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WMMA | Interactive | Ascent to the Throne

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Name: Benjamin Francis

Nickname:Kevin Lee

Gender: Male

Nationality: Jamaican 


Hometown: Kingston 

Persona (Select One): Aggressive, Annoying, Boastful, Egotistical, Quiet, Respectful, Troll: Egotistical 

Picture (Wrestling pictures are appreciated as I can transition them from TEW 2016):Kevin Lee

Fighting Style (Select One): Boxing, Brazilian-Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Ground and Pound, Judo, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu,
Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Sambo, Submission Wrestling, Taekwondo, Wrestling:Kick Boxing


Weight Class (Male Only, Select One): Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight,
Bantamweight, Flyweight: Lightweight

Weight Class (Female Only, Select One): Featherweight, Bantamweight, Flyweight, Strawweight

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Good to see that Daria has been given chance to develop herself on the outside of the big companies. Let's hope that she does better in Bellator this time! On a serious note,I look forward to seeing the progress of all these people, I know it takes a lot of time to simulate it @Sheridan but we appreciate the time you put in so thank you.

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𝑊𝑀𝑀𝐴 𝑌𝑒𝑎𝑟 𝑇𝘩𝑟𝑒𝑒 𝑅𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑒𝑤.
Part Two of Three.

In the first half of the unranked list, we saw redemption from Daria Berenato, we witnessed John Caisernas have an erratic first year in MMA and we saw Kirk Kelly and Kenji Togami continue their impressive undefeated streaks in the most unusual format. What will the second half of the unranked list bring us? Also I'd like to stress again sign up options for this diary are closed and have been for a while, I'm quite far ahead in comparison to what is seen on the forums and WMMA takes so long to simulate as it is. Nothing personal!

Kobe Owens - 3-0 (3-0)


Kobe Owens had a great initial year, winning a championship in his first fight for AFC and going 3-0. Although weeks after winning the AFC Heavyweight Championship the fighting promotion closed and left Kobe to fight on the independent scene. He ends the first year having built some positive heat and improving in some skills, if AFC had stayed open the chances are Kobe Owens would not be on the unranked list. Here is hoping the Australian is picked up heading into 2023.

Maryse Mizanin - 1-1 (3-2)


Maryse Mizanin had an uneventful 2022, having two professional fights and finishing the year with one more win notched to her belt. She defeated Simona Deni through knock out. With positive heat and coming off of a win, Maryse Mizanin already has a fight scheduled for 2023 and the year is looking to be pretty bright for her. She still has plenty of time to establish herself within the Strawweight division.

Masha Semyonov - 1-1 (1-1)


I believe Masha Semyonov is the first person we've seen where we have been able to tell how another fighters year has gone based off her screenshot. In her first professional fight she was paired with Christina Aguiar to fight for the ONE Strawweight Championship, losing via unanimous decision. She then defeated Polyana Viana in her second fight, through submission. I'm unsure if any of you keep up with MMA news but Polyana Viana once beat up a thief in her native Brazil who tried robbing her. It's a pretty cool story. Regardless Masha had a decent first year, also aligning with the Eagles MMA team, home of the Lightweight GOAT Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Mathias Ishtar - 1-0 (5-0)


Mathias Ishtar continues his tradition of seemingly copying everything Kenji Togami does in terms of how often he fights, what type of promotion he fights for and how highly ranked he is in the Middleweight division. He ends 2022 having fought once, winning with a BROGUE KICK (he didn't) in the first round. Mathias finishes 2022 with another championship defence and an unbeaten record, also being ranked as the fourth best middleweight in the world.

Michael Seymour - 3-1 (4-4)


While Michael Seymour's official record is not the best, this was probably the best year he could have hoped for. He lost a third fight in a row for ONE Championship which lead to him being released. Since then, he faced and defeated three local fighters, putting his record to 4-4 and also putting him at neutral heat. Furthermore his skills improved a lot due to having a lot of fights throughout the year and winning three of them. This was a meaningful year for Michael Seymour, and perhaps the beginning of a turn around for 'Golden' Michael Seymour.

Miroslav Banjeckovic - 1-1 (5-1)


Miroslav Banjeckovic is one of two fighters who had their streaks crushed you'll witness on this list. But I wouldn't necessarily class this as a bad year for the European fighter. After once more defending the SC Heavyweight Championship he made his way to ONE, facing Juan Adams for the ONE Heavyweight Championship in the main event. He lost but still ends the year with close to maximum heat and ranked as the seventh best heavyweight on the planet. Furthermore, he finally found his way to a big promotion.

Oliver Jones - 2-1 (5-2)


Another fighter fighting the big fight for ONE Promotions is Oliver Jones, who had a good but not impressive year with the promotion. He gained two victories through knock outs in the second and third round respectively. But, he lost in the first round to Jonas Bilharinho for the ONE Featherweight Championship. Oliver finds himself ranked as the fifteenth best ranked Featherweight on the planet, but rounds out the year with negative heat.

Sailor Moon - 1-1 (3-3)

A strange thing about Sailor Moon is her stats are great. She has great or strong skills on most sets and yet still appears to be struggling in the minor leagues, compared to other female fighters who have found success in UFC and Bellator. She fought twice in 2022, losing to Elizabeth Phillips in what I believe is her first Championship opportunity, before besting Juliet Grandpre in the first round. Sailor Moon has a tendency to have /Fantastic/ fights also. She is ranked as the nineteenth best Women's Bantamweight on the planet and has a main event lined up for 2023. Here is hoping she finally secures that Invicta Bantamweight Championship.

Samantha Carter - 1-1 (8-1)


Two undefeated talents meeting, vying for the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship. It was always going to end in defeat for one. Samantha Carter's 7-0 streak, including a win over Amanda Nunes, comes undone at the HANS (Like hands, but Hans because Emma McDavid is- You get it) of Emma McDavid. Samantha went down in the second round and didn't compete again until besting Yana Kuniskaya via unanimous decision. In spite of her loss she is still primed as one of the best Women's Bantamweight's in the world and is perhaps the most expensive fighter to book in terms of name value. Samantha Carter will meet Rin Akane, another woman who has found herself in the division's high rankings, in 2023.

Xena Kelsey - 1-2 (2-3)

Xena Kelsey rounds out the unranked fighters with a below average year while competing for ONE in the Flyweight division. She picked up an impressive head kick knock out but since then fell twice, to Ji Yeon Kim and Chao-Xing Ang through submission and knock out respectively. I feel like Xena Kelsey will find herself in a similar situation come the end of 2023 where she'll have been released from the promotion and picked up some momentum on the local independent scene. Overall a sub-par year from the women's Flyweight.

So that brings an end to the unranked list. Meaning that diary favourites such as Harold Bigalow and Rin Akane found themselves into the ranked tiers of the list. It also means newcombers to the sport, see CJ Sellers and Caitlyn Jackson for examples, had great professional years. And of course, Emma McDavid crowned himself the new Queen of the UFC Women's Bantamweight division which, trust me, is a firework show as the diary will go on. The top ten list will be out over the next 24 hours, I hope to see you then.

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𝑊𝑀𝑀𝐴 𝑌𝑒𝑎𝑟 𝑇𝘩𝑟𝑒𝑒 𝑅𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑒𝑤.
Part Three of Three.

We've reached the conclusive post for the third year of the simulation. The ranked list, where the top ten fighters are ranked and listed in ascending order. I feel like none of the fighters this year did anything significant, none had an amazing year which made their rankings concrete. I suppose it down to personal opinion, if you disagree with the rankings then feel free to argue with me or leave your own opinion. Of course I'll also be doing end of year awards, for most improved, most impressive victory and so on. Let's get into it.

10th. Dafydd Smith - 2-0 (3-1)


Dafydd Smith is one of two year two fighters who makes it into the ranked list this time around. 'The Welsh Dragon' fought twice for KSW and won both his bouts in the first round. With two impressive stoppages against fairly high ranked named opposition, he is well on his way to challenging for the KSW Lightweight Championship in 2023. In spite of his wins Dafydd hasn't improved a whole bunch skill wise, but with positive heat and a decent 3-1 overall record, his 2022 was a good example of how to just cut into the ranked list.

9th. Caitlyn Jackson - 2-0 (2-0)


Caitlyn Jackson had a good first year in the sport, signing with Bellator and winning both of the two bouts she had throughout the year. I think what is more impressive is we have seen Caitlyn thrive where Daria Berenato failed. The Irish fighter also won both her matches through submission via Armbar. With close to maximum heat achieved through two fights and a tough scheduled bout with Sinead Kavanagh, another Irishwoman, for 2023, Caitlyn's second year will very much be sink or swim in the Bellator Featherweight class.

8th. Harold Bigalow - 2-0 (4-2)


Harold Bigalow seems to be finding his footing in the third year of his professional career. The Canadian fighter rounded out the year with two wins, coming through submission and knock out, the latter against a top ten ranked opponent in Bellator. He also ended the year nudging into the top twenty five ranked Heavyweight fighters on the planet. 2023 looks to be a make or break year for the fighter, Steve Mowry will be a tough test for Harold Bigalow, here is hoping his improved skillset and barely positive heat can see him through to a career changing moment.

7th. Echo Wilson - 2-0 (2-0)


Echo Wilson is another third year fighter finding himself in the rankings at the first time of asking. The Lightweight fighter had a good year winning two fights, the latter not only against a named opponent but with a Championship on the line also. Echo Wilson manages to find himself hired by two promotions, with decent popularity in America and with a Championship belt around his waistline. The only complaint would be he didn't fight for the latter half of the year, where another fight against a named opponent would have perhaps seen him reach the top three of this rankings.

6th. Jonathan Killebrew - 2-1 (4-3)


Jonathan Killebrew might be one of the 'What If' fighters of this simulation. He began the year in dominant fashion, brushing aside Anatoly Tokov before besting Gegard Moussai in the Bellator Middleweight division, a win which would have lined him up with a potential Championship fight had he not signed for the UFC over Bellator and proceeded to lose his first fight in the promotion. Gegard Mousasi is a great notch for Jonathan and I do believe should he have stayed with Bellator, he might have been the first male to win a Championship in the top two promotions and would have more likely than not topped the rankings. Gutting.

5th. Christina Aguiar - 2-1 (4-1)


Our former Rookie Fighter of the Year continued her impressive beginnings to her career in 2022. She faced off against Danielle Taylor and then fellow generated fighter Masha Semyonov over the ONE Strawweight Championship, defending on both occasions. She then fell to Svetlana Gotsyk who is an animal of a fighter. Regardless of this she ended the year as the fifteenth highest ranked Strawweight in the world, with positive heat and with two Championship defences in the best promotion outside of America. Not bad at all.

4th. Rin Akane - 3-0 (5-2)


Japanese Bantamweight Rin Akane finds herself much improved for this year, going from a two fight losing streak and negative heat, to a three fight winning streak and a fight lined up with Samantha Carter. Rin has a lot of popularity across a lot of different regions also, which will help her case in future booking. The reason she doesn't rank higher is that two of her three fights, while against named opponents, she was the /heavy/ favourite in. Regardless, Rin had a great turnaround year for herself and for the UFC and if she manages to topple Samantha Carter a future Championship shot is I'm sure down the road for her.

3rd. CJ Sellers - 3-0 (3-0)


CJ Sellers had an awesome debut year in the world of WMMA, winning three out of three bouts via decision, knockout and submission, his fight ratings also being more than decent. He found himself picked up by KOTC early on into the year an won their Middleweight Championship in his second professional fight. He managed to make a defence before being snapped up by ONE Championship Fighting, where I am sure he'll make a splash. He also rounds out the year with close to maximum heat.

2nd. Emma McDavid - 2-1 (8-1)


From streak ending talent to streak ended. Emma while not having a perfect year certainly had an eventful one. She began the year with a knockout over Macy Ciasson which set up her showdown with Samantha Carter, the biggest fight to date in terms of player vs. player, but in her fight after that she fell to Lucie Pudilova. In spite of having a loss Emma McDavid makes it to this position for she was ranked as high as the second best female fighter on the planet at one point, as well as the best Bamtamweight. She also has National popularity in America and of course, was the UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, if only for a couple of months.

1st. Sao Rai Feng - 2-0 (2-0)


In a world of Emma McDavid and Kirk Kelly, Sao Rai Feng leaping above twenty nine other fighters to claim my personal fighter of the year was a surprise. You're probably looking at him only fighting twice, and his bout ratings being decent and average and questioning why he ranks top, well. He won a Championship in his first fight, in one of the biggest promotions in Asia and then proceeded to defend it in a five round bout, against a fighter in DEEP's top five. He ends 2022 and his debut year as a Championship holder, with positive heat as well as winning the coveted Rookie of the Year award. His skills have also improved fairly well and his popularity has increased to high level Regional in two fights. In my mind it was a close one between him, CJ Sellers and Emma McDavid but I feel like Sao Rai Feng takes the cake.


Best Fighter: Sao Rai Feng
Most Impressive Win: Jonathan Killebrew vs. Gegard Mousasi
Most Improved Fighter: Rin Akane
One Fighter to Watch: Kobe Owens

So there you have it. The 2022 year ends with Emma McDavid and Samantha Carter's impressive streaks crushed, it ends with Carlos Guivente and Kirk Kelly, two of the better prospects not even fighting and it culminates with a debut fighter topping the rankings. Certainly a wild ride if not a much impressive one. I feel like the debut fighters did impressive, CJ Sellers and Caitlyn Jackson and Echo Wilson making it into the rankings, Kobe Owens building himself up well too. Harold Bigalow pushes into the top ten rankings at Bellator while Jonathan Killebrew trades an all but guaranteed Championship fight but a shot in the UFC. Stars were crushed and rookies dominated. 2023 will be served in the next week. Thank you for the continued support on this! I like writing as much as you hopefully like to read.

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Been loving this diary Sheridan, this must have taken a chunk of time to write and simulate and I appreciate the afford you put into this WMMA diary. Glad to see both of my characters in the rankings list and yes it sucks that Emma didn't stay UFC Bantamweight champion for long, being 8-1 is not to shabby and hopefully Bigalow gets a breakout year next year in Bellator. Keep up the great work!

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