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BPZ Tag Team Tournament Round One Match: Firing Squad vs Notorious Killers

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It's time for the main event of Carnage, and the main event is the last Round One matchup of the Tag Team Tournament, which one team contains two future top superstars in BPZ as they take on a team of Hall of Famers and legends to BPZ. It's time for Mikey and Alex Costa of Firing Squad to take on FDS and Brad of Notorious Killers. 


Out first is the Youngbloods, Mikey and Alex Costa of Firing Squad. At Survivor Series, Alex joined with BulletProof and quickly went into Flynn's place in this tag tournament. Flynn is nowhere to be seen, meaning this match up will be a normal two versus two tag match up. No tag team experience between these two at all, can they somehow pull it off against Brad and FDS?





And out comes two very experienced tag team wrestlers with four tag team title reigns between them, Brad and FDS. They stand side by side each other, and takes a glance at each other before looking back into the ring and they sprint down the ramp and slide under the bottom rope and both teams start to fight before the bell rings. FDS goes against Alex will Brad battles with Mikey on the outside. The referee says screw this and makes this declares the match to be a Tornado tag match. He orders the bell to be rung and it is rung as the match has now started. Both veterans bring their opponents to a corner and goes to work. FDS starts ramming the side of Alex's head with his forearms while Brad is chopping the hell out of Mikey's chest, causing it to be red quickly. Brad looks over at FDS who has tossed Alex out of the ring and then turns his attention to Mikey. He growls as he starts to rip the tape wrapped around his wrist while kicking Mikey's leg, sending him down to the ground. He tosses the wrist tape to the ground and grabs Mikey by the hair, lifting his head up before angrily saying: "Disrepesct me? Now I break you." He lifts Mikey to his feet and then slaps him as hard as he can. 


Mikey falls to his knees, grabbing his face. Meanwhile, Alex reverses a Irish whip attempt by FDS and it sends FDS over the barricade into some of the fans. He sees the trouble Mikey is in and runs into the ring, only to get a Clothesline by Brad, sending him to the ground. Brad starts to stomp on the chest of Alex, the crowd behind Brad on this specific night. He doesn't notice Mikey kicking his leg out from underneath him, sending Brad to the ground, grabbing his knee. Mikey helps Alex up and they grab Brad and lifts him up and they both hit a double back Suplex on Brad. 


Alex covers Brad but only gets a two count. They look outside the ring and sees FDS is still in the crowd as they drag Brad to the corner and proceeds to stomp away at his chest and already targeted knee. Alex slides under the ring and grabs both of Brad's arms and pulls them back, trapping Brad in the corner as Mikey stands over him. He smirks and slaps Brad as hard as he could before running off the ropes and kicks Brad square in the face, making his body go limp. Alex let's go and Mikey drags Brad back and covers him for a two count. Alex goes to get into the ring, but is suddenly pulled out by FDS and thrown into the announcers table. FDS slides under the bottom rope and Mikey goes for a kick, but the veteran catches his foot before pushing him back. Mikey runs and ducks under FDS and rebounds off the ropes and goes for a Clothesline, but FDS ducks and Mikey runs into Brad who backdrops him over the top rope, onto Flynn, both men going down hard. Brad rolls under the bottom rope and grabs Mikey and throws him into the ring. He looks down at Flynn and smirks before sliding into the ring and FDS lifts Mikey up onto his shoulders and points to the top turnbuckle. Brad sees this and nods and gets on the apron and climbs the top rope. He slowly stands on the ropes, gaining balance before using his hands to make a gun, and when he pulls the trigger, he jumps off the ropes, hitting a Codebreaker like move as FDS falls down. 


The crowd get on their feet as Brad goes for the cover. Before any count, Alex gets on the apron with a chair, which distracts the referee. FDS goes over and grabs the chair, creating a tug of war that the referee is trying to end. Brad gets up, but doesn't see Flynn enter the ring with his Undisputed Championship and uses it to brutalize the leg of Brad, sending him down in a painful way. FDS turns and sees this as Flynn exits the ring, but before he can do anything, Alex grabs FD and yanks him out of the ring onto the apron then pushes him into the steel ring post. Alex enters the ring and he gets Mikey into a better state of mind and helps him up. They pick up Brad and Alex gets Brad into a suplex position and lifts him up and places his feet on the shoulder of Mikey. Then Alex hits a swinging neckbreaker while Mikey helps bring down Brad even harder.


Alex covers Brad as Mikey pushes Alex down onto Brad as the referee counts three. Both Alex and Mikey have pinned Brad after help of Flynn. They quickly exit the ring as FDS rushes in with a steel chair. Firing Squad has struck and moves on, but will they move on from the sights of Deaths Notorious Angel and FDS?

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