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WWE Brand Spilt Arrows and Owens forums wrestling diary

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Friday Night Smackdown Roster 

(In Order of Draft Picks From Top to Bottom)

Tetsuya Naito


Finn Bálor


Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly


Sami Zayn

Damian Priest

Will Ospreay

Mark Andrews

Pete Dunne

Chris Brookes & Travis Banks

Jimmy Havoc

Tommaso Ciampa

Kota Ibushi

Zack Sabre Jr.

Mikey Nicholls & Hirooki Goto


El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori

Kazuchika Okada

Darby Allin

Angelico & Jack Evans (Hybrid2)

Shawn Spears

Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix

Bea Priestley

Toni Storm

Xia Brookside

Millie McKenzie

Big E


Jake Hager

Dakota Kai

Killer Kross




Mark Haskins


Brian Cage


Kid Lykos



WWE World Heavyweight Championship


WWE Intercontinental Championship


WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships (shhhh)


WWE Smackdown Women's Championship


WWE Jr. Heavyweight Championship (BE QUIET)


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The first episode of Monday Night Raw Q9Snhss.pngvuW0egX.jpgAs we see Dean Ambrose Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins backstage wondering if they should be a team once again but we see Ambrose walk away before we cut to our first match which is for the US title Aj Styles vs Dean Ambrose as the ref rings the bell Styles and Ambrose tie up before styles would get a headlock in on Ambrose but Ambrose would send Styles into the ropes and Ambrose would hit him with a closeline but Styles would get right back up to his feet styles and Ambrose would continue to throw punches at each other before Styles hit a Pele Kick but it didn’t end well for Aj as Ambrose went right through the middle rope and then comes back and hits Styles with a clothesline and then hitting a Dirty Deeds 1 2 3 heres your winner and the newwwwww USA champion Dean Ambrose, Arrow Rhodes would announce Buddy Murphy vs Keith Lee for the universal championship later tonight in an extreme rules falls count anywhere now we see Ambrose go right back to the same room with Roman and Seth Ambrose says let’s do this but the camera cuts away from that room and now we have Ricochet vs John Cena winner will face the winner of tonight’s main event but wait hold on while Cena was coming out he was attacked and it wasn’t Ricochet it was Aj Styles and Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson so Ricochet is facing the winner of tonight’s main event at summerslam,

Its now time for the main event and the ref rings the bell but wait Keith Lee is just throwing Buddy around before Buddy hit a knee right into the face of Keith Lee but it didn’t phase him but this chop did but these two would start throwing punches at each other before Lee would hit him with a chop a loudest chop on the earth sending Murphy to the ground Lee goes for a cover 1 2 kickout by Murphy but before Murphy could get back up Lee would throw him into the other side of the ring and it would almost end the match but Murphy said he still wants to go but Murphy would get some punches and kicks in before Lee would hit the sprit bomb 1 2 3 and Keith Lee wins the universal championship but Lee wants to shake Murphy’s hand and Murphy accepts the handshake before leaving the ring and that’s the end of Monday Night Raw but wait the camera is back on Seth Roman and Dean Ambrose they all put their fists in and now that’s the end of Monday Night Raw.

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Raws 2nd episode preview Q9Snhss.pngWhat does the O.C have to say after there brutal attack on John Cena?

What does the new USA champion Dean Ambrose have to say about reforming the shield?

How will Ricochet and Keith Lee team tonight

Who is the new raw superstar?

Drew McIntyre faces Aj Styles in the main event.

And who will knock on Alister Blacks door?

Kenny Omega looks to forum a tag team with Cody, The Young Bucks,Aj Styles,Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson 

The War Raiders take on The Street Profits for the raw tag team titles.

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Smackdown Preview

Intercontinental Champion to be crowned in the main event of Friday Night Smackdown, as Zack Sabre Jr. takes on ‘The Bastard’ PAC.


The World Heavyweight Championship match at Summerslam to be decided with three qualifying matches.


CCK takes on Hybrid2 in tag team action.


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NXT Roster

Angel Garza

Arturo Ruas

Cameron Grimes

Cezar Bononi

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan

Moss and Sabatelli

Dexter Lumis

Isiaah Swerve Scott

Joaquin Wilde

Killian Dain

Kona Reeves


Lio Rush


Matt Riddle

Raul Mendoza

Velveteen Dream

Shane Thorne


Bronson Reed

Singh Brothers

Ariya Daivari

Brian Kendrick

Jack Gallagher

Tony Nese

Eddie Dennis

Mike Kanellis 



Bianca Belair

Candice LeRae

Deonna Purazzo

Io Shirai

Jessamyn Duke

Mia Yim

Taynara Conti

Tegan Nox

Vanessa Bourne

Xia Li

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WPnbJDqatX1gj6mAq49hlyxT5xMBgiMnLu0SW-QJw3_EfRkZx4sxFZ2Y4NvRZ7YTPUN3L6A_bSb3uuVt21vAm81NPaarUvR9Q-BNI36_P1d8QyacunwSTHJFAJ1E0FNuvaFnq5iHEp. 1


Ladies & Gentlemen, it seems we’ve found our general manager!

“Ladies & Gentlemen, I am your new GM! This is going to be the best era Smackdown has ever had. Let’s waste no time, beginning with a World Heavyweight Championship qualifying match.”

Cesaro vs. Big E

‘The Swiss Cyborg’ Cesaro takes on Big E in singles action. Both men trade bodyslams, neither man faltering. Cesaro then begins giving him repeated uppercuts, barely gazing E. He goes for a Springboard Uppercut, but Big E catches him and tosses him across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

E begins to throw Cesaro around, and he begins to get angry. E drops him with another belly-to-belly and then goes for a splash, but Cesaro moves, and then launches E into the air, hitting the Very European Uppercut. E rolls to the apron, and Cesaro performs, an amazing feat of strength, suplexing him over the ropes.


Cesaro then picked up Big E, and drops him with the Neutralizer.


Cesaro covers Big E, and becomes the first person to enter the World Heavyweight title match.


Shawn Spears comes out to the ring, looking smug. He says that he’s hosting an open challenge, and whoever wants to come out can come get him.



Brian Cage emerges from the arena, and Shawn goes pale.

Cage smirks as he walks down to the ring, but before he gets there, he gets jumped by two massive men. Shawn starts to laugh. They look up, and it’s Akam and Rezar, the Authors of Pain. They roll him into the ring, and hit a brutal neckbreaker powerbomb.


Shawn walks over to Brian, who’s down on the floor, and gives him a nice parting gift before leaving with the Authors.


Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jimmy Havoc

‘Blackheart’ Tommaso Ciampa takes on ‘The One Man Purge’ Jimmy Havoc in another qualifier match. Both men start off the match brawling, throwing knees and elbows, dropping each other on their respective necks with all sorts of piledrivers and/or powerbombs.

Tommaso eventually catches Jimmy with a knee to the jaw, and goes for the Fairytale Ending, but when he lifts him up, he slips over and behind Tommaso, and hits him with the Acid Rainmaker!


He climbs onto Ciampa and pins him for the victory. As he celebrates, Ciampa turns him around. The two men stare off, and Tommaso walks off.


Hybrid2 vs. CCK

Hybrid2 and the Calamari Catch Kings have a great match, showing off their tag team prowess, and their agility.



CCK gains the advantage however, hitting the SFTM, before ending the match with a Brainbuster/Butterfly Piledriver combo.



Finn Bálor vs. Tetsuya Naito

The Demon Prince and the Red Comet face off in the final world heavyweight championship qualifier match. Naito plays mind games the whole match, and Finn get angrier and angrier, starting to put more and more aggression into his moves. He eventually moves out of the way of a Stardust Press, and hits the Bloody Sunday.


Finn pins Naito, and becomes the third man in the Heavyweight title match.

Right as the bell rings however, a massive man runs in.


Damian Priest! He brutalizes Finn with that Rolling Cutter. He then goes over to Naito, and helps him up. Naito spits on Finn, before posing with seemingly his new ally.

Intercontinental Championship - Zack Sabre Jr. vs. PAC

The Technical Wizard takes on PAC, and you can tell both men have a chip on their shoulder coming into this match. Zack starts out wrestling PAC, locking him in submissions, and slipping out of anything he tries. PAC eventually catches him with a superkick, gaining some momentum. PAC starts to get the upper hand, almost getting the pinfall off of a Liger Bomb. Eventually, Zack goes for a Wheelbarrow, and PAC counters with a double foot stomp. He climbs the top rope, and hits the Black Arrow.


PAC covers, but he kicks out. PAC goes back up, and hits another, and this time it keeps Zack down.

PAC raises his title in the air.


All of a sudden, music hits.


The newest trade to Smackdown Live, Buddy Murphy is here! He comes down to the ring, and stares off with PAC as he raises the title in the air, as Friday Night Smackdown goes off the air.

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Q9Snhss.pngAs tonight's raw begins with the new raw superstar it’s ADAM COLE FROM SMACKDOWN THE FANS ARE GOING WILD but then Cody Rhodes comes out and challenges Adam Cole to a match but before Rhodes leaves the ring Omegas theme hits and he didn’t come alone as Matt and Nick Jackson are with him as well with Marty Scrull before Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong joins Adam Cole but Omega convinced Matt and Nick Jackson to forum bullet club and the same with Marty Scrull and I think Cody is going to join bullet club and he gladly does but oh wait before the two teams could leave the ring Aj Styles music plays and he comes out with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson saying he would like to join bullet club Omega gladly accepts but before the 2 teams could leave the ring the shields theme song plays as the fans are cheering the shield says they want to be in the match too so it’s official our gm just made it official at summerslam it’s going to be a war games match between Bullet Club UE and Shield at summerslam in a war games match.

But now we have just gotten a confirmed match tonight it’s Dean Ambrose vs a mystery opponent for the USA championship but now we cut backstage to where we see Aleister Black in this dark room with some lighting.

Black begins to speak by saying who wants to knock on my door and challenge me at summerslam because if you knock on my door your picking a fight with me and I know nobody that stupid would want to pick a fight with me but before Black could get another word out we hear this loud knock on his door Black goes to open it and it’s MJF, MJF says I’m accepting your challenge at summerslam because I’m a bigger name than you and the camera cuts away.

Well folks our gm just confirmed another match Aleister Black vs MJF at summerslam.

Now our first match of tonight’s show is Orange Cassidy vs Shinsuke Nakamura the ref rings the bell but the ref gets distracted by a loose turnbuckle that Nakamura un tied during his entrance Nakamura HITS ORANGE CASSIDY WITH A LOW BLOW AND THE REF DIDN'T SEE IT Kingsasha to Orange Cassidy the ref counts 1 2 3 here's your winner Shinsuke Nakamura, Nakamura cheated what a bastard.

Now as we cut backstage where Adam Cole and Cody Rhodes get there match made official by our gm Paul Heyman we see a 24/7 title segment backstage in the same office but it’s Orange Cassidy winning the title and then Cassidy runs away so nobody can find him.

Time for the USA title match as Dean Ambrose comes out first he grabs a mic and a chair and sets the chair up and sits on it and says who wants to fight for the USA championship it’s his summerslam opponent Kenny Omega the ref rings the bell Ambrose and Omega tie up but Omega gets sent into the ropes and gets hit with a clothesline but oh wait it’s UE they attacked Ambrose and Omega ending this great match it’s a double dq UE just made a statement at the cost of this USA championship match.

Now it’s time for the tag team championship match the ref rings the bell Rowe and Dawkins tie up Rowe gets sent to the ropes and then hit with a dropkick wait what the hell Hanson just hit Montz Ford with a chair giving the profits the titles what the hell just happened wait Rowe is smiling this was a plan because there both smiling.

Now we get ready for Cody Rhodes vs Adam Cole the ref rings the bell oh no, it's the bullet club attacking Adam Cole but oh wait Strong and Fish are helping out their leader Cody ultimately loses by dq but he doesn’t care but security guards and the whole raw locker room separate the two teams clearing the ring.

Now it’s time for The Forgotten Sons vs Ricochet and Keith Lee the ref rings the bell and Lee and Wesley Blake tie up before Blake would be sent to the ropes and Lee would hit a dropkick and then a spirit bomb 1 2 3 Keith Lee and Ricochet wins the match before Ricochet would stare at Lee’s universal championship but they would leave the ring.

Now it’s time for our main event of raw 

Aj Styles vs Drew McIntyre as the ref rings the bell McIntyre would hit Styles with a claymore kick before UE would attack Drew McIntyre causing Drew to win by DQ.

But wait our gm has another match set up for raws main event Lio Rush vs John Cena.

As the ref rings the bell Rush and Cena tie up Cena gets sent to the ropes and Rush would hit a dropkick on Cena ultimately sending Cena out of the ring and then Cena gets back into the ring before Rush would lift him up and hit a superpex on Cena, and then Rush would hit a standing moonsault and then Lio Rush would climb up to the top rope and then Rush hit the final hour image0.gif1 2 3, here’s your winner of the match Lio Rush as Rush would offer his hand to Cena, Cena would accept and then Cena would leave the ring.

Wait our gm has another announcement starting tonight raw will be aired on USA Network and starting Friday night Smackdown will be aired on Fox and starting on Tonight’s episode of NXT will be aired on USA Network but we have some more segments and matches.

As we cut backstage and we see The Viper Randy Orton staring at Dean Ambrose and his US title asking Dean to defend it against him tonight right now and Dean accepts.

As the ref rings the bell Randy and Ambrose tie up Ambrose gets sent to the ropes and gets hit with an RKO FROM OUTTA FUC*KING NOWHERE 1 2 3 and we have a new US champion what have we just witnessed.

As we cut backstage to where Rollins and Reigns are talking about seeing the tape of what just happened because they saw Ambrose foot on the ropes and then pushed off by Omega as we would cut away from that room.

Orange Cassidy is out here talking about facing the undertaker at summerslam but instead Taker would show up and face him on raw.

The ref rings the bell and Taker would chokeslam Cassidy before hitting the Tombstone Pildiver on to Cassidy 1 2 3 and Taker wins.

Drew McIntyre gets another match in the main event vs Braun Strowman but now we cut to Lio Rush wanting in on Ricochet vs Keith Lee at summerslam our gm says your in the match.

Our main event time Drew lifts up Braun and throws him like a rag doll before setting up for the claymore kick and turning Braun inside out 1 2 3 here’s your winner Drew McIntyre that’s the end of tonight’s raw folks.

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Q9Snhss.pngRaw preview episode 3 

Ricochet vs Aj Styles in the main event 

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Ortan 

What does MJF have to say after knocking on Alister Blacks door?

What does The Shield have to say about Bullet Club?

Who's the shields fourth member?

Who’s UE’s Fourth and 3rd members?

Street Profits take on War Raiders 

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July 16th 2019



Triple H's big announcement

The show began with Triple H welcoming us to the NEW ERA of NXT. With nearly all the champions called up, HHH promised that NXT would go back to its roots and produce stars that would become World Champions. He announced a 16 man tournament for NXT, with the winner being crowned NXT Champion.



Killian Dain vs Lio Rush

Two of the early favorites for the entire tournament collided early on, with Dain facing Lio Rush

Dain nailed Rush early on with the Coise Bodhar, but the NXT Cruiserweight Champion proved his credentials by kicking out. He then had hearts racing when he hit a Dropkick and followed up with The Final Hour but Dain kicked out. Dain eventually used the Ulster Plantation to win the match and advance to the quarters



Tony Nese vs Ariya Daivari

Two of the 205Live guys that had made the move to NXT were looking to make a big impact as Daivari and "The Premier Athlete" collided

And it would be Nese picking up the victory, putting away Daivari with The Running Kneese for the 3 count, joining Dain in the next round of the tournament




Jack Gallagher vs Trevor Lee

Jack Gallagher stood in the ring, waiting for his opponent in the tournament when suddenly Trevor Lee came to the ring, making his NXT debut

And it would be a successful debut for Lee as he moved onto the next round, nailing Gallagher with the Orange Crush for the victory



Angel Garza vs Velveteen Dream

The NXT North American Champion was in action in tonights main event, against the debuting Angel Garza Jr, and the match surpassed all expectations and delivered a spectacle

It was Dream however that won the match, despite an impressive display by Garza, Dream's Purple Rainmaker was too much and gave him the win. After the match though, as Dream began a speech, the music of Hiroshi Tanahashi hit and the crowd lost their minds as he debuted in NXT. He stared down with Dream to end the show


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Image result for friday night smackdown

Friday Night Smackdown #2

Buddy Murphy vs. Jinder Mahal

Buddy Murphy faces a random jobber no one's ever heard of to open the show, after staring off with PAC last week.




And just like that the match is over. Buddy Murphy with an impressive showing here tonight.

After the match, Charly Caruso interviews Murphy, and asks him why he came out after the main event, and he says that he wants PAC's intercontinental championship, and he wants him at Summerslam.

Bandido, Darby Allin, Isaiah Scott, and Will Ospreay vs. Sami Zayn, Mark Andrews, Mark Haskins, ELP


This match has huge implications, as the winning team goes to Summerslam to face each other for the Junior Heavyweight Title.

Sami Zayn and Isaiah Scott start off the match, and they lock up for a while, before Scott hits a rolling thunder cutter, and then hits the Storm Cradle to pin Zayn.1330606986_StormCradleDriver.gif.8271539bb05b374c05093478d57063b9.gif

Isaiah tags in Ospreay, and El Phantasmo enters the ring.

Ospreay comes at ELP from every angle, and before he knows what's happening, he's hit with an Oscutter for the elimination.


All of a sudden, Haskins rushes the ring and drops Ospreay on his neck with the Pumphandle Driver.


Darby Allin comes in, and Haskins and him brawl for a long time, before Darby scores a yoshi tonic before hitting the coffin drop for the third elimination for his team.


Mark Andrews comes in to the ring, and it looks like he's going to beat Allin, but he moves out of the way of the Fall To Pieces and tags Bandido, who comes in and ends the match with a 21 Plex.


Great match for the Juniors.

Killer Kross vs. Brian Cage

Brian and Kross beat the living shit out of each other, but Brian puts him away with a Drill Claw.


Shawn Spear appears on the screen, and challenges Brian for a match.

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Raw episode 3 

Welcome to the New Years edition of Monday night Raw 

As we see Ricochet open up raw in a few weeks matter of time I will become your new universal champion and that will be truly one and only but before he could leave the ring Health Slater challenges him to a match and Ricochet accepts,

Ricochet vs Health Slater dropkick by Ricochet, Ricochet is going up to the top rope and he hits the 360 senton 1 2 3 and Ricochet wins not really a challenge but some power ahed of Summerslam,

Randy Ortan vs Seth Rollins vs Aj Styles US title dropkick by Randy but oh wait Rollins hits a stomp 1 2 3 ROLLINS WINS THE US TITLE WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED, 

Keith Lee vs Dean Ambrose as Ambrose and Lee tie up Ambrose gets sent to the ropes and then hit with a dropkick and then Lee hits Ambrose with a suplax to the outside of the ring but Ambrose would get back into the ring before Lee would hit him with a sprite bomb 1 2 3 Keith Lee wins,

Lio Rush vs Health Slater 

WHY IS SLATER CHALLENGING LIO RUSH NOW, as the referee rings the bell Lio Rush is too quick and moves like the flash and then sends Slater down and then Rush hits the final hour 1 2 3,

The Main Event 

Drew McIntyre vs Kenny Omega and bulletclub the shield and UE is banned from ringside and now we see the ref rings the bell and it’s not even halfway through the match as McIntyre hits the claymore 1 2 3 here’s your winner Drew McIntyre, Happy New Years and have a happy festive this is the New Years edition of Raw.

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Raw episode 4

Welcome to the final raw before Summerslam 

Lio Rush is going to face Seth Rollins for the US title as well as Randy Orton 

The ref rings the bell RKO to Rollins wait why is rush leaving the ring 1 2 3 ORTON IS THE NEW US CHAMPION 

Drew McIntyre sends a message to Orton and Gargano 

Adam Cole vs Aj Styles 

The ref rings the bell and then styles clash 1 kickout at 1 towards the ending styles would hit another styles clash for the 1 2 3

And finally two more matches before our main event 

Ricochet vs John Cena 

Cena and Ricochet battle it out but it was Ricochet winning after hitting an AAA

and our main event is 

Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns 

as the ref rings the bell and then SPEAR 1 2 kickout by Drew halfway through the match Roman would hit another spear for the 1 2 3

thank you for watching the final episode of raw before summerslam.

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Summerslam Preview for the Smackdown side the match card is Cesaro vs. Finn vs. Havoc vs. Naito - World
Murphy vs. PAC - IC
CCK vs. Lucha Brothers - Tag
Bea Priestley vs. Dakota Kai - Smackdown Women’s
Bandido vs. Darby Allin vs. Isaiah Scott vs. Will Ospreay - WWE Jr. Heavyweight
Brian Cage vs. Shawn Spears and for the raw side of Summerslam is War Raiders vs Street Profits(c) for the raw tag team championships MJF vs Aleister Black Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton(c)vs Johnny Gargano for the US championship Keith Lee(c) Vs Lio Rush vs Ricochet for the universal championship and then a war games match BulletClub vs The Shield vs UE who will prevail in the main events of each card make your predictions please. 
Bonus Questions Who Will Win The War Games Match will MJF be able to defeat The Wicked Alister Black Who Will win The WWE title will Keith Lee retain? Will Drew McIntyre walk out as US champion?

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 Cesaro vs. Finn vs. Havoc vs. Naito - World
Murphy vs. PAC - IC
CCK vs. Lucha Brothers - Tag
Bea Priestley vs. Dakota Kai - Smackdown Women’s
Bandido vs. Darby Allin vs. Isaiah Scott vs. Will Ospreay - WWE Jr. Heavyweight
Brian Cage vs. Shawn Spears

War Raiders vs Street Profits(c) for the raw tag team championships
MJF vs Aleister Black
Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton(c)vs Johnny Gargano for the US championship
Keith Lee(c) Vs Lio Rush vs Ricochet for the universal championshiip
war games match Bullet Club vs The Shield vs UE 

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Welcome to Summerslam tonight’s me is the war games match between BulletClub UE and The Shield but let’s get started Monday Night Raw opens up summerslam for the raw tag team titles as we hear the war raiders theme song play and then we hear the raw tag team champions theme song play and it’s the Street Profits as the ref rings the bell and the match is underway after a long and hard fought battle The Street Profits retain the raw tag team titles after Montz Ford hits the frog splash.

Up Next is a match everyone has been waiting to see it is MJF vs The Wicked Aleister Black now lets take a look on how this match was made official and it is an extreme rules falls count anywhere 2/3 falls match but now let’s take a look at how this match happened a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw Who Wants To Pick A Fight With Aleister Black we hear a knock on the door Aleister goes to open it wait a minute is that MJF? YES THAT IS MJF WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MANS DOING DOES HE WANT TO DIE? I accept your challenge for summerslam at a house show MJF hasn’t even wrestled yet and he’s sitting in the ring like how Aleister Black does does this mans know what he’s doing? I’m not leaving this ring until Aleister Black shows up wait a minute MJF is getting his wish Alister Blacks theme song is playing and he is inside the ring sitting down near MJF do you know how dangerous I can be? I can end you with one black mass and you’ll be seeing stars wait a minute the raw gm has an announcement MJF vs Alister Black will be an 2/3 falls extreme rules falls count anywhere match as MJF signs the contract and then Aleister Black signs it after him it is official 2/3 falls extreme rules falls count anywhere match you must pin your opponent twice to win and you can pin him anywhere. MJFS theme song plays and then we hear Alister Blacks theme song play and then the ref rings the bell after a long hard fought battle Alister Black wins the match in the crowd after hitting 2 Black Masses MJF 1 Aleister Black 2 wait a minute why the hell did the lights go out wait we hear the fire fly fun house theme as Aleister Black looks confused Bray Wyatt says that the fiend wants MJF next before MJF can leave the lights turn back on and then MJF turns around inside the ring seeing the fiend and then MJF leaves the ring and then the fiend disappears. Time for the next match and it is a championship match and it is for the US championship as we hear Johnny Garganos theme song play and then we hear Randy Ortons theme song play and then we hear Drew McIntyres theme song play as the ref rings the bell after a long hard fought battle Drew McIntyre wins the US championship after hitting a claymore kick to Johnny Gargano and new US champion Drew McIntyre. Up next is a triple threat match for the Universal Championship let’s take a look on how it became a triple threat match wait a minute is that Lio Rush and he wants in on the universal championship match at summerslam and he’s in Lio Rush takes on John Cena in the main event of Monday Night Raw Cena looking to put Lio away wait no Lio reverses the AA into a superkick Lio going up to the top rope and then he hits the final hour 1 2 3 here is your winner Lio Rush what a sign of good sportsmanship between Cena and Rush Ricochet earns a title match at summerslam vs Keith Lee after Keith Lees victory over Buddy Murphy to win the universal championship who will win at summerslam the champion doesn’t have to be involved to lose the title. As we hear Keith Lees theme song play and then we hear Lio Rush’s theme song play and then we hear Ricochets theme song play as the ref rings the bell after a long hard fought battle Keith Lee retains the universal championship after hitting The Ground Zero onto Lio Rush for the 1 2 3 but Ricochet asked Keith Lee for another opportunity just him vs Keith Lee because Ricochet truly believes that he could have won if it wasn’t a triple threat match and Keith Lee accepts but Ricochet says that he wants it in a 2/3 falls extreme rules falls count anywhere match. And now we have come to the main event of Summerslam and for the raw side of Summerslam it is the war games triple threat match between BulletClub Undisputed Era and The Shield lets take a look on how it was made official Adam Cole is looking for a fight vs Cody Rhodes but then he says he also wants the BulletClub and the shield vs his group at summerslam inside a war games match and then they all accepted and then costing each other matches and titles we got the match only 3 people from each team will be locked in as the other 2 will be in the ring fighting but it won’t start till all members of each team are in the ring and then it will be started. As we hear BulletClubs theme song play and then we hear Undisputed Era theme song play as Adam Cole and Cody Rhodes and one member of the shield will be in the ring at the same time and then we hear the shields theme song play and then Dean Ambrose will be starting for the shield as before Ambrose gets into the ring he’s bringing in tables chairs and ladders and kendosticks and baseball bats and now the bell for these 3 to battle it out ring as there are two rings for this match and now everyone from every team is in after a brutal and long hard fought battle The Shield wins after hitting a triple powerbomb off the top of the war games cell through the table pinning Adam Cole. Thank you for watching the raws side of Summerslam Smackdowns side of Summerslam should be up soon. But tune in for the next episode of raw.

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Raw Preview Episode 5 

The aftermath of the war games match 

Will MJF accept the fiends challenge?

What will BulletClub say?

What will Lio Rush do when he faces Drew McIntyre for the US championship?

When will ricochet get his 1v1 against Keith Lee for the universal championship?

Who will challenge the street Profits next?

Aj Styles takes on his BulletClub brother in Kenny Omega

Cody Rhodes takes on Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins takes on John Cena. 

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Raw Episode 5 

The Shield says that they went to war before being interrupted by the raw tag team champions the Street Profits Montz says you want a tag team championship match well guess what you earned one.

MJF comes down to the ring and he says that he accepts the fiends challenge.

BulletClub says that changes will be coming OHSHIT WAIT A MINUTE KENNY OMEGA IS ATTACKING AJ STYLES B TRIGGGGGGER INTO A ONE WINGED ANGEL Aj Styles is no longer in BulletClub.

Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns , Roman Reigns  would pick up the win after hitting the spear your winner Roman Reigns  via pinfall.

Kenny Omega vs Aj Styles, Aj Styles would pick up the win over his former BulletClub brother after hitting the phenomenal four arm into a styles clash for the 1 2 3 your winner Aj Styles via pinfall.

Drew McIntyre vs Lio Rush for the US championship, Lio Rush would pick up the win after hitting the final hour for the 1 2 3 your winner and new US championship Lio Rush via pinfall.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena, Seth Rollins would pick up the win after hitting the stomp your winner Seth Rollins via pinfall.

Keith Lee says that Ricochet will get his 1v1 vs him for the universal championship at clash of champions.

Thank you for watching Monday Night Raw.


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