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You Really really disappointed me. Here i was thinking that you were the next Giant, The next Monster of BPZ. THE ACE IN THE HOLE. Turns out your just a fu*king coward. Blah blah blah. You know bob I could of closed my ears and not listened to anything you said. And still would of known exactly what were you were gonna spew out of your mouth. Because i have heard the same boring,  washed up, stupid ass Promo now from all you guys for the last 4 Years. You came out here and didn't impress me at all. Nothing you said was anything new or original. It's all the same crap everyone in the back says to try to convince themselves that they are better than me. 

In the what 6 months you have been here already you have done 1 relevant thing this whole time and that was attack me from behind like a little bitch. You are no different than any other new guy that has came to this company.  There is nothing special about you. There is nothing unique about you at all. You made 1 ballsy move to get yourself noticed. It's just very sad that, that 1 move sealed your fate. What you did to me, you don't get away with.  You don't win in the end, just ask Flynn. 

You keep claiming that I am breaking down each and everyday. But that's not the case i am perfectly fine. I completely see clearly and We both know your time is coming Bob.

I challenged you. I Came out here and gave you the chance to step up and face me man to man. You failed. Your an absolute joke and coward. You are a fraud. Eventually Your little Buddy Slim will see that and dump you in the garbage just like he has done with many, many others in the plenty of stables hes been in. 

As you said it Bobby. I get what I want. I do what I want when I want. Me challenging you was just to see what type a Man i was actually dealing with. My mind is made up. Whether you like it or not You will see me at Survivor Series. We will come Face to Face. And I will kick your ass around the whole arena. You can't hide from me. You can't run from me. You can't avoid me. I am coming for you Bobby and I will take you out. Your on my Time bitch and TIMES FU*KING UP..

Bailey drops the mic and immediately exits the ring and goes through the crowd to leave the arena.

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