he might drop off in the latter years due to fighting so inconsistently. He fights Vicenzo Guichard once more early in 2024, maybe a second fight following that might put him and his skillset on the right track.

'Golden' Michael Seymour | 2-0 | 6-4


Michael Seymour has done a great recovery job, considering this time two years ago he was 1-4 in the fighting game. He earned two knock out wins in 2023, winning the CES MMA Welterweight Championship in the process. Maybe with a defence or two he can get into the world rankings.

Miroslav 'Monster' Banjeckovic | 1-0 | 6-1


The first ever fighter of the year for this diary continues having good but not great spells. A win without losing isn't bad for 2023, but not improving all too much in terms of skills or heat and only fighting once makes it a stagnant year for the fighter. With a fight set in early 2024, here is hoping Miroslav builds to two or three fights a year and fills out the obvious potential that is there.

'The Moon Guardian' Sailor Moon | 1-1 | 4-4


Sailor Moon had a mixed year, finishing 2023 as 1-1. In spite of this she finds herself as one of the best Women's Bantamweight fighters on the planet and has a Championship fight set early in 2024. Could next year be the rise of 'The Moon Guardian?' It looks likely.

Samantha 'Valkyrie' Carter | 0-0 | 8-1


Former Female Fighter of the Year and high ranking Bantamweight, Samantha Carter, didn't fight in 2023 due to suffering a major pectoral injury and a concussion while training for her fight with Rin Akane. She has been on the shelf for seven months, though her recovery time is almost up and she might still fight in the first half of 2024.

Xena 'The Ripper' Kelsey | 1-1 | 3-4


Xena Kelsey is another female fighter who had a mixed effort with ONE Championship. She finished her third year as a professional with bad heat and a win and a loss. Her case isn't similar to Masha's, where she's being paired up with tough opposition, Xena was the favourite for both of the fights she had. Hopefully she manages to improve on her seemingly stagnant form in 2024.

Xena brings a close to the unranked fighters of 2023, the fourth year of the simulation. Going from alphabetical order, favourites Emma McDavid and Sao Rai Feng once more find themselves in the ranked section of this review. But how high will they rank? Let me know if you're still tagging along, if reviewing twenty fighters in one go is a little excessive. I'd love feedback as well as general thoughts and comments. Thanks for reading.

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𝐖𝐌𝐌𝐀 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐅𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐞𝐰.
Part Two of Two.

Heading into the ranked listing, this took a little time to come up with a solid top five. I feel like this is the most subjective list yet, while number one, for me, is a confident pick anywhere from second to sixth or so could be looked at from a different perspective and mixed around. Let us not waste anymore time and hop into things.

10th. Harold 'Bam Bam' Bigalow | 2-1 | 6-3


'Bam Bam' had a great first half of the year, beating Steve Mowry via Unanimous Decision before getting a TKO win over Chase Sherman, which propelled him into the top five rankings for Bellator. The promotion decided against a title opportunity, Harold Bigalow instead losing to Messiah Rhodes and undoing the hard work he did earlier in the year. With minus heat but two credible victories over named opponents, Harold had a good enough go of it to squeeze into the ranked listing.

9th. Jonathan 'Johnny Kills' Killebrew | 2-1 | 6-4

Jonathan Killebrew had a similar year to Harold Bigalow, in a sense that he started off with two great victories before stumbling right before Championship gold. After besting Brad Tavares and Derek Brunson by TKO, he then faced Kelvin Gastelum and was knocked out... In twelve seconds. Had it gone the other way, he'd probably find himself not only with a UFC Middleweight Championship bout, but on top of the rankings also. In spite of the embarrassing knockout he has maintained positive heat.

8th. CJ 'The Nightmare' Sellers | 2-0 | 5-0

'The Nightmare' had a great second year in the sport, winning the ONE Middleweight Championship and rising to as high as fifth in the Middleweight rankings. The only reason he isn't high is due to a fairly simple Unanimous Decision win. With a Championship fight lined up in 2024, CJ Sellers could potentially rise much higher this time around in the Year Five Review should he maintain the ONE Middleweight Championship and maximum heat.

7th. Christina 'Arm Collector' Aguilar | 2-0 | 6-1

I feel like a case could be argued for CJ to be above Christina in the rankings, but I went with Christina here. She managed two wins in two fights, reclaiming the ONE Women's Strawweight Championship, while defeating a woman she had previously lost to, the best Strawweight on the planet, Svetlana Gotsyk. I think this accomplishment is more impressive than CJ's victories and it is why she ranks as high as seventh on the list.

6th. John 'The Hitter' Caisernas | 3-1 | 5-3

Despite losing at the beginning of the year, John 'The Hitter Caisernas recovered well, once more fighting four times in one calendar year, claiming the LFA Light Heavyweight in the penultimate month of the year. John ranks as high as he does due to the dominant fashion he won his last three fights, gaining two submissions in the first round in the process. His skillset has also improved quite an amount, due to the high amount of fights he has participated in.

5th. 'Knockout Queen' Emma McDavid | 2-0 | 10-1

'Knockout Queen' reigns supreme over the UFC Women's Bantamweight Division once more, besting Aspen Ladd and knocking her out to win the Championship for a second time. She also ranks as the best Women's Bantamweight in the world at the end of the Fourth Year. I'm a little stunned she didn't win Female Fighter of the Year, although she did only fight twice. Emma McDavid has a scheduled defence against the woman who beat her for the title last time out in Lucie Pudilova, let's see if she has improved from the sole loss of her career.

4th. 'The Beast' Oliver Jones | 2-0 | 7-2

Oliver Jones had a successful 2023, winning the ONE Featherweight Championship and defending it once, both fights gaining rave reviews in the process. 'The Beast' ranks as one of the best Featherweights on the planet and his notable victories have helped his skillset improve substantially. This is a fighter you could argue deserves to be higher on the list. Regardless Oliver Jones had a great year and will look to defend his belt more and gain maximum heat in 2024.

3rd. 'Orchestrater' Rin Akane | 3-0 | 8-2

Rin Akane had an excellent year for the second time in a row. Improving her fighting record to six wins on the bounce. I am stunned she hasn't competed for the Championship yet. Even Emma McDavid only needed a sole win before getting another shot. Rin Akane registered knock outs over Ketlen Vieira and Amanda Nunes, the latter beaten within a minute, who for comparison, Samantha Carter beat via split decision after five rounds. She rounded out the year with a Unanimous Decision over Julija Stoliarenko. Rin Akane has maximum heat and is on an insane streak, I have no dobut she'll compete for the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship in 2024. Emma McDavid, watch out.

2nd. Sao 'Praying Mantis' Rai Feng | 2-0 | 4-0

The last winner of Fighter of the Year barely misses out on going back-to-back. Sao Rai Feng only fought twice, which I decided costs him in the end. In spite of this, he defended the DEEP Lightweight Championship twice, ending both fights in dominant fashion. Once Sao Rai Feng gets a couple more fights on his belt, I have no doubt he'll soar into the Lightweight rankings as he really is flying under the radar when it comes to skill. The former Rookie of the Year looks set to continue his dominance in 2024, with maximum heat set to help him retain his high standing in the ranked list.

1st. Caitlyn 'The Future' Jackson | 3-0 | 5-0

I feel a little bad that one of the two fighters I put into the database wins Fighter of the Year, but, you cannot say she doesn't deserve the honour. Caitlyn had a dominant year, similar to Samantha Carter's beginning run in the UFC. She fought three times and knocked out her opposition in each fight, her last one claiming the Bellator Women's Featherweight Championship. Caitlyn did what Daria Berenato could not. The Irish fighter remains unbeaten, ranked as the best Women's Featherweight on the planet, as well as being second on the pound for pound women's list. Raquel Pennington looks to be Caitlyn's biggest challenge yet, but if she gets past her, I have no doubt we'll be seeing Caitlyn once more on the ranked list.


Best Fighter: Caitlyn Jackson
Most Impressive Win: Oliver Jones vs. Jonas Billharinho
Most Improved Fighter: John Caisernas
One Fighter to Watch: Rin Akane

So there wraps up the fourth year of WMMA. Caitlyn Jackson beats out Sao Rai Feng and Oliver Jones to take the cake, and the Bellator Women's Featherweight Championship. Thank you for the continued support! I know I go on about it a little too much but with simulating WMMA, ranking the thirty fighters and writing up what's what this does take a long while to put together so the nice comments and rep make it a little easier for me to be motivated. 2024 should be a fun year, with multiple fights already lined up, as well as Rin Akane joining Emma McDavid and Samantha Carter in the UFC Women's Bantamweight hierarchy. Here's hoping we get a significant male Champion in either UFC or Bellator also. Jonathan Killebrew and Harold Bigalow are beginning to scratch at the glass ceiling I feel.

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𝐖𝐌𝐌𝐀 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐅𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐞𝐰.
Part One of Two.

Yessir we're back and we're at the end of 2024 now. Things have happened, titles have been won and lost, undefeated streaks have been ended the and posting style has NOT changed. It is miraculous. Anyway, the same introduction as usual, WMMA is the MMA version of TEW, sign-ups are closed and have been closed for a while, this takes a lot of time to simulate and format and then write up, etc etc. You should know the drill by now. Let's get into things.

'The Ass Kicker' Alex Costa | 0-0 | 3-1


Our unranked list kicks off with Alex Costa, who did not fight throughout the year. However, he did get signed to the UFC. The former Rizin Light Heavyweight champion has quite the task at hand in his UFC debut, going against Anthony Smith who is ranked as the third best Light Heavyweight on the planet. To summarise? He isn't winning that match. Though the exposure he'll gain from facing off against Anthony Smith will be good for his name value.

'The Dagger' Carlos Guivente | 1-0 | 6-0-1

Carlos Guivente advances his undefeated streak, although he is maintaining the one fight a year policy we've seen him take on recently. I'm unsure if it's a fighter thing or a promotion thing as we've seen Mathias Ishtar also not compete much for M-1. Guivente fought once, winning in 42 seconds and defending the M-1 Featherweight Championship. He continues to lurk on the outside of the top ten Featherweight world rankings.

Daria 'The Jersey Devil' Berenato | 0-2 | 5-6

I sympathise with Daria Berenato, for the second time in five years we've seen her have a winless year in the same promotion in two different stints. Bellator didn't give her enough time to recover from her first run with the promotion, and it is beginning to show. She went 0-2 in 2024, her fifth year as a competitor, although she did only lose to the second best Women's Featherweight in the world through split decision.

'Knockout Queen' Emma McDavid | 0-1 | 10-2

Not much to report for 'Knockout Queen,' she faced off with Lucie Pudilova and lost the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship to her once more. That Championship is a merry go round in this simulation. In spite of the loss, she still retains positive heat and great name value, 2025 could be a good year for her also, she already has a fight lined up against Norma Dumont Viana, who she is the favourite against.

Gunner 'The Icon' Daniels | 1-1 | 3-3

Gunner 'The Icon' Daniels continues his streak of winning a fight and then losing a fight. He has faced off for the KSW Welterweight Championship and lost to Borys Manowski three times in three attempts. I feel a little sympathetic for him, it clearly isn't a good match up for him. I pray that KSW let him build a little more before putting him against Manowski once more. It is a little silly he's faced the same person three of his six fights in KSW.

H.R. 'The Friendly Dragon' Pufnstnuf | 2-1 | 9-5

H.R didn't necessarily have a bad year. He had more wins than losses and has neutral heat. He was released by the UFC, but since then had gained two TKO victories on the independent scene. I see him having another fight or two and gaining multiple victories before being picked up by another promotion and having more success than he did in the UFC.

John 'The Hitter' Caesernas | 1-2 | 6-5


'The Hitter' fought three times, winning once and losing twice. He lost the LFA Light Heavyweight Championship also. In spite of these losses, he still has close to perfect positive heat and considering his young age he has plenty of time to build himself up in the division.

'The Oni' Kenji Togami | 0-2 | 5-3


I have no idea what has happened here, to be honest. Kenji Togami went from one of the best in the world to losing three on the bounce. Granted, he lost both of these fights via split decision. But still, going from 5-0 to 5-3 isn't great. Togami still has time to turn things around, a lot of time in fact, but it would be better to start now. Thankfully, Wayan Stapelberg is a bit of a tin can fighter, so Kenji Togami should gain a win in 2025.

Kingston 'Black Panther' Jofara | 1-1 | 4-4-1

Kingston Jofara gained a submission win on the independent scene before being signed to PFL, where he lost his first fight via decision. He improved quite well in his skillset, and should PFL put him against a more favourable opposition next time I can see Kingston Jofara perhaps having a little more success.

Kirk 'Kirkimus' Kelly | 1-1 | 8-1

With Kirk Kelly's lack of activity since joining Rizin, I could have kind of seen this coming. He loses his undefeated streak as well as the Rizin Heavyweight Championship. In spite of the loss UFC decided to pick him up. He's still highly favoured in the world rankings and should find success in the UFC, granted they build him up rather than throw him into the deep end.

Kobe 'K.O.' Owens | 1-1 | 7-1

Kobe Owens is another fighter who is no longer undefeated, losing to fellow fighter Harold Bigalow within a minute. Not great, though he did bounce back well, besting his next opponent within forty seconds. I still believe Kobe Owens can find success in Bellator in spite of his loss to Harold Bigalow, although Steve Mowry, his next opponent, might be too big a step up in terms of competition.

Maryse 'French Beauty' Mizanin | 0-1-1 | 5-4-1

Maryse Mizanin had a poor year, being knocked out against Paige VanZant and then knocked out again against Jaylene Tolson. Thankfully, I guess, the result against Tolson was reversed to a no contest. Although the fight ratings were Great and Fantastic individually, it doesn't really matter when you get knocked out both times. Maryse needs to turn it around in her next fight or I predict she'll be released by DEEP Promotions.

'Mayhem' Masha Semyonov | 2-1 | 3-4

Despite being Masha's best year yet, she still doesn't make the ranked list. Though she has made it onto the world rankings, her skillset doesn't compare when pitted against the high ranks of the ONE Promotions division. She lost to Christina Aguiar, another simulated fighter, but bounced back with a first round submission.

Mathias 'Demon' Ishtar | 2-0 | 7-0

Mathias had his most active year since joining M-1, defending the M-1 Middleweight Championship on two occasions and maintaining his undefeated streak. He won via TKO and submission respectively, and while his name value and estimated value are still quite low, he was at one point in the year the third best Middleweight on the planet.

'Golden' Michael Seymour | 1-1 | 7-5

Not a terrible year for Michael Seymour, considering he was 1-4 at one point during this simulation. He was expected to lose to Rory MacDonald, but rebounded well against Imran Abaev who I'll admit, was a bit of a tin can opponent. Michael Seymour has a fight aligned already for 2025, and with positive heat and a growing skillset he could be in for a good year.

Miroslav 'Monster' Banjeckovic | 1-1 | 7-2

Banjeckovic, whose name I can spell nonchalantly at this point, finds himself once more on the unranked list, in spite of being perhaps one of the more skills fighters in the simulation. He won a fight via TKO before losing to Juan Adams, again, with the ONE Heavyweight Championship on the line, again. Perhaps Juan just has 'Monster's' number. In spite of the loss Banjecovic still retains close to perfect positive heat.

'The Beast' Oliver Jones | 1-1 | 8-3

A pretty mundane year for 'The Beast.' He lost the One Featherweight Championship to Benedict Ang, before beating a lower ranked opponent via TKO. In spite of another loss he retains his position on the Featherweight World rankings. He is in the process of switching teams which might help him build up his weaknesses heading into 2025.

'The Moon Guardian' Sailor Moon | 2-1 | 6-5

Not a bad year for 'The Moon Guardian,' just not enough to make it onto the ranked list. She finally won the Invicta Bantamweight Championship, before switching promotions and aligning with LFA, where she went 1-1 for her first year with the promotion. Her skills have improved a fair bit due to her activity and she has reached #18th place on the Women's Bantamweight World rankings.

Samantha 'Valkyrie' Carter | 1-1 | 9-2

Samantha Carter returned from her major injury in similar fashion, besting Amanda Nunes via Split Decision like she did to win the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship three years ago. She was then matched against Lucie Pudilova, who we saw defeated Emma McDavid earlier in the year. She was unable to best Pudilova, being knocked out in Championship rounds to end the year at 1-1.

Xena 'The Ripper' Kelsey | 1-1 | 4-5


The final addition to the unranked list of 2024 is a regular, Xena Kelsey, who just cannot seem to find her footing in ONE Promotions. She went 1-1, losing a fight for the ONE Women's Flyweight Championship against Chao Ang, before beating Takecia Mokoena via TKO.

This brings a closing to the unranked list. Going through alphabetical order, we're beginning to see a pattern of the same 5-6 individuals making it onto the ranked list. Caitlyn Jackson, Sao Rai Feng, Jonathan Killebrew, Harold Bigalow, Christina Aguiar, Rin Akane are once more not present in the unranked section of the list. But, how well did they do? Who do you think had the worst year out of these people? I'd argue Kenji Togami is the most disappointing for me, while Kirk Kelly losing before his leave to UFC to an opponet he was the favourite against is also rough. Anyway, I don't know when part two of two will be out. Let me know what you think!

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Great stuff as always Sheri, this diary never fails to impress me. I can't even imagine the amount of time you spend writing all this stuff out, but it pays off in a well executed, fun to read diary. I think my boy has got 2025 on LOCK, but I guess I'll have to wait and see. Keep up the fantastic work, can't wait to read more.

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𝒲ℳℳ𝒜 ℱ𝒾𝓃𝒶𝓁𝑒 ℛ𝑒𝓋𝒾𝑒𝓌.
Part One of One

I wish it didn't have to come to this, but due to a mixture of things I'm deciding that this diary isn't continuing. Lack of interest from myself and the monstrous loading and simulating times to get through a single month, let alone a year, are just too much. It got to the point where simulating in WMMA felt more like a grind rather than fun. But, it would not be fair to end the diary without some sort of recap. I won't be ranking each and every fighter, maybe I'll do a little list at the end but I'll just be posting fighters with their overall records and their achievements they managed to gain in the eight or so years that I managed to simulate.

'The Ass Kicker' Alex Costa | 9-4

Austin 'Spirit' Mirage | 10-11

Caitlyn 'The Future' Jackson | 16-0

'The Dagger' Carlos Guivente | 10-0-1

Christina 'Arm Collector' Aguiar | 14-4

CJ 'The Nightmare' Sellers | 17-1

'The Welsh Dragon' Dafydd Smith | 11-1

Daria 'The Jersey Devil' Berenato | 11-8

Echo 'The Supernova' Wilson | 10-3

'Knockout Queen' Emma McDavid | 15-5

Gunner 'The Icon' Daniels | 10-5

H.R. 'The Friendly Dragon' Pufnstuf | 18-7

Harold 'Bam Bam' Bigalow | 16-6

John 'The Hitter' Caisernas | 12-6

Jonathan 'Johnny Kills' Killebrew | 12-8

'The Oni' Kenji Togami

Kingston 'Black Panther' Jofara | 15-4-1

Kirk 'Kirkimus' Kelly | 14-6

Kobe 'K.O.' Owens | 13-3

Maryse 'French Beauty' Mizanan | 13-6-1

'Mayhem' Masha Semyonov | 10-7

Mathias 'Demon' Ishtar | 12-1

'Golden' Michael Seymour | 13-8

Miroslav 'Monster' Banjeckovic | 15-2

'The Beast' Oliver Jones | 15-5

'Orchestrator' Rin Akane | 16-5

'The Moon Guardian' Sailor Moon | 15-7

Samantha 'Valkyrie' Carter | 18-3-1

Sao 'Praying Mantis' Rai Feng | 13-0

Xena 'The Ripper' Kelsey | 13-6

I'd like to believe this was a good diary overall. I think for the first few posts it was one of the top diaries on the forums. In terms of the best fighters I'd either have to go with Caitlyn Jackson or Sao Rai Feng. I liked Samantha Carter, Rin Akane and Emma McDavid sharing the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship around too. I think the two disappointments for me were that female fighters seemed to excel at a much quicker rate than male fighters. I also didn't like how top top fighters would stay at promotions which didn't have a similar calibre of talent. For example, Sao Rai Feng or CJ Sellers could have dominated in Bellator or UFC, but instead chose to stay with much less relevant promotions. Regardless, I hope y'all appreciate the time I put into this. In spite of the peeling flaws, I still had a lot of fun for the most part. Au revoir.

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