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The Return?

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[ We are live here at Survivor Series as we have seen plenty of great action tonight already tonight off the heels of a fantastic match for the BPZ NXT championship which saw “ The Tiger “ Mecko win the title as the crowd is still electric off his big win however the sound of a piano is heard catching not only the crowd but the announcers by surprise as well.

Heel: What on Earth this isn’t part of the show.

Sandman: You’re right partner this isn’t part of our scheduled show next up is supposed to be the United States Championship match. Not whatever this is…. wait what the a fan just jumped the barricade.

[ the camera then quickly runs over to the seemingly rouge fan who has just jumped the barricade and is now getting in the ring and has a microphone in his hand before taking off his hoodie revealing himself to be none other that SSW Wrestler Mirage! ]

Heel: What is he doing here?! He doesn’t work here anymore can someone get security out here.

Sandman: Come on partner we all know Mirage still has some unfinished business here in BPZ and maybe he just wants to clear the air.

Mirage: Hello there.

[ Mirage then places his hand on his head as if he’s having some sort of mental trauma but quickly stops and goes back to speaking.

Mirage: Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I have something to tell you all. That being to WAKE UP! 

Wake up and open your third eye and find enlightenment for then and only then can you truly see what’s happening here. Then and only then will you save yourselves from all these lies here in BPZ lies that I shall DELETE! 

[ Security then finally gets into the ring and is trying to escort Mirage out of the building which is only confusing him and making him angry.

Heel: It’s about time we got this loser out of here and I say good riddance.

Sandman: Oh come on clearly he’s not the same man he was the last time we saw him and it’s obvious he is in need of help if anything I feel bad for the guy.

[ we then see Mirage push off some security guards and even super kicks one of them before exiting the arena the same way he entered through the crowd.



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