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Alex Costa

Who will be the next to try to Survive

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We are live on Carnage Wildacard. A crazy night thus far as we saw returns, a great NA Title Match. However before the Tag Team Title Match can set away we see a theme playing.


It's Alex Costa and he is wearing his Death Rider Jacket from a couple of weeks ago before he took on Raven as he comes via the crowd:

Resultado de imagem para Jon moxley NJPW Gif

Alex Costa: CUT THE MUSIC!

Alex begins to pace

Alex Costa: Let's cut to the chase! I am tired of waiting for an opportunity to come to me. I did what those asshats in the back wanted me to do last month!

I took out Mirage for good! So now I want something! I want a freaking match at Survivor Series. I want someone in the back to face me so I can beat them to a living pulp!


So will somebody came out, because I am not leaving this ring until someone answers my chellange.

Crowd cheers

Time is ticking boys, the Death Rider doesn't like to be kept waiting. Who will be the next to try to survive me?

Alex waits patientily

(Open to who wants it because quite frankly I just want a damn match)

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Alex paces angrily back and forth across the ring, eagerly waiting for someone to come out. 10 seconds pass, then 30, then a full minute without anybody's theme playing. Alex is furious, and he looks as if he's about to go backstage and just grab the random person he finds, but fortunately loud rock music blasts across the entire arena, and a man walks out.

It's Aidan, who stares down Alex from on top of the stage. Much of the audience is confused, since a couple of weeks ago Aidanator himself stated that he didn't want to fight Alex, and was willing to remain on good terms with him. Despite this, he's currently walking down the ramp straight towards the ring, without giving off any signs of having good intentions. Once he grabs a microphone and stands face-to-face with Alex, he begins to speak.

"Well let me tell you something, brother! I see what you're doing here, Alex, and I don't like it. You think you're entitled to a match at Survivor Series? I've gotta ask, what have you done to deserve that, dude? Because for the last few months you've been doing nothing but losing, and are showing no signs of improvement. The way I see it, brother, the only thing you deserve is a spot in the back of the catering line. 

But you're in luck! Because I have decided that the only way for you to learn your place is if I beat you myself. Because it's only when you're laying on you're back after the 3 count and you can hear the screams of all the Aidanmaniacs around the world cheering me on that you will be able to face the reality that you're a loser. Maybe then, and only then, will you be able to get your act together and put your career back on track. So, Alex Costa, I've got one question for you. Whatcha gonna do when Aidanmania runs wild on you?"

Aidan brings the microphone down to his side, and waits to see what Alex's response will be.

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The music of Aaron North hits as Alex and Aidan are standing in the ring. Aaron walks out and the music cuts once he gets into the ring, he rips the mic from Aidan's hand and looks at him with intensity. Aaron smirks and starts talking.

"Look at this man everyone,, just look at him. He works hard everyday and he still hasn't accomplished anything. Aidan, you need to open your eyes sir, and realize that you don't need to work. If you go on like this you'll burn out very quickly. You should listen to my advice unless you want your life to become miserable like all these people's lives have become.

You should also be wary because i also accept Alex's challenge, it doesn't matter if we're allies, because i still have some unfinished business with you Alex. I remember the way you abandoned the NXT title and i admire it. You decided to make your life worth living and you decided to stop working but then you went to Japan and worked there. Why would you go to another country for work!? That's even worse than staying in your own country and working. It's just so much effort and so much hassle that it's not really even worth it.

Alex and Aidan i'm not telling you anything that you don't already know. Now how are we gonna solve this little issue? Are we gonna have a triple threat match or a handicap match or are we even gonna get a match? I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

Aaron drops the mic, his music starts playing and he leaves.

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