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Football Manager 2019 - Career Sim (INTERACTIVE)

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All credit for this idea goes to Echo 

With Career sim diaries becoming a bit of a trend rn I thought I would start one of my own on Football Manager 2019. Now while this is FM 19 I have downloaded a mod that gives the current day rosters and has all the transfers that were completed over the summer window such as Lukaku to Inter, De Ligt to Juve and De Jong to Barca.

Now this is the part where I need you guys to give me the info I need to create your players in FM 19. 

NOTE: Potential Ability and Current Ability will all be randomised between certain numbers so don't blame me if your guy doesn't end up that good.





Skin Tone:



Position/Play Style: All position with there play style listed in quote below





1. Normal Keeper: Sticks to Positions
2. Sweeper: Roams positions 


1. Normal: Balanced. 
2. Ball Playing Defender: Focuses on playing the ball out to teammates and clears the ball well.
3. Limited Defender: Focuses in stopping attackers. 
4. Sweeper: drops behind the line and makes the goal saving tackles and blocks. Is exceptionally good at backing  up his other defenders. 


1. Defensive: protects back line and closes down well
2. Deep lying playmaker: operates in the space between defense and midfield. Makes pinpoint passes to attackers. 
3. Ball winning: Focuses on closing down on opposition 
4. Anchor man: central piece of Team, is very balanced in passing and tackling.
5. Half Back: Is between a sweeper and a DM. He dribbles less and golds his position.
6. Regista: Risky passes and roams from position.
7. Roaming playmaker: dribbles more, roams from position
8. Normal CM: Holds position and closes down more.
9. Box to box: roams from positions and contributes to both defending and attacking.
10. Advanced playmaker: operates more attacking, makes space to receive passes. 
11. Attacking Midfielder: gets further forward and makes chances for himself and other strikers.
12. Trequartista: Operates In attacking midfield. A more attacking Advanced playmaker. 
13. Enganache: the prime creator, And is the main focal point of most attacks.
14. Shadow striker: the teams main goal scoring threat. Moves into goal scoring position. 


Full back: implements defensive duties with overlapping down the wings 
Wing Back: Same as full back using overlaps on wings, but normally fits on teams with no other wingers.

Limited Full Back: Knows his strengths and weaknesses, and focuses more on a defensive side.

Complete Wing Back: Loves to Attack, His natural inclination is to attack and be overlap for the other wingers.

Inverted Wing Back: The inverted wing back, acts like a normal wing back but can cut inside and make runs through the center.

Wide Midfielder: Performs all duties, can launch cross from deep and can play quicker cross as well.

Winger: aims to beat the man on the outside and run at the defence, before putting in some sort of cross.

Defensive Winger: Aims to press the opposing full backs and wins the ball higher up the pitch.

Wide Playmaker: the source of creativity for the team and not expected to make too many tackles.

Inside Forward: Aims to cuts inside from the flanks and run directly at the defence, crossing less often.

Wide Target Man: The main outlet for clearances and long balls from the back, he is asked to hold the ball and pass it on to a teammate.

Raumdeter: Especially good at finding pockets of space to run into. Literally meaning “Space Investigator”



Deep-Lying Forward: Main function is to link the attack to the midfield. Drops into space and passes the ball to the strikers ahead.

Advanced Forward: Main goal is to Lead the line, and spearhead the attacking moves.

Target Man: Opens up space for his fellow attackers, using his physical and such.

Poacher: Sits on the shoulder of the last defender, looking to break the line, and play through  balls. Main aim is too put it in the net.

Complete Forward: Balance of all four previous roles.

False Nine: An unconvential lone striker who , creates a problem by dropping deeper into the midfield similar to the Deep Lying Forward.




All thats left to do is for you to sign up.


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Name:  Matthew Hunter

Nationality: English

Club: Derby County

Skin Tone:  White

Height: 5'11

Weight: 147

Position/Play Style: Complete Forward: Balance of all four previous roles.

Right Inverted Winger

Shadow striker: the teams main goal scoring threat. Moves into goal scoring position

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2018-19 Season Recap 

Top 10 Summer transfers 

  1. Corentin Tolisso Bayern to Man City 53 mill

  2. Julian Weigl Dortmund to Bayern 51 mill

  3. Iago Aspas Celta Vigo to United 36 mill

  4. Elseid Hysaj Napoli to Bayern 32 mill 

  5. Kristoffer Ajer Celtics to Real Madrid 29 mill

  6. Georginio Wijnaldum Liverpool to PSG 29 mill

  7. Daniele Rugani Juve to Liverpool 26.5 mill

  8. Ricardo Rodriguez A.C Milan to Bayern 23 mill

  9. Ignacio Camacho Wolfsburg to Bayern 21.5 mill

  10. Raphael Guerreiro Dortmund to PSG 19 mill

Top 5 Winter transfer 

  1. Iker Muniain Bilbao to Barcelona 58 mill

  2. Manuel Akanji Dortmund to Real Madrid 33.5 mill

  3. Emil Forsberg RB Leizberg to Man City 33 mill 

  4. Mario Fernandes CSKA Moskou to PSG 31.5 mill

  5. Nelson Semedo Barcelona to PSG 25 mill 



World Golden Ball: Ronaldo 

2nd Messi 3rd Hazard

Footballer of the year: Messi 

2nd Ronaldo 3rd Hazard

U21 Footballer of the Year: Mbappe 

Goalkeeper of the year: Handanovic

2nd Ter Stegen 3rd Alisson 

World Team of the Year 

GK: Handanovic

LB: Marcelo 

CB: Van Djik 

CB: Bonucci

RB: Daniel Alves

CM: Bernado Silva

CM: Verratti 

LW: Ronaldo 

CAM: Leo Baptistao 

RW: Messi

ST: Suarez 


Competition Winners: 

La Liga: Barcelona 

EPL: City 

Serie A: Inter

Bundesliga: Bayern 

Ligue 1: PSG

A-League: Melbourne Victory 

Eredivisie: Ajax 

Liga NOS: FC Porto 

MLS: Sporting Kanas City 

Championship: Leeds United 

Champions League: Juventus

Europa League: Napoli


Prospects Seasons in Review; 

Mark Andrews: Mark has had one of the best seasons out of all our prospects this season as he stayed at Chelsea and while at first, it seemed like a bad move Mark eventually got some game time and even scored a goal in the premier league which came in a 4-1 defeat to West Ham. Towards the end of the season when Frank realised his time as Chelsea boss was going to be over he started to play Andrews every game in the last 2 months both off the bench and starting.

Kai Bailey; Kai also decided to not go out on loan and stayed at Leverkusen at unlike with what happened with Mark this was a horrible move from Kai he only played 2 games in the Bundesliga and 3 games overall. Due to all of this Kai grew unhappy and now with it seeming like his brother Leon with leave Kai has also requested to be transfer listed. However, while Kai has had his struggles in the Bundesliga, he’s been flying high for Jamaica scoring 4 goals in 6 games for his country including a goal in the North American Nations League.

Storm Bronson: Storm also stayed at his club and didn’t go out on loan but similar to Kai things went wrong for him as he got barley any playing time for PSG with him only getting 2 games and in both of them he came off the bench. Unlike Kai, however, Storm didn’t get any games for his home country of USA either 

Isiah Carter: Isiah had a great first season as he got quite a few games for both club and country. For Ajax Isiah fought hard with his fellow Ajax strikers to get the starting spot and he managed to start more often than not for Ajax. In the League, he got 12 goals in 30 matches which got him the runner up in the top goal scorers race. Isiah also managed to score goals in Europe as well as while Ajax did fall out of the Champions League as they failed to qualify for it. Isiah managed to get 3 goals in the Europa league as apart of Ajax’s quarter-final run. For Country Isiah played 10 games for USA netting 1 goal so far which came in a friendly vs Honduras. 

Alex Costa: Alex had an ok season for Benfica as he managed to get 21 appearances for them in the league getting 3 goals and 1 assist in those 21 games and Benfica went on to come 2nd in Liga NOS. In Europe Alex got 1 assist in the champions league as they came 3rd in their group before running into Man City in the Round of 32 in the Europa League where they then went out of that. For country, Alex hasn’t managed to get a senior appearance for Portugal just yet but he has played 10 times for the under 21s getting 2 goals as well. 

Matthew Hunter: Matthew was definitely the top prospect this past season as for Derby he managed to get 12 goals in 29 games which was good to enough to attract Aston Villa he spent 13 million to Hunter to try and save them in the prem. Matthew sadly could not save Villa as he ended up with 4 goals in 14 matches for them in the league. Due to Villa getting relegated Hunter has gotten unhappy and has expressed the fact that he wants to leave the club. For country, Hunter has only gone as far as the under 21s so far getting 1 goal in 4 games for them. 

Micheal James: James decided to stay at Tottenham and he didn’t get much competitive football from it similar to Storm and Kai. He got 3 games for Spurs this past season starting 1 and coming off the bench for the other the 2. However, despite not getting much game time for Spurs he still did manage to get 6 games for USA. 

Bart Janssen: Bart was one of the better prospects this past season as he was one of Ajax’s best players this past season. He played 25 games in the league starting 23 of them and he would’ve played more if it wasn’t for injuries. In those 25 games, he got 10 goals and 1 assist. He also did the job in Europe and for country. For the Netherlands he’s had 5 caps for the senior team getting 1 goal which came in the nations league vs France. 

Sameer Jones: Sameer had a pretty solid season as he played 43 games in the championship, starting 40 of those games. In those 43 games, he scored 17 goals which was good enough to make the Championship team of the season and helped lead Leeds to the Championship. Not only did Sameer do decent for Leeds he also did ok for his home country of England as well. Making 4 appearances for the England under 21s scoring 1 goal in those 4 games. 

Steve Lockheart: Steve had a rough start due to the fact that he didn’t get played in the 2018 season due to registration reasons. However, in 2019 Steve started to get played for Seattle at in 12 games he’s got 3 goals and 1 assist. For USA he’s played 5 times and gotten 1 goal. All in all Steve hasn’t had quite as much game time as the other prospects but he’s still done solid 

Julius Lucas: Julius did very well for this past season as in 18 games for Sydney he got 8 goals and 1 assist. He also won the Player of the year award for Sydney FC and Young Player of the year in the A-League. Julius also did very well for his country as in 14 games he’s gotten 8 goals and he played a big part in Australia’s victory of the Asian Cup as he won the Golden Boot for the competition. Julius’s accomplishments will be slightly looked down on however as it was in the A-League. 

Sheridan Muller: Sheridan did not have the best season as he only got 2 games for Bayern and then 17 games for Bayern II and that’s about it. Sheridan had no caps for Germany in the senior team or youth team. Sheridan might move out to a new club in Germany this upcoming transfer window. 

H.R PufnStuf: H.R got loaned out to the LA Galaxy Academy on a 6 month loan. In those 6 months he played 11 games keeping 3 clean sheets and conceding 15 goals while keeping a 7.27 average rating. However, after that 6 month loan H.R got no game time for Dortmund at all in the youth team or the senior team. For USA H.R got named vice-captain for the under 20s side as he was a solid GK for them. 

Joshua Scott: Josh had a very good season for Huddersfield as he played 37 games for them getting 6 goals and 6 assists as he got named in the Championship’s team of the season as he helped Huddersfield come 2nd in the Championship as they got promoted to the Premier League again. Josh also got called up for England’s under 21s playing 8 games and getting 1 goal.

Will Smith: Smith was another big part of Leeds’s Title Campaign. Smith was the rock in the back 4 of the Championship Champions. Playing 40 games getting 2 assists and getting an average rating of 7. Smith also got in the Championship team of the season. He’s also played for the England under 21s playing 6 games for them. He’s currently underbid by West Ham for 14 million so time will tell if he’s still at Leeds next season. 

Echo Wilson: Echo got loaned out to FC Nantes this season by PSG at played 37 games getting 12 goals and 7 assists while he helped lead them to 7th place in Ligue 1. Echo got named the USA young player of 2018 beating out players like Pulisic for the award. Echo’s also played 10 times for USA getting 5 goals during those 10 games. Echo will be hoping he can stay and earn his spot at PSG next season instead of getting loaned out again. 

Prospect Rankings. 

  1. Matthew Hunter

  2. Mark Andrews 

  3. Bart Janssen

  4. Echo Wilson

  5. Isiah Carter

  6. Micheal James

  7. Joshua Scott

  8. Kai Bailey 

  9. Storm Bronson 

  10. Alex Costa 

  11. Julius Lucas

  12. Steve Lockheart 

  13. Sameer Jones 

  14. Will Smith

  15. Sheridan Muller

  16. H.R PufnStuf


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I honestly have little to no idea about what's happening in this, but it looks like a lot of fun! I'll definitely take sixth on the prospect rankings, and it's clear you put a lot of effort into this, Ropati. I was pretty excited for this diary and I thought it may have died, but now looking at it, I can see that you took your time and made this as best as it could be. The wait was certainly worth it, can't wait for more!

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