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Eric Shun

Ranking The Wrestlemanias From This Decade!

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10. Wrestlemania 27
I feel like most people will put this last and deservedly so. Mania 27 just wasn't good, main evented by The Miz versus John Cena. This wrestlemania treated us to amazing matches such as Jerry 'The King' Lawler versus Michael Cole, as well as John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki facing Dolph Ziggler and LayCool. Really pushing the boundaries on the name, grandest stage of them all.

9. Wrestlemania 32
Main evented by Triple H against Roman Reigns, mania 32 is one that is likely to be forgotten. It wasn't an awful show, it was just one that failed to stand out from the crowd. Triple H vs Reigns was a match that fans didn't really want to see, and not much stood out to propel this higher on the list.

8. Wrestlemania 28
Although there were two fantastic matches from this Wrestlemania. 28 to me is a top heavy card. Whilst everyone was loving the John Cena Vs The Rock match, due to the fantastic build-up between the two charismatic megastars. The only other good match on the card was Triple H Vs The Undertaker Hell In A Cell. With every other match on the card being a poor let down.

7. Wrestlemania 29
The rematch. Nobody wanted it but we had it. It was alright. However, the big match for me on this show was the CM Punk Vs The Undertaker Hell In A Cell. This match was fantastic, and completely stole the show. Although you could argue this mania is worse than 28, I put it higher on my list purely because I like CM Punk a lot and I feel like this match was the match that showed the WWE how much the fans love Punk.

6. Wrestlemania 26
This mania would hold one of the biggest and best matches in the history of the WWE. Career Vs Streak. HBK Vs The Undertaker. The match was outstanding, but I am sure everyone reading this knows how good it was. Sadly, the other matches on the card weren't good enough to force this mania higher up the list. But, I feel like the quality of the HBK/Taker match means it can't drop lower than this point.

5. Wrestlemania 33
Whilst this mania from the outside looked good. With many compelling storylines worked in to entice viewers. The in-ring action was sub-par. Nowhere near as good as the fans expected. Whilst it wasn't bad by any means, it could have been much better. It was clear that Taker couldn't really wrestle as well as he once could. But that was made up for with some great moments such as the return of the Hardy Boyz.

4. Wrestlemania 34
34 Was a mania that was littered with almosts. The WWE had the perfect opportunity to create the best Wrestlemania yet. But every match seemed to just be lacking one thing. Daniel Bryans in ring return was a fantastic storyline, and a good match. Ronda Rousey having her first match for the WWE was great too. However, I feel like the main event not being great really hurts this mania.

3. Wrestlemania 35
Although all of these next 3 manias were great. This is the worst of the bunch. Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship, a feel good moment for himself and the fans who had stuck by him during his time with the WWE. But it felt like they did this to meet the whole Wrestlemania moment cliche. The main event was for the Womens Championship for the first time ever, and the botched ending let that down. There were some good angles such as the last WWE match for Batista and Kurt Angles farewell.

2. Wrestlemania 31
This mania had one of the greatest moments ever. With Seth Rollins cashing in his Money In The Bank contract mid-match, to save a dull main event and make it compelling and entertaining. Sting made his first appearance at a Wrestlemania show, facing Triple H in what was an alright match. Overall, there were no really poor matches to drag this show down. And the good moments we saw from a fans POV puts this at second.

1. Wrestlemania 30
All I am going to say for this one. Daniel Bryan winning the belts. The Undertakers' streak coming to an end.


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