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MaryseMania ft BobTheBomb

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During her initial tenure with World Wrestling Entertainment, Maryse Mizanin was able to establish herself as one of the big players within a Women’s Division which was rarely showcased due to a lack of focus on the Division at that point in time. Being known for her cocky attitude and her French Kiss DDT, she was a talent that clearly was someone to pay attention to.


Having made her first appearance as part of the 2006 Diva Search, she most definitely caught a lot of eyes including her future Husband Mike Mizanin also known now as the Miz. Despite not winning the competition having been eliminated within the 2nd round of eliminations she was invited to OVW to observe how the newest generation of Women’s wrestlers before officially signing with the WWE on August 24th 2007 training down in WWE’s developmental territory for the rest of the year working in both singles and tag team competition refining her skills until she was ready.



Maryse made her official debut presenting a Timbaland music video that she had appeared in but did not make frequent appearances until her arrival on Smackdown where she had began to chase the newly introduced Smackdown exclusive Women’s Championship: The Divas Championship. Her path towards this Championship began with a rivalry with Michelle McCool: the inaugural Divas Champion at Unforgiven 2008 fighting her on two separate occasions but losing both times. However Maryse did end her year winning the Divas Championship on SmackDown with Maria Kanellis as the special guest referee beginning a record breaking Divas Championship reign for the time until AJ Lee surpassed her reign in January 2014 at 216 days.


Maryse became synonymous with the Divas Championship even being drafted to RAW with it going to war with superstars such as Kelly Kelly,Michelle McCool, Gail Kim and Mickie James with the latter being the Woman she lost the belt to. Despite the little TV time that the Women’s Division received,she was able to engage the WWE Universe and make sure that she didn’t get lost in the shuffle.


She made sure this wasn’t the case upon her return from injury as she took down the Divas Champion at the time Melina and made sure that Maryse was relevant in a Divas Division that wasn’t as relevant. Despite it looking like Maryse would defeat Melina for the championship,this was prevented due to an injury to Melina but Maryse did become the 1st woman in history to win the Divas Championship twice in February 2010.


This reign was a bit more momentful but the Divas Championship wasn’t in the main story going into WrestleMania XXVI as she was in a multi women tag match picking up her only WrestleMania victory but lost her championship a few weeks later to Eve Torres with her failing to regain it at Over the Limit and Fatal 4-Way respectively.


The end of this tenure had affiliation with Ted DiBiase and a spell on NXT as well as it’s Successor: NXT Redemption. However this run truly ended with the debut of Kharma in May 2011 with her being written off TV in the process to have surgery on her abdominal hernia. Unfortunately she was released a few months later and missed huge developments within the Women’s Division with the Women’s Revolution which changed the way WWE saw their Women’s Superstars forever.


Since Maryse has returned the day after WrestleMania 32,she has appeared in more of a managerial role of her husband the Miz not participating in an actual match until Hell in a Cell 2018.


Over the next few months,myself and @BobdaBomb shall be exploring what would have happened if Maryse had never been released in 2011.

How would she have coped with the impending Women's Revolution? 

Would she have got lost in the shuffle or would she have become a multi time women’s Champion? 

Would she have potentially picked up some managerial clients and guide them to Championship glory?

You'll have to find out what is planned for the road ahead we do hope you enjoy this diary. 

Thank you.


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MaryseMania Part 1:

 Wrestlemania 28


Ever since Kharma put Maryse out of commission in mid 2011, the monster female had been on a tear running through former Divas and Women’s Champions from Kelly Kelly to Eve Torres. It seemed like no-one would be able to stop her from taking her place at the top of the Women’s Division with the path of destruction that Kharma left behind her.



Speaking of Domination, the Divas of Doom had been dominating the Divas Division in their own way with Phoenix capturing the title off of Kelly Kelly at Hell in a Cell 2011 having established that they were fed up of pretty faces filling up the Women’s Division and their intent of eliminating all the “Cute perky little princesses” from WWE.


Statements were constantly made after their matches making sure to hear the screams of all the Barbie Dolls that they defeated and due to the numbers advantage that the Divas of Doom had on their side, Beth Phoenix has been able to make 5 titles defences across various pay per views of 2011 going into 2012.


This was why when the two met at Wrestlemania 28,there was definitely high expectations for the clash of Titans between these two behemoths for the Divas Championship at the Show of Shows. However this Championship match would not go as expected. Here is what happened.



WRESTLEMANIA 28: Kharma vs Beth Phoenix(c) 


Micheal Cole: Kharma seems to be quite dominant here tonight. It seems as if we are just moments away from seeing the Divas Championship change hands. 


Jerry Lawler: I mean look at the size of her Cole do you really think that Beth Phoenix ever stood a chance her tonight. Oh no not again, watch out Beth!


Cole: Kharma with another Implant Buster. This match has got to be over now. Kharma goes for the pin. It looks like we are about to see a new champion!




Cole: What the hell? It can’t be, it is, it’s Maryse!


Lawler: The Sexiest of the Sexy, is back! My prayers have been answered!


We see Maryse making her way down to the ring as Kharma breaks the pin and gets up. She looks up the ramp toward Maryse confused. Maryse then stops and begins to laugh. Kharma looks somewhat pissed off now. Maryse continue to laugh as suddenly we see Beth roll up Kharma from behind 1..2..3!!! Beth Phoenix has pulled off the upset, thanks to Maryse!



Maryse then retreats up the ramp as Kharma's furious in the ring. The crowd is in shock at what just went down. Maryse does her iconic pose on the top of the ramp before heading backstage. Beth Phoenix retains her tonight thanks to Maryse. Although what does this mean for the Women’s Division going forward?


One thing is certain though, Maryse is back now and causing waves to rumble through the Diva’s Division on her first night back, the unstoppable monster Kharma had now received her first defeat and now it seemed that Maryse may have inadvertently made herself the new target.


Myself and @BobdaBomb hope you enjoyed this first part,what did you think about the handling of Kharma and what direction do you see Maryse going in for the remainder of 2012, it will be interesting to see your thoughts.

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Part 2: Kharma's a Bitch

Maryse’s return at Wrestlemania 28 sent shockwaves through the WWE as fans have been buzzing not only about Maryse but the entire women's division. It seems as if the women's division is finally getting some attention by not only the fans but the WWE as well. Maryse’s return sparked somewhat of a boost of interest in the WWE Women’s Division as her return went down as one of the top moments of the night at Wrestlemania 28.


With that seemingly the WWE have received a bit of a push from the fans to give the women some more attention as of late. We will have to see how the WWE responds to these wishes but as of right now it is looking pretty good that the WWE will start to focus a bit more on their women in the near future. 


On the Raw following Mania we would see Kharma come down to the ring furious as she cut a promo on Maryse stating things such as that she will end Maryse’s career for sure this time and that Maryse would have wished that she just stayed at home and didn’t come back to the WWE.


Maryse would end up answering Kharmas call telling her that she is going to be a WWE Women's Superstar through in through. Maryse made a point here not calling herself a diva but instead a superstar. This struck a chord with the audience as we would begin to see many fans talk about possibly a name change coming in the future. Maryse would also call out Kharma telling her that she was running down this women's division with her brutal attacks and antics.


The two would end up feuding for quite some time as week after week Maryse would have to either avoid or survive through brutal attacks at the hands of Kharma. Kharma would even powerbomb Maryse off the stage one week but with the new found resilience in Maryse she would return and cost Kharma a number #1 contender's match against Natalya.


During this time we would also see Natalya turn on her best friend Beth Phoenix as she seemingly was sick and tired of being second fiddle to Beth’s historic reign as Divas Champion. Natalya would receive huge support from the fans as she would become one of the top female babyfaces in the company along with Maryse. Eventually we would see a match between the two at Extreme Rules. In this match Natalya would win the title putting an end to the 210 day reign by Beth becoming one of a few women to hold the Championship on two separate occasions.


Meanwhile Maryse and Kharma would be going back and forth every week but were never given a PPV match as WWE seemingly did not feel ready to have more than one womens matchup on a PPV at a time. So because of this Maryse’s and Kharma’s feud would be drawn out for longer with the women not really getting that big match between each other. Vince would eventually get some backlash for this leading up to him even mentioning it in a promo in which he made the match between the two at the next PPV.


Eventually though we would see them finally get their match as the Divas Champion Natalya was given the No Way Out PPV off which allowed for a number one contenders match for the Divas Championship. In which Maryse would end up defeating Kharma thanks to a quick roll up which sent the fans wild as Maryse was an extreme underdog vs Kharma leading into the match.


After the match though Kharma would attack Maryse laying her out the same way she injured her the first time. Maryse would end up being out for a month missing the Money in the Bank PPV. Maryse though would return the following night on RAW and use her #1 Contendership match win as she would challenge the Divas Champion Natalya to a match in Canada setting up for the battle of Canada at Summerslam.



1) Who wins?

2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match?

3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match?

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1) Who wins? Natalya

2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? Yes, she attacks Maryse causing a disqualification

3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match? Natalya, she's a Hart and when they're in Canada she always gets a good reception. Those people love anything to with Harts 

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Part 3: Canadian Carnage


After securing her #1 contendership at No Way Out, Maryse booked her ticket to SummerSlam to face the current Divas Champion Natalya after she had previously been out of action thanks to the actions of Kharma after their confrontation at Money in the Bank. The Challenger was rather confident as it seemed that the woman that had been pursuing her for so long had finally been thrown out of her hair.



Despite it looking like Kharma was out of the picture,that never seemed to be the case when it came with Maryse. It was evident that ever since Maryse cost Kharma her opportunity to defeat Beth Phoenix at Wrestlemania 28, it unleashed a side of Kharma different to the one that debuted. Maryse seemed to be someone Kharma wanted to put down for good, especially with the amount of opportunities that she had ruined for the Doll Killer at this point. Not many had survived a Kharma attack and lived to tell the tale.


It was evident that everyone was looking forward to the match between Maryse and Natalya especially since it looked like from the Fan’s perspective that WWE were beginning to care about Women’s Wrestling. Giving them the spotlight to shine,something that had become very rare since the retirement of Trish Stratus: The last torchbearer of the Women’s Division.



Natalya had been a very important woman backstage especially when it came to training the new talent as well as the existing talent. She was a Locker Room leader and had made it possible for the women to begin performing at a higher level. She is as important as Maryse in inspiring the Divas Division in taking the next step forward.


It is due to the influence both on screen and off screen that a confrontation between 2 veterans of the Divas Division facing one another was exciting and it could be a chance to convince Vince McMahon that the fans are invested in the story that is taking place. This is how the match went down.

SummerSlam 2012

Natalya(c) vs Maryse WWE Divas Championship.


Michael Cole: “It seems that despite the roll that Maryse has been on recently, Canada will always be Hart Country.”

Jerry Lawler: “It isn’t surprising,The Hart Foundation were hated all across the world but Canada never turned their back on the Harts. Maryse seems to be eager to show the WWE Universe exactly what a WWE Women’s Superstar can be”

Cole: “Neither Diva looks to be letting up and it’s clear that the WWE Universe appreciate the work that these Divas are putting into this match for the WWE Divas Championship which Natalya won off her former friend Beth Phoenix.”

Lawler: Maryse looks ready to hit the French Kiss DDT oh no!! Natalya reverses putting the Sexiest of Sexy on her back and it looks like she’ll be able to lock in the Sharpshooter!”



Kharma walks out onto the stage and begins to slowly walk down the ramp with an intimidating aura about her.

Cole: “This isn’t good ladies and gentlemen, Kharma has had ongoing issues with both of these women. Bad things come to those who mess with the Doll Killer and from the way Kharma is walking neither Diva is safe.”

Kharma seems to have made her decision attacking both Maryse and Natalya resulting in the referee ringing the bell,however it doesn’t look like that Kharma is done proceeding to hit both Maryse and Natalya with an implant buster each holding the Divas Championship high.


Thank you for reading the latest edition of MaryseMania,we hope you enjoy the future installments.

Prediction results

1) Who wins? Neither competitor,it ended in a Double DQ.

2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? Kharma attacks both competitors.

3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match? Natalya

@Julius - 1

@Gunner Flynn- 1

@Arius - 1

@Hans-  1

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