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Mikey are you ready for a war?

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I can’t stand these fools who I mean by fools I’m talking about these people here in Washington DC because y’all can’t even see how talented I am but that’s ok because I’m going to show my worth.

I can’t stand you idiots and why is that fraud Aidanator here who said he could be here but anyways I’m not here to address frauds I’m here to address the USA champion Mr Mikey the SwitchBlade at survivor series I will attempt to take the USA championship from you and everyone who’s in it but it’s not going to be easy,nobody ever said it was going to be easy because hell you beat Hans Clayton to win the USA title and then you joined bulletproof I say you have a pretty good career right now but remember all it takes is one bad day.

Mikey when I am getting ready I’m going to have confidence in myself because I know I can maybe somehow pull the biggest upset in BPZ history by winning the USA title from you but I know I have to go to extreme measures to do so, so that’s why I’m going to do what I have to do to win and show everyone why I’m better than they think of me right now.

Mikey I wish that we would have to go to war but I’m willing to go to extreme measures to win and I’m not talking about in the ring I’m talking about what I’ll have to do to win the USA championship from you, now I know you might think that’s a little extreme well that’s what war is all about is extreme so I’m telling you know that when I’m walking out I’m going to go to war and not a tiny war a big war.

Oh Mikey how’d it feel joining bulletproof I bet it must feel great because now you're in one of the biggest stables in history and I know you must feel and be excited about the wonderful opportunity you are in right now but what if someone like me who hasn’t won a match wins the USA title how would it feel, you see what the problem is I don’t know what success is but just maybe I could know what success feels like and not watching other people get success but what would it take you know the answer to that but I’m not expecting an answer.

What I’m expecting is a war, a war that is so big that it will change the course of BPZ forever and takes BPZ to bigger and newer heights than ever before one that is so big that people are on their feet cheering and coming or watching BPZ on tv, one that could make BPZ better than ever one that could be huge but the question is Mikey are you up to go into war or are you truly afraid of going into a war because I’m sure that you have never been in a war before or maybe you have when you beat Hans Clayton for the USA title while you’re having success I’m still in the shadows and the lerks of my peek so Mikey I’m asking you to come down here and shake my hand in sportsmanship because we are going to war not a fight but a war to bring the USA title into the talks and not into the shadows.

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