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All Elite Wrestling: "The Next Best Team" #34

In the new episode, Jurassic Express and The Young Bucks square off in our main event, with the winning team having the next shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships at Revolution! All this plus much more in this episode of "Total Extreme Wrestling". Will we finally sign Ryback?
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"Injury Crisis" WWE Universe Mode: #42

We're on the final episode of NXT before Takeover! Tonight Keith Lee teams up with an unlikely duo in Imperium as they try and halt the momentum of the Undisputed Era. After Adam Cole's blindside attack on Lee, will he be able to compete at 100%? Plus, Matt Riddle is in action as he looks to earn one last win before his big championship match with Tommaso Ciampa at Takeover.
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WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

Take in the destruction of the Elimination Chamber, streaming live on the WWE Network. Discuss it here!
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NJPW Castle Attack

The New Beginning Tour recently ended for New Japan Pro Wrestling, with the major moment of the tour being Kota Ibushi defeating SANADA to retain the IWGP Double Championship. We now look into our next tour with the brand new Castle Attack, which will be headlined by two shows in Osaka Jo-Hall. Discuss here!
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GWW Wrestling - Week 1

King of The Guillotine Choke
Bellator 199: Ryan Bader? Fedor? King Mo just wants to 'whup some ass' in  San Jose - MMAmania.com

Tonight's show kicks off with King Mo backstage, he cuts a promo thanking GWW management for the two week break for him to kick Klidson Abreu's ass in the octagon. He says it's time to put that fight in his past and look to the future, he wants a challenge at GWW Vendetta and is going to keep his eye on the entire roster.


Ariya Daivari vs. Chris Dickinson
Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 1 henkilöKuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

Our first match of tonight is between Ariya Daivari and Chris Dickinson.

Dickinson is looking forward to a match with Sam Adonis at GWW Vendetta but first he has to go through Ariya Daivari.

This match would end up being good as Chris Dickinson defeated Ariya Daivari after hitting Ariya Daivari with the Brain Eater and getting the win via pinfall in 07:18.


Jinder Mahal vs. Rene Dupree

Our next match is between Jinder Mahal and Rene Dupree.

Mahal has finally earned a shot at championship gold in a 6 man falls count anywhere match for the Million Dollar Championship at GWW Vendetta. But there are 5 other incredible athletes standing in his way, and one of those men is Rene Dupree who has been out ever since an attack from Bullet Club caused him to get sidelined for weeks. Dupree is looking fired up tonight as he faces "The Modern Day Maharaja".

This match would end up being great as Jinder Mahal took the win after hitting Rene Dupree with the Khallas to get the win via pinfall in 13:14.


"The Million Dollar Maharaja?"
Jinder Mahal On Being Cut By WWE, If He Expected To Be WWE Champion, Fans  Booing Indian Anthem | PWMania.com

After the match Jinder Mahal grabs a mic and cuts a promo talking about his past and says he realizes what's he's been doing wrong. He says he has cut the Singh Brothers and is now going to set out on his own because unlike Bullet Club, he doesn't need anyone else.

Suomalainen wrestling-tähti niittää menestystä – katso kuvat – StaraJurn Simmons and David Starr had a hair vs hair match recently. Guess Jurn's  beard didn't count....this is horrifying. : SquaredCircle

Jinder is then interrupted by The Crown who walk down to the ring to confront Jinder. Starbuck gets a mic and goes face to face with Jinder. Starbuck asks him if he has even thought about who he's going up against in this tournament... Starbuck tells him that he stands no chance against him and he's also got the other 4 to worry about. Starbuck gives Mahal a warning that he probably should bring back up because everyone else definitely will. The Crown leave the ring with smiles their faces as GWW Wrestling goes to a commercial break.


Alex Colon vs. Ricky Banderas
alex colon (@alexcolon0139) | TwitterAficionado agrede con botellazo a El Mesías

Our main event of the evening is between Ricky Banderas and Alex Colon.

These two haven't faced off in singles competition since the hardcore tournament, Banderas has been looking for revenge on Colon ever since he lost in the first round of the Hardcore Tournament and he could get it tonight. Colon has had an impressive run in GWW thus far, proving that he can do so much more than just hardcore wrestling.

This match would end up being great as Ricky Banderas took the win in 17:45 after Banderas hit Colon with the Chokeslam to get the win via pinfall.



"When The Hunters Become The Hunted"
▷ Quinn Ojinnaka "Moose" - Fights, Stats, Videos - FITEAJ Styles (@AJStylesOrgRP) | Twitter
cb8e3ac3113e5500a22bf0cd55ea2332.pngAficionado agrede con botellazo a El Mesías

After the match, Moose and AJ run out to attack Banderas but AJ is ambushed by Rhino who hits him with a Gore. Moose tries to attack him but Banderas attacks Moose, and hits him with a Chokeslam. AJ gets up and tries to fight back but Banderas hits him with a Chokeslam as well. Rhino gets a mic and calls Bullet Club a bunch of pussies for trying to attack Banderas, Rhino promises that as long as his breath remains, no pussies will be allowed to exist in this company. Rhino throws the mic down and Bullet Club leave, AJ looks furious and promises to get his revenge.




GWW Wrestling - Week 2

Chris Dickinson vs. Petey Williams
Kuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.5b0fee52dcc06892f18efd30befbaf78.png

Tonight kicks off with a match between Chris Dickinson and Petey Williams.

Both men have a lot of muscle mass and very impressive move sets so this should definitely be an interesting match. King Mo's definitely keeping an eye on this match as he still doesn't have a match set for GWW Vendetta. 

This match would end up being great as Petey Williams took the win in 13:45 after hitting Chris Dickinson with the Canadian Destroyer to get the win via pinfall.



"The King of Bloodsport vs. The Maple Leaf Muscle?"

After the match, Petey Williams shakes hands with Chris Dickinson and then gets a mic. He talks about breaking out on his own and not being known as "just another wrestler from Canada" or not being known as "Little Petey Pump". He says that he has always been looking for his moment in the spotlight, and in GWW he thinks that can finally happen.

Petey is suddenly interrupted by a clothesline from behind by King Mo. He attacks a grounded Petey and clobbers him in the face with punches, he then puts Petey in a Sleeper Hold and makes him pass out. King Mo has a smile on his face and the crowd boos him out of the building as GWW Wrestling heads to a commercial break.


Minoru Tanaka vs. Viktor
d02003c98c8a56c838ebe182113b55cb.pngViktor | Wrestling JAT Wiki | Fandom

In our next match we have Minoru Tanaka facing off with Viktor of The Awakening.

Minoru Tanaka makes his singles wrestling debut in GWW tonight against the more technically talented wrestler of the Awakening, Viktor. Tanaka has a lot of experience in the wrestling ring as a singles and as a tag team competitor, so it definitely won't be an easy fight for Viktor to win.

This match would end up being good as Minoru Tanaka took the win in 11:27 after making Viktor tap to the Minoru Special.


"True King of Bloodsport"
Michael Majalahti - WikipediaKing Mo Lawal

Backstage we see The Crown in the locker room with American Top Team. Starbuck chats up King Mo about joining The Crown. He calls ATT a bunch of scrubs who don't deserve to have a man of King Mo's talents by their side. He then asks: "I mean... what's a king without his crown?" and leaves the locker room with Jurn Simmons and Alexander James.



Moose vs. Rhino
▷ Quinn Ojinnaka "Moose" - Fights, Stats, Videos - FITEHappy Birthday to Rhyno! | Wwe superstars, Wrestling, Wwe

In our main event of the evening we have Moose facing off with Rhino. "The Man Beast" Rhino is making his in-ring debut tonight against Moose.

Rhino came to the aid of Ricky Banderas last week, as he was about to receive a beat down from the Bullet Club. Rhino wasn't looking for the show to end in another Bullet Club beat down, he wanted to make an impact by debuting and attacking them instead, thought he might come to regret it in this match.

This match would end up being a great hard hitting hoss fight, as Rhino took the win in 16:49 after hitting Moose with 3 Gores to finally get the win via pinfall.


"Four Man Band?"
Happy Birthday to Rhyno! | Wwe superstars, Wrestling, WweAJ Styles (@AJStylesOrgRP) | Twitterad4716a15485c735e1e6c67141959f82.png▷ Quinn Ojinnaka "Moose" - Fights, Stats, Videos - FITEAficionado agrede con botellazo a El Mesías

After the match, Styles walks down the ramp with Dio and Salina. It looks like they're going to attack Rhino but then Heath Miller runs through the crowd with a steel chair in hand. Heath's here to back up his tag team partner Rhino as AJ, Salina and Dio stop dead in their tracks and Moose rolls out of the ring, Heath and Rhino beg for them to enter but they don't.

They're about to leave until Ricky Banderas walks down the ramp and forces them to enter the ring, all three men and Salina are now surrounded on both sides by Heath & Rhino and Ricky Banderas when suddenly Heath smacks Rhino with the chair!

Heath smacks the chair across Rhino's back multiple times as Moose, AJ and Dio attack Banderas outside the ring. They quickly take him down as Heath continues hitting Rhino with the chair, Heath looks furious and to finish Rhino off, he hits Rhino with the Sweetness onto the chair.

Bullet Club join him in the ring and share too sweets with each other, it seems as though Heath has betrayed Rhino and joined Bullet Club but why?




GWW Wrestling - Week 3

"Four Man Club Baybay"
ad4716a15485c735e1e6c67141959f82.pngSalina de la Renta in talks to produce future MLW TV projects? | Big Gold  Belt Media | Wrestling, Movies, Comics And More!

Tonight's GWW show opens up with Heath Miller in the ring along with Salina De La Renta. Heath has a mic in hand and wastes no time telling the crowd how happy he was when his former partner Rhino joined Banderas' side. He says he finally got rid of the old weight on his leg that has always been pulling him back and always been dragging him down when it's been his time to rise as a singles star. He says he has finally found a real home with real friends in the Bullet Club and a place where he can break out on his own.


Sam Adonis vs. Starbuck
Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 1 henkilö, hymyMichael Majalahti - Wikipedia

In our first match of the evening we have Sam Adonis facing off with Starbuck

Adonis was furious after finding out that he was not booked in the 6 way match coming up at GWW Vendetta, but is instead booked in a singles match with Chris Dickinson, he's now looking to prove himself against one of the competitors in the match, Starbuck.

This match would end up being great as Starbuck took the win in 13:27 after hitting Sam Adonis with a Tiger Driver to get the win via pinfall.


"Adonis swears that he will prove himself against Dickinson"
Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 1 henkilö, hymy

Post match, Adonis grabs a mic. He talks about BEYOND and what they could have become if Dickinson just let things stay the way they were instead of making bold claims about BEYOND revolving around him, the real star of BEYOND. Adonis says that all he wanted to do is give Dickinson, Grimm and Daivari a spotlight next to a real star but then Dickinson had to fuck it all up. Adonis swears that Dickinson will be punished and humiliated and he will receive a punishment that he won't forget for a long time.


Junior Stars vs. Gory & Facade
Accelerator's Wrestling Rollercoaster BiosFacade & Gory (@FlippinAintEZ) | Twitter

In our next match we have Junior Stars facing off with Gory & Facade.

Gory & Facade have yet to team together in GWW and are now looking to prove themselves against the current #1 contenders, the Junior Stars.

This match would end up being good as Junior Stars took the win in 11:49 after Koji Kanemoto made Facade submit to the Koji Clutch.

Heath Miller vs. Rhino
ad4716a15485c735e1e6c67141959f82.pngHappy Birthday to Rhyno! | Wwe superstars, Wrestling, Wwe

In our main event of the evening we have Heath Miller making his in-ring debut in GWW against his former partner Rhino.

Rhino asked for this match immediately after Heath's promo earlier today and both men have agreed to it. Heath made a huge impact last week after betraying Rhino and joining the Bullet Club, it's time to see if he made the right decision or not.

This match would end up being very good as Heath Miller took the win in 13:47 after Salina interfered and hit Rhino with a low blow, giving Heath a chance to hit Rhino with the Famouser to get the win via pinfall.


"Bullet Club send out a challenge to American Top Team"
ad4716a15485c735e1e6c67141959f82.pngMace - Online World of Wrestling▷ Quinn Ojinnaka "Moose" - Fights, Stats, Videos - FITE

After the match Dio and Moose walk down to the ring to celebrate with Heath. Moose gets a mic and apologizes to Heath for the interruption, he then challenges the so-called "best wrestling team in America" to a 3 on 3 match at GWW Vendetta for the trios championship. Moose says that this entire year they've been tearing GWW apart but there are several things they haven't accomplished yet and one of those things is the trios championship. He says that clearly American Top Team don't fit as trios champions because ever since they became champions they have just been hiding in their little gym and not defending their titles, it's time for a change in the trios division and it's time to have champions who will actually defend their titles. It's time to have real champions and not some pretentious "legitimate athletes". Moose throws the mic down and Bullet Club exit the ring to celebrate Heath's win backstage.




GWW Wrestling - Week 4

Violence Is Forever vs. Junior Stars
Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 2 henkilöäAccelerator's Wrestling Rollercoaster Bios

Tonight's show kicks off with a match between Violence Is Forever and Junior Stars.

Junior Stars have been proving themselves lately to the tag division of GWW but now they face 2/3 of the trios champions so it's not gonna be an easy fight for them.

This match would end up being good as Junior Stars took the win in 13:41 after Dominic Garrini made Koji Kanemoto submit with a Triangle Choke.


"American Top Team accepts"
American Top Team owner 'stunned' by framing of Ricardo Liborio leaving -  MMA Fighting

After the match, Dan Lambert gets in the ring with a microphone in his hand, he accepts the challenge made by Bullet Club last week and tells them that they don't know what they're in for and soon they shall face pure athletes in the ring and not garbage wrestlers like Ricky Banderas, Nick Gage and Rhino. Lambert says that the American Top Team will make history once again at GWW Vendetta by beating one of the hottest teams in GWW today.



Sexxxy Eddy vs. Atticus Cogar vs. G-Raver
SeXXXy Eddy - OWWAtticus Cogar on Twitter: "scarface… "Casanova Valentine🖤💀 on Twitter: "For the record, @StaySickGRAVER hasn't  asked for a single fucking DIME from anyone after getting hurt.... The  community came together to support one of their own on their

Up next is a triple threat match between Sexxxy Eddy, Atticus Cogar and G-Raver.

The winner of this match has been promised a hardcore title match by Nick Gage at GWW Vendetta. All these three men are making their debut in this match so getting a hardcore title match would be big for any one of them, however only one of them can win let's see who.

This match would end up being good as Atticus Cogar took the win in 12:36 after hitting Sexxxy Eddy with the Brain Hemorrhage.



Wrestler Sentenced in Collingswood Bank Robbery | Gloucester Township, NJ  PatchAtticus Cogar on Twitter: "scarface… "

After the match Nick Gage walks out to the ring to shake hands with his challenger Atticus Cogar but instead of a handshake Atticus Cogar slaps him in the face. Gage smiles and then throws his belt to the ground and the two start brawling. Gage hits multiple punches on Cogar until security split the two of them up and Gage shouts "MDK ALL FUCKING DAY" as he is taken away by security.



Starbuck vs. Jinder Mahal
a2be6a8d861bd9ea1162cbe03945ddd7.pngKuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 1 henkilö, parta ja lähikuva

Our main event of the evening is a match between Starbuck and Jinder Mahal, after what went down just a few weeks ago, both of these men have been wanting a match with one another.

Mahal felt disrespected after what Starbuck said about him and wants to get revenge in a singles match, Starbuck just wants to show Jinder that the match coming up at GWW Vendetta will not be an easy one.

This match would end up being great as Jinder Mahal took the win via DQ in 11:29 after interference from Jurn Simmons and Alexander James caused Starbuck to be disqualified.



"Huge Brawl Breaks Out"
a2be6a8d861bd9ea1162cbe03945ddd7.pngKuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 1 henkilö, parta ja lähikuvaJoey Janela | Pro Wrestling | Fandomalex colon (@alexcolon0139) | Twitter0baff785a354569baf37ab5905a7bcf3.pngByron Wilcott (@BigDaddyYum_Yum) | Twitter

After the match The Crown beat down Jinder Mahal, security tries to split them up but Jurn Simmons takes them all out. Suddenly Janela, Colon, and Big Daddy Yum Yum run down to the ring to save Mahal and a big brawl breaks out between everyone.

Suddenly it seems like everyone is fighting each other, Big Daddy Yum Yum is taken out first by a knee to the face from Rene Dupree, Janela is taken out next by a big clothesline from Jurn Simmons, after that Alex Colon and Jinder Mahal take out Jurn Simmons and Alexander James. 

The three men remaining in the ring are Starbuck, Colon and Mahal. Colon is taken out by a superkick from Starbuck but Mahal takes Starbuck out with the Khallas and is the last man standing.

Is this a prelude to what's gonna happen at GWW Vendetta? Find out at GWW Vendetta.

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Taped from Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA | Week 1

King of Trios: Round of 16
Archer-Gun (Tommaso Ciampa, Odinson, and Parrow) vs. Swoggle, Peter Avalon, and Brandon Cutler

WWE NXT Results - 10/16/19 (Tommaso Ciampa returns from injury, Lee vs.  Dijakovic) - WWE News and Results, RAW and Smackdown Results, Impact News,  ROH News

Our show begins with a pretaped video from GPW World Champion Lance Archer, who admires his belt and talks about how everywhere he's gone, he's followed someone, whether it be Minoru Suzuki or Samoa Joe. He says that here, in GPW, he is now the leader of the army. He introduces us to the newly formed Archer-Gun, spear-headed by his self-imposed 'War General'.... TOMMASO CIAMPA!

Ciampa and The End emerge, as Ciampa is banged up but remains sadistic as ever, attacking Swoggle on a jumpstart. Ciampa is relentless in his attack, punishing Swoggle for over a minute before he finally puts him down with the Fairytale Ending. After the match, Tommaso Ciampa takes a microphone and explains himself. He lost. Whether he likes it or not, he can never challenge for the World Championship. He bet on himself and he lost, and that's something he has to live with. But Jake Roberts made several good points. Archer and Ciampa are alike in many ways. Ciampa considers himself the War General of Archer-Gun, and promises to make GPW tremble in fear at the sight of it.

Archer-Gun def. Swoggle, Avalon, Cutler to advance to the quarterfinals in 1:58 via pinfall with the Fairytale Ending to Swoggle


A New Contender Shall Be Crowned

LU: Latino Heat | Be the Booker!

Dario Cueto is shown in his office as footsteps are heard and the door opens. We pan to a tense staredown between former EMPIRE allies in Roman Reigns and Dario Cueto. Reigns wants to know what it takes to get his shot to bring his belt back to his shoulder. Dario says that he doesn't believe he's ready for Archer, between them, but if he insists, he will have to earn it. Tonight, he will face Seth Rollins in the main event, with the winner going on to face Archer at King of Trios. Reigns seems heistant, but ultimately the prize of the title shot makes him accept.


SoCal Uncensored speaks on King of Trios

▷ ROH Death Before Dishonor - The Briscoes vs SoCal Uncensored Promo - FITE

We transition to a pretaped promo from Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky... SoCal Uncensored. They have their eyes set on the King of Trios Cup, promising that they will be the trio to stand tall and take the trophy home. Tonight it begins with Kip Sabian, Spike Trivet, and Josh Briggs. They're a wannabe-trio. They haven't gone to war as a trio like SCU has. They wouldn't die for each other like SCU would. Daniels promises to make short work of them. SCU looks past their entire bracket, sending a message to the champions in Los Ingobernables themselves as they promise to meet them in the semifinals.


King of Trios: Round of 16
Ricky Starks, Anthony Bowens, Max Caster vs. Yuji Nagata, Drew Gulak, Son of Havoc

Ricky Starks: WWE Contacted Me After AEW Debut - Hooked On WrestlingThe Acclaimed open up about signing with AEW
Tetsuya Naito vs Yuji Nagata (7-26-2017) - The ArmpitSon of Havoc -- 'My Leg is Broken, But My Spirit is Not'Drew Gulak | WWE

Our second tournament match of the night sees Ricky Starks and The Acclaimed execute a strong gameplan of isolatig Son of Havoc from the strong grapplers and strikers in Gulak and Nagata. Although the three young studs are able to almost execute the gameplan flawlessly, Havoc is able to get a hot tag to Nagata who punishes the three with his brand of strong style. The three veterans take over from there and ultimately are able to defeat Anthony Bowens as Son of Havoc crashes down from the highrend district with a beautiful Shooting Star Press to advance this unique trio forward.

Drew Gulak, Son of Havoc, Yuji Nagata def. Ricky Starks & The Acclaimed to advance to the quarterfinals in 9:47 via pinfall when Havoc hit the Shooting Star on Bowens


Nightmare Family speaks on King of Trios

The Rhodes Brothers Say They Have an Advantage Over Young Bucks

We now see another pretaped promo, this time from Cody and Dustin Rhodes. They say that at Global Warfare this year, they came up short. Cody takes the blame saying he wasn't war-tested yet. He got war-tested against Pentagon, he thanks him for showing him who the real Cody Rhodes is. A fighter. He says he doesn't care if he breaks his back doing it, he will carry the Nightmare Family to the finals of this tournament if he has to die doing so, dedicating his performance in the tournament to his late-great father, Dusty Rhodes.


King of Trios: Round of 16
SoCal Uncensored vs. British Elite Unit

Ring of Honor - The origins and future of SoCal Uncensored leading into  Final Battle 2018
Kip Sabian likes what he sees : SquaredCircleJosh Briggs Out For 2-3 Months With Dislocated HipThe Future Of BritWres - 10 Stars You Need To Watch | Page 9 of 11 |  WrestleTalk

Our third Round of 16 Matchup of the night sees newly formed British Elite Unit clash with veteran unit SoCal Uncensored. SCU take the advantage early but as Josh Briggs enters the match, he takes advantage from Daniels, throwing him around the ring with ease as he splashes him in both corners. The ending comes when Spike Trivet's double underhook backbreaker is blocked by Scorpio Sky, who bounces off of the ropes to hit a Pump Kick before pulling Trivet onto his shoulders for the TKO to score the win, and advance SCU to the quarterfinals.

After the match, British Elite Unit would begin arguing amongst themselves, but eventually, Josh Briggs, the absolute 6'8" monster would take out Sabian and Trivet, destroying them with ease as he finishes Trivet off with a devastating chokeslam, walking off as British Elite Unit has seemingly imploded before our very eyes.

SoCal Uncensored def. British Elite Unit to advance to the quarterfinals in 10:12 via pinfall with a TKO to Spike Trivet

Updated KOTII Bracket


Laredo Kid is assaulted by a frustrated Starks & Acclaimed

Self Worth Is An Asset: Ricky Starks On Leaving The NWA For Free Agency;  Why A Promotion Will Be Getting More Than A Wrestler (Exclusive) -  Wrestlezone

We are shown Absolute Ricky Starks following his loss. He's very clearly pissed off, as he's yelling at The Acclaimed about how stupid and green they are, saying that there's no way they should have lost to Son of Havoc and Drew Gulak, men he beat just a few nights ago at All Night Long. The ire of the trio is drawn by a nearby Laredo Kid, who says something in spanish that clearly offends them as the trio begins to beat the hell out of him, stomping him out as they trash-talk him before ultimately leaving him in a heap. Starks berates him, calling him a joke of a wrestler and telling him he needs to go back to Mexico where he can rely on his flips and dives.


#1 Contender's Match for Archer's World Championship
Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns provides update on WWE return | The SportsRushBest and Worst things from SummerSlam 2019 - EssentiallySports

Our main event carries a big-fight feel as Reigns and Rollins do battle in GPW for the second time, the last time coming at Battle of the Best for the GPW World Championship where Reigns prevailed. The two men would go back and forth for over 15 minutes as each man showed how much they wanted the #1 contendership spot against Lance Archer. When the Spear couldn't put Rollins away, Reigns went for another, but Rollins reversed with a thrust kick to the gut before hitting a Curb Stomp in place! Without the added momentum of his run, it would only be a nearfall as Rollins climbed up to the top rope for the Phoenix Splash...but Reigns would run to him, setting him up for a Powerbomb! Rollins would struggle, holding onto the ring-rope with all his might as Reigns mustered all of his strength to pull Rollins off of the top rope, onto his shoulders...but Rollins reverses it into a rana, and rolls the legs up... and grabs onto the middle rope! The referee doesn't see it, and Rollins scores the 3 count!

Reigns immediately realizes what Rollins has done and gets into his face. Rollins says it was for the World Championship shot, by any means necessary, and for that, Reigns decks Rollins with a right hand before sliding out of the ring and walking off, pissed off that he has lost out on the chance to get Lance Archer again as our show comes to an end with the graphic revealed for Archer vs. Rollins II at King of Trios, a Global Warfare II rematch.

Seth Rollins def. Roman Reigns in 15:44 to become the #1 Contender via roll-up

Grand Pro Wrestling - Wikipedia
Global Pro Wrestling
Chapter CIV
Taped from Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA | Week 2

King of Trios: Quarterfinals
Street Profits (Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins, The Mack) vs. Firing Squad (Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Bad Luck Fale)

Rogue General on Twitter: "We are taking it all back! But you can keep your  onesweet! #fuckem… "

Week 2 of the 10th month of Year 2 begins with the next match in the first round of the King of Trios tournament. Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, and Bad Luck Fale reform their trio from back in the land of the rising sun to take on one of GPW's most formidable trios in the Street Profits. Street Profits take it to Firing Squad early, which provoke Firing Squad into using several underhanded tatics throughout the match to gain the advantage.

Ultimately, Tanga Loa is able to nail a lowblow on Ford behind the referee's view, before planting him with the Apeshit to eliminate the Street Profits from the tournament and book Firing Squad a rematch against Los Ingobernables. After the match, the Profits are enraged as Firing Squad celebrate their victory with a huge middle finger from each guy to the camera.

Firing Squad def. Street Profits to advance to the Quarterfinals in 10:26 via pinfall with Apeshit to Montez Ford

This is everything

Behind the scenes at WrestleMania 34 - Seth Rollins Fans

A hype package is shown for the #1 contender to the GPW World Championship, as Seth Rollins' warming up before Global Warfare II is pictured. His voice begins to play over the film as he talks about his mindset going into this match with Archer. He admits his eyes were on getting back to a World Championship Match, and he overlooked Archer, and as a result, paid for it. However, despite this misstep, fate has aligned and Rollins will now fight Archer again, this time for the World Championship. Rollins promises that this opportunity won't slip through his fingers. He won't let it, because winning that World Championship, proving he's still elite... has become everything to him.


King of Trios: Round of 16
CHAOS Hontai (KUSHIDA, Togi Makabe, Tomoaki Honma) vs. Esquadron Suicida (Bestia 666, Masashi Takeda, Pagano) w/ Abadon

KUSHIDA Makes WWE 205 Live Debut | Cultaholic

The next first round match sees the 'suicide squad' trio of Pagano, Bestia 666, and Masashi Takeda take on CHAOS' first trio, CHAOS Hontai. Esquadron Suicida is quickly out of their element as it's clear early on they don't have the grappling skills to go with KUSHIDA. Esquadron Suicida unsuccessfully tries to take things to the outside, but KUSHIDA has none of it as he brings Pagano back into the ring. The ending comes as KUSHIDA (who never tags out), is able to wrestle Takeda down to the mat before applying the Hoverboard Lock. Wrenching and stretching away at the arm of Takeda, he ultimately submits and lives to fight another day!

CHAOS Hontai def. Esquadron Suicida to advance to the quarterfinals in 7:48 via submission when Takeda submitted to the Hoverboard Lock


Archer-Gun sends a message to Seth Rollins

News on Roman Reigns bleeding at WrestleMania, was Brock Lesnar going off  script during the match? | Wrestling News

In the parking lot, we see the middle of a massive beatdown orchestrated by Jake Roberts and GPW World Champion. Archer, Ciampa, The End, Jax Dane & Crimson, and an masked 7th man are all unloading on Roman Reigns with heavy shots and stomps to the chest. Roberts takes the camera and says that this is a personal message, courtesy of Archer-Gun to Seth Rollins. This is the destruction that awaits him. As Roberts says this, the masked man picks Roman Reigns up and hits him with a huge german suplex onto the hood of the car, smashing the windshield as blood pours out of Reigns' forehead, Archer-Gun leaving him in a bloodied mess as they all walk off, satisified with their beatdown.


The GPW World Tag Team Champions' thoughts on King of Trios

Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly practice their strikes ahead of NXT TakeOver:  New Orleans - YouTube

We are shown a video of the GPW World Tag Team Champions, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish in the midst of a training session. When approached by media personnel for comment, the champions say they don't do media in the middle of training sessions, but since they came all the way here, they'll make an exception. O'Reilly says that he and Fish haven't been requested to be at Concert Hall since they are a tag team, and this month is the Trios tournament. Fish wonders where the tag team tournament for GPW is, but O'Reilly is worried that they'd win that too, noting that they are former King of Trios winners. They say that they do however, want to defend their titles at the event, issuing an open challenge to any team on the roster who wants to get their ass beat.


Singles Match
Laredo Kid vs. Ricky Starks

Laredo Kid Asks Fans Where He Should Wrestle Next After TripleMania |  411MANIA

As Laredo Kid makes his entrance, we are waiting for the arrival of Ricky Starks when the feed shows Starks alongside The Acclaimed, prepared to enter. However, Dario Cueto emerges to inform Starks that a few changes have been made to his match tonight: Number one, the Acclaimed are banned from ringside. Number two, if Laredo Kid beats Ricky Starks... He will be entered into Starks' Gift of the Gods Championship Match when he chooses to take it!

With Starks enraged, he's clearly off of his game early as the changes have him flustered. However, he is able to down Laredo Kid to the ground and use his style to wear him down. It isn't long before Laredo Kid's explosive offense is able to turn the tide though, as he looks to score the win. As he seems primed to hit the 630 splash, The Acclaimed run out to ringside! Attempting to distract Laredo Kid, they succeed and Starks gets the luchador in powerbomb position... But he reverses into a roll-up for the three count! Laredo Kid has beaten Ricky Starks! As he celebrates his win, Starks & The Acclaimed attack, beating him down in the center of the ring... but it isn't long until Pentagon Jr. arrives to even the odds, taking out The Acclaimed with a pair of Superkicks! Starks ducks out of the ring as the Gift of the Gods Champion taunts him, before turning his attention to Laredo Kid, as the young mexican star looks clearly at the Gift of the Gods Championship.

Starks takes a mic on the outside, and mocks his loss as a load of bullshit. He tells the Acclaimed to go [bleep] themselves, he doesn't need them. Starks says Laredo Kid is in his championship match, that's fine. It doesn't matter, says Absolute, as he promises to take them both down at King of Trios, making the three-way championship match official!

Laredo Kid def. Ricky Starks in 8:27 via flash pinfall on rana reversal

The Best!

Tama Tonga Cuts Promo On Briscoe Brothers (Video)

Firing Squad is shown following their win earlier tonight. They want to send a message to the champions: They are taking their titles back next week, and sending them on a one-way ticket to the loser's bracket, even though there isn't one. Tama admits that Los Ingobernables got lucky at All Night Long, but next week, they rectify that bullshit and become the Kingpins of the Trios division once again.


King of Trios: Round of 16
CHAOS Rainmaker vs. Nightmare Family

Cody Rhodes Name Change Could Lead To Him Once Again Competing For AEW  World TitleEXCLUSIVE: Dustin Rhodes explains how AEW is thriving 'as a family' and  it's 'not a pretty picture' behind the scenes in WWEQT Marshall on not wanting to work with AOP, breaching his ROH contract
New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Kazuchika Okada Seeks to Prove That He Is on Top -  Sports IllustratedTyler Bate Is "Extremely Happy to Be Back" in NXT UKYOSHI-HASHI: The Long and Bumpy Road Toward Respect

The main event of the evening has finally come. The final first round bout in this year's King of Trios tournament, CHAOS Rainmaker takes on the Nightmare Family as Okada and Cody decide they'll start things out, immediately bringing the big-fight feel. Both teams go back and forth as neither is able to gain the upper-hand, with Tyler Bate going on a massive run following a hot tag and bringing the CHAOS squad back into it.

As he sets up for the Tyler Driver, Dustin Rhodes backdrops him and makes the tag to Cody, who comes in with a house of fire. As things break down altogether, the ending comes as Cody ends up with YOSHI-HASHI in the ring, and pulls him into the Cross Rhodes to score somewhat of an upset victory and eliminate Okada's squad. As the show comes to an end, there are tension-filled stares between Bate and Okada, now seemingly with nothing to do following their failure in round one, while in the ring, the Nightmare Family celebrates their win as Cody gets on both knees and dedicates the win to Dusty.

Nightmare Family def. CHAOS Rainmaker to advance to the quarterfinals in 19:15 via pinfall when Cody hit HASHI with the Cross Rhodes


Grand Pro Wrestling - Wikipedia

Global Pro Wrestling
Chapter CV
Taped from Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA | Week 3

King of Trios: Quarterfinals
Archer-Gun (Ciampa, Odinson, Parrow) vs. CHAOS Hontai (Kushida, Makabe, Honma)

NXT: Tomasso Ciampa Returns And Annihilates Jake Atlas, Turning Heel  (Again) In The Process

Week 3 begins 'Quarterfinal Week' for King of Trios II as we kick things off with Archer-Gun vs. CHAOS Hontai, as Odinson elects to start with Honma and immediately takes advantage, blistering the veteran with strikes to the point where KUSHIDA tags himself in. KUSHIDA once again tries to carry the load, but with a much more talented squad than Esquadron Suicida on the other side, he's forced to tag in and out.

From the opening bell, it feels like a longshot for Hontai as Archer-Gun brutalizes them, with Ciampa hanging Kushida on the apron and spiking him with a DDT to take him out. The End hits a double suplex on Makabe into the guard rail, before Parrow nails a huge boot to his face as he's seated. Throwing Honma into the post, they put him back into the ring where he's nailed with the Widow's Bell to advance Archer-Gun to the semifinals. However, Ciampa & The End aren't done there as they begin to viciously beat Honma down! A double powerbomb through the timekeepers table, followed by a slingshot from under the ring elects the medics to rush out and bring out a stretcher. As Makabe and KUSHIDA look to help Honma out, Archer-Gun puts the boots to them too, standing tall over all 3 members of the Hontai trio, Ciampa grinning at their brutal assault.

Archer-Gun def. CHAOS Hontai to advance to the semifinals in 10:16 via pinfall with the Widow's Bell to Honma


Jake Roberts sends a prayer for Rollins

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts: My Fear Was If I Missed AEW Dynamite, I Wouldn't  Be Needed Anymore

GPW World Champion Lance Archer and Jake Roberts are shown as Roberts sits in front of the camera while Archer is flipping tires in the back, a workout regime he picked up in his time in Japan. Roberts says that they saw what Seth Rollins said last week... And he's very, very scared for what The Murderhawk Monster is gonna do this time. He says Global Warfare II was just a prelude to what destruction Lance Archer can cause. And now, Archer has a prize to fight for. A reputation to uphold... it makes him all the more dangerous. Roberts says that he truly is sending a prayer to God, the almighty one, for Seth Rollins, saying that there is nothing he can do to stop what Lance Archer is about to do.


King of Trios: Quarterfinals
SoCal Uncensored (Sky, Daniels, Kaz) vs. Brazilian HitSquad (Ruas, ZUMBI, Bononi)

10 Best AEW Entrance Themes – Page 6

Quarterfinals week rolls on with SoCal Uncensored vs. Brazilian HitSquad, with the latter having something to prove after battling their way to the Elite Eight, a trio not many would have pegged to be here. Nevertheless, BHS attack early and often, showing off their unique style with the 6'6" Cezar Bononi emerging as the star of the match, throwing the trio of SCU around with pure strength.

However in the end, the veteran trio of SoCal Uncensored is able to hit all of the right beats, before Scorpio Sky is able to pull ZUMBI up for the TKO to finish him off and advance SoCal Uncensored to the final four, where they will meet either Los Ingobernables or Firing Squad.

SoCal Uncensored def. Brazilian HitSquad to advance to the semifinals in 8:51 via pinfall when Scorpio Sky hit ZUMBI with the TKO


Tyler Bate wants a rematch

Se confirma la lesión del luchador de NXT UK Tyler Bate | Solowrestling

The Iron Master, Tyler Bate walks out to the ring for the next segment as he requests a microphone. He says that he agreed to team with Kazuchika Okada and Yoshi-Hashi for the King of Trios tournament... but they lost. So now it's back to business for himself, and he says that Trent Seven is still on the sidelines with his injury... so there's only one thing he wants - Last month, he was able to take Okada to the limit and force a draw. But that isn't enough for him. He doesn't want to be Okada's equal - he wants to be better than him. So with that being said, Tyler Bate challenges Kazuchika Okada to a rematch at King of Trios - this time, with no time limit!

It isn't long before the cue of the Rainmaker's theme hits and Okada emerges at the top, nicely dressed. He simply nods his head, accepting the challenge before hitting the Rainmaker pose to pop the crowd. With a grin, he walks off, his mark being sent as his theme plays and Bate drops the microphone, nodding his head as it seems we are in store for the second match between Kazuchika Okada and Tyler Bate!


King of Trios: Quarterfinals
Nightmare Family (Cody, Dustin, QT) vs. Yuji Nagata, Son of Havoc, Drew Gulak

Cody Rhodes Advances in AEW's TNT Championship Tournament

The third of our four quarterfinals on this show takes place as the Nightmare Family clashes with the trio of Yuji Nagata, Son of Havoc, and Drew Gulak. Cody and Nagata start this match off, and after a quick flurry from Nagata, Cody is able to take control and maintain it as they isolate Nagata, using frequent tags to Dustin and QT as they rough up Nagata, with Drew Gulak getting frustrated on the ring apron. Nagata is finally able to get a tag to Son of Havoc, who comes in with a several aerial moves that catch the Nightmare Family off guard. However, Son of Havoc isn't able to continue this momentum as eventually he's cut off by a Disaster Kick from Cody. From there, it's curtains for the complementary trio as Cody is able to submit Havoc with the Figure-4. After the match, Drew Gulak, never having getting tagged in, walks off frustrated with his team as Nagata helps Havoc out of the ring. Meanwhile, in the ring, the Nightmare Family celebrates as they have officially reached the final four.

It isn't long before their opponents walk out, however, as all seven members of Archer-Gun (Archer, Ciampa, Odinson, Parrow, ???, Crimson, Dane), a 7-on-3 advantage. However, before the dastardly faction can attack, Reigns and Rollins begin to attack from behind! Reigns tosses Crimson off of the stage, as Rollins takes out Jax Dane with a superkick. The Nightmare Family attacks from the front as Cody goes at Archer, Dustin takes on Ciampa as QT just hits whatever's moving, as eventually, the five men are able to fight them off and force a retreat, the first time Archer-Gun has failed in an assault! As the five individuals stare a tense look-around, Reigns ultimately walks off on his own accord, his business being handled.

Nightmare Family def. Nagata, Havoc, Gulak to advance to the semifinals in 10:16 via submission when Havoc submitted to Cody's figure-4 

'Absolute' Ricky Starks vows to become Gift of the Gods Champion

Ricky Starks Promo Videos | Another Meadow Productions, LLC

We get an interview with 'Absolute' Ricky Starks and Tony Schiavone, or as he prefers the ladies to call him, 'Stroke Daddy'. When asked about how he is preparing going into his Gift of the Gods Three-Way Match after losing last week to Laredo Kid, allowing him to enter his 1-on-1 shot, Starks shuts the interviewer down, and attacks what he's doing, trying to make 'Absolute' look bad. He says that he can tell Schiavone one thing: He will walk out of King of Trios as the Gift of the Gods Champion.

He won't allow himself to go down, calling back to when Pentagon beat him two months ago for that very same title. He has been waiting for this moment, noting that it's appropriate that he should be the one to snatch Pentagon's hopes of a title match away from him with two defenses left, because it was Pentagon who snapped his arm all those months ago and put him out of this company, Starks yells with a passion as he gets to his feet, the veins on his head popping out as he yells in Schiavone's face, repeating over and over that he will become the champion.


Drew Gulak calls Nagata 'a shell of himself'

Why Drew Gulak Really Left WWE

Drew Gulak is shown following his loss earlier tonight in King of Trios. When pressed on why he's so frustrated, Gulak says that he's not a top guy here in GPW. He struggles to get matches, yet alone win. Every single time he steps into that ring, it's an opportunity to increase his standing and he doesn't take that lightly. He says tonight they lost, and he could do nothing about it, saying he didn't even get the chance to tag in. He blames Yuji Nagata, however, saying that Nagata has been a shell of himself for quite some time in GPW, but nobody wants to say it because he's a living legend.

Gulak says screw the living legends, they're no better than him. And Nagata sure as hell isn't better than him, Gulak states with a confidence, as all of his frustration just boils out, ultimately punching the wall with all his might before leaving the scene.


King of Trios: Quarterfinals | GPW Trios Championship Match
Los Ingobernables (La Sombra, Fenix, RUSH) vs. Firing Squad (Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Bad Luck Fale)

Andrade on Instagram: “Good and bad days but I'm still the champion!!  #tranquilaraza #faceoflatinos #elidolo #andrade #wwe” | Champion,  Professional wrestling, WweWrestlingdata.com - The World's Largest Wrestling Databaseroh champions | ROH Wrestling
Rogue General on Twitter: "We are taking it all back! But you can keep your  onesweet! #fuckem… "

The final quarterfinal matchup sees GOD and Bad Luck Fale take on Los Ingobernables. Firing Squad looks to take the titles back, but Los Ingobernables has proved to be cool under the pressure so far, making their first defense against Firing Squad's other trio, Low-Ki, Texano, and Rey Escorpion, as tonight they look to complete the sweep.

We see an excellent main event as Firing Squad pulls out all the stops to try and take the titles back, as there's gasps in the arena as RUSH is nailed with a lowblow followed by Guerilla Warfare, however, Fenix is able to springboard himself in at the last second to save the title reign for Ingobernables. As we get into the final stretch of things, La Sombra proves to be the difference maker this time, as he nails Tanga Loa with the double knees in the corner as Fenix and RUSH take out Tama and Fale with dives on the outside. Sombra executes the Hammerlock DDT, and scores the win for his trio as they advance to the final four while retaining their titles. As the show ends, Los Ingobernables pose with their titles as Firing Squad is destructive at ringside, throwing apart the announce table and bullying fans out of their seats before throwing them. Meanwhile, SoCal Uncensored emerge from the back and get into the ring, a staredown between the two trios who will collide next week in the semifinals the final image of Week 3.

Los Ingobernables def. Firing Squad to advance to the semifinals and retain the GPW Trios Championships in 17:23 via pinfall when Sombra nailed the Hammerlock DDT on Tanga Loa; Los Ingobernables make defense #2 of their reign

Grand Pro Wrestling - Wikipedia

Global Pro Wrestling
Chapter CVI
Taped from Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA | Week 4

King of Trios: Final Four | GPW Trios Championships Match
Los Ingobernables (La Sombra, Fenix, RUSH) (c) vs. SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky, Christopher Daniels)

Andrade on Instagram: “Good and bad days but I'm still the champion!!  #tranquilaraza #faceoflatinos #elidolo #andrade #wwe” | Champion,  Professional wrestling, WweWrestlingdata.com - The World's Largest Wrestling Databaseroh champions | ROH Wrestling
Ring of Honor - The origins and future of SoCal Uncensored leading into  Final Battle 2018

The go-home show to the King of Trios event is here, and we are kicking it off with Final Four matchup #1 as the champions, La Sombra, Rey Fenix, and RUSH, Los Ingobernables defend against Christopher Daniels, Scorpio Sky, and Frankie Kazarian, SoCal Uncensored. RUSH and Sky start things off as a game of one-upsmanship ensues between the two showoffs, each trying to outdo the other.

Both teams go deep into their playbook to pull out the win as Sombra's Hammerlock DDT cover is broken up by Daniels at the last second. Los Ingobernables stay in control, but SCU simply won't go down as Scorpio Sky ends up being the man in the ring. As he irish-whips Sombra off the ropes, a blind tag is made by Fenix who slides in from behind, and scoops Sky up for the Firebird Driver! He pins Sky, but puts his foot on the middle rope unseen to the referee as he scores the three count! Los Ingobernables have retained! SCU can't believe it as they lampast the referee for the missed call, with the champions celebrating on the outside, Fenix being praised for his gutsy move by Sombra and RUSH, as Los Ingobernables seem to be on the same page.

Los Ingobernables def. SoCal Uncensored to advance to the final and retain the Trios Championships in 18:11 via pinfall when Fenix nailed Sky with the Firebird Driver


The Rematch

Fans Bring the Questions Match: Kazuchika Okada (2/3) | NEW JAPAN  PRO-WRESTLING

We see a highlight from last month's match between Kazuchika Okada and Tyler Bate as the time limit draw finish is shown. Kazuchika Okada is shown after this as he talks about how he admires Bate's dedication to getting to his level. Unfortunately, The Rainmaker says that Bate is not on his level yet, and the time limit draw he forced was a product of restrictions placed on himself. He jokes about the trope that Okada takes 15 minutes for his matches to get started anyways, claiming GPW gave him five minutes to beat Bate. He can't wait for the rematch, and more importantly, he can't wait to show Bate that he still has a ways to go before he can consider himself equal.


Tag Team Match
Pentagon Jr. & Laredo Kid vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Pentagon Jr. Pentagon Dark | War With Words

The next match of the night sees opponents at King of Trios team up as Pentagon and Laredo Kid take on The Acclaimed as Ricky Starks does commentary. Pentagon and Laredo Kid are wary of each other early on, heistant to trust each other as they'll be fighting on opposite sides in just a few nights but have been forced to team up here.

In the end, Laredo Kid is able to show off his skill as he closes out the match for himself and the Gift of Gods Champion with a high-arcing 450 splash to Anthony Bowens. After the match, Laredo Kid grabs the title and shoves it forcefully into Pentagon's chest as the luchadors butt heads while Starks is loving it on commentary. As Laredo Kid leaves the ring, Pentagon is enraged and superkicks Max Caster who is perched over Anthony Bowens, before breaking his arm, a clear message sent to Absolute as Starks is moritifed on commentary, PTSD setting in!

Pentagon Jr. & Laredo Kid def. The Acclaimed in 7:00 via pinfall with the 450 Splash to Anthony Bowens


reDragon and SCU agree to meet for the Tag Titles

Shawn Spears And Brandi Rhodes Hype Jim Ross - Spears Interview, SCU Vs.  Lucha Bros, AEW - PTandMe - Wrestling Inc.

SoCal Uncensored is seen, visibly upset following their hard-fought loss to the Trios Champions, Los Ingobernables. Daniels says that the tournament didn't end up going how they wanted it too, but they can't dwell. There's an open challenge right now for the GPW World Tag Team Championships - and SoCal Uncensored is cashing in on that opportunity. Daniels and Kazarian are ready to take the titles, and take reDRagon down in the process, who have walked around acting like they're the shit. Daniels says that him and Kaz ARE the shit, and they'll prove that... but reDRagon isn't so sure, as O'Reilly and Fish interrupt the interview, Fish flanked by Taya on his right side. The two mock SCU, however do end up accepting the challenge, setting our tag team title match for King of Trios!


Tag Team Match
Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs. GPW World Champion Lance Archer & ???

Wrestling news: WWE's Roman Reigns on Seth Rollins' title run - Sports  Illustrated
AEW Lance Archer Vest | Red Leather Vest With SpikesSolved: Black Image - Autodesk Community - Revit Products

A premiere tag team match of the night sees Lance Archer team up with the masked man of Archer-Gun to take on the duo of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, as Reigns and Rollins are largely on the same page early on, as they take it to the two men, with Rollins going after Archer as Reigns tries to unveil the masked man. We get an all-out brawl between both teams for most of the match as there is tons of bad blood, all boiling over to this matchup. Reigns is able to nail Archer with a Spear on the outside, and roll him inside to Rollins for the kneeling Superkick!

Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp, but is nailed from behind with a steel pipe from the masked man! Reigns tries to come in, but is hit with the pipe too! Reigns is planted as the masked man sets him up... and hits him with the Youngblood. There's no doubt who's under the mask at this point, as they pull it off...

AND REVEAL ERIC YOUNG! Eric Young is in Archer-Gun! Archer and Young embrace as villainous grins grow on their faces, the two men continuing the beatdown before poising over the former members of the Shield... Later in the show, it's confirmed for King of Trios that we will see Roman Reigns battle Eric Young 1-on-1!

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns def. Lance Archer & Eric Young in 9:53 via disqualification when Eric Young attacked Rollins with a steel pipe

Nagata promises a lesson in respect

Yuji Nagata wants to come out of G1 retirement! |New japan Road - YouTube

Yuji Nagata is shown in a pre-match hype tape before he faces Drew Gulak. He says that he may no longer be the Nagata who won World Championships in Japan, but he can still issue an ass-whooping whenever he needs to. Drew Gulak is a very talented individual, but Nagata believes his confidence gets the best of him. He believes he is better than he really is, and he doubts that Nagata will beat him. Nagata has not just a prediction, but a spoiler: Not only will he beat Gulak, he'll make him submit, promising a true lesson in respect for Gulak.


Singles Match
Bad Luck Fale vs. The Mack

NJPW News: Bad Luck Fale talks about the initial heat on The Bullet Club,  Kenny Omega as the leader and the future of the faction

It's a hoss fight between Firing Squad and Street Profits members, as their feud continues on with the Profits unwillingness to let the fluke win, as they describe it, go. As a result, The Mack and Bad Luck Fale clash here tonight as they go at it with all their mass and muscle they can. The Mack puts up a valiant effort but Fale is able to nail an eye rake, followed by the Grenade to pick up the win. After the match, Firing Squad backs off from a brawl, and Montez Ford is fired up after yet another disappointing loss. He says that he's done with Firing Squad's bullshit, always cheating to win matches, and he's putting it all on the line: One trio goes, one trio stays. This weekend - Street Profits vs. Firing Squad! Firing Squad laughs at this challenge and accepts, willing to bet their destiny to ensure that the Profits can never reach theirs.

Bad Luck Fale def. The Mack in 7:42 via pinfall with the Grenade


King of Trios: Semifinals
Archer-Gun (Ciampa, Odinson, Parrow) vs. Nightmare Family (Cody, Dustin, QT)

WWE Rumors Roundup: Drew McIntyre on SummerSlam match and moreParrow on Twitter: "Wrestling is about great moments and this was one that  @OdinsonOfAsgard won't forget! #ajpw #prowrestling… "June 30th Birthdays - Funk, Cody, more! | Freakin' Awesome Network ForumsTHE NATURAL NIGHTMARES vs JOHN SILVER AND ALEX REYNOLDS OF THE DARK ORER |  AEW DARK - 5/26/20 - YouTube

The main event sees the second of our final four matchups as Nightmare Family and Archer-Gun battle back and forth, as the Nightmare Family proves to be Archer-Gun's most formidable challenge yet, as Cody is able to absorb the punishment from The End and deal it back. Dustin Rhodes proves to be tried and experienced as he deals out suplexes to Ciampa before sending him up for the Final Cut in the corner! We haven't seen that in a while!

The end comes when both teams are unable to score a finish, and it's declared a draw! Confusion is in the air as neither team understands what this means. The champions, Los Ingobernables arrive as they ponder who their opponents in the finals will be... until Dario Cueto interrupts. He says that with this draw, it has thrown a wrench into how he foresaw the tournament ending. But with every door that closes, a new one opens... he says that both teams will advance, and King of Trios will be a three-way finale... INSIDE WARGAMES! THE DEADLY STRUCTURE MAKES IT'S RETURN TO GPW THIS WEEKEND AS A TRIBUTE TO DUSTY RHODES, COURTESY OF DARIO CUETO! The Nightmare Family can't help but smirk at this tribute, as all three trios seem to be content with the idea of WarGames as the screen fades to black! Who will prevail inside the games of war?

Archer-Gun and Nightmare Family fought to a 20 minute draw; Both teams advance to the final

Renders Backgrounds LogoS: AEW DARK 2019 Match Card psd/ tempalte
GPW Dark
Volume 14 | Week 4
Walt Disney Concert Hall

- KUSHIDA def. Jax Dane via submission in 6:21 with the Hoverboard Lock
- Archer-Gun is shown beating down QT Marshall backstage as they target the surgically-repaired neck, stomping on it repeatedly as QT Marshall writhes around in pain, the seven individuals taking their turn on the Nightmare Family member. Whenever they walk off, medics and EMT surround him as Cody and Dustin emerge. Later in the show, it's revealed the Nightmare Family will need a partner to replace him at King of Trios in the WarGames main event...
- Esquadron Suicida def. Hardcore Originals & Brazilian HitSquad in 9:46 when Bestia hit Bully Ray with La Valagueza
- Josh Briggs def. Kip Sabian & Spike Trivet in 8:15 via pinfall with three powerbombs in a row to Spike Trivet

King of Trios: The History of CHIKARA's Epic Wrestling Event | Den of Geek

The Aloha Dome - Honolulu, Hawaii

Match 1 - 20 Minute Time Limit
Yuji Nagata vs. Drew Gulak

Match 2 - 20 Minute Time Limit | Loser Leaves GPW
Street Profits (Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins, The Mack) vs. Firing Squad (Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Bad Luck Fale)

Match 3 - 20 Minute Time Limit
Roman Reigns vs. Eric Young w/ War Kings (Jax Dane & Crimson)

Match 4 - No Time Limit
Kazuchika Okada w/ Ric Flair vs. Tyler Bate

Match 5 - Gift of the Gods Championship - 30 Minute Time Limit
Pentagon Jr. (c) [5 defenses] vs. Laredo Kid vs. Ricky Starks

Match 6 - GPW World Tag Team Championships - 60 Minute Time Limit
reDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) (c) [2 defenses] w/ Taya Valkyrie vs. SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) w/ Sky

Co-Main Event - GPW World Championship - 60 Minute Time Limit
Lance Archer (c) [2 defenses] w/ Jake Roberts vs. Seth Rollins

MAIN EVENT - GPW Trios Championships & King of Trios II Finale | WarGames
Los Ingobernables (La Sombra, Rey Fenix, RUSH) w/ El Terrible (c) vs. Archer-Gun (Tommaso Ciampa, Odinson, Parrow) vs. Nightmare Family (Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, ???)





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Chapter 81
Year 2, October, Week 1
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan


6-Man Tag Team Match
SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Championship No.1 Contendership
Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI) vs. Satoshi Kojima, Joe Doering and Dylan James

EVIL NJPW 2017 Render by BlueJustice2016 on DeviantArtSANADA NJPW 2019 by NuruddinAyobWWE on DeviantArtProfiles | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING
Satoshi Kojima – 小島聡 – 本隊 – テンコジ | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLINGJoe Doering - IMDbJames Raideen - Wikipedia

The show kicks off with a trios match to decide the new No.1 contenders to Lethal, Gresham and Dragon Lee for the SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Championships. Former champion trio of EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI of Los Ingobernables de Japon take on the unusual team of Satoshi Kojima, and the recently debuted Joe Doering and Dylan James. One way or another, Kojima must have been able to rope in The Bombers for this match, considering that they're staying unaligned at the moment, not even officially joining Emerald Unit.

The match begins with Kojima taking on SANADA, where the Cold Skull is able to prove his acrobatic prowess with leapfrogs and dropkicks, avoiding an early Cozy Cutter attempt by swinging around into the Skull End, but the Strong Arm gets to the ropes quickly before SANADA can lock in the bodyscissors. James tags himself in after Kojima runs the ropes, forcing a tag as the Primal one shoulder checks SANADA, beating down mercilessly on the Cold Skull. As the match progresses, BUSHI gets flattened by The Bombers, and Doering is able to land the Sky High Bomb onto EVIL. As the match reaches it's closing stages, Kojima tags himself in as James did to him, running wild with machine gun chops and a suplex to EVIL. But, a Cozy Cutter gets countered again, lariat ducked and LIJ start to go to town on Kojima. He is able to get an opening to tag in Doering or James, but they look very displeased and disinterested in helping Kojima, stepping away from the corner and walking off to the back! They've left Kojima to the wolves. He fights bravely, but it isn't long until a Cozy Cutter is countered right into Everything is Evil!!! 1...2....3!! LIJ are your No. 1 Contenders for the Triangle Tag Titles!

Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI) def. Satoshi Kojima, Joe Doering and Dylan James in 11:40 via pinfall with an Everything is Evil to Satoshi Kojima


Tearing Down the Icons

Pac To Address His AEW Status On Dynamite Next Week

Backstage, PAC and his Bullet Club underlings are backstage, where what was supposed to be an interview with just PAC boils over into Bullet Club completely swamping the reporter, not letting them get any of their 'narrative'. PAC says that while he's been in SHOGUN, it's been fun picking the wings off of the insignificant insects so far, but now he's looking for a bigger prize. After destroying Tetsuya Naito at Enter The Dragon, Naomichi Marufuji at Zetsubo Rising, and Keith Lee at Decimation, there is someone else in Emerald Unit that is yet to receive his reality check. PAC makes his intentions of dismantling Sami Zayn from limb to limb known. "The Bastard" wants the Openweight Championship, that Zayn only holds it because he's allowing it....so PAC can take away any feel good hope that the Underdog might have left in him.

Meanwhile, Gallows and Anderson shrug off The Machine Gun's loss at Decimation against the Openweight Champion, like PAC, they have their sights set on different members of Emerald Unit this time. They call out Juice Robinson and David Finlay, the reigning SHOGUN Tag Team Champions. While FinJuice might have defeated them in the Honoured Unity Tag Tournament, now it will be very different. Anderson also reveals that he will be facing Juice Robinson in tonight's main event in singles action.


Tag Team Match
TMDK (Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) vs. Daisuke Sekimoto and Yuji Okabayashi

What to watch for in the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic
Pin on Pro Wrestling

Looking to gradually build up their momentum, TMDK are back in tag team action, this time against the bruisers of Daisuke Sekimoto and "The Golem" Yuji Okabayashi. After being thrown around the ring with reckless abandon by Sekimoto, who lands a trifecta of gutwrench and german suplexes, Shane Thorne is able to rally and lands a big enziguri to his beefy opponent, landing a pair of high kicks followed by a spear! He tags in Nicholls and they land their stnading moonsault/fist drop combination. After a few more nearfalls, Sekimoto lariats the hell out of Nicholls, tagging in Okabayashi, who stops Thorne from running in, both strong men lifting up their opponents into stereo torture racks.

Sekimoto and Okabayashi start hitting double suplexes onto TMDK, but Thorne is able to escape their repeat and hits a diving DDT to Okabayashi! Nicholls lands the Madness Bomb to Sekimoto, making him roll out of the ring. TMDK get the advantage and land Thunder Valley after really straining to lift up Okabayashi. For good measure, Thorne scales the corner to the top rope, landing the Black Swan Splash and going for the pin! 1...2...3!

TMDK def. Daisuke Sekimoto and Yuji Okabayashi in 12:36 via pinfall with a Black Swan Splash to Yuji Okabayashi


Earn It

Desperado and Kanemaru will show what junior heavyweights can do in the New  Japan Cup! - YouTube

In a backstage segment, the No.1 Contenders to the SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships, former Triangle Tag Champions Yoshinobu Kanemaru and former Junior Heavyweight Champion El Desperado gloat over their win from Decimation, showing everyone else in the match and the champions that they are the smartest wrestlers in the division. They force the camera man to join them as they walk around backstage, soon finding Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy of Bullet Club, starting to brag to them as well, mocking Murphy for biting off more than he could chew, as they fire back and say that Despy lost to Hiromu as well.

During the commotion, they're confronted by South Wales Subculture, who are livid over Samoa-gun blatantly cheating in their match, using DOUKI to steal a win. Vehemently denying any DOUKI involvement or foul play, Samoa-gun push around SWSC and tell them to get out of the way. But, to toy with them again, they say that if Andrews and Webster can beat both of them in singles matches, then they'll let them join the Junior Tag Title  Match at the PPV. Tozawa and Murphy, being too done with both of these teams bickering agree and storm off while SWSC and Samoa-gun stare down.


4-Way Match
SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contendership
Chad Gable vs. Will Ospreay vs. Robbie Eagles vs. DOUKI

Chad Gable New Render 2019 WWE.com by berkaycan on DeviantArtNJPW G1 Climax 30 Preview: Introduction & A BlockRobbie Eagles by kjc9578 on DeviantArtDOUKI | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING

Next up is a 4-way match with Junior Championship contendership on the line, with Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahasi on commentary. Gable and Eagles get into a heated sequence, Eagles wrestling with more urgency after being pinned by Gable at Decimation in their 4-way tag match. Ospreay meanwhile has to contend with DOUKI using his signature pipe to bully and choke out the Aerial Assassin. Gable connects with his rolling Koppu Kick to Eagles, who kicks out at two. Eventually, Ospreay is able to land an OsCutter using the barricade onto DOUKI, and slide into the ring as Birds of Prey start to turn the tide, landing a double dropkick to Gable, sending him out of the ring. Eagles smiles, but gets rolled up by Ospreay! 1...2..th-kick out! Eagles is somewhat shocked, but after their last meeting in a No.1 Contenders match in March, he forges on and throws forearms to his tag partner. He goes to hit the Turbo Backpack, but Ospreay lands a big inverted Bloody Sunday to Eagles, followed by a running shooting star press for a two count.

Ospreay goes to the corner and to the shock of the crowd, pulls down his elbow pad....IS HE GOING TO HIT HIS OWN TAG PARTNER WITH THE HIDDEN BLADE?? Ospreay waits for a groggy Eagles to reach his feet, but DOUKI jumps and lands his springboard DDT to Ospreay! 1...2...kick out! DOUKI sets up for Suplex de la Luna!....but Gable runs in and grabs a waistlock onto DOUKI, hoisting DOUKI for a german suplex as he's hitting Suplex de la Luna onto Ospreay! DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX! Gable goes for the pin on DOUKI!....but Eagles is just barely able to break up the pinfall!

Eagles and Gable engage in a high speed technical run of moves; Turbo Backpack, Gutwrench suplex, moonsault and the 450 splash. Both men are spent, Gable avoiding a Ron Miller Special, while Eagles rolls through an Ankle Lock, sending Gable flying through the ropes! He sees Ospreay getting back into the ring, as well as DOUKI. He throws a dropkick at DOUKI, but gets a hook kick from Ospreay for good measure! Ospreay then throws Eagles out of the ring and quickly connects with a Stormbreaker to DOUKI! 1...2..3!! Will Ospreay has become the No.1 Contender to the Junior Heavyweight Championship! Unlike their contenders match in March, Ospreay didn't pin Eagles, and was in general more opportunistic than a few months ago. Eagles is frustrated while watching Gable leave. Their business isn't over either, but the Sniper of the Skies looks on as Ospreay points to the Junior Heavyweight Championship over on the commentary table where Hiromu is excitedly hyping up the match.

Will Ospreay def. Chad Gable, Robbie Eagles and DOUKI in 15:33 via pinfall with a Stormbreaker to Cedric DOUKI


Return To Destino

Return of the Champ: Tetsuya Naito speaks (2/2) | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING

In a pre-taped interview, former Triple Crown Champion and Glory Road Cup Finalist Tetsuya Naito says that he's been waiting long enough, and isn't content with flying on auto-pilot since his loss to PAC at Enter The Dragon. He acknowledges that he needs to really needs to see a return to form if he wants to be the Shuyaku (top star again). Naito smirks and says that the person he's challenging, he's never beaten at all. And their first SHOGUN PPV match was against Naito....and the Ungovernable One lost. Perplexingly, Naito challenges Keith Lee to a singles match. A rematch from Shiroyama in December last year. He admits that it's strange to challenge someone that not only beat you in singles, but he recalls Lee pinning him at Duel of Destiny in match as well. But, he sees no other way to the top, than going through someone he cannot defeat. But, he poses the question....why should Keith Lee accept a match against someone he's better than? He smirks again and says that Keith Lee hasn't been doing all to great recently either, saying that Keith Lee can't refuse his challenge if he wants to rebound. It will be a crucial match for both of them, to decisively make their way back to the top. 


Main Event
Singles Match
Juice Robinson (w/David Finlay) vs. Karl Anderson (w/Doc Gallows)

G1 Climax 27: B Block wraps up in explosive fashion on 8/12! Okada v.  Omega! Juice v. Elgin! Tama Tonga v. SANADA, and more! | NEW JAPAN  PRO-WRESTLINGWWE Karl Anderson NEW Network Render 2019 by sneakyraptoryt on DeviantArt

In tonight's main event, after the recent clashes between Bullet Club and Emerald Unit, Tag Team Champion Juice Robinson and Karl Anderson meet in singes action. Both men lock up but it soon turns to Bullet Club scheming as Doc Gallows starts to subtly get involved, David Finlay at ringside angrily shouting him off. Meanwhile, Anderson is bending the rules in every which way he can, keeping Juice humble with early Gun Stun attempts. The Flamboyant One is on a cautious game plan as he elects for grounded moves, setting up for a cloverleaf on the Machine Gun.

As Anderson starts to goat and taunt more and more throughout the match, they start escalating into more powerful moves, the Left Hand of God being countered with a Gun Stun attempt, but Juice counters and tries to set up the Pulp Friction, but Anderson pulls the ref into them, everyone falling to the mat. Taking the opportunity, Gallows gets in the ring and stomps down Juice, Finlay soon running into the ring and throwing a massive european uppercut to stop Gallows. FinJuice rally and land a Left Hand of God to Gallows, but Anderson suddenly pushes Finlay over the ropes as he sets up for the Acid Drop, the Good Brothers beating down Juice two on one, connecting with a Boot of Doom. With his ally down, Juice is outnumbered, trying to hit a running lariat to Anderson, only to be countered into an Arn Anderson-esque (no relation) Spinebuster. Machine Gun smirks and caps off their domination with a massive Gun Stun to the Flamboyant One! Gallows is holding Finlay back as he watches Anderson get the win here tonight over his tag partner. 1..2...3!

Karl Anderson def. Juice Robinson in 17:18 via pinfall with a Gun Stun

The Good Brothers toss Finlay into the ring and drop him to the mat with a Magic Killer before posing over the fallen champions with their Tag Team Championships, a clear message of intent sent tonight to the Tag Team Champions, and the Tag Team Division.


The Take

WWE Raw Results: News And Notes After Samoa Joe Chokes Out Paul Heyman,  Calls Out Brock Lesnar

In the final segment of the evening, returning former Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring to organise his rematch for the title. Triple Crown Champion Shingo Takagi makes his way to the ring too, as well as SHOGUN General Manager and head coach of the Takeover Dojo, Katsuyori Shibata. Joe makes his case to challenge for the championship, saying that he's already beaten Shingo once at Shiroyama, and after utterly dominating the promotion for eighteen months, he seems only fitting that the company would give him the title match, as he is more than proven to be the very best of the roster. Shingo Takagi refutes his claims that he's the best, and Shibata seems cold and dismissive of Joe's challenge, saying that he needs to work his way back up....especially after practically going missing for three months, leaving his stable to fend for themselves. Shibata says that he will not be getting the title match.

Joe laughs the General Manager's comments off before suddnenly throwing a headbutt to Shingo!! The Champion goes down hard and what he is doing? Samoa Joe grabs Shibata and throws him to the corner, throwing bombs of forearms at the retired wrestler! HE'S ATTACKED SHIBATA-SAN! JOE HAS COMPLETELY SNAPPED!!! He shrugs off a shoot kick from Shibata, both men getting into a strong style slap match! Shibata takes Joe to the corner and sets up to land a Hesitation Dropkick, but Joe darts over and HE LOCKS IN THE COQUINA CLUTCH ON SHIBATA!!!

Suddenly, a new man's theme hits....IT'S SHIBATA'S FORMER TAG PARTNER HIROOKI GOTO!! The Fierce Warrior pulls Joe off of his friend, and throws massive strikes to Joe. As the Samoan Submission Machine starts to fight back, Shingo Takagi is back too, both men dropping Joe with a double team strike and lariat combo, forcing Joe to escape under the ring and up the ramp, all the while taunting at the champion. Goto helps Shibata up and looks to Takagi, despite their facion differences, shares a nod of respect to his rival who he defeated for the Openweight Belt just over a year ago, and who was Shingo Takagi's first defence as Triple Crown Champion, have no found a common enemy in Samoa Joe.

A dream team seems to have a least temporarily found some common ground, and a dangerous force for Samoa Joe in his warpath to regain the Triple Crown Championship.

Shingo Takagi by kjc9578 on DeviantArtHirooki Goto – 後藤洋央紀 – CHAOS | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING







Chapter 82
Year 2, October, Week 2
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan


The Long-Awaited Rematch

Will Ospreay post match comments at NJPW G1 Special - YouTube

Footage from last week's post-show media scrum plays on the titantron as the No.1 Contender to the SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship Will Ospreay says that it's been ten months since Hiromu's debut in SHOGUN, where he beat Ospreay to win the vacant Junior Heavyweight TItle. The Aerial Assassin has been waiting for this match ever since that day, where he should have won the title back. After winning the Rite of Iron J-Cup, his road has been a lot harder than before. But, Ospreay is still confident that what he's gained in experience since Shiroyama, like competing in the Glory Road Cup, and facing Shingo Takagi for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship will give him the edge to defeat Hiromu Takahashi in the ultimate rematch of Junior aces.


8-Man Tag Team Match
Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI) vs. Emerald Unit (Keith Lee, Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham and Dragon Lee)

Tetsuya Naito B00 by TioRollins07 on DeviantArtEVIL NJPW 2017 Render by BlueJustice2016 on DeviantArtSANADA NJPW 2019 by NuruddinAyobWWE on DeviantArtProfiles | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING
Keith Lee (wrestler) - WikipediaJay Lethal ROH Champion PNG by cupofgrassPWA on DeviantArtJonathan Gresham – ジョナサン・グレシャム | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLINGDope picture of IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Dragon Lee : SquaredCircle

Kicking off the matches of Chapter 82 is a massive 8-Man tag between the Triangle Tag Champs and their contenders from Los Ingobernables de Japon, along with Keith Lee and Tetsuya Naito. The Limitless and Ungovernable begin the match, with Naito having a little more grasp of Lee's power game then their singles match from December, Naito having more confidence and flow to his movements. He performs seamless tags with the rest of LIJ, landing stereo basement dropkicks and the tornado DDT. Lethal meanwhile tries for the Lethal Injection, the move that put away LIJ at Enter The Dragon II in the Triangle Gauntlet Match, but this time EVIL catches him with a big fallaway slam across the ring, followed by a Rounding Body Press from SANADA, but Gresham locks in a submission in the corner on the Cold Skull!

The match reaches it's climax when Dragon Lee performs an insane tope through the ropes, clattering EVIL and SANADA down! Keith Lee and Naito tangle in a big exchange of their signature moves, Lee able to catch a Destino and turn it into a front powerslam from one shoulder!! BUSHI comes in and hits the rewind kick, but Lee powers the Jetblack Deathmask up for the Spirit Bomb! 1...2...3!!

Emerald Unit (Keith Lee, Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham and Dragon Lee) def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI) in 16:22 via pinfall with a Spirit Bomb to BUSHI

After the match, the Triangle Tag Champions are all smiles as they've been able to stand tall against LIJ all over again, albeit with Keith Lee's help, but it was also against a former Triple Crown Champion, and their No.1 Contenders. Naito sends a small smirk to Keith Lee as he and LIJ make their way to the back.


Dream Team

Could Shingo be gunning for the NEVER Champion? #njwtl - YouTube

Video plays of Shingo and Goto checking up on Shibata, who seems to be alright and shrugs off the beatdown from Samoa Joe he suffered last week. Shingo and Goto are slightly tenuous, but seem to have a great deal of sportsman's respect towards each other after their trilogy of matches. Shingo says that after their interference last week, Samoa-gun are going to be out in full force against them tonight, and probably with Goto's arch nemesis Jeff Cobb by his side. Goto gives a determined look and both men bump forearms, their temporary alliance being solidified in a first time for SHOGUN, where people from different factions are teaming together. The blockbuster match of Takagi and Goto vs. Joe and Cobb in tonight's main event.


Tag Team Match
Tencozy (Satoshi Kojima  and Hiroyoshi Tenzan) vs. The Bombers (Joe Doering and Dylan James)

Satoshi Kojima – 小島聡 – 本隊 – テンコジ | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLINGHiroyoshi Tenzan – 天山広吉 – 本隊 – テンコジ | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLINGJoe Doering - IMDbAn Interview With Dylan James – Puroresu Road

After abandoning Kojima in their Triangle Title No.1 Contendership match last week, Satoshi Kojima has drafted in his faithful tag partner Hiroyoshi Tenzan to take on The Bombers, Joe Doering and Dylan James to show them that the veterans of SHOGUN won't be pused around or disrespected. The match starts off hot as Kojima wastes no time in throwing hands with Dylan James, both men connect with knife edge chops that reverberate through Korakuen Hall. James fires back with a forearm rush and a snap suplex. The match progresses where Tenzan and Doering start trading their own chops, Tenzan hitting the Mongolian Chops before trying to bring the big man down for the Anaconda Vice, but Doering blocks and pushes Tenzan to the ropes, landing a Sky High Bomb for a close nearfall.

Tencozy are able to eventually rally after a barrage of strikes and clobbering moves. They hit the Machine Gun chops and manage to get Dylan James in a double suplex! But, The Bombers prove to be too powerful and monstrous for their opponents, Doering and James dropping them with huge discus lariats, before James clatters Tenzan to the mat with his Primal Chokeslam! 1...2...3!!

The Bombers (Joe Doering and Dylan James) def. Tencozy (Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan) in 12:18 via pinfall with a Primal Chokeslam to Hiroyoshi Tenzan


Gun 'Em All Down

WWE to reform popular stable with AJ Styles ahead of Stomping Grounds | WWE  | Sport | Express.co.uk

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows come out to the ring and mock FinJuice for even thinking that they can wake up in the morning and call themselves champions. After their pitiful display last week in the main event, they don't deserve to even call themselves Tag Team Champions, let alone wear those belts. When corrected that they beat them in a singles match, rather than in a tag match, the Good Brothers bully and toss around the interviewer, saying that they'll just have to shut this little guy up by winning the Tag Belts from FinJuice at the next SHOGUN PPV, Dead or Alive.


Singles Match
Yoshinobu Kanemaru (w/El Desperado) vs. Flash Morgan Webster (w/Mark Andrews)

Yoshinobu Kanemaru – 金丸義信 – 鈴木軍 | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLINGMorgan Webster - OWW

Their pursuit of the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships so far have been long and arduous, but South Wales Subculture look to get back into contention for Dead or Alive. However, they have to defeat both Kanemaru and Desperado just to get into the title match. Flash Morgan Webster is up first against the Heel Master, Yoshinobu Kanemaru. Both men engage in some mat grappling, with Kanemaru's strategy being to ground the high flier, and scraping Webster's face over the top rope.

Webster is able to counter the twisting brainbuster into a massive DDT, finally granting him the momentum that he needs for his offence. Webster drops Kanemaru with a back elbow and hits a big 450 splash, but only gets a two count. He tries to hit the Enfield Rifle, but Kanemaru seems to have grabbed the Suntory Surprise, and Despy is up on the apron too!! Andrews and Webster use some clever placement to get Kanemaru and Desperado pretty close, and duck when the Heel Master sprays the whiskey, blinding Despy and getting him off the apron! Webster hits a swinging neckbreaker and climbs to the top rope, connecting with a 630 senton!!!

1...2....3!!! The dream of South Wales Subculture to fight for the Junior Tag Titles at Dead or Alive is still blooming, at least for now!

Flash Morgan Webster def. Yoshinobu Kanemaru in 13:13 via pinfall with a 630 Senton


Leading The Charge

Sami Zayn returns and discusses a title rematch with Adrian Neville - WWE  NXT, January 8, 2015 - YouTube

Openweight Champion Sami Zayn comes out to the ring and says that he's been waiting for PAC to eventually turn his nose to the Underdog from the Underground. He acknowledges that the last time he faced someone who was undefeated, it was against Samoa Joe at Zetsubo Rising last year for the Triple Crown Championship....and he lost. He's come a long way since then though, that the road he's traveled by eclipsing Marufuji in Emerald Unit wasn't through luck, but through hard work to become of the very best. He says that PAC is one of the best too, and if there is one thing that will keep Zayn at the top of his game, it's facing the very best that SHOGUN can provide, no matter how deplorable and malicious they are. He accepts PAC's challenge for Dead of Alive, set to defend the SHOGUN Openweight Championship against "The Bastard" PAC, the leader of Bullet Club himself.


Main Event
Tag Team Match
Shingo Takagi and Hirooki Goto vs. Samoa-gun (Samoa Joe and Jeff Cobb)

Shingo Takagi – 鷹木信悟 – LIJ | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLINGHirooki Goto by kjc9578 on DeviantArtSamoa Joe RAW 2017 PNG by AmbriegnsAsylum16 on DeviantArtJeff Cobb – ジェフ・コブ | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING

Closing out the show is a huge blockbuster dream main event, with the unexpected powerhouse strong style team of Triple Crown Champion Shingo Takagi and former Openweight Champion Hirooki Goto, who warriors from Los Ingobernables de Japon and CHAOS respectively. Going against all tradition in SHOGUN and creating the first cross-faction team up in the companies' history. On the other side o the ring, former Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe, and his new right hand henchman, Jeff Cobb. All four men have quite the histories, the match beginning with an intense lock up between Takagi and Joe. The match has some serious urgency, technical displays of skill from four bruisers, and no small amount of intensity, for as soon as Goto and Cobb get in the ring, it's all big moves and strikes with several expletives thrown in for good measure.

Goto is able to hit the Ushigoroshi on Cobb after avoiding an early Tour of the Islands, Takagi following up with a sliding bomber lariat. But the Samoa-gun pairing are able to bulldoze their way through the match. Joe and Cobb land tag team trains of suplexes onto Goto and Takagi, and Joe's corner enziguri into a Spin Cycle from Cobb for a very close two count. Takagi and Goto almost hit a double team version of Goto's Shouten Kai, a sit out Hellevator. But, Joe smashes through, countering a Pumping Bomber and Noshigami, knocking Takagi down with a headbutt again, like he did last week. Takagi rolls out of the ring as Joe hits a senton to Goto, giving time to tag into Cobb. The rivals throw massive bombs at each other, countering their signature moves again, but Cobb and Joe set up a flapjack, transitioning into Cobb's devastating Tour of the Islands!!! 1...2...3!! Samoa-gun defeat the dream team, showing their extra level of chemistry, Samoa Joe posing with the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship while Cobb seems to want more of Goto and the CHAOS members he betrayed. Shingo retrieves his belt, and gestures in a motion of accepting Samoa Joe's challenge. It's official! Takagi vs. Joe III for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship at Dead or Alive!

Samoa-gun (Samoa Joe and Jeff Cobb) def. Shingo Takagi and Hirooki Goto in 23:18 via pinfall with Tour of the Islands to Hirooki Goto






Chapter 83
Year 2, October, Week 3
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan



WWE: Please Get Samoa Joe In The Ring Against Seth Rollins

After their colossal main event meeting last week on SHOGUN, Samoa Joe cuts a promo to reassert his position has the only warlord that can rule over SHOGUN. He says that it's been over a year since he was the challenger for a championship. But unlike Shingo Takagi's neutered leader Tetsuya Naito, it isn't out of fear or cowardice. It was because he held the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship for a full year. He and Shingo Takagi sit at 1-1 in singles matches, now is when Joe shows that Enter The Dragon II was merely a blip on his record, because The Dragon will be laying there motionless on the mat at Dead or Alive, and the Samoan Submission Machine takes back what has always been his.


6-Man Tag Team Match
CHAOS (Zeus, Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday) vs. Samoa-gun (Jeff Cobb, Zack Gibson and James Drake)

Obayashi kensho (大林 賢将, Japanese Wrestler)HBD Alexander Hammerstone January 17th 1991: age 29 | Pro wrestling,  Champion, WrestlingMLW re-signs Richard Holliday to long-term deal
NJPW Lion's Break Collision PreviewThe Grizzled Young Veterans def. Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde | WWE

The ensuing war between CHAOS and Samoa-gun sprouting from Joe's vicious attack on Goto's old friend Shibata has yielded another skirmish as Cobb and the Grizzled Young Veterans take on Zeus, Hammerstone and Holliday. The big bruisers of CHAOS are still not on the same page from when Hammerstone had to find himself a new tag partner, both men wanting to take charge of the team, which gives the well-oiled machine that is Samoa-gun dismantle the CHAOS efforts. Cobb is able to match Hammerstone, but gets a massive Spear and an impressive over head suplex from Zeus. CHAOS try to rally for the win, but GYV are able to down Holliday with a Ticket to Ride from Gibson, followed by a Spin Cycle from Cobb, GYV capping off the match with a Ticket to Mayhem, getting a dominant win for Samoa-gun.

Samoa-gun (Jeff Cobb, Zack Gibson and James Drake) def. CHAOS (Zeus, Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday) in 11:45 via pinfall with a Ticket to Mayhem to Richard Holliday

After the match, Samoa-gun continue to beat down on CHAOS, prompting Goto, Thorne and Nicholls to come out and make the save, particularly aiming for Jeff Cobb as he's able to fend off their opponents with the help of Zeus and Hammerstone.



Los Ingobernables de Japon Preferences - how you two met - Wattpad

Los Ingobernables de Japon have a pre-taped vignette where they set out their plan to regain the Triangle Tag Team Championships. Having lost them to Bullet Club in March, they want to avenge their loss in the Triangle Title Gauntlet from Enter The Dragon II, where they lost to the current champions. They have a trifecta of challenges ahead of them; Lethal's experience, Gresham's technical prowess, and Dragon Lee's athleticism and daredevil tactics. But, they will show that LIJ are the strongest faction in SHOGUN.

Tetsuya Naito meanwhile says that he's impressed that Keith Lee was able to get the better of them last week, remembering what made him so dominant in their matches together. Naito seemingly doesn't really have a plan to defeat Lee, seeing this challenge he hasn't yet overcome to be the only path he can take. The Former Triple Crown Champion is confident though, saying that he will learn what the Limitless One can team him by defeated Keith Lee, and to move past his own limits as well.


Singles Match
PAC vs. Joel Redman

Pac (wrestler) - WikipediaPin on Hot Wrestlers and Moves

Former tag partners from long ago as part of British Ambition clash tonight as the No.1 Contender to the SHOGUN Openweight Championship PAC takes on Joel Redman, the former Oliver Grey. They almost seem respectful at first, PAC accepting the offer of a handshake, and some clean grappling and releases from the ropes. It's all very uncharacteristic of what we've seen from PAC and Bullet Club recently, but their expected antics come to the forefront throughout the match as PAC starts to goat Redman onto mistakes, wrenching back on his fingers in submissions, and raking him in the eyes. Redman is able to get a few good pinfall attempts on PAC, but overall his technical working can't keep up with the snappy hybrid of high-flying and vicious destruction that PAC brings. The Bastard is able to escape an Ankle Lock by booting Redman in the face, then dropping him to the mat with a snap german suplex. PAC then locks in the Rings of Saturn, brutalising his former tag partner, who taps out! But, PAC doesn't release the hold! The referee is trying to pull him off, but the Bastard is a man possessed as he's holding and wrenching on Redman!

PAC def. Joel Redman in 8:40 via submission with a Rings of Saturn

Emerald Unit members Zayn, Marufuji, Juice and Finlay come out to make the save, but are met with Gallows, Anderson and Yujiro coming to back up PAC as well. There is huge brawl around Korakuen Hall between the two factions, eventually being calmed down by interference from rookies at ringside and security pulling everyone apart.


Fuck you, Bullet Club!

Various News: FinJuice on Upcoming NJPW Tag Title Match, AJ Grey vs. Chris  Bey Set for GCW Event, Bollywood Actor Gets Custom WWE Title | 411MANIA

A furious pairing of Juice Robinson and David Finlay, the SHOGUN Tag Team Champions, storm their way to the backstage interview area are outraged at Bullet Club's actions in recent months. Since recruiting PAC as their leader, they've been more and more eager to injure wrestlers, and destroy what SHOGUN is. Juice is heated from his loss to Anderson a couple of weeks ago. But, putting aside his pride for a moment, he says that might have been in singles, but the "Good" Brothers have never beaten he and Finlay in a straight up 2 on 2 Tag Team match. They accept the challenge and want to face Anderson and Gallows at Dead or Alive, and are putting their Tag Team Championships on the line. If they really think that their dumb shortcuts and beatdowns mean they can call themselves the greatest tag team ever, then they'll have to come and really prove it.


Tag Team Match
Conquest (Chad Gable and Cedric Alexander) vs. Speed Muscle (Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino)

WWE reportedly looking to rename Chad GableCedric Alexander | WWE
Happy Birthday to Naruki Doi! | Pro Wrestling AminoMasato Yoshino

The successful tag team of Gable and Alexander are back in action, this time against a new team to the SHOGUN roster, the veterans of Naruki Doi and the returning Masato Yoshino, collectively known as Speed Muscle. Having reformed in Oceanside Wrestling, they have come back to mainland Japan to test their skills in SHOGUN. They manage to get the early advantage with Doi hitting the Doi Five onto Gable, and quick tags with Yoshino, but soon the younger team start to use the attrition of the match to their advantage. Working over Yoshino's back with a boston crab, and several knees to this back, they start to isolate the weaker link of the team, soon being able to land Cedric's Full Nelson Facebuster, Gable's Koppu Kick and finally the Flawless Victory onto Yoshino! 1...2...3!! Speed Muscle were able to get some impressive sequences in, but still have some readjusting to do if they want to move up the Junior Tag Division here in SHOGUN.

Conquest (Chad Gable and Cedric Alexander) def. Speed Muscle (Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino) in 14:57 via pinfall with a Flawless Victory (Backdrop Suplex/Backcracker combination) to Masato Yoshino


An Exchanging of Gifts....erm.....What?

NJPW Global on Twitter: "Press conference report: Get the full details from  today's IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship press conference, as Hiromu  Takahashi and Will Ospreay spoke to assembled media:  https://t.co/3IuXe3L27H #njpw #njwk14…

Junior Heavyweight Champion and challenger Will Ospreay have a press conference ahead of the match where they sign their title match contract. Despite his recent cockiness and attitude, Ospreay and Hiromu have a closer friendship than most opponents, which starts to completely derail the entire conference, both of them taking over the direction of questions, and exchanging gifts of their respective plush toy mascots; Hiromu giving Ospreay a Daryl plushie, while Ospreay has a Sex Pig plushie wearing an Opsreay entrance robe. The quirky antics of both men aside, Ospreay makes it known that he will defeat Hiromu for the Junior Heavyweight Championship this time, to claim his second championship, and become the undisputed Junior Ace of SHOGUN.


Main Event
Singles Match
El Desperado (w/Yoshinobu Kanemaru and DOUKI) vs. Mark Andrews (w/Flash Morgan Webster)

Road to WRESTLING DONTAKU 2018 Night02 Full results | NEW JAPAN  PRO-WRESTLINGBone crunching, body-slamming, high flying drama! Wrestling show comes to  Bath! - Bath Chronicle

Main event time and everything is to play for, and everything to lose for Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. To their dismay, DOUKI is there at ringside seconding El Desperado with Kanemaru in tonight's main event. They lock up, but this time, Andrews has more of Despy's cheating ways scouted, being able to keep the match more competitive than their previous meetings. Likewise, Desperado has some of Andrews' moves scouted too, seeing his strategies coming from their Junior Heavyweight Championship match at the Glory Road Cup Finals. Desperado counters a springboard move and catches Andrews with a massive spinebuster for a two count.

The match progresses and Despy even counters a Stundog Millionaire, hitting Guitarra de Angel, but only getting another two count, Andrews' resilience on display. After escalating even more, Despy working over of Andrews' knee starts to take its toll, and he tries to lock his Stretch Muffler, Numero Dos. But, Andrews escapes and boots the former Junior champion in the face, fighting with everything his has to keep SWSC's title shot hopes alive. He counters another Guitarra de Angel into a Stundog Millionaire for a close two count, the Korakuen Crowd cheering for the young british wrestler. He is able to scale the top rope and jumps to hit Fall to Pieces, but Desperado gets the knees up!

The match devolves to a hard-hitting brawl where the referee goes down, and DOUKI tries to interfere again! Just like their Junior Tag No.1 Contender's Match at Decimation! But, Andrews dodges the pipe, and Webster gets up to the apron, spraying DOUKI with Kanemaru's Suntory Surprise!! The Modfather throws DOUKI out of the ring and nods to his tag partner. In the chaos of Samoa-gun's run in backfiring, Andrews pins Despy to the mat with a backslide! 1...2...3!! South Wales Subculture have done it!! They've beaten Despy and Kanemaru in their singles matches, and will be added to the Junior Tag Title match at Dead or Alive!

Mark Andrews def. El Desperado in 18:11 via pinfall with a Backslide







Chapter 84
Year 2, October, Week 4
EDION Arena Osaka, Osaka, Japan


Divide and Conquer

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy Says He Deserves Better

The reigning and Inaugural SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy of Bullet Club make their way to the ring and admonish there now two teams of challengers awaiting them for Dead or Alive. Annoyed that they have to defend in a three-way tag team match, but Murphy and Tozawa are undeterred. Seeing this is a strong opportunity, as their challengers seem to be more concerned with tearing each other apart than the actual champions. In true Bullet Club fashion, they will happily stand by and watch their opponents cost each other their chance, and capitalise to retain their titles.


Tag Team Match
Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL and SANADA) vs. Jay Lethal and Dragon Lee

EVIL NJPW 2017 Render by BlueJustice2016 on DeviantArtSANADA NJPW 2019 v2 by NuruddinAyobWWE on DeviantArtJay Lethal – ジェイ・リーサル | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLINGDragon Lee by kjc9578 on DeviantArt

In a preview of the Triangle Tag Team Championship match at Dead or Alive, EVIL and SANADA take on Lethal and Lee. The match kicks off way faster than their 8-Man tag match two weeks ago, with EVIL having to contend and attempt to match Dragon Lee's sheer speed in the ring. The King of Darkness holds off the barrage of chops and kicks, grounding the luchador with a big discus lariat, tagging in SANADA.

The Cold Skull tangles with the newly tagged in Jay Lethal, both men's grappling increasing in speed, Lethal keeping away from the Skull End submission and landing a series of suicide dives with Dragon Lee, SANADA and EVIL clattering against the barricades. The match comes to an end when Lethal kicks out of Darkness Falls, Dragon Lee trying to make the save after a tag, but SANADA blind tags in as EVIL runs the ropes, lands a basement dropkick followed by a TKO, finally locking in the Skull End to Dragon Lee, forcing a tap out.

Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL and SANADA) def. Jay Lethal and Dragon Lee in 14:20 via submission with a Skull End to Dragon Lee


The War

Jeff Cobb: WWE wanted him on Tough Enough, Hernandez was supposed to be  Matanza in Lucha Undergound | Wrestling News

Jeff Cobb is joined backstage with Zack Gibson and James Drake as they plan to mutilate and conquer CHAOS at Dead or Alive, challenging Goto, Thorne and Nicholls to a 6-Man Tag Team match at the PPV. His rivalry against Hirooki Goto will never truly be finished. After pinning Goto two weeks ago, Cobb berets his jumbled tag team with Takagi, saying that their chemistry was pathetic, unlike Joe and himself, who have instantly become a destructive force. GYV mention that it's one year exactly since they defeated TMDK for the SHOGUN Tag Team Championships, and they will do it again this year as Samoa-gun affirm their position as just better than CHAOS. TMDK have been floundering ever since they lost the titles, only to fall even further at Dead or Alive.


Singles Match
Satoshi Kojima vs. Joe Doering

Satoshi Kojima by kjc9578 on DeviantArtJoe Doering – IMPACT Wrestling

After dominating their tag team match a few weeks ago, Joe Doering and Satoshi Kojima finally meet in a singles match here tonight, Doering's first singles match in SHOGUN. They kick off with fast hoss battle chops and forearms right out of the gate, Kojima throwing everything into his strikes. He manages to stumble Doering into the corner, landing the machine gun chops before the cowboy shoves him away. Doering drops Kojima with a shoulder check, then landing a big elbow drop for a two count.

After both men's chests are welted and even bleeding a little from the intensity of their strikes, Kojima is able to land a Cozy Cutter! He doesn't let up and runs the ropes....COZY LARIAT!!! HE'S HIT IT 1..-WHAT?! DOERING KICKED OUT AT ONE! THIS MAN IS A MONSTER! Kojima doesn't believe it as he loads up for another one as Doering slowly gets to his feet, only to run into the Sky High Bomb from Big Joe Doering. With his opponent dead to rites, Doering hoists up a groggy Kojima for the Revolution Bomb! 1..2....3!

Joe Doering def. Satoshi Kojima in 12:32 via pinfall with a Revolution Bomb

The young dragons Karl Fredericks, Alex Coughlin and Gabriel Kidd help Kojima to the back as Doering celebrates with Dylan James in the ring. Karl Fredericks noticeably taking a moment to look at the victor for a moment before walking away.


To A Stronger Tomorrow

Keith Lee flooring Tetsuya Naito | Professional wrestler, Pro wrestling,  Professional wrestling

A video package plays with highlights of the first Tetsuya Naito vs. Keith Lee match from Shiroyama last year, where Keith Lee shockingly was able to defeat the Ungovernable One at one of the biggest shows of the year. Keith Lee's voice plays in a voice over of the match, saying that he will beat Naito again at Dead or Alive, but admitting that Naito is absolutely right. He has no other option than facing him. With his momentum slowing from his debut, and facing Samoa Joe for the Triple Crown Championship, this is a surefire way he gets back in the win column.


Tag Team Match
Los Ingobernables de Japon (Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI) vs. Birds of Prey (Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles)

Hiromu Takahashi and Ryusuke Taguchi battles for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight  title! | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLINGProfiles | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLINGNJPW G1 Climax 30 Preview: Introduction & A BlockRobbie Eagles by MaximilianoFer on DeviantArt

Two of the best Junior Heavyweight Tag Teams in SHOGUN face off in a preview of the Junior Heavyweight Championship match at Dead or Alive. Hiromu and Ospreay engage in blindingly fast sequences of counters and holds. Having faced in the Exalted Unity Junior Tag Tournament, both teams have each other's moves well scouted. Despite Ospreay being the No.1 Contender, his chemistry with Eagles seems to be a little bit off tonight, with Eagles recently wanting to break out in the singles division after his classic match with Hiromu at Zetsubo Rising, whenenver it is him and Hiromu in the ring, he keeps trying and in many ways succeeding to outdo Ospreay, being able to hit more of his signature moves on the Junior Heavyweight Champion. Throughout the match, Eagles and Ospreay get a little cold towards each other, both wanting to be the real best challenger to the position of Junior Ace.

This causes a little bit of friction in the Bird of Prey, giving LIJ the chance to capitalise, despite the teams being somewhat evenly matched. After Ospreay and Eagles are sent to the outside, Ospreay loads up the elbow to hit Hiromu, but he ducks and slides into the ring, Ospreay barely able to stop himself from hitting his own tag partner in the face with the Hidden Blade elbow again. This gives Hiromu and BUSHI a chance to land stereo dives to the outside!! They get back in the ring and are just able to squeeze a countout win against the Birds of Prey, their own friction arguably costing them the match.

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI) def. Birds of Prey (Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles) in 16:59 via countout


Cut The Thread

Gwynfro's Content - Page 7 - BrendenPlayz

Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Shingo Takagi is in the backstage interview area and lays out the gravity of this third championship match against Samoa Joe. Having defeated him at Enter The Dragon II took all the energy and power that he could muster. But, with the aggression of Samoa Joe returning to SHOGUN, the champion will match and exceed it. If he can't, then he doesn't deserve to be called Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion. At Dead or Alive it will decide if him winning the title from the most dominant man in the promotion was the real deal, or just a fluke.


Main Event
8-Man Tag Team Match
Emerald Unit (Sami Zayn, Naomichi Marufuji, Juice Robinson and David Finlay) vs. Bullet Club (PAC, Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows and Yujiro Takahashi)

Sami Zayn NEW Official Render by berkaycan on DeviantArtNaomichi Marufuji | Render 1 | NOAH by ThreeSama on DeviantArtG1 Climax 27: B Block wraps up in explosive fashion on 8/12! Okada v.  Omega! Juice v. Elgin! Tama Tonga v. SANADA, and more! | NEW JAPAN  PRO-WRESTLINGDavid Finlay – デビッド・フィンレー – 本隊 | NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING
Pac Dragon Gate 2018 Render by BlueJustice2016 on DeviantArtWWE Karl Anderson NEW Network Render 2019 by sneakyraptoryt on DeviantArtLuke Gallows screenshots, images and pictures - Giant BombYujiro Takahashi NJPW by NuruddinAyobWWE on DeviantArt

Emerald Unit and Bullet Club clash in a massive tag match main event ahead of their championship matches at Dead or Alive. Before the bell rings both sides enter into a big brawl prompted by an attack from Bullet Club. PAC targets the Openweight Champion with vicious holds and works over the arms and shoulders of Sami Zayn, while The Good Brothers and Yujiro use their devious tactics to clatter Juice, Finlay and Marufuji around the barricades, choking them with the cables around the commentary desk. Throughout the match, Zayn is able to rally and hit a big exploder suplex into the corner onto PAC, tagging in Finlay.

After a Big Boot of Doom, a Uranage Backbreaker, Helluva Kick, Hook Kick, Juice Box and a reverse rana from PAC, everyone is down in the match. The Tag Team Champions are just barely able to hold off the assault from Anderson and Gallows after escaping a Magic Killer, Marufuji being able to end the hectic match with a Ko-Oh Knee strike, dropping Yujiro Takahashi down to the mat. 1...2..3!! Emerald Unit get their first leg up on Bullet Club in several weeks just ahead of the next PPV, Dead or Alive.

Emerald Unit (Sami Zayn, Naomichi Marufuji, Juice Robinson and David Finlay) def. Bullet Club (PAC, Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows and Yujiro Takahashi) in 18:41 via pinfall with a Ko-Oh Knee Strike to Yujiro Takahashi


SHOGUN Dead or Alive Card

3-Way Tag Team Match
SHOGIN Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships

Bullet Club (Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy) (c) vs. Samoa-gun (El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru) vs. South Wales Subculture (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster)

6-Man Tag Team Match
Samoa-gun (Jeff Cobb, Zack Gibson and James Drake) vs. CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls)

6-Man Tag Team Match
SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Championships
Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham and Dragon Lee (c) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI)

Tag Team Match
SHOGUN Tag Team Championships

FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) (c) vs. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows)

Singles Match
SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship

Hiromu Takahashi (c) vs. Will Ospreay

Singles Match
Tetsuya Naito vs. Keith Lee

Semi-Main Event
Singles Match
SHOGUN Openweight Championship

Sami Zayn (c) vs. PAC

Main Event
Singles Match
SHOGUN Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship

Shingo Takagi (c) vs. Samoa Joe


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GWW Vendetta

The Awakening vs. Junior Stars
GWW Tag Team Championship

253254f2905fbaa22569f2fd948d0de1.pngAccelerator's Wrestling Rollercoaster Bios

GWW Vendetta kicks off with a tag team championship match between The Awakening and Junior Stars.

The Awakening are looking to continue their reign of terror as the top tag team in GWW but they have a veteran team ahead of them trying to take their tag titles away from them.

This match would end up being good as The Awakening took the win in 13:41 after they hit Koji Kanemoto with The Fall of Man to get the win via pinfall.



King Mo vs. Petey Williams
GWW X-Division Championship

Bellator 199: Ryan Bader? Fedor? King Mo just wants to 'whup some ass' in  San Jose - MMAmania.comPetey Williams Returns to GFW at Destination X Wrestling News - WWE News,  AEW News, Rumors, Spoilers, WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Results -  WrestlingNewsSource.Com

In our next match we have King Mo facing off with Petey Williams for the X-Division championship.

King Mo had been looking for a worthy challenger and he found Petey Williams who he set his sights on after an impressive performance against Chris Dickinson, King Mo has been on a reign of dominance and has been running through the X-Division one by one.

This match would end up being great as King Mo took the win in 09:28 after making Petey Williams submit with the Guillotine Choke.


Chris Dickinson vs. Sam Adonis
Kuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.Sam Adonis

In our next match, we finally have Chris Dickinson facing off with Sam Adonis.

These two have been in a big feud lately and both men have been very impressive this year, but now it's time to see who's better.

This match would end up being great as Chris Dickinson took the win in 17:07 after hitting Sam Adonis with the Pazuzu Bomb to get the win via pinfall.


Nick Gage vs. Atticus Cogar
GWW Hardcore Championship

Nick FN Gage (@thekingnickgage) | TwitterAtticus Cogar: Profile & Match Listing - Internet Wrestling Database (IWD)

In our next match we have Nick Gage facing off with Atticus Cogar for the GWW Hardcore Championship.

This match was set up after Cogar won a three way match to become the #1 contender, Cogar was disrespectful to Nick Gage after being offered a handshake which is probably something he'll regret.

This match would end up being decent as Nick Gage took the win in 11:29 after hitting Atticus Cogar with the Hardcore Drop to get the win via pinfall


American Top Team (c) (Violence Is Forever, Jessie Godderz) vs. Bullet Club (Heath, Moose, Dio Maddin)
GWW Trios Championship

Original Logo T-shirt RED (Distressed) - American Top TeamBullet Club | Pro Wrestling | Fandom

In our next match, we have American Top Team facing off with Bullet Club.

This match was set up on the previous episode of GWW Wrestling after ATT accepted Bullet Club's challenge.

This match would end up being great as Bullet Club took the win in 15:49 after Moose hit Kevin Ku with a Spear to get the win via pinfall.



"Women's Tournament"

After the match an announcement is made by Matt Morgan that next month a women's division will be introduced to GWW. One of the men's titles however will be retired and a new women's title will be introduced in it's place, this tournament will kick off right now with the first match being between Killer Kelly and Konami.


Killer Kelly vs. Konami
𝐊𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐑 𝐊𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐘 (@Kelly_WP) | Twitter47382fcea6a675365bd43b39e9ee9041.png

In our first match of the women's tournament we have Killer Kelly facing off with Konami.

This is the first match of the women's tournament and boy is it a great one, both women are known for their technical wrestling style so this should definitely be an exciting match.

This match would end up being great as Konami took the win in 13:56 after making Killer Kelly submit with the Cross Armbar



Starbuck vs. Joey Janela vs. Rene Dupree vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Big Daddy Yum Yum vs. Alex Colon
GWW Million Dollar Championship

0a783b2c4d088e5035d20661def5120a.pngJoey Janela Stands on AEW's Side0baff785a354569baf37ab5905a7bcf3.png9c16b1da5105ea9d3b8567842237bea7.pngByron Wilcott (@BigDaddyYum_Yum) | Twitteralex colon (@alexcolon0139) | Twitter

In our next match we have 6 men facing off in a 6-Way Falls Count Anywhere Elimination match.

This match would end up being great as Starbuck took the win in 20:21 after last eliminating Rene Dupree with the Tiger Driver to get the elimination via pinfall.


AJ Styles vs. Ricky Banderas
GWW World Heavyweight Championship

AJ Styles (@AJStylesOrgRP) | TwitterValentine's Content - BrendenPlayz

In our main event of the evening we finally have the rematch between AJ Styles and Ricky Banderas.

These two have been feuding for many months for the GWW World Heavyweight Championship. Banderas has been screwed over by the Bullet Club multiple times and it's time to finally get his revenge.

This match would end up being great as AJ Styles took the win in 19:46 after hitting Banderas with a Super Styles Clash to get the win via pinfall.

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Year 2, Month 10, Episode 1

Ilja Dragunov Celebrates Saving PWE World Openweight Championship


The post Infinity War edition of PWE kicks off with the new PWE World Openweight champion, Ilja Dragunov, celebrating his victory for the World Openweight title at Infinity War. Dragunov says that for those who missed it, MJF lost the World Openweight title to Nick Aldis, but Dragunov cashed in his Once in a Lifetime to reclaim the title for PWE. Dragunov says he would never let this company's world title be lost to another, and he's now proud to represent PWE as their top champion. Before he can continue, we would see Sami Callihan and the rest of oVe hit the ring, attacking the new world champion and ending with Callihan laying out Dragunov with a vicious Cactus Driver.

Motor City Machine Guns VS Los Parks


Our first match of the night sees the Rey de Duos winners, the Motor City Machine Guns, facing Los Parks. In a good match, Chris Sabin would beat LA Park Jr. with a Cradle Shock, scoring the win for the Guns. After the match, the Guns would announce they are using their guaranteed Rey de Duos title match at the next PWE PPV, Lucha por Los Muertos. 

The Wolves Have Had Enough


PWE then cuts backstage to Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, discussing their frustration with the recent attacks that have plagued their last few months in PWE. Eddie says that he doesn't know how they can ever get in the tag title picture again if they have to keep looking over their shoulders. Davey then asks Eddie if he trust him, to which Eddie immediately responds that he does. Davey then tells Eddie that he has an idea, but it's gonna be risky.

The White Rabbit VS Trevor Murdoch


Our next match sees former North American champion, the White Rabbit, do battle with the debuting Trevor Murdoch. In a quick match, the White Rabbit would decimate Murdoch, winning in a few minutes after a Doomsday Saito. After the match, the White Rabbit tells Silas Young that he's tired of the Bouncers getting in his business, and at Lucha Por Los Muertos, he will finish this feud once and for all.

Tony Nese Apologizes to Fans


PWE then cuts backstage to the former PWE Cruiserweight champion, Tony Nese. Nese talks about how he gave his all as Cruiserweight champion, and how it finally came back to bite him at Infinity War. However, the fact that people cheered for Tom Lawlor when he beat him made him realize that maybe Tony hasn't been going about this the right way after all...Tony then finishes by saying he isn't cleared to compete for the next month, but he will be back with a vengeance.

Chris Hero VS Crazzy Steve


Our next match sees the North American champion, Chris Hero, do battle with Crazzy Steve. In a good match, Hero would beat Steve with a Rolling Elbow, before grabbing a microphone and bragging about being the best wrestler in PWE. Hero says he's beaten Dragunov, so he's already proven to be Dragunov's superior, making the North American championship the real top prize in PWE. Before he can continue, we would see Bobby Lashley, Cain Velasquez and Baron Corbin all come out, with all three men eyeballing Hero's North American title. Hero would then send in Chase Parker and Matt Martel to attack the three men, who are easily dispatched, but Hero would use this distraction to escape unscathed.

Drew McIntyre Warns Sami Callihan


Before tonight's main event, we see the former PWE World champion Drew McIntyre confront Sami Callihan after his attack on Dragunov earlier tonight. McIntyre warns Callihan that he needs to stay out of his way, because he's hell bent on getting that world title back. Callihan fires back by reminding McIntyre that he lost at Infinity War against Kevin Owens, but Callihan won his match. Callihan blames McIntyre for Infinity War losing to OW, but before things can get heated, Polo Promotions and oVe would get between the two men and separate them.

Tom Lawlor VS Rey Horus


Finally, tonight's main event sees the PWE debut of the new Cruiserweight champion Tom Lawlor, facing MexiSquad's Rey Horus. In a great match, Lawlor would manage to force the submission from Rey Horus, winning with a Rear Naked Choke. After the match, Lawlor would warn PWE that the Age of Filthy has finally come, and PWE closes with the visual of our new Cruiserweight champion standing tall.


Year 2, Month 10, 205 Live Episode 1

Tom Lawlor Celebration


After making his official PWE debut against Rey Horus, we see this edition of 205 Live open with Lawlor celebrating his championship win at Infinity War. Lawlor says that OW may have disrespected him, but PWE is his playground now, and he's ready to make the entire Cruiserweight division his bitch. Lawlor then says since Tony Nese is injured, a new number one contender has to be crowned, and that will happen in a six pack challenge in tonight's main event.

Brit-Am Brawlers VS Mexablood


Our first of two matches tonight sees Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan do battle with Bandido and Flamita. In a great match, the Brit-Am Brawlers would score the win after a Blockbuster to Bandido.

David Arquette and Shark Boy Discuss Bennett's Betrayal


Before tonight's main event, we see David Arquette and Shark Boy, livid about Mike Bennett turning on them and costing PWE the Infinity Gauntlet. Arquette says Bennett has refused to star in any more Shark Boy and Lava Girl productions, but he has a plan so they can get their revenge.

Manik VS Chavo Guerrero VS Hakim Zane VS Crazzy Steve VS Will Ferrara VS Mike Bennett (Cruiserweight Title NOC)


Tonight's main event sees a six pack challenge to decide Tom Lawlor's next challenger. In a great match, Manik would pick up the win, drawing the submission from Zane and punching his ticket to a bout with Lawlor at Lucha Por Los Muertos.


Year 2, Month 10, Episode 2

Davey Richards Lays Down the Challenge


This edition of PWE begins with The Wolves, who have promised to find out their attackers tonight. Davey Richards grabs a microphone first and says that if their attackers reveal themselves right now, The Wolves will face them at Mucha Por Los Muertos, and if their attackers can beat them, then Davey Richards will retire and the Wolves will be split up forever. Eddie Edwards insists that Davey doesn't need to make this stipulation, but Davey again asks him to trust his partner. Soon, we would see none other than William Regal come out, making his PWE debut in the process. Regal says that he knew the Wolves would cave in eventually, and their attackers are more than happy to accept their challenge. As Regal says this, the masked men would attack Davey and Eddie from behind, laying out their rivals before finally unmasking, revealing none other than...


THE BRIT-AM BRAWLERS! Lorcan and Burch were the attackers all along! Regal would then make his way to the ring and raise Lorcan and Burch's hands, before promising that Davey's career will be ended in excruciating fashion at Lucha Por Los Muertos.

Vampiro Enterprises VS Los Parks


Our next match sees the PWE World Tag Team champions, Vampiro Enterprises, do battle with Los Parks. Vampiro Enterprises would plow through LA Park's sons in destructive fashion, winning the match after a PCO-Sault. After the match, Vampiro would say that PCO and Brody King have plowed through the entire PWE tag division up to this point, and they're more than happy to add the Motor City Machine Guns to their list of scalps.

Silas Young Accepts The White Rabbit's Challenge


PWE then cuts backstage to Silas Young and the rest of The Bouncers, responding to the White Rabbit's challenge last week. Young says that he wants this feud to end decisively one way or another at Lucha Por Los Muertos, and the only way he thinks he can do it is with a Last Man Standing match. 

Tyrus and Grogan VS Hype Bros


Our next match sees Tyrus and Grogan look to regroup after MJF and Wardlow's recent departure from the company, facing the Hype Bros. Despite the size advantage, Zack Ryder would score the win for his team, beating Tyrus with a Rough Ryder.

Tony Khan Announcement for North American Championship


PWE then cuts backstage to Tony Khan, with a huge announcement for Chris Hero's North American title. Tony Khan says that next week, we will see Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Cain Velasquez team up to face Hero Corps, and if one of those three men can win the match, they will face Hero for the title at Lucha Por Los Muertos.

Drew McIntyre VS Mahabali Shera


Our next match sees Desi Hit Squad member Mahabali Shera take on former world champion Drew McIntyre. In a quick match, McIntyre would plow through Shera with a Claymore. After the match, McIntyre warns Dragunov that they're 1-1 so far, and he still has his eyes set on becoming world champion again.

Zicky Dice Makes Tyrus and Grogan An Offer


Before tonight's main event, we see the debut of the Outlandish Zicky Dice, who approach Tyrus and Grogan after their rough loss earlier. Dice says that he and a mystery partner are looking to make a splash in PWE, and the muscle of Tyrus and Grogan would help them out a lot. Dice tells them to think about it and call him back, but he thinks they know what the right decision is.

Ilja Dragunov VS Madman Fulton


Tonight's main event sees PWE World Openweight champion Ilja Dragunov do battle with oVe member and Trios champion, Madman Fulton. In a hard fought bout, Dragunov would eke out the victory, beating Fulton with Torpedo Moscow. After the match, the rest of oVe would attack Dragunov, but surprisingly, Drew McIntyre and the rest of Polo Promotions would run out and make the save, chasing off oVe. McIntyre would help Dragunov up, but he would show his true colors once more by laying out the champion with a Claymore.


Year 2, Month 10, Episode 3

Bobby Lashley and Cain Velasquez Come to Agreement


This edition of PWE kicks off with Cain Velasquez and former world champion Bobby Lashley, discussing their North American championship NOC match tonight. Lashley says that they need to work together tonight, because a loss doesn't benefit either one of them. Velasquez agrees, but he challenges Lashley that after one of them beats Hero and becomes North American champion, they should face each other for the title. Lashley agrees and bumps fists with Velasquez, seemingly putting their recent tension aside for the night.

The White Rabbit VS BOA


Our next match sees The White Rabbit do battle with the Kowloon Krew's BOA. In a quick match, the White Rabbit would lay out BOA on the outside with a vicious Doomsday Saito into the steel steps. The White Rabbit would roll back into the ring, out again and back in, restarting the referee's count. The referee would count all the way to 10, with BOA not moving a muscle during the entire count. The White Rabbit, having sent a clear message to Silas, then accepts Young's challenge for a Last Man Standing match, warning Young that he's in for a rough night at Lucha Por Los Muertos.

The Wolves Discuss Frustration With Brit-Am Brawlers Betrayal


PWE then cuts backstage to Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, heartbroken at the betrayal by two men they thought were their friends. Richards says that he will never let anyone else determine when he has to retire, and he refuses to let the Brit-Am Brawlers get the last laugh on the Wolves at Lucha Por Los Muertos.

Cain Velasquez/Bobby Lashley/Baron Corbin VS Hero Corps (If Hero Corps loses, whoever scores the victory for the other team will receive NA title shot)


Our next match sees three massive monsters look to set aside their differences in hopes of one man facing Chris Hero for the North American championship at Lucha Por Los Muertos. In a great match, Lashley would lay out Chase Parker with a spear, but Cain Velasquez would break up the pin. The two tag partners would argue, with their pushing match eventually leading to their turnbuckle. Baron Corbin would tag himself in before sneaking in and scoring the pin on the downed Parker, earning the North American title shot in the process. Baron Corbin will now face Chris Hero at Lucha Por Los Muertos, leading to Lashley and Velasquez having a massive brawl that security would have to break up.

The Hype Bros Warn the Motor City Machine Guns


PWE then cuts backstage to the Hype Bros, who wish the Guns luck against PCO and Brody King at Lucha Por Los Muertos. However, they promise the Guns that they don't care who walks out with the tag titles, because they want the next shot at the belts. Before they can continue, both teams would be attacked from out of nowhere by the tag champions, PCO and Brody King, laying out all four of their top challengers at once.

Ken Shamrock/Stephan Bonnar VS The Tribunal


Our next match sees the return of Ken Shamrock and Stephan Bonnar, taking on Marcus Louis and Sylvester Lefort. In a quick match, Shamrock and Bonnar would draw a quick victory after Shamrock locked in the Ankle Lock on Lefort, forcing a submission. The MMA team would promise the PWE audience that their presence will be felt on all of PWE soon enough.

David Arquette Announcement for 205 Live


Before tonight's main event, David Arquette says that he's managed to get Shark Boy VS Mike Bennett in the main event of 205 Live, with Shark Boy finally gonna get revenge on his former "son" and pay Bennett back for costing PWE the Infinity Gauntlet.

Drew McIntyre VS Sami Callihan (PWE World Openweight Championship NOC)


Finally, tonight's main event sees former world champion Drew McIntyre do battle with Sami Callihan, with the winners set to face Ilja Dragunov at Lucha Por Los Muertos. Callihan would score the hard fought victory after interference from oVe, distracting McIntyre long enough for Callihan to score the win with the Cactus Driver. After the match, we would see a massive brawl between Polo Promotions and oVe to close out the show.


Year 2, Month 10, 205 Live Episode 2

Suicide Challenges Tom Lawlor


PWE kicks off with Manik's tag partner, Suicide, making the challenge to Tom Lawlor to face him tonight. The Cruiserweight champion would decline the challenge, but he insists that he has a perfect opponent for Suicide to face on PWE next week.

Brit-Am Brawlers VS Kowloon Krew


Our next match sees Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan, flanked by William Regal, do battle with Hoho Lun and Yifeng of the Kowloon Krew. The Brawlers would plow through the Kowloon Krew in decisive fashion, winning with a Half and Half Suplex to Yifeng. After the match, William Regal vows to end the Wolves once and for all at Lucha por Los Muertos.

Manik Wishes Suicide Luck


Before tonight's main event, we see Manik, Fallah Bahh and KM backstage, promising to have Suicide's back on PWE in case things go south.

Shark Boy VS Mike Bennett


Finally, tonight's main event sees Shark Boy and Mike Bennett end their vicious rivalry filed with betrayal. In the greatest professional wrestling match ever documented in modern history, Shark Boy would appear to have victory in sight, but Tony Nese would make a surprise appearance at ringside, attacking David Arquette. This would distract Shark Boy long enough for Bennett to hit him with the Miracle in Progress, scoring the win. 205 Live ends with Nese and Bennett celebrating together, signalling a dangerous new alliance.


Year 2, Month 10, Episode 4

Sami Callihan and Ilja Dragunov Contract Signing


The go-home edition of PWE kicks off with the contract signing between Dragunov and Callihan. Callihan says that this isn't the first time these two have faced each other for a world title before, but he refuses to let the same result from last time pass again, vowing to lay out Dragunov with the Cactus Driver and send him back to the Cruiserweight division. Dragunov says that he's spent the past year proving his worth as a main event level competitor, and Callihan won't be the man to stop him. As both men sign the contract, a massive main event between Ilja Dragunov and Polo Promotions against oVe.

Hype Bros/Motor City Machine Guns VS Vampiro Enterprises/Brit-Am Brawlers


Our first match sees a preview for the tag team title match at Lucha por Los Muertos, as the Hype Bros and the Motor City Machine Guns face the Wolves' attackers, the Brit-Am Brawlers, and the tag team champions, Vampiro Enterprises. In a frantic clash, we would see The Wolves get a measure of revenge ahead of the PPV, distracting Danny Burch long enough for him to be hit with a Rough Ryder, giving the Guns and the Hype Bros the win.

Vickie Guerrero Announces PPV Match


PWE then cuts backstage to General Manager Vickie Guerrero, who announces that after the events of last week, the former tag team partners Bobby Lashley and Cain Velasquez will face each other in a heated rematch.

MexiSquad VS Los Parks


Our next match sees a trios clash between perpetual rivals MexiSquad and Los Parks, with both teams looking to get back on the winning track. Ultimately, Rey Horus would beat LA Park with a Satellite DDT, giving MexiSquad a much needed rebound win. After the match, a livid LA Park would proclaim that he and his sons are quitting PWE, effective immediately.

Tony Nese and Mike Bennett Celebrate


PWE then cuts backstage to Tony Nese and Mike Bennett, fresh off Bennett's win over Shark Boy on 205 Live. Bennett says after The Kingdom left PWE and Tony Nese lost the Cruiserweight title, both men were at their lowest and the fans took pleasure in their failures. Now, they're here to take the tag division by storm by any means necessary, and Team ABSolute will be unstoppable.

Suicide VS ???


Our next match sees Suicide face Tom Lawlor's specially picked opponent, and it would be revealed to be the debuting Simon Gotch, reuniting the original Team Filthy in the process. Gotch would pick up the decisive win after a Gotch Piledriver to Suicide, and he and Lawlor would attack Suicide after the match. After the match, Manik, Fallah Bahh and KM would run out to make the save, chasing off Gotch and Lawlor.

Tony Khan Runs Down PWE Card


Before tonight's main event, we see Tony Khan run down the official Lucha por Los Muertos card. He would finish by announcing that oVe will defend their trios titles against Polo Promotions, rounding out the eight match card in the process.

Ilja Dragunov/Polo Promotions VS Ohio Versus Everything


Finally, tonight's eight-man tag match sees Ilja Dragunov and Drew McIntyre put aside their hostilities for one night, facing the trios champions and Sami Callihan. Ultimately, oVe would score the win after a Cactus Driver to Jackie Polo, but the brawling wouldn't end there, with all eight men fighting as PWE comes to a close.


Lucha por Los Muertos Card

Brit-Am Brawlers VS The Wolves (If The Wolves Lose, Davey Richards Retires)

Motor City Machine Guns VS Vampiro Enterprises (c) (World Tag Team Championships)

Baron Corbin VS Chris Hero (c) (North American Championship)

Sami Callihan VS Ilja Dragunov (c) (PWE World Openweight Championship)

Bobby Lashley VS Cain Velasquez

The White Rabbit VS Silas Young (Last Man Standing)

Polo Promotions VS Ohio Versus Everything (c) (Trios Championships)

Manik VS Tom Lawlor (c) (Cruiserweight Championship)

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PWE: Lucha por Los Muertos

Manik VS Tom Lawlor (c) (Cruiserweight Championship)


The first PWE PPV after Infinity War kicks off with Tom Lawlor defending his Cruiserweight championship against Manik. In a great, technical bout, Lawlor would force the submission with a rear naked choke, retaining his title. After the match, Lawlor would continue attacking Manik, leading to Suicide, Fallah Bahh and KM running out to make the save. However, Lawlor would then be joined by Team Filthy member Simon Gotch, as well as Ken Shamrock and Stephan Bonnar. The four men would rush the ring and attack the other four, laying them out in brutal fashion. After the beatdown, Lawlor would grab a microphone and introduce the PWE audience to the new and improved Team Filthy, standing tall with Gotch, Bonnar and Shamrock as the segment ends.

Motor City Machine Guns VS Vampiro Enterprises (c) (World Tag Team Championships)


Our next match sees PCO and Brody King defend their tag titles against the Rey de Duos winners, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. In a frantic bout, the Guns would finally topple the monstrous duo, putting away PCO with Skull and Bones and finally becoming the new PWE World Tag Team champions.

Silas Young VS The White Rabbit (Last Man Standing Match)


Our next bout sees the heated rivalry between two monsters finally come to a head, as Silas Young faces the White Rabbit in a Last Man Standing match. In a brutal, stiff fight, The White Rabbit would win the match after three brutal Doomsday Saito's into the steel ring steps. After the match, Paul London, Brian Kendrick and El Bunny would arrive with a hammer in hand, looking to add Silas Young to their list of sacrifices, but the White Rabbit would call them off, with Young clearly having earned his respect after their brutal war. 

Bobby Lashley VS Cain Velasquez


Our next match sees two former tag partners clash, as Bobby Lashley and Cain Velasquez look to finally settle their recent hostilities after repeated tag team failures. In a great match, Lashley would seem to have victory in hand, but the Cruiserweight champion Tom Lawlor would distract him, giving Velasquez the chance to lock in a Kimura Lock on Lashley, forcing the submission. After the match, Lawlor would shake Velasquez's hand, and Velasquez would join Lawlor, Gotch, Shamrock and Bonnar on the entrance ramp, celebrating as the newest member of Team Filthy.

Polo Promotions VS Ohio Versus Everything (c) (Trios Championships)


Our next match sees oVe defend their trios titles against Drew McIntyre, Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey, a rivalry that came to pass during Drew's rivalry with Callihan for number one contendership of the world title. Ultimately, oVe would continue their incredible reign, beating Polo with the All Seeing Eye.

Baron Corbin VS Chris Hero (c) (North American Championship)


Our next bout sees Chris Hero defend his North American championship against Baron Corbin, an opportunity Corbin earned after winning a six-man tag match against Hero Corps. Ultimately, it would be Hero Corps who would come back to bite him, with Chase Parker and Matt Martel distracting Corbin long enough for Hero to hit him with a Rolling Elbow, retaining his championship yet again.

Brit-Am Brawlers VS The Wolves (If The Wolves lose, Davey Richards retires)


Our final match before the main event sees the Brit-Am Brawlers, the men who have ruined the Wolves' lives for months, finally get the chance to end the tag team for good. In a heartbreaking conclusion, Lorcan would win the match after hitting a Blockbuster on Richards, scoring the win and forcing Davey Richards to retire.

Sami Callihan VS Ilja Dragunov (c) (PWE World Openweight Championship)


Finally, tonight's main event sees Sami Callihan challenge for Ilja Dragunov's World Openweight title. In a fantastic match, Dragunov would eke out the victory, putting away Callihan after a Torpedo Moscow. After the match, Dragunov's celebration would be cut short by the third appearance of Team Filthy on the night, with Velasquez, Lawlor, Gotch, Shamrock and Bonnar attacking Dragunov. The PPV would end with Shamrock keeping a brutal Angle Lock in on Dragunov as Velasquez holds the PWE World Openweight title high.

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Oceanside Wrestling #33
From Asbury Park Convention Hall

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Aldis thinks Rusev would fit great with the NWA, talks  scrapped title matches, ALL IN - POST Wrestling | WWE NXT AEW NJPW UFC  Podcasts, News, ReviewsKevin Owens confirms he is dealing with an ankle injury
OW King's Champion Nick Aldis would be out to talk about what happened at Infinity War. He said that Ilja Dragunov STOLE the PWE World Openweight Championship from him, and that HE WON THE WAR for Oceanside Wrestling, and for that he should be PRAISED. Kevin Owens however would interrupt Aldis and say that them two have unfinished business with each other, and that Owens is next in line for the title shot. He would bring up that Aldis never beat him clean, and that when Aldis sicked McIntyre on him at Infinity War, he beat his challenger. Aldis would be angered by this and would agree to the match at Turning Tides, saying he'll just have to beat some sense into Owens himself.

41-Man Battle Royal for a Championship Match of Winner's Choosing:  SmackDown, October 14, 2011 - YouTube
12 Team Tag Team Battle Royal For OW Tag Team Championship #1 Contendership
Up next would be a 12 Team Battle Royal between The B-Team, Team Tremendous, Origin, Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry, Destination Everywhere, The Kinky Party, Friendship Express, Blake & Cutler, Speed Muscle, New Age Kliq, The Besties In The World, and The Kingdom for the OW Tag Team Championship #1 Contendership at Turning Tides. Out first would be The Besties In The World who would be eliminated by former ICPW Six-Man Tag Team Champions, Destination Everywhere, who are making their debuts in OW tonight. Origin would then eliminate Speed Muscle, Blake & Cutler, Destination Everywhere, and New Age Kliq, going on a big run of dominance until finally getting eliminated by Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry. Castle & Hendry would then go to work on The Kingdom and eliminate them until Origin would come up from behind and eliminate them, even though they were already eliminated! This would leave a final four of The B-Team, Team Tremendous, The Kinky Party, and Friendship Express. Team Tremendous would then eliminate Friendship Express as The Kinky Party would eliminate The B-Team, leaving Dan Barry & Bill Carr would be left with Jack Jester & Sha Samuels in the final faceoff. The two teams would brawl with each other until Jack Jester & Sha Samuels would be able to muster up the strength to eliminate the big man Bill Carr BUT DAN BARRY IN A GREAT FEAT OF STRENGTH WOULD ELIMINATE BOTH JESTER AND SAMUELS FROM BEHIND, MAKING TEAM TREMENDOUS YOUR OW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP #1 CONTENDERS, AND WILL FACE THE ALL NIGHT EXPRESS AT TURNING TIDES!
Team Tremendous def. 11 other teams, last eliminating The Kinky Party in 16:33 to win the #1 Contendership for the OW Tag Team Championships

Kento Miyahara vs. Jake Lee - YouTubeJoseph Conners vs. Joe Coffey (Pro Wrestling World Cup - Round Of 16) -  YouTube
Jake Lee vs. Joseph Conners
The slumping Jake Lee would then face the leader of Origin who just nearly lost The Infinity Gauntlet at Infinity War, Joseph Conners. The match would be very hard-fought but Lee would go for the Giant Killing and miss it, allowing Conners to get back into the match and eventually hit The Righteous Kill DDT for the victory.
Joseph Conners def. Jake Lee via pinfall in 11:57

Mike Bailey (マイク•ベイリー) (@SpeedballBailey) | TwitterAmazing to me': Shamokin native wrestling his way through life | Local |  newsitem.com
"Speedball" Mike Bailey vs. Tony Deppen
We would then have OW Gladiator Champion "Speedball" Mike Bailey, coming off of a crushing defeat to PWE North American Champion Chris Hero at Infinity War, would go one on one with the scrappy debutant to OW here tonight, Tony Deppen. Deppen would bring his all here in his debut, nearly winning many times with quick pinfalls, and his STF, but would be unable to hit his patented Knee Trembler, eventually falling to a Flamingo Driver by the OW Gladiator Champion in a great match.
Post-match, the winner of The Infinity Gauntlet, Cara Noir, would walk out, making his debut on Oceanside Wrestling Television, and would come face to face with OW Gladiator Champion "Speedball" Mike Bailey, essentially making the challenge to him for Turning Tides, which Bailey would seemingly accept as he nodded his head to him.

"Speedball" Mike Bailey def. Tony Deppen via pinfall in 17:43

Nyla Rose Explains Why AEW Hasn't Mentioned Her Transgender Status On  DynamiteCandice LeRae comments on possibly being called up to the main roster
Nyla Rose vs Candice LeRae (c) - OW Gladiatrix Championship
And in the main event, a wartorn Candice LeRae would go one on one with "The Native Beast" Nyla Rose. Who earned this title shot by running through Bianca Belair on Oceanside Wrestling #31. The two would have a very hard-fought match, with LeRae having to utilize her speed to get away from the strength of Nyla Rose. In the finish to the match, Nyla Rose would go for The Beast Bomb but LeRae would go over and roll up Nyla for a two count, the two would then both get up and LeRae would hit a big Engiguiri onto Rose, rocking her, before going behind and hitting a big chop block onto Rose. LeRae would then go for the Wicked Stepsister and HIT IT! SHE GOES FOR THE PIN, 1... 2... NO! BUT LERAE INSTANTLY GOES INTO A MRS. GARGA-NO-ESCAPE, AN HOMAGE TO HER HUSBAND AS SHE CRANKS BACK ON NYLA ROSE, FORCING HER TO TAP OUT, BOUNCING BACK IN A BIG WAY TO RETAIN THE OW GLADIATRIX CHAMPIONSHIP!
Post-match, LeRae would get a microphone, stating that she is pained, in the past few weeks she has been through rough long battles with Kylie Rae and just tonight Nyla Rose, and she has brawled for weeks upon weeks, becoming bruised and battered through her battles with Sami Callihan, fighting for the women of OW as the standard bearer of the division... and at Infinity War she failed in their brutal match. And therefore, she must punish herself, and so every show this month, she is committing to defend the OW Gladiatrix Championship every show until after Turning Tides, because she is the standard bearer for OW, and she needs to prove that she is still deserving of that name, and no matter how badly hurt she is, or how exhausted she is over the weeks, in order to prove to OW that she's deserving of it, she must defeat every opponent she has this month.

Candice LeRae def. Nyla Rose via submission in 17:52 to make retention #1 of the OW Gladiatrix Championship

Kylie Rae Announces Retirement From Wrestling | WrestlingWorld
And in the final segment of the night, Kylie Rae would have her official Retirement Ceremony after her loss in the amazing Title vs Career match against OW Virago Champion Asuka at Infinity War, with her making a great speech to the Oceanside fans, who all would yell out their love for Smiley Kylie, thanking her for her time as a wrestler, she would seem to be finishing up as SHE IS ATTACKED BY BEHIND!
Becky Lynch | WWE

Oceanside Wrestling #34
From Asbury Park Convention Hall

Asuka | WWE
Asuka would open the show live from the titantron, and would say that she wants revenge on Becky Lynch for her ruining Kylie Rae's retirement ceremony last week. Asuka would say that she will make Becky feel pain that she has never felt before, and she will decimate her, continuing her undefeated streak in OW, because no one is able to beat Asuka.

Match Review: Cara Noir vs. PAC (Riptide Wrestling, Point Break) (July 05,  2019) | BackBodyDrop.comKento Miyahara vs. Jake Lee - YouTube
Cara Noir vs Jake Lee
The winner of The Infinity Gauntlet Cara Noir would have his first ever OW singles match tonight as he went one on one with a Jake Lee seeking to get out of a big slump right now.  OW Gladiator Champion "Speedball" Mike Bailey would be a guest commentator for the match, scouting out Cara Noir before their presumptive match at Turning Tides. The two would put on a great match and in the end Lee would go for the Giant Killing but Noir would dodge, quickly locking in the Black Swan, eventually getting Lee to tap out. Noir post match would point to Bailey on commentary, as the two are in a collision course for Turning Tides, in a match for the coveted OW Gladiator Championship.

Cara Noir def. Jake Lee by submission in 14:08

It's Coming up Roses for Former 'Bachelorette' Contestant & Ring of Honor  Star Kenny King - TV InsiderDan Barry (@thedanbarry) | Twitter
Kenny King w/Rhett Titus vs. Dan Barry w/Bill Carr
Up now would be one half of your OW Tag Team Champions in The All Night Express, Kenny King, going up against one half of their opponents at Turning Tides in Team Tremendous, Dan Barry. King & Barry would have a great match against each other, and in the end King would go for the Royal Flush but Barry would get out of it, and eventually hit King with the Irish Car Bomb to win the match, and get one up on The All NIght Express going into Turning Tides.

Dan Barry def. Kenny King by pinfall in 11:35

Kevin Owens reveals why he hasn't been on WWE RAW | The SportsRush
Kevin Owens would talk about the past few months in a pre-recorded segment backstage, painting Nick Aldis as a conman. He conned his way through the Battle For Poseidon's Trident tournament, winning every match he was in via cheating, including needing not just cheating, but also Doug Williams and a vengeful Tom Lawlor in order to beat Grado in the finals. Then he conned his way into winning the OW King's Championship at Atlantis, cheating to beat him. And so Owens conned him back, after decidedly beating then PWE World Openweight Champion MJF on PWE, he laid down for MJF and forced him arm over him to have MJF win, as to force Aldis to defend the OW King's Championship against him at Infinity War, as his form of retribution against him. But after Aldis sicked Polo Promotions on him, he wants a little more, and especially after Aldis conned and cheated his way into beating MJF for the PWE World Openweight Championship, Owens thanking god that Ilja Dragunov cashed in so Aldis didn't get more undeserving title reigns. And so Owens wants the conman to be thwarted, and he wants to be the man to do it at Turning Tides.

Grado & KM Have Been Moved To The Alumni Section On IMPACT WRESTLING'S  Official Websiteimage.jpeg
Joseph Conners vs. Joe Coffey (Pro Wrestling World Cup - Round Of 16) -  YouTubeDave Mastiff - OWWNathan Cruz | Talent Roster | Booking Agent | MN2S
Grado, Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry vs Origin (Joseph Conners, Dave Mastiff & Nathan Cruz)
Up now would be Grado, Dalton Castle, & Joe Hendry  going up against the group of Origin, Joseph Conners and former OW Tag Team Champions, Dave Mastiff & Nathan Cruz. These groups have a lot of history with each other, with Conners screwing Castle & Hendry out of winning the OW Tag Titles at Bash at the Beach, and Conners eliminating Grado in the Infinity Gauntlet. The two teams would both seek victory, but it would be Origin winning the match when Nathan Cruz distracted the ref as Dave Mastiff fought with Castle & Hendry on the outside, allowing Conners to get a sneaky low blow onto Grado and then hit the Righteous Kill DDT onto him for the win. However, it would not be done after that, as all six men would brawl after the bell, needing security to break them apart.

Origin def. Grado, Dalton Castle, & Joe Hendry by pinfall in 15:17

Candice LeRae Speaks On Main Roster Call During WWE Draft 2020Piper Niven | WWE
Piper Niven vs Candice LeRae (c) - OW Gladiatrix Championship
Candice LeRae would be out for her OW Gladiatrix Championship Open Challenge, and answering it would be from JWWA, the debuting Piper Niven! Niven and LeRae would have a belter of a match, both going back and forth, with just like the Nyla Rose match, Niven having the power advantage, and LeRae the speed advantage. In the end Niven would go for the Snake Bite but LeRae would reverse into a poisonrana! LeRae would then grab the arms of Niven AND HIT THE WICKED STEPSISTER BEFORE GOING TO THE ROPES AND HITTING THE LA QUEBRADA ONTO NIVEN! THAT'S IT! ONE... TWO... THREE! CANDICE LERAE SURVIVES ANOTHER OW GLADIATRIX CHAMPIONSHIP DEFENSE!
LeRae would celebrate with her title, as Oceanside Wrestling #34 came to a close.

Candice LeRae def. Piper Niven by pinfall in 21:04 to make retention #2 of the OW Gladiatrix Championship

Oceanside Wrestling #35
From Asbury Park Convention Hall

Grado & KM Have Been Moved To The Alumni Section On IMPACT WRESTLING'S  Official WebsiteDave Mastiff - OWW
Dave Mastiff w/Joseph Conners & Nathan Cruz vs. Grado
Opening the show would be Dave Mastiff going one on one with Grado. Grado would be seeking revenge after what transpired last week with Conners cheating to beat him in the 3 on 3. In the finish, Mastiff would go for his patented Cannonball but Grado would get out of the way, with Grado looking for The Wee Boot after, but Conners and Cruz would begin distracting the ref WHEN DALTON CASTLE & JOE HENDRY WOULD RUN OUT AND BEGIN BRAWLING WITH THEM! This would take them out of the equation and allow Grado to hit The Wee Boot and win the match.

Grado def. Dave Mastiff by pinfall in 13:56

Kento Miyahara vs. Jake Lee - YouTubeJosh Barnett expected to appear for TNA Pro Wrestling tonight - MMA Fighting
Jake Lee vs Josh Barnett
Up next would be the ever-slumping Jake Lee, who is on a six match losing streak, unable to win since his losing effort against Kento Miyahara in the Two Out of Three Falls match at Atlantis, going up against the debuting and dangerous Josh Barnett. Lee would try harder than ever against the gritty and chippy Barnett, who had the advantage in the match technically and brawl-wise. In the end Barnett would win the great match with the Cross Heel Hook. Post-match, Barnett would insult Lee on the microphone for his losing ways, and say that he needs guidance to become good, he needs to take his lumps. And so Barnett proposes a match at Turning Tides, where if Lee loses again, he must become Barnett's young lion, Lee would be very offput by this, but Barnett would goad him into doing the match by saying "or do you know you'll lose?" making Jake agree to the match.

Josh Barnett def. Jake Lee by submission in 15:24

Becky Lynch's Heel Turn Better than Expected | Den of Geek
Becky Lynch would make her first ever statement on the microphone in OW as she would say that she is not afraid of Asuka, and she is not afraid of anyone. She is here in OW to win for herself, and she is going to take the OW Virago Championship from Asuka to do that. Attacking Kylie Rae was just the way to make her mark here and get the attention so she can get the title shot, and now, she is going to win the OW Virago Championship by beating the "unbeatable" Asuka, and walk out of Turning Tides, with well-deserved gold around her waist.

TENILLE DASHWOOD on Twitter: "No better feeling in the world!  @impactwrestling #impactwrestling 📸 @Beezzzzy… "Candice LeRae Bio|Johnny Gargano Wife – Power Sportz Magazine
Tenille Dashwood vs. Candice LeRae (c) - OW Gladiatrix Championship
Candice LeRae would be out for her Gladiatrix Title defense, with the debuting Tenille Dashwood being the challenger tonight, quite possibly LeRae's biggest challenge to date. Tenille would many times look to hit the Spotlight, but LeRae would evade everytime, and in the end LeRae would be able to tag Tenille in the jaw with a Superkick, before hitting the Heartbreaker and going for the pin BUT DASHWOOD WOULD KICK OUT AT TWO! But LeRae would get up and grab Tenille by the arms and HIT THE WICKED STEPSISTER, ONE.. TWO... THREE! CANDICE LERAE SOMEHOW FIGURES OUT A WAY TO RETAIN FOR A THIRD WEEK IN A ROW!

Candice LeRae def. Tenille Dashwood by pinfall in 21:57 to make retention #3 of the OW Gladiatrix Championship

Malcolm Bivens | WWE
Assistant to the owner of OW Malcolm Bivens would announce over the titantron that next week on Oceanside Wrestling #36 we will have the second ever Women's-Only show, with only the women's division of Oceanside Wrestling having matches. Two OW Virago Championship #1 Contendership Qualifiers would occur, as two close friends in the team of DemonxBunny would have to face off in a match, with the winner facing the winner of two debutants in OW from JWWA at Turning Tides, Jordynne Grace vs. Utami Hayashishita. We would also see Becky Lynch's first ever match in Oceanside Wrestling, as she faces the very close friend of Asuka, Mio Shirai, in a No Disqualifications bout. And finally, Candice LeRae faces a mystery opponent in her penultimate OW Gladiatrix Championship Open Challenge (if she can survive that night of course) with the winner going onto Turning Tides and defending the title in another open challenge.

Kevin Owens | WWECara Noir Biography & Matches — RIPTIDE Wrestling
Kevin Owens vs. Cara Noir
And in tonight's main event, the man who will face Nick Aldis at Turning Tides for the OW King's Championship, Kevin Owens would go one on one with the winner of The Infinity Gauntlet and the man who will be facing "Speedball" Mike Bailey for the OW Gladiator Championship at Turning Tides, Cara Noir. The two would put on an amazing match, with both men hitting their big moves, Owens's Stunner and Pop-Up Powerbomb, and Cara Noir hitting the Swan Woo Dropkick and locking in the Black Swan (though Owens would get to the ropes everytime). Owens would however in the end be able to hit the Package Piledriver, defeating Cara Noir in turn handing him his first loss in OW, but showing just how good he is in his defeat.

Kevin Owens def. Cara Noir by pinfall in 22:18

Oceanside Wrestling #36
From Asbury Park Convention Hall

SQUARED CIRCLE SIRENS — Utami Hayashishita Set To Return From Injury ...Jordynne Grace: Wrestler's book of creepy Twitter, Instagram DMs - Sports  Illustrated
Utami Hayashishita vs. Jordynne Grace - OW Virago Championship #1 Contendership Qualifier
Opening up the action for tonight in this all women's wrestling show, two former JWWA wrestlers Utami Hayashishita and Jordynne Grace would face off, with the winner facing the winner of Allie vs Rosemary at Turning Tides for the #1 Contendership to the OW Virago Championship. Both would put on amazing performances in their first ever matches here in Asbury Park. Hayashishita would be forced to use more strikes than normal, as her more power moves would be unable to work due to the size of Jordynne Grace. This would factor into the finish as when Utami went for the Argentine Backbreaker, she would be unable to get Grace up on her shoulders, and Grace would be able to push Utami off and hit her with a big forearm smash before getting up Utami and hitting the Grace Driver for the victory. With this she moves onto Turning Tides, where she will meet the winner of Allie vs. Rosemary.

Jordynne Grace def. Utami Hayashishita by pinfall in 20:57

Rose Mary Allie GIF - RoseMary Allie - Discover & Share GIFs
Allie vs. Rosemary - OW Virago Championship #1 Contendership Qualifier
DemonxBunny would face off and would have a great match together, both seeking to face Jordynne Grace at Turning Tides for the OW Virago Championship #1 Contendership. Since both know each other so well, they would have reversals for every move each know. And in the finish, Allie would go for an O'Connor Roll but The Demon Assassin would kick out at two. Both would get up and Allie would PICK UP ROSEMARY, LOOKING FOR THE ALLIE VALLEY DRIVER BUT ROSEMARY WOULD ELBOW HER WAY OFF, BEFORE HITTING ALLIE WITH A BIG EXPLODER SUPLEX AND THEN GETTING HER UP AND HITTING THE RED WEDDING! SHE GOES FOR THE PIN, ONE... TWO... THREE!

Rosemary def. Allie by pinfall in 17:08

Grado & KM Have Been Moved To The Alumni Section On IMPACT WRESTLING'S  Official Websiteimage.jpeg
Joseph Conners vs. Joe Coffey (Pro Wrestling World Cup - Round Of 16) -  YouTubeDave Mastiff - OWWNathan Cruz | Talent Roster | Booking Agent | MN2S
Origin would be attacking Grado backstage, when Joe Hendry & Dalton Castle would come in and make the save, they would all continue to brawl until everyone backstage would be forced to break them up, these six unable to stop fighting.

Becky Lynch | WWEMio Shirai - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia
Becky Lynch vs. Mio Shirai - No Disqualification
We then would come to Becky Lynch's debut match here in Oceanside Wrestling, as she went one on one with the best friend of her opponent at Turning Tides OW Virago Champion Asuka, in Mio Shirai, and due to Becky's transgressions, Mio has asked for the match to be in a No Disqualifications setting. The two would brawl a lot, with Lynch even hitting an Exploder Suplex through a table set up in the corner onto Mio, but Mio remarkably kicking out midway through the bout. In the finish, Mio Shirai would go for The Water Kick AND HIT IT! MIO HIT THE WATER KICK! SHE MAY KNOCK OFF BECKY LYNCH IN BECKY'S FIRST EVER MATCH IN OW! ONE... TWO... NO! BECKY KICEKD OUT OF MIO'S FINISHER! BUT MIO GRABS HER BARBED WIRE BAT AND WAITS FOR BECKY TO GET UP, LYNCH GETS UP AND MIO GOES FOR A SWING BUT BECKY DUCKS AND HIT AN EXPLODER ONTO MIO! BECKY THEN LOCKS IN THE DIS-ARM-HER ONTO MIO BEFORE GRABBING THE BARBED WIRE BASEBALL BAT AND PLACING IT UNDER MIO'S FACE, DIGGING HER FACE INTO THE BARBED WIRE WITH HER SHIN AS SHE CRANKED BACK ON MIO'S ARM, FORCING HER TO TAP OUT!

Becky Lynch def. Mio Shirai by submission in 19:24

Nick Aldis Returns to the UK for Series of NWA Championship DefensesKevin Owens reveals why he hasn't been on WWE RAW | The SportsRush
Nick Aldis and Kevin Owens would have a contract signing for their upcoming OW King's Championship match at Turning Tides, moderated by Malcolm Bivens, before Bivens would rundown the Turning Tides card, with Jake Lee vs Josh Barnett with their stipulation in place, Rosemary vs Jordynne Grace in a OW Virago Championship #1 Contendership Match, The All Night Express defending their OW Tag Team Championships against Team Tremendous, The team of Grado, Dalton Castle, & Joe Hendry going up against Origin in a Tornado Six-Man Tag, Cara Noir facing "Speedball" Mike Bailey for the OW Gladiator Championship, the OW Gladiatrix Championship being defending by the winner of tonight's main event in an open challenge, Becky Lynch facing Asuka for the OW Virago Championship, and Nick Aldis vs Kevin Owens for the OW King's Championship. Owens and Aldis would both sign the contract, with both talking about how they will win on Sunday, tensions high.

We Are Stardom on Twitter: "February 8 Korakuen Hall ◇Special Singles Match Takumi  Iroha pinned Mayu Iwatani Part 2… "Candice LeRae Talks Sudden Rise in NXT and the "Sacrifices" She Refuses to  Make
Takumi Iroha vs. Candice LeRae (c) - OW Gladiatrix Championship
And in tonight's main event, Candice LeRae would make her final defence of her "punishment" on weekly TV as she faces THE RETURNING TO OCEANSIDE WRESTLING TAKUMI IROHA! Iroha went to JWWA after leaving OW and found great success there and is now back and seeks to find gold in Oceanside once more, as she goes for the OW Gladiatrix Championship here tonight. LeRae and Iroha would have an amazing match, with the story of the match being LeRae's several injuries she's suffering through due to her tough matches in the past month against Kylie Rae, Sami Callihan, Nyla Rose, Piper Niven, and Tenille Dashwood, and the fresh Iroha would not let up, but the wise LeRae would get out of any shot Iroha had at hitting the Running Three or Bochi Bomb. And in the finish Iroha would go for another Bochi Bomb but LeRae would reverse with a Hurricanrana, and then would hit a running crossbody BUT IROHA WOULD ROLL THROUGH AND THEN TRANSFER LERAE UP TO A FIREMAN'S CARRY POSITION AND HIT A BIG DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! IROHA WOULD THEN GET UP LERAE FOR A BOCHI BOMB BUT CANDICE WOULD ROLL OVER INTO A PIN ATTEMPT, ONE... TWO... NO! IROHA KICKS OUT! IROHA WOULD GO FOR A BIG PENALTY KICK ONTO CANDICE AFTER GETTING UP BUT CANDICE WOULD DUCK AGAIN AND GO FOR ANOTHER ROLL UP, ONE.. TWO.. KICKOUT AGAIN BY TAKUMI! Both would then get up again and Candice would hit a big Superkick before getting Iroha into the corner and hitting her with a Violence Party in the corner before getting Takumi up on the second rope AND HITTING HER WITH MRS. LERAE'S WILD RIDE! THAT'S IT! ONE... TWO... THREE!!! LERAE MAKES A STUNNING RETENTION OF THE OW GLADIATRIX CHAMPIONSHIP, SHOWING JUST HOW GOOD SHE IS, AND THAT SHE IS WORTHY OF BEING CALLED THE STANDARD BEA-

Becky Lynch wants a piece of Shayna Baszler after being bitten: Raw, Feb.  10, 2020 - YouTube
Candice LeRae def. Takumi Iroha by pinfall in 24:38 to make retention #4 of the OW Gladiatrix Championship
OW Turning Tides

Jake Lee vs Josh Barnett - If Lee Loses, He Must Become Barnett’s Personal Young Lion
Grado, Dalton Castle, & Joe Hendry vs Origin - Tornado Six-Man Tag
Rosemary vs Jordynne Grace - OW Virago Championship #1 Contendership
Team Tremendous vs All Night Express (c) - OW Tag Team Championships
Cara Noir vs Speedball Mike Bailey (c) - OW Gladiator Championship
??? vs Candice LeRae (c) - OW Gladiatrix Championship
Kevin Owens vs Nick Aldis (c) - OW King’s Championship
Becky Lynch vs Asuka (c) - OW Virago Championship

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Skull With Samurai Helmet | Samurai helmet, Japanese warrior tattoo, Samurai

SHOGUN Dead or Alive
Year 2, October, PPV
EDION Arena Osaka, Osaka, Japan


1st Battle
3-Way Tag Team Match
SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships
Bullet Club (Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy) (c) vs. Samoa-gun (El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru) vs. South Wales Subculture (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster)

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship - Wikipedia
Akira Tozawa Cruiserweight Champion 2017 NEW PNG by AmbriegnsAsylum16 on  DeviantArtBuddy Murphy Crusierweight Champion 2018 Render by AmbriegnsAsylum16 on  DeviantArt
Pin by Alanna Smyth on El Desperado | Fictional characters, El desperado,  CharacterYoshinobu Kanemaru - WikipediaSouth Wales Subculture | BWWE Wiki | Fandom

The show begins with a wild triple threat tag match with the SHOGUN Junior Tag Titles on the line. Bullet Club dip out of the ring immediately as the bell rings, leaving the other teams to glare over at the defending champions, before they move to attack each other, the animosity between Samoa-gun and SWSC being too big to just sweep to the side. Andrews tangles with Kanemaru while Desperado starts stomping into Webster. Just as SWSC get the upper hand, they're attacked from behind by Tozawa and Murphy, who start to lay in their thunderous strikes to the Welsh tag team. The match becomes a massive whirlwind of moves, Webster and Andrews landing stereo dives over the top rope to take out Bullet Club, but Murphy catches Andrews and powers him up for a suplex on the outside! In the match Bullet Club are able to hit the Buzzsaw Kick/Murphy's Law combination, but Webster breaks up the pin! Kanemaru's Deep Impact is also broken up before it can get the win.

Desperado and Kanemaru are able to hit their dropkick/swinging suplex combination, but Webster kicks out! Tozawa goes for the Buzzsaw Kick, but suddenly gets a lariat from Andrews!!! As the match reaches it's closing stages, it seems that SWSC have the upper hand of momentum, Tozawa's attempt of the bridging german suplex met with a Stundog Millionaire! Andrews climbs to the top rope but Desperado suddenly tags himself in on Andrews before pushing him off the top rope!! Kanemaru hits Murphy with the Suntory Surprise before Desperado plants Tozawa with the Pinche Loco!! 1...2....3!!! We have new champions!!!

Samoa-gun (El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru) def. Bullet Club (Akira Tozawa and Buddy Murphy) (c) and South Wales Subculture (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster) in 17:31 via pinfall with a Pinche Loco to Akira Tozawa to become the new SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions!

Suzuki Gun's El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru retain IWGP Jr. Tag Titles  at Wrestle Kingdom 15


2nd Battle
6-Man Tag Team Match
CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) vs. Samoa-gun (Jeff Cobb, Zack Gibson and James Drake)

Hirooki Goto - WikiwandShane Thorne : WrestleWithThePackageMikey Nicholls on Twitter: "“Awake, I am awake and I'm still alive out  here..”… "
PhjHoWT.jpgZack Gibson - WikipediaJames Drake 👅 : WrestleWithThePackage

The war between CHAOS and Samoa-gun continues, fuelled by the eternal animosity between Cobb and Goto, as they start the match with massive forearms. Both men end up with huge welts on their chests, Cobb being able to land a vertical suplex on the fierce warrior. GYV and TMDK reignite their feud as well, making callbacks to their match one year ago at last year's Dead or Alive. Gibson gets in the ring and performs a Helter Skelter in synchronicity with Cobb hitting the spincycle on Thorne. Samoa-gun are utterly dominant in the early stages, before Thorne is able to land a spear followed by a springboard moonsault to Cobb, who kicks out at two. TMDK escape a Ticket to Mayhem attempt and level GYV with a spinebuster, followed by their standing moonsault/fist drop combo. Goto leads the charge and is able to give Cobb a suplex of his own, including the Ushigoroshi. The match comes to a close after Goto is able to slip out of Tour of the Islands, and batters Cobb with massive lariat, flooring Mr. Athletic. Drake tags in and GYV almost land a doomsday device to Goto, but he escapes and with TMDK's help are able to stop Samoa-gun's advance, TMDK landing the Thunder Valley, before Goto hits Drake with the GTR! 1...2...3!!

CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Shane Thorne and Mikey Nicholls) def. Samoa-gun (Jeff Cobb, Zack Gibson and James Drake) in 12:49 via pinfall with a GTR to James Drake


3rd Battle
6-Man Tag Team Match
SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Championships
Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham and Dragon Lee (c) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI)

NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship - Wikipedia
Jay Lethal | Wrestling, Champion, WcwShitloads Of Wrestling — CZW World Heavyweight Champion Jonathan Gresham...Dope picture of IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Dragon Lee : CMLL
Evil (wrestler) - Wikipediaevil njpw | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | TumgirPin on Bushi

LIJ look to unseat the trio that eliminated them from the Triangle Championship Gauntlet at Enter The Dragon II, EVIL starting off against Gresham. The size advantage gives EVIL some more leverage than Gresham, but the Octopus has made his name in SHOGUN by bridging that gap, being one of the only Junior Heavyweights to go toe-to-toe with the heavyweights. He locks EVIL in a flying armbar, grounding the King of Darkness. It turns out that the champions have taken a very technically approach to counter LIJ's near unrivalled team chemistry. LIJ tag in SANADA to meet them head on, performing a long string of pinfall against Lethal. After avoiding a Lethal Combination, he immediately tries to hit the Lethal Injection, the move that won them the titles, but SANADA blocks and applies the Skull End! Lethal and SANADA battle on throughout the match, wth BUSHI being able to hit Dragon Lee with the mist, and EVIL goes to hit a discus lariat on Gresham, briefly outsmarting the Octopus and stopping himself, catching Gresham with Everything is Evil!! SANADA is able to reach the ropes after being locked in the Octopus Hold, Dragon Lee counters the MX with a massive powerbomb, but it is ultimately LIJ that comes out on top after SANADA is able to fully lock in the Skull End on Lethal, his desire to land the Lethal Injection, the move he won the championships with, once again being his downfall. Lethal fights to reach the ropes, but SANADA rolls him back to the centre of the ring, forcing a tap out victory. EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI become the first 2-Time SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Champions!

Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL, SANADA and BUSHI) def. Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham and Dragon Lee (c) in 15:18 via submission with a Skull End to Jay Lethal to become the new SHOGUN Triangle Tag Team Champions!

Tetsuya Bushi - Wikiwand


4th Battle
Tag Team Match
SHOGUN Tag Team Championships
FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) (c) vs. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows)

IWGP Tag Team Championship - Wikipedia
IWGP Tag Team Championship | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | TumgirLuke Gallows & Karl Anderson Take Photo With The Young Bucks | 411MANIA

With Bullet Club getting the better of FinJuice for most weeks leading up to Dead or Alive, FinJuice wrestle with an added vigour to their moves, Juice and Anderson kicking off the match. Bullet Club take all the shortcuts that they can, cutting the ring in half after Juice tags out to Finlay, isolating who they deem as the weak link of their tag team. The Good Brothers are able to land the Boot of Doom to Finlay, and Anderson's diving neckbreaker, but they don't get the job done. Finlay is finally able to make the hot tag, where Juice runs wild, landing his running clothesline, the cannonball senton and the Juice Box, but he gets cut off by a Spinebuster for a really close two count. The Good Brothers beat down Juice with strikes and a big boot from Gallows, but Finlay breaks up the pin. After they attempt a Magic Killer, Juice kicks away Anderson, grabbing the arms of Gallows and twisting him around for Pulp Friction! Finlay meanwhile is able to stop Anderson from interfering by landing the Acid Drop!! Juice connects with Pulp Friction!! 1...2....3!! Champions retain!

FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) (c) def. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) in 16:50 via pinfall with a Pulp Friction to Doc Gallows to retain and make their 4th defence of the SHOGUN Tag Team Championships


5th Battle
Singles Match
SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship
Hiromu Takahashi (c) Will Ospreay

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship - Wikipedia
File:Hiromu Takahashi 2020.02.19.jpg - Wikimedia Commonswill ospreay Shop Clothing & Shoes Online

In one of the most anticipated rematches in SHOGUN, Junior Champion Hiromu Takahashi and Will Ospreay start the match with a technical sequence, almost as if they're trying to see who will blink first. But very quickly, the formality devolves into the expected break-neck pace of counters and moves. The OsCutter gets countered and Hiromu dumps Ospreay to the apron, then dropping the Aerial Assassin down to the ringside mats with a cringe-inducing splat after a sunset powerbomb! Throughout their insane match, Ospreay has more of Hiromu's counters scouted, but it is noticable that Hiromu is getting the lion share of the match, showing his position as the ace. He gets hit by a shooting star press, but counters the Stormbreaker, dropping Ospreay to the mat with the Death Valley Bomb to the corner, holding on and hitting a Dynamite Plunger! 1...2..thr-Ospreay kicks out!!

In the closing stretches, Ospreay lands the hook kick and loads up the Hidden Blade, but before he hits it, Hiromu drops to the mat, completely drained from their match. He tries for another Stormbreaker, but Hiromu keeps his hips lower than Ospreay's to counter, aiming for a TIme Bomb, but Ospreay flips out and goes for another hook kick, Hiromu ducks and levels Ospreay with a massive lariat!! Hiromu lifts up Ospreay for a TIme Bomb! He hits it! 1....2....3!! Hiromu retains and is still ace of the Junior division. Eagles helps Ospreay to the back after the match, giving Hiromu an intense challenging stare as he walks away.

Hiromu Takahashi (c) def. Will Ospreay in 22:02 via pinfall with a Time Bomb to retain and make his 4th defence of the SHOGUN Junior Heavyweight Championship


6th Battle
Singles Match
Tetsuya Naito vs. Keith Lee

Picture of Tetsuya NaitoKeith Lee (wrestler) - Wikipedia

Naito and Lee lock up, The Limitless One throwing Naito across the ring, using all the power advantage at his disposal. Lee whips Naito from corner to corner with body avalanches, ending with a clothesline. He picks up Naito for a body slam followed by a splash, but Naito kick out. The Ungovernable One is almost laughing despite being battered in the match, Naito eventually able to get a move in with a flying forearm, followed by the basement dropkick. Naito tries to hit the Combination Cabron, but Lee suddenly gets up out of the corner as Naito hops over the ropes, catching the former champion into a powerbomb position, bouncing him off the ropes before slamming Naito down to the mat with a brutal powerbomb! The match continues to be Naito fighting from underneath, taking a massive amount of punishment, but soon able to get more offence in than his past run ins with Keith Lee, just barely able to hit Gloria on the bigger man for a 2 count. The match comes to a close when Naito is about to hit the running Destino, but Lee turns and pops him up, landing the Spirit Bomb! 1....2..thr-no! Naito kicked out!! With his resilience and determination, Naito fights through the pain and is able to land the tornado DDT, Valentia and finally a full Destino after countering a Ground Zero! DESTINOOOO!!! 1...2....3!! Naito has finally overcome and beaten Keith Lee!! Naito offers the fist bump to Lee, who accepts, both men earning the respect of the other after a mental match.

Tetsuya Naito def. Keith Lee in 17:41 via pinfall with a Destino


Semi-Main Event
7th Battle
Singles Match
SHOGUN Openweight Championship
Sami Zayn (c) vs. PAC

NEVER Openweight Championship - Wikipedia
Sami Zayn NXT Champion PNG by AmbriegnsAsylum16 on DeviantArtDefiant Wrestling - PAC

What people expected to be an even showcase of what two top tier wrestlers can do in the peaks of their careers, turned out to be a much darker story. PAC enters the match with a sadistic edge to him, which manifests as completely ripping apart Zayn's shoulders and arms, clearly setting up for the Rings of Saturn. PAC cheats like the rest of Bullet Club, like raking at the champion's eyes, but uses it sparingly when compared to the Good Brothers. Zayn tries to rally a comeback, as his other major victories have seen, but they either just don't come, or are quickly quashed and neutered by "The Bastard". PAC drops knees, wrenches on joints and scatters in bursts of athletic speed to his offence, giving Zayn no time to recover, cutting off a comeback with a brutal brainbuster. PAC dismantles the champion constantly, savagely working the arms and shoulder. His strategy is so successful that when Zayn tries to desperately hit his power moves like the Blue Thunder Bomb, and the corner Exploder and the Blue Thunder Flowsion, he can't keep hold of the challenger. Countering the Blue Thunder Bomb into a vicious reverse rana, PAC goes to lock in the RIngs of Saturn, but Zayn counters for one last ditch attempt at victory, locking in the Koji Clutch!! PAC fights to reach the ropes, Zayn wrenching back as much as his tortured body can allow.....but it just isn't enough. PAC stomps at the champion's arms for his resistance, landing a phoenix splash from the second rope, then locking in the Rings of Saturn! Zayn can't escape, nowhere near the ropes.....it's over. Zayn tries his best, but he just couldn't contend with the lop-sided mauling his just experienced against PAC. The referee calls for the bell, and we have a new Openweight Champion!

PAC def. Sami Zayn (c) in 26:13 via referee stoppage with a Rings of Saturn to become the new SHOGUN Openweight Champion!

PAC Finally Loses The DRAGON GATE Open The Dream Gate Championship


Main Event
8th Battle
Singles Match
SHOGUN Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship
Shingo Takagi (c) vs. Samoa Joe

IWGP Intercontinental Championship - Wikipedia
ze1ohBz.pngSamoa Joe on life in the WWE and who's in his sights

Main event time, and it's the tiebreaker between the two most dominant forces in all of SHOGUN. The Dragon vs. The Samoan Submission Machine. The match starts slow and gradually builds up to their big spots. Shingo having to fight form underneath again, but is soon able to elevate his position to give Joe just as much punishment as he's receiving. Joe lands a trifecta of suplexes to Shingo, ending with a straight jacket german suplex for a two count. He also hits the corner enziguri, and his ever-morphing array of submissions help to ground The Dragon. Shingo however is able to run wild once he finds an opening to build his momentum, dropping Joe with a suplex, and the freefall elbow drop. Both men are showing the effects of their battle, bruises and welts on their faces and chests, Joe busted open a little, spitting blood to the green mat. Joe counters the Pumping Bomber with a Coquina Clutch, but Shingo powers him up for a death valley driver! Shingo rallies but Joe cuts him off with rolling kick, starting to light up Shingo with stiff strong style palm strikes. Both men are spent and throwing even more at each other, the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship hanging in the balance.

Joe is able to hoist up Shingo for a Muscle Buster from the middle rope this time!!....but Shingo is just able to escape, dropping Joe with a Pumping Bomber. In the closing stretches, Joe's lariat is countered with a Noshigami for a close two count, while Shingo's Last of the Dragon is blocked by a bloodied Joe, who locks in the Coquina Clutch. However, the submission doesn't last long as Joe releases it, running to the ropes and hitting Shibata's finishing move, the PK. The crowd gasp....but Shingo doesn't go down. He combats through the intense pain, just as Shibata has done in the past! He gets up to his feet, clocking Joe with his strike combination. The final moments see Joe land one final defiant headbutt to Shingo, but his last run of offence ends. Shingo smiles in a twisted, painful respect to Joe's fighting spirit before he is able to hit a pair of massive Pumping Bombers to Samoa Joe, capped off with the move that ended it at Enter The Dragon....LAST OF THE DRAGON!!! 1...2...3!!! Shingo Takagi retains the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship!!

Shingo Takagi (c) def. Samoa Joe in 34:26 via pinfall with a Last of the Dragon to retain and make his 4th defence of the SHOGUN Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship


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Family Fun Wrestling

Year 2 / October 2021

Week 1

The show would kick off as we see the nWo make their way down to the ring. The group has found success for the most part here in FFW with Orton picking up the North American Championship and John Cena scoring victories over the likes of The Rock and EC3. The Young Bucks are not as lucky as they have fallen short in capturing the FFW Tag Team Championships twice now. The group though seem to be in good spirits as they begin to talk. The group would go on about how the nWo is taking this company over, The Rock, EC3, Hangman Page put under their boot and tonight they add another name to that list in Daniel Bryan. John Cena would say that tonight he and Daniel Bryan will face off once again, the winner getting a shot at the FFW World Heavyweight Championship.


Before Cena could continue though he would be cut off we would see The Revolt make their way out to the stage. They would go on about how the nWo claims to be the top group in this company when in reality it is the Revolt, it has always been the Revolt. The Revolt is what brought this company back, not the nWo. The Revolt is what made people take a second look, not the nWo. So it’s a joke that John Cena is getting a shot to compete for the FFW World Heavyweight Championship tonight because it should be EC3. EC3 would then give the warning telling them to watch their back.


The nWo though would not take the threat lightly as we see them exit the ring as the two sides would begin to brawl. Even Alexa Bliss getting some shots in for the Revolt. The two sides would beat the hell out of each other as we eventually see backstage personnel make their way up breaking up the two sides. We would see EC3 bleeding from the mouth as he gives the nWo a smirk. It seems that these two sides have finally reached a boiling point as the nWo and The Revolt are at war.

Once the two sides are cleared out we head into our first match of the night as it will be the former FFW North American Champion Hangman Page taking on Elias. Both men are struggling a bit as of late as they look to hopefully get something going as of late. The two though will get the chance to get the ball rolling once again in this match as we get in underway.

Hangman Page vs Elias


In a good match, Hangman Page defeated Elias in 14:24 after he was able to pick up the win with a Buckshot Lariat. Page has had an up and down couple of months but hopefully this win can make this month a positive for him moving forward. Elias once again picks up a loss as his career here in FFW seems to have hit rock bottom as he can’t get anything going.

As we cut backstage we see the FFW Commissioner Pat McAfee. McAfee talking on the phone as we see him joined by First Class Female. Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans both are not happy as they felt that they were screwed out of their tag team title shot against the IIconics the other night. McAfee would get off the phone as we see the two women voice their quarrels. McAfee half listens as he is still trying to figure out what to do about the Revolt and the nWo.


Eventually we would see the two girls just look at McAfee as there is a bit of silence for a second. McAfee would eventually give the girls his attention as he gives them an opportunity. He tells them that they can have another shot if they can win a tag team match here tonight. The girls would accept nearly right away, as McAfee tells them their match is up next as they will take on the newly named Queendom.

As we cut to the ring we get set for tag team action as the winner of this likely getting a shot at the FFW Womens Tag Team Championships. First Class Female promised a shot with this win and one would think that if Queendom is able to pick up the win they would get a shot. These two teams considered some of the best in the business so let’s find out who is going to come out on top.

First Class Female (Flair & Evans) vs Queendom (Lee Ray & Nox)


In a great match, First Class Female was able to pick up the win in 15:36 after Charlotte Flair was able to put away Kay Lee Ray with a Natural Selection. First Class Female getting their shot at the FFW Womens Tag Team Championships now as it will be The IIconics taking on First Class Female in a rematch from last month. It will be interesting to see if the result will change this time around.

After the match we cut backstage as we see the new FFW Tag Team Champions, The Miz and John Morrison. The Dirt Sheet would begin to speak as they say that they are the best tag team champions of not only this company but the entire world. They would say that they will take on any team at any time because there is no duo in this world that can touch them. Not The Revolt, not the Young Bucks, not… We would then see the two cut off as we see another duo come into the picture.


It’s Imperium, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel. Dirt Sheet would look confused as they would eventually begin to laugh. The two would go to walk past the duo only for Imperium not to move. The two sides would stare down as we see Morrison shove Aichner. The two would nearly come to blows but Imperium in the end would just point to the FFW Tag Team Titles making their intentions clear.

Making our way back to the ring we get set for singles action, it will be Angel Garza taking on Toru Yano. Garza is considered one of the young up and comers in this company although he has found himself lost in the shuffle for a bit now. Toru Yano found a role for himself in the FFW Comedy Division already capturing the title multiple times already. The two facing off potentially looking toward bigger things down the line, a win tonight could be a step in that direction.

Angel Garza vs Toru Yano


In a very good match, Angel Garza defeated Toru Yano in 12:41 after he was able to pick up the victory with the Wing Clipper. Garza coming out on top in this one as hopefully this is a sign of things to come for him. Struggling to pick up wins in recent times but he is able to pick one up tonight. Now we just wait and see how Garza uses this victory heading into the future.

Before we head into our huge main event we cut backstage as the FFW World Heavyweight Champion WALTER is standing by with Renee Young. WALTER holding the title over his shoulder as he along with the rest of us is getting ready to see who will challenge him for the world title come Insurrection. Renee would ask him if he has a man that he would like to face or a challenger that he would prefer. This would just get a grin from WALTER as he stands up straight and chuckles a bit.


WALTER would say that it does not matter who steps up to face him because just like EC3, just like The Fiend, and just like every person that doubted him they will all fall. There is no one in this company that is on the level of him and he will prove that once again against either one of these men. So John Cena and Daniel Bryan, be ready because if you do come out on top in this match, you have the ring general waiting for you and he is ready for war.

We now get set for our main event as it is no doubt the biggest main event in FFW history. John Cena vs Daniel Bryan live here on live television. The winner of this match gets a FFW World Heavyweight Title shot against WALTER in a match that should be great no matter who is the challenger. These two are two of the best that this company has to offer so it should be a hell of a match and no doubt either of them could come out on top in this one.

FFW World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match:
John Cena vs Daniel Bryan


In a hell of a match, Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena in 19:41 after Daniel Bryan was able to pick up the win with a Running Knee. John Cena would be on his way to a victory by the looks of it but then we would see EC3’s music hit as he made his way onto the stage. The Leader of the Revolt would draw the attention of Cena long enough to give Bryan time to recover. Eventually Cena turned his attention back to Bryan only to be caught with a Running Knee. A huge win here for Bryan and he can credit an assist to EC3 as he no doubt cost John Cena this match here tonight.


Family Fun Wrestling (Minor Show)

Mina Shirakawa def. Jamie Hayter in 8:41

We would see the Comedy Champion Bailey Justin make his way down to the ring as he would begin to cut a promo. He would say how the nWo is the best stable to grace the face of this planet. He would say how badly he is attracted to John Cena going into depth about his muscles and smile. Bailey would eventually be cut off as the Revolt would make their way down to the ring. They would begin to bully the champion as would see them steal the comedy championship from him and pass it around each of them becoming the FFW Comedy Champion (EC3, Braun Strowman, Alexa Bliss, Scott Dawson, Dash Wilder, EC3 again). They would then give Bailey the title back as EC3 says that Bailey has a match tonight here on Underground against none other than Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman def. Bailey Justin (Boris Pain) in 1:06

Lio Rush def. Curt Stallion in 14:23


Family Fun Wrestling

Year 2 / October 2021

Week 2

We kick off another week of FFW as we see the former FFW North American Champion Hangman Page make his way down to the ring. Page seems fired up as we see him grab a mic and begin to talk. Page picked up a victory a week ago when he took on Elias, the victory seems to have fired him up a bit. He would begin to say that he was on top of the world just a few months ago and he plans to find himself back there very soon. He would say that he is ready for any challenge, any challenger to step up. He wants a fight and he wants someone of giving that to him.


Page would wait a bit before we see someone answer his challenge. It’s a new face to FFW, it’s The Velveteen Dream! Page would not look impressed though as Dream makes his way down to the ring. Dream would accept Page’s challenge though telling him if he wants a fight that he has got one. This fight though that he wants is something he should have never asked for because when the dream puts him down he is going to take all of that relevance and respect that he has worked so hard to build up. So tonight Dream would tell him to find a partner and he will find one of his own. Then we will find out who really is the top young star that this company has to offer.

Next we would head into our first matchup of the night as we will see some women in action. It will be the Womens Grab Your Glory Holder Shayna Baszler taking on Naomi. Shayna Baszler has looked dominant as of late and will look to continue her roll here in this match. Naomi is likely looking to pull off a big upset or at least survive this match. Naomi will put up a fight for sure but the question is will she be able to find a way to come out on top in this one.

Shayna Baszler vs Naomi


In a good match, Shayna Baszler defeated Naomi in 6:26 after she was able to make Naomi with the Kirifuda Clutch. Baszler was once again dominant here in this one as she continues to just roll through her competition here in FFW. Baszler looking to send a message after the match would hold the lock in even with Naomi tapping out. Eventually we would see Naomi get some back by the means of Nikki Cross who would rush the ring chasing Baszler off. Baszler giving her a grin before walking backstage.

We would then head into a segment as we see the FFW World Heavyweight Champion make his way down to the ring. WALTER wastes little time as he grabs a mic and begins to talk. WALTER not one for gimmicks or anything like that. He is here to do a job and he looks to do just that. WALTER begins by congratulating Daniel Bryan by defeating John Cena a week ago to earn this opportunity. WALTER would say that he is going to be in the fight of his life come Insurrection so he better be ready for it. Because it takes a lot more than a win with the help of outside forces to worry the ring general.


Daniel Bryan would make his way down to the ring as we see a scowl on WALTER’s face. Bryan would say that it doesn't matter how he got here it is what WALTER is going to do about it. Bryan is not a part of the Revolt or anything like that but it’s not his fault that they helped him. He never asked for it but he is not going to complain about it. He would tell WALTER that it is impressive that he buried The Fiend alive but that never would have happened if Daniel Bryan didn’t put him down first.

Heading backstage we would see Mandy Rose and Otis talking backstage. The two are still in a serious relationship by the looks of it with the body language between the two. They would be approached though by Angel Garza as the two look confused. Garza would have a grin on his face as he would tell Mandy that it is time to be with a man much more to her standards. He would tell her it is time to stop the charity case and be with a man who actually knows how to please her.


Otis would get in the face of Garza after Garza would hand Mandy a rose. Garza would look at Otis with a grin and let out a quick chuckle before walking off. Tucker would come around the corner confused as to what has just happened as Mandy is still holding the rose in her hand. Angel Garza seemingly trying to swoop in and steal Otis’ girl we will just have to see how that works out for him.

Continuing on with the show we now head into tag team action. It will be Hangman Page teaming up with Bobby Roode to take on The Velveteen Dream and Lio Rush. Page and Dream having an altercation earlier in the night where we saw Dream challenge to a tag team match here tonight. The two were able to find partners without issues it seems as we now get set to see who picks up the victory here in this match.

Hangman Page & Bobby Roode vs The Velveteen Dream & Lio Rush


In a good match, The Velveteen Dream & Lio Rush defeated Hangman Page & Bobby Roode in 17:25 after The Velveteen Dream put away Bobby Roode with a Purple Rainmaker. The Velveteen Dream would make the most of it as he is able to pick up a victory on his first night here in FFW. Hangman Page clearly pissed off as Dream and Rush would retreat up the stage with the victory.

We then cut backstage as we see the FFW Womens Tag Team Champions the IIconics. The two would have the womens titles around their waist. The champions outsmarted First Class Female a month ago after they got themselves counted out intentionally to retain their championships. They would have cocky grins on their faces as we would see they begin to speak on their upcoming opponents.


The IIconics would go on about how they shouldn’t even have to defend their titles against First Class Female again. They already retained their championships against them a month ago it’s not their fault that they had dumb opponets. But you know what it won’t matter because at the end of the day they are going to do what they have always done here in FFW, win.

We now get set for our main event match as we will see a former tag team championship matchup as The Young Bucks will take on The Revolt. These two teams considered the best that this world has to offer so this rematch between the two should be one hell of a match. Both of these teams were once a part of the tag team championship scene but have fallen out of it due to this feud between the Revolt and the nWo. The two factions will no doubt play a role in this one as we get set to see what happens.

The Young Bucks vs The Revolt


The match would end in a no stoppage after 18:46 after both the Revolt and the nWo would begin to brawl. The two sides would get themselves involved throughout the match and eventually come to blows. Neither team was able to come out on top here but they would put on one hell of a match before the match got called off helping to prove why the FFW Tag Team Division is one of the best in the world.

After the match the two sides would continue to brawl beating the absolute hell out of each other. We would see them shrug off oficalls and other FFW Staff Members as the two sides seem to be enraged. Eventually we would see the rest of the roster pour out from backstage to break up the brawl, and even then it would take every single member of the roster to do that. The commissioner himself, Pat McAfee would make his way out as he began to speak to the two sides.


He would tell the two sides to stop fighting. He would tell them they want to fight that’s fine but he is going to make sure there is a timetable on that fighting. So come Insurrection it will be the nWo taking on The Revolt in 8 man tag team action. It won’t be any normal match either no it will be the nWo taking on The Revolt inside of WAR GAMES! Oh and the losing team of that match will be forced to disband.


Family Fun Wrestling

Year 2 / October 2021

Week 3

To start off the night we would have singles action, in which we would see The Velveteen Dream defeat Toru Yano in 14:25. Dream would look good throughout the match with Yano doing much more running then attacking throughout the match. Dream would not have long to celebrate the win though as Hangman Page would stare down with him in the ring the two clearly with a bit of bad blood between them.


We would see the womens champion Alexa Bliss walking backstage. She seems to not have a worry in the world although being a part of the Revolt. The Revolt and the nWo finding themselves at odds and getting set to step into War Games. Bliss though an outlier in that match as she will not be stepping into War Games with them. As she's walking backstage we see Pat McAfee approach her.


McAfee would say that obviously she will not be stepping into War Games with her Revolt stable mates but she will be defending her FFW Womens Championship, he has found her an opponent and her name is Hikaru Shida. We would then see Shida step into frame as the two would stare down for a bit another match set for FFW Insurrection.

In our second match of the night we would have a womens match. In that match Nikki Cross would defeat Kris Statlander in 16:25 after making her submit to the Cross Face. A new move is shown off for Cross here as she is able to make Statlander tap and pick up her first win in a while here in FFW. Cross would not have long to celebrate though as Shayna Baszler would lay her out after the match.


We would cut backstage as we would see Imperium, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel walking backstage when they are suddenly attacked from behind by Dirt Sheet. The Miz and John Morrison would suddenly run off though as we hear a voice call out from behind. It’s the FFW World Heavyweight Champion WALTER as he sticks up for his Imperium brothers here. It seems like Dirt Sheet just got a whole lot more to deal with as they have gotten the attention of the World Champion.


In our third match of the night we get set for singles action. The North American Champion Randy Orton stepped into the ring with Braun Strowman. In this match Braun Strowman defeated Randy Orton in 16:24 after picking up the win with a Running Powerslam. A win here for the Revolt as they begin to build some momentum before their War Games match against the nWo.


Suddenly we would cut backstage as Angel Garza is beating the hell out of Tucker. Tucker is holding his leg as Garza is stomping on it over and over. Tucker is screaming in pain before we would see Otis and Mandy rush to the scene. Garza would laugh before running off as from what it seems he has injured Tucker here. Otis would kneel down next to Tucker furious with Garza’s action as Otis’ best friend is holding his leg groaning in pain.


After that backstage assault we would see John Cena in another location. Cena would begin by saying that he is more than ready to put an end to the Revolt. This is exactly what he wanted sole control of this company. You see he was fine letting the Revolt have a bit of fun here and there as long as they knew their place. But they stepped too far, they stepped to the nWo. Now because of that everything they built is going to be for nothing as the nWo is ready to take over.


In our main event we would see WALTER take on John Morrison. Morrison along with the Miz attacked WALTER’s Imperium brethren earlier on in the night and he will look for his revenge here in our main event. In this match it would be WALTER picking up the victory over John Morrison in 17:11 after putting him away with a Powerbomb. WALTER though would be attacked in a two on one assault by the tag team champions after the match. Daniel Bryan eventually chased them off. Both the champion and challenger held the ring together tonight to close the show.



Family Fun Wrestling (Minor Show)

Sheridan Muller (Emily Andzulis) def. Bailey Justin (Boris Pain)

The IIconics def. Zoe Lucas & Bobbi Tyler

We would see Bailey Justin backstage with his comedy championship after he was embarrassed by Sheridan Muller earlier in the night. He would be headed to see the doctor as Sheridan nearly pulled his arm off. As he steps into the room though the doctor is nowhere to be seen instead it is Sheridan Muller. She would close the door behind Bailey before kicking him in the balls. Sheridan would then grab a hold of Bailey taking his Comedy Championship as Sheridan Muller became the new FFW Comedy Champion. She would then put the title around her waist as she holds Bailey by the hair still having him bent over a counter. We would then see Sheridan pull out a strap on as she laughs, the segment coming to a close before things get to graphic.

Lars Sullivan def. Drake Maverick


Family Fun Wrestling

Year 2 / October 2021

Week 4

To kick off the show it would be Hangman Page taking on Lio Rush. In this match it would be Hangman Page picking up the win in 16:24 after he put Rush away with a Buckshot Lariat. Page picking up a win to follow on from Velveteen Dream’s win a week ago. The two opponents now having momentum going as we would see them staredown as Dream appears on the stage both men clearly ready for their match come FFW Insurrection.


After the match we cut backstage as we see Otis and Mandy Rose in the office of Pat McAfee. Otis would demand a match against Angel Garza as he wants revenge after what Garza did to Tucker a week ago. McAfee would meet Otis’ demand and even one up him. He would make the singles match but he would also name Mandy Rose the special guest referee for it. Otis and Mandy would walk out excited as we will have Otis vs Angel Garza come Insurrection.


Heading back to the ring we will see Hikaru Shida’s debut match here in FFW. She will be taking on Dakota Kai in what is sure to be a fun one to watch. In this match, Hikaru Shida defeated Dakota Kai in 10:52 after she was able to pick up the win with a Running Knee. Shida came out here on top in her debut but she would not have long to celebrate as Alexa Bliss would attack her after the match dropping her with a Kendo Stick and beating her down before standing tall, holding the FFW Womens Title high.


Cutting backstage we would see First Class Female in their locker room. Suddenly the door would swing open as the IIconics burst in, they would attack First Class Female and eventually put Charlotte Flair through a table and smash Lacey Evans face into the glass mirror on the wall. The Womens Champion sending a message to their challengers come Insurrection as the question now will be. Will First Class Female be able to compete come Insurrection?


Heading back to the ring we get set for tag team action. Imperium taking on Breezango. Both of these teams are floating around the middle of the division as neither have been able to break out as of late. But in this match it would be Imperium picking up the win in 18:25 after they would put away Fandango with a European Bomb. The challengers come Insurrection picking up a win here as they look to follow this up come Insurrection with another win but the next one for the titles.


We would see Nikki Cross and Shayna Baszler backstage Nikki Cross looking for a fight but Shayna Baszler does not seem to be looking for one. She would tell Cross that her submission was cute a week ago, but if she thinks that she is going to make that shit work against her it is not going to happen. So if she wants a fight she can have one but she better be prepared to pass out cold.


In our main event it would be the champion and challenger WALTER and Daniel Bryan taking on the FFW Tag Team Champions Dirt Sheet. In this match it would be WALTER and Daniel Bryan picking up the win in 19:21 after Daniel Bryan was able to put away The Miz with a Running Knee. We would see Daniel Bryan and WALTER shake hands after the match, the two competitors ready to tear the house down come Insurrection.


We would suddenly head backstage as we would see the nWo and The Revolt going at it once again. The two sides are beating the hell out of each other as we see Pat McAfee trying to break it up only for EC3 to lay him out with a big forearm knocking him out cold. The two sides continue to brawl as chaos ensues. Eventually the Revolt would get the advantage though as Braun Strowman slammed John Cena through a windshield. The Revolt standing tall to close the show as we now head into the Insurrection PPV.


Insurrection PPV

Hangman Page vs The Velveteen Dream

FFW Womens Tag Team Title Match:
The IIconics (c) vs First Class Female

Singles Match w/ Special Guest Referee Mandy Rose:
Angel Garza vs Otis

Shayna Baszler vs Nikki Cross

FFW Tag Team Title Match:
Dirt Sheet (c) vs Imperium

FFW Womens Title Match:
Alexa Bliss (c) vs Hikaru Shida

FFW World Title Match:
WALTER (c) vs Daniel Bryan

The Revolt vs The nWo

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Episode 101

JCW Thursday Night Punishment

  • To kick off the show, JCW General Manager Jushin Thunder Liger comes down to the ring. He speaks about the tragedy of John Huber's death, the man to many as HARPER. Liger says he as well as the JCW roster all have Huber's family in their prayers, and he encourages those watching to keep them in theirs as well. He announces that the Best in the World tournament will be to crown the JCW Tag Team Champions rather than the #1 contender for the titles. To honor his life, JCW will be hosting the Jon Huber Memorial battle royal to main event the show, and the winner will get the opportunity of facing Brock Lesnar for the JCW World Championship at JCW Resilience.
  • Jay White defeated Daichi Hashimoto in 10:34. Following the match, MIRO enters the arena. He stands on the stage and berates White, calling him a sorry excuse for a champion who is running away from the real challengers like himself. White retaliates, saying that he is a fighting champion and would never turn down a match, so MIRO has his date set at JCW Resilience against him.
  • JCW Breakout Champion T-Hawk now appears, sitting backstage. He is approached by CIMA, who says he has a surprise for him. T-Hawk's eyes light up as he stands to his feet and walks off screen. The camera pans over to show T-Hawk embracing El Lindaman, Strong Hearts finally being reunited.
  • Nexus Reborn (Wade Barrett & Kenoh) defeat The Beaver Boys in 14:10, advancing to the second round of the Best in the World tournament. Following the match, Barrett picks up a microphone and speaks about his actions at JCW Vendetta last month. Barrett says he has no personal relationship with Ziggler, but since he is the enemy of his enemy, Ziggler is his friend. Barrett does take exception to Tanahashi, saying that he believes Tanahashi got lucky he never had to face him for the JCW World Championship. But now, he is out for blood and wants a match against him at JCW Resilience whether to wins this tournament or not.
  • Dark Order (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno) defeated New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E) in 16:24, advancing to the second round of the Best in the World tournament. The two teams embrace following the match, comforting each other over the loss of HARPER.
  • Sheamus won the Jon Huber Memorial battle royal after last eliminating ROWAN in 20:40. This match also included RVD, Ryusuke Taguchi, Kofi Kingston, CIMA, Matt Sydal, WARHORSE, Rich Swann and ACH. Highlights included ROWAN eliminating both Swann and ACH at the start of the match with a lethal Discus Clothesline, one reminiscent of HARPER and him also eliminating Sydal with a Big Boot very much like HARPER's. Following the match, Sheamus exited the ring and hugged ROWAN, expressing his condolences before leaving him alone to mourn in peace. Sheamus then celebrated the victory in the ring at the urging of ROWAN, yelling that he's going to finally topple Lesnar.


Episode 102

JCW Thursday Night Punishment

  • To kick off the show, Finn Balor occupies the ring. He made a huge statement at JCW Vendetta, attacking JCW Lightweight Champion Rey Mysterio and taking his championship from him. He has the title in his possession tonight, and he calls out Mysterio. Mysterio emerges with his MASKED brethren Shun Skywalker, Kalisto, and Sin Cara, a fact at which Balor laughs at. He says Mysterio can bring whoever he wants, but he is holding onto the title for dear life because he knows how this business works and he won't get a title shot unless he has it with him. He says Mysterio can get his belt back, but he has to beat him for it at JCW Resilience. With no other real option, Mysterio accepts the challenge, leaving Balor grinning in the ring.
  • New Generation Combination (Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo) defeated Nexus Reborn (Ren Narita & Naoya Nomura) in 14:33, advancing to the second round of the Best in the World tournament. The two victors hug it out after the match, clearly getting back on the same page after their recent discourse.
  • After coming out alongside Mysterio earlier in the night, Shun Skywalker now is backstage for an interview. He says that his career in JCW has been uneventful so far, but he is hoping to turn things around soon. As if on cue, JCW Breakout Champion T-Hawk walks into frame, saying that he could perhaps be of assistance to Skywalker. The only condition is he has to prove himself next week by defeating the man who just joined the company, El Lindaman. Skywalker agrees to the terms, saying he won't let T-Hawk down.
  • The Usos defeated MASKED (Kalisto & Sin Cara) in 9:58, advancing to the second round of the Best in the World tournament. They cut a promo after the match, saying they will honor HARPER by winning back the titles he rightfully defeated them for.
  • JCW World Champion Brock Lesnar now appears on screen in an undisclosed location where he speaks about Sheamus. Lesnar compliments Sheamus, saying he did a fantastic job in honoring the life of Huber with his victory. But if he thinks he will beat Lesnar for his title like he said last week, he is mistaken. Lesnar lists off the growing list of names he has beaten, saying Sheamus is better than absolutely none of them. No matter how big he is, Lesnar will always come out on top because he is the Beast, and no one on the planet can match him.
  • MIRO defeated Adam Cole in 18:29, continuing his undefeated streak in JCW. Following the match, Cole exits the ring and begins throwing chairs around at ringside, tearing up the area. He is interrupted by a voice telling him to hold it, and it turns out to be Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler says he knows how Cole feels being on the losing end of things because he is too. But he offers him a match at JCW Resilience, a chance to get both of them back on track. Cole looks hesitant at the idea but eventually accepts, not knowing what else to do with himself.


Episode 103

JCW Thursday Night Punishment

  • Dolph Ziggler opens up the show in the ring. He says that the only reason he challenged Cole last week was for himself. The only reason he acted compassionate to him was to get the match, but he knows if wants to get into title contention, he's going to have to beat one of the best and that is Adam Cole. The crowd rises in volume as Ziggler is attacked from behind by Cole! Cole looks very distraught by Ziggler's words, and he simply walks away from the scene rather than beating him down more.
  • Shun Skywalker defeated El Lindaman w/ CIMA in 12:24, securing himself a JCW Breakout Championship match against T-Hawk at JCW Resilience.
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi now appears on screen, speaking about Barrett's challenge issued to him. Tanahashi says it's true he never faced Barrett, but never because he ran away from it. Barrett was too busy in the division below him, and while he admits his reign at JCW National Champion was impressive, it's a whole new ballpark in the big leagues which he is sure Barrett learned after falling to Omega at JCW Glory. Tanahashi accepts his challenge, saying that he hopes he can shine some light on him and show him what it really means to be in the big leagues now.
  • Sheamus defeated Dominik Mysterio in 11:46. In this process, Sheamus kept yelling "Are you watching Lesnar?" as he toyed with Dominik, throwing him all around the ring and having his way with him for the whole match.
  • Rey Mysterio now appears backstage where he speaks about his match with Balor. He says Balor's actions have been extremely disrespectful and have broken the code set by champions before him. He's been in the business a long time and knows people just like Balor, so he is not fazed. Mysterio says he knows Balor is thinking he'll get a victory because he is in Mysterio's head, but in reality it is the other way around because he is ready for whatever Balor is going to bring to the table.
  • New Generation Combination (Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo) defeated Nexus Reborn (Wade Barrett & Kenoh) in 21:20 off of a distraction from Hiroshi Tanahashi that allowed Endo to roll Barrett up. Barrett and Kenoh gave chase to Tanahashi to end the show, but he was able to get away through the crowd in time, leaving them frustrated as Takeshita and Endo celebrate, advancing to the finals.



Episode 104

JCW Thursday Night Punishment

  • To kick off the show, the audience is blessed with the presence of JCW World Champion Brock Lesnar. Lesnar says that Sheamus has been running his mouth way too much for his liking and invites him to share the ring with him. Sheamus instead appears on the titantron, sitting in a fancy room with champagne in hand. He says he is too busy to fulfill Lesnar's requests right now, but he will most definitely be in attendance for their match at JCW Resilience. Lesnar calls Sheamus a pussy, saying no real man would hide from this confrontation, but he doesn't care because at the end of the day, Sheamus will be getting his ass handed to him at Resilience either way.
  • In his in ring debut, Finn Balor defeated Kofi Kingston w/ Big E and Xavier Woods in 15:13. Balor poses with the JCW Lightweight Championship one last time, telling the camera that Rey stands no chance against him.
  • Adam Cole now appears on screen where he is sitting in silence. After nearly 30 seconds, he breaks the silence, saying that he is lost and doesn't know where to go from here. Even if he beats Ziggler, what next? He can't show his face against Lesnar again and frankly he knows he better than the JCW National Championship. He says that he doesn't know what he's doing anymore, but all he can do is get ready for his match with Ziggler and hope for the best.
  • Jay White defeated Matt Sydal in 16:53. Following the match, MIRO approaches White in the ring, extending his hand. White says he respects the show of sportsmanship before accepting the shake, allowing MIRO to drag him into a massive clothesline. He then turns White onto his stomach and wraps his arms over his thighs, locking in the Accolade. He releases the hold and poses with White's championship.
  • Wade Barrett now appears on screen where he is visibly upset. He says he has had enough of Tanahashi's high roading, and he knows he interfered last week to get a fair one on one match between the two where Barrett isn't tired from another match. He says that Tanahashi made the biggest mistake of his career, and even if he has an excuse for losing because Barrett is at 100%, he is still going to Bullhammer the ever living shit out of him.
  • The Usos defeated Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) in 22:09. Uno and Grayson put it all on the line, trying to honor their fallen brother in HARPER, but in the end they came up just short after a quick rollup from Jey Uso on Grayson. The two teams end the match in tears, embracing each other to close off the show, the loss of Jon Huber still hanging over the JCW roster.
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  • Hall of Fame

Week 1: 

Jungle Express tel Shane McMahon there 3rd man can’t make it tonight for the Big 3 Championships. Shane McMahon is distraught as they said they would have a 3rd. Kenny Omega Comes into the office and says you guys are supposed to face Robert Stone brand tonight? Jungle Express Nod. Omega says he’s in. 


Big 3 Championships Round 1: The Golden Party vs Chocolate Deluxe: 

The Golden Party defeated Chocolate Deluxe when Shelton Benjamin pinned Delirious. Chris Bey looked frustrated after the match 


Paul Heyman and Shinsuke Nakamura are pissed off tonight giving a talk to the rest of the foundation after an embarrassing loss to Team Puma at Battlezone. Heyman tells them all they need to get there shit together. When then Shinsuke Nakamura snaps and attacks Kona Reeves beating him down and throwing him into a locker room door. It’s safe to say Kona Reeves is out of the Foundation. Nakamura stares down at the AOP and says tonight you better take care of business against Hobbs and Puma and then walks out with just Heyman 


Creed defeated Flip Gordon and Ace Austin 


Matt Riddle cuts a promo on his win at BattleZone and retaining the Tri State Championship. He says he feels amazing right now and at the top of his career. When then Johnny Gargano comes out fresh off his win against King Cuerno and challenges Matt Riddle to a match for the Tri State Championship next week. Riddle accepts 


Big 3 Championships First Round: Jungle Express and Kenny Omega vs The Robert Stone Brand:

The Robert Stone Brand defeated Jungle Express and Kenny Omega when James Storm pinned Jungle Boy to advance to the next round 


The Painmaker Posse are out to the ring celebrating there Battlezone win. Popping Champagne and having a great time. Especially honoring Brian Cage for getting the win. When Edge interrupts the Party and confronts Chris Jericho. He brings up there history and says that even tho His Team Lost. He pinned Chris Jericho meaning he pinned the World Heavyweight Championship and believes that means he’s owed a shot. Chris Jericho is not interested and tells Edge to run away before The Painmaker Posse shows Edge what pain is. But Edge doesn’t back down. Chris Jericho says okay tough guy. If you can Beat the Spanish Street Fighter Sex God Sammy Guevara next week he can have his World Heavyweight Championship Match. Edge doesn’t hesitate accepting the Challenge 


Prince Puma and Will Hobbs defeated AOP when Hobbs pinned Rezar to win the match. After the match Shinsuke Nakamura snaps, he directs and leads Priest and Fatu into attacking AOP and beating them down. AOP has been kicked out of the Foundation to close the show 


Week 2: 

Matt Riddle and Johnny Gargano wrestle to a 20 minutes time limit draw as neither man could defeat the other. Therefore Matt Riddle retained the Tri State Championship. Both men were beaten up and out of energy when King Cuerno come out and attacked Both men picking up the pieces laying both men out. Cuerno then looks down at the Tri State Championship making his intentions clear 


Kenny Omega confronts Robert Stone and the Brand. He admits that he was wrong and that it would be in his best interest to join the Robert Stone Brand that he wants to be apart of the Brand. They Shake Hands and make it official. Kenny Omega is apart of the Robert Stone Brand 


Big 3 Championships Round 1: The King’s of Wrestling (PJ Black, Flip Gordon and Ace Austin) vs The Luchadores (Drago, Aerostar and Tajiri) 

The Luchadores defeated The King’s Of Wrestling when Drago pinned Ace Austin pulling off the shocking upset win 


Shinsuke Nakamura makes it clear to Damian Priest and Jacob Fatu that they will be the 3 Men in the Big 3 Championships. And that last year they took 2nd. This year it’s time to win it all. The War Machine interrupt and say that they will win the Big 3 Championships again and continue to prove they are the best in ASW 


Jeff Hardy defeated Chris Bey 


The Best Friends acknowledge that there contract in ASW runs up after this month and that they need to come away with some sorts championship this month if they wanna return to ASW. So they make it clear they need to win the Big 3 Championships. The Golden Party interrupt who will face the Best Friends next week and tell them they should start packing there bags because they aren’t getting passed them next week 


Big 3 Championships Round 1: Hybrid3 vs The Von Erichs 

The Von Erichs defeated Hybrid3 when Cameron Grimes pinned Jack Evans to advance 


In the main event. Sammy Guevara makes his way to the ring ready for his match with Edge. Edge’s entrance music plays and he’s coming out when suddenly Brian Cage attacks Edge from behind. Followed by Chris Jericho who also starts to kick edge down. Jericho hits the Judas Effect on Edge. The North demand the ref to ring the bell and he does. Edge is still knocked down and can’t get back up. As the ref counts to 10. Sammy Guevara officially wins by countout. To close the show Jericho takes his World championship and smacks Edge over the head with it. 


Week 3: 

Chris Jericho brags about what they did to Edge last week and that since Jericho doesn’t have any challengers for The Big 3 Championships. He will just take the night off sit back and watch The Painmaker Posse win the Whole tournament. And after sip on the bubbly and celebrate. Shane McMahon comes out and says Chris Jericho will not have the night off and will be required to defend the Championship. Against who? Shane McMahon says he will figure that out by next week 


Big 3 Championships Quarterfinals: The War Machine vs The Robert Stone Brand w/ Robert Stone and Kenny Omega 

The War Machine defeated the Robert Stone Brand when Hanson defeated Colt Cabana. Kenny Omega was ringside with Robert Stone cheering on the Brand. The War Machine advanced to the finals 


King Cuerno promos on how the Johnny Gargano lost was only a minor step back and that he isn’t finished with Johnny Wrestling. But while on that hunt why not capture the Tri State Championship. Prince Puma and Konan confront him King Cuerno and Konan says that he needs to stop the hunt because Prince Puma after his recent success should be next in line for a championship opportunity. Matt Riddle comes out followed by Gargano who reminds Riddle he didn’t get beat. Riddle accepts all there claims and challenges and is willing to defend the Championship in a fatal 4 way 


The Foundation defeated AOP and Kona Reeves when Jacob Fatu defeated Kona Reeves 


Creed cut a brief promo saying they don’t know who there next challengers will be but whenever someone steps up they will be ready for the challenger and ready to take them down 


Jake Hager Defeated Marcus Lewis in Lewis Debut. Hager attacked Lewis more after the match and then Will Hobbs ran out to make the safe. Hobbs and Marcus Lewis have been Partners in the past 


A vignette plays of the return of Dexter Lumis 


Big 3 Championships Quarterfinals: The Best Friends vs The Golden Party  


The Golden Party defeated The Best Friends when Big Omos distracted Trent allowing Shelton Benjamin to defeat him. The Golden Party advances to the Semifinals as the Best Friends leave with disappointment and a lot of emotion as time is running out on them to close the show 


Week 4: 

The Jungle Express Start the show saying that the 3rd man finally showed up. It’s Marko Stunt! Marko Stunt is here. The Robert Stone Brand confront them. Jungle Express ask what Kenny Omega is doing with these dudes. Omega says he’s doing what’s best for him and his business. A match is made for Big 3 Championships between both sides. As Omega, Storm and Drake will take on The Jungle Express 


King Cuerno defeated Johnny Gargano getting his victory back from BattleZone. Cuerno goes to attack Gargano but Prince Puma hits the ring to stop the attack. In the battle Puma accidentally hits Gargano and then gets hit from behind by Cuerno as the Tri State Champion Matt Riddle just looks on in enjoyment 


Orange Cassidy confronts Jeff Hardy looking down at the City Championship. Jeff Hardy knowing the stakes for Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends accepts Cassidys challenge for a City Championship Match. Orange Cassidy is still is cool and careless self even with the stakes at there highest as he just pats Hardy on the back and walks away not saying a word. 


Big 3 Championships Quarterfinals: The Foundation vs Luchadores 

The Foundation defeated Luchadores when Jacob Fatu defeated Tajiri to advance the Foundation into the Semifinals 


Unlike Orange Cassidy, Best Friends Trent and Chuck Taylor are not there usual fun selves. They call out Creed in a serious and dramatic fashion Calling Creed out and asking for a Tag Team Championship opportunity. Saying that this is there last shot at keeping a Job in the company and business they love so dearly. And that if they can’t beat Creed and win the Tag Team Championships then they are better off not being in ASW. Because as a Tag Team the only goal in wrestling is to win the Tag Team Championships. That if they can’t do it now with everything on the line they never will. Creed accept the challenge but tell Best Friends they will not take it easy on them or hold back. Best Friends say they wouldn’t expect anything less and the match is officially made 


The War Machine get into a heat confrontation with The Golden Party before their PPV match. Big Omos stands in front of the Confrontation protecting the Golden Party from any physical contact. MVP tells the War Machine to come ready because the Golden Party is ready to knock them off there asses. And slowly each team walks away 


The Big 3 Championships Quarterfinals: Painmaker Posse (Brian Cage, The North) vs The Von Erichs 

Painmaker Posse defeated The Von Erichs when Brian Cage defeated Marshall Von Erich. Painmaker Posse advance to the Semifinals and after the match get into a big Brawl with the Foundation 


Leaving Chris Jericho in the final segment by himself waiting for his World Championship challenger at Big 3 Championships. When suddenly Edges theme song plays and he makes his way out as he all along was Jericho’s Challenger. Edge all business tonight runs to the ring and starts brawling with Jericho. Edge ends up standing tall as he Spears Jericho and raises the World Heavyweight Championship high closing the show. 


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  • Hall of Fame

All Star Wrestling | Big 3 Championships | Paramount Theater 

Big 3 Championships Semifinals: The War Machine vs The Golden Party W/ MVP and Big Omos 

The War Machine defeated The Golden Party in 13:21 when Rowe pinned Marq Quen. The War Machine advance back to the Finals 

Big 3 Championships Semifinals: The Foundation vs The Painmaker Posse 

The Painmaker Posse defeated The Foundation in 15:36 when Brian Cage pinned Damian Priest. The Painmaker Posse are going to the finals 

ASW City Championship Street Fight Match: Jeff Hardy (C) vs Orange Cassidy 

Jeff Hardy defeated Orange Cassidy in 15:28 to retain the City Championship. The first 5 minutes Orange Cassidy was still in carless act but then finally turned it on and went at it with Hardy but just came up short. As Jeff Hardy hit a swanton off a ladder to win it 

The Robert Stone Brand (Kenny Omega, James Storm and Eli Drake) vs Jungle Express 

The Robert Stone Brand defeated Jungle Express in 10:34 when Kenny Omega hit the One Half Winged Angle on Marko Stunt to pickup the victory 



ASW Tri State Championship Match: Matt Riddle (C) vs Prince Puma vs King Cuerno vs Johnny Gargano 

Matt Riddle won the 4 Way in 17:02 hitting the Final Flash on Prince Puma to retain the Tri State Championship 


ASW Tag Team Championship Match: Creed (C) vs Best Friends 

Creed defeated Best Friends in 20:26 when Pete Dunne hit Bitter End on Trent to retain the ASW Tag Team Championships. After the match Orange Cassidy came out and The Best Friends gave an emotional goodbye to ASW 

ASW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Chris Jericho (C) vs Edge 

Chris Jericho defeated Edge in 14:55 with a Judas Effect to retain the ASW World Heavyweight Championship 

Big 3 Championship Finals No Holds Bar Match: The War Machine vs The Painmaker Posse 

The War Machine defeated The Painmaker Posse in 25:07 when Aleister Black hit Black Mass on Josh Alexander to win the Big 3 Championships and the Cup. The War Machine are back to back Winners and now 2 time Big 3 Championship Winners. They hold the Cup up High Celebrating to close the show 

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FFW Insurrection PPV


Welcome to FFW Insurrection as we have finally arrived at the PPV. Tonight we have plenty of shocking moments and tons of huge matches. It all gets started with this one as Hangman Page will be taking on The Velveteen Dream. Both of these men are considered some of the top young talents in the wrestling business which should make for one hell of a match here to open Insurrection. One of them will gain some serious momentum moving forward the other will go back to the drawing board.

Hangman Page vs The Velveteen Dream


In one hell of a match, Hangman Page defeated The Velveteen Dream in 17:34 after picking up the victory with a Buckshot Lariat. Page cementing himself as the top blue chip prospect on this brand here tonight as these two put on one hell of a match. Either man looked as if they could have come out on top in this match but Hangman seemed to have just a little bit more in the tank as he picked up a victory to kick off Insurrection, as the show is already off to a great start.

Winner: Hangman Page

Rolling along with the show we will get set to see our first championship match as we will see the FFW Womens Tag Team Championships on the line the IIconics defending once again against First Class Female. A month ago First Class Female was unable to capture the titles as the IIconics got themselves intentionally counted out. They will get another shot tonight though as the IIconics look to continue their reign of dominance over this division. So let’s not waste anymore time and get right into it.

FFW Womens Tag Team Title Match:
The IIconics (c) vs First Class Female


In a solid match, First Class Female defeated The IIconics in 15:26 to win the FFW Womens Tag Team Championships. Lacey Evans would pick up the victory after putting away Billie Kay with a Womens Right. We have new champions here tonight as First Class Female are the new FFW Womens Tag Team Champions. The IIcoincs run has officially come to an end as the champions and we have now entered the era of First Class Female.

Winners: First Class Female


We would cut away from the arena for a bit as we would see the FFW Comedy Champion Sheridan Muller at the beach. She would give a really bland promo although it has mixes in where she would tease all of the horny virgins watching the show. Sheridan would even go as far to unclip her bra and one point but as she is about to take it off a voice calls out from the distance.


It’s the former FFW Comedy Champion Bailey Justin! He would walk up to Sheridan and tackle her to the ground as he would lay on top of her. Sheridan would then run her hand through the hair of Bailey Justin as we see Bailey return the favor by slapping Sheridan in the face. Sheridan would ask for him to do it again but he would refuse as he is a bit freaked out.


Bailey would then grab the title back from Sheridan as he becomes the FFW Comedy Champion once again. Sheridan though grabbing it back, then Bailey grabbing it, Sheridan grabbing it back, then Bailey grabbing it back again before Sheridan would kick him in the balls. Sheridan would then kick Bailey in the balls before grabbing it back for one last time. She would then kick sand on him before going to walk off but another voice would call from the distance.

Getting back to the ring we will get for yet another singles match as it will be Angel Garza taking on Otis. Angel Garza has been a thorn in the side of Otis as he has attempted to steal Mandy Rose from him as well as injured his best friend Tucker. Tonight Otis will get his chance to get his revenge on Garza with Mandy Rose serving as the special guest referee. The odds are certainly against Garza in this one and it’ll be interesting to see how he attempts to overcome it.

Singles Match w/ Special Guest Referee Mandy Rose:
Angel Garza vs Otis


In a good match, Angel Garza defeated Otis in 16:46 after putting him away with the Wing Clipper. Otis would come out strong but Garza would battle back throughout the match using Otis’ aggression against him. At one point Otis was dropped with a Wing Clipper earlier in the match but Mandy Rose would refuse to count to three. This would lead to Angel Garza hitting Mandy Rose with a Wing Clipper as well! We would then see Otis infuriated although Garza would quickly drop him with a Wing Clipper as well. A replacement making their way down to the ring making the count. A big win here for Garza although I doubt that the feud between these two is over just like that.

Winner: Angel Garza

Next we will head into a womens match as it will be Shayna Baszler taking on Nikki Cross. Cross stepped up to challenge Baszler as it seemed as if no one else was going to. Baszler has been running through each and every member of this roster that has stepped to her. Cross though is clearly not afraid of a fight and she will for sure have one on her hands tonight against arguably the hottest women in the company at the moment. It should be fun to watch though so let’s get in underway.

Shayna Baszler vs Nikki Cross


In a solid match, Shayna Baszler defeated Nikki Cross in 10:18 after making her submit to the Kirifuda Clutch. Nikki Cross would battle back for a bit but it was clear who the better woman was today. Shayna Baszler continues to run through the competition here in FFW as it seems like there is no one that can stop her. She already holds an opportunity at the FFW Womens Championship so it’ll just be a matter of time before she decides to cash in that opportunity with her Womens Grab Your Glory victory.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Continuing along with the show we will see the FFW Tag Team Championships on the line as it will be the champions Dirt Sheet taking on Imperium. Imperium was quick to step up to take on The Miz and John Morrison after they called themselves the best tag team in the world. With the help of WALTER Imperium was able to make a strong claim on the titles and they are getting that opportunity here in this one. It’ll be a tough first defence for the Dirt Sheet Duo let’s see if they have what it takes to retain the titles.

FFW Tag Team Title Match:
Dirt Sheet (c) vs Imperium


In a good match, Dirt Sheet defeated Imperium in 17:24 to retain the FFW Tag Team Championships. In the end it was John Morrison putting away Fabian Aichner with the Starship Pain. Dirt Sheet retains their championships here as they are able to put down Imperium. Dirt Sheet getting off to a good start with their title reign as we will see just how long this title reign will last. For now though they are on top of the mountain as your FFW Tag Team Champions.

Winners: Dirt Sheet

Rolling on we will have yet another championship matchup. It will be the FFW Womens Championship on the line as Alexa Bliss will be defending her championship against Hikaru Shida. Shida was brought in by Pat McAfee this month to challenge Bliss for the title as it seemed as if Bliss was set to get the month off with the rest of the Revolt stepping inside of War Games later tonight. Shida is one hell of a talent and lets see if she has what it takes down the champion here tonight.

FFW Womens Title Match:
Alexa Bliss (c) vs Hikaru Shida


In a very good match, Alexa Bliss defeated Hikaru Shida in 19:24 to retain the FFW Womens Championship. Alexa Bliss picking up the win over Shida with the Twisted Bliss as the Revolt is already off to a good start here tonight. Bliss has been rolling through most of her challengers but Shida would bring one hell of a fight. Shida is going to have a bright future here in FFW but tonight was Alexa Bliss’ night and she proved that by picking up the victory here in this one.
Winner: Alexa Bliss


Sheridan would look behind her as it’s Shane Taylor! We would see him pointing a gun at her as he tells her to drop the title and she complies. Bailey would get up as he begins to yell at Shane Taylor with words that we’re bleeped out. Shane Taylor would look at Bailey as Bailey Justin would go grab the comedy championship and put it around his waist. Shane Taylor would then ask Bailey Justin if he is a pretty boy and Bailey Justin would tell him that is goddamn right.


BANG! Shane Taylor would then shoot Bailey Justin as we see Bailey fall backward. Shane Taylor would then bow down as we see a woman standing behind him the whole time. Maki Itoh would walk up the Bailey and retrieve the title putting it around her waist. Shane Taylor would then bow down to her telling her, “For you my Queen” as Maki Itoh would slap him in the back of the head telling him, “I like ya cut G”. We would then see Maki Itoh climb on the shoulders of Shane Taylor as the two walk off. Maki Itoh on the shoulders on Shane Taylor.


Bailey Justin would be bleeding out in the sand and Sheridan Muller nowhere to be seen. We seem to have a new force in FFW as Shane Taylor and Maki Itoh have arrived as Shane Taylor might have actually killed Bailey Justin today. But Maki Itoh is your new FFW Comedy Champion as the show cuts back to the arena as we continue on with actual wrestling.

Now we get set for our FFW World Heavyweight Championship match, it will be WALTER taking on Daniel Bryan in what should be one hell of a match. These two are some of the best in ring talents in not only FFW but the entire world. The two have a mutual respect for each other but that respect will be thrown out the window when that bell rings and they start going at it. WALTER and Bryan both picked up victories over the Fiend in recent times so these two men have all the momentum in the world as of now. It should make for a hell of a match so let’s get in underway.

FFW World Title Match:
WALTER (c) vs Daniel Bryan


In an absolute classic, WALTER defeated Daniel Bryan in 29:42 to retain the FFW World Heavyweight Championship. Both of these men gave everything that they had in this one but in the end WALTER would make Daniel Bryan pass out to a Rear Naked Choke to pick up the win. These two went to absolute war as they proved exactly why they are some of the best to ever do it. WALTER though just managing to survive this one as he will look to be at the top of his game with a victory over the Fiend a month ago and Daniel Bryan this month as his is no doubt bringing prestige back to the FFW World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner: WALTER

Now we get set for our main event match as we will find out which stable will cement themselves at the top of this company and which company will die. The Revolt and the nWo have found themselves as odds over the past few months and it all reaches a boiling point here tonight. One of these stables will not be walking out of War Games together tonight as the losing team is being forced to disband. The match is full of star power as we will find out which stable really is the best in the company.

The Revolt (EC3, Braun Strowman, FTR) Vs The nWo (John Cena, Randy Orton, The Young Bucks)


In one hell of a match, the nWo defeated The Revolt in 1:05:06 after John Cena would hit EC3 with an Attitude Adjustment from the top of the structure through a table down below. The nWo comes out on top in this one although the Revolt did everything they could in this match as it went over one hour. Alexa Bliss threw away the key to the nWo cage not allowing Randy Orton to make his way to the ring until Pat McAfee would come out with a pair of bolt cutters. In the end though despite all of the shenanigans the nWo was able to come out on top tonight. The nWo standing tall on the stage to close the show as the Revolt’s time in FFW has officially come to an end.

Winner: The nWo

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Episode 105

JCW Resilience - In Loving Memory of Jon Huber


Match 1 (JCW National Championship): Jay White (c) vs MIRO

Lance Storm explains why he is not a fan of the current direction for Miro  in AEW | Wrestling News

To kick off the show, JCW National Champion Jay White defended his championship against MIRO. MIRO challenged White earlier in the month, saying that he has run away from any real competition since becoming champion. It turns out White was happy to accept the challenge, calling himself a fighting champion who is more than happy to give those deserving a title opportunity. This match went as expected, highly dramatic with lots of switching momentum. The much smaller White was able to keep up with the larger yet agile MIRO, going toe to toe with him in striking contests. But in the end, the overwhelming strength of MIRO was enough to neutralize White, allowing him to claim the JCW National Championship and maintain his undefeated streak.

MIRO defeated Jay White in 18:17, capturing the JCW National Championship for the first time.


Match 2 (JCW Breakout Championship): T-Hawk (c) w/ CIMA & El Lindaman vs Shun Skywalker w/ Lince Dorado

W-1: “Wrestle-1 Tour 2019 Sunrise” T-Hawk dethrones Ashino | Superfights

Following MIRO's victory, Shun Skywalker challenged T-Hawk for the JCW Breakout Championship. Skywalker defeated T-Hawk's stablemate El Lindaman to earn this opportunity, and now he looks to cash in big against the champion. This was a brilliant match in which the two young stars showed off their athleticism by keeping the pace of the match ramped all the way up. Skywalker's tremendous high flying ability stunned the audience while T-Hawk's ability to work the crowd by trying to silence Skywalker's offense worked perfectly. In the end, it would be T-Hawk picking up the victory over Skywalker as CIMA and Lindaman were able to create an unintentional distraction outside by trying to stop Dorado who they thought was trying to interfere.

T-Hawk defeated Shun Skywalker in 13:05, making the 1st defense of the JCW Breakout Championship


Match 3: Adam Cole vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler on Quest for WWE Gold, Rebranding Himself, Drew McIntyre and  More | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Next up, Dolph Ziggler took on Adam Cole. Both men have on the losing side of things as Ziggler pointed out, and to get back on track Ziggler proposed this match to Cole. Ziggler has then revealed that he only was nice to Cole to manipulate him into getting the match and the plans to absolutely destroy him at his weakened state. And to the credit of Ziggler, he lived up to his word. He was able to manhandle Cole in the ring, seemingly predicting his every move. It was difficult to tell if Ziggler was at the top of his game or if Cole was suffering from the mental toll of losing, but it seemed to be a pretty balanced mix of both. Ziggler ended the match with a Superkick followed by a Zig Zag for the victory.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Adam Cole in 14:56

Ziggler then grabbed a microphone after the match, saying that big things are on the horizon for him in JCW. He won't listen to Tanahashi and settle into the spot he's supposed to be in, but rather keep ascending the card because he knows he's good enough to do so.


Match 4 (JCW Lightweight Championship): Rey Mysterio (c) vs Finn Balor

Would have loved to step in the ring with Edge': Finn Balor talks about his  favourite matches, NXT title win and Triple H - Exclusive | Hindustan Times

Following Ziggler's victory, Rey Mysterio defended the JCW Lightweight Championship against Finn Balor, or so it seemed. Balor had taken the title hostage at JCW Vendetta, and now Mysterio has to fight for the title he can still rightfully call his if he can beat Balor. This match was a testament to the experience of both men as they showed just how great they are and always have been. Neither competitor was willing to give an inch, clearly passionate about the title they were competing for and the chance to beat the man standing on the other side of the ring. The high octane action benefitted this match perfectly, and the contest would eventually come to a close after Balor nailed Mysterio with a brutal looking shotgun dropkick before topping the match off with a Coup de Grace from the top rope.

Finn Balor defeated Rey Mysterio in 21:12, capturing the JCW Lightweight Championship for the 1st time

Following the match, Balor is surprised to hear some familiar theme music. He turns to the stage to see his former tag team partner, Ryusuke Taguchi, entering the arena. Taguchi joins Balor in the ring and pats his newly won championship, saying that there is some unfinished business between the two of them. Balor laughs the challenge off before Taguchi asks him to remember what happened the last time they face. Balor looks back at Taguchi, his face a mix of emotion but nonetheless exits the ring and heads to the back, leaving Taguchi alone.


Match 5: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett Addresses Potential WWE Return - eWrestlingNews.com

In the fifth contest of the show, Hiroshi Tanahashi took on Wade Barrett. Barrett made a statement at JCW Vendetta, attacking Tanahashi and claiming he's never truly beaten him and now he wants to prove that Tanahashi doesn't have what it takes to match Barrett in the ring. Tanahashi then cost Barrett and Kenoh their finals spot in the Best in the World tag tournament, and now they have a fair match tonight with no excuses able to go either way. This was an excellent match where both men put their heart and soul into beating the absolute shit out of each other. With Tanahashi's veteran limb work and Barrett's continuous heavy strikes, the contest seemed to be able to go either way, but the tide was completely turned when Barrett connected with a Bull Hammer that floored Tanahashi. Staying true to his word, he kept the Bull Hammer's coming, not delivering one, not two, but three in total before putting Tanahashi out of his misery.

Wade Barrett defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi in 19:07


Match 6 (Best in the World Tournament Finals): The Usos vs New Generation Combination (Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo)

Reason why The Usos have not returned to WWE TV

In the semi main event of the night, The Usos took on New Generation Combination in the finals of the Best in the World Tournament to determine the new JCW Tag Team Champions. These two teams have had their fair few number of matches with The Usos always coming out on top, so now it is finally time for Takeshita and Endo to prove themselves. And they did just that. Both teams were at the top of their game tonight, matching up flawlessly in the ring and showcasing their amazing chemistry in every single move they utilized. Endo and Jey Uso really took over, providing a variety of highlights to keep the crowd engaged for the entirety of the match. It was a dead even match until the closing minutes where Takeshita was forced to fight against both members as Endo was lying on the apron hurt. He put up a valiant effort, being able to take out the illegal Jey Uso with his finisher, but the presence of Jimmy Uso was still there, and he was able to secure the win for his team by nailing Takeshita with a Superkick and Diving Splash.

The Usos defeated New Generation Combination in 22:31, capturing the JCW Tag Team Championships for the 2nd time

Following the match, Endo comforted Takeshita after the tough loss, but this time Takeshita shrugged the support off, walking to the back by himself, clearly upset with something. Whether if it is himself or Endo remains to be seen.


Main Event (JCW World Championship): Brock Lesnar (c) vs Sheamus

I'll take Lesnar whenever, wherever." - Current Champion is ready to lock  horns with Brock Lesnar

And in the main event of the night, Brock Lesnar defended the JCW World Championship against Sheamus. Sheamus won a battle royal earlier in the month to secure this championship opportunity against Lesnar, and he has no fear of the Beast Incarnate, openly taunting him in many of his matches. Lesnar has called Sheamus a pussy for avoiding him in any in ring confrontations until now, but he believes that it does not matter because the result of the match will be the same, with Lesnar walking out as champion. And at the beginning of the match, it seemed Lesnar predicted correctly. His pent up anger with Sheamus all unleashed at once as he quickly forced the Irishman into the corner, ramming knees into his midsection will also delivers chops to his chest, a move we are not used to seeing from Lesnar. He then would deliver an overhead belly to belly suplex to Sheamus, immediately following that with a Kimura Lock. Sheamus was quickly able to escape the hold, and when both men surged back to their feet, Sheamus connected with a Brogue Kick! He quickly pinned Lesnar straight after but was only able to get a 2 count.

But nonetheless, the momentum was flipped. Sheamus now was able to get Lesnar with his hands near his head, protecting himself from the massive blows delivered by Sheamus. Eventually, Sheamus was able to slam Lesnar down to the mat and follow up with a knee to the head, apparently busting the champion open. With blood now blinding his eyes, Lesnar wildly scrambled for the ropes, managing to get on his feet and connect with a wild lariat to knock Sheamus down. He then wiped the blood from his eyes and licked it off his hands, laughing at the situation before delivering a trio of german suplexes to Sheamus. He would slap the head of Sheamus as he was getting to his feet before sprinting off the ropes, looking to send Sheamus to the outside. But Sheamus catches him with another Brogue Kick! He quickly falls into the cover and is a mere half second away from getting a 3 count. Sheamus pounds the mat in frustration, not knowing what he has to do to vanquish the Beast. He would then get Lesnar back to his feet slowly, but in the process, Lesnar acts quick and gets Sheamus up on his shoulders for a unhumanly quick F5 that catches the crowd off guard. They are still recovering as Lesnar falls into the cover, eliminating Sheamus in just one swift move.

Brock Lesnar defeated Sheamus in 15:27, making the 4th defense of the JCW World Championship

With blood still dripping down his face, Lesnar would pose with the championship on the second turnbuckle, holding the belt high in the air for everyone to get a good look at. But while he is doing this, the crowd suddenly begins to cheer. Lesnar hops down from the rope and spins around-

WWE's Shinsuke Nakamura: Anatomy of the Kinshasa

KINSHASA!!!! ASW'S SHINSUKE NAKAMURA IS ON JCW! Nakamura looks down at the fallen Lesnar with a huge grin on his face before picking up his championship and dancing along to the crowd chanting his theme song at him. His celebration is short lived as security rushes to the ring, forcing him to drop the title and make his way through the crowd and to the exit of the arena where he poses one last time to get the JCW fans to cheer once more before the show fades to black.

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From Asbury Park Convention Hall

Kento Miyahara vs. Jake Lee - YouTubeJosh Barnett expected to appear for TNA Pro Wrestling tonight - MMA Fighting
In the opening contest of the night, Jake Lee who comes into this match on a seven match losing streak, unable to win ever since losing that Two Out of Three Falls match to Kento Miyahara at Atlantis. Barnett would goad Lee into taking this match by after defeating Jake Lee on Oceanside Wrestling #35, and then saying he needs to take his lumps once more and be guided, and Josh Barnett is the man to do that, before saying he should take the match, unless he's scared he'll lose, which the prideful side of Lee would force him to take the bout. The two would have a match much akin to their previous bout, but with added intensity from both, Lee desperately not wanting to become the young lion of Barnett, and Barnett wanting Lee to be his new young lion to do everything he wants. Lee would get stuck in the move he submitted to in their last match, Barnett's Cross Heel Hook, but this time he would not tap out and would get to the ropes to break it up. However sadly, this would hamper Lee so he would be unable to hit the Giant Killing when he had the chance, and Barnett would HIT LEE WITH THE CAPTURED BUSTER! ONE... TWO... THREE!!! JOSH BARNETT HAS FORCED JAKE LEE INTO BECOMING HIS YOUNG LION!
Post-match, Barnett would force Lee to raise his hand which Lee would reluctantly do, before Barnett would thrust his entrance attire to Jake Lee and then go to the back, Lee following in tow.

Josh Barnett def. Jake Lee by pinfall in 17:46 making Jake Lee Josh Barnett's young lion

Grado & KM Have Been Moved To The Alumni Section On IMPACT WRESTLING'S  Official Websiteimage.jpeg
Joseph Conners vs. Joe Coffey (Pro Wrestling World Cup - Round Of 16) -  YouTubeDave Mastiff - OWWNathan Cruz | Talent Roster | Booking Agent | MN2S
Two groups of three who absolutely hate each other would meet head to head in a brutal match here tonight as Origin went up against the team of Grado, Dalton Castle, & Joe Hendry. These two teams have been brawling with each other all month and would need security to break them apart many times, but tonight, they get to use all the weapons and do all the brawling they want, sanctioned by Oceanside Wrestling. And they would all take advantage of this stipulation, as they all fought with malice in this match, using all sorts of weapons. But in the end it would be Nathan Cruz going for a chair shot on Grado, but Grado HITTING THE CHAIR WITH THE WEE BOOT, KNOCKING THE CHAIR INTO CRUZ'S HEAD! GRADO WOULD PIN CRUZ, ONE... TWO... THREE! GRADO, CASTLE, & HENDRY PICK UP THE WIN!
Grado, Dalton Castle, & Joe Hendry def. Origin by pinfall in 13:16

Rosemary reveals she has signed a new two-year contract with Impact  Wrestling - WWE News and Results, RAW and Smackdown Results, Impact News,  ROH NewsJordynne Grace: Wrestler's book of creepy Twitter, Instagram DMs - Sports  Illustrated
We now see Rosemary and Jordynne Grace face off for the #1 Contendership for the OW Virago Championship, the winner of this match being the next person able to challenge for the title, facing the winner of tonight's main event Becky Lynch vs Asuka. Both women earned their spots in this amtch through winning a match on the Women's Only Oceanside Wrestling - Oceanside Wrestling #36 - when Rosemary defeated her tag team partner in DemonxBunny Allie, and Jordynne Grace in her debut defeated fellow JWWA alum Utami Hayashishita, both in great matches. Tonight both women would both seek the same result of victory as they experienced in their qualifiers, and would fight tooth and nail to get it. In the end, Rosemary would attempt to get Grace up for The Red Wedding up but Grace would elbow her way out of it before hitting a huge German Suplex onto Rosemary, holding on and hitting a second, then getting her back up and rather than completing the trifecta, turning The Demon Assassin around AND HITTING THE GRACE DRIVER! THAT'S IT! SHE GOES FOR THE PIN, ONE... TWO... THREE! JORDYNNE GRACE IS YOUR #1 CONTENDER FOR THE OW VIRAGO CHAMPIONSHIP!
Jordynne Grace def. Rosemary by pinfall in 19:48 to become #1 Contender to the OW Virago Championship

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship - Wikipedia
Team Tremendous Entrance Video x Blackcraft Wrestling - YouTubeROH The All Night Express theme by Josh Gjonaj on SoundCloud - Hear the  world's sounds
We now come to the OW Tag Team Championship match, as Kenny King & Rhett Titus, The All Night Express, seek to get their third successful defense of their Oceanside Wrestling Tag Team Championships, but face a tough roadblock in doing that., as they face Bill Carr & Dan Barry of Team Tremendous, who have both shown they can be incredible workers here in OW, especially in the promotion's earlier days when they narrowly lost the inaugural OW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match to Origin at Storm Surge. Both teams would fight hard, but in the end it would be Bill Carr hitting a BIG BLACKHOLE SLAM ONTO RHETT TITUS BEFORE GETTING KING UP ON HIS SHOULDERS, ALLOWING BARRY TO HIT THE IRISH CAR BOMB ONTO HIM! CARR THEN PLAYS DEFENSE ON KING SO HE'S UNABLE TO GET THE PIN AS BARRY HOOKS THE LEG ON TITUS, ONE... TWO... THREE!!! THEY DID IT! TEAM TREMENDOUS ARE YOUR NEW OW TAG TEAM CHAMPS!
Barry & Carr celebrate incredulously with their newfound gold as the Asbury Park Convention Hall becomes unglued for the two, the fan favorites now winning OW Tag Gold.

Team Tremendous def. All Night Express by pinfall in 14:03 to win the OW Tag Team Championships

ROH World Championship - axelswrestling
Cara Noir Calls Out PROGRESS Champion Eddie DennisMike Bailey (マイク•ベイリー) (@SpeedballBailey) | Twitter
It would now be time for one of the more highly anticipated matches of the night, as OW Gladiator Champion "Speedball" Mike Bailey defended the OW Gladiator Championship against the winner of the largest match in at least recent wrestling history if not all of wrestling history, The Infinity Gauntlet, Cara Noir. Noir & Speedball would put on a classic, a hard-hitting affair with both using their quickness and agilities also that leaves you on the edge of your seat the entire bout. In the finish, Noir would HIT BAILEY WITH THE SWAN WOO DROPKICK BEFORE GOING FOR THE PIN, ONE... TWO.... NO! SPEEDBALL KICKS OUT AT THE LAST SECOND! BUT NOIR WASTES NO TIME TRYING TO LOCK IN THE BLACK SWAN, HOWEVER BAILEY ROLLS THROUGH AND GETS A PIN ATTEMPT IN, ONE... TWO... CARA LETS GO AND KICKS OUT! Cara then goes for a Superkick onto Bailey but Speedball ducks and hit a big Enziguiri to Noir before HITTING A LIGHTING FAST AND HARD ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO CARA'S HEAD, NEARLY TAKING IT CLEAN OFF THE SHOULDERS OF CARA NOIR! SPEEDBALL THEN GETS HIM UP AND HITS THE FLAMINGO DRIVER! THAT'S GOTTA BE IT! ONE... TWO... THR- NO! CARA KICKS OUT! SPEEDBALL IS STUNNED, HE DOESN'T BELIEVE IT! BAILEY THOUGH SHAKES IT OFF THEN GOES UP TO THE TOP ROPE AND STRIKES NOIR WITH THE METEOR RAIN! BAILEY GOES FOR THE PIN, ONE... TWO... THREE! SPEEDBALL LIVES TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY AS OW GLADIATOR CHAMPION, ESCAPING TURNING TIDES WITH A VICTORY IN A GREAT MATCH!
"Speedball" Mike Bailey def. Cara Noir by pinfall in 23:05 to make retention #2 of the OW Gladiator Championship

IMPACT Knockouts Champion by MaximilianoFer on DeviantArt
Unknown Male Wrestler: Profile & Match Listing - Internet Wrestling  Database (IWD)Candice LeRae comments on possibly being called up to the main roster
Up now would be Candice LeRae's OW Gladiatrix Championship open challenge, with this being the final match of her punishment she gave herself, with if Candice wins this match, she no longer needs to defends the OW Gladiatrix Championship in open challenges, and proves she is the true standard bearer for the women's division in OW, and is deserving of being OW Gladiatrix Champion. But, this would prove very difficult even before the match, as Candice would be VERY injured and taped up from the attack of Becky Lynch, not to mention having to have gruelling physical matches in the past five weeks with: Kylie Rae, Sami Callihan, Nyla Rose, Piper Niven, Tenille Dashwood, and Takumi Iroha. Candice wouldn't even be able to lift up her injured arm with the championship, as when she attempted to, she immediately brought the arm down and clutched at her shoulder and bicep. But she told the ref she was more than sure that she wanted to go through with tonight's match, and awaited her opponent.

Rhea Ripley | WWE

Rhea Ripley def. Candice LeRae in 2:12 by pinfall to win the OW Gladiatrix Championship

belt PNG and vectors for Free Download- DLPNG.com
Miss U"- Kevin Owens Sends A Heartfelt Message To John Cena -  EssentiallySportsEXCLUSIVE: Nick Aldis thinks Rusev would fit great with the NWA, talks  scrapped title matches, ALL IN - POST Wrestling | WWE NXT AEW NJPW UFC  Podcasts, News, Reviews
Up now would be the OW King's Championship match, as Kevin Owens would receive his rematch for the OW King's Championship after losing the title to Aldis back at Atlantis. Owens would start the match with a fury, going all out in the match to try and take the OW King's Championship back from Nick Aldis. However in the end it would be Aldis getting a sneaky low blow after British Invasion buddy Doug Williams would distract the referee, before Aldis would hit the MDD and then not go for the pin but rather hit it once more to get the three count victory over Kevin Owens, Owens once more falling to the "conman" Nick Aldis as he cheated his way once more to a win.
Nick Aldis def. Kevin Owens by pinfall in 23:29 to make retention #2 of the OW King's Championship

Accelerator's Wrestling Rollercoaster Title History
Becky Lynch | WWEAsuka | WWE
And in the main event of the evening, Asuka would seek revenge on Becky Lynch for her misdeeds over the past month to the Oceanside Wrestling Women's Division such as Becky ruining the retirement ceremony of Kylie Rae, digging a barbed wire bat into the face of Mio Shirai with her shin, and attacking Candice LeRae and brutally attacking her arm, which lead to tonight's horrid loss to Rhea Ripley at the end of Oceanside Wrestling #36. While Becky Lynch looked to take the OW Virago Championship, beating the currently undefeated Asuka in the process, to prove that she is now the standard bearer in OW, as she is the best women's wrestler in the world. This match would start as a chess match, both women not wanting to make a fatal mistake to allow their opponent to take advantage. But rage would boil over in both women, as it would turn into a frantic brawl. In the end, Asuka would go for the Asuka Lock at my points and Lynch

Ronda Rousey bashes WWE fans again: Is this all just a work?
Becky Lynch celebrates with her newly won OW Virago Championship as Asuka receives medical attention from the trainers here in OW, as Ronda Rousey looks on, smirking, as OW Turning Tides comes to an end.

Highlights and Low Points of Becky Lynch's 399-Day WWE Raw Women's Title  Reign | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
Becky Lynch def. Asuka by submission in 32:40 to win the OW Virago Championship

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Month 22 Booking Division 3.0 Awards - Presented by Hans

Aaron - 133 - Worst Booker (Indy)
Yelich - 144

Mikey - 146 - Best Booker (Indy)
Meko - 151 - Worst Booker
Bailey - 154

Slim - 162
Bob - 164
Gwynfro - 170

FDS - 178 - Best Booker



BEST PPV: FDS - ICPW - Kingdom Come


WORST PPV: Aaron - GWW - Vendetta















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  • Hall of Fame

All Star Wrestling | Episode 111 | Paramount Theater 

Week 1: 

What have you done? 

The Show Opens with Shinsuke Nakamura sitting backstage with Just Paul Heyman. As Heyman is panicking. Saying to Nakamura what the hell did you do? Why did you attack Brock Lesnar? Why did you go to JCW to begin with without consulting me? Nakamura tells Heyman to shut up. Heyman apologizes to Nakamura but tells him he’s the advocate of Him and that it his job to knows these things and consult Nakamura on his Career. Nakamura says Well Paul I want to slay the beast. When Shane McMahon comes knocking in. He says Shinsuke Nakamura because of your little act this past weekend. I’ve had to come to an agreement with JCW and now later this month we will have to have a PPV in Japan with JCW as an agreement. And you get what you want, Shinsuke Nakamura vs Brock Lesnar for the JCW World Heavyweight Championship. Shinsuke Nakamuras nods in disapproval saying he doesn’t want the JCW World Heavyweight Championship. Paul Heyman then says why? You attack the JCW World Heavyweight Champion and don’t want a shot to win it? Nakamura looks at Paul and says I don’t want Championship. I will return to Japan my home country and rip the head off of the beast. Shane then goes on to say that with this agreement JCW Wrestlers are welcomed to appear on ASW all month and work in matches. Paul Heyman with fear in his eyes now says is He here? Is Brock here? Shane says I don’t know if Brock is here, I don’t know if he’s in the building. I don’t even know if he’s in the Country but all I know is that I can’t stop him from showing up. Heyman is filled with fear as a grinning Nakamura says Brock Lesnar can come bring it. And then winks into the camera 

ASW Tag Team Championship Open Challenge: Creed (C) vs ??? 

Creed come out next, after defending the Tag Team Championships at Big 3 Championships. They say they hear there are JCW talent here tonight and that well as the Best Tag Team in the world they are ready to defend against anyone right now from JCW in an open challenge. The challenge is accepted by the Dark Order, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. 

Creed defeated Dark Order when Pete Dunne hit Bitter End on Evil Uno to retain the ASW Tag Team Championships. 

After the match, The Usos, The JCW Tag Team Champions come out and stand toe to toe with Creed. They start to promo. Jimmy says Hey Uce this the best tag team in the world right here. Jey responds with no way Uce, can’t be. Jimmy says that’s what I’ve been hearing Uce, they take on any challengers and beat them all! Jey says is that so Uce, well I’m just confused because I thought we were the best team in the world Uce. I thought so too Uce maybe will just have to prove it in a match. Yeh yeh Uce that’s a great idea. Why don’t y’all face the Usos in Japan at the end of the month in this Co company PPV. Will show you what the Uso Penitentiary is all about. Dunne and Dijakovic look at each other and then Dunne speaks. We do take on all challengers and if that is what you want. Well we accept and just like every other challenger that has stepped up we will knock you down just like the rest. It’s official Creed will take on The Usos in a Tag Team Match at the PPV. 

Take down the Legend 

A backstage vignette plays of Prince Puma training while Konana is in the background talking. Every defeat is tough but every Prince rises back up. If you haven’t heard the news ASW will be facing JCW at the end of the month in a co company PPV in Japan. Now with this comes new opportunity. If you want to prove yourself as the Best Luchadore in the world. There is one man, one legend that you will need to beat. And he happens to be apart of the JCW Roster. Prince Puma this Your new destiny. Your new mission and path to the top. As much as we respect the legend Rey Mysterio you must defeat him and show your worth. Puma it’s time to take down the legend. 

Jay White vs Jungle Boy 

In our next match, JCW Superstar Jay White Defeated Jungle Boy with a switchblade. After the match White cuts a promo on frustrations of losing the JCW National Championship. And how everything has gone wrong for him. Shawn Spears comes out and talks to Jay White about knowing what it’s like to lose everything. Just how like Jay White was well on his way to becoming JCW World Heavyweight Champion but coming up short, Spears was once the World Heavyweight Champion and once he lost it he lost everything. How he failed to beat Matt Riddle for the Tri State Championship. How he can’t compete for the World Heavyweight Championship ever again. That all the momentum and groove that he had. It’s all gone. That he can relate to Jay White in frustration and struggle. That they are similar in so many ways. That no one wants to see either of them succeed. That they aren’t good enough. Spears offers a handshake to Jay White but instead White hits Spears with a Switchblade! Jay White then simply says we are nothing alike 

Life is Great? Maybe? 

The Robert Stone Brand are backstage celebrating their victory at Big 3 Championships. Everything is up and cheery. Omega then brings up this agreement between JCW and ASW. He reminds everyone that he used to work for JCW before he came to ASW. But then was traded for Finn Balor, Dolph Ziggler and Money. And now here he is in the states without having received a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity and in the Robert Stone Brand.... meanwhile Finn Balor is in JCW as a champion already. Robert Stone tells Omega not to worry that he will make it his life goal to get Kenny Omega a World Heavyweight Championship shot. Kenny kinda just brushes off what Stone said saying you know what I think I’m gonna head to Japan next week and just look at how everything is going and maybe catch up with Finn Balor. See how everything is going for him.  Stone ask if he wants Anyone or him to go with Omega. Omega says no I’ll take this trip by myself. 

The War Machine vs The New Day 

In our next match,  fresh off a Big 3 Championship win The War Machine took on the New Day.

War Machine defeated The New Day when Aleister Black hit Black Mass on Xavier Woods to pick up the Victory. After the match While War Machine isn’t looking Adam Cole attacks Black while he’s by himself hitting the Last Shot on Black and then running off before War Machine can get him. Cole runs through the crowd and looks back screaming “Bay Bay!” As Adam Cole has came after Alesiter Black 

Le Champion Not A Fan Of Japan?

The Painmaker Posse barge into Shane McMahons office as Chris Jericho in confusion ask Shane McMahon what the hell is going on with this JCW stuff. Shane McMahon makes it clear to Jericho that ASW and JCW are in a working agreement for the month and that we will goto Japan at the end of the month for a PPV. Chris Jericho complains saying he doesn’t wanna goto to such a despicable and disgusting place like Japan. That because 1 man goes into business for himself we all now have to suffer through this? Shane McMahon says it is out of his and that apart of the agreement Jericho will have to defend the Championship at the show. Jericho in rage says against who? Who could possibly be worthy enough from JCW to face me for the World Heavyweight Championship. Shane says you might be familiar with him. That he will face the Ace of Japan. The legend Hiroshi Tanahashi for the ASW World Heavyweight Championship. Chris Jericho completely stunned just walks away. And as for you Sammy you have to goto Japan next week to take on Miro. The rest of the Painmaker Posse leaves outraged 

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Johnny Gargano 

In the Main Event Shinsuke Nakamura takes on Johnny Gargano 

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Johnny Gargano ends in a no contest when Shinsuke is going for a Kinshasa on Gargano. Brock Lesnar Music hits! Lesnar is here and ready to fight. He starts to walk down and enter the ring when then Paul Heyman gets in front of both men on his knee begging for them not to fight. When suddenly Damian Priest and Jacob Fatu ambush Lesnar! Nakamura throws Heyman out of the way and starts to beat him up too. After a good beat down. Priest and Fatu hold Lesnar in place for Nakamura to hit the Kinshasa on Lesnar laying him out! The show closes with the Foundation standing tall as Heyman looks on in disbelief! 


Tajiri and Drago defeated Cheeseburger and Delirious 

Ridge Holland defeated AR Fox 

Cameron Grimes defeated Tim Storm 

Will Hobbs defeated PJ Black

Week 2: 

Not Comparable 

We start the show with Chris Jericho having a sit down interview. He talks about his match with Hiroshi Tanahashi depending if he can get their. As he has to defend his World Heavyweight Championship next week against a Battle Royal winner. He says he’s disgusted he has to goto Japan. That he won’t even set foot in that county until he has too come the PPV. That him and Tanahashi aren’t comparable at all. That he Chris Jericho has beaten legends of this business like Stone Coke Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle,  Triple H, Shane Michaels and many more. That Tanahashi was a big fish in a small pond. Chris Jericho was Shark in the ocean. That Tanahashi is only a major star in one little country. That Chris Jericho is a megastar around the whole world. That hell he might even be bigger than Tanahashi in Japan.  Chris Jericho acknowledges his rookie days in Japan and that it helped him grow but he moved on to bigger and better things while Tanahashi stayed and got complacent about his status in the wrestling business. We are not the same, we are not comparable. That Tanahashi in his early 40s is already falling off the map while Chris Jericho is still one of the biggest stars in wrestling today. That it is a joke even has to face him. Chris Jericho does say though that he will be in Japan for the PPV and he will defend the World Championship like a true champion and then after One of his men win the Battle Royal they will all rush onto the private jet get the hell out of Japan and celebrate the success with some bubbly. 

We are Ready 

Prince Puma defeated Aerostar with a 630 Senton and after the match Konan said Prince Puma is ready for you Rey Mysterio and that we are coming to Japan next week to look you in the eyes and tell you Prince Puma is going to beat you and fulfill his destiny 


Creed came out next and talked about how they have defeated everyone that has stepped up to them with no problems at all. They take on any challengers and defend the ASW Tag Team Championships with honor. They have said it’s been made clear that we are the best tag team in the world. Day in and day out we have proven that. But if we have to prove it one more time by defeating the Usos we will do that. That they know the Usos have more experience than them and of course are twin brothers and therefore have a connection like no other can have. But they say this Brotherhood in Creed runs deep and we have natural chemistry that you can’t teach or practice. That they may not be brothers but it sure damn feels like they are. And that they will beat the Usos and prove to the world they are what they are. The best Tag Team in professional Wrestling 

The War Machine vs King’s Of Wrestling (Roderick Strong, PJ Black and Flip Gordon) 

Aleister Black is out to the ring about to cut a promo on Adam Coles attack last week when Roderick Strong interrupts him. Strong brings up his past with Adam Cole and says it brought a smile to him when he saw Cole come in and attack Aleister Black. Strong is followed by PJ Black, Flip Gordon and Jake Hager who look to attack Black but War Machine run out, A match is made for right now. 

The War Machine defeated King’s of Wrestling (Roderick Strong,  PJ Black and Flip Gordon) W/ Jake Hager and Tully Blanchard when Aleister Black hit Black Mass on PJ Black to pick up the Victory 

Reality Check 

Shawn Spears cuts a promo next. He says he thought him and Jay White were similar that they both have went through the same ups and down but then he realized after Jay White attacked him that they arent the same at all. That Spears is willing to put it all on the line and go toe to toe with any men while Jay White is nothing but a coward that complains and complains without doing anything about it at all. That hes just a little bitch that needs to be put into place and given a reality check that he just isn’t that good. And at the PPV he will give Jay White that reality check and kick his ass 

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Marko Stunt 

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Marko Stunt squashing him in a strong style effort just punishing stunt with his elbows and Knees before finally finishing with a Kinshasa 

Whose Side are you on? 

After the match walking backstage with Heyman, Heyman ask Nakamura why did they do that last week. Why would you guys ambush Brock Lesnar, The Beast Incarnate without letting him know? Now Brock is going to think I was apart of it when in fact I was not Nakamura. Nakamura says why does it matter Paul? Are you not on my side? Paul responds with of course I am on your side Shinsuke Nakamura. I am your advocate but to do my job you need to let me in on things so i can advocate on your behalf and make sure you are doing what’s best for you. Shinsuke responds with well then we don’t have an issue that I am doing what’s best for me and that is taking down the Beast. Shinsuke then says Paul why don’t you goto Japan next week see how my homeland is doing before I Arrive for the PPV and maybe do your job and let Brock Lesnar know what I am going to do to him in that ring. Heyman not really happy about this but with hesitation says yes Shinsuke I will do as you ask sir. 

10 Man Battle Royal 

In our main event we had a 10 man battle Royal. The first 9 Men out were Cameron Grimes, Will Hobbs, Luchasaraus, Jungle Boy, Jeff Hardy, Jacob Fatu, Damian Priest, and the debut of Nick Comoroto and finally coming out last was the return of Dexter Lumis

Dexter Lumis would win the battle Royal lastly eliminating Jacob Fatu to earn a World Heavyweight Championship Match next week against Chris Jericho!  

Week 3: 


Matt Riddle vs Nick Comoroto 

In the opening match of the show Matt Riddle defeated Nick Comoroto in his singles debut. Comoroto put up a good fight making a good first impression but Matt Riddle was able to overcome and pick up the victory. After the match Riddle promos on Miro saying he’s been seeing his call outs and how this match is all about who is the best secondary Champion in their Brand. Riddle says he holds the Tri State Championship with great honor bro and does not want to disgrace the championship by losing to Miro. And that he is going to make a trip right now to Japan to stand face to face with Miro and tell him he is going to beat him 

Statement Made 

Kenny Omega is welcomed back by the Robert Stone Brand. Omega brags about the statement he made in Japan to Finn Balor and that will continue that momentum into The PPV. Where he beats Finn Balor and shows he is the better man. Robert Stone ask Omega if he wants him to be in his corner. Omega says no I need to beat Finn Balor by myself and prove that I am better and that this company did the right decision by trading for me. 

The Painmaker Posse in for a treat 

The Painmaker Posse are out to the ring. Jericho says it’s ridiculous he has to defend the World Heavyweight Championship tonight before his big match at what he calls the Invasion of  Tokyo against Hiroshi Tanahashi. He says he dares Tanahashi to step foot on US soil and come face to face with Le Champion. That it will be the biggest mistake of Tanahashis career. When The cameras cut backstage to Dexter Lumis painting a picture. The picture is of The Painmaker Posse running away from Dexter Lumis as he is holding the World Heavyweight Championship. Jericho calls Lumis a stupid idiot that the Painmaker Posse runs from no one. And that Jericho is going to beat him down and end him tonight and break his hands making sure he can’t ever paint stupid pictures ever again. When the lights turn out and Lumis Is standing behind the Painmaker Posse with a led pipe. He starts to attack them as Jericho gets hit with one shot to the gut and rolls out of the ring. He hits everyone with the led pipe except Cage who catches it and throws the pipe away. Brian Cage runs at Lumis who ducks and then close lines him over the top rope. As the Painmaker Posse is ironically backing away now. 

Creed vs The Von Erichs 

Creed defeated The Von Erichs in a tag team match when Dominick Dijakovic pinned Marshall Von Erich. Creed defeated a team of brothers to gain some confidence going into what is now being called The Invasion of Tokyo 


Shinsuke Nakamura acknowledges Brock Lesnars promo from JCW saying yes indeed you are the most hated man in Japan. But that means nothing to Nakamura. That he isn’t returning to Japan to take down the evil monster that terrorizes the Japan People. He’s returning to Japan to finally get his dream match with Brock Lesnar and to prove to everyone in the world that he can slay the beast. The Championship doesn’t matter. Lesnars popularity doesn’t matter all that matters is that he will introduce true Strong Style to Lesnar and knock his ass out. He tells Lesnar to enjoy his catch up with HIS Manager Paul Heyman and to remember that nothing he does to Heyman this week will change his mindset or the result that will happen at The Invasion of Tokyo. Nakamura leaves his promo with one last line of I’m coming back home soon and the beast incarnate will be no more. 

The Golden Party vs Hybrid3 

The Golden Party defeated Hybrid3 in a 6 Man tag when Shelton Benjamin pinned Ali. After the match MVP simply said Hey New Day anything you can do the Golden Party can do better. We aren’t about the fun and games. The stupid dancing and corny bull crap you guys Pull. The Golden Party simply means business and we are going to put the New Day in Pain. So New Day you can keep your catchphrases to yourself because when the fighting begins the Golden Party will prove we’re the real deal 

One Final message 

Shawn Spears cuts a quick promo on Jay White saying a Downward Spiral? That may be so Jay But I will turn that around when I defeat you at The Invasion of Tokyo when I invade the country and style of wrestling you have grew up on and I beat you. Spears makes it clear that at least I have gotten to the top and won the World Heavyweight Championship unlike you who lost his opportunity at gold. That Jay White fails in his biggest moments and that Spears has had plenty of success in his big moments beating a lot of men. That he is still a 2 Time Tri State Champion and an ASW World Heavyweight Champion. Can Jay White stay the same really? Spears says he deals with his losses head on and tries to overcome them that all does Jay White does is bitch and Moan when things don’t go his way. He tells Jay to get used to it because when they face things will not go his way again 

ASW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Chris Jericho (C) vs Dexter Lumis 

In our main event Chris Jericho beat Dexter Lumis to retain the ASW World Heavyweight Championship after Sammy Guevara snuck into the ring while The North was distracting the ref hitting a low blow on Lumis setting up a Codebreaker for Jericho. The Painmaker Posse close the show standing tall as a emotionless Dexter Lumis looks on 

Week 4: 

The show starts off with The Painmaker Posse out to the ring. Jericho and Sammy Guevara talk about Jericho winning last week over Dexter Lumis to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Sammy Guevara says Dexter Lumis isn’t that scary. Brian Cage steps up and says come Invasion of Tokyo he will walk out the winner of the Battle Royal. Sammy Guevara steps in and says but if not him then it will be me. Jericho says they are gonna get on their private jet after the show and head to that “poverty “ country of Japan where Le Champion will embarrass the Ace of Japan and prove that he is the true of Ace of Wrestling as a whole. When then to the shock of everyone Hiroshi Tanahashi music plays and out steps Tanahashi. He stands face to face with Jericho and says since you wouldn’t come see me Chris Jericho. I’ve come to see you. Jericho tells Tanahashi he has a lot of Balls stepping in America. Tanahashi cleverly responds with yes I know I have a lot of Balls Jericho. Tanahashi says he will show Jericho his balls when he wins that world championship and keeps it right where it truly belongs in his great home country of Japan. Than Tanahashi suggest a match for tonight when Jericho says no one here is facing you one on one tonight not before the PPV. Tanahashi than suggest a tag team match when Jericho laughs and says what friends do you have jack. When Dolph Zigglers theme plays he comes out and ask Jericho and Sammy Guevara if they remember him? Former ASW World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. Then suddenly from behind Dexter Lumis walks up from behind on the Painmaker Posse. Jericho and Sammy turn around spooked by Lumis arrival. Tanahashi then laughing says it seems we have a 6 man match for tonight. The Painmaker Posse slowly walk away as a match has been made for tonight 

Creed, The Usos vs The Dark Order (Rowan, Warhorse, Evil Uno, and Stu Grayson) 

Creed and The Usos teamed up in 8 man action to defeat The Dark Order when Jimmy Uso pinned Evil Uno. Creed and Usos were able to work together most of the match but at the end after hitting bitter end Jimmy Uso tagged himself in over Pete Dunne and hit the Uso Splash to pick up the pinfall. All 4 Men’s hands would be raised as they’d stare down one last time before their match at Invasion of Tokyo 

Shelton Benjamin vs Kofi Kingston 

Shelton Benjamin defeated Kofi Kingston with Paydirt when Big Omos uppercut Kofi Kingston when the ref was dealing with the commotion between the rest of the new day and Golden party when an argument broke out. The Golden Party walk away and up the ramp gloating about tonight’s victory over the New Day 


Aleister Black and Adam Cole would finally have a face to face confrontation. Adam Cole says when this show got made he knew exactly who he wanted to come after. Adam Cole says he wanted to make a statement, a Mark by coming after the top dog of ASW. He recognizes that Black has won a lot of things in his time in ASW. Big 3 Championships,  Survival of the fittest. That Black is basically the Golden child of ASW meanwhile in JCW Cole has failed to reach the same levels of success. That he needed to come after Black to him back in the grove to make a huge impact. That Black is lucky because if Adam Cole was in ASW Black would not be having the same success. That this would be the Adam Cole show. Aleister Black responds by saying that Adam Cole made the biggest mistake of his career coming after Aleister Black. That Black does not pity him or care for him. That he will put him down like a dog and not think twice about it. That Adam Cole can make any excuses he wants but at the end of the day Aleister Black is better then him at everything. Adam Cole says I’m going to beat you Aleister and I’m going to get the success I deserve. Black quickly goes for Black Mass but Adam Cole ducks and rolls out of the ring. As it is officially set. Aleister Black vs Adam Cole at The Invasion of Tokyo 

Jeff Hardy,  Johnny Gargano,  King Cuerno, Cameron Grimes, Damian Priest vs Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Matt Sydal, Tetsuya Endo, T-Hawk 

Team ASW defeated Team JCW when Jeff Hardy pinned T-Hawk with a swanton bomb. After the match an all out brawl started with more guys in the Br from JCW and ASW coming out throwing each other out of the ring. Eventually Jacob Fatu and Damian Priest throw out Johnny Gargano to be the last 2 men standing. And decide to leave it at that as both men stand tall days before the actual Battle Royal 

Miro and Matt Riddle vs Shawn Spears and Jay White vs Kenny Omega and Finn Balor 

In our chaotic 4 Way Tag Team Match, we had Matt Riddle and Miro for the most part get along but have a few rocky moments. Jay White and Shawn Spears were the complete opposite just not getting along at all. Kenny Omega and Finn Balor were passive aggressive towards each other the whole time but letting their talent in the ring do the talking and Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma were completely in synch with each other getting completely on the same page the whole match. But in the end, After Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma hit suicide dives on Riddle and Miro. Jay White would walk out on Shawn Spears setting up for Finn Balor to hit Bloody Sunday on Spears to pick up the victory. After the match Mysterio and Puna would just walk off. Jay White stares at Spears from the stage Riddle and Miro get into a shoving battle outside the ring. Kenny Omega and Finn Balor Start getting in each other’s faces when The Robert Stone Brand run down to the ring. Kenny Omega though holds them off not wanting them to get involved and then turns around only to get kicked In the gut and hit with Bloody Sunday. Balor rolls out of the runt before Robert Stone Brand can get involved. 

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Dexter Lumis and Dolph Ziggler vs The Painmaker Posse (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara and Brian Cage)

In our main event match, the Team of Hiroshi Tanahashi,  Dexter Lumis and Dolph Ziggler defeated the Painmaker Posse when Dexter Lumis spooked Sammy Guevara into turning around only to get hit with the High Fly Flow. Tanahashi picks up the Victory pinning Sammy Guevara. Jericho holds off Brian Cage as the Posse walks away with Jericho leaving his championship in the ring for Tanahashi to pick it up and raise it. 


In our final segment we have the contract singing between Shinsuke Nakamura and Brock Lesnar. Nakamura and Heyman are waiting on the arrival of Brock Lesnar. Nakamura says to Heyman I saw what happened to you Paul last week and I got the message Loud and Clear but Paul is it clear now what side you are on? Paul Heyman responds with yes sir it is clear but I made that clear from the start I was on your side. Why did I have to be sent to Japan to face Brock face to face. Nakamura says to make it clear whose side you should be on. Paul quickly responds with so you knew Brock Lesnar would attack me and injure me?? Nakamura responds with I might of had an idea he would have. When then Brock Lesnars music plays as Paul Heyman is in shock of what Nakamura has said here tonight. Lesnar makes his way down to the ring. Refusing to sit as Nakamura sits across from him calm as could be. Nakamura signs the contract and then slides it over to Lesnar while winking at him. Lesnar signs the contract and then looks at Paul and then back at Nakamura. Paul Heyman speaks up by saying I wish you best of luck Brock Lesnar but when Brock cuts him off by saying shut up Paul. But as soon as Brock finishes saying that Nakamura flips the table up and slams into Brock backing him into the corner. He goes for the Kinshasa but Brock catches he goes for the F5 but Nakamura counters and starts kneeing Brock in the face. He goes for the Inverted Exploder Suplex but Brock is able to turn it around and hit his own Suplex. Heyman from behind goes to hit Brock with a Steel Chair but refrains from doing it and instead slides out of the ring and walks away. Instead Priest and Fatu run out to try and help but they just get suplexed and then Lesnar hits an F5 on Priest. This is able to set up Nakamura to hit the Kinshasa on Lesnar! They all start to beat on Lesnar but Lesnar suddenly pops back up knocking them all off. He closelines Nakamura over the top rope and the hits a Belly to Belly Suplex on Fatu who goes flying over the top rope. Lesnar than deliverers a 2nd F5 to Damian Priest sending a huge message tonight to Shinsuke Nakamura. They stare down as Nakamura walks backwards slowly heading for the back. As the Battle is on and Invasion of Tokyo is almost here! 



Will Hobbs and Marcus Lewis defeated Hideki Suzuki and Kohei Sato 

Nick Comoroto defeated Colton Gunn 

Ridge Holland defeated Marko Stunt 

Cameron Grimes defeated Matt Sydal 

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GWW Wrestling - Week 1 - Month 23

Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky vs. Dani Mo
Lauren/Angelina Love (@ActualALove) | Twitter2c02146d99538cbf0384c77e402abb99.png

In our first match of the evening we have Angelina Love facing off with Dani Mo in the 2nd match of the 1st round of the Women's Championship Tournament.

This match would end up being good as Angelina Love took the win in 10:48 after hitting Dani Mo with the Lights Out to get the win via pinfall.


"Fuck That"
Nick FN Gage (@thekingnickgage) | Twitter
Tonight's show continues with Nick Gage backstage, he's pounding on the door of the GM's office with his fist. Matt Morgan decides to finally open the door, Gage steps in and he's fuming. He asks Morgan what the hell is this talk about retiring the hardcore championship and Morgan just replies that it was a mutual agreement between me and the board of directors that there are too many titles in the company right now and we need to get rid of one so they came to the decision that the hardcore title will be retired.

Nick Gage gets even more furious and shouts: "FUCK THAT! I'm gonna hold an open challenge tonight for any crazy motherfucker that's brave enough to step into the ring and i'm gonna show you why the fuck this title should not be retired." before bursting out of the office leaving a smug smile on Matt Morgan's face as GWW heads to a commercial break.


Nick Gage vs. G-Raver
GWW Hardcore Championship

Nick FN Gage (@thekingnickgage) | Twitter7e28ef750669ca4a54c91d3d1d92b38f.png

It's time for Nick Gage's open challenge, he's facing off with G-Raver who last month only had a chance at getting a shot but now he actually gets his shot.

This match would end up being good as Nick Gage took the win in 08:49 after hitting G-Raver with the Hardcore Drop to get the win via pinfall.


"A challenge to the King of Bloodsport"
Kuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

After the match we go backstage where we see Chris Dickinson. Chris Dickinson is pumped up and sends out a challenge to the so-called "King of Bloodsport". Dickinson says that he has competed in multiple Bloodsport matches in the past and so he'd love to challenge the one referred to as "The King of Bloodsport". He also says that it's time to put BEYOND behind him and look to the future, his future as a champion.


Mercedes Martinez vs. Miyu Yamashita
Mercedes Martinez | Women, Sports bra, Fashiona45abca5f18a90c31d26604c01a37b38.png

In our next match we have Mercedes Martinez facing off with Miyu Yamashita in the 3rd match of the 1st round of the GWW Women's Championship tournament.

This match would end up being great as Miyu Yamashita took the win in 15:38 after hitting Mercedes Martinez with the Crash Rabbit Heat to get the win via pinfall.


Rhino vs. Ricky Banderas
Happy Birthday to Rhyno! | Wwe superstars, Wrestling, WweAficionado agrede con botellazo a El Mesías

In the main event of the evening we have Rhino facing off with Ricky Banderas.

Ricky Banderas lost his chance at winning the GWW World title but if he can defeat Rhino here tonight, he will get one more match for the GWW World title.

This match would end up being great as Rhino took the win in 16:49 after hitting Ricky Banderas with the Gore.




GWW Wrestling - Week 2

Momo Watanabe vs. Katie Forbes
Momo Watanabe WhoisKatie Forbes Wizard World Comic Con

In our first match of the evening we have Momo Watanabe facing off with Katie Forbes. 

This match would end up being decent as Momo Watanabe took the win in 07:43 after hitting Katie Forbes with the Somato to get the win via pinfall.


"Another Open Challenge?!"
Nick FN Gage (@thekingnickgage) | Twitter2209290426a29a9d0bd19ee3b2cae697.png

After the match, Nick Gage walks out to the ring. He announces that he's holding another open challenge for any crazy motherfucker who decides to step into the ring with him. The challenge is accepted by Jeff Jarrett.


Nick Gage vs. Jeff Jarrett
GWW Hardcore Championship

Nick FN Gage (@thekingnickgage) | Twitter2209290426a29a9d0bd19ee3b2cae697.png

In our next match we have Nick Gage facing off with Jeff Jarrett after Jeff Jarrett accepted his open challenge.

This match would end up being good as Nick Gage took the win in 10:14 after hitting Jeff Jarrett with the Hardcore Death Drop.


Violence Is Forever vs. The Resistance
2 लोग की फ़ोटो हो सकती हैKuvassa voi olla 1 henkilö

In our next match we have Violence Is Forever facing off with The Resistance to decide who faces the Awakening at GWW: The Suffering.

This match would end up being great as Violence Is Forever took the win in 16:49 after Dominic Garrini made El Hijo Del Dr. Wagner Jr. submit with a Triangle Choke to get the win via submission.


"The Awakening want them both."

After the match The Awakening walk to the ring and Viktor gets a mic. Viktor says that him and Konnor have been doing some thinking and instead of just facing one of the teams... they'll face both of them in a three way tag team match. The crowd pop for this and both teams look shocked.


Rhino, Hardy & Banderas vs. Bullet Club
Happy Birthday to Rhyno! | Wwe superstars, Wrestling, WweLog in — Instagram | AmorAficionado agrede con botellazo a El Mesías
AJ Styles (@AJStylesOrgRP) | Twitter▷ Quinn Ojinnaka "Moose" - Fights, Stats, Videos - FITE1385a02e61f58e6e1375647ade74aa18.png

In our next match we have Rhino, Hardy and Banderas facing off with the Bullet Club in a 3 on 3 match.

This match would end up being great as Rhino, Hardy and Banderas took the win in 18:29 after Rhino hit Heath with the Gore to get the win via pinfall.



GWW Wrestling - Week 3

Vipress vs. Jessicka Havoc
Vipress News, Pictures, Videos, Stats and Biography - AEWJessicka Havok (@havok_wow) | Twitter

Tonight's show kicks off with a match between Vipress and Jessicka Havok, it's the 4th match of the 1st round of the GWW Women's Championship Tournament.

This match would end up being good as Jessicka Havok took the win 12:41 after hitting Vipress with The Demon Drop to get the win via pinfall.


"Management Is Not Happy With Gage."
Nick FN Gage (@thekingnickgage) | Twitter

After the match Nick Gage is backstage with Matt Morgan, Morgan's not happy with what Gage has been doing and promises that at GWW: The Suffering he will face a real challenge when he faces Ricky Banderas in a hardcore match for the GWW Hardcore Championship.


Kevin Ku vs. Konnor
Kevin KU🎄⚒⚒⚒ (@kevinxku) | Twitter12fc0c36a0689a17cbf2a36b73297695.png

In our next match of the evening we have Kevin Ku facing Konnor in singles action. 

This match would end up being good as Kevin Ku took the win in 13:36 after hitting Konnor with a Pumphandle Gut Buster to get the win via pinfall.


Jinny vs. Sadie Gibbs

In our next match we have Jinny facing off with Sadie Gibbs in the 5th match of the 1st round of the GWW Women's Championship Tournament.

This match would end up being great as Jinny took the win in 14:50 after hitting Sadie Gibbs with a Middle Rope Sitout Facebuster to get the win via pinfall.


"AJ Styles is not scared of Rhino."
AJ Styles (@AJStylesOrgRP) | Twitter

After a short commercial break Bullet Club walk to the ring. AJ grabs a mic and talks about his past with Rhino including their Elevation X match all those years ago, he says that he still has back pains from that match after he fell down from the top of the X but he promises that this time will be different and he will get his revenge when they face each other once again but this time under normal rules, rules 


Chris Dickinson & Rhino vs. King Mo & AJ Styles
Kuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.Happy Birthday to Rhyno! | Wwe superstars, Wrestling, WweBellator 199: Ryan Bader? Fedor? King Mo just wants to 'whup some ass' in  San Jose - MMAmania.comAJ Styles (@AJStylesOrgRP) | Twitter

In our next match we have Chris Dickinson & Rhino facing off in a tag team match with King Mo and AJ Styles.

This match would end up being great as King Mo & AJ Styles took the win in 17:48 after King Mo made Rhino submit with the Guillotine Choke.



GWW Wrestling - Week 4
Toni Storm vs. Kaitlyn


Tonight's show kicks off with the 7th match of the 1st round of the GWW Women's Championship Tournament.
This match would end up being great as Toni Storm took the win in 12:46 after hitting Kaitlyn with an Air Raid Crash to get the win via pinfall.


"The King of Bloodsport answers."
Bellator 199: Ryan Bader? Fedor? King Mo just wants to 'whup some ass' in  San Jose - MMAmania.com

After the match we go backstage where we see King Mo with Dan Lambert. King Mo accepts the challenge made by Chris Dickinson three weeks ago and says he's never been afraid of facing tough competition and says that Dickinson may have competed in Bloodsport tournaments in the past but how many has he actually won? None. King Mo says that in this fight there will be no 2nd place and in this fight there is only one winner and one loser and this match will be a 30 Minute Ironman match.


El Hijo Del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Viktor

In our next match we have El Hijo Del Dr. Wagner Jr. facing off with Viktor in singles action.
This match would end up being good as Viktor took the win in 14:33 after hitting El Hijo Del Dr. Wagner Jr. with The Fade To Black to get the win via pinfall.


Harlow O'Hara vs. Lana Austin
Harlow O'Hara: Profile & Match Listing - Internet Wrestling Database (IWD)588fe511c119be3db8d19485d0b167c1.png

In our next match we have Harlow O'Hara facing Lana Austin in the 8th match of the 1st round.
This match would end up being good as Lana Austin took the win in 12:21 after hitting her with the Black Kiss to get the win via pinfall.


bbd9be6fff4cae41299218a0f4b5f468.pngAJ Styles (@AJStylesOrgRP) | Twitter

After a short commercial break, Bullet Club are shown backstage as Moose is getting ready for his match with Chris Dickinson. They talk about how AJ's going to kick Rhino's ass at GWW: The Suffering and how no one can stand in their way, AJ then catches Moose staring at his title and warns Moose. He tells Moose to remember who's side he is on, and then promises him a title shot in the future once Rhino has been dealt with.


Moose vs. Chris Dickinson
bbd9be6fff4cae41299218a0f4b5f468.pngKuvan kuvausta ei ole saatavilla.

In our main event of the evening we have Moose facing off with Chris Dickinson.

This match would end up being great as Moose took the win in 17:46 after Salina threw powder in Dickinson's eyes and let Moose hit him with a Spear to get the win via pinfall.

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