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REBOOT: NECW (Signups open)

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After a 6 month hiatus, New Era Championship Wrestling is back live from Full-Sail University in Orlando Florida. There will be some old faces and there will be some new faces as the Florida native company returns to its original stomping grounds 

Sign ups:




Favourite Weapon

Employment History 


Tag-Team (Yes/No)

We look forward to seeing you all as NECW returns in the near future 

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Sign ups:

Name Benjamin Wolf

Figurehead Wyatt Family Bray Wyatt

Gimmick has a cult named wolfisim and dedicates most of his time trying to convert wrestlers but is also a good wrestler

Favourite Weapon a lamp

Employment History Make it up if you want 

Backstory make it up if you want

Tag-Team (Yes/No) yes

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Name: H.R Pufnstuf

Figurehead: Vader

Gimmick: Mythical Beast

Favourite Weapon: Fireball

Employment History: DDT, NOAH, CHIKARA, CZW, The Crash

Man or Beast? This man prefers the term Mythical. A 7 foot tall friendly "dragon". People question if he is just a man in a costume but could a man have such a long tail? Pufnstuf has gained a cult following in the Philadelphia and New York areas respectively after one of his matches went viral against a man recently signed by a big company. This exposure has helped him gain more bookings as a wrestler while slowly letting go of his some of his part time jobs.

Pufnstuf has always drawn in motivations on the simpler things. What he wants..he will eventually get because it isn't just for him. The turtle will win the race against the hare. This outlook on life and his need to put food on the table has landed him in quite a handful of unique career situations such as a stint in MMA, leaning on his college athletics experience, hosting a short tenured children's television program and a mascot for several sports teams. 
He is loyal to his friends and family and has no problem going above and beyond for anyone who comes in contact with him that leaves a positive impression.  He exerts a continually cheerful demeanour, giving life advice to those who ask for it and tries to be supportive of the locker room. Some say he is honest and kind to a fault, but underneath this positive person people speak of manipulation.

Pufnstuf has lived enough to know that in any business, you have to dirty your hands at some point to reach the next level of success but fights to stay true to himself. He has no problems helping someone in trouble or sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. 
Despite his perplexing appearance and kind demeanour he is an ultra-aggressive and terrifyingly strong in-ring competitor. With hopeful enthusiasm and dreams packed alongside expectations of providing for his household, he aims to learn everything he can on his way of making this a career and becoming a company man.

Tag-Team (Yes/No): Open to it

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Name: Sameer Jones 

Figure head: Dolph Ziggler

Gimmick: Underdog

Favorite Weapon: Kendo Stick 

Employment History: Anything of Dolph Ziggler

Backstory: Growing up in the gang areas of New York COTY, Sameer had to fight for everything since he was young. His Father left when he was just only 8 years old. At school Sameer would find about wrestling and instantly become hooked to it. People said there was no way to make it out of the gang area. Sameer is fighting for the chance to get his family and friend out 

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Name Alex Costa

Figurehead - Pete Dunne

Gimmick - Wrestling Machine

Favourite Weapon - Steel Chair

Employment History - APW, Progress, ICW, DG, wXw

Backstory - Wrestled all over Europe and the United Kingdom since the age of 14.

Has even toured Japan for the promotion Dragon Gate. Now looks to make an impact in the US

Tag-Team (Yes/No) - Open to it

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Name: Echo Wilson

Figurehead: Hurricane Helms

Gimmick: Superhero babyface

Favourite Weapon: His powerful fists

Employment History: PWG, TNA, ROH, CHIKARA

Backstory: Echo was a normal pro wrestler, until one match he took a huge bump that left him with no recollection of his former life. He went insane trying to remember what his life was like before his accident. So he drove himself to delusion and madness, and he now thinks his life purpose is to be a superhero, to try and save the world from heels. 

Tag-Team Doesnt matter to me. 

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Nam: Mal Hades

Figurehead: Keith Lee

Gimmick: Happy Go Lucky Big Guy

Favourite Weapon: His Body

Employment History: NXT

Backstory: A former brute who worshiped the devil, Mal Hades was a scary individual. HIs size has always been his biggest weapon, and now, his speed. He has adopted a new move set, and can hit crazy moves for a man of his size as he now chases the "Light", looking for the good in people, but is not afraid of a fight! 

Tag-Team (Yes/No) No

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Name: Mikey

Figurehead: Jay White

Gimmick: Masterful, calculated technician

Favourite Weapon: Table

Employment History: AJPW, DDT, NOAH, ROH

Backstory: Mikey was born in a wrestling family.  His father wrestled for the majority of his lifetime, but he only ever made it as far as some indy promotions such as CZW. Mikey began wrestling wrestling at the young age of 13, and since then he has trained hard to be able to broadcast his talents to the world and make his father proud. He now looks to continue working hard at his craft while finally being able to broadcast his ability on a widespread platform.

Tag-Team (Yes/No): No, but if you got someone in mind go for it

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Sign ups:

Name: Sweet Brother Bob

Figurehead: The Godfather

Gimmick: Pimp

Favourite Weapon:  Cane

Employment History: MLW, ROH

Backstory make it up if you want

Rich guy who needed something to do so he took up wrestling. Not the greatest in the ring although he is improving. Still winning matches do to his size. Is also very charismatic in the ring has been called one of the best talkers in the business. 

Tag-Team (Yes/No) Open to it


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Sign ups:

Name: Raj Dude Singh

Figurehead: Jinder Mahal

Gimmick: Stoner

Favourite Weapon: Bamboo Stick

Employment History: CZW, Chikara, GCW

Born in Punjab, India, Raj Singh immigrated to the United States when he was 4 years old and has lived in New York ever since. Raj's destiny was to entertain people, it was in his genes. Raj found the sport of professional wrestling and quickly becoming a huge fan. He quickly established himself in the indies working for companies such as CZW, Chikara, and GCW. Raj is also avid weed smoker and it shows in his promos and in his personality.

Tag-Team: Yes

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Name Kobe Owens

Figurehead Bobby Lashley

Gimmick Former MMA Fighter

Favourite Weapon Brass Knuckls

Employment History was in the UFC this is his first wrestling company

Backstory Kobe's been a winner everywhere he's gone. Boxing World heavyweight champion and then UFC World heavyweight champion. However those boxing and UFC fights took a toll on Kobe so he's retired from MMA and Boxing. However Kobe still wants to dominate in a new sport this time in NECW.

Tag-Team no

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Cool Text - Resurrection 343056757466292.png

With the news that NECW would be re-opening it's doors we now have further information regarding it's first show since relaunching. GM Julius Jones announced that NECW will invade Full Sail University once again for it's return PPV Resurrection! We have some details about what will go down at the event with a match-card listed below 

Match Card 

1. Bobby Balloon vs ???

2. Next Gen Match: Mikey vs Raj Dude Singh vs The Tiger 

3. Hardcore Match: Daniel Vice vs Samson

4. Mal Hades vs Echo Wilson 

5. H.R. Pufnstuf vs Alex Costa 

6. NECW World Championship: Yelich (C) vs Bart 


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Damn Julius I guess I have to bring Fcw Back.....

Name: Gunner Flynn

Figurehead: Finn Balor

Gimmick: Badass

Favorite Weapon: Steel Chair

Employment History: ROH, NJPW, WCPW

Backstory: A drug dealer, caught in his dealings. Now just trying to support himself as he is alone.

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