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Low Effort NXT

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I can already tell this is gonna be a mistake.... oh well I already wrote it.
Let's see how low effort a diary can be.

The entire backstory for this diary: Triple H decided this online dude going by the name of "Yelich" should book NXT. Whoops, that was a mistake.

I'm taking this from after Survivor Series

Groundrules: None.

Roster: Look it up

Champs: refer to what I said for the roster

In the opening segment of NXT, William Regal announces new signees to the brand who are jumping ship after the dominating performance at Survivor Series. They are Luke Harper, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, The Revival, EC3, Eric Young, Apollo Crews, The IIconics, Matt Hardy, Chad Gable, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, and Mickie James. However, there would be a catch, these people would have to earn their way into NXT contracts because as the number one brand as shown by Survivor Series, we can't just let anyone on the A show. So everyone over the next few weeks will have to win a match for a contract.

Up next is one of these contract matches, Eric Young vs Jordan Myles. Young would finish off Myles in under a minute, and Myles would leave dejected. Young is now on the NXT roster. This is the first and also last time you'll ever see Jordan Myles in this diary, savor it.


Next segment is Mickie James vs Dakota Kai, the two would have a good match, in fact go look up dakota kai vs candice lerae highlights, now replace candice with mickie james. Boom, perfect. James "wins" by DQ when Kai hits her with Tegan Nox's kneebrace, Kai attacks her more until Rhea Ripley runs out for the save. Mickie is now on the NXT roster.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: i've already run out of ideas for this commercial shit

Next match is Liv Morgan vs Bianca Belair. Liv would put up a good fight, but it wouldn't be good enough to defeat the EST of NXT. Belair would hit the KOD and pin Liv in the middle of the ring for the victory. Liv Morgan is now the first person to fail to earn an NXT contract.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: NXT is now commercial free

Then we have our only non-contract match of the night, in this match Cameron Grimes is going one on one with KUSHIDA. Grimes would go for the Death From Above (i think that's the name of the move, i'm too lazy to fact check this) at the beginning of the match but KUSHIDA would slide under it. The match would then continue from here as a high paced bout, with both men (Grimes especially) trying to pull out a quick win. The match would end when Grimes would suddenly catch KUSHIDA with a Death From Above (again, not gonna check if that's the correct name) for the three count.

In the semi-main event of our show, EC3 would face off with Isaiah "Swerve" Scott for his spot on NXT. In a well contested bout, EC3 would hit the One Percenter (or whatever his finisher is called, like Cameron Grimes, I am too lazy to look it up) on Scott for the three count. Everybody in Full Sail rejoices as Ethan Carter III is saved from the blackhole that is the main roster.

And in the main event of the evening, Cesaro would vie for his contract with NXT in a match against the NXT UK Champion, WALTER. The amount of European Uppercuts from Cesaro and Chops from WALTER is extraordinary, Cesaro is even able to do the giant swing on WALTER for 20 rotations to a huge pop by the Full Sail Audience. But sadly, Cesaro is unable to defeat The Ring General, as WALTER would pick up Cesaro for a big powerbomb for the victory.

That's NXT, I'm going to sleep. Should I bold this and make the text black..... nah too much work. cya.

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Welcome back to NXT, we have dropped in the ratings war against AEW significantly due to the changes in the booking team, but we here at NXT don't really care enough to make any major changes to our product. Tonight we will see five more men and women vie for spots on the NXT roster including in our main event of the evening Matt Hardy going one on one with the returning Velveteen Dream. But that's not all, as we are also going to see the Undisputed Era's Kyle O'Reilly go one on one with Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze.

In tonight's opening contest we see more of our NXT contract matches as Peyton Royce goes one on one with Io Shirai. Now due to the fact that NXT has a lack of female tag teams as Team Kick was dismantled at WarGames from the heinous acts of Dakota Kai on her former best friend Tegan Nox, The IIconics must vie for their right to be on NXT separately with Peyton Royce going up against Io Shirai in our opening match tonight, and later on in our main event, Billie Kay will go one on one with the Submission Magician, the Queen of Spades, and most importantly, the NXT Women's Champion, Shayna Baszler. In a barnburner match with a hot start, the Genius of the Sky would fall to Peyton Royce when Royce would get a flash pinfall off of Shirai for the three count, running off with Billie Kay to avoid Shirai's wrath, Royce is now officially a member of NXT.

In our next match, Luke Harper would go up against "The Archer of Infamy" Damian Priest, a man who after losing at WarGames and being eliminated quite unceremoniously by Randy Orton, is looking for a win to get him back on track, and one against Luke Harper might just be what he's looking for. Sadly Priest would not get that as Harper would be able to hit a Discus Clothesline for the pinfall victory. Luke Harper is now on NXT.

After that match we would take a break from the contract matches as it is now time for Kyle O'Reilly vs Tyler Breeze. This match could have tag title implications as Kyle O'Reilly is one half of the NXT Tag Team champions, and with a win here for Tyler Breeze, Breezango would have to seem to be in a prime spot for a title match. And Tyler Breeze would actually get the win here, Fandango at ring side would keep the Undisputed Era's shenanigans at bay, at one point even handcuffing Roderick Strong for "gross garment wear." Kyle O'Reilly would get very distracted by this allowing for Tyler Breeze to recover from previous attacks so when O'Reilly finally turned back around he could hit the Beauty Shot for the 1.. 2.. 3. Fandango and Tyler Breeze would run off, Fandango jiggling the key to the handcuffs he put Strong in as Breezango go to the back, leaving the Undisputed Era seething.

Now back to our contract matches. Shorty G (Chad Gable, he's Chad Gable, HIS NAME IS CHAD GABLE VINCENT, GET IT RIGHT, NO SELF-RESPECTING MAN WOULD CALL THEMSELVES "SHORTY G") going up against former Cruiserweight Champion Neville. Oh wait no sorry he's too good for this diary, I meant Drew Gulak. Drew Gulak would actually win after making Shorty G (VINCENT. HIS NAME. IS CHAD. GABLE.) tap out with the Gu-lock. Shorty G (I'm not even gonna tell you again Vincent, read the other sentences in the paragraph numnut) is not going to be coming to NXT.

In the semi-main event of the evening, we see Billie Kay go up against Shayna Baszler. If Billie loses, she will be separated from her best friend Peyton Royce who has already won a contract on NXT earlier in the night against Io Shirai. Billie would give her best shot against Shayna, and she would also benefit from a little bit of help on the outside by Peyton Royce. But all would end badly when Shayna in the middle of the ring would lock in the Kirafuda Clutch on Billie Kay, making Billie tap out after an inordinate amount of time locked in. After the match Shayna would laugh as she went to the back as Billie and Peyton would cry in the middle of the ring as the IIconics are separated from each other.

And in the main event of NXT we'd see Matt Hardy go one on one with the returning Velveteen Dream, Dream and Hardy would go back and forth, with both men being able to withstand many of the others signature offense. But Dream, just coming off of his back injury (by the way, I know Dream isn't expected to come back until 2020, but this is my diary so I do whatever I want) would have a target on his back (see what I did there, I'm a comedic genius) and Matt Hardy would hit a backstabber onto Dream which would put Dream in extreme pain, allowing Hardy to hit the Twist of Fate for the victory. Matt Hardy has joined the NXT roster. We close our show with Matt Hardy throwing up the V1 sign as Dream holds his back, scowling at Matt.

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