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Eric Shun

The Adventures Of Father Georgemas #5

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Earlier that night as Carnage aired under two weeks out from BPZ Winter Warfare, footsteps could be seen moving through the crowd of busy stage crew and road agents as the show continued. These footsteps went unnoticed amongst the noise of the fanfare. Silent and unremarkable as he moved with a purpose. As the camera follows the journey suddenly the black dress shoes get caught up in a long winding piece of tattered paper. The sudden scratching of the paper brings the footsteps to a halt as the camera lifts from the ground up in view of the man the audience was following. A Ghoul stares right back down at the paper as it reaches down to retrieve it with a blank aura of curiosity. Turning it in all possible ways while inspecting it suddenly the Ghoul pauses, his posture straightening as he brings the paper closer.
Image result for green room theatre
Meanwhile amongst the arena 'The Revenant' Arius is seated inside of his green room mid conversation with 'The Orchastator' Rin Akane as they attempt to talk constructively about their upcoming month
Look Arius. I’ve thought about it a lot, and...well you might hate one of these by now, I don’t know. But it kept crossing my mind. I’ve learned that there’s failure and loss in life. There’s people in this world throughout that will disappoint you, and things don’t work out...
Arius cuts off Rin Akane mid sentence as he plays around with a Christmas bauble taken off of the small tree that was decorating his green room that evening
I know and respect that you have my interests first Rin and i hope in turn you know i have yours at heart...Ti's the season for great beginnings. reunions and hatches buried. All i'm asking is for you to give this new possibility a chance. It could be beneficial for us all in the new year.
Arius stops tossing the bauble as he glance at his reflection inside of it. It is a bright red in colour as the light of the room helps his face blend in for the camera
What a year it has been for the both of us. Do you remember that feeling that you had? The adrenaline that was running through your veins last December? That warm feeling that you had sweep over you when you heard your name announced over the arena's speakers and the keys of opportunity were handed to us? It felt good, didn't it? That is how i compare this holiday season Rin. It makes you feel like a child again, waking up on Christmas morning; running towards all of the presents around the Christmas tree. 
Arius places the bauble on the table as it rolls off to the left
Look. How about we go get a drink on the way back home after the show? On the drive over i distinctly remember passing  by a coffee shop just down the road from...  
Image result for ghoul ghost gif
Suddenly amid their conversation a knock at the door followed by an abrupt entry draws their attention. The same Ghoul from earlier stumbles in holding the paper in their hand as they hold it up from the ground outward towards the startled Rin Akane. The pair look back and forth between each other processing what had happened as Arius gestures towards the Ghoul
"Well what?"
"Don't leave the poor man waiting. He has been on quite the journey. Look at him, his mask his scuffed and i'm sure he hasn't had a lick of Christmas whiskey today either"
The arms of the Ghoul begin to shake visibly on camera as he tries to hold his outstretched pose for the dramatic effect - Rin Akane exhales a sigh as she marches forward towards the Ghoul taking the list with a quick grab as she walks further across the room to read over what had been found. The Ghoul picks himself up as Arius greets him to a chair next to him and pours a drink for him
Whiskey and Egg Nog. I call it a White Christmas
Arius slides the glass in front of him as the Ghoul thinks of a strategy to drink it 
Image result for ghoul ghost gif

"Naughty or Nice?" Rin Akane faintly mumbles to herself as she paces back and forth reading over the cursive writing upon the parchment, names slipping to be heard from the camera as she works her way down on the unorganised list of names. "Nathan Sawyer - Naughty, Eli Smith - Nice...Cole Phillips - Naughty"

"Cole Phillips? The referee? That man hasn't hurt a fly his entire time under contract. I accidentally bumped into him one day on my way through to the arena stage and he apologised on my behalf...unless...Cole, my boy, what kind of hidden life are you living Arius laughs It is always the quiet ones isn't it? Arius slaps the back of the Ghoul who tries to lift the drink to his mask but only clinks against it

Some time passes as Arius has a one sided conversation with the Ghoul about the upcoming holidays when suddenly explicit words could be heard from behind the camera! It spins around back to Rin Akane who had made her way down half of the long list. She holds it in the hair, griping the edges tight enough that a slight tear begins to show
In black and white, clear as day. "Rin Akane - Naughty?!" What is this?
Who does George think he is for this? Rin shakes the list He has had it out for my since earlier this year. おびえた 

Rin Akane continues to read through the rest of the names as she shares her frustration
I mean honestly, in a list that has FDS listed with a giant question mark next to it i'd like to know the decision process. Rin turns to Arius  私は誓います If i wake up to any amount of coal in our home i'm going to use it as a bludgeon and force him to clean u...
Arius interjects just at it feels she might be heading to deep
Rin. Rin. As much as you're aware of my approval of colour co-ordination. Especially with blood red. There are other steps to take before violence. 
Arius sits back on his chair as he stretches his arms behind his head, enjoying the reaction
Just think, if you are on the naughty list, there is still time to fix that. Like the elves say, “it’s never too late to get onto Santa’s Nice List”! Arius chuckles to himself as he plays along, enjoying the White Christmas he made himself I am willing to sit here tonight to give you ideas, run down the Jingle Tactics.  If you think that you are on Santa’s naughty list, there are things you can do to move to Santa’s nice list.  I call them Santa’s Good Deeds™.  Would you like to hear some?
The expression on Rins face continues unchanged as she soaks up the advice from Arius but stays fixated on the list, looking over it continually as Arius continues his teasing. Suddenly she comes to a stop as she comes across something crucial to her. She smiles, turning back to Arius to reply to his offer - matching his jeering
Pardon my outburst, you're right Arius, i'm not sure how i was soo misguided. I'm glad you feel that way as well, so helpful, since your advice will serve us both well hearing the word 'us' from Rin leads to a raised eyebrow from Arius and are here to ground me - Because you're name is under Naughty.
Arius lets his glass slip from his glove as it crashes to the floor 
WHAT?! in a fluid motion he rises from his chair and rushes across the room to meet Rin as he snatches the Christmas list from her hand. Haphazardly looking over the list he finally reaches his name listed under naughty. This reveal stutters his words as he staggers back falling into his chair once again.
Image result for ghoul ghost gif
In the background as the two of them discuss the discovery of the list the Ghoul that had joined them partially lifts his mask so he can finally drink the whiskey he was given - going as far as to take the glass Arius left untouched while eyes were distracted. All while Arius has begun to match the emotions of Rin
How can this be? Have i not been spreading good cheer all year? Helping those in need? Been the patron saint?
Rin Akanes expression changes as she goes to interject but she holds her tongue as Arius catches her eyes - knowing they are remembering the same incidents, leaving questionable moments unmentioned 
Well that doesn't..It was for a just reason. No, no i'm certain this must be a grave error. This List. I don't know how George found himself in this opportune situation, fully accepting the duties and responsibilities of the 'big man' but he has only been wearing the big red suit for one month and already problems have arisen. This smells like trouble. 
Rin tries to interject but is unable to break the train of thought Arius continues with 
Toys have to be delivered, Rin! I'm not gonna do it. It's not my job. The elves can't do it, they're just elves!
Arius takes the glass from Ghoul who slouches in disappointment, finishing the whiskey before grabbing his thick coat off of the hook 
I'll just go down there, explain calmly. Waltzing in. I may have heard his elves accidentally deleted the Nice List. Maybe he misplaced the List and i overhead the rumour. Hopefully, in all that good in this world, he might've remembered or recovered most of it back but then i offer to help. A guiding light
Arius dusts off his coat as he practices greeting George.
Sip some midnight eggnog  and during those moments  it never hurts to meet face to face and tell him the mistake so he can learn. Santa can't be a tyrant right?
Rin is finally able to get a word in when she covers the mouth of Arius before he continues to spill out any more 
Arius. Listen to yourself. What exactly is your plan here realistically?  
Arius breaks away from her silence as he grins towards her - determination in his eyes
What else? We're marching to the North Pole! To the icy doorstep. 
Rin Akane is stunned silence trying to process what Arius had just set before realising that Arius is already twenty steps ahead. Coming to terms with what her week might end up being she tries her best to collect her items and catch up - shouting an inaudible flurry of questions. The Ghoul left alone in the room staring at the camera as it fades to black.


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