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Victory at Last!

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James Knight is coming off one of his most brutal battles yet, but in the end he did come out victorious. Now he stands in the ring giving a heartfelt speech after his first win!

Image result for Tama Tonga in the ring"

Darius Shiba... what a fight you put up sir. I mean that may be the most hard fought battle of my entire career. Sadly for you though, you did not come out on top after all that effort. I do condemn the effort you put up. Trust me I do, but I told you from the beginning to not test me in the ring. Despite my change in demeanor, I am still one crazy son of a bitch when it comes to taking on people in the ring. 

But aside from that, this is my first win of my career in this company and I would be lying if I said I was not overjoyed right now! And, I couldn't of done it without the fans.

The crowd erupts in cheers

When I came back a few weeks ago I didn't know if you guys were gonna be behind me at all. I didn't know if my reputation had preceded me and you guys were gonna boo me like you have been. But, I am so happy that, that was not the case. Without you guys I may not of had the confidence to go one on one with Darius. But, with the support of this crowd I managed to not only go toe-to-toe with Mr. Shiba, but I defeated him, on his debut! Shiba, I do apologize for the rough start to your career, but this match meant as much to me as it did to. Once again I do apologize but I did what had to be done.

So with that said I'm gonna leave and have a hell of a party tonight to celebrate my first win!

The crowd erupts into more cheers as James Knights poses around the ring

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As James Knight celebrates in the ring, the music of Aaron North hits. Aaron North walks out and down the ramp with a t-shirt on his shoulder he smiles and it looks like he is gonna have some words for James Knight.

"Young man, i have been keeping an eye on you for a long time. I knew this day would come someday where you finally win your first match. I'm sure you're full of adrenaline right now and you can't focus too well, trust me i know the feeling because i have had it many times before. But now you need your focus before you can celebrate your victory, i offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity, right here right now to join The Cure and to join us in the fight to Cure BPZ in our own way. If you work with us we can lead you to great heights and we can make you into one of the biggest stars in the company. Remember Mr. Knight... i'm not telling you anything that you don't already know."

Aaron offers the t-shirt to James Knight and waits for his response.

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James Knight stops for a second and looks at the T-Shirt, then to Aaron, then back to the shirt.

A deal of a lifetime you say? Well you know you caught me in quite a predicament. But, I am well aware of what is being offered, and to be honest I kind of like it. This group seems like something where we all can help each other and "cure" BPZ.

James Knight takes the shirt out of Aarons hands, looks at it for a second, then puts it on!

James Knight and Aaron North stand in the center of the ring and raise their hands, as James Knight is officially the new member of The Cure!

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