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Jack Bishop comes out later in the show sitting in the top corner, and begins to laugh.

"I'm sorry, what? You think I'm avoiding you? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard. No, honestly I forgot you still worked here."

The crowd laughs.

"I mean honestly, what have you even done in the past year? You sat on a couch with a tiger rug and talked about how much money you have? You're so obsessed with material objects, it's somewhat sad. Are you a furry? Irrelevant. And I'm certainly not afraid of a man so intensely insecure that he has to call himself a king. You can't even spell royalty, you are absolutely not a king. That's definitely not the right word. More like... Ah, yes. A little bitch."


The crowd cheers, chanting "Little Bitch, Little Bitch,"

"You need to get this through your dense, thick skull, Amai. I only speak the truth. You're the one who has to hide behind lies, and money, to make you seem like you actually have balls. Notice how you rushed out of here before I could actually come say something to your face. Because you're scared. You're scared of what I'll do to you when we get in the ring at survivor series. You know that I am the most dangerous person in this division. But okay, Amai. If you really want me to, I will. I'll prove to you that everything I've said is true. I'll open your eyes. See you at Survivor Series."

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