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The day of Survivor Series is upon us, and tensions are running high. Despite this, there is Mikey, leaning back in a chair. He is in a pitch black movie theater, the only light shining upon the room from the screen. The space is vacant except for Mikey himself, staring intently at the screen, enjoying the large bucket of popcorn in his lap and the full cup of soda at his side. A loud slam plays through the speakers, and Mikey raises his eyebrows, taken aback. The slam is followed by three light taps, a ring of a bell, and the cheer of many people. Mikey begins to clap too, admiring the scene just played before him.

A classic that never gets old. You know, it’s beautiful what two men who hate each other so dearly can do.

The camera pans to the screen, showing exactly what he means. It is Flynn vs Julius, their second encounter.

Granted, the match would have been better if the winner were a shock one. But alas, it was predictable, far from surprising. After all, the same result happened months earlier. They never learn, do they? And now Julius, the man who has never been able to beat Flynn, is coming back for, trying to prove that he really is the monster he claims to be.

But we’ve seen these past few weeks that he is far from what he wants us to think he is. The losses are starting to bottle up, and they’re taking their toll. Julius is no longer the man that beat Isaiah Carter for the PowerTrip Cup or the beast that vanquished Hans Clayton to win King of the Ring. He is a pawn, struggling to reach his endpoint and become something valuable.

In all honesty, I hope you beat Slim, Julius. Whatever can help take away the pain that will be inflicted upon you in your match against the greatest faction BPZ has ever seen.

Mikey picks up a remote at his side and presses a button. The camera looks at the screen along with Mikey, and this time it is a match between Smith and Bart and the First Class Express for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. Mikey scowls at the scene, which shows Smith and Bart at the top of the ladder, embracing over their victory.

Disgraceful. It’s a shame that such a beautiful championship reign was squashed by such an undeserving duo. A stroke of luck, that’s what I think. Any man can get lucky once, maybe twice. Yelich proved that against Arius, and against me as well. That’s exactly what I think happened here, nothing more. Let’s move on.

Mikey presses a button on the remote, and the scene fasts forward. He pauses, and it is on Hans Clayton, soaring through the air, about to put Smith through a table with the Shooting Hans Press.

Now this…this is beautiful. Nothing disgraceful about this at all. See Smith, Bart, Hans and Isaiah put you two through the ringer in that match. Hell, I’m convinced that had it been a normal singles match, the result would be entirely different. See, Smith and Bart were able to put their differences aside for one night. I know that the tension is there. Grudges are a powerful thing, and no matter what illusion Creed creates, their differences are painfully obvious.

Smith, Julius, and Bart. Three men who are entirely different on every level imaginable. Will they be able to work together come tonight, against four men who have a bond unlike anything else seen in BPZ before? Sounds unlikely, doesn’t it?

Mikey shakes his head a tad and clicks another button on the remote, changing the scene once again. But this time, there is no video. Instead, it is a singular picture of the member of Creed he’s yet to mention, Sameer, one from his most recent promo.

And then there was one, Sameer. The biggest outlier in Creed, yet the man who holds the team together. The other three men, they are people of recent success. Tag titles, Survival Games final, you name it. But what about Sameer? A man who lost the biggest title in BPZ, a man who couldn’t get the job done in the Survival Games tournament, and a man who got replaced by his “best friend” Smith for Bart in the tag title match.

Sameer is the man who Creed make fun of, the joke of the group. Simply part of the team who’s there to fill a spot. I relate to you, Sameer. Many think that’s what I am in Bulletproof. Just in the group to be there, not get anything done. But yet I hold the United States Championship, unwavering, and I am teaming up with the Undisputed Champion in the tag tournament. Whereas Sameer, he’s just participating in the match, nothing else.

Go back after the premium title, Sameer. Maybe you can find some jobbers who you can actually take in a fight.

Mikey rises from his feet and reaches out to his side, grabbing his championship that was laying on a pedestal. He holds the title over his shoulder with one arm, and puts his hand in his pocket with the other.

Bring your ‘A’ game, Creed. God knows you’re going to need it if you want even the slightest chance against a legendary group like ourselves. Bulletproof, for, life.

Mikey nods to the camera and turns away out of frame, the door opening and closing being heard in the background. The camera meanwhile zooms in on the screen, boasting a picture of all of Creed.

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