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SSW Takeover: Boston - Mirage vs Vinci ( c) SSW World Championship

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SSW Takeover: Boston - Friday, November 8th 2019 - Mirage vs Vinci ( c ) SSW World Championship


[ the theme song and entrance video of Mirage starts up however Mirage isn’t the one who steps out onto stage but rather it’s Alice who has recently joined SSW and is clearly still allied with Mirage who then steps out after her as they then walk down the ramp towards the ring together ] 

[ Next up is the reigning SSW World champion Vinci as he walks out holding the SSW World Championship high into the air as he makes his way to the ring and enters the ring before handing the belt over to the referee as this match gets ready to start ]

As the match starts both men lock up however Vinci starts to take control of the match just like last time these two faced off as he starts to put power Mirage however this Mirage counters with a back flip landing on his feet which catches Vinci off guard for a moment then Vinci goes to grab Mirage who dodges by rolling past Vinci and nailing him with a poisonrana!


Mirage then starts to pick up Vinci who quickly counters into and cross arm breaker who is smiling and laughing at the pain Mirage is clearly in as he is heard screaming in agony and knows Vinci has quickly taken control of the match out of nowhere.


However Mirage is able to fight through the pain and manages to roll backwards in order to escape the submission however can’t recover in time to avoid decking him right in the face which staggers him and Vinci nails him with another straight right to the face which drops Mirage to one knee but quickly back up to his feet which leads Vinci to Irish whip him towards the corner and charges at him for possibly a clothesline in the corner but Mirage counters by using the corner to jump over Vinci and runs towards the ropes with Vinci chasing after him and goes for a back body drop however Mirage counters by rolling across the back of Vinci and runs back off the rope and catches Vinci out with a hurricranna beautifully done as well.


However this won’t keep Vinci down for long as he quickly gets back up decks Mriage with a spinning punch to the face dropping Mirage to the mat as Vinci just stomps and kicks away at Mirage out of frustration before picking him up landing a brutal neckbreaker and rolls to the outside in order to catch his breath and try to calm himself down as he is still clearly frustrated at the evasiveness of Mirage here tonight who has somehow gotten back up to his feet and jumps clearing the corner turnbuckle and lands right into Vinci!


And this place is absolutely electric as the sold out crowd here are chanting “ SSW “ as Mirage quickly gets back up to his feet and is leaning right against the barricade soaking in the love and support of the fans however he may have been taking it in too long as Vinci grabs him and tosses him into the turnbuckle causing him to immediately fall down but Vinci isn’t done yet as he grabs Mirage again and slings him into the barricade before tossing him back into the ring and gets into the ring himself and continues to beat down Mirage for about five minutes before picking up Mirage for the Forced Progression however Mirsge is able to counter it the same way he did with a school boy roll up but this time he only gets a two count.


However Mirage isn’t done yet as he nails Vinci with a swift jumping face buster before climbing up to the top rope despite still being in a lot of pain from Vinci’s assault and nails a picture perfect Heaven’s Grace!


Mirage then goes into the pinfall but once again Vinci kicks out at two however this time Mirage was much closer to the three count and winning this match as Vinci is getting up Mirage manages to will himself back up to his feet and wait nails a Siren’s song laying out Vinci in what might just be the final of this fantastic match as Mirage rolls Vinci over for yet another pinfall attempt however yet again Vinci unbelievably kicks out at two!


But despite all of this Mirage still isn’t done as he picks up Vinci however as he does it becomes clear both men are pushing themselves right at their limits if not past them as both are extremely tired and beaten down making it perfectly clear how much the SSW World Championship means to both men but Mirage shoves Vinci back and nails a perfectly executed Super Model Kick before falling into the cover but this time Vinci kicks out at a two point nine and the face of Mirage tells the perfect story of disbelief.


Mirage however slowly gets up and Vinci rolls over to his belly trying to rise back to his feet as well but is struggling greatly due to the onslaught by Mirage as Mirage screams at Vinci “ you’re done “ and rips off the fur from his right boot showing the Bull head as it’s obvious what Mirage is going for here it’s the move he won his first SSW World Championship with the God’s Ultimate Blast however when he charges at Vinci he counters it with a low blow resulting in a DQ as the crowd is booing Vinci however there’s nothing anyone can do about it Vinci has escaped with the SSW World Championship.


Now Vinci standing over Mirage just kicking away at him but wait what’s this it’s Maasa who sprints down to the ring and lays out Vinci and helps Mirage back up to his feet as Vinci is forced to grab the championship and leave however it’s clear this is far from over.


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