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The New War - AEW vs NXT

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Following a huge dip in fan approval in the big dog of North American wrestling, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks, backed by the loaded Khan family and specifically by Tony Khan, a lifelong wrestling fan, decided the time was now for an alternative to WWE to arise. While multiple companies have had the chance, most prominently Total Nonstop Action during the mid-to-late 2000s, to overtake World Wrestling Entertainment since WCW's closure in 2001, nobody has been successful in breaking the stranglehold WWE has on wrestling. Finding their way into a television deal with TNT, can AEW take the fans and attention WWE has been securely keeping for so long?

With the aforementioned dip in fan approval jumpstarted by an incredible misuse of talent on the main roster, many people began to look towards NXT, WWE's developmental brand, as the primary source of quality wrestling from the company. Headed by Triple H, the brand has been incredibly successful in creating stars and quality storylines. With AEW's Wednesday Night Dynamite coming weekly on TNT, Vince McMahon knew he had to make some attempt to thwart the threat, and the action taken was simple: abolish the developmental part of NXT and establish it as a full time main roster brand, beginning with doubling the runtime of NXT from one hour to two and putting NXT on major cable in the USA Network. Can NXT reinvigorate the WWE and help it retain its big dog status in the wrestling industry?

We've seen the Monday Night Wars, but this threat is completely different. This... is The New War. (Diary presented by Crippler [yours truly] and non-Jeremiah Flynn)


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Episode 1- We Are Here- AEW Dynamite


Cody Rhodes Welcomes Us To Dynamite


As we go live on the air, live on TNT. We are met by Cody Rhodes and his beautiful wife, Brandi Rhodes. As they welcome us to AEW Dynamite, a show of shows, a new revolution what can we expect? They both enter the ring before Cody grabbing a microphone.

Cody Rhodes: Welcome to AEW Dynamite, I am so happy you all came. Tonight we start a revolution, a new era of wrestling. We have a stacked card here tonight, where we present to you some of the best in the world. Now lets get this show rolling.


Cody Rhodes vs Darby Allin


A solid match to kick off Dynamite, these two really set the bar for the rest of the show. The match would begin with a lockup, the strength advantage easily going to Cody, as he would push Darby into the corner. Darby would fight back, with an aura of punchs to Cody's skull, before he would back off for a few moments. As this great match would continue, Darby would bite Cody's ear until it bled a smudge, after that Cody had enough. As he would grab Darby for a Cross Rhodes for the victory.



Cody Rhodes wins via a Cross Rhodes in the time of 16:34


Chris Treasures The Praises


As we return from commercial break, there is a vignette showing all of Chris Jericho's accolades over his 20 year career. From one company to another, he would rule their kingdom and then take it to the next one. For AEW, once he stepped foot onto its grounds, he was a Champion. And he looks to continue that tonight during the Main Event.


Adam Page vs PAC


Another great match, PAC "The Bastard" is not a man to be taken lightly. And Adam Page found that out the hard way here tonight. PAC would destroy Adam Page for a solid 5 mintues, before he would come back into this one. Left and rights with what it seemed to be no end. PAC would be rocking, as Adam Page went for a running lariat, but PAC would duck down, proceeding to strike him with a poke to the eye, hitting a falcon arrow. Now heading to the top rope, for a Red Arrow for the victory. 

As the lights turn off, a symbol of friendship appears before bursting in flames, what the hell is this?! Right before PAC has seen enough, a man with a hood comes out of the back, unveiling his idenity.




PAC wins via a Red Arrow in the time of 16:36


Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros


So in this one, we decide who will go one on one with LAX at Full Gear for the AEW Tag Team Championships.  The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to Pentagon who is tangled with Nick Jackson. For the whole match, it seemed the Young Bucks were off of their game. Lucha Bros looked amazing tonight, tearing apart what people might say is the best tag team in the world at the moment. In the last few moments of this clash, The Young Bucks have finally gotten back into this one before Fenix would strike Matt with a running senton driver for the victory. 



Lucha Bros wins and advance to Full Gear via a Senton Driver in the time of 20:23



Chris Jericho vs Sammy Guevara 


And this is our Main Event of the evening. What a historic night it has been thus far. But tonight we will see Chris Jericho, the AEW World Champion go one on one with a rookie of the game, Sammy Guevara. As we begin the match, Jericho grins as he believes this will be an easy one. We begin with a lockup, as the strength advantage easily goes to Jericho, as he pushes his opposition into the corner. A few moments later, Sammy would lay a slap on Jericho. The disdain on his face explains the whole story, as a few minutes later he would lay a CodeBreaker on Sammy for the win.



Chris Jericho wins via a Code Breaker in the time of 16:56


After the matchup, Jericho would attack Sammy, where he would become hurt as hell. Jericho was fed up with this kid and that is really all. The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes would come out to help him, but in their surprise a few men would come to the aid of Chris Jericho and Sammy what the hell? Sammy goes to attack the opposition, as this was all a setup. 

See the source image

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NXT Logo.png


October Second, Twenty Nineteen


For the first time in its history, NXT is going live on television, and the show promises to be one of the biggest in NXT’s history. This is the future, and the future is now on NXT TV. Title defenses will be aplenty tonight, as we see the NXT Tag Team, NXT Women's, and NXT Championships all defended here tonight. The latter of which, a match between champion Adam Cole and challenger Matt Riddle, is set to take place next, and as Triple H announced, there will be no commercial breaks. Without further ado, let’s dive directly into the biggest NXT TV of the year.


Matt Riddle vs Adam Cole for the NXT Championship

In a stellar match that has match of the year written all over it, Adam Cole takes down Riddle with the Last Shot. Following the match, the lights in the arena went out and Cole’s theme stopped, only for the theme of Finn Balor to ring through Full Sail, who go bonkers at the return of the former NXT Champion. Cole’s stunned face tells an entire story as Finn makes his way to the ring, and as he enters an NXT ring for the first time in years. Balor makes it clear he is an NXT superstar, and he also makes it clear that Cole has something he wants. 


Following a commercial break, we return to NXT to be met by the Velveteen Dream’s theme song. The Dream states he wants another shot at his North American title, and that without the help of the Undisputed ERA, Roderick Strong wouldn’t be holding the Dream’s belt. The crowd cheers Velveteen as he heads backstage.


Mia Yim vs Io Shirai

In a quite entertaining match between two of NXT’s best women, Io Shirai bests Yim following a moonsault. Io celebrates as Yim walks to the back, but it is clear there is still animosity between the two women.


During a quick intermission between matches, the announcement is made that Drew Gulak will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Lio Rush on next week’s NXT TV.


Johnny Gargano vs Shane Thorne

In a back and forth bout that featured the resilience of Gargano in full effect, Shane Thorne just could not find enough to put down the former NXT Champion and taps out to a Gargano Escape. Gargano picks up a tough victory but Shane Thorne is not a man to be taken lightly, as he proved tonight.


Candice LeRae vs Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship

The second title match of the night culminates in another chapter of the story of Shayna Baszler being written, with her virtual (and legitimate) stranglehold on the NXT Women's division being fully displayed in an excellent wrestling match. The match ended after LeRae passed out to the Kirifuda Clutch. Shayna celebrates after the match, and the question has to be asked: who will stop Shayna Baszler’s reign of terror?


An announcement is made that KUSHIDA will get an opportunity to win the United Kingdom Championship from WALTER next week on NXT, adding to the Cruiserweight title bout and making for another stacked card.


Pete Dunne vs Danny Burch

In a hard-hitting affair between two of the best English talents from the NXT UK roster, Pete Dunne puts away his fellow countryman with a Bitter End. Dunne shows why he’s one of the future’s brightest stars with time and talent on his side, and as the NXT catchphrase goes, the future is now. Following the match, Damian Priest runs from the crowd and clobbers Dunne from behind, posing over him to head into the commercial break.


Street Profits vs Undisputed ERA for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Tonight’s main event between two of NXT’s best teams is a classic of a match, resulting in the Profits being taken down by the Undisputed ERA following an assist from Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. With Strong, O’Reilly, and Fish celebrating in the ring and Cole holding his title on the stage, the Undisputed ERA theme stops playing while another theme starts instantaneously, as ”No One Will Survive” blasts among the arena. The NXT Universe goes insane as we see the return of Tommaso Ciampa to NXT! The former NXT Champion stalks around Cole on the stage, eyes locked on “Goldie” before looking up and staring the UE’s leader dead in the eyes. We close NXT off this image, wondering what the next week will bring.

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Episode 2- "The Kick Heard Around The World"

Kenny Omega vs Cody Rhodes- Number One Cotendership Match

See the source image

Tonight we start off our show with a Number One Contendership match for the AEW World Title come Full Gear. Who will go one on one with Chris Jericho on November 9th? As we begin the match, we start off with a lockup. The strength advantage goes to Omega, as he pushes his opposition into the corner. He would go for a running lariat, but wouldnt be very lucky as Cody would put his legs up just in time. 

As we would continue, Omega would be down on the canvas, when Cody would lock in a double legged boston crab. The agony is set in for Omega, after a few moments is able to grab the ropes. Right before he goes for a v-trigger the lights dim. All you see is pitch black before Jon Moxley is in the ring, the ref down, hits a dirty deeds on Kenny Omega. As Cody is able to crawl to the cover for the victory.

See the source image


SCU vs Lucha Bros- Tag Team Championships

See the source image

Our next match is for the AEW Tag Team Championships, what will come of this?  The match begins with a stare off from both teams. As Fenix and Daniels begin this match, they start off with a lockup. The strength advantage easily goes to Daniels, as he irish whips Fenix towards the ropes. As he would go for a shoulder block, Fenix would strike Daniels with a superkick. Taking Daniels down to the canvas, as he tags in Scorpio. But Fenix does not do the same, he wants to continue in the pain he is in right now. 

Fenix would go after Scorpio, but with no luck as he takes him right back down to the canvas. Why is he doing this to himself? Fenix finally gets back up, hitting another superkick, as he would proceed to the top rope for a swanton bomb for the victory.


Cody Is Not A Friend

See the source image

As we return from commercial break, a video package begins to play. As MJF would talk behind Cody's back complaining to Brandi about him. They would move to MJF's house, making out. The bedroom door would slam shut before the segment would end.


Darby Allin vs Jungle Boy

See the source image

This match will be a fun one for sure. As Darby Allin goes one on one with Jungle Boy. It was more of a match of utter obliteration. Darby Allin would just destroy his opposition. Until the final moments ass, Darby would head to the top rope for a double stomp for the victory.

After the matchup, Darby would be celebrating before a man by one solid name would step up to him. Challenging him at Full Gear, Sammy Guevara. 

See the source image


Chris Jericho vs Adam Page

See the source image

We now reach the main event of this week's Dynamite. As the AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho will go one on one with Adam Page. The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage goes to Adam Page, a younger man over here. Page brings Jericho over to the corner, until he stomps him down to the canvas. 

As we would continue, Jericho would get back into this. Taking Page down with a shoulder block, stomping on his skull multiple times. Until he would proceed to go for a lionsault. Going for the cover, but only a 2 count was executed. He would then look for a Codebreaker which he would connect with for the victory. 


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NXT Logo.png

October Ninth, Twenty Nineteen


NXT’s second week of being on the air of USA Network promises to be exciting, just like last week’s, as we get the show underway with a promo by the Undisputed ERA, and specifically Roderick Strong. He proclaims that he is North American Champion for a reason and that if Velveteen Dream wants to question his ability to wrestle, he should agree to take on Strong in a steel cage on next week’s NXT.

Image result for undisputed era promo

Mansoor vs Damian Priest

Following a statement debut the previous week in which he assaulted Pete Dunne, Damian Priest looks to make the most of his wrestling debut on NXT, as he takes on Mansoor. While the smaller man created many openings for himself, he just could not build enough momentum to overcome the behemoth in the ring facing him. Mansoor fell following a South of Heaven from Priest. Damian celebrates but looks wary of an ultimately nonexistent attack from Pete Dunne. Time will tell if Priest’s wariness will serve him well.

Image result for mansoor

Image result for damian priest

Imperium vs Breezango

Next up we find one of the top tag teams in NXT UK taking on Tyler Breeze and Fandango, a team transitioning from the main roster to NXT in recent times, searching for a fresh start. In a back and forth tag team bout, Breezango overcome Aichner and Barthel following a Beauty Shot from Breeze connecting with Fabian Aichner. Breezango looked strong throughout the match, and in a tag division that is beginning a rebuilding period, they could make some serious impacts. Commercial break hits as we prepare for our next bout.

Image result for fabian aichner and marcel barthel

Image result for breezango

Cezar Bononi vs Kona Reeves

In a battle of rather tall men, the athletic Cezar Bononi and the Hawaiian Kona Reeves clash. The Brazilian Bomber puts away Reeves in a quick bout, dispatching him with a chokeslam, gaining some traction and helping advance his career. Kona’s lackluster showing was followed by a fit of anger as he walked up the rampway, and he punched the LED screen on his way backstage.

Image result for cezar bononi

Image result for kona reeves

An interview with the Velveteen Dream is next, where he claims that Strong doesn’t have the mettle to stand in the same ring as the Dream, and next week, inside a steel cage with Strong’s crew kept at bay, it’s Dream Over.

Image result for velveteen dream interview

Lio Rush vs Drew Gulak for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

The first of two title matches on the night, the Man of the Hour seeks to prove his status among the elites of the Cruiserweight division. Champion Drew Gulak looks to retain his title and ward off another challenger to his throne as the top Cruiserweight. In a great bout, Lio Rush breaks out of two Gulocks, but a third is enough to keep down Rush. Gulak celebrates in the ring, and we head to a short commercial break.

Image result for lio rush

Image result for drew gulak cruiserweight champion

Dominik Dijakovic vs Keith Lee

This match, designed with the intent to let these two men finish their rivalry, seemed to only exacerbate its severity. With Dijakovic and Lee kicking out of just about everything, Dominik became frustrated and desperate, and the match ends in disqualification after Matt Riddle rushes to the ring and clocks the big man, a result brought about when Dijakovic turned to dirty tactics such as choking the Limitless One with the ropes. The Bro of NXT beat down Dominik Dijakovic to retreat, helping Keith Lee to the back after the match.

Image result for dominik dijakovic

Image result for keith lee

KUSHIDA vs WALTER for the WWE United Kingdom Championship

NXT’s Japanese sensation takes on the Austrian brute of NXT UK in WALTER, as the two square off with title implications. Following an excellent match of wrestling, KUSHIDA is caught in a Powerbomb following a springboard hurricanrana attempt and is put away clean by the dominant WALTER. The Time Splitter’s impressive performance allowed him to almost keep up with the Ring General, but the bruising Austrian could not be stopped, and one has to question if he will be stopped anytime soon. We end NXT on the image of WALTER standing tall, title held high.

Image result for kushida

Image result for walter uk champion

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