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BPZ Nine-Nine

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BPZ Nine-Nine- Season 1- Episode 1- "Pilot Part 3"


We start off tonight's show with Aaron North alongside, Alex Costa. As both men are standing around, flexing their guns. They do this for a few moments before beginning to speak their minds.

Aaron North- Man do you see Sheridan over there? She be looking damn fine! Dont mind if I do Alex, she wont be able to turn me down.

Alex Costa- Alright calm down there bud, Im pretty sure she likes Sameer anyway. Anyways she doesnt know class when she sees it, we have to get to work anyway, dont waste your time my man.

Aaron North- Man Alex, I think your just jealous of me. Im obviously better looking than you, remember in third grade when you had a crush on that girl, and I took her to my house----

Alex Costa- Alright piss off Aaron, we really need to get to work. Now lets go before I fuck you up, Christ I hate you. 



We now head to the hallway of the precinct where Sameer and Sheridan are seen speaking. A romantic tension is surely seen, and cannot be denied. What do they have to say though?

Sameer- Girl, you drive me crazy. You are on my mind all day and night, but you are dirty. Ive heard those lies you have been laying out, how we have been seeing eachother. Dont get me wrong I would love to get down on you girl, but why spread these lies?

Sheridan- Because I am an attention seeker, and you are my prey. I am gonna use you to my advantage anyway I can, but if I can get a reward for that, than who am I to pass that up? I know this nightclub, come out with me this Saturday, and see if I can be your prey aswell?

Sameer- Damn you really are a bad one. You know what you got a deal, but I dont want none of your games. You either give me all of you or nothing at all. 



As we return from commercial break, a robbery is in session. Two officers are called into duty, Bart and Sameer. Bart is a student of the game, while Sameer is still romantically attached, not focused on his work as much.

Bart- I sware to god Sameer if you screw this up, I will slap you. Dont think about your crazy girlfriend, think about your new crazy boyfriends. 

Sameer- Ok Bart you sound like a gay man right now. But thats fine, its 2019, I aint gonna judge. Dont worry im focused, Sheridan aint playing with my mind, I got this man. 

Rush in----- as both men rush in, Bart is able to take down 2 of the intruders while Sameer is still in the same area he was at the start. Bart realizes this, calling out for his man, but nothing happens. Instead he turns around to a gun strike to the skull.


Image result for riverdale gif

Back at the station, Bob Sparks is seen leaning on the hallway wall, shaking his head in disgust. As the news has come back that Sameer had maybe cost Baet's life. Reports have now come in that Bart has in fact been taken captive, and held for ransom.

Bob Sparks- See what Sheridan does to people? She gets inside their head, destroys them from their goals. She infects her lovers, and it honesty sickens me. Sameer its not your fault, Sheridan needs to find what she really wants, and until she does that, your her prey. And only till then, you wont be focused on this, so as a friend I need you to step back and think about what your really doing here.

Sameer- I understand what your trying to say, but Sheridan is the love of my life. And I wont let you or anyone else tell me different. I appreciate your concerns, but I am fine, I promise you I will find Bart and bring these men to justice.

Bob Sparks- Man, your obviously not fine. You may of cost Bart his life, so get over yourself and fix this or I will! You are costing all of us everything, so forget about your horny girlfriend, and move on.



Julius- And I Need You Baby, Sheridan your the only one I can be. I am Sameer, and Im a horny bastard. I live alone with my mother, and I wish I had a love, but all I see is blurry lines and no dick. This is the story of Sameer, your very welcome. 


See the source image

As we move on from- I dont even know what that was. Sailor Meko is standing in the glimpse of Julius' performance, not even knowing what to think of it herself. 

Sailor Meko- Well, that was um, weird. But I wont judge, men will do these things wont they? But for me im a classy women, I sleep in until 10 am on weekends and eat pancakes. So i do not understand the behavior represented this morning. 

Ropati- Excuse me miss, do you know how to find the nearby loserville? Gottem, why dont you go back to the kitchen and cook us a couple of pancakes will you?

Sailor Meko- Watch your god damn mouth, I am the baddest bitch in town, and I will sweep the kitchen floor with your bum ass, ya heard? 



Bart- Listen, listen I got guys coming to get me. So just do us all a favor and let me go, Ill pay you the money some other time. Just dont hurt me, I am very fragile. Very..... very...... fragile. 

Mystery man- We can not do that, we must hold you for ransom, because we are very poor and need money so I can leave my mom's basement. God it stinks of pizza and burritos down there. It is so painful, you just dont understand.

Bart- Ok listen, I just want to say I think your mom is a lovely lady, she probably wouldnt want this. So just let me go, and we can talk to her together.


See the source image

Sameer comes barging in, taking the 3 mystery man down, rescuing his best friend Bart in the process. Is Sameer back to 100?

Sameer- Man Im sorry for everything it wont happen again, I am ready to be back to 100, and forgot that nasty bitch Sheridan, she has ruined my life, manipulated me in so many ways and I cant take it anymore. You got my word Bart im here. 





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