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SSW Live - Mirage VS Vinci

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Tuesday, October 28th 

SSW Live Main Event Mirage vs Vinci 


First out comes Mirage as the crowd erupts into cheers as Mirage comes out into the stage and walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring and poses on the top rope while he waits for Vinci to arrive 

Now here comes Vinci as he walks down to the ring clearly annoyed he is in this match on such short notice as the crowd shower him with boos as he gets into the ring and stares down Mirage as the ref signals for the bell to start this match.

Both men then lock up as Vinci quickly takes control of this match as he puts Mirage in a side headlock wrestling him down to the mat however Mirage is able to counter with a roll through putting both men on their knees staring each other down clearly waiting for the other to make a move as they both rise to their feet.

However it’s Mirage who jumps first as he goes for a hurricrana however it’s countered into a massive power bomb as Vinci rolls him back over on his knees and locks him in a north south choke and as Mirage is struggling to escape however due to Vinci’s technical prowess the more Mirage struggles the more locked in the hold becomes as Vinci is proving why he’s the SSW World champion.


Now Vinci bringing Mirage back up to his feet while still having hold of his head and neck as he goes to transition into a swinging neck breaker however Mirage is able to use the momentum of the swing to transition into a full spin and grab Vinci’s head and plant him with a massive DDT as he lays on the ground catching his breath as Vinci is rocked from the sudden DDT planting him right onto his face.


Now as both men once again rise to their feet Mirage nails Vinci with a knee strike to the gut making him stumble back towards the rope as Mirage clotheslines him over the top as the crowd start cheering for him as they can feel this match is starting to swing in his favor and this fires Mirage up as he runs off the ropes and jumps over the top with a picture perfect moonsault and he lands it perfectly onto Vinci!


Now the crowd is going absolutely crazy and they start chanting “ SSW “ as Mirage with the adrenaline pumping through him kicks up to his feet and is fired up as this entire sold out crowd is cheering him on towards victory as he can be heard screaming “ Let’s Go “ as he quickly picks Vinci back up and tosses him back into the ring as Mirage rolls back in and quickly locks in the Beauty Lock on Vinci has this looks like it could be it for Vinci as the crowd is absolutely electric with cheers as they’re still chanting “ SSW “. 


Now this is much like earlier in the match when Vinci has Mirage by the throat as he was choking him out now the roles are reversed with Mirage choking out Vinci and if Vinci can’t find a way out soon Mirage will claim victory and a successful return to SSW however Vinci does manage to get back up to his feet with Mirage on his back still with the Beauty Lock locked in as he clearly refuses to let go but Vinci manages to grab hold of Mirage and sling him off of him with a brutal snapmare.

Now Vinci takes several steps back towards the ropes as he catches his breath but sees Mirage getting back up to one knee leading Vinci to charge at Mirage and nail a perfectly executed Swinging neck breaker while Mirage is on one knee!


Now Vinci screams “ it’s over “ before picking Mirage up and slapping him in the face before setting him up for the forced progression however Mirage manages to counter it into a flash roll up pin attempt 1….2….3 Mirage has done it he has overcame Vinci.


However Vinci is none to pleased and attacks Mirage from behind after the match dropping Mirage to the mat but Vinci quickly picks him back up and nails him perfectly and brutally with a Forced Progression before getting out of the ring to grab the SSW World Championship before getting back in the ring and standing over Mirage holding the title high up into the air.




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