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The Journey of Shadow Man

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Opening Scene: year 2069 Age: 25 Location: Gotham

There’s a man bloodied on the ground. He’s attempting to crawl away but he’s suffered to much damage to move any further. He turns over and attempts to light a cigarette. “Here Let me light that for you I say. Matter of fact give me that cigarette. You probably wonder why I’m here to kill you. You roll with a crew and I want the leader. I know your going to say you can’t stop him, he’s crazy, he’s a maniac. Look I don’t care what he is the clown needs to pay. Your useless to me this is just how it needs to be. 

Shadow Man draws out his Samurai Sword and slices at the neck. The mans head rolls around as blood sprays from the body. Shadow man leaves the scene as a message is left in the blood. The police arrive and the message reads “JOKER MUST PAY”

Origin Story: year 2019 Age 23 Location: Gotham

 Bruce darling we are going to be late for the show. I know hun I’m almost ready. I walk down the stairs and I see my beautiful wife with red hair just full of life. She knows my secret, I don’t hide anything from her. She wants me to quit but Gotham needs me. I have a beautiful son who has so much to look forward to I can’t quit yet. I’ll get the car ready my love. I step outside and without a thought I’m on the ground spitting out blood. Am I being mugged? I look around and I hear a laugh... Joker! I try to stand but I can’t what was I attacked with. I look at my legs it’s sliced and I can barely stand. How did he know who I was? I hear his words “Bruce this is the end old friend. With you gone I can finally rule in peace” I look up he’s holding a rocket launcher. I look back there’s my wife last words I hear is “Bruce!” He fires the rocket and my home explodes. I’m unconscious. I know this is fucked. If it makes it any better Mar. Freeze  finally decided to attack with a very destructive missle. It exploded and most of us were killed from the ice, except a few of us. Some of us were just frozen. 

Some one found me frozen in time and hid me from the world. When I unfroze it was 2067. It took me two years to regain strength. I isolated myself and swore to get my revenge. Not as Batman no he’s dead. I needed to break the rules and do things I thought I would never do. So I use the shadows and I hunt. I’ll hunt everyone down until I slice this sword through both eyes of Joker. 

I’m standing on top of a building looking down on the futuristic view of Gotham. Everything is so bright but the criminals seem to be controlling Gotham. I wipe the blood off the sharp blade of my sword. I’m coming for you Joker you will pay for what you’ve done to my family. You will fucking pay. 


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