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BPZ: Back to Brands

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I like this so far. Adding a third brand ran by moi is a different take on the usual two brand approach. I'd say in terms of main event guys the talent is evenly distributed but I'd argue Gunner Flynn probably has the best overall roster coming out of this. Hopefully this diary lasts and the posts are consistent. Good job thus far guys!

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Very interesting and intriguing concept boys, very unique way to go from the traditional 2 brand split concept. Looking at the three rosters, I would have to say Evolve has the strongest roster with guys like Julius, Arius, Bart etc. Carnage and Resurgence have pretty neat rosters as well, especially Insurgence with having Slim, Bailey, Necce and FCE all under the same brand. Also digging Carnage's roster as well with Flynn, Mikey, Smith, Sameer, and more. Giving the North American belt to my boy Mikey is always a plus, along with Flynn vs Echo at Winter Warfare, it was a really solid first show from Carnage. Hopefully this diary sticks around as i would love to know what all three of you have planned for BPZ Mania and beyond.

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Welcome to the first ever episode of BPZ Resurgence! We have a big night planned for you tonight as we look to make a statement here and prove to everyone the Resurgence is the top brand in BPZ Wrestling. Resurgence is set up for a big night so let’s not waste any time and get right into the action.


We start off the show as we hear the Resurgence GM Sheridan’s music hit. Sheridan has already been very vocal about her brand online and will for sure be vocal tonight. Sheridan has hyped up Resurgence a lot over the past few weeks and will surely be looking to back it up tonight. We see her high five and blow kisses to fans before getting in the ring and beginning to talk.


Ladies and Gentlemen it is my honor to welcome you to such a historic event tonight in the first ever episode of BPZ Resurgence. Now I know it has been painful to sit through Carnage and Evolve the past few days but trust me that tonight will be much, much better. All of the top stars on the Resurgence brand will be in action tonight as the First Class Express, Slim, and even Bailey will be here competing tonight on Resurgence.

We see the crowd cheer as Sheridan smiles in the ring as seemingly her announcement has gotten quite the reaction from the crowd much to the expectation of Sheridan. We see Sheridan allow the crowd to die down a bit before speaking once again.


Now let’s run down what you people are going to get to see tonight. We will see the fan favorite Thundermans go head to head with none other than the First Class Express. We will also hear some big announcements from both Slim and Brad. Then to wrap it all up in our main event we will see Bailey go one on one with Prince in a match that will have major implications in the future. Now trust me I am just as excited as all off you are to get this show on the road, so let’s not waste anymore time and get right into some tag team action.


We then hear the crowd cheer as Sheri exits the ring and heads backstage and the first ever Resurgence matchup will be coming up next after this short commercial break.



We then cut back from a commercial break as we get set up for our first ever matchup here on Resurgence. It will be the First Class Express taking on The Thundermans in what should be a short but solid matchup. First Class Express are the clear favorites here but if Arrow Rhodes appears then this whole match could flip on its head.

First Class Express vs The Thundermans


In a short matchup, First Class Express defeated The Thundermans after Isiah Carter defeated Steph Thunderman with a No Regret. First Class Express looked dominant here as there seemed to be no chance for the Thundermans here tonight. We would see First Class Express celebrate their victory in the ring as they start off their time in Resurgence with a win.



After the match we would cut backstage as we would see Bob Sparks talking with some backstage personal as Mirage and Alice would then walk up to Bob and begin to talk with him. Bob would look confused as he Mirage begins to talk.


Mirage: Bob just the man I was looking for. Now I have the deal of a lifetime for you. I want you to leave whatever is left of Legacy and join me. Me and you Bob we could run the tag team division! Just think about it, not even the First Class Express could stop us!

We see Bob sigh as he looks at Mirage but flashes a quick smile at Alice who stands there looking Bob up and down. Mirage would look over to Alice and then at Bob as he would begin to become angry. He would then begin to speak to Bob in a bit harsher tone.


Mirage: Listen here you big pile of shit. That is my girl. She will never lower herself to be with a man like you. So just get that through your thick stupid skull. 

Mirage would then slap Bob as Bob looks at Mirage furious. Mirage looks at Alice with a bit of a scared look as gulps. We would then see Bob grab Mirage by the throat as Alice screams. Bob would then slam Mirage through a table as Alice checks on him. 


Bob: That should keep your stupid ass down for a while!

Bob then goes to walk off but he is confronted by the Resurgence GM Sheridan. Bob looks at her and laughs but Sheridan looks furious with Bob as she begins to talk.


Sheridan: Bob I am sick of your shit. You know what you just granted Mirage’s wish. It will be Bob and Mirage next week vs the First Class Express. And before you try smacking me around just remember I can fire your ass right now if I want to.

Bob looks at Sheridan upset as it looks like he is about to attack her too but he eventually just walks off as it seems Sheridan has managed to somewhat salvage the situation here backstage. We then cut back to the ring as we get set for another matchup.


As we cut back to the ring we hear the crowd cheering as Slim stands on the turnbuckle hyping up the crowd as he is set to go one on one with Aidantor here tonight. Slim the heavy favorite here tonight will likely pick up the win here but who knows maybe Aidantor can work some magic here and pick up the biggest win of his career against Slim.

Slim vs Aidantor


In a solid matchup, Slim defeated Aidantor with an Essential Eliminator. Slim looked pretty dominant here with Aidantor only getting in small parts of offense. Slim was clearly the more talented and experienced man here and it showed as he picked up the win.


As the match comes to an end and Aidantor retreats up the ramp we see Slim ask for a mic as he remains in the middle of the ring and begins to talk. 


The first pick huh… well that is quite an honor. Then again who were you really going to pick. Were you going to pick that bum Flynn, that can never seem to really take his career to a GOAT conversation status. Or well you could have taken the tournament king Julius right? Or you could have taken the best god damn wrestler this company has every seen and guess what ladies and gentlemen you are looking at him.

Slim then paces around the ring before coming to a stop and laughing. He looks at the crowd and just soaks it in. He then talks once again as the crowd cheers him on.


 Now to every wrestler on this brand that thinks they are hot shit at the moment. Let me tell you right now that I am better than you, I will always be better than you, and I will always be the top guy on Resurgence as long as I remain here. So all of your brands enjoy playing second fiddle to Resurgence Slim’s show!

Slim then slams the mic before heading backstage. The crowd cheers him as he was very serious tonight in his words clearly making it known that Resurgence was the top brand in BPZ and that Slim was the reason why it is and will continue to be.



We cut back to see Brad backstage, he seems a bit different though as he has a match night but has stopped right before heading out through the curtain as he begins to speak. He seems very serious as his tone is very stern.


My name is Brad and I have been here a damn long time. Now you people know this and you know that I have I guess never really reached the top. My career so far well it hasn’t really lived up to the expectations that I had once set out for it. It hasn’t lived up to those expectations yet. That though changes tonight. You see I am so sick and tired of being overlooked. So sick and tired of playing second fiddle. Tonight I establish who I am. I establish that I am a new man, a new form of Brad that is going to take that top spot and no one is going to stop me!

Brad then heads through the curtain as his music hits and he gets set for his match. It will be Brad vs Amai up next in what should be a very solid matchup between to solid competitors here on Resurgence. We head off to a commercial break before the match starts up.


As we cut back from a commercial we get set for action as Brad and Amai are about to go one on one. Brad made a statement earlier stating how tonight was going to be a turning point in his career and a win here tonight would be a good step in that direction moving forward.

Brad vs Amai


In a somewhat quick matchup, Brad defeated Amai with an Evolved. Amai got off to a quick start here but Brad fought back and fought back hard getting in a bit of powerful offense that finished Amai in little time. Amai had his moments in this match but Brad was able to pick up the win here in what was a good match to get him heading in the right direction.



We then get set for our main event in what should be a stellar match between Bailey and Prince. Both men have been regarded as quality in names in BPZ Wrestling and should face off well here tonight. Both men would love a win here and a win according to the Resurgence GM Sheridan will have big implications for the future of Resurgence.

Bailey vs Prince


In an excellent match, Bailey defeated Prince after beating him with a quick roll up. Bailey and Prince went back and forth here kicking out of moves over and over as it looked like neither man was going to give up. Bailey though was able to steal this one as he rolled up Prince getting the three count. Not the most impressive win for Bailey but a win nonetheless. Now we will have to wait and see what implications that win will have for Bailey and Resurgence as a whole as we then see the show come to an end with Bailey standing victorious. 



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B1 Tournament B Block: Arius VS Maasa


Our second episode of Evolve's return sees early B Block favorite Arius take on the returning Maasa. In a quick match, Arius bowls over Maasa in quick and decisive fashion, scoring an early and impressive two points.


B1 Tournament B Block: Raven VS Epic


Our next match sees the former United States champion, Raven, do battle with former NXT rival Epic. The match would be mostly comedic, as Epic attempts to coerce Raven to let the lord into his heart, but Raven is having none of it, putting Epic away with the Raven Claw and scoring an early two points.


B1 Tournament B Block: Nathan Sawyer VS Bart


Our next bout sees the return of Nathan Sawyer, who is doing battle with an early B Block favorite in former Undisputed champion Bart. Though Nathan would try for the upset, he is simply overwhelmed by Bart, falling to the established star with Scurll scoring an early two points in the B1.


B1 Tournament B Block: Alex Costa VS Marker


Our second to last match of the night sees an up and coming talent in Alex Costa look to show his worth against an established and credible foe in Marker. In a good, close bout, Alex would pick up a huge victory over Marker and move up to two points.


B1 Tournament B Block: Hollow VS Joshua Scott


Our second episode of Evolve concludes with a match between two former world title contenders, Hollow and Joshua Scott, doing battle to score the first victory in the G1 B Block. The match would end with a huge victory for Hollow, putting away Josh and picking up a much-needed victory to give himself some positive momentum. Evolve closes with Hollow celebrating this massive victory in his BPZ return, and he could be a dark horse to go all the way in this tournament.


Current standings:

A Block:

2 points: KENJI, Julius, Jo Nathan, Jonathan, Kieron.

0 points: Akki, Ropati, Death Angel, Keirso, Brian Gillman.


B Block:

2 points: Hollow, Bart, Raven, Alex, Arius.

0 points: Maasa, Joshua Scott, Nathan Sawyer, Epic, Marker.

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I hate you Meko.

On a serious note, Great work so far guys. I like the different styles in this diary from the way the promotions are being ran and they was they are being structured, it is all mixing together quite well. And I cannot wait to make a comeback and win Block B. Keep it up guys 

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BPZ Resurgence


We are back with another episode of Resurgence. Tonight we get see Slim in the main event as he takes on Prince. Prince has two weeks weeks in a row with Main Event matches, can he come out on top tonight though. We will also see Bob team with Mirage in a match made by our general manager Sheridan as she put to the two men against the best tag team in BPZ Wrestling the First Class Express. We will also see Monda in action as he takes on the young and upcoming Amai. We have a great night planned for you, so let’s get right into it.



We kick off Resurgence as we hear The GOAT blast through the arena as Bailey appears on the stage. Bailey picked up a big win last week against Prince and it was announced that the match would play major implications in the future of Resurgence. It seems as if Bailey is wanting to find out this implications now as he has been clambering and asking the GM Sheridan to announce what the implications were on social media but Sheridan would not respond. Bailey though would announce that he was going to kick off Resurgence here tonight and get an answer from the GM of Resurgence Sheridan whether she wanted to give it or not.

We see Bailey make his way to the ring as we start to hear some cheers from the crowd. A bit of a different reaction than Bailey is used to but he doesn't seem to care as he grabs a mic and begins to talk with the ring to himself.


Bailey: Well here I am back in this ring once again on the A show. I look over this show and all I see is a bunch of bums though. We have Mirage on this roster for example. Now the only reason this show is where it’s at is me let’s be honest. Now I am not one to care about ratings or any of that shit. There is something I care about though, something that has been bothering me for the last week or so. That would be these implications that our Resurgence General Manager came up with. She came up with this great idea apparently but yet she refuses to tell us. Now I don’t know about all of you but it can’t be that great if she is afraid to share it.  I mean that is Sheridan for you right though. Always promising big things yet we can never actually see them anywhere or anytime. But Sheridan this idea that you have, these implications are going to be made public whether you tell me or I force it out of you!

Before Bailey can say anymore though we hear SexyBack blast through the arena as we see Sheridan appear on the stage. She poses on the stage before making her way down to the ring. Bailey can be seen laughing at her as she steps into the ring and begins to talk.


Sheridan: Those are some heavy threats Bailey. Now I don’t think you really understand what you are talking about here. Now I get that you all want to know the implications of what will come out of your match but you have to trust me in telling you it is better off hidden at least for right now. It is best for the interest of Resurgence and it is better for you Bailey. It is a way in which I am protecting you Bailey. It is just a shame you are to blind to see this.

Bailey looks at her confused as scratches his head. He then paces around the ring a bit as Sheridan looks at him confused herself as he begins to talk.


Bailey: Protecting me? What the hell is going to hurt me? No one on this brand even has the reputation to lace my boots. In fact your not even relevant enough to be talking to me at the moment. But you see you have this secret. This secret that I must know, this secret that is just killing me to find out. A secret that affects me and a secret that you are going to tell me right fucking now!

Sheridan looks at him a bit nervous as she begins to talk. Bailey is now standing right in front of Sheridan up close and personal getting in her face. Sheridan is clearly scared but she manages to get some words out.


Sheridan: Bailey, I...I ...Can't tell you-

Bailey doesn't listen to anymore of it has he hits Sheridan with a Career Killer! Bailey just took out the Resurgence General Manager, what is he thinking! Surely there will be major consequences for this, but for now with Sheridan out cold in the middle of the ring Bailey can't be punished for it as he smiles as that must have felt pretty good to let some of that anger out. When then see Bailey grin as he walks back up the ramp and heads backstage. We  eventually see some medical personnel rush the ring to check on Sheridan as she is really feeling the effects of that Career Killer. Meanwhile we will cut to commercial break.



We cut back from commercial as we see Mirage walking backstage with Alice. Mirage has a big match later tonight as he teams with Bob Sparks to take on the First Class Express. Mirage and Bob have never really seen eye to eye so taking on the top tag team in BPZ Wrestling is going to be more than a challenge for the two.


As we see Mirage and Alice walking backstage we eventually see Bob Sparks approach the two. He does not look happy as he stands over Mirage after giving a smile to Alice who returns to favor. Mirage looks disgusted as he looks up at the big man before Bob begins to talk.


Bob: Listen pipsqueak I don't like this anymore than you do alright. But if you want to finally pick up your first win here in BPZ Wrestling just let me do my thing and cheer me on with Alice. I’ll do all the work all you have to do is stand on the apron and enjoy watching me kick both Isiah Carter and Hans Clayton’s asses. You see no one in this company can match up with me not even the best tag team in the company stands a chance. So just stay the hell out of my way.

Bob is about to walk off before he stops for a second and turns back around speaking once again. Alice seems to be happy at Bob's decision to stay a bit longer unlike Mirage.


Bob: Oh and if you do get any idea of getting in my way or trying to be the hero you will never be. Trust me I will end your career just as quick as it started and even after you leave this damn company I will make sure to make your life a living hell.

Bob then walks off as Alice can be seen biting her lip as Mirage just looks at her shaking his head before he grabs her hand and walks off in the other direction as we cut away back to the ring for some singles action.




We then cut to the ring as we get set for one on one action it will be Brad vs Jack Bishop. Brad has seemingly stated he is looking for a fresh start to his career on Resurgence and got off to a good start picking up a solid win last week. As for Jack Bishop is a younger talent with lots of potential for this Resurgence brand we will just see if he can take down a veteran the likes of Brad here tonight of Resurgence.

Brad vs Jack Bishop


In a solid matchup, Brad defeated Jack Bishop after hitting him with an Envolved. Brad was able to pick up another win here this week. Brad seems to be getting on a bit of a roll her on Resurgence. With this new brand and fresh start could this mean the Resurgence of Brad and his career as a whole? We will just have to wait and see.



After the match we would cut backstage as we would see Prince sitting in his private locker room. Prince came up just short against Bailey last week but is looking to make up for that tonight as he takes on Slim in tonight's main event. Prince looks at the camera and smiles as he begins to talk.


Prince: Now sit down, sit down. Trust me I know why you are here. You know the Prince is not a dumb man and neither is he a deaf man. He hears all the rumors that you have been spreading about me. The rumors that I am nothing but hype, I am just not able to ever get the job done, and the Prince has even been hearing things like he has been sleeping with the Resurgence GM Sheridan. Now what do I say to this rumors, I say shame. Shame on all of you who are spreading these things that are clearly not true. You see the Prince suffered from a fluke last week and trust me that I am not in the slightest worried about losing against the likes of Slim. Slim is nothing compared to the Prince. Oh and if you doubt that don’t worry I will prove you wrong. You will all learn to think more and really open your eyes to the greatness of the Prince. Oh and when I do win tonight and raise my hands high in victory I don’t want to hear your fake ass cheers. Cause you people don’t deserve the Prince. Cause baby the Prince is just to damn good for you.

The camera then cuts away as we see Prince sit back on his couch laughing. Prince is clearly confident heading into his matchup against Slim tonight. Although maybe a bit overconfident. We will see though later tonight as the two go one on one in tonight's main event.


We then cut back to the ring as we get set for our second match of the night as it will be one of the top names in BPZ history Monda taking on the young upcomer Amai. Both men are on opposite spectrums of the BPZ roster and it should be interesting to see how they match up here tonight. We then hear the bell ring as the match starts.

Monda vs Amai


In a pretty good matchup, Monda would defeat Amai after hitting him with a leg drop. Both men had their spots in this match but the experience of Monda really showed in the later parts of this match allowing for him to pick up the win here tonight. We would then see Monda celebrate in the ring after the match as the crowd cheers him on.

As Monda is celebrating in the ring suddenly the lights go out the crowd is in shock as they can’t see a thing. The lights then turn back on suddenly and oh no, it's the Antichrist, it’s Necce! Monda doesn't see him though as the Antichrist stands behind him as Monda stands in shock.


We would then see Monda turn around only to be hit with an Antichrist Revolution! Monda is out cold in the middle of the ring as the lights then go back out and when the come back on the Antichrist in nowhere to be seen. Monda is out cold and he’s attacker is nowhere to be seen.

Medical personnel then rush the ring checking on the older veteran Monda seems to be hurt as he has not moved since he was hit with the Antichrist Revolution. We then cut to a commercial break as the crowd and everyone in the arena is left in shock.



We then cut back from commercial break as we get set up for another match. We will see Bob and Mirage take on the First Class Express. The First Class Express seemed to be the heavy favorites in this one as this seems to be more of a punishment for Bob Sparks then a good matchup for the First Class Express. Can Bob Sparks and Mirage somehow click and pick up a big win or will the First Class Express dominant like they are expected to. 

Bob and Mirage vs First Class Express


In a solid matchup, First Class Express defeated Bob and Mirage after Isiah Carter defeated Mirage after hitting him with a Fallen Angel. Bob Sparks was looking dominant here before Mirage tagged himself in against the wishes of Bob. Bob was furious as he would then just chokeslam Mirage in the ring and leave him there in the ring for the First Class Express and the rest is history. We would then cut to a commercial break.



As we cut back from commercial we see Slim standing behind the curtain as he begins to talk about his upcoming match with Prince in tonight’s main event.


Slim: What do you want me to say? It’s gonna be another easy win let’s be honest. I am going to run through everyone on this brand. There is no one I fear and there is no one that I cannot beat. You know what there is none of here on Resurgence though, there are no men capable of beating me. Now Prince tonight is going to be yet another example of that as I show the world once again why I am the very best to ever step foot in a BPZ Wrestling ring.

We then hear Slim’s music hit as he makes his entrance as we get set for his match with Prince which is coming up next after a short commercial break.



As we cut back to the ring we get set for our main event match as it will be Slim vs Prince. A big match for both of these men here tonight as it will have a big influence on who rises to that next level of becoming the face of the Resurgence brand. Both men are capable of taking that spot but tonight only one man can come out on top.

Slim vs Prince


In an excellent match, Slim would defeat Prince after hitting him with the Light Out! Slim picked up a huge win here tonight as once again Prince fell just short. Slim is destined for great things on this Resurgence brand it seems as he has now picked up 2 big wins in the 2 matches he has had so far with Resurgence. We would then see Slim celebrate his win in the ring as the show comes to an end here tonight.



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