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A Lovely Dream

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-A Lovely Dream- The place of dreams, a place to spend your days rotting in a cell, or executed. But what occurred before this? Today we will tell you the stories of the past and how it correlates with the present. But can these men survive?








Crime Committed:


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Name: Vincent Moore

Nickname: Kaiser

Age: 27

Height: 6ft

Weight:200 lbs

Hometown: LA

Backstory: Vincent always struggled to make ends meet and could never turn to his family as they were either dead or in prison. He started selling drugs as a means to get by before getting caught

Crime Committed:Selling drugs

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Sailor Meko

”The Moon Guardian”



160 lbs

Charlotte, North Carolina

Sailor Meko was a cosplayer who would go to many conventions in her spare time. Unfortunately, debt would soon pile up on her and with no way to make ends meet, she turned to prostitution. She would be picked up after a drug-related binge where she was found naked in a crowded town square, nearly overdosed.

Public nudity, prostitution 

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Gary Green

The Boss




Manchester, England

No one knows what Gary did, but everyone in the prison is terrified of him, even the guards. Nearly every guard works for him, and if you make it into his inner circle then you tend to be safe. He is a very dangerous man

Unknown (Make up whatever you want)

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Name: Conor Jakobs Sellers

Nickname: CJ

Age: 27

Height: 6'2

Weight: 220 lbs.

Hometown: Philadelphiaa

Backstory: CJ grew up in a rough South Philly neighbourhood. After a gang attempted to kill him, he ended up stabbing them to fend them off, getting arrested in the process.

Crime Committed: Attempted murder, assault and battery six counts

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Name: Michael James

Nickname: "Gold Mike"

Age: 26

Height: 6'4

Weight: 230 lbs

Hometown: San Diego, California

Backstory: James is no stranger to bars. Having been convicted many times of drug use and many other crimes, he has always been able to get out of a pickle due to his status as a boxer. Sporting a 31-0 record, he is one of the most decorated athletes in the world, a force to reckoned with anywhere. And recently, after being provoked by a lady who hit him in the head with a bottle of water, one thing led to another and boom, he's back in jail. With some unusual occupants this time around, how will he fair in the landscape?

Crime CommittedJay walking, assault, rape

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Name: Tommy Smith

Nickname: The Ripper

Age: 29

Height: 5'11

Weight: 192 lbs

Hometown: Leeds

Backstory: Rose up in his hometown, started selling to get some extra money but after years in the game, is the main supplier in his city with international connects, or at least he was before he was snitched on and his whole corporation fell down, forcing him to go on the run. Eventually, he would be caught.

Crime Committed: Major drug trafficking, Battery (also Murder but it's not known by the government)

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Name: H.R Pufnstuf

Nickname: The Dragon

Age: 31

Height: 7ft1

Weight: 470lb

Hometown: The Living Island

Backstory: Pufnstuf was working his afternoon job hosting a children's bar mitzvah out of the local bowling alley as he left to go home for the evening. Suddenly he was surrounded by police not long after entering his car as he had been pinpointed as the culprit in a local jewel heist that left two people dead 
(Victim 1: 40 yrs, male, Lawyer)
(Victim 2: 14 yrs, male, Student)
The law enforcement were in a period of low morale at the time with public relations and were looking for a clean case and victory to showcase for themselves to be put in a new light for the time being. Over the case evidence was mishandled and eye witness accounts overlooked as they based their case on Pufnstuf being the culprit given the area he was located and his costumed profession. Through a miscarriage of corrupt justice in his small town he has now found himself behind bars.

Crime Committed: Falsely accused and charged for Burglary, Murder and Abduction

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Name:  Wilbur Watson

Nickname: Wild

Age: 82

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 300 lbs

Hometown: Harlem

Backstory: Wilbur has been a sex addict since the age of 4. Grabbing girls on the playground as early as the 1st grade. Wilbur would continue the trend having around 60 children will all different women. Wilbur had a big influence in the sex trafficking in America. Wilbur is still getting as much pussy as he can get at the age of 82 as he is called wild for a reason.

Crime Committed: Rape, Sex Trafficking, and Shop Lifting


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Name: Craig Jenkins 

Nickname: "The Eyeball Killer"

Age: 29

Height: 5'10

Weight: 280 lbs

Hometown: Minnesota

Backstory: A very shy young boy who from the beginning had a horrible obsession with harming people and creatures. While others would grimace at the sight of a hurt animal, Craig would smile and enjoy seeing a poor helpless creature suffer. He would regularly have dreams of Killing something of his own and one day he did just that. He is infamously known as the eyeball killer because all of his victims were found with one missing eyeball. What Craig did with those eyeball's has yet to be found it, but I can tell you it wasn't pretty 

Crime Committed: 27 counts of Murder 

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Name: Drew Welch

Nickname: The Scottish Sadist

Age: 32

Height: 6’7

Weight: 250 lbs.

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Backstory: Drew was always an off child, but he never really did anything. One day when he was 19 or so, he came home to find out that his mother had been hit by a drunk driver. Drew went out drinking, and then he slaughtered everyone in the bar brutally, and whoever was still alive was killed in the fire after he burned the bar down. He was put in jail afterwards, and eventually had to be put in solitary confinement after he nearly killed another inmate.

Crime Committed: 25 counts of first degree murder, arson

Edited by owendalton

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Name: Angelo Roberts

Nickname: "The Notorious Angel"

Age: 29

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 256lbs

Hometown: Chicago

Backstory: Growing up in a troubling neighborhood, the only way to survive was to either lock yourself away from the streets or to join the violence. Brought up by his Uncle, Angelo went to the ways of crime young, starting off with robbing people on the streets, until one civllian decided to fight back, causing Angelo to get into a tug and war with a gun, the trigger pulling and shooting the male in the stomach. He went from shocked to having a deranged smile on his face and he shot him ten more times. He went on a fifteen year run of crimes after crimes, always trying to outdo the rest. He was caught one night while breaking and entering someones house and was arrested on sight. 

Crime Committed: 30+ counts of murder, ten counts of assualt (that's been confirmed), fifteen robberies, seventeen rapes, Breaking and entering, and six Arsons.

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-Stories Of The Past Correlating With The Present- 


The 29 year old, grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods with only one goal in mind, SURVIVAL. He had to either lock himself away from the streets he always knew or join the violence himself. Brought up by his Uncle, Angelo always knew crime was his way of life. One man wouldn't take this way of life, stepping up to the crime addict. But would be shot 10 times by Angelo, turning him into a serial killer, the rest is history.


A soft 21 year old, who only knew one road, the bad one. He often ignored his family and took to banks, where he would rob them with a couple of mates for some extra cash in his pocket. But at what cost? He was caught by the police in the middle of the heist and now sits in jail.


The 27 year old is more than experimentally physical, he is also gay. He just wants to get with as many guys as he can, but this can lead to some danger. As not many men will take that kind of heat, as they are locked up in cells sometimes for life. Can Conor survive these straight men, or will he make them cave in?


Next up is the 29 year old, a shy young boy that had a horrible obsession with torture and eyeballs. Man how he loved those eyeballs. He loved torturing animals as a young boy, when others would scream at the sight of them dead on the street, Craig would smile in joy, seeing the agony in their body. He is known as the eyeball killer, as every victim has been found missing exactly one eyeball.


Now we are up to the 32 year old. He was always thought of as an odd child. Never fitting in with the crowd, and that became apparent when one day he came home at the age of 19 finding out his mother had passed away via a drunk driver. He would later that night, go out to get a drink and slaughter everyone in that bar. He would then burn the bar down, Jail has not been very kind to this man.


The 31 year old, is innoncent many say. We dont know what he did, but one thing is apparnt he is not liked by the police department for some reason. But the guards are with him, his inner circle is what keeps you safe. You make it in, your death wont likely occur.


This man is a big one, 7 foot tall almost 500 pounds, how can he be stopped? The 31 year old, is completely innocent. But due to the police department being shattered in low cases and needing a big win. They targeted this man, and the rest is history.


The 26 year old, is no stranger to the jailhouse. He has been there many times due to drug abuse mainly. But due to a fight with an old lady, he is back. An all time athlete is now a member of the jailhouse. I guess Karma is a bit--


Another special one , she continues to walk the streets looking for a man to please. Prostitution was her main source of entertainment. But when drugs got involved, she got hooked. And landed in jail because of it, how life shapes out is crazy.


The 29 year old was deep in the game, but when your deep your not always safe. He was the man supplier before getting snitched on and being shut down. The government would get involved and he would also be sent to the jailhouse.


The 27 year old was part of the game aswell. Selling drugs to make ends meet, before getting caught and will now be spending time in the jailhouse. Very simple one here, but can he survive with the withdrawal?


Ok, what the fuck. We have a 82 year old sex addict, nice. He would begin grabbing girls since the 1st grade on the playground. He is still getting that pussy all those years later, but rape has caught him. Is anyone safe from this madman? 



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The day all started with one knock at the door, one hand striking on the center of the door. Knock by knock, it grew stronger. Angelo Roberts was wasted after last night, a surprise party was thrown for him. As he stumbled down the stairs, opening the door he would get a surprise. A police officer would stand on the other side of the door, placing Angelo under arrest.

Image result for arrested gif

The Jailhouse is a place people can rest but not from themselves, but from the wastleand they call the world. Angelo Roberts would meet many men on his first day in hell. But one man he would regret meeting within the first 5 seconds of them meeting.

See the source image

A man named Connor, first meeting Angelo in the Jailhouse would take off his shirt in a sexual manner. Showing his six pack, getting closer to Angelo Roberts. He now moves slowly forward to Angelo, getting close to his ear whispering. 

Conor Sellers: Man, you look like a piece of toast with butter dont you? I can just slide right in, anyways how can someone as smooth as you be caught up in jail anyways? 

Angelo Roberts: Woah, back off man. I aint about that shit, im the straightest guy in the room, but how you doin? I honestly dont know, I just woke up this morning, hungover as fuck and now im here. What about you man?

Right before Conor was about to answer he would be interrupted by a women walking around like she wasnt in a jail or anything. Only a bra on, who is this marvelous women?

See the source image

Hey bois, for anyone who doesnt know my name is Sailor Meko, your town stripper. And damn how it feels good to finally be back behind a cell, or atleast I will very soon. Same with you bois, I hope we are right next to eachother, the things I could think up. Anyways, see you later I am a very busy women.

From the corner we can see a young man, growling like a dog to Sailor Meko. As she passes by, the growl becomes louder until a full scream is unleashed.

See the source image

Once alone, Arrow Baldie strokes his hair, looking inside a mirror close by. Getting ready for the big night, maybe thinking about future plans with Sailor Meko? He will have years to impress er, but has he lost his only shot in doing so?

As we return, the "EyeBall Killer" seems to be on the loose, as we can not find him anywhere. The guards search everywhere, before finally finding him already locking himself inside of a cell. He is ready for the pain he will endure as a part of this journey. But is everyone else?

See the source image

We finish our first half of introductions with a man we call the "Pussy Killer", he is looking for any women to sword fight with. WIlbur Watson will not stop at anything until he destroys every women possible, as his life comes to an end

(2nd half introductions coming tomorrow.)


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