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2006-07 Brand Warfare - The Battle of Crip vs Meko

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So basically, Meko and I are doing a diary. Post over.

But for real, we're more or less taking the framework from his SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 GM Mode Diary (which you should definitely go read, certainly a nice little diary) and applying it to SvR 2007. I took SmackDown and Meko got RAW with the first pick, so without wasting anymore time, let's get into the results of the draft.


This is the full draft result, it is somewhat important to note that a trade of Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson for Edge and Chavo Guerrero went down, so #MekoGotFleeced2019?

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I think that the rosters are pretty even but Smackdown might edge out Raw a bit here with what I think are some better steals later in the draft with guys like the one and only REY MYSTERIO! Good luck to both of you though unforutantley I think Meko's hatred for Rey might cost him early on in this one.

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RAW Episode 1

RAW kicks off with General Manager, Jonathan Coachman, who announces that there will be a tournament comprising the entire RAW roster outside of champions for the chance to battle WWE champion John Cena at Backlash. This tournament will take place over the next four weeks of programming, and the first four matches will happen tonight.


Shawn Michaels VS The Great Khali

Kicking off the show, we see Shawn Michaels take on the Punjabi Nightmare, The Great Khali. In a good match, Michaels would eke out the victory over his larger foe, putting away Khali with a Sweet Chin Music and securing his spot in the next round of the WWE championship number one contender's tournament.


William Regal/Paul Burchill/Finlay VS Snitsky/Lashley/The Boogeyman

As a warm up match for next week's tournament competitors, we see six of the eight men set for tournament matches next week clash in a six-man tag match to score some early momentum. William Regal would pick up the victory for his team, putting away Snitsky with the Power of the Punch.


Kurt Angle VS Kid Kash

Our next tournament match sees Kid Kash step up to the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, in a bout where he is the heavy underdog. Though Kash gives a respectable effort, he's simply no match for Angle, and he's forced to submit to an Ankle Lock. Kurt Angle moves on to the next round, joining Shawn Michaels in the quarter-finals.


Mark Henry VS Daivari

The third tournament match of the night sees Daivari challenge the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Henry is able to plow through Daivari in decisive fashion, putting him away with a World's Strongest Slam and making it to the quarter-finals.


JBL/MNM VS John Cena/Viscera/Vito

Just before tonight's main event, we see Intercontinental champion JBL team with RAW tag team champions, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, against WWE champion John Cena and the duo of Viscera and Vito. JBL would score the victory for his team, putting away Vito with a Clothesline from Hell and sending an early message to anyone who wants to challenge his Intercontinental championship reign.


Umaga VS Batista

Tonight's main event sees Batista battle Umaga to make it to the next round of the WWE championship number one contender's tournament. In a hard-hitting clash, Batista would score the victory over the Samoan Bulldozer, putting him away with a Batista Bomb.

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April 5th, 2006, Louisville, Kentucky

Friday Night SmackDown


The show starts with Theodore Long in the ring with a microphone in hand. He welcomes us to the new look Friday Night SmackDown, and says that with the titles vacated, everybody has their chance to win a championship. He explains that, over the next three weeks, six men will have the chance to qualify for a World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4 Way, and tonight’s main event will be the first qualifier between Triple H and The Undertaker!


Carlito vs Rob Van Dam

To kick off the night’s wrestling, we have singles action between Mr. Money in the Bank Rob Van Dam and Carlito. Van Dam proves his elite status as Carlito falls to a Five Star Frog Splash. Van Dam poses with fans in the front row following the match.


Hardcore Holly vs Ric Flair

A match between these two veterans of the business takes place, leaving Flair overcoming Bob Holly following a low blow which went unseen by the official, a couple of chop blocks, and a Figure 4 Leglock that Holly found a way to stay in without tapping for nearly two minutes. The feature of the match is a chopping war which ensued between the two, with Flair getting the best of Hardcore Holly.


Edge and Lita come out next to promo, declaring that he should be entitled to a shot at the World Heavyweight title since he won the WWE Championship, culminating in Teddy Long interrupting Edge and assuring him that he would have a chance to qualify in due time. Edge looks disgruntled, and Long continues by telling Edge he’d be facing off against… this man! Matt Hardy’s theme hits and he walks onto the ramp. Edge, realising he is deep in trouble, starts booking it for the crowd, escaping with Lita before Hardy could reach the ring.


Kane vs Big Show

Friendly competition between the number one contenders in the tag division is next, with no punches being pulled between the two behemoths. The final punch, a Knockout Punch, is delivered by the 500 pound Big Show to pick up the win. He helps Kane to his feet following the bout, showing the team still has plenty of chemistry.


Ken Kennedy vs Booker T vs Shelton Benjamin vs Psicosis for the United States Championship

The match was basically a triple threat with a whipping boy, with Kennedy, Booker, and Benjamin all taking plenty of shots at Psicosis, especially Booker and Shelton whom seemed to work well together. When Psicosis wasn’t getting destroyed by two or three people at a time, it was a slugfest between the charismatic Kennedy, the athletic Benjamin and the wily veteran Booker T. In the end, Mr. Kennedy took the win and the gold following a Green Bay Plunge onto Psicosis while Booker and Shelton were on the outside. After the match, Booker and Benjamin re-entered the ring with chairs, but Super Crazy ran in with a lead pipe and warded off the pair, tending to Psicosis once they had left.

A hype package showing the matchups between two of the best in the business, Triple H and the Undertaker, plays on the titantron. It shows their legendary battles in the Attitude Era, to a standing ovation from the Louisville crowd.


Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero

A match between two high flying cruiserweights in Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero is the next one to be wrestled, and it is won by Rey Mysterio, who is much more aggressive than we have seen him in a long time, and not nearly as interactive with the fans. Instead of his typical 619 or Frog Splash finisher, Mysterio puts away Chavo with a move we’ve seen countless times from him, a rollout counter to a sunset flip attempt by Chavo, finished off with a roundhouse punt kick to the skull. He shakes Chavo’s hand following the match, but time will tell if Mysterio’s newfound aggression have any implications for his character.


Triple H vs The Undertaker

Two of the greatest superstars from the WWE’s most successful and famous period, the Attitude Era, go head to head one more time to determine the first man to be added to the list of number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, alongside Rey Mysterio. In an absolute classic of a match where neither man has enough to put the other away, Undertaker overcomes Triple H after the Game attempts a flying knee from the top rope that Taker counters into a devastating Last Ride. The Deadman puts the exclamation point on his victory with a Tombstone Piledriver that puts away the Cerebral Assassin, one, two, three. The night is closed with the Deadman doing his signature one knee pose. The Undertaker advances to the World Heavyweight Championship match, and next week we’ll find out if Edge or Matt Hardy have what it takes to get to the top.

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RAW Episode 2

The Boogeyman VS Paul Burchill

RAW begins with the first of four number one contender's tournament matches, as Finlay does battle with The Boogeyman. In a strange bout, The Boogeyman would score the victory over the Irishman, moving to the quarter finals.


Umaga/The Great Khali/Daivari VS Batista/Mark Henry/Kid Kash

Our next bout sees six of the eight men who participated in qualifying matches last week do battle, with only Batista and Henry moving on to the quarter finals of these six men. Ultimately, though Batista and Henry put up a great effort, the weak link of their team proved to be Kid Kash, falling to the destructive might of the Great Khali.


Viscera VS Vito

After teaming last week alongside John Cena, Viscera and Vito do battle to make it to the next round of the number one contender's tournament. Ultimately for Vito, he would not be able to overcome his much larger competitor, and Viscera would score the victory and move to the next round.


RAW then cuts backstage to RAW women's champion Mickie James, who promises to be a proud fighting champion. However, before she can finish, she's attacked from behind by Candice Michelle, who immediately makes it clear that she wants the RAW women's title.


Snitsky VS Finlay

The third of our number one contender's tournament opening round matches sees Snitsky do battle with the Fighting Irishman, Finlay. In a great clash, Finlay would score the victory over his foe, moving to the quarterfinals, leaving only one more spot open in the round of eight.


JBL/MNM VS John Cena/Shawn Michaels/Kurt Angle

Just before tonight's main event, we see WWE champion John Cena team with two of the eight men in the quarter finals of the number one contender's tournament, and two men set to clash with each other next week. They battle the Intercontinental champion, JBL, and the RAW tag team champions, MNM, the same opponents the WWE champion faced last week. Ultimately, just before they could score the victory, Shawn Michaels would surprisingly leave the team high and dry, walking out on them. This momentary distraction would be just enough for JBL to level Cena with a Clothesline From Hell, scoring the victory over the WWE champion.


William Regal VS Bobby Lashley

Finally, tonight's man event sees William Regal do battle with Bobby Lashley for the final spot in the number one contender's quarter finals. In a stellar main event, William Regal would score the upset, putting Lashley away with a Power of the Punch and securing the final spot in the quarter finals.

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April 12, 2006, Denver, Colorado

Friday Night SmackDown


Rey Mysterio vs Gregory Helms for the Cruiserweight Championship

The night’s action is kicked off with title implications, as Mysterio and Helms go head to head to crown a Cruiserweight Champion of the world. The aggression that served Mysterio against Chavo last week resurfaces, as Helms cannot seem to find an advantage against the speedier Rey. After going to the well of old tricks one too many times, Helms attempts a sunset flip powerbomb and is put down by the same maneuver Mysterio defeated Chavo Guerrero with last week. Rey takes the title and celebrates, but less with the fans and more with himself.


Rob Van Dam vs Chris Masters

Following the embarrassment of his tag team partner, Chris Masters takes on the man who defeated Carlito in RVD. The speed advantage from Van Dam is on full display, as he puts down the modern day Bodydonna with several springboards and a Rolling Thunder to finish. RVD says that whoever is World Heavyweight Champion in two weeks better watch their back, because the Whole Damn Show is going to come down on them if they don’t.


Super Crazy cuts a promo via satellite footage, saying that Psicosis is in the hospital for minor injuries, but next week he wants Shelton Benjamin and Booker T in a tag team match. The feed cuts out after Super Crazy’s demand.


Trevor Murdoch vs Big Show

In a match that may soon be indicative of the state of the tag division, the redneck Trevor Murdoch takes on the largest athlete in the world, the 500lb Big Show. Murdoch attempts several times to start a slugfest, but the larger man continually shuts it down, instead utilising his strength advantage to throw around the much smaller man. A Chokeslam puts away Murdoch, ending the one sided affair that is this match.


Kane vs Ken Kennedy Non-Title

The brash Kennedy and the behemoth Kane go toe to toe next, with the match repeating the same course to its conclusion. Kane utilises the size and power advantage at his disposal for a short time until Kennedy retreats outside. After several recurrences of this string of actions, Kane follows the United States Champion to the outside and, ignoring the referee’s count, puts down the arrogant Mr. Kennedy with a Tombstone Piledriver onto the floor, at which point the match ends in double countout, and then to add an exclamation point, Kane chokeslams Kennedy onto the steel steps. Kane leaves Kennedy alone to retreat backstage, not a winner, but also not the loser.


Shelton Benjamin and Booker T are backstage, and cut a promo on Super Crazy and Psicosis. They accept the challenge made by Super Crazy earlier in the night, and say the Mexifools better be ready for what will happen to them.


Ric Flair vs Chavo Guerrero

A match between the technical mastery of Flair and the crafty quickness of Guerrero results in a surprise rollup from Chavo. Flair poked Chavo’s eyes, leading to the referee berating Ric and Chavo sneaking up from behind while Flair’s attention was diverted. Flair offers handshake, but Chavo, wise to the tricks of Ric Flair, denies it and leaves the ring.


Edge vs Matt Hardy

A bitter history between these two former friends plays out exactly how one would expect. Hardy exploded early and often, forcing Edge into retreat multiple times. Edge does not have an answer for Hardy’s unbridled rage until Lita begins her involvement in the match, climbing onto the apron and distracting the already furious Matt Hardy. The back and forth match ends following a severe misstep by Hardy, irish whipping Edge into a corner and then running towards him to perform a shoulder block. However, Edge manages to slip the middle turnbuckle cover off and sidestep Matt, sending him facefirst into the exposed steel. The night ends with Lita and Edge standing tall over a busted-open Matt Hardy. With one more participant left to be determined for the world title match just two weeks away, time will tell who holds the greatest advantage going into the fatal four way.

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RAW Episode 3

Batista VS Mark Henry

RAW kicks off with a battle of hosses to determine who will be in the semi finals of the number one contender's tournament, as Mark Henry battles Batista. In a good match, Batista would score the victory with a Batista Bomb to Henry, moving to the semi-finals and being only two wins away from facing WWE champion John Cena at Backlash.


Umaga/Daivari/The Great Khali VS Paul Burchill/Kid Kash/Vito

A union that came together last week, this powerful trio of Umaga, Daivari and Khali do battle with Kid Kash, Vito and Paul Burchill. In a quick bout, Umaga would win the match for his trio when he plowed through Vito with a Samoan Spike. This new union of two monsters and Daivari might be unstoppable, and the RAW roster needs to be on notice.


The Boogeyman VS Finlay

The second number one contender's tournament match of the night sees Finlay do battle with The Boogeyman. Finlay would put away his strange opponent with a Celtic Cross, and now Finlay has qualified for the semi-finals.


Viscera VS William Regal

The third quarter final match of the night sees William Regal battle the world's largest love machine, Viscera. Regal would pull out the victory against his larger opponent, putting him away with the Power of the Punch and qualifying for the semi-finals.


Candice Michelle VS Torrie Wilson

Last week, Candice Michelle targetted the RAW women's champion, Mickie James. Michelle faces Torrie Wilson tonight, and in a quick bout, she would put away Torrie, scoring a big victory and staking her claim to the RAW women's championship.


Kurt Angle VS Shawn Michaels

Finally, the final quarter final match of the tournament sees Shawn Michaels do battle with Kurt Angle. In an amazing match, Michaels would put away Angle with a Sweet Chin Music, but only after a surprising low blow from the Heartbreak Kid. Michaels has made it clear that he will do anything to become WWE champion, and he just proved it with that display. Is the WWE championship finally destined to be in Michaels' grasp again?

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April 19, 2006, Washington, DC


Mexicools vs Shelton Benjamin and Booker T

The night starts with the Mexicools looking for revenge against the makeshift duo of Shelton Benjamin and Booker T. Psicosis’ injuries shone through, as Benjamin and Booker isolated him from Super Crazy for a good portion of the match. The match finishes with emotions broiling higher than ever, a countout victory for the Mexicools. This was reached following a suicide dive from Psicosis taking out both himself, and the legal Booker T. Super Crazy found a way to pull Psicosis into the ring at a count of 8, and Booker could not get to the ring by the ten count. Following the match, Benjamin assaulted Super Crazy and Psicosis, beating them into the mat until Booker T and security could pry him off.


Hardcore Holly vs Gregory Helms

In a match between a cocky up and comer and a grizzled veteran, Helms redeems his previous loss to Rey Mysterio with a victory over Bob Holly. A Shining Wizard from Helms puts away Holly, making good on the promise that this is Helms’ time.


An announcement is made that, up next, Carlito and Chris Masters would face Big Show and Kane for the Tag Team titles.


Carlito/Chris Masters vs Big Show/Kane for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Following two weeks straight in which they were embarrassed by Rob Van Dam, Carlito and Chris Masters look for an opponent to destroy, but what they get are two giants who want to prove their WrestleMania victory was not a fluke. In what can be described as a brawl, both teams go at it before the bell even rings, but it ends up with Big Show landing the final blow, a Knockout Punch to the chin of Carlito. Kane and Show regain their lost championships, while Carlito and Masters’ egos remain unsoothed, their combined record on SmackDown moving to 0-3.


Chavo Guerrero vs Ken Kennedy Non Title

Kennedy and Guerrero go to a battle to potentially determine a number one contender for the United States Championship. Kennedy, having suffered a brutal assault by Kane last week, begins the match with taped ribs, something Chavo takes full advantage of. By the end of the match, Mr. Kennedy proves there is bite to go along with the bark he has and defeats Chavo Guerrero with a Mic Check. He celebrates, but is clearly in pain.


Rey Mysterio is found backstage for an interview, and asked about his prospects of becoming a double champion. Rey says he doesn’t care what title it is, but whatever belt that is around his waist is the only one that matters to SmackDown.


Triple H vs Rob Van Dam

A bout between two of the top names of SmackDown between Mr. Money in the Bank and the Cerebral Assassin results in a mixed finish, with no clear winner. RVD was on the verge, but as he climbs up the ropes, with his back turned to the ring, to deliver a Five Star Frog Splash, Triple H hops up and runs over to Van Dam, delivering a blatant Low Blow, getting himself disqualified. The Game does not seem to care much, as he poses in the ring as though he just won.


Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit

To finish off the night, Randy Orton and Chris Benoit do battle in the final qualifying match for the World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4 Way next week. In a brawl between two of SmackDown’s elite, Randy Orton puts away the former world champion, catching Benoit with a shock RKO. Orton poses over Benoit to end the night, and the match for next week is set - Rey Mysterio vs The Undertaker vs Edge vs Randy Orton. We’ll see who comes out victorious next week on Friday Night SmackDown.

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RAW Episode 4

Batista VS Finlay

RAW kicks off with the first semi-final match in the tournament to determine John Cena's WWE championship challenger at Backlash. In a hard hitting affair, it would be The Animal who scored the victory, putting away Finlay with a Batista Bomb. Batista now moves to the main event, where he will have a chance to earn a bout against John Cena for the WWE championship.


The Great Khali VS Paul Burchill

Our next bout sees The Great Khali do battle with Paul Burchill, with Khali flanked by Umaga and Daivari. Ultimately, though, their presence would make no difference, as Khali scored the victory in decisive fashion.

After the match, Daivari would take to the microphone and announce that he is issuing an open challenge to any team who wants to step up to Khali and Umaga at Backlash, and they will be certain to wipe them from the face of the earth.


Shawn Michaels VS William Regal

Our next match is the second semi-final match of the night, where we see the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, do battle with William Regal. In a fantastic clash, Shawn Michaels would put away Regal with Sweet Chin Music, but again, only after utilizing some underhanded tactics to pull it off. The main event is now set, as Shawn Michaels faces Batista for the chance to battle John Cena at Backlash for the WWE title.


Bobby Lashley VS Kid Kash

Our next bout sees Kid Kash battle in yet another big underdog fight, as he takes on the Destroyer, Lashley. In a good match, Kash impresses with a spirited performance, but it simply isn't enough to overcome Lashley, as Kash falls to a Spear.

After the match, Bobby Lashley would then be confronted by Kurt Angle, who appears to be unimpressed by Lashley's victory. Angle takes to the microphone and tells Lashley that if he really wants to prove himself, he needs to do so against the best wrestler in the world, Kurt Angle. Lashley simply nods at this proposal and the two men shake hands, a huge match now set for Backlash.


Mickie James VS Jillian Hall

The RAW women's champion, Mickie James, now does battle with Jillian Hall in an attempt to prove herself at the top of the RAW women's division. In a quick bout, Mickie is able to put away Hall with a Chick Kick. After the match, Mickie takes to the microphone and announces that she accepts Candice Michelle's challenge at Backlash, more than ready to prove her worth as the top woman in the WWE.


Before tonight's main event, the RAW General Manager Jonathan Coachman announces that due to their impressive performances in the tournament, William Regal and Finlay will compete in a tag title match against MNM at Backlash. Alongside this, the loser of Batista VS Shawn Michaels will face JBL for the Intercontinental championship at Backlash, as well.


Batista VS Shawn Michaels

Finally, tonight's main event sees the two men ready to fight for the chance to battle John Cena for the WWE championship at Backlash. In a fantastic match, it would be Shawn Michaels who pulled off the victory, nailing Batista with a Sweet Chin Music after hitting him with a low blow while the referee was distracted. Though it wasn't pretty, Michaels got the victory, and he now faces the WWE champion at Backlash because of it.

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