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So to take a break from Brenden's TNA save, i restarted a 1996 save with the objective to run out wcw and book an invasion angle, i got to the point that i was in 2003, smashing wcw but they still were alive but were soon to drop to cult. So i decided to re-boot the thing with the may 2001 mod. I have made some changes to the mod in order to fit the state i was in.

The major differences were:

-As the owner of the company, i removed creative control from vince.

-Owen Hart didnt died but is unemployed

-Bret Hart and Tazz never retired in early 2000's, shawn didnt had his back injurie either, but had a scandal (went to prostitutes) which forced me to fire him until he wasnt labelled as toxic

-Dean Malenko and chris benoit have a minus entertainment skills boost. The reason is because when i previously signed them in my previous save i made them work the promos so can be somewhat decent. They never went decent but at least they can say something (they are around 55 mic skills)

-Also to show the fact that i bought up the wcw main eventers contracts from turner broadcasting (but not actually signed them, i just made them available for signing) i start with half money.

So i had a 82 for judgement day, with austin and taker being the main event. I plan on austin turning face in three months and taker going back to his deadman gimmick. Also i try to push heavily ddp, booker, raven, lance storm in order to get their popularity when ill trigger the invasion at summerslam.

In terms of new signing, i signed RVD, Rey Mysterio and Shane Douglas. Rey will be part of the cruiserweight division and the other two will be part of an angle including the team ecw led by tazz vs the Raven's Flock (a bunch of wcw and ecw guys led by Raven). Hopefully i'll get tazz, rvd, raven and shane over. Raven already went up popularity by beating rhyno to be the new Hardcore Champion and is slowly turning heel.

Concerning the feuds we have:

-Vince, Triple h, Big Show and Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit (basically vince tries to bully the wcw guys and make their life a living hell by putting them in in difficult match ups).

-Austin vs Taker and Kane

-Raven building the Raven's Flock

-Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire vs Dudleyz

-The Hardyz vs edge & christian

-The cruiserweight tournament

-Perry Saturn and Malenko vs the APA

-DDP & Booker T just dominating the tag team and upper midcard, being responsible in part for austin and triple h losing the tag titles.

-Buff Bagwell vs Tazz (after this i will just job out Buff, he is average and has negative influence, i will just use him to put over some new guys)

Next ppv is King of the Ring, the participants are Taker, Kane, Lance Storm, DDP, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Chris Benoit. The winner gets a title shot at the next PPV.


So yeah its a pretty fantasy booked invasion angle but i hope it will entertain you. I'll try my best to keep this up to date.

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Quick update, i am one week away from KotR, and i've had already 4 injuries since the game started, 3 of which were my main eventers:

-Steve Austin with a broken arm (he recovered in 18 days somehow)

-Kane with a Swollen Maritime Elbow on his first match (one month off, but thank god he could do angles)

-Chuck Palumbo (Damaged eye caused by Steve Blackman...)

-Triple H (Severe Concussion, i was freaking out until the game said it was only 19 days, he will miss the PPV tho, so i had to replace him with Rikishi for the 3v3 at Kotr)


It seems the Gods of TEW doesnt like me that much, i've only been 7 weeks in this game lol

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The KotR results so far: 84 with a weak main event rematch of Steve Austin vs The Undertaker rated 81, apparently not enough selling shown... but we have had a couple of good matches like team Authority (Triple H, Big Show and Rikishi) vs Team WCW (Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero) rated 84 and a really good 90 match as Booker T defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the WCW WHC. Raven fought in a bloody Hardcore match with RVD and eventually won, but brutalized RVD with his buddies Mike Awesome and Rhyno.

Oh and in the space of a month i got Triple H and Stephanie splitting up and Vince and Linda getting divorced, interesting...

We start building towards Vengeance, as Kane seeks to avenge his fallen brother (who has disappeared after his loss) from Steve Austin. Also we have a mega match: Chris Jericho vs Triple H with the jobs of Benoit, Jericho and Guerrero on the line. Shane Mcmahon starts also to make some moves that, according to him would be a huge turnout for his war against his father. But that's only if his plans goes his way.

Booker T and DDP are also rising to be the top heels of the company, coming out of a huge victory over Shawn Michaels and now seeks the titles of the newly crowned WCW Tag champions the Dudley Boyz.

Edge and Christian are on fire as well, Edge having defeated Matt Hardy for the European title and Christian having costed Jeff the new unified Cruiserweight title (who now belongs to X-PaC) but they must watch their back as the Hardyz doesnt forgive easily and will do whatever it takes to get their revenge..... Even putting on the line their tag title if their is no choice left.

Speaking of X-Pac, he has turned his back on the WWF at KotR, siding with WCW by putting the Lightweight Championship in a Trashcan. Claiming that the WCW Cruiserweight division was far greater than WWF version. But what he didn't expected was Rey Mysterio Jr., former cruiserweight champion and Lucha Libre virtuose.

Finally two factions are rising as well in WWF, the Raven's Flock and the Radicalz. Raven, the Hardcore Champion, leads former ECW guys Rhyno and Mike Awesome as he tries to grow his cult further more but his last victim, Rob Van Dam shows some resilience to his power of persuasion... but alone, the situation seems dire for RVD, he desperatly needs help but who will answer his call for aid?

The team of Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn, the Radicalz has beat at KotR the A.P.A. in an upset to determine who is the toughest team in WWF, and with this big victory and momentum, they are established as a dominant tag team and are seeking to put the final nail in the coffin in the form of taking the WCW tag titles from the Dudley Boyz, recently crowned as well.

Finally, as Booker T was obliged to relinquish the WCW United States championship by Vince McMahon, the US title is now vacant, and there is a lot of success hungry talents around that would seek that prestigious title for themselves. So it has been agreed that a tournament with 4 WCW and 4 WWE wrestlers will be held, some recognizable names like Tazz, Lance Storm (who has had an impressive winning streak these past few weeks), or Billy Gunn but also young superstars like Gregory Helms or Billy Kidman. The war for domination over the WWF landscape is just at his prelude and it looks like the main words for Vengeance would be Bad Blood and Rise to Dominance.

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Vengeance 2001. The best PPV of the year so far, rated 91 with some great matches (some were unexpected, some weren't).

I'm gonna proceed from bottom to top for the card and add some comments to it:

1- Lance Storm vs William Regal for the US Title: 77. For guys that have 55 to 65 pop thats a great performance, although i gave them the time (25 min) to do a very technical match, to match the European Wrestling vs Canadian Wrestling Gimmick. Lance Storm actually gained 4 pop even tho he lost, incredible, so he his now in the 60 and i think hes gonna be very useful in the first (he is only in his 30's)


2- The Dudley Boyz vs The Radicalz (Malenko and Saturn) for the WCW tag titles: 73. Very decent, i didn't expected wonders from the guys because of the criminally low popularity of them, so i am happy. After the match the Steiner Brothers go in ring and destroys the Dudley Boyz, making their debut with a clear intention, being one more time WCW tag team champions.


3- X-Pac vs Rey Mysterio for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship: 79. Great match again, Mysterio is the man but i had no choice but to keep the title on X-Pac. Speaking of X-Pac, he is really improving, and i think of doing a rematch Mysterio vs X-Pac for Wrestlemania once they are more over and better in-ring.


4- Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian in a ladder for the WWF tag titles: 84. Those teams are just on fire and once again it pains to have E & C to lose but i hate 50/50 booking and it didnt hurt them that much, so it was worth it, and Jeff is on fire with 94 performance at 65 pop, lol.


5 - Rhyno vs RVD: 78. Great match considering they were both below 60 in almost all regions. 


6 - Triple H with Vince McMahon vs Chris Jericho with Shane McMahon for the IC title: 94. Great match, both guys actually gained 4 pop each so i cant be mad, maybe there will be rematch at Summerslam i'm not decided yet.


7- Booker T & DDP vs Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels: 79. DDP screws every big match he's in, this one suffered because of him. Once the Invasion is over he's gonna take some L...


Main Event: Steve Austin vs Kane for the WWF Title: 91. Good performance since Kane is not a good in-ring talent per say, so i'm happy, Kane actually gained pop on being in the Main Event with Austin.



Now for the main Storylines, Lance Storm is not out of the US title Picture yet, i think he might even win it at InVasion, but he will have to deal with Shane Douglas whose trying to sneak in this feud.

The Steiner Brothers are the secret signees that Shane McMahon has done the last few weeks, and there is more to come. For now the titles are still in a pretty good balance between the compagnies but with signees like that and the recent defeat of Triple H and the IC title now in the hands of a WCW guy, the future is looking grim for Vince McMahon, he has to make some drastic measures in order to invert the momentum.

Raven is trying to mentally break out RVD, and he has made a great work so far, his bodyguards, Mike Awesome and Rhyno have destroyed RVD who is desperate to find a partner or an ally to balance the odds. But Rob is not done yet, he still has the fir in him and at Summerslam there is gonna be a war.

Steve Austin on his side, is riding a momentum Tsunami: he has beat both Brothers of Destruction, he is on top of the mountain. No one come close to being on the level to challenge him, no one except... The Great One. That's right, The Rock has come back from his movie The Return of the Mummy to teach Austin a lesson about candy-ass whoopin' and SmackDown Hotel checking. It will all clash at Summerslam.

The Invasion has only begun


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Summerslam has arrived lads and with it a ton of feuds will end, and a new chapter of the Invasion will open.

Rating: 88.  I should've looked early where the event was set, and ofc it was on Hawaii... where the company has no pop and 0 spillover, fml.

But let's get to the matches themselves:

1- The Hardy Boyz vs Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire for the WWF tag team titles: 74. That's decent, something worth noting is that Sean O'Haire is turning into a good worker, i might keep him, maybe to team up with a Lesnar or something.

2- X-Pac vs Rey Mysterio vs Billy Kidman: 82. Once again the cruiserweights steals the show, with X-Pac having the best performance of the 3, i knew i was right when i decided to push him.

3- The Steiner Brothers vs the Dudley Boyz vs The Radicalz for the WCW tag team titles: 75. Average, but its ok considering ttwo teams out of 3 are below 70 pop i guess.

4- Shane Douglas vs Lance Storm vs William Regal for the WCW US title: 80. Great work from these guys, Shane has still some left in the tank.

5- RVD and Tazz vs Mike Awesome and Rhyno: 74. Decent but not extraordinary, all of the workers are decent here. My main goal is to build a big Raven's Flock that will be joined by Paul Heyman playing the devil's advocate, and in response a team ECW tries to beat the Flock and bring back Heyman to them.

6- Triple H vs Big Show: 90. Now thats what you call a carry! Triple H is a really good hand, able to work with limited guys and pull out matches like this, GG.

7- Kurt Angle vs DDP: 78. DDP just doesn't want to be pushed it seems, i can't wait to job him out...

8- Shawn Michaels vs Booker T : 79. Even tho HBK has a 100 performance, Booker chosed that it wasn't his night so he screwed this up. The worst part is that he won (in storyline i will have HBK expelled from the company from a time).

9- The Rock vs Austin for the WWF Title: 84. This time Austin wasnt ready to go to a draw with The Rock so i kept him strong, and the match suffered, i should've let him cry. Oh and btw The Rock is hurt, on his first ppv match of the game, leaving him off 27 days.

After the match Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan and Bischoff comes from the crowd and lays down both Austin and Rock before trashing the entire ring znd set.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Unforgiven 2001:

From bottom to top:


Lance Storm vs Matt Hardy for the European title: 81

What an opening match, Lance Storm is clearly a future main event guy, although he doesnt have the charisma to be a the face of the company, his insane stats makes him handy to be a heel that elevates the match rating. Unfortunately, matt's pop suffered greatly of this loss.


The Outsiders vs Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero: 87

Decent match and good carry from Benoit and Guerrero, i made a good call on having Hall to win as he is clearly the best worker of the two.


Shane Douglas vs William Regal for the WCW US title: 82

Another instance of two good workers that are elevating the midcard by producing good matches on regular basis. Douglas won because i wanted to build him more as "The new WWFranchise". He is going to be a good upper midcarder in my opinion.


Kanyon & Rhyno vs RVD & Tazz: 83

Great match, RVD is getting there in terms of popularity, while Kanyon and Rhyno are turning into amazing workers (Rhyno is near 80 basics and psychology at only 25 thanks to being al snow's protege), and Tazz is on fire right now.


Jamie Knoble vs Jerry Lynn vs Gregory Helms vs Billy Kidman vs Rey Mysterio Jr.  for the 1. contender for the WCW Cruiserweight title: 77.

Good match, considering a lot of these guys have low pop, in the future i might consider pushing Jamie Knoble, the guy is an all-round great worker and decent on a mic.


APA vs Edge & Christian vs Steiner Bros. vs Dudleyz for the WCW tag team titles: 78.

Good match, maybe the ratings suffer because of the multi team type of match, the match stays decent so i'm not that bothered.


Raven vs Vampiro for the Hardcore Championship: 85.

Raven & Vampiro have great chemistry thank god! Btw Vampiro has gained in the space of two months nearly 20 pop! Insane! and Raven is turning into a Rock type of mic performer, he is currently at the 70 pop mark, and giving he is 36, i think i'm gonna push him to the main event straight 


Booker T vs Jeff Hardy for the WCW WHC: 85.

Good match, but i'm still astonished by the inability of Booker of producing good performances, he have the skills and the pop yet Jeff Hardy outperformed him.


Hulk Hogan vs Chris Jericho: 78.

Well 14 min was too much for the hulkster, even Chris Jericho couldn't carry to good match, i'm glad i have signed him for only 1 year, given how much he costs me for the kinf of performance he does, once the Invasion is over i'm gonna strip of his delicious pop...


Steve Austin vs Triple H: 84.

Once again, why they can't they produce good matches? i really don't know, i will book it differently next time.


Oh and Undertaker and HHH have awful chemistry as opponents ofc...



Now a quick point for the storylines (thats what happened in the two weeks that followed).

-The Invasion: The NWO has made their presence felt, with Kronik and Lance Storm joining the ranks of the dissidents, Shane McMahon having hired Bischoff and made him chief executive of Smackdown and having half the shares of the company. Just after Unforgiven, Bischoff unveil a little surprise for Vince McMahon: he hired the Man, the Legend, Ric Flair! They have put their differences aside in order to take down the WWF once and for all, the NWO is going backstage and punishing the sellouts of WCW who jumped ship to WWF, mainly Jericho, Benoit and Guerrero. At InVasion PPV, while Benoit and Guerrero will battle Kronik, Jericho will battle the Nature Boy with his job on the line. Once again the ranks of WWF loyalists are dwindling, after Undertaker being nowhere to be seen after his last match with Austin at King of The Ring and Michaels being forced to retire after Booker T laid him out in a career vs title match at Vengeance, the situation is dire.

-Lance Storm, speaking of him, has made clear that he his looking to take the European title has the beacon of technical wrestling, looking for anyone to challenge him, who'se gonna answer the challenge???

-The WCW is dominating in the Cruiserweight too! But all is not lost, Rey Mysterio Jr. has a final opportunity at InVasion after two failed attempts to take the belt from X-Pac, which has aligned himself with WCW, to bring back the Cruiserweight title into the WWF sphere.

-Booker T and DDP are continuing their dominance over rising stars, thinking that it's their time  to shine, they are holding down any young hungry superstars, and now their sights has been set on the WWF tag team titles held by the Hardyz. Will it be the youth or the experience that will prevail?

-As fpr the Radicalz, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, they have lost to the Hardyz at Vengeance and tensions that has been building since then have finally exploded on the second Smackdown episode after Unforgiven, Saturn laid out Malenko, thinking he is holding him back and seeks to join the invaders, and, as a token of alliance he is making a personnal affair of taking out the Iceman for good...

-Since their debuts after King of the Ring, the Steiners have been untouchable, succesfully picking the WCW tag team titles from the Dudleyz and defending it in 4 way tag team match at Unforgiven, but the Dudleyz are not done yet, they will do everything in their power to claim what is rightfully theirs, even if it means ending up in a hospital bed...

-The Raven's Flock has been growing the past few weeks, with the latest recruit being Chris Kanyon. Raven has tried to convert both RVD and the newly signed Vampiro, unsuccesfully, therefore he is on a crusade to destroy them. While it has eventually backfired for the Flock as Tazz later aligned himself with RVD in a sort of ECW spirit resurgence, and beated the Flock, Raven has succesfully defended his Hardcore title against Vampiro. Raven seems untouchable and he challenged, in a bold act, Tazz in a Hell in a Cell to see who's the toughest and nastiest of them all...

-Saying the Shane Douglas is on fire is an understatement, he had quickly rised among the midcard and claims that he is the WWFranchise, words he later backed up by taking and defended the US title from William Regal. Declaring himself neutral, he is trying to make an impact in the company and so far, it's a full success.



Talent management and developmental:

My goal is for next year to have the following guys to upper midcard or better: Raven, RVD, Rey Mysterio Jr, Vampiro, Rhyno, Kanyon, Shane Douglas and Lance Storm. The reason for this is, Chris Jericho and The Rock, while being both fairly young, can't be relied on too much because they have external activities (music, movies). Also the NWO, DDP and Rick Steiner are all past 40 years old mark and starts declining, which makes them also not reliable in the ring, and they costs me a lot of money for their performance. I plan to have these guys place been taken Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Saturn, etc... So we can get a good reliable main event scene with great athletes that can go.

Of course this upward movement in the card will leave a hole in the midcard, that's why next year i will introduce the most promising guys from developmental: Randy Orton, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, and maybe others like Teddy Hart or Shannon Moore to bolster the Cruiserweight division once they have more skills, especially psychology (teddy hart: 70 basics and 80 aerial or so but 20 psychology...)

A final thing, i signed to a 1 year PPA deal a 22 years old promising talent named CM Punk. He is currently an enhancement talent, looking to perfect his craft and gain recognition. So far he has done a good job, maybe if he keeps improving and gaining pop he's gonna get more juicy deals...

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Since the last update, a lot of time had passed: 2 months and a half, and i'm heading to the december PPV.

The Invasion PPV has been a disaster mainly because of the booking mistakes i made coupled with crappy old Hogan and Nash and DDP, that wouldn't give me a good match if their life depends on it. However it was a good financial success, and i signed for Survivor Series a new WCW guy and none other than the big bald beast Goldberg himself. So far he didn't disappointed me, having 91 performance on the Survivor Series match while Nash having 64 (oh man i cannot wait to job that guy out).

Also i called up Brock Lesnar to the main roster and already starting to build him up in order to have his pop around 55-60 for one of my main storylines, CM Punk is doing fine, it seems to be more difficult for him to gain pop, so i have him beat local guys or make him lose to Main eventers so he gets a bit of a name for himself.

In terms of other signees, we have BG James, returning to reform the new age outlaws, but also Jeff Jarrett, a solid guy that could be a great upper midcard guy. And finally we have Bret and Owen Hart who returned to the WWF (check the OP for further infos), ofc that pissed half of the main event but seriously i don't care, but the interesting thing is that while Owen sided with WWF, Bret stayed with WCW, because the Montreal Screwjob is still too fresh (yeah Bret holds grudges, who would have thought...). Also i managed to have working agreements with AJPW and NJPW, and i loaned them Rikishi and other guys for Hiroshi Tanahashi and Curt Hennig, the aim for the first one is to get to 20 pop (because i want him ofc ahahah) and the other to feed Brock his delicious points of pop (at 43 he won't be with me under a written deal so better use this USA pop while he can still go)

So Survivor Series has been more successful, but as much as i would have wanted to. But now, as the WCW has won the tag match for domination over WWF, Bischoff will book the biggest show (in his words) of the year: Starrcade, with a lot of dream matches including:


Steve Austin vs Scott Hall

 Bret Hart vs Eddie Guerrero

 The Rock vs Hulk Hogan

 Goldberg vs the Big Show

 Ric Flair vs Kurt Angle

Lance Storm & Perry Saturn vs Dean Malenko & Owen Hart

 Shane Douglas vs Jeff Jarrett

 Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble

 Rick Steiner vs Bradshaw vs Edge

 Jeff Hardy vs DDP

and finally the returning Undertaker vs the last signee of WCW gang: Sting.

Tazz vs Rhyno w Raven at ringside


Twelve matches for a mini-Wrestlemania PPV, this one i will to not screw up.... Also if you happen to read through all this, give me some feedback on where i should improve, if you want some more infos on the storylines, the world, and if you have any tips on how to book these kind of shows (what match aim to avoid, that can kind of stuff) i'm always willing to take.

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Here we go for Starrcade, unfortunately this was only a three hours PPV and therefore i didnt have the time for all the matches but i will give you the highlights:

Triple H and Chris Benoit going at it for a 94 rated match. Triple H is hot like a forge on a summer and Chris Benoit is so good its not even funny anymore.

Bret Hart defeated Eddie Guerrero for a 95. Bret still got it! Yes!

Ric Flair defeated Kurt Angle for 81. Ric Flair is still good even tho he is clearly past his prime, he can put on decent performances. Angle wasnt that Hurt and i plan on giving the WHC title for Angle as a reward.

Scott Hall defeated Austin for the WWE championship. 82. Bad chemistry and Austin off his game because he wqsnt please to take his first 1on 1 loss of the year. What a baby.


Other than that:

We are the company of the year, the wrestler of the year being Mitsuharu "EEEEEEllllEEEEEBOOOOOO" Misawa (ofc), and the young wrestler of the year is Jeff Hardy! He has tons of momentum behind him (he won against DDP at Starrcade), he bonded with Ric Flair, who had took him under his wing. Now his stats screams Main Event: 62 brawl, 83 aerial, 89 flashiness, 91 basics, 80 psychology, 84 stamina, and 90 selling only his mic skills, consistency and acting are a bit behind with 62, 63 and 57 each. The thing is that he is 24 years old, so he has plenty of time to improve, also Edge & Christian are on the rise, approaching the 70 pop mark, the next months will be interesting for them. Also, to fill the ranks of the future call ups for next year, i signed to developmental deals some unemployed indy talents like Claudio Castagnoli, amazing red, homicide, petey williams. I didnt signed them for too long as i just want them to get better, having a bit of a pop boost, so they can go back to the indies and being a bit more valuable. However, i may hold some guys with some written deals later on if they are being showing glimpses of greatness. 

Honestly i dont know why local companies doesnt want guys like Aj Styles, Paul London or Austin Aries, they may be rookies, but they are already better than some of the older indy wrestlers.

Also Toryuamon Mex and Jap are in financial bad shape, if they go broke and close their gates, i will be glad to sign their president, the 34 years old Ultimo Dragon and his main guy Hayabusa. They could be great assets to my thin cruiserweight division

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So, with having troubles to implement the Royal Rumble into the Invasion storyline, i decided to replace with The Great American Bash. At least it can plays off with the egomaniac Bischoff.

Just before the show was booked, Jerry Lynn died from an accident inducing a scarf and fan, at 38 years old, too bad he had a planned against the champ Rey Mysterio. 


So the card so far:

Steve Austin vs Scott Hall vs Hulk Hogan for the WWF title


Sting vs Eddie Guerrero


Chris Benoit vs Goldberg


Raven vs Tazz vs RVD vs Rhyno for the Hardcore title


Curt Hennig vs Brock Lesnar


Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle


Triple H vs Undertaker


DDP & Booker T vs Hardyz for the WCW Tag team championship


Perry Saturn vs Dean Malenko vs Lance Storm for n1 contender dor the Europpean championship


The Rock vs Ric Flair for the IC title


For a 3 hours PPV, it's going to be short, i might insert other matches on the pre-show. like Shane Douglas vs Jeff Jarrett rematch or the cruiserweight match...

For the results check out tomorrow...

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The Great American Bash has been met with a lot of expectations, on both storyline side and booking side, both leading to a tremendous disappointement, i had to change the Taker vs Triple H match because they have awful chemistry together for exemple, or Sting and Goldberg being not part of the Invasion angle somehow. Another error of mine.

But we are done with talking, now the results for Great American Bash 2001:


Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs Curt Hennig: 72.

Very solid, Brock is getting there in terms of popularity, but it's a grinding, but i have a plan for him in the future.


Jeff Jarrett vs Shane Douglas for the US title: 65.

Although i am a bit disappointed by the performance of those and my hype concerning Shane Douglas is slowly fading i'm still waiting after Wrestlemania for the draft to decide what to do with him next. Jarrett is a good assett, he could be that low main event guy.


Main Show:

Rhyno vs Raven vs Tazz vs RVD for the Hardcore title: 80.

Great match for midcard guys, i gave the belt on Rhyno because i didnt wanted Raven to have it that soon again but at the same i wanted someone from the Raven's Flock to have it and Rhyno has been great lately, always putting on great matches, the only annoying thing is that others dropped heavily in popularity.


Hardy Boyz vs Booker T & DDP for the WWF tag titles: 77. 

Thank god we have the Hardyz, matt hardy 91 performance and jeff 100, because DDP is old and broken down, and Booker has not lived up for expectations.


Owen Hart vs Perry Saturn for the European title: 71.

Owen is good, he needs to be pushed heavier, and Perry is ok-ish but is not a great performer at all.


The Steiner Bros vs the New Age Outlaws: 77.

Scott Steiner is very solid, im glad ive signed him a bit longer than his brother. And the Outlaws are good but doesnt have the same pop so it kind of hurt their performance.


Gregory Helms vs Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight title: 83.

Rey is here to save the day once again! He is the face of his division, and undefeated since he got the title back from X-Pac (whose in rehab right now), that's a plus and also that's a malus because he is so good that i will be forced to make him step up and go for bigger titles, but no one is legit enough to beat him right now. The most difficult thing is that i don't have a lot of babyfaces cruiserweights to build a heel around.


The Undertaker vs Kevin Nash: 79.

That's the replacement match and luckily they have great chemistry! I know for 79 thats not obvious but keep in mind it's 2001 Kevin Nash in singles competition, don't ask him to run too much.


Goldberg vs Chris Benoit: 78.

Disppointement n1, no storyline attached to,  that hurts a lot.


Sting vs Eddie Guerrero: 77.

The other botched booking of my part.


Hulk Hogan vs Scott Hall vs Steve Austin for the WWF title: 81.

Thats not the main event because i didnt wanted the old-ster to ruin the overall rating of my PPV, but i gave him the championship which in itself is a good trade off.


Ric Flair vs The Rock for the IC title: 82.

Ric Flair is good, but too old for that stuff, at least he gave his pop to the Rock. And then i realized Rock will miss Wrestlemania because he will be gone filming a movie. Damn.



America vs Canada, WWF vs WCW: Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart: 82.

That one i was so pissed off, i dont know what went wrong with that one, maybe the Storytelling aim idk.


Story wise, although the two big titles are still in WCW's hands, they do not dominate the WWF roster as much as Eric wanted them to. So next night he is gonna announce the next PPV: Souled Out. Which will feature a WarGames. The participants have yet to be announced...

Also, i called up Randy Orton because he was crying so much about being in developmental.

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Hello there, so i had the next PPV Fallbrawl on week 2 of February 2002 so i will go on that first, show you the card rather than match per match and tell what are my thoughts about it.



The Rock and Bret are on fire, obviously, sadly, Rock will lose the title because he is off to film a movie in two weeks and will miss Wrestlemania. Edge & Christian are beginning to grow on the audience, they are towards the 70 mark. Rhyno is a pure beast, i mean 82 when Punk has like 50 pop in most areas is quite an achievement. Maneko and Saturn wasnt good idk why, they both have good to great performances. Kane vs Nash was aiming to calm the crowd, a quick squash match between two big guys and they have great chemistry which resulted in an outstanding performance of 69 from Nash... at least Kane will gain some pop. Right after we had team Austin vs team Hogan in a 4 vs 4 Wargames match which was rated 82, good considering Hogan and DDP were in. I had Chris Benoit to submit the Hulkster because he was screwing me big time with his lazy performances and locker room rifts towards Austin, so he got to job to a guy with 15 pop below him. The cruiserweight match is aimed to elevate Jamie Knoble, the guy has great stats, decent charisma and can talk, he just needs that ounce of pop so he can hang out with Mysterio at Mania. The next match was more of a filler than something, but it's to continue the rtivalry Goldberg and Taker had lately, which will come down at Mania in a streak vs streak match. Goldberg is good, producing 90+ performances consistently. And finally Angle vs Hall, the most reliable WCW guy with Bret against the best worker around along with Jericho and Benoit.


Now concerning: the big changes in pop and the new main eventers, we have Jeff Hardy with low 80's and tremendous stats.


He will soon hang out with the greatest, but for now he is tag champ with Matt, but they may break up sooner rather than later...

Another guy that i'm actually building a lot is Lance Storm, aligned with the WCW and managed by Bischoff he is pointed as one of the next breakout stars. His lancestormabilities.PNG.f8880231507ab5fafa5821c406b3c27d.PNG

His entertainment skills are still not on point but i have a couple of good managers to have promote a match for him while he does all the great in-ring stuff. And when you have great matches you actually gain pop.


Now let's talk stories and Wrestlemania plans:

Vince Mcmahon has returned in the company, securing a key portion of the WWF shares throughout some shady manoeuvres and with the support of his son Shane and other WWF loyalists. He has forced Eric Bischoff, the current owner (in storyline) of the WWF to reput the company on the line at the Grandest Stage of them All: Wrestlemania. The side with most wins retain the company.

There will be a few quiet a lot of matches to determine the fate of the company and here is the card i made so far:


Dean Malenko vs Lance Storm for the European title.


Shane Douglas vs William Regal for the US title.

Eddie Guerrero vs Perry Saturn.

Team Raven's Flock (Raven, Kanyon, Rhyno, Mike Awesome, Brock Lesnar wPaul Heyman) vs Team ECW (Mick Foley, Rob Van Dam, Tazz, Vampiro and CM Punk)

Main Card:

Booker T vs Kurt Angle for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Owen Hart vs Ric Flair

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels: Battle of the Brothers

The APA vs the Steiners Brothers for the WCW tag team titles

Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit: Battle of the Technicians

The Outsiders vs Kane & Big Show

Hardyz vs Dudleyz vs Edge & Christian for the WWF tag titles.

Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Knoble for the WCW Cruiserweight title

The Undertaker vs Goldberg: Streak vs Streak match

Chris Jericho vs Sting: Ayatollah vs Icon

Main Event:

Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan for the WWF Heavyweight title: Legend vs Legend match


Now this is what i call a stacked card, there is gonna be star power, technical matches, high flying match, big brawls, Epic encounters, evrything. In a 5 hours PPV. The only match that isn't really part of the Invasion is the triple threat tag team, but that's more convenient because with that one out of the storyline, there is 13 matches for a war between 2 companies. Now i'll just have to adjust the various stories so each worker is within the right storyline.

But what do you guys think, does this card looks good, would you pay to watch it?  And try to guess who's gonna win the matches that would be fun to see some theories.

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Hey guys, i dropped this save and this topic because i had failed my Wrestlemania PPV! That's right, due to the fact there were so many matches and 4 hours as the max time for a PPV, some booking mistakes and Hogan's extraordinary ability to screw me over i've had a Wrestlemania rated 82... With the highest rated matches were a 5 v5 tag match team Raven vs team Foley, and Lance Storm vs Dean Malenko, both 86 rated matches, and the lowest rated match being....... Austin vs Hogan for the Main Event with a 69. How ironic. 

I was a bit frustrated so i dropped off, but i came back and let me tell the story for the month of April 2002, the beginning of a new era in WWF...


I've still had a large sum of money due to the Invasion being a commercial success nonetheless, i have started to build a network to give my developmental territories some exposure, therefore giving more opportunity to the talent down there to gain pop. Speaking of developmental, i am pumping in money there in order to have good talents such as amazing red, shannon moore, ekmo fatu, cesaro. I have already brought up talents that has been in developmental last year, like Teddy Hart, Randy Orton (both talents in which shows already signs of greatness).


But now lets talk about the situation in the main roster proper: Vince Mcmahon announced on the first Raw after Wrestlemania that there will be dual brands created, both having a certain target population, RAW and SmackDown! RAW will be centered around huge stars like Austin, Triple H, Shawn Michaels but will also featuring the best technical matches out of the two brands with both the Intercontinental and European titles acting as the must see matches for all the pure and technical wrestling fans. SmackDown! on the other hand will be a brand featuring younger talents, being the brand new brand it will be much more modern and appealing to the young audience with the Cruiserweight Division being the pet project of the new General Manager of SD!, Eric Bischoff. However the brand would also feature some of the greatest pro-wrestling stars, like the newly crowned WHC Kurt Angle, the appointed guardian of SD!, Undertaker, or even the fast rising Eddie Guerrero. There is a lot of potential in the new blue brand.


Therefore the PPV's have been rearranged, every brand has a PPV each in one month of alternance the rosters would compete together only in Big 4 PPV's and a new special PPV that will be uncovered later.

                                                                                                          current champions:


-Steve Austin (WWF Heavyweight champion)

-Chris Jericho (Intercontinental champion)

-Jeff Hardy (European champion)

-Rhyno (Hardcore champion)

-Edge & Christian (Raw tag team champions)

-Kurt Angle (World Heavyweight champion)

-Shane Douglas (United States champion)

-Rey Mysterio (Cruiserweight champion)

-The A.P.A. (SD! tag team champions)

                                                                                                     Concerning the feuds for the Next PPV (Judgement Day):


Booker T vs Austin vs Triple H vs Dean Malenko: Steve Austin is again in dangerous waters. Scheduled to face Dean Malenko at Judgement Day, he has to face pressure both from Triple H, who used his ties with the McMahon family to have a title shot himself, and also from Booker T, whom lost his title at Wrestlemania but never got his rematch clause since Kurt Angle was drafted to Smackdown. One champion and 3 challengers, but there can only be one man going home with the title.


Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho: Long has been the comradery and friendship between the two men, both canadian, both being undermined in WCW, but they fought together during the Invasion, however it has always being Jericho that have had most of the glory, touring with his band, being the cool guy, while Benoit the silent workhorse. Now, after Wrestlemania both men came out victorious but then again, it's Chris Jericho that got the gold. The frustration and tension grows between the two athletes as they try to make a place for themselves in the tag team division. Will this another test will be checked or will this mark the doom of this long friendship?


Jeff Hardy vs Goldberg & DDP: Jeff Hardy has undoubtetly been the breakout star of 2001, but his meteoric rise to the top makes some envious. DDP for exemple, who fear that his spot might be taken by a flashier and younger star, and Goldberg who wish to clean the affront of his first defeat at Wrestlemania by punishing a young hungry talent to show to everyone that he his still the Machine everyone feared in WCW.


New Age Outlaws vs Edge & Christian vs Dudley Boyz: Edge & Christian have to defend their title against the tables psychos, the Dudley Boys while also preventing the NAO from getting the last title they so solely wished.


Hulk Hogan vs Randy Orton: Hulk Hogan despite his loss remains a top name in WWF, however he received a challenge from a young third generation star, Randy Orton. While he is still the Hulkster and shouldn't be bothered by such lesser talent, he is not getting younger and therefore he took the challenge as the ultimate test to see if he still deserves his nickname The Immortal One.


Raven's Flock vs Shawn Michaels: Shawn Michaels has come back better than ever from his addictions and personnal deamons. Personnal deamons that Raven tries to put back on Shawn by defiling his legacy and his values, ultimately to break him mentally and to recruit him into the Flock. To do so Raven will try to convince The Big Red Machine, Kane, another creature of darkness to help him.


Owen Hart vs Ric Flair: Flair has been boalsting about him and disrespecting the Hart's family throughout the Invasion. Now that Bret has gone rogue abandonning his family and cutting all ties to further his own plans, it now bears to Owen, the youngest of his generation to bear the family tradition and to challenge The Nature Boy to see who is the true Technical Wizard...


Vampiro vs Brock Lesnar w Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar is set to be The Next Big Thing, and rightfully so, he is a genetic freak, having destroyed everyone he faced since his debuts, however he wasn't that satisfied of his win at Wrestlemania as he felt Vampiro, although beaten, was still defying him. Even more presomptuous, Vampiro managed to catch him off-guard in a match and score a pinfall against him. This time there will be no escape, this time Vampiro will know why he is named "The Minnesota Stretching Machine".


Give your predictions on the matches results and ratings, it is always appreciated :)

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