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Disclaimer: In the event of a murder please don’t dial B, dial M

A dark cloud descends over the sky. You can feel it in the air. The BPZ stars can feel it. There will be a Murder. After Murder on the BPZ Express and Death on The Michigan (both linked below), the final part of the trilogy arrives, 



If you want to be in this series, just sign up below and say I’m in

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Part 1/7

Its been 2 years since the events of Murder on the BPZ Express and 1 year since the events of Death on the Michigan. Of course, the negative publicity from all the deaths, and the fact that Necce and Akki were proved to be murderers led to the BPZ falling as a major promotion 

However BPZ changed what they were, becoming a wrestling training centre. However the facilities Arne great, the wrestlers having to stay in caravans, and the only other facilities being a bar, a lake with woods and a wrestling ring for training

Today the young recruits at the training centre were being treated a visit by Smith, Nate and Kai, all former BPZ Superstars. We then see Smith and Nate driving towards the centre

Smith: So this is it?

Nate: I think so. 

Smith: Wait, weren’t we mean to pick up Kai?

Nate: Yes

Smith: Why didn’t you remind me?

Nate: Because it’s Kai

Smith: Fair enough

Meanwhile, we cut to inside the caravan park, where we see one of the new recruits Owen Dalton leaving their caravan. What he doesn’t notice is that on his caravan reads the words “You Will Die Tonight” in giant red graffiti

Owen begins to leave the caravan and makes his way to the lake, where he looks at a camera that has been set up. He begins to check the camera and laughs to himself before picking up his phone 

Owen: Hello, you were right. I’ll start walking back to the caravan

However Owen sees a masked figure looking at him, holding a pole. Owen looks at him confused, before suddenly the masked figure impales Owen with the pole and runs away as Owen falls to the floor. 

Meanwhile, we cut back to Smith and Nate who are stood in the reception/bar, Nate on FaceTime to Kai. 

Kai: I can’t believe you forgot me Nathaniel. Think of how annoyed the recruits will be

Nate: Yes, I’m sure they will be devastated. Anyway, Kai we seem to be losing reception. Goodbye

Smith: Did you just fake losing reception?

Nate: No

George: He’s right. You rarely get reception in these parts

Smith and Nate jump out of their skin before seeing George there, covered in red paint

Smith: Why are, you, in red?

George: I was just... busy running errands. It’s good to see you guys again. 

Brenden: Yes, it is.

Brenden and Keeley come out from a door behind the bar and shake hands with Smith and Nate

Brenden: It’s good to see you, let me give you a quick intro. You’ll be staying in Caravan 4. Some of our recruits include Owen Dalton, Hans Clayton, Mikey, Arius and Gunner Flynn. You’ll get to know them all. Our staff include me, Keeley and Chef George and a few others. Anyway get a good nights sleep and we can begin training in the morning

Meanwhile, we saw the body of Owen Dalton, a pole impaled through him. Suddenly Owens eye opens

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