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Goals for 2020? (BPZ Edition)

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𝑆𝘩𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑛'𝑠 𝐺𝑜𝑎𝑙𝑠 𝐹𝑜𝑟 𝟤𝟢𝟤𝟢

Be a good General Manager in Kayfabe and continue being a Junior Moderator on the discord and forums

I have only been General Manager in Kayfabe for a couple of days but I liked revealing it and the response it got in terms of reputation and being talked about. I loved going back and forth with Flynn too and felt like I held my own. I feel like being a General Manager requires some attention to Kayfabe which admittedly I am not good at doing. So in this role I am hoping that I can grow and have a better awareness of what is happening in Kayfabe. I also want to continue being a good Junior mod on the forums and in the Discord. I feel like I get 'trolled' a lot or there's this perception that I don't do much mod work but I feel like I do personally. I am hoping that I can continue to be a good mod and that people will stop making fun of me when I am trying my best because it gets to me sometimes.

Continue my current diaries until their completion as well as starting a kick-ass diary on TEW 2020

So at the time of writing I am involved in four diaries and I'd say I do the heavy lifting in all of them. A lot of my diaries require a lot of background work (making blocks and formatting fixtures in the Showdown diary as well as managing the discord, booking and thinking of ideas for my two TEW diaries as well as simulating WMMA which I stress, takes the absolute piss and is not fun) and I'd like to be recognised as a good source of entertainment diary wise in 2020. I wanna do as many seasons of Showdown as possible as I think we have a good core of ten to twelve people on the forums who like Showdown. I also want to reach at LEAST a years into booking and writing for both my TEW diaries. This would mean reaching a second SummerSlam in Siblings at War as well as a second Starrcade in Clash of the Titans. I'd also like to start a diary on TEW 2020, with either AEW or IMPACT Wrestling. I like writing diaries a lot and I hope some of my work is recognised in the end of year slammies as well as received positively on the forums overall.

Win either the NXT Championship, the United States Championship or the North American Championship

In terms of competing I think I had a good 2019. I faced off against people like Sameer, Flynn, Meko and Brenden. I managed to pick up two wins in 2019 which is not a lot but considering I genuinely don't post as often as some people I am fine with it. My kayfabe work I think is really good in comparison to other people on the forums. I feel like it is a little unique and it draws good enough attention, so I am hoping that my Kayfabe work can win me a title in 2020. The North American title would be really cool to win. It has a good linage and hasn't been tainted much so I'd love to be in the same conversation as Yelich, Kenji and Arius. For 2020 I wanna post a lot more and finish 2020 with at LEAST 1,000 posts. I am hoping to up my game in terms of contribution to the forums and winning the NXT Championship (though I might not be in the division when my General Manager run ends) or the United States Championship would be awesome for me.

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Go back to enjoying what made me love the forums in the first place and that's all the creative elements such as diaries and Kayfabe. I feel like I haven't really enjoyed doing Kayfabe or diaries recently so hopefully sooner rather than later I can find something that I'm interested in 

Main Event BPZ Mania V as BPZ World Champion 

Win a Kayfabe Singles Title 

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Stay Consistent with my Diarys and Contribution Activities
I think one of my main goals for the new year is stay consistent in being one of the top dogs in terms of contribution. This year, one of the main problems i personally i had is that the diarys i wrote fizzle out and its disappointing and I don't really want to do that for the new year. I want to get far in all 3 of my active diarys, BPZ Alternate Dimensions, WWF vs WCW | Clash of the Titans, and Franchise Hockey Manager | Create a Player. I enjoy writing all three of them but i want to manage my time better in order for me to be consistent. Hopefully i get far in Alternate Dimensions, and get at least year done for WWF as i still wanna show what i have in store for both wrestling diarys. As far things like other Contribution Actives like GFX work is concerned, i would like to do more, maybe get into video editing if i can get a good program for it, create more match cards for BPZ PPV's and etc.

Be a Junior Moderator
I know i joke around a lot by saying GREEN LIGHT, but honestly one of my main goals is to be a Mod at some point in 2020, and hopefully i can make that work. All the mods in my opinion do a great job in keeping the forums in tip top shape.  If i don't get that mod or THE GREEN LIGHT, then I'm honestly okay with that.

Win the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship
One of the biggest goals i have going into next year is eventually holding the World Heavyweight Championship, and I'm confident that I will get the chance to. Whether that's winning King of the Ring or Money in the Bank or reaching 3000 posts, hopefully i get that opportunity and finally win the big one. It may seem crazy to think about but that's my main goal for 2020 and hopefully that happens.

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It's crazy to think that I've been around long enough to make a second one of these for the second year in a row, but here we go

1. Recapture US and hold it until the summer - my loss at Survivor Series was deserved to say the least, November definitely wasn't a great month for me in terms of contributing. I think it's plausible for me to win US again before I hit 1,500 posts (still got a lot of wiggle room), and this time I'd like to put up big numbers and establish myself as the most dominant force in the division with no one close to me (sorry about your dream Toxik).

2. Win the Tag Titles with Alex - I feel like this may not happen any time soon, just because BP is such a dominant force and FCE is great, but sometime in the future I think it's a good goal. A good performance in the Tag Tournament along with some smaller feuds could put us in a great position, and perhaps lead us to gold.

3. Get into the world division - man, this is a rough one, but goals are things that you need to work for, and this certainly qualifies. Getting into IC is pretty much a given since I've posted 1,000 times in a year, and this should be no less (if it is we have a problem). My first few months on the forums were really lacking, and putting up consistent posts should get me close to 3,000, hopefully passing it. I think winning world is out of bounds for now, but hey, there's always 2021.

4. Become more active on the Discord - I've always been more of a forums guy than a Discord guy, it's just how the cards played out. Discord is a wild place, and I feel like my inactivity on it causes me to miss a lot of action. Not really a measurable goal, but a goal nonetheless.

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Become the longest reigning North American Champion, and the most successful defences of the title. Successfully defend the title at BPZ Mania V

This one sorta explains itself. Having finally won the North American Title, I want to really cement myself as having a quality championship reign. Being the champion means that I can work with some of the rising kayfabers, which is a very exciting prospect. I think I can be the long term anchor of the NA division now that Arius has graduated to the upper echelon. It's very competitive, so it will be tough, but we'll see how everything pans out (Haven't forgotten that Joh has the TTT cash in, I'll be waiting). It's a strong opportunity being a kayfabe champion, I intend to capitalise on it to the fullest.

Win Survival Games 2020

Provided that I have dropped the North American Title by then, if so, then winning Survival Games will be the next big goal to achieve. I was the only person from the NXT Division in Survival Games 2019, and tied for second in A-Block with Bart. In 2020, I hope to improve upon that by reaching the finals, advancing from the block stage. Even winning the whole thing to get the Undisputed Championship Match at Night of Legends would be brilliant.

Continue to be a quality kayfaber and put on the best feuds I can with a variety of opponents

This kind of overlaps with the North American Championship goal, but since I'm clearly not a contribution monster, then I'd prefer to focus my time to making my kayfabe as strong as possible, helping out others and making feuds with them entertaining for the reader.

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-Recapture the Premium Championship

I really enjoyed the 2 months I held the Premium Championship. I would love to have a better reign, sometime in 2020. Its gonna be tough, especially with the amount of premium members we have nowadays, but goals are not supposed to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. 

-Help Out as Many Members As I Can

I would like to think I am a guy that have helped out some people on the forums. And I would love to continue, that even in simple ways. Showing them around, being kind, things like that. 

-Capture The North American Championship

This is a major goal for me, recently I have been trying to improve my Kayfabe way more. And by winning the North American Championship, that would solidify that I am doing something right.


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Finally have a feud with @Slim. The story is there and has been there, and I think with both of our talents we should be able to create something really special. Oh yeah, I want to beat him as well. 

Have another match against @Julius somewhere down the line. I think last time, while I won, it wasn't as good as it should have been, mainly due to Echo getting suspened and taken out of the match. 

Win the world title, either via the rumble, mitb, or just winning it. 


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My main goal is to have a successful NXT title reign. But from there I do want to move up maybe a division or two, so I can start fighting for different belts. I also want possibly be a shock win in the BPZ Royal Rumble and just give my career a huge boost. Overall I want to become a legit contender in the company and not someone just stuck in NXT forever.

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Top 5 Wrestler Of 2020


I feel that this year from me was pretty poor by me, sure I won the Premium Championship at BPZMania, the biggest PPV of the year, but for me, that wasn't good enough for me, I felt that I could have done more.


So next year, I'm gonna be better than I ever have been for these two years, I'm going to be in people's minds when they think about the Top 5 next year, I'm gonna make sure of it.


Win Something Important


What do I mean by this? I mean by winning a big title like the Intercontinental Championship or maybe a Tournament like King Of The Ring, or the Tag Team Tournament or something that is big in BPZ that can carve my name down as one of the 🐐 's


Become A Moderator


This is probably the least to happen, but somebody can dream OK, last time I tried out for mod, it didn't go so well as I hope, I was facing Arius and if you know him well, he very ambitious and determined and that why he got mod over me, but if I had another chance on becoming a moderator, I feel that I can improve and do better than before and then I feel that I can become a great moderator for the forums 

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