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A Beautiful Return

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Tuesday, October 28th

Commentary team: Hello everyone and welcome to SSW Live where we promise to bring you a plenty of memorable moments you won’t ever forget.

Oh and just as we told you here is the reigning SSW World champion Vinci.

Vinci: Listen up you maggots I’m not here to entertain you so if you’ve come here expecting that from me then you might as well go back to your run down home and your run down lives because I’m here for one person only and that’s myself!

As a matter of fact there’s not a single person backstage who can lace my boots.


[ Vinci would then be interrupted by none other than Archangel coming out on stage ]


Archangel: Well someone sure is very confident in themselves but here’s the thing Vinci you don’t call the shots around here, I do, so with that in mind in tonight’s main event you’re gonna face someone of my choosing and as to who that will be…. Well I’ll let them talk to you themselves.

[ Archangel would then step off to this side with a smile on his face as the crowd then erupts into cheers as the Titantron changes to the superstar’s entrance video and their theme song blast throughout the arena as Mirage steps out onto stage


Mirage: Hello ladies and gentlemen first off I must say it’s wonderful to be back home in SSW!

[ The crowd erupt into cheers and chant “ Bulldozer “ before those chants slowly fade out and chants of “ SSW “ take their place ]

Mirage: Ah man that feels great but there’s been some changes in my life since I last stepped foot here one of which is my ring name I now go by Mirage, however there is one thing that hasn’t changed in that time and that’s my love for this company.

Now with that all being said it’s time I talk about that uggo in the ring, Vinci listen up because I’m not gonna repeat myself, I am your opponent tonight in the main event but don’t worry it’s only a non title so you won’t lose the title tonight but once I beat you I will become the number one contender to that title and I’ll beat you for it at SSW Takeover : Boston, So Vinci enjoy the belt while you have it because just like I did last time I won that championship I’m gonna beat you for it only this time I’ll have the support of all of these wonderful people when I do it.

[ Mirage then shakes Archangel’s hand as he is clearly welcomed back with open arms as he smiles and bows to the crowd before walking backstage ]


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